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Madame Fury & Hack

Madame Fury and Hack are characters in the Commanders In Crisis series by Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto. They are the first masked superheroes on this fictional Earth and were based in Washington, DC during the 1930s and their story is told in several flashback scenes. Media and Americans at the time fell in love with the crime fighting duo who appeared to be in love.

Many years after Madame Fury died the world would learn the true story behind the beloved heroes. Madame Fury was the alter ego of self made cosmetics millionaire Camilla June and her driver/ bodyguard Edgar Allen was Hack and their romance had been a sham to deflect from the reality of they’re being queer. The revelation happened after careful consideration by Camilla June’s daughter to give Fury and Hack proper respect and a more prominent place from historical and social points of view.

Madame Fury’s legacy lives on thanks to events depicted in issue #11.

Both characters first appear in Commanders In Crisis #5 and again in #6. Fury’s last appearance is in #12.

Created by Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto. Art by Tinto from Commanders In Crisis #5.

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