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LGBTQA Previews September 2023 Part 2

Blue Beetle! Power Girl! Birds of Prey! Fire & Ice! All four in new series! A new volume of Wonder Woman (again)! The six part Jon Kent Superman story is collected in hardcover! More Christopher Chaos and Killer Queens from Dark Horse! Oh, and the complete American Gods if you haven’t read any of it before! Kevin Alvir’s Lisa Cheese and Ghost Guitar coming from IDW looks to be a lot of fun! Kaptara! Black Cloak! Alligator Loki? Yes, Alligator Loki! The recent Hellcat mini is collected as a trade! The same with the recent X-Cellent mini! There’s so much more!

This monthly column features comics, graphic novels, and books from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel. You’ll find items from publishers such as BOOM, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, other small and indy presses and BL/ yaoi and yuri in part one.

The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Items from are in this list. Names of people marked in bold are queer or ally creators!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you!

Shopping with Amazon? Would you consider bookmarking and using our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later.


ALL EIGHT EYES TP $19.99 Page 259
Steve Foxe and Piotr Kowalski
In the forgotten corners of post-9/11 New York City, skittering shapes in the darkness prey on the people society leaves behind. College dropout Vin Spencer floats through life in a drug-and-party-fueled haze, until one terrible night sweeps him into a drifter’s reckless war against the giant eight-legged horrors stalking the city. Collects issues #1-4 and features pinups by James Stokoe, Martin Simmonds, David Romero, and Trevor Henderson, along with a bonus sketchbook section. JUL231129

BARNSTORMERS #3 $5.99 Page 256
Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay
A high-flying, WW1 adventure story that’s an intimate portrait of love and war and a meditation on the dangerous level of trust required in both romance and aviation. There’s nowhere left to run. With Hawk and Tillie at their absolute lowest, what will happen when they finally come face-to-face with the man tasked with putting an end to their high-flying adventures. JUL231085

BLACK HAMMER END #2 $3.99 Page 256
Jeff Lemire and Malachi Ward
Family turmoil takes a toll on Black Hammer Farm as Lucy and Rose go head-to-head over their family legacy while at the same time multi-dimensional conflicts emerge that may pull our heroes out of limbo. Black Hammer: The End is the next era of the Black Hammer Universe; a six-issue event series by Jeff Lemire and Malachi Ward that pulls the Black Hammer world into crisis. JUL231088

Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell & Various
Shadow Moon, fresh out of jail, finds his wife dead, his life in shambles, and nowhere to turn. But a chance meeting with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday thrusts him into the center of a conflict between new and old gods, where the future of human and divine life is at stake. The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning novel and hit Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a graphic novel! Collecting the complete American Gods comic book series, along with art process features, high res scans of original art, layouts, character designs, and bonus art by Becky Cloonan, Skottie Young, Fabio Moon, Dave McKean, and many more! JUL231137

KILLER QUEENS II #2 $3.99 Page 257
David M. Booher and Bradley Clayton
After witnessing a spectacular crash down at Space Pride, the Killer Queens get caught up in some juicy royal intrigue. A brutal monarch is chasing down his runaway heir to enforce an archaic law to clip the wings off any of his people. What the Queens don’t know is that this mission will hit close to home. Literally. Join the Galaxy’s sassiest assassins as they race an angry little alien Monkey to save this royal child and give conformity the middle finger! JUL231100

Tate Brombal, Nick Robles, and Isaac Goodhart
Christopher, Dracula Boy, and the rest of our teenaged monster team are rescued by a mysterious sewn-up giant and teleported to safety, but the group is split on how to go back to normal in a world of monster hunters who want them dead. JUL231106 (main Nick Robles cover) / JUL231107 (Nick Robles foil cover)


ACTION COMICS #1057 $4.99 Page 24
Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Magdalene Visaggio, Rafa Sandoval, Lee Weeks and Matthew Clark
As the Super-Family and Steelworks rebuild their city, a new Golden Age of Metropolis has begun…and not everyone is happy about it! As the charismatic but volatile young terrorist leader Norah Stone reveals herself and her vision for a city without Kryptonians, members of the Super-Family inexplicably start losing their powers…and a new team of metahumans emerges to take their place. Who is Norah Stone? And what’s her strange obsession with Clark Kent? The newest arc of Action Comics begins here! 0723DC148

Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry, and Darick Robertson
Return to Injustice! Across the Multiverse, Kal-Els are being murdered, and Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, believes only one man can help: Jon Kent, Kal-El’s son! Jon must cross dimensions to face the super-killer, including a trip to an Earth he’s never seen…the world of Injustice! In this place, versions of his friends and loved ones are at war, and heroes fight each other for total control. Can the newly reunited Super Sons beat these insurmountable odds? And will Jon Kent not only save the Multiverse, but have any chance of returning to his own Earth? It’s a battle for the soul of Superman as the Injustice saga cranks up the heat! Collects Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1-6. 0723DC197

BATMAN #137 $4.99 Page 4
Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez
Batman/ Catwoman: The Gotham War part 2! Batman descends on Gotham City, full of rage and force, more driven than ever to save his home. But the new landscape has turned friends into foes. Can anyone stop his reign of terror? Should they? The Gotham War continues in this second chapter! 0723DC016

Chip Zdarsky, Tini Howard, Mike Hawthorne, and Adriano Di Benedetto
Batman/ Catwoman: The Gotham War part 1! Crime is down in Gotham City… Could that be a bad thing? A coordinated effort in Gotham has led to a reduction in violent crime, but at what cost? Villains scatter as their lives begin to crumble under a new regime. And as Batman recovers from his epic battle through the Multiverse and the horrors of Knight Terrors, one name runs through his mind. One name at the heart of this new, safer Gotham…Catwoman. A conflict that’s been brewing for well over a year finally hits the streets, and it will fracture the Bat-Family as war erupts! From bestselling writers Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard and artists Mike Hawthorne and Adriano Di Benedetto comes the opening shot in the Gotham War! 0723DC005

