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Marcus & Finch

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Marcus and Finch are a couple who befriended Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye) when she temporarily moved to Los Angeles. They were her neighbours and she first met them when she came over to borrow the use of their printer to make flyers to advertise her services as a private investigator. Kate learned that someone had stolen the orchids that were intended for Finch and Marcus’ impending wedding, and she made them her first case.

Marcus and Finch soon became friends with the young hero, and became her support system in the unfamiliar city. They also sometimes assisted her on some cases, participating in a stakeout, driving the car in pursuit of suspects, and Marcus even fought some criminal henchmen with her. She came to love them like family, whom she was closer to than her own criminal father.

Marcus and Finch first appeared in Hawkeye #14 (2013) by Matt Fraction and Annie Wu. Created by Matt Fraction and Annie Wu. Art by Annie Wu.

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July 21, 2021
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