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a moment closer


a moment closer


I’ve been collecting comics since 2005, I started with Spawn, Witchblade, Transformers, and Star Wars titles. The X-Men were my gateway into comics but I didn’t start buying them until 2008. I currently collect most of the titles published by Marvel. Since the New 52, I have been buying more than half of what DC publishes. I also buy from Image, Valiant, and IDW. I have a few action figures and statues displayed along with movies and my books on 4 bookshelves. I also have downloaded tons of art of some of my favorite characters to my computer, which I often use as wallpaper. I tell all of my co-workers and friends about this hobby and community because I am so proud of it. Most are dismissive but a few have shown interest. It’s cool to open people’s perspective about the quality of talent that creates using this medium and the amazing stories and art they produce. I’m a fan for life.

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