Ed Brisson and John Timms
Batman Incorporated no more? As the Joker Incorporated storyline comes to its bloody conclusion, Batman Incorporated is left divided. They’ve crossed lines they swore they never would in the name of protecting the innocent. Now they’re left to cope with the fallout. They may have won the battle, but did Joker win the war? 0723DC210

Ivan Cohen and Dario Brizuela
In our time-twisting final issue, Mystery Inc. meets Batman Beyond! Can the retired Batman and his protege, Terry McGinnis, send our crime-stoppers back from the future? Maybe, but first they’ll have to save Neo-Gotham from the Royal Flush Gang and solve a particularly challenging mystery. (And not just the one about safely parking the Mystery Machine with its very expired plates!) 0723DC245

BIRDS OF PREY #1 $3.99 Page 8
Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero
Breaking hearts and faces–the Birds of Prey are back! Every mission matters. Every life saved is a miracle. But this time, it’s personal. Dinah Lance is one of the DCU’s most elite fighters, and combined with her sonic scream, she’s a fearsome foe in any scenario…but sometimes even the Black Canary needs help. Faced with a personal mission brought to her by a mysterious new ally, and up against near-impossible odds, she re-forms the Birds of Prey with an unrivaled group of badasses–Cassandra Cain, Big Barda, Zealot, and Harley Quinn–and only one goal: extraction without bloodshed. What could possibly go wrong? Kelly Thompson makes her long-awaited DC Universe writing debut, and is joined by her Hawkeye partners-in-crime Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire to debut an all-new, all-deadly Birds of Prey series…still breaking hearts and faces after all these years! 0723DC035

BLUE BEETLE #1 $3.99 Page 20
Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez
Jaime Reyes joins the Dawn of DC with a new ongoing series! Jaime Reyes’s graduation is over, but his new life in Palmera City and as the Blue Beetle has only just begun! With two new Beetles to train in Dynastes and Nitida, Jaime has his hands full navigating being a leader. Thankfully, he has Paco and Brenda by his side as they settle in at Palmera State University. But what lurks in the shadows of Blue Beetle’s new home and what does it mean for the Blue Beetle legacy? 0723DC105

CATWOMAN #57 $3.99 Page 5
Tini Howard and Nico Leon
Batman/ Catwoman: The Gotham War part 3! The Gotham War, part three. While Batman finds himself more and more isolated, Selina is never alone. With a volunteer army and two powerful generals by her side, the ballet between her and Bruce enters its next act with a shocking twist., 0723DC023

Tini Howard, Sami Basri, and Nico Leon
When Selina Kyle murders her lover Valmont to save her ex-lover Batman, she ends up behind bars, but leave it to a cat to thrive in the darkest of places. Selina finds herself quickly clawing her way up the ladder of misfits by making friends with all the wrong types (which are, of course, also exactly the right types). But with the Cat behind bars and off the streets, Gotham still needs a vigilante to keep all of its mob bosses in check, and who better than one of their own? It’s a good thing Eiko Hasigawa’s got a cat costume somehere in the back of her closet, as things are about to get messy! This action-packed volume collects Catwoman #51-56. 0723DC270

DANGER STREET #9 $4.99 Page 40
Tom King and Jorge Fornes
A true joust the likes of which has not been seen since medieval times! Both knights, noble in their quest, are ready to do whatever it takes to bring honor to their sigil. Witness Manhunter and Codename: Assassin fight to the death in a match of wits and stamina as the life of the Commodore and the universe hang in the balance! 0723DC221

Pornsak Pichetshote, Jeff Stokely, and Craig A. Taillefer
Two of the Sandman Universe’s most beloved characters return to the spotlight! Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine have been detectives for decades–and best friends even longer. But their investigation into a Thai American girl’s disappearance from her Los Angeles home puts them on a collision course with new and terrifying Thai ghosts that could give even a dead boy nightmares! Even scarier than the ghosts? Though neither wants to admit it, the boys might be growing apart. And perilously close to the boys’ adventure, Thessaly the witch finds herself held hostage by dangerous magics–both a threat to her life and an insult to her ego that will simply not go unanswered… Eisner Award-winning writer Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian, Infidel) is joined by celebrated artist Jeff Stokely to take the Dead Boys to the scariest place of all: the heart of Hollywood! Collects The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives #1-6. 0723DC190

DETECTIVE COMICS #1074 $4.99 Page 12
Ram V., Dan Watters and Stefano Raffaele
Detective vs Demon! An Azmer demon is tethered to Batman! Now it’s up to Bruce’s inner demons to save him from this very real one…but what about the Barbatos entity that’s been lurking beside them? Is it the real Barbatos or simply a figment of Batman’s internal struggles, and more importantly…whose side is it on? 0723DC051

Joanne Starer and Natacha Bustos
Things could not possibly be worse for Fire and Ice, in Beatriz da Costa’s professional opinion. Superman sent the former Justice Leaguers packing for Smallville following an extremely public and utterly disastrous mission (that was all Guy Gardner’s fault, thank you very much) and in doing so doomed them to a fate worse than death: irrelevance. Ice finds herself drawn to the quiet life and dreams of planting roots. But Fire…well, Fire will do just about anything to get the heck outta Dodge and back on the hero circuit–including challenging the DCU’s biggest villains to a knock-down, drag-out, live-streamed brawl in the streets of Smallville! A raucous, timely, unflinching comedy about a decades-long friendship on the brink of disaster and what it means to be a superhero at a crossroads in your life, Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville reintroduces the iconic duo to the Dawn of DC, in a series from rising star Joanne Starer and Natacha Bustos! 0723DC099

FLASH #1 4.99 Page 16
Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato Jr.
Wally West races toward the future! Wally West has never been quicker, more fulfilled, more heroic. His loving family is around him. And yet something is off. Very off. His evolving understanding of his powers has opened Wally to new avenues of sci-fi adventure and attuned his senses to strange new ideas. Something whispers from the dark vibrations beyond the Speed Force, and as Wally experiments with creative new approaches to his powers he encounters new realms, mysterious allies, and mind-shattering terrors. A new era for the Scarlet Speedster begins now from the team of Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato Jr. 0723DC082

