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Madin is a purple-skinned mutant and the leader of a new faction of Morlocks; a group of mutants who live underground in the sewers to avoid persecution because their mutations are too visible for them to be able to blend in with regular humans. Madin had originally intended to study music at the Sarah Lawrence school but gave up that dream in order to look after their brother Ash, who was kicked out by their aunt after his own mutant nature manifested. Before long the siblings had no place else to turn to but the sewers and Madin soon became responsible for the other Morlocks as well.

The Morlocks were targeted and kidnapped by Mr. Sinister for his experiments, and Ash was among those taken. Madin drove Sinister’s Marauders out of Morlock territory with the help of Iceman and Bishop of the X-Men. Madin and the Morlocks later helped defend civilians at a Mutant Pride parade from an attack by the Marauders.

Although Ash was freed from Sinister’s influence and returned to normal, he was arrested and jailed for a destructive rampage he was on while under Sinister’s control. Iceman promised to do whatever he could to help Madin secure Ash’s release, and set up a fund with recently acquired wealth to help cover the Morlock’s expenses, including legal fees.

Madin has the ability to generate “light blades” as energy weapons projecting from their forearms, but using them rips opens Madin’s skin.

Madin’s gender identity may be non-binary or transgender, but it is unconfirmed since no gender pronounces were ever used to describe Madin either in-story or by the narration. In absence of an on-panel example of Madin’s preferred choice of pronoun, we have chosen to use the gender neutral “they” pronoun for the purposes of this profile. Madin was confirmed as LGBTQ on the letters page of the final issue of the Iceman miniseries.

Madin first appeared in Iceman #1 (2018) by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman.

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