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Maggie Sawyer

Maggie began her career in Star City, and was married to Captain Jim Sawyer (Superman #15). After their marriage dissolved, Maggie moved east to Metropolis’ Police Department. Because of her performance in helping stop an Apokolips agent named Kalibak rampaging in Metropolis, Dan Turpin recommended she lead the S.C.U. She was promoted to Inspector after Doomsday destroyed Metropolis (Adventures of Superman  #505). Barrage is a particular enemy of hers, since he blames her for the loss of his arm. She was a good friend of Lois Lane, who once trained with the SCU. Maggie has a daughter, Jamie, whom Superman rescued from the evil Skyhook.

In her personal life, Maggie was in a relationship with Toby Raines, a reporter for a rival newspaper in Metropolis. In Detective Comics #764 writer Greg Rucka transplants Maggie from Metropolis and its Special Crimes Unit to Gotham City to replace Lt. Harvey Bullock who’s resigned. Maggie is shown unloading boxes into a new apartment while talking with her lover, Toby, who is still in Metropolis. By the end of the story, Toby tells Maggie that she’ll be delayed at joining her in Gotham because a gallery had just given her a full exhibition.

Sawyer’s character appeared in the ensemble cast of Gotham Central where she became police captain. She interacted several times with Renée Montoya , then a detective, before the series ended as Montoya’s alcoholism caused the breakup of her relationship with Dee Hernandez and resignation from the force. Sawyer checked in on Montoya a couple times during her transformation from former police detective and alcoholic into the Question.

Sawyer moved to Detective and later the first Batwoman series where she continued in her role as police lieutenant. Maggie and Toby’s relationship ended and Sawyer started a relationship with Kate. Dan Jurgens brought Sawyer back to Metropolis as of Action #857.

Maggie Sawyer was created by John Byrne and first appeared in Superman #4, volume 2, which was printed a year or so before the Comics Code Authority dropped its prohibition against LGBT characters. Sawyer has been seen in DC animated movies and a version of her character was adapted for the CW Supergirl series in which Floriana Lima played the girlfriend of Alex Danvers, sister to the CW Supergirl.

Art by Steve Epting and Brad Anderson from Action #1011/

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