GREEN ARROW #4 $3.99 Page 25
Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse
Parallax returns! Years ago, Oliver Queen died and was resurrected by his good ol’ buddy Hal Jordan. But it wasn’t really Hal, it was Parallax. And did no one think that would come with a cost?! Now Parallax has returned to collect! Meanwhile, Arsenal and Black Canary’s search for Oliver Queen leads them to a long-lost Green Arrow family member…who isn’t so happy to be found! 0723DC153

Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Montos
John Stewart returns in an epic new series from the pages of Green Lantern! John Stewart’s time as a Green Lantern has come to an end…or so he thinks. A family tragedy calls him back home, and as John begins to reclaim the career he once left behind, he tries to embrace a peaceful post-superhero life. But when a terrifying and contagious force with a mysterious connection to Oa appears on Earth, the last Green Lantern of another Universe comes seeking the only warrior to face this threat and win: the immortal Guardian and Builder, John Stewart himself! Can this brilliant but brash young Lantern help John discover the qualities that made him one of the greatest Lanterns of the entire Multiverse? Featuring the first appearance of an iconic and terrifying new villain! 0723DC112

HARLEY QUINN #32 $4.99 Page 13
Tini Howard, Sam Maggs, Sweeney Boo, and Kelley Jones
Knight Terrors follows Harley into the waking world! Ahoy! I’ve returned from Knight Terrors fresh-faced and well rested–Oh jeez! Looks like my new friend/interdimensional monarch who’s totally still threatening to murder my world at the drop of a hat Lady Quark is back, and she’s bearing gifts pulled straight from the deep recesses of Knight Terrors! But I got a class to teach and finals to prepare them for! Looks like we’re taking this show…on the road! Ahhh, thee children o’ da night, what terrible music they make. Sam Maggs and Kelley Jones tell the true story of the time I got proposed to by a nasty old perv in a castle. Don’t worry, me and Ives are gonna give ‘im what for! 0723DC061

Gail Simone, Aditya Bidikar, Chris Condon, David Baldeon- Juni Ba, Jacob Phillips
Three all-new short tales of Gotham’s most unpredictable antihero in only black, white, and red ink! In this issue: Superstar writer Gail Simone returns to DC with a hilarious story sending Harley Quinn to Rann, with Domino artist David Baldeon riding along on the zeta-beam! Monkey Meat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles breakout Juni Ba teams up with writer Aditya Bidikar to give Harley the perfect cure for the breakup blues: a kitten. Plus, That Texas Blood hitmakers Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips tell a tale of twisted fate where Harleen Quinzel never fell for The Joker! 0723DC223

HAWKGIRL #3 $3.99 Page 25
Jadzia Axelrod and Amancay Nahuelpan
It’s Hawks vs Owls as Kendra soars to Gotham! Batman may have discovered a clue about Hawkgirl’s new foe, and she’s brought Galaxy and Argus as backup. Hawkgirl will need all the help she can get as she tangles with the Croc Bloc street gang moments after arriving, only to rise to the skies and face the Court of Owls and a small army of Talons! 0723DC156

LOONEY TUNES #274 $2.99 Page 40
Ivan Cohen, Robert Pope, and Scott McRae
Approached with an exciting assignment for a prolific museum, intrepid explorer Porky Pig and his spoiled apprentice Daffy Duck set sail toward a mysterious island on a new adventure! Can they find the hidden article before the island gets the better of them? 0723DC226

James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherren
All hell breaks loose in San Francisco as the Corinthian, Thessaly, and Azazel struggle for domination and, ultimately, annihilation. But amidst all the chaos, Flynn crosses paths with yet another smiling man who might very well be the key to everything–the original King of Pain himself! 0723DC250

NIGHTWING #106 $4.99 Page 12
Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
Nightwing goes nautical! Sail the high seas with Nightwing and Batgirl as they journey across the ocean in search of the Hold’s secret society that dates back to when Bludhaven was founded. We saw previously in Nightwing #99 that the Hold’s vault held several safes…and here we’ll find out there has always been one left for Nightwing. 0723DC057

Kyle Starks and Steve Pugh
What does the Brain’s master plan have to do with…the Red Bee?! As it turns out, Richard’s tragic past provides him with the strength his old bones need to defend Peacemaker and help him rescue Bruce Wayne (the dog, not the billionaire, remember)! 0723DC228

POISON IVY #14 $3.99 Page 13
G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara
Back in Gotham City! As Poison Ivy investigates the inner workings of a strange new skyscraper in Gotham, she finds herself up to her neck in a surreal and slimy mystery. And at its center? A brand-new villain in the Poison Ivy pantheon of rogues! Plus…is Janet-from-HR cheating on Ivy?! 0723DC066

POWER GIRL #1 $3.99 Page 18
Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira
Pretty, punchy, and powerful! After the events of Knight Terrors, a long-dormant Kryptonian threat has returned to take down Superman and his family. Who could possibly stop it? Well, according to the Man of Steel, it’s Power Girl! Witness a road trip race against time as Paige reconnects with her roots to save the world from her deadly past. Power Girl Special writer Leah Williams returns with artist Eduardo Pansica for an ongoing series of epic proportions! 0723DC091

SPIRIT WORLD #5 $3.99 Page 24
Alyssa Wong and Haining
What does the Brain’s master plan have to do with…the Red Bee?! As it turns out, Richard’s tragic past provides him with the strength his old bones need to defend Peacemaker and help him rescue Bruce Wayne (the dog, not the billionaire, remember)!, 0723DC228

Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala
Static and Ebon put a shock to S.Y.S.T.E.M.! Virgil is in the greatest fight he’s ever faced, and innocent lives are at stake. Will Ebon and his brother, Rubberband Man, be reunited? In a season full of shadows, it’s time for Static to step into the light in this rousing finale! 0723DC235

Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala
Though Virgil and his friends stopped the government’s off-the-books prison operations in Dakota last school year, a powerful new threat lurks in the shadows. The mysterious Ebon is cutting a bloody swath through the underworld on a single-minded quest to find his brother. Against this backdrop of exploding violence, innocent people are finding themselves in the crossfire, with Static facing the most personal challenge he’s seen yet! Collects Static: Shadows o Dakota #1-7 and Static Team Up: Anansi #1. 0723DC192

STEELWORKS #4 $3.99 Page 26
Michael Dorn and Sami Basri
Centennial day under siege! As crowds gather for Metropolis’s biggest annual celebration–Centennial Day–danger lurks on the horizon as Charles Walker III and his deadly Silver Mist plan their endgame against John Henry Irons! When the Steelworks tech turns on its creators, Steel will need the help of the entire Super-Family to turn the tides…but is that their true plan? 0723DC163

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Si Spurrier, Various, Riccardo Federici, Daniel Sampere, Will Conrad, Scott Godlewski, Mikel Janin, and others
After learning of an enslaved race with mysterious ties to Krypton, Superman and the Authority leave Earth and travel across the galaxy to liberate Warworld. Think it’s that simple? Think again. With Superman captured on Warworld, he’ll need to team up with other enslaved gladiators to turn the hordes of Warworld against their captors. As the Warworld Saga reaches a breaking point, battle lines are drawn between the two towering forces at odds: Mongul and Superman. Which heroes will survive the conflict, and what will be the fate of the citizens of Warworld? This volume collects the full Warworld Saga: Action #1030-1046, Action 2021 annual, Action 2022 annual, Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1, Future State: Superman: House of El #1, Future State: Worlds of War #1-2, and Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1! 0723DC198

TALES OF THE TITANS #3 $4.99 Page 42
Tini Howard and Eleanora Carlini
The Titans have stepped up to become the DCU’s premier superhero team, and all eyes are on them! But Donna’s always seen the world through the lens of her camera, and when she hears rumors of an insidious new leader on the rise in Markovia, she’ll stop at nothing to use her powers and her photography to bring the truth to light! 0723DC241

TITANS #3 $3.99 Page 23
Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott
All hail the Church of Blood! With their newest leader, Brother Eternity, going public with a former Titan as part of his flock, the church has more followers than ever before. Do the Titans stand a chance at influencing the people of the world to fight brainwashing and prepare for the large intergalactic threat looming on the horizon? 0723DC132

Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham
The debut of the all new Flex Force! General Immortus launches his attack against the Doom Patrol right in the heart of their home base, the Shelter! Caught off guard, the team must stop the general’s army from killing all of the metahumans they’ve sworn to protect. Fortunately, they won’t have to do it alone, as the all-new Flex Force rises to help them! But is this the real threat or merely a diversion? Only Immortus knows for sure! 0723DC166

VIGIL #5 $3.99 Page 43
Ram V and Lalit Kumar Sharma
/…/ /Who are the Vigil?/ /Castle file loading… This 12-year-old boy is believed to be the latest member of the Vigil, known only by the code name Castle. He possesses a level of skill and cunning that surpasses even our most seasoned operatives…including the Bat-vigilante known as Oracle. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Castle. Remember, discretion is key–you are being watched. Stay vigilant. And stay tuned for more./ /…/ /you are being watched./ 0723DC253

WONDER WOMAN #1 $4.99 Page 14
Tom King and Daniel Sampere
The Amazon Warrior is now a wanted outlaw! A new era for the Amazon Warrior begings! After a mysterious Amazonian is accused of mass murder, Congress passes the Amazon Safety Act, barring all Amazons from U.S. soil. To carry out their plans, the government starts a task force, the Amazon Extradition Entity (A.X.E.), to remove those who don’t comply, by any means necessary. Now, in her search for the truth behind the killing, Wonder Woman finds herself an outlaw in the world she once swore to protect! Writer Tom King and superstar artist in the making Daniel Sampere join forces for this action-packed relaunch and the beginning of what will undoubtedly become a groundbreaking run on the character. 0723DC073

Stephanie Phillips and Mike Hawthorne
Whisked away from Earth by a distant cosmic entity, Wonder Woman is forced to navigate a series of perilous challenges that push her to the brink both mentally and physically. At stake is the fate of all humanity, with the alien entities casting Diana as Earth’s proxy in a trial judging humankind’s worthiness to exist in the universe. Can Diana stand trial to save humanity without losing her own? Harley Quinn’s Stephanie Phillips teams with acclaimed artist Mike Hawthorne (Daredevil, Deadpool) for his first major DC project, an epic Wonder Woman tale unlike any other! Collects Wonder Woman: Evolution #1-8. 0723DC282


CAT FIGHT #4 $3.99 Page 263
Andrew Wheeler and Iilias Kryiazis
Sick of being framed for murdering the only family he’s ever known, Felix has flown to Tokyo to expose Schrodinger (current suspect: his grandmother’s majordomo, Claude), clear his name, and avenge his grandmother. Okay, and maybe steal back the Red Rosette for his own personal gain? A cat in gloves catches no mice, after all! JUL231158

DARK SPACES GOOD DEEDS #5 $3.99 Page 264
Che Grayson and Kelsey Ramsay
It’s the night before the mysterious commemoration ceremony. Jean’s career is on the line, yet she’s out of allies and is no closer to breaking her story than she was when she started. Little does Jean know, the darkness that has been bubbling under the surface of St. Augustine is about to come to light, with or without her. JUL231162

EARTHDIVERS #10 $3.99 Page 264
Stephen Graham Jones and Riccardo Burchielli
This is where our story really begins. Before the mission to kill Christopher Columbus, soon-to-be time travelers Emily, Tad, Sosh, Tawny, and Martin were enduring the end of the world and ringleader Yellow Kid was taking his first unscrupulous steps to bring them all together to save it. This tragic hidden chapter reveals how the Blackfeet computer genius discovered the cave that changed history and destroyed lives an essential tale from guest artist Riccardo Burchielli, shedding light on Earthdivers’ secrets before Davide Gianfelice returns for a new arc in a new era next month! JUL231174

