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Lola And Rafferty

Writer Robbie Thompson demonstrates how easy creating and adding LGBTQ characters to a cast can be with Lola and Rafferty, two millenials who happen to be co-workers along with Cindy Moon (who is also the superhero Silk) at New York City’s Fact Channel News. Their boss is former Daily Bugle editor and former mayor J Jonah Jameson. Lola is a photographer while Rafferty may be a journalist, if the tablet she carries with her serves as a hint.

Lola’s interest in Rafferty is established in the very first panel of their appearance as she is talking about a viewing party for a TV show at O’Grady’s Bar and Cindy matter of factly tells her she should just ask out Rafferty. Lola is also Cindy’s roommate though Cindy decided to move out after overhearing through her closed bedroom door how excited they are to be dating. Cindy makes that decision based on personal circumstances which actually serves to move the plot, not for some homophobic reason.

In their limited appearances I’ve read to date Lola and Rafferty appear to be very happy and in love as well as being genuinely concerned about Cindy Moon and personal issues about which she’s vague because they involve her alter ego Silk. In issue #7, the end of the pre Secret Wars volume, shows the two women lovingly embracing each other atop their apartment building’s rooftop looking into the sky and declaring their love in the face of what looks to be the end of the world. It wasn’t exactly and they continue to be featured in Silk’s supporting cast post Secret Wars.

Lola and Rafferty’s first appearance is in Silk #1 volume 1. They’re presumed to be lesbian though either one or both could easily be bisexual or pansexual.

This profile is based on the volume 1 issues of Silk collected in The Life and Times of Cindy Moon and doesn’t reflect any info about the women from the second Silk series.

Please contact us if you have more up to date info to include!

Created by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee. Art by Tana Ford and Ian Herring.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics

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