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Luciano Vecchio’s Origin Of Love

Luciano Vecchio is an Argentinian artist who upon learning of the open call for submissions to the Love Is Love anthology tribute to the Orlando Pulse victims hesitated to contact the project’s originator Marc Andreyko. Reading the anthology and discovering the inclusion of various DC characters inspired Vecchio to create his own short story which he shared in various places on Facebook. Vecchio remarked of his story: “It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.” Gay League thinks Vecchio captures the spirit of love, dignity, and equality in his Origin of Love and we are proud and appreciative of Luciano to be able to share it with you with his permission.

Vecchio added: “And to expand on the meta commentary, given the hostile world we live in, as a queer author and activist I think mainstream comics still could use higher profile queer superheroes, tied to their most visible franchises, that are queer super activists alongside the ones that do add to minority representation but sometimes just “happen to be queer”. Of course, as a Wonderfan I think one tied to the Wonder Woman franchise would be just perfect.” Representation matters!

Vecchio and his work can be found on his own site and on various social media. We hope you will appreciate Vecchio’s Origin of Love and find time to follow Vecchio.

Luciano Vecchio
Facebbook Art of Luciano Vecchio
Twitter @lucianovecchio
Instagram @lucianovecchioart

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