Stephen Graham Jones and Davide Gianfelice
The year is 2112, and it’s the apocalypse exactly as expected: rivers receding, oceans rising, civilization crumbling. Humanity has given up hope, except for a group of Indigenous outcasts who have discovered a time travel portal in a cave in the desert and figured out where everything took a turn for the worst: America. Convinced that the only way to save the world is to rewrite its past, they send one of their ownXa reluctant linguist named TadXon a bloody, one-way mission to 1492 to kill Christopher Columbus before he reaches the so-called New World. But there are steep costs to disrupting the timeline, and taking down an icon isn’t an easy task for an academic with no tactical training and only a wavering moral compass to guide him. As the horror of the task ahead unfolds and Tad’s commitment is tested, his actions could trigger a devastating new fate for his friends and the future. JUL231178

Kevin Alvir
Lisa Cheese moved to Earth City hoping to make a name for herself as a folk singer but her very first open mic was a disaster, leaving her with a bionic arm and an identity crisis. Now she’s starting a crummy office job, her parents back in their home dimension are laying on the guilt trip, her sister’s acting smug, and the cool girl at the record store leaves her tongue-tied. But none of that will matter if the city’s demonic new burger corporation achieves its evil ambitions: Lisa’s very life is at stake! Fortunately, she has allies… The astounding first graphic novel from artist/musician Kevin Alvir is packed with off-the-charts creativity and electric energy, blending vintage comic-book aesthetics with contemporary concerns and crusty lo-fi passion. Once you meet Lisa Cheese you’ll never be the same! JUL231273

Stephen Mooney and David Messina
Cliff and Betty, with the aid of the jet pack’s mysterious inventor, are smuggled into Berlin on a desperate attempt to rescue Peevy and try to stop the Nazis from creating a fleet of flying doppelgangers for the German Luftwaffe! But even with the repaired rocket at his disposal, can Cliff overcome Hitler’s war machine and the SS Rocketeer prototype and save Peevy and Betty?! JUL231203

STAR TREK DEFIANT #8 $4.99 Page 267
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
Arc two of the acclaimed Star Trek: Defiant series starts here! Still reeling from the battle on Qo’noS, Worf and the Defiant crew have been ordered to return to Starfleet headquarters where they await learning the Federation’s thoughts on their involvement in the fight against Kahless and the Red Path. JUL231225

Sam Maggs and Greco Ornella
From New York Times-bestselling author Sam Maggs (Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars) comes a new ongoing series unveiling the past of one of Starfleet’s most celebrated officers: Captain Jean-Luc Picard! Before becoming the Federation’s finest, Jean-Luc was an ordinary student at Starfleet Academy with sights on the stars. His path forward was charted: blow his classmates out of the water on the infamous Evasive Maneuvers exam and graduate early. But there’s a detail Cadet Picard hadn’t factored into his plan: the exam was a group project and he’d need to make friends with, ugh, people if he stood a chance at passing. Federation starships aren’t run by a party of one, after all! JUL231238

Sophie Campbell and Fero Pe
With Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael away in search of new allies to join the good guys against Rat King’s latest deadly gambit, it falls on Donatello and Jennika to lead the fight in Mutant Town against the terrible trio of Mayor Baxter Stockman, General Krang, and Madame Null. But will a dangerous quartet of masked mutant ninja turtles and a mad vivisectionist bent on revengeXnot to mention E.P.F. invaders and angry Utrom soldiers!Xsabotage their efforts before they can even begin to dig in? Collects issues #133-139 which serve as a direct tie-in to the exciting TMNT: The Armageddon Game event! JUL231270

TMNT ONGOING #143 $3.99 Page 269
Sophie Campbell and Gavin Smith
Dr. Barlow holds a member of the Claw Clan hostage! Alopex has run out of options, and she can’t take on Barlow alone. Forced to seek the aid of the TMNT, whose friendship she renounced after they forged an alliance with the Shredder, Alopex forms an uneasy truce with the Turtles, one that is put to the test when they must work together to bring Barlow to justice. Meanwhile, Leatherhead gets a new perspective on the consequences of his work enforcing Barlow’s plans.JUL231250


BLACK CLOAK TP VOL 1 $14.99 Page 243
Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren
From Eisner Award-winning writer Kelly Thompson and superstar artist Meredith McClaren, Black Cloak is a delectable fantasy and sci-fi blend with a detective procedural shot straight through its heart. Essex and Pax are two Black Cloaks investigating the murder of a beloved prince of Kiros, the last city in the known world, before it topples into chaos. Mayhem. Murder. Mermaids. What more could anyone want? Featuring nearly 200 pages of story, this collection contains the first arc of the series that AIPT says, Combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and noir into something wholly original and compelling. Move over, Saga. This is my new obsession. Collects issues #1-6. JUL230439

Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod
Kaptara’s secrets lie within the spooky Hollow Palace! Weird name for a place that actually contains something important? Anyway, our heroes make the treacherous journey alongside nefarious frenemies! Can they survive what’s waiting for them? JUL230485

MONSTRESS #48 $3.99 Page 169
Marjorie M. Liu
and Sana Takeda
On the prison planet of Golga, everyone has an agenda…” and everyone wants to escape. Maika and her companions must work together to finally find a way home, without being followed by those who would destroy their world. JUL230492

PURR EVIL #3 $3.99 Page 171
Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga
Salvation is a deceitful meow! Steve and Rita continue their desperate search for a way to save Deb from the darkness that threatens her once and for all, but the evil Machiavellian Levi has his own agenda. Meanwhile, Jason and the other members of the Stepsons continue to relentlessly pursue the two women on the run to regain control over Deb’s powers and destiny. JUL230496

STARSIGNS #5 $3.99 Page 80
Saladin Ahmed, Megan Levens, and Kelly Fitzpatrick
With half the Starsigns now revealed, Derek Duke makes his move against Rana and the others and one of their number will pay the ultimate price. JUL230528

TERRORWAR #6 $3.99 Page 178
Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta
With the help of the mysterious Doctora Z, the crew is reunited. But with Blue City in ruins and Muhammad’s brain invaded by Terrors, things ain’t looking pretty. JUL230533

THE CULL #2 $3.99 Page 161
Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis
Cleo’s confession elicits more fear than anger from the group, and everyone sticks together into the great unknown. Sentient mushrooms for everyone! JUL230469

W0RLDTR33 takes a break this month.


