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I read a lot, I prefer boys love/yaoi, but I’ll read girls love/yuri if it’s good. I also like romance, fantasy, romantic comedy, comedy, action, and more.  I do not like any abuse categories, whether it’s people or animals, I don’t like it. I really don’t like rape, incest, or super dominant relationships in which someone gets beaten, or extreme cases of s&m. some stuff is okay, like just being tied up, or a bit of a dominant thing, but not forced or masochistic.

I really loved No.6 and I did read one on Lehzin comics that’s really good!  It’s called Out of Control. I haven’t finished it yet, you have to pay for it once you finish the free chapters. I really wish I could. It’s getting really good.

I’ve read some yaoi, but I’m just now really getting more into it all. I hope to find many more titles I love.

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