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Megan Loeb

Megan Loeb was an ordinary person who happened to get caught up in the crossfire between Loki and the fear demon Nightmare. Nightmare entered Megan’s dreams and used her as a doorway to get back to Earth after an embarrassing defeat.

The demon did not kill Megan, out of gratitude for her unwittingly providing his doorway to Earth, but could not resist inflicting some act of cruelty on her. He used his magic to subject her to a living nightmare, by altering history so that she never met her wife Robyn. In the original history, Megan had worked as a server at a catered party for police officers when she met an officer named Robyn. The two fell in love and got married…but Nightmare erased their first meeting from existence. Megan still remembered her life with Robyn, but there was no longer any physical evidence of their marriage in the apartment they used to share, and when Megan went to visit her parents to try and find Robyn, they had no memory of who Robyn was.

Megan borrows her father’s hunting rifle and tracks down Nightmare for revenge. She arrives during another battle between Nightmare and Loki, and blasts a hole through Nightmare’s torso! Unfortunately for Megan, this fails to harm Nightmare in any significant way and he is about to kill her before Loki intervenes.

After Nightmare is defeated Loki talks with Megan and advises her to find Robyn and re-introduce herself to her and rebuild their relationship. He may not be able to restore what she had lost, but if Megan and Robyn are truly soulmates then they should still be able to salvage a future together.

The Loki series was cancelled after the following issue, so it is unclear if that was intended to be the end of Megan’s story or if she would have been revisited in a future arc.

Robyn on the left and Megan on the right in the above image.

Megan fist appeared in Loki (2019) #2 by Daniel Kibblesmith and Oscar Bazaldua.

Contributed by Mike McDermott

February 28, 2021
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