ALLIGATOR LOKI #1 $5.99 Page 53
Alyssa Wong and Bob Quinn
Aliigator Loke makes a splash in his print comic debut! Bow down to the reptile in a helm who has enraptured the Ten RealmsXwith his cuteness! First Alligator Loki chomped down on Mjolnir, and then he chomped his way into our hearts. Now, the beloved Alligator of Mischief finds – and makes – trouble all across the Marvel Universe in his very own comic! Collecting the hit Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app, this one-shot includes a never-before-seen adventure in the life of everyone’s favorite swamp-dwelling scamp! JUL230728

ALPHA FLIGHT #2 $3.99 Page 20
Ed Brisson and Scott Godlewski
Rebel alliance! Northstar, Aurora, Nemesis and Fang must be stopped! But what are these former Alpha Flight heroes up to that’s unleashed the fury of Department H and their all-new weapon: the Box Sentinels?! JUL23060

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33 & 34 $3.99 Page 42
Zeb Wells and Patrick Gleason
Spider-Man’s first hunt! The hunter is now the prey. Can Kraven survive? JUL230697

Spider-Man’s hunt continues! Who is Peter’s next victim? The penultimate chapter of a story you’ll never forget! JUL230702

Steve Orlando and Vincenzo Carratu
Home is where the heartbreak is! The bait is set for Bobby Drake as the Elements of Doom target his hometown! Terrorizing the town that raised Iceman – but to what end? They say you can’t go home again, but if Iceman can’t save the day, he might not have a home to return to! JUL230622

AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 40
Stephanie Phillips and Alberto Foche Duarte
Contest of Chaors finale! When Agatha pits the Avengers against the winners of the previous chaos battles, they realize they must choose between saving their friends and stopping the creation of the new Darkhold. But their choice may have consequences that no one – not even Agatha – could have imagined. JUL230695

AVENGERS INC #1 $4.99 Page 6
Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk
Action! Mystery! Adventure! Her name is Janet Van Dyne. She’s a hero. She’s a celebrity. She’s hunting a killer. His name is Victor Shade. He’s a villain. He’s an enigma. He just got killed. And together, they’re out to solve every mystery in the Marvel Universe…starting with their own. AL EWING and LEONARD KIRK bring you a whole new style of Avenging – from a whole new style of Avengers. JUL230580

Tochi Onyebuchi, Various, Ze Carlos, and senko
The two Captains America return home to mourn their fallen. Back in Harlem with battle scars and a renewed sense of focus, Sam Wilson sets out to forge a new path – with Misty Knight by his side and a new shield in his hand! Meanwhile, Steve Rogers makes a final stand against the Outer Circle! Using information gathered from friends on the inside, Cap sets his sights on releasing the world from the Outer Circle’s influence and ending the Century Game for good! Plus: A bold new direction for Sharon Carter! And in honor of 750 issues of Captain America, fan-favorite writers and superstar artists spin timeless tales of the Sentinel of Liberty! Collecting Captain America: Symbol of Truth #14, Captain America (2023) #750 and Captain America: Finale. JUL230833

Stephanie Phillips, Juann Cabal, and Jonas Scharf
Brace yourself for a burning-skulled battle royale! In a far-flung corner of deep space, the ancient Frank Castle has eked out a quiet life – his days as the Cosmic Ghost Rider finally behind him. But across the universe, a vicious bounty hunter is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. And his name isXCosmic Ghost Rider?! When Frank’s peaceful existence is shattered, he must suit up once more and face his most savage enemy yet: himself! Elsewhere, another formidable adversary awaits – but which Ghost Rider will the mighty Valkyrie be facing?! As the mystery deepens, the two Cosmic Spirits of Vengeance draw closer to one another for a final confrontation in the depths of space. But first, they both must survive the bevy of bounty hunters, heroes and villains in hot pursuit! Collecting Cosmic Ghost Rider (2023) #1-5. JUL230846

DAREDEVIL #1 $6.99 Page 8
Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder
Born again! The new era of Daredevil starts here! Industry stars Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder have laced up and entered the ring, ready to take Matt Murdock on a knockout of an adventure! Where does Elektra fit into all of this? What is the future of Hell’s Kitchen? Romance! Intrigue! And, of course, action! All delivered in the Mighty Marvel Manner! JUN231141

DARK X-MEN #2 $4.99 Page 21
Steve Foxe and Jonas Scharf
Save them all or die trying! The Dark X-Men’s first “rescue mission” ended in blood and flame, the team is already at each other’s throats, and the fallen now rise against them. Plus, Madelyne Pryor makes the worst mistake possible in a horror story: Never. Ever. Split up. JUL230613

DOCTOR APHRA #36 $3.99 Page 78
Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung
Ambushed! A Dark Droids tie in! Trapped in a warehouse full of deadly battle droid, Dr Aphra fights for her life! But she’s about to come face-to-face with the one enemy she never expected to see again! JUL230803

Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Kev Walker
The origin of Grootfall! One year ago, the Guardians were more than a team, they were the galaxy’s super heroes. Now the Guardians are outlaws, guns for hire roaming the frontier in hopes of stopping one of their own. How did the Guardians fall apart, and what changed Groot into the monster he is now? The untold story is finally revealed! JUL230752

