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LGBTQA Previews September 2021 Part 2

Killer Queens! Devin Grayson has a new graphic novel! Jackson Hyde stars in his own mini! Oliver Coipel draws I Am Batman! Canto! Canto! Canto! Commanders In Crisis wraps up! Eisner Award winning Department Of Truth continues to scare! Steve Orlando plumbs the Book of the Damned in Darkhold Alpha!  More Wiccan and Hulkling with the Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling one shot! And several X collections for trade waiters!

You’ll find comics, TPBs, and graphic novels from Dark Horse, DC, IDW, Image, and Marvel either by queer and ally creators (names listed in bold) or featuring LGBTQA characters or themes. Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and BL/yaoi and yuri is here!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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KILLER QUEENS #2 $3.99 Page 112
David M. Booher and Claudia Balboni
The Killer Queens face their greatest threat yet – deportation! After their ship is shot down on a hostile moon, reformed galactic assassins, Alex and Max, find themselves locked up in a high-security detention center by some very hostile and very xenophobic aliens. When they get help from a tough-as-nails-not to mention smoking hot-rebel prisoner, they’ll fight their way through the deadly facility. Can they break out in time to complete their rescue mission or will Max screw it all up by fawning over his new rebel heartthrob? JUL210358

Kevin Smith & Various, and Mindy Lee
Following the vicious Orlax attack on King Randor, He-Man learns the creature is linked to the origin of the sword of power and also to his nemesis Skeletor who is hellbent on deciphering the secret of Grayskull. Meanwhile we learn the true origin of Evil-Lyn and how she came to be under the evil and powerful Skeletor. The official prequel to the upcoming Netflix show! JUL210316

NORSE MYTHOLOGY II #4 $3.99 Page 112
Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, and Mark Buckingham
Thor and Loki are led to the castle of the king of giants who gives them a series of bizarre and comical challenges to participate in. JUL210361

REWILD TP $19.99 Page 110
D and Yana Adamovic
Fables meets The Fisher King in this new original graphic novel from acclaimed comics writer and novelist Devin Grayson with breathtaking illustrative art from rising star Yana Adamovic. Poe is a mysterious young homeless woman and self-proclaimed fairy changeling. Demond is an enterprising engineer with a troubled past. When Poe demands that a park be built to mollify a dangerous new mutation of mythical creatures, ravaged by climate change and furious with the human race, Demond must question not only his own sanity, but the rationality of our entire species as he struggles to save his city-and maybe even the world. But are we past the point of no return? Magic Realism Packs an Environmental Punch! JUL210356

Jody Houser and Keith Champagne
Explore more eighties-inspired horror in this hardcover collection of Stranger Things: Six and Stranger Things: Into the Fire. A chilling glimpse at the machinations of Brenner’s lab leading up to the events of the show. Learn about the other Psychic kids of Hawkins lab and their fight for freedom and safety in a world on the brink of catastrophe. JUL210312


You can read DC’s full solicitations here!

Brandon Thomas and Diego Olortegui
Jackson Hyde finally has it all. Mentors who support him, a community that loves him, an honest relationship with his mother, a cute new guy in Amnesty Bay who’s caught his eye, and access to Aquaman’s private training facility in Atlantis. Well, he had it all-until that training facility and half of the Atlantean palace got blown to kingdom come with Jackson in them. Now Jackson stands accused of wrecking the life he worked so hard to build. Aqualad’s going to need all of his skills, wit, and cunning just to prove his own innocence, let alone graduate from sidekick to Aquaman! 0721DC043

BATMAN #112 & 113 $4.99 Page 4
James Tynion IV, Brandon Thomas, Jorge Jimenez, and Max Dunbar
A story over a year in the making and set into motion with Infinite Frontier #0, Fear State begins! Batman played into the hands of the Scarecrow, who has unleashed a coordinated attack on Gotham City through his manipulation of Simon Saint and Peacekeeper-01! But there are other forces at work with the emergence of an Anti-Oracle spreading fake news across all channels and inciting terror and violence on the streets of Gotham! Backup: Clownhunter has turned down help from Batman, Leslie Thompkins, the Red Hood, and everyone else who has offered it to him, thinking that he can handle being a vigilante on the streets of Gotham City by himself. But when he takes a shot at fighting the Scarecrow one-on-one, he’ll learn very quickly how much in this city he’s not ready for yet. New hero Peacekeeper X! 0721DC006

