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Lisa Halloran

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Lisa is a paramedic and the ex-girlfriend of superhero America Chavez. The two of them met and started a relationship while Lisa was still in training, and they dated for several months. Lisa proved to be a good influence for America, helping her to open up more about and not constantly bottle her emotions up.

Eventually Lisa ended the relationship because she realized that she and America were now on different paths in life. Chavez did not take it well at first, but the two parted on better terms after an incident where Lisa was supposedly taken hostage by a group of teenage girls trying to get America’s attention. In truth Lisa had co-operated with them since she sympathized with their goals and allowed them to take her “hostage”. Although the two women still cared about each other they agreed that they should no longer be a couple.

Lisa also became friends with Dr. Jane Foster, and the two of them bonded over both of them having dated superheroes. Lisa was also one of the few people to know Jane’s secret identity when she was Thor, and now again after Jane became the new Valkyrie.

Lisa has left her position with the hospital to accept a new job with Damage Control.

Lisa Halloran is a rare example of a character who was introduced as a superhero’s civilian love interest but continues to make appearances in other books with other characters after the relationship has ended.

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Lisa Halloran first appeared in Avengers #0 (2015) in a story by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

July 19, 2021
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