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Meg Pitt

Meg Pitt is a minor character seen in the “White Lightning” story arc in issues #10 – 13 of American Century which is set in and around the town of Newton in Chester County, North Carolina. The main plot of the arc deals with Wallace Pitt forcing his fellow moonshine making friends into joining his own organization, making him the sole (illegal) distributor in half the state.

Meg Pitt is Wallace’s salty-mouthed, blonde sister and they have a strained relationship because she’s a lesbian. Meg gets by just fine without her brother’s approval as the owner of Pitt Filling Station and Garage. She’s also one half of a race car team, acting as mechanic while her niece Lorelei drives. Meg’s so sure of herself that she bets the title to their race car when another driver named Trent comes around the track just to annoy them. Presumably the women win.

Meg is in love with a dark-haired woman named Tricia. They live together in quarters attached to the filling station. What Tricia does for employment isn’t mentioned. It’s never made clear if the women are subject to rumor among the townspeople.

Wallace learns that his son has been killed in the Korean War and is devastated. News travels fast in small towns and Meg soon learns of her nephew’s death. Wallace makes up with Meg off panel and consequently has a change of attitude toward her brother, siding with him in an argument between father and daughter. She still has car racing in her blood and with Wallace at her side she cheers Lorelei on. Something fails with the car’s engine and Lorelei is tragically killed. Meg is last seen without Tricia giving some men hell at her niece’s funeral.

Meg and Tricia created by Howard Chaykin, David Tischman, and Marc Lanning. Art by Lanning, John Stokes, and Pam Rambo.

All rights reserved Howard Chaykin Inc. Originally published by DC Comics.

July 25, 2021
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