Ghost-Maker reveals a dark revelation about his past connection to Jonathan Crane while Batman puts together the pieces of Scarecrow’s master plan. Using the Unsanity Collective’s technology, the villain plans to detonate a “Fear Bomb” in Gotham City! Backup: Clownhunter has been dosed by the Scarecrow with a deadly fear toxin and is now traveling through his greatest nightmare of Gotham City. Will the Clownhunter center himself and strike back at Scarecrow? Or will he succumb to all his worst fears?! 0721DC010

James Tynion IV, Guillem March, Tony S. Daniel, Carlo Pagulayan, and Jorge Jimenez
James Tynion IV’s smash-hit Batman run begins here! This start of a bold new chapter in the Batman saga collects stories from Batman #85-94 and Batman: Secret Files #3, featuring the debut of breakout character Punchline and setting the stage for Batman: The Joker War! 0721DC164

James Tynion IV and Dani
Since Miracle Molly’s explosive first appearance in the pages of Batman, people have been clamoring to know more about the colorful transhumanist vigilante! Now the wait is over-the history of Gotham’s latest breakout star is revealed! It’s a story so secret even Miracle Molly doesn’t remember it! Discover what led a regular Gothamite to reject their past, name, and humanity to embrace the promise of a blank slate-the promise of the Unsanity Collective! Batman series writer James Tynion IV teams up with rising superstar artist Dani to bring you all the way back to the beginning of Miracle Molly in this exciting and integral Fear State special. 0721DC013

Tom Taylor, Andy Kubert, and Sandra Hope
Equilibrium unmasked! Falling further behind the villainous Equilibrium, Batman enlists the help of the European Alliance of the Bat in hopes of turning the case around! With Squire in tow, the Dark Knight attempts to thwart a mass execution in Belgium in brutal, epic fashion! 0721DC074

CATWOMAN #35 $3.99 Page 7
Ram V and Nina Vakueva
The Strays disable the Magistrate’s communication around Alleytown and replace it with their own ramshackle network. Harley Quinn believes Ivy is the key to helping the city, so she and the Gardener start heading to Alleytown to track down Catwoman and retrieve Ivy. 0721DC016

David L. Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle, Ray Fawkes, Garry Brown, and Christopher Mitten
Kicked out of college after nearly murdering a classmate, Jessica finds herself back home. Is something taking control of her actions and forcing her to behave violently, or is the secret she’s been keeping driving her mad? Plus, a terrifying tale of the haunted music box! 0721DC084

CRUSH & LOBO #4 $3.99 Page 31
Mariko Tamaki and Amancay Nahuelpan
The continued cosmic adventures of teen titans breakout star CRUSH! Lobo’s out of prison and already back to wreaking havoc across the cosmos, and Crush gets stuck behind bars singing the jailbird blues in his place. She needs a plan to prove she’s not her dad, and fast…but it’s gonna take a prison fight of galactic proportions to pull it off! 0721DC082

DETECTIVE COMICS #1043 $4.99 Page 9
Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg, Dan Mora, and Darick Robertson
Fear State grips Gotham City! When Mayor Nakano’s city hall office finds itself under siege, the only hero who can help the embattled local official is the man Nakano pledged to rid from Gotham: Batman. The top vigilante in the city must protect the man who’s fought so hard to put an end to masked heroes in an action-packed car chase that culminates in a shocking ending that’ll give readers nightmares. Backup: Wait, how did Red Hood end up in Deb Donovan’s apartment? And what the hell gives him the right to eat all her frosted cereal? As Gotham’s troubled son and the city’s toughest reporter set out to uncover the mystery of the missing A-Day corpses, they run into more answers than they bargained for culminating in a deadly shoot out that renders Red Hood down for the count! Can Deb Donovan make it out alive to tell the tale of her harrowing adventure? And what will Red Hood’s capture mean for the Bat-Family? It all leads to next month’s terrifying new chapter in Gotham history: Task Force Z! 0721DC022

FAR SECTOR TP $29.99 Psge 27
N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell
Acclaimed, award-winning author N.K. Jemisin makes her comic book debut with bestselling artist Jamal Campbell as they thrust you into a stunning sci-fi murder mystery on the other side of the universe! For the past six months, newly chosen Green Lantern Sojourner “Jo” Mullein has been protecting the City Enduring, a massive metropolis of 20 billion people. The city has maintained peace for over 500 years by stripping its citizens of their ability to feel. As a result, violent crime is virtually unheard of, and murder is nonexistent. But that’s all about to change in this new graphic novel that puts a unique spin on the legacy of the Green Lanterns! Far Sector collects Far Sector #1-12. 0721DC061