HALLOWS EVE TP $15.99 Page 102
Erica Schultz and Michael Dowling
The masked sensation Hallows’ Eve gets her own series! Spinning out of Amazing Spider-Man and the epic “Dark Web” storyline, Janine Godbe has a bag of super-powered disguises and a chip on her shoulder. Each mask gives her different monstrous powers – ghosts, vampires, werewolves and so many more. But is she a monster herself? Or is she just misunderstood? Janine soon finds herself on the run from the police, but there’s someone else after her, too – because like most of her life, every step forward for Hallows’ Eve leads to five steps back. And waiting there is Spider-Man! Janine must return to the place where it all began: the Beyond Corporation. And Maxine Danger will put her in her toughest spot yet. Can Hallows’ Eve survive to rescue her love Ben Reilly, A.K.A. Chasm, from his prison cell? Collecting Hallows Eve #1-5. JUL230839

HELLCAT TP $19.99 Page 102
Christopher Cantwell, Ruairi Coleman, and Alex Lins
Hellcat is back! Patsy is living in San Francisco – in a house haunted by the ghost of her mother. But when someone close to her best frenemy Hedy is murdered, Hellcat is the prime suspect! Patsy must prove her innocence while evading both the police and the supernatural Sleepwalkers. But how does her demonic ex, Daimon Hellstrom, figure into all of this?! As Patsy’s investigation continues, she uncovers even more bizarre layers to the crime – and a far greater evil than she could have ever imagined lurking in the shadows! Things are about to go from bad to hellish for Hellcat – literally! With her very humanity at stake, can Patsy overcome the powers of darkness that have been unleashed? Collecting Iron Man/Hellcat annual #1 and Hellcat (2023) #1-5. JUL230840

IMMORTAL THOR #2 $3.99 Page 14
Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo
Toranos walks the Earth! An Elder God of the Utgard-Realm had marked Thor for destruction – and a city with him. Yet the only power that could prevail carried its own terrible price. And all the while, Loki waited – Loki, who took no side and played no favorites…even if it be their own kin. This is the story of the Immortal Thor…and the hour of his greatest trial. JUL230591

IMMORTAL X-MEN #15 $3.99 Page 27
Kieron Gillen and Paco Medina
After the Gala, we wondered – did anyone survive the experience? Now we discover the real question: How long can anyone survive this? JUL230648

INCREDIBLE HULK #4 $4.99 Page 56
Philip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein
The green giants throw down! Hulk vs Man-Thing! Trouble awaits in the foggy bogs when a sultry seductress of the swamp lures unsuspecting victims into her trap! What is this mysterious creature’s connection to the Swamp Walker himself? It’s rage versus empathy as these two green goliaths come to blows – and even the Hulk isn’t immune to Man-Thing’s deadly acid! Guest artist Travel Foreman joins Phillip Kennedy Johnson for a twisted two-part tale! JUL230737

LOKI #4 $4.99 Page 52
Dan Watters and German Peralta
Loki takes to Midgard with Bullseye’s target on his back! The third shard of Naglfar has fallen to Midgard – and straight into the hands of someone who can make even the most mundane objects into lethal weapons. With unknown mythic power at Bullseye’s fingertips and Loki caught in the crosshairs, how will our favorite trickster reclaim the final piece of his cursed ship? And what is the price of such a power? JUL230727

MARVEL UNLEASHED #2 $4.99 Page 54
Kyle Starks and Jesus Hervas
When Kraven gets the better of Redwing and Chewie, it’s up to Bats and D-Dog to find Throg and enlist his help in rescuing them. But even a God of Thunder might not be strong enough to defeat Kraven’s employer – Blackheart, son of Mephisto! JUL230731

RED GOBLIN #8 $3.99 Page 45
Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua
Brawl in the family! Normie Osborn has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his grandfather Norman, the reformed Green Goblin. But while the Osborn family’s been bickering, another violent and bloodthirsty threat has been watching them and biding time to make its move. JUL230709

SCARLET WITCH #8 $3.99 Page 61
Steve Orlando, Lorenzo Tammetta, and Sara Pichelli
God vs witch! When Loki’s mountain giant cousin comes through the Last Door desperate to secure the right to rule his people, the Scarlet Witch agrees to confront the King of Jotunheim. But things are never what they seem with Loki, God of Stories, and when the truth comes out, sparks just might fly! Meanwhile, Hexfinder’s plan is revealedXand those closest to Wanda can no longer be trusted. JUL230755

Rainbow Rowell, Andres Genolet, and Joe Quinones
Rainbow Rowell takes the jade giantess from strength to strength! When a new villain named Scoundrel – as strong as She-Hulk and seemingly unstoppable – starts a thieving spree through New York City, he sends Jen’s entire life tumbling into turmoil. So why does she feel so drawn to him?! The answer may put her whole law practice in danger! As Jen is thrown for the loop of her life, Patsy Walker – the irrepressible Hellcat – returns to help her emerald-skinned pal set everything straight! It’s time for She-Hulk to put on her detective hat and uncover Scoundrel’s secret history! But while Jen has her hands full with him, the Fight Club must battle an alien horde! Collecting She-Hulk #11-15. JUL230848

SILK #5 $3.99 Page 44
Emily Kim and Ig Guara
Time’s up! Silk has tried and failed to stop an evil witch from terrorizing New York. Now the witch is putting her grand plan into motion. What IS the witch’s plan? And what’ll happen to the city – and the world – if Silk is too late?! JUL230708

SPIDER-GWEN ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 38
Karla Pacheco, Stephanie Phillips, Rosi Kampe, and Alberto Foche Duarte
Ghost-Spider vs. White Fox! Gwen Stacy technically isn’t even supposed to be in this universe, and now she’s cutting chem lab to go toXa theme park?! Wait, something doesn’t feel right here – and why is this masked fox attacking her? It’s symbiote versus the supernatural when Ghost-Spider and White Fox get caught in Agatha Harkness’ tangled web in this rollercoaster of a rumble! JUL230687

Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra
The most terrifying Spider-Man story ever! Spider-Slayers and a Smythe. A song that, once heard, will not allow you to sleep. One of the worst threats to Aunt May you’ve ever experienced. First time in print! Collecting the Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app! JUL230588

