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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Lukasz is a mystic knight, born 1500 years ago, who serves the ancient sorcerer Archimage, although his entrance into Archimage’s service forced him to leave behind his beloved wife, Marinna. One of the cadre of twelve agents that Archimage has used over the centuries to oppose his evil brother Boneyard, Lukasz, like his comrades, is capable of being reincarnatedinto a pre-existing body immediately after death, the body’s soul being dispatched to unspecific astral regions. In modern times, after one hundred previous incarnations his latest host body is the beautiful Eden Blake, newly hired agent of the government project Aladdin and single mother of Gus and Evie. In this new incarnation, Lukasz, known as Mantra, has unfamiliar sorcerous powers as part of Archimage’s ultimate plan and must adjust to existence as a woman, including relationships with ex-husband Gus, Sr., and lover Brent. Lukasz retains his male persona and finds Eden’s body to be quite attractive, and when Eden’s persona briefly resurfaces in her body while Lukasz temporarily inhabits an artificial body, the two fall in love. However, soon both are inhabiting the Mantra body, and Lukasz’s continued love for Eden takes narcissism to a new level. Eventually Lukasz is again left alone in Mantra’s body, and when Gus Blake is possessed by demonic powers and imprisons Lukasz’s soul within another dimension, her powers are bestowed upon babysitter Lauren Sherwood, who retains them even after her predecessor is restored to normal. Leaving Lauren as the new Mantra, Lukasz, by now fully accepting the identity of Eden Blake, moves from Los Angeles to San Francisco with Evie to be near Gus, who is in Aladdin custody. No other information on the Blakes’ fate is known.

Mantra had magical abilities that she could utilize for a variety of effects, including mystic blasts and flight. She could revitalize her energy via the chant “change…growth…power.” She also wielded the mystic Sword of Fangs and wore a cloak that served as a portal to a pocket dimension which contained various artifacts and people collected by Archimage over the centuries.

Mantra’s gender identity is revealed in Mantra #1. As a reincarnated soul, Lukasz had many roles and occupations; the most notable being a warrior and government agent. Mantra was a character appearing in a self titled series originally published in the early 1990s by Malibu Comics, which was acquired by Marvel.

Created by Mike W Barr and Terry Dodson. Art by Scott Kolins and George Cox from the cover of issue #4.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

July 21, 2021
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