GREEN LANTERN #6 $4.99 Page 32
Geoffrey Thorne, Tom Raney, and Marco Santucci
Far Sector’s Jo Mullein goes head-to-head with one-time Green Lantern Sinestro, now the leader of the Sinestro Corps that harnesses the yellow light of fear. But as Jo deals with Sinestro, Simon Baz finds out his former partner, Jessica Cruz, just joined the Yellow Lanterns as the Corps’ newest member. Then, in deep space, Kilowog, who’s been cut from the Corps, fights for his life in the Dark Sectors. But without a working ring, he may not stand much of a chance of survival. 0721DC088

HARLEY QUINN #7 $3.99 Page 10
Stephanie Phillips and Laura Braga
Heya, folks, Harley Quinn here! In case you all haven’t noticed…things have been a little wild lately. Hugo Strange, out-of-control orderlies, kidnapped clowns, and a new villain named Keepsake…it’s a lot for any one former villain turned antihero turned real hero with impeccable fashion sense to handle. I’m talkin’ about ME if that wasn’t clear. With all the Fear State happening in Gotham, I thought it would be a good time to go on a little camping trip. But, turns out, Gotham is gonna be Gotham…Keepsake’s forming a new army, Hugo’s playin’ dress-up, and the city is literally tearing itself apart. This looks like a job for Harley Quinn, Kevin, and…the Gardener? Oh yeah, Bella’s in this one, too! I just love her little plant dogs! 0721DC025

Tee Franklin and Max Sarin
Harley and Ivy on the road trip of the century! Following the wedding disaster of the decade, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy end up on the run from Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD! But as fun as all that sounds, Ivy still worries over leaving Kite Man at the altar… Luckily, Harley’s got the perfect scheme to shake her out of her wedding-day blues! 0721DC049

I AM BATMAN #1 $3.99 Pge 2
John Ridley and Olivier Coipel
In the throes of Future State, the streets of Gotham City cry for justice and Jace Fox answers the call! With a new and improved Bat-Suit, Jace hits the streets to inspire and protect…as he follows the trail of the voice of misinformation and violence-the anarchistic Anti-Oracle! Can the new Dark Knight counterbalance their plan to inspire armed rebellion in the citizens of Gotham?! Can one man inspire a city? 0721DC001

INFINITE FRONTIER #6 $4.99 Page 32
Joshua Williamson, Xermanico, Paul Pelletier, and Jesus Merino
One story ends and the next phase of the DC Multiverse begins. We have one name for you: DARKSEID. Our heroes knew that someone had been pulling the strings this entire time, but are they prepared for it to be the biggest bad of all? As President Superman, Alan Scott, Roy Harper, and the rest converge for a showdown, the secret of Omega Planet is revealed. Plus, Barry Allen is put on a path he may never get off! 0721DC094

JOKER #7 $5.99 Page 36
James Tynion IV, Sam Johns, Guillem March, and Sweeney Boo
Tres bien-the Joker visits Paris! Gordon must get to Joker ahead of the Sampsons, but has the Clown Prince set an ambush for his pursuers? Plus, Barbara fights for her life after her introduction to the new Talon! Punchline backup: The search for Kelly Ness-Punchline’s former friend who is also in Blackgate Penitentiary-begins. 0721DC141

JOKER HC VOL 1 $24.99 Page 26
James Tynion IV and Guillem March
Following the events of Infinite Frontier #0 and The Joker War, The Joker gets targeted as the most wanted man in the world! But the Clown Prince of Crime is several steps ahead of law enforcement-and he’s on the run overseas. James Gordon, facing retirement, realizes this is the manhunt of his life and the last piece of a storied career…but what mysterious and deadly forces are also in pursuit of The Joker? Collects issues 1 – 6. 0721DC060

JUSTICE LEAGUE #68 $4.99 Page 32
Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V, Siya Oum, and Scott Godlewski
the tour! The Justice League has some new members. And those members get a tour of the Hall of Justice from the legends who helped build it while they learn about the people who have dedicated their entire lives to its higher calling. Merlin and his army of the aquatic dead have taken over Atlantis! Can Zatanna handle him and the horror she is hiding within? 0721DC097

NICE HOUSE ON THE LAKE #4 $3.99 Page 37
James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno
A terrifying truth about the house is revealed! David wants nothing more than to make his fellow residents of the House laugh. He’s the Comedian, right? That’s what he does. But if no one’s in the mood to laugh, then perhaps it’s time for him to perform the other function of comedy: to tell his audience an unbelievable truth. 0721DC147

