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Magical Witch Girl Bunny

Contributed by Vitoria Rae

Magical Witch Girl Bunny was created by former Disney animator Elizabeth Watasin and first appeared in the 1997 Action Girl Comic #13 as “Bunny, The Good Lil’ Teen Witch.” In Acton Girl #13 Bunny meets, flirts and initiates the first kiss with Dean, her Vampire Butch girlfriend. By Elizabeth’s own admission the visual concept for Bunny grew from the sensuality of Marilyn Monroe and her relationship with Dean epitomizes the dynamics of the butch/femme relationship. The next time Bunny appeared it was as “Magical Witch Girl Bunny” in the nine issue run of Charm School written in 1999 and published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2000.

Bunny is a young lesbian witch who lives in the twilight world of Little Salem where all ghouls, witches, and monsters live. On the edge of Little Salem lies the Enchanted Forest that is home to the fairies and other more ancient magic makers.

Bunny’s character is not just another blonde running around Ghoulville…..She exudes sensuality and she has Dean, her very butch “Vampire Biker as in girlfriend” wrapped around her little manicured finger. Everything seems to be going along well in Little Salem until the arrival of Fairer Than…, a very different type of fairy. Fairer Than sets her sight on Bunny and when Bunny has to attend a meeting for Queer Youth deep in the woods alone because Dean has to attend the Vampires Ball, she has her chance.

While Bunny is attending the meeting of Q. Youth of Little Salem meeting and chat, it seems that everyone is bent on teasing her because she is without her ever present girlfriend Dean. First it is the Devil Girl Fausta who Bunny dematerializes with a wave of her wand. Then, it is the devilish chipmunks Nix and Pix, whom Bunny also dematerializes with a wave of her wand. When Bunny hears a throaty voice comment “Beautiful trick from such a lovely witch” she is all set to wave her wand again and glances at her would be victim only to be confronted with the smoldering gaze of Fairer Than. Fairer Than knows that Bunny is smitten with her and takes the opportunity to sit next to Bunny at the meeting, reducing our heroine to a puddle of stammering femininity. Meanwhile at the Vampires Ball, all the young girls are crazy about Dean and swarm when she arrives. But the larger worry for Dean is the squat, much older Vampire Dean’s father has chosen to match her with….Oh my, which way will the story turn?

Meeting Fairer Than has wrecked havoc on Bunny’s life. She can’t get Fairer Than off of her mind and decides to journey to the Enchanted Forest to confront the wrecking fairy. It is there that Bunny discovers the truth about Fairer Than. Unlike other fairies, Fairer Than doesn’t have a pot of gold…she has a pot filled with Connie Francis records, movie ticket stubs and (gasp) issues of “Young Witch” magazine. Where is her gold? Why she has spent it of course! No only that, Bunny discovers that Fairer Than is a fairy that part of Mother, part of Father, part of Flesh and part of Dragon…a combination that is irresistible to all…including young witches! What does Bunny do when Fairer Than discovers her being accosted by fairies for breaking their fairy ring? Why she scoops Bunny up in her arms and carries her to safety allowing for the perfect opportunity to kiss Bunny. Bunny however, her breath racing manages to recite an incantation and turn herself into a mouse and scamper away leaving Fairer Than to watch with an amused smirk on her face.

Fairer Than is determined to get her Witch and the upcoming Queer Youth Dance is the perfect opportunity. The only problem is that Bunny is going with Dean, but that doesn’t stop Fairer Than… She goes to the dance and catches Bunny’s eye while she is dancing with Dean. At this point bunny is determined to put an end to Fairer Than’s flirting and confronts her. What better way to show Fairer Than that Bunny’s heart belongs to Dean than to kiss Fairer Than? But from the shadows Dean appears and catches Bunny…mid kiss. In a fit of vampiric rage she picks up Fairer Than and tosses her into the nethers. As Fairer Than watched from the edge of the enchanted forest Bunny tells Dean the complete tale of woe. Of how she tried to resist Fairer Than but …but…. Bunny and Dean kiss and make up and all seems fair in Little Salem. But Fairer Than doesn’t give up that easily.

Fairer Than is smitten and challenges Dean to a duel over Bunny…a duel with swords. The town gathers to witness the fight over Bunny. But Dean is no match for Fairer Than and the cover of the final issue is Fairer Than clasping Bunny by the waist…pulling her close and uttering two words…”I win.” But is that the end of the story?

Elizabeth Watasin has yet to finish the story of Magical Witch Girl Bunny and her girlfriend Dean. Magical Witch Girl Bunny first appears and is confirmed as lesbian in Action Girl Comics #13.

All rights reserved Elizabeth Watasin. 

July 21, 2021
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