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Crutch Boy


Anton Kawasaki


January 11, 1972


Brooklyn, NY


During his youth, Anton was always quick on his feet — often dreaming of becoming the next Flash. But a tragic fall off a cliff at the young age of 19 left his spine broken, and his dream shattered.

No longer able to be the super-hero he had always dreamed to be, Anton decided he’d just write about super-heroes instead, and planned a career working in comics. After moving to New York City, he applied for jobs at his dream company, DC Comics — and while he came very close to being hired, it just wasn’t his time yet.

Still wanting to be a bigger part of the comics world, Anton sought out similar-minded folks online, and soon became one of the founding members of The Gay League — where he was instrumental in creating the group’s first website. And through a connection in the group, he soon ended up owning his very own comic book store, which he ran for about a year and a half! The experience helped him when he applied at DC again, where he finally got hired in May, 2000!

Anton stayed at DC for over a decade, first as a writer in their Marketing Communications group, and then as an editor in Collected Editions (some of his favorite books that he edited include the STARMAN OMNIBUS series, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA, INFINITE CRISIS, ABSOLUTE DC: THE NEW FRONTIER and ABSOLUTE JUSTICE — the latter two collections of which were Eisner Award-winning!).

Anton left the company in 2011 after the first wave of employees moved out West (and right before the New 52 — which was when he stopped reading DC altogether). He hasn’t been reading much in the world of comics for the past few years, but they still hold a dear place in his heart.

Post-comics, Anton became one of the pioneers of the mobile photography movement (known for his NYC street photography), built websites for over a dozen years, and is now working in the boardgame industry!

After the majority of his life living in NYC, he currently resides in Barcelona (since 2016) with his husband Sion, a fellow comics fan and photographer.


Anton has the uncanny ability to immediately tell if a new comic will succeed or fail. He also has the amazing power to burst anyone’s bubble.


Serious addiction to chai and pork products. Beards make Anton weak in the knees….


Anton doesn’t collect/read much anymore, but the most fondly-remembered series of his past include Grant Morrison’s runs on ANIMAL MAN, DOOM PATROL and NEW X-MEN, the Bill Sienkiewicz run on NEW MUTANTS, Peter Milligan’s ENIGMA and SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING, MIRACLEMAN, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and WATCHMEN, James Robinson’s STARMAN and GOLDEN AGE, the George Perez-era NEW TEEN TITANS and WONDER WOMAN, Phil Jimenez’s WW, the classic Levitz-era LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, Claremont & Byrne’s UNCANNY X-MEN, Y: THE LAST MAN, DMZ, SANDMAN, and SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATER. His favorite comic of the last dozen years is MIND MGMT.


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