NIGHTWING #84 $3.99 Page 8
Tom Taylor and Robbi Rodriguez
When the Bat-Family receives misleading information and incorrect directions from Oracle, ones Babs didn’t send herself, they realize Oracle’s system has been hacked! But who is powerful enough to break into Oracle’s own super-secure network? And what personal information is now at risk? Not only that, this mysterious Anti-Oracle is taking advantage of Gotham City’s state of fear and has bombarded the city with falsities, spreading even more fear. With the Bat-Team’s comms unreliable, Nightwing heads to Gotham to find the source of Anti-Oracle’s transmissions. 0721DC019

John Ridley, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Andrea Cucchi
The long-awaited miniseries written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Let It Fall) and beautifully illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi is now available in one volume! The Other History of the DC Universe takes a look at the mythology of the DC Universe as seen through the prism of several generations’ worth of DC Super Heroes who come from historically disenfranchised groups. Extensively researched and masterfully executed, The Other History of the DC Universe promises to be an experience unlike any other. You may think you know the history of the DC Universe…but the truth is far more complex. The Other History of the DC Universe isn’t about saving the world-it’s about having the strength to simply be who you are. Collects The Other History of the DC Universe #1-5. 0721DC062

ROBIN #6 $3.99 Paghe 34
Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov
Ding ding ding! Let the tournament begin! The most ruthless fighters in the DCU compete for the ultimate prize: eternal life. To win his first round, Damian Wayne faces two times the danger and two times the trouble: it’s Ravager and Flatline versus Robin! 0721DC110

RWBY JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 $3.99 Page 34
Marguerite Bennett and Stephanie Pepper
Team RWBY’s assault on the creature begins! As they enact their plan, the group quickly learns they underestimated the monster’s resources and power as he wages a war with all of Remnant! Can the girls defeat Team JNPR and break them out of their trance, or will they fall under the spell of the beast below? 0721DC114

Sanya Anwar
Final issue! Drawn into investigating the apparent kidnapping of a famous socialite and her infant son, Wonder Woman dives deeper into Natalia Close’s twisted past and she begins to question what’s really going on. Can the Amazon hero convince the troubled Natalia to choose her real life over her villainous new persona…or was that life just a mask all along? 0721DC116

STATIC SEASON ONE #4 $3.99 Page 34
Vita Ayala, CHRISSCROSS, and Nikolas Draper-Ivey
The Dakota crackdown comes for Static’s friends! As the government cracks down on the super-powered teenage Bang Babies, Dakota’s schools are getting emptier and emptier…and with someone he loves in the sights of the roundup, Static must put his own life and family at risk to protect them!! 0721DC120

Grant Morrison and Mikel Janin
Is the team ready for what’s next? Will the Man of Steel’s new super-group fall apart before they even begin? The Ultra-Humanite has put together his own team of rogues designed to match the Authority fist for fist. This series comes to an explosive conclusion that will threaten to split the Man of Steel in half! 0721DC132

SUPERMAN SON OF KAL-EL #3 $3.99 Page 36
Tom Taylor and John Timms
Jonathan Kent hasn’t been Superman for long, but he’s upset some powerful people with his heroism. And the underground news source known as the Truth is helping Jon open his eyes to evils in the world that could be more powerful than the new Man of Steel. Continuing the brand-new saga of Superman from Tom Taylor, the writer of Nightwing, and John Timms, artist on Future State: Superman of Metropolis. 0721DC134

SWAMP THING #7 $3.99 Page 37
Ram V and Mike Perkins
Broken and untethered from the Green, the Swamp Thing is on the run and being hunted by the Suicide Squad, deep in the forests of Kaziranga. Having learned about the true nature of the Green, Levi Kamei knows that if he is to make it out alive and regain his powers, he must choose to embrace the memory of the events that made him the new avatar of the Green-no matter how painful. But time is running out, and Levi must make his choice, as an old nightmare now stalks his steps. 0721DC149

TEEN TITANS ACADEMY #7 $3.99 Page 36
Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval
Gorilla Grodd vs. Gorilla Gregg! A fun, light outing to upstate New York for the students of Titans Academy becomes a nightmare when an entire town turns on them. But as Gorilla City expat Gorilla Gregg fights to save his friends, the young primate discovers, the threat leads him to his own uncle-Gorilla Grodd. 0721DC136 [Bunker is in the cast and new character Stitch is non binary.]

