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Love In Gotham

The battle is over after nearly a year and a half. It is an epic story of a hero’s journey filled with peril, strange encounters, and separation of hero and beloved. Batwoman, cousin Bette as Flamebird and now Hawkfire, Maggie Sawyer and the GCPD, and Wonder Woman went against the sea goddess and mother of all monsters Ceto, daughter Medusa, and an assortment of villains and creatures, some hideous or mysterious, and always dangerous. Despite all seeming lost, the heroes finally prevailed and there was Batwoman’s return and figuratively lifting her mask and taking another gamble by revealing herself to a startled Maggie and in the next breath proposing marriage.

Any developments that Blackman and Williams, for the rest of his duration with Batwoman, have in store for Kate and Maggie as a couple should be thought provoking. Whatever is in store for Kate and Maggie will be a far cry from her days as a Silver Age love interest created for Batman in the wake of Frederic Wertham’s allegations that Batman and Robin promoted some notions of homosexuality. AS charming as that portrayal is in its own seemingly innocuous way, I’ll take the contemporary version any day.


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