Jody Houser and Salvador Larroca
The hit Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi has arrived! When agents of the Empire pose a new threat, Obi-Wan Kenobi emerges after years of hiding. Taking place after the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi is tasked with keeping both of the Skywalker children safe from a distance until young Laia Organa finds herself held in a ransom plot. Introducing Reva, the third sister of the Inquisitors! JUL230778

Carlos Hernandez and Carlos
The Multiversal Math Bowl at Brooklyn Visions had some pretty devastating consequences that have brought the Strange Academy kids to Manhattan. Now they’ve entered the orbit of Moon Knight! Is the new villain called the Equation more than even Moon Knight and his Midnight Mission can handle? One chapter of a thrilling three-part saga! JUL230765

UNCANNY AVENGERS #2 $4.99 Page 18
Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, and Javier Garron
At a time when mutant and human relations are in the toilet, the Uncanny Avengers have run smack into a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and, folks, lemme tell you – they came here to beat up Avengers and X-Men and chew gum, and they’re all outta gum. Wake up, babe, a new romance hits that will make readers froth at the mouth. Plus, Ben Urich. Always the mark of a quality and important Marvel Comic. Foom! JUL230602

UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN #1 $4.99 Page 16
Si Spurrier and Lee Garbett
The nightcrawling Wall-Crawler! On the darkest of days, he is the spark in the shadows! After the devastating events of the Hellfire Gala, Kurt Wagner is on the run – and having the time of his life?! Swashbuckling about NYC in disguise, the Uncanny Wallcrawler sets aside his mutant angst and dedicates himself to the hero’s life: saving civilians, hanging with fellow wallcrawlers, battling baddies, and hunting down the best pizza on the planet. But he can’t ignore the mutant plight forever. Si Spurrier and Lee Garbett launch a joyful, sexy series that will shake Nightcrawler to his foundations – and have a hell of a good time doing it! JUL230596

VENOM #25 $7.99 Page 11
Al Ewing, Sergio Davila, Cafu, Ken Lashley, and Julius Ohta
Eddie Brock needs access to Doctor Doom’s time platform but in doing so, got more than he ever bargained for, battling the most notorious super villain in the Marvel Universe through time itself! Luckily, Eddie’s well versed in navigating the timestream thanks to his recent adventures. He’s poised to take his conflict with Meridius to its frenetic and fist-filled finish – if he survives Doom! Plus, Eddie’s battle with Doom will land him, briefly, in a very unexpected place…Midtown High School! But what, or who, could he find there? JUN231133

VENOM ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 39
Alyssa Wong, Stephanie Phillips, Sergio Davila, and Alberto FocheDuarte
Venom vs Deadpool! When the forces of chaos call upon Venom and Deadpool, it becomes an issue of family – and whose deserves to win the ultimate prize. It’s symbiote might vs. frankly awesome assassin skills in an epic showdown you won’t want to miss! JUL230691

Peter Miligan and Michael Allred
Peter Milligan and Michael Allred conclude their mutant celebrity saga! Zeitgeist is still on a mission to achieve social media godhood, no matter who he has to kill! But the spotlight won’t be big enough when the next generation of the X-Statix drops in! The public is going gaga for them, but does their goal of reaching stardom justify their methods? And can Zeitgeist make his way back into the mainstream? Or is he totally washed up? A last-ditch plan to prevail leads to a vicious cyber attack, revealing the darkest secrets of X-Statix to the public! Will this dirty laundry be what finally tears the team apart? Will any of them suffer the consequences? Plus: Venus Dee Milo returns, and the status quo is shaken up once again. Collecting The X-Cellent (2023) #1-5. JUL230847

X-FORCE #44 $3.99 Page 26
Ben Percy and Robert Gill
X-Force no more!? X-perience the Fall of X at its most dire! X-Force is captured – but what power could possibly keep them off the grid, and who is truly to blame? With Sage, Deadpool and Domino on the outside, will the Wolverine Sentinels beat them to their quarry, or can X-Force reunite to take down the enemies of mutantkind once and for all? JUL230646

X-MEN #26 $3.99 Page 24
Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara
“We’re not losing an X-Man! We’re gaining an Avenger!” The moment we swore would never happen-heck, the moment Emma Frost swore would never happen-is here at last! As the Frost/Stark knot is tied in Invincble Iron Man #10, Emma’s mutant family reacts to this surprise news! JUL230627 INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 $4.99 JUL230634

X-MEN ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 40
Paul Allor, Stephanie Phillips, Alessandro Miracolo, and Alberto Foche Duarte
Captain Marvel vs Cyclops! Drawn to the Alaskan wilderness by magics neither of them understand, Captain Marvel and Cyclops duke it out! Agatha Harkness’ plan for the Darkhold is slowly taking shape but will it come at the expense of two of the world’s greatest heroes?! And what can an energy-blasting mutant do against a woman who can absorb the energy of the sun?! JUL230693

X-MEN RED #15 $3.99 Page 26
Al Ewing and Jacopo Camagni
Sins of the past! Under siege in Port Prometheus, Storm readies to hold the line against the ultimate bioweapon. Meanwhile, the Fisher King finds himself tormented by his strange new abilities and the secrets in his memory might turn the tide of the Genesis War. JUL230643

X-MEN RED TP VOL 3 $15.99 Page 108
Al Ewing, Jacopo Camagni, and Luca Pizzari
The calm before theX? After recent turmoil, Arakko catches its breath – but even as Storm begins a new romance, she has no time to rest. Xavier has questions about Magneto’s death, and he’s not asking nicely. Meanwhile, the White Sword – the Omega mutant healer who could raise the dead and bind them to his service – once had one hundred warriors. Now the last of the Hundred tells the tale of the one who destroyed them – one who is coming to test Arakko again! Plus: The origin of Arakko revealed! In ancient days, Genesis turned back the hordes of Amenth and forced Annihilation into a parley. What words were spoken in her mind? Apocalypse finally will know, and the echoes of those words might destroy him – and Arakko with him! Collecting X-Men Red #11-13 and X-Men: Before the Fall – Heralds of Apocalypse. JUL230845

July 15, 2023
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