TITANS UNITED #1 $4.99 Page 36
Cavan Scott and Jose Luis
The Titans face their greatest challenge-their own powers! Nightwing, Donna Troy, Superboy, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Red Hood kick off a thrilling new case that will lead one of their own to question not only their place on the team, but their very existence. 0721DC058

WONDER GIRL #5 $3.99 Page 37
Joelle Jones and Adriana Melo
Yara stands alone as her world is torn apart! After an unexpected betrayal that shakes Yara to her very core, she ventures out and finds the lost tribe of the Amazons…the Esquecida! Will a reunion with her lost sisters finally give Yara the answers she’s been looking for? Or is she now more lost than ever, as she ventures out to find those who wish to never be found? 0721DC151

WONDER WOMAN #779 $4.99 Page 37
Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jordie Bellaire, Travis Moore, and Paulina Ganucheau
All good things must end! Janus’s murderous rampage through the Multiverse leads Diana and her allies to a place in between worlds where Wonder Woman will come face to face with her darkest fear…a future without her in it! Plus, in our tale set years ago, Princess Diana’s quest for truth comes to a thrilling conclusion! 0721DC153


CANTO III: LIONHEARTED #3 $3.99 Page 133
David M. Booher and Drew Zucker
As Canto and Aulaura embark on the quest to find the Vikus in the icy Frysta Wastes, Falco and Rikta sneak into the City of Dis to scout for a surprise attack. Neither quest goes according to plan. Falco and Rikta stumble on a much greater threat, and Canto teeters on the edge of failure-literally. JUL210461

TMNT ONGOING #121 $3.99 Page 146
Sophie Campbell and Jodie Nishijima
It’s an all-out confrontation as the Mutantimals clash with the Splinter Dojo for the fate of Mutant Town! Will the TMNT be able to keep their students from harm and take the fight to Old Hob? JUL210488

Dan Watters and Bethany McGuire-Smith
Whispers of a disembodied spark howling alone in the desert are floating around Cybertron. Whispers of Starscream’s loyalty to Megatron’s cause are also floating around. Frustrated and needing some space to clear his head, Starscream visits the desert and is surprised to actually hear the rumored screams. He follows the sound and is met with a creature that makes him question what it means to be a cybernetic being. Starscream faces off with this grotesque experiment in “I Have No Mouth And I Must Starscream,” by Dan Watters. JUL210491

Steve Orlando and Agustin Padilla
King Grimlock rampages on! As Grimlock sets off to find his place in this strange new world of men, beasts, and magic, he finds himself in the maw of a beast big enough to swallow a Dinobot! It’s a fight of incredible strength between the Cybertronian T-Rex and the monster–and someone is taking lessons from Grimlock that may spell his doom!

Danny Lore and Dan Khanna
Shattered Glass isn’t your average Transformers tale.”Shards” is the story of the ongoing battle between the power-hungry Autobot autocrats and the freedom-fighting Decepticon laborers. Join author Danny Lore in exploring this fractured alternate universe just before it shatters. In issue #2, Megatron is the only bot who can stop the three Autobot warlords from acquiring information that could reignite the war, but can he forgive his past mistakes and take up the mantle of Deception leader again. JUL210502


COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #12 $3.99 Page 71
Steve Orlando, L A Thornhill, and Davide Tinto
Series finale. All this time, the Crisis Command has fought to undo what’s been done. From the death of empathy, to the passage of the American Individuality Act, they’ve tried to preserve what they thought was right, what the world needed. But with all of existence in the hands of the world’s population, in our hands, thanks to the power of a word, will the ideas of the past save us? Or will they die to give birth to something new? Superheroes haven’t saved the world, so the Crisis Command, and all of us, have to be something better. JUL210215

DEEP BEYOND #8 $3.99 Page 73
Mirka Andolfo, David Goy, and Andrea Broccardo
The underwater world didn’t seem so bad, apart from the small detail of time flowing very differently than our own…Uh? What do you mean that’s not the only problem? That’s true, the (now enlarged) gang is used to dealing with problems, but perhaps they would rather it not all be a huge mess, just once. JUL210219

DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH #13 $3.99 Page 73
James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds
End of story arc. Thirty years ago, Cole Turner dreamed up a Star-Faced Man who ate children in the basement of his preschool. Today, Cole is going to make sure that nightmare can never haunt another kid. The second arc of the smash-hit the Department of Truth ends here with a revelation that turns the series upside down! JUL210223

DIE #20 $3.99 Page 52
Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans
“Bleed” part five. You can never go home, said Sol, way back in issue two. Let’s see if he was right. JUL210049 / JUL210050 (Cover B pictured.)

GOOD ASIAN #5 $3.99 Page 75
Pornsak Pichetshote
, Alexandre Tefenkgi, and Lee Loughridge
Suffering a traumatic loss, Edison Hark relives the pivotal and contentious moments that led a Chinese-American to become a cop in 1930s America, as the “secret origin of Edison Hark” is revealed. JUL210232

GOOD ASIAN TP VOL 1 $14.99 Page 56
Pornsak Pichetshote, Alexandre Tefenkgi, and Lee Loughridge
Writer Pornsak Pichetshote’s long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed Infidel with stunning art by Alexandre Tefeenkgi! Following Edison Hark–a haunted, self-loathing Chinese-American detective–on the trail of a killer in 1936 Chinatown, The Good Asian is Chinatown noir starring the first generation of Americans to come of age under an immigration ban, the Chinese, as they’re besieged by rampant murders, abusive police, and a world that seemingly never changes. Collects issues #1-4, Plus covers by Sana Takade, Annie Wu, Jen Bartel, Dave Johnson, and others. JUL210088

HOME SICK PILOTS #9 $3.99 Page 76
Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard
A national trauma has been successfully weaponized–which is probably fine and very unlikely to end in tears or provoke an army of ghosts to flood from the earth to seek revenge. JUL210235

MOM MOTHER OF MADNESS #3 $4.99 Page 54
Emilia Clarke, Marguerite Bennett, and Leila Leiz
Game of Thrones superstar Emilia Clarke concludes the final issue of an oversized three issue mini! Maya’s son was kidnapped by the treacherous traffickers, and now it’s up to her and her misfit mob of BFFs–if she can escape her enemies and her past! Who’s gonna clean up this mess?! JUL210070

MONSTRESS TP VOL 6 $16.99 Page 65
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
War has engulfed the Known World, and Maika Halfwolf is at its epicenter. As she and her friends grapple with the consequences of their actions, longburied secrets and long-awaited reunions threaten to change everything. Join Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda in the newest volume of this Eisner, Hugo, Harvey, and British Fantasy Award-winning series. Plus, learn about the happier childhood days of Kippa and Maika in Monstress: Talk-Stories 1 and 2! Collects Monstress: Talk-Stories 1 and 2 Monstress #31-35 JUL210161

Greg Rucka, Vita Ayala, Leandro Fernandez, and Nicola Scott
End of story arc. Who is…Yitzhak? The hulking figure briefly seen and spoken about in the Tales Through Time now takes the stage–Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez introduce a mystery that will alter the lives of the immortals forever…however long they have left! In present-day Paris, Andy and Nile pull a high-risk, high-stakes museum heist to steal a single unlikely item in a caper by Vita Ayala and Nicola Scott!JUL210252

SWEET PAPRIKA #3 $3.99 Page 86
Mirka Andolfo
Paprika’s “forced fun” night doesn’t seem to be too bad, perhaps–but, in the end, not too great either. Come on, staying together for so long, for no real reason…how can people like it? Then, while her father seems to be recovered and healthy again, Paprika will have a nasty surprise. JUL210268


BLACK CAT #10 $3.99 Page 51
Jed MacKay and Michael Dowling
“Infinity Score” continues! Infinity Stones are incredibly powerful but only get more so when in proximity to the other stones. Felicia Hardy has gathered three out of the six, and the Marvel Universe may be completely hosed. JUL210678

Vita Ayala, Bernard Chang, Paco Medina
When did the X-Men get sidekicks?! Now! Don’t miss the debut of the greatest teenage super hero team of all time! They’ve learned from the best, now they’re ready to be put to the test! But who the heck are these kids, where did they come from and why are their powers so similar to the X-Men’s? The Children of the Atom soon get a chance to prove their credentials when a local prison riot quickly turns into an escape. The strangest teens of all are on the case — but so are the Avengers! Meanwhile, a brand-new alternative medicine is changing lives at school, but who’s recruiting the victims…we mean patients?! Plus: an amazing race between the mutant inventor Forge, the brilliant Wakandan princess Shuri and more! Collecting Children of the Atom #1-6 and material from Marvel’s Voices #1. JUL210788

CHAMPIONS #9 $3.99 Page 64
Danny Lore and Luciano Vecchio
The Champions’ commitment to destroying Roxxon from within faces its ultimate test, as Kamala is asked to speak for the company in front of a global audience. How far will Ms. Marvel go to destroy the corporation