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Loba & Danae

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Loba and Danae are Mydonians, a race of pacifist aliens from a planet in the Negative Zone. The women are both Councilors in their government, the Stewards of Mydon. They were bringing a new power core back to their underground settlement to power their force field generator when they were attacked by the forces of Annihilus. Two Captain Marvels–Carol Danvers and Mar-Vell–came to their defense. Loba joined them in fighting off the scavengers, despite the Mydonian laws against participating in violence, to help cover her lovers’ escape back to the settlement with the power core. Loba was captured in the battle and taken back to Annihlus’ ship.

Carol and Mar-Vell went to the settlement, where they were arrested and brought before the council to answer the charges of trespassing and threatening the peace of their people. Danae spoke in their defense, explaining how they saved her and the power core, so Carol and Mar-Vell were spared execution but they were sentenced to prison indefinitely. Carol tried to argue for a rescue mission to save Loba, but the High Councilor declared that by choosing to fight Loba chose to die.

Danae visited their cell to thank them for their help and to say goodbye, and Carol tried to convince her to act, but Danae was torn between her love for Loba and her knowledge that Loba would not want her to endanger their people with a rescue. When Annihilus’ forces found the underground settlement and attacked, Danae released the Captains Marvel so they could fight.

Watching the two heroes get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Annihilus’ scavengers, Danae realized that if her people did not rise up and fight they would all be killed. Danae joined the fight herself, and led her fellow citizens against the scavengers. While Danae had the situation on the ground under control, Carol and Mar-Vell attacked Annihulus’ ship, rescued Loba and forced Annihilus to withdraw.

Carol and Mar-Vell saw Loba and Danae happily reunited before continuing on their way.

Loba and Danae appeared in Generations: The Bravest one-shot and created by Margaret Stohl and Brent Schoonover. Art by Schoonover and Jordan Boyd.

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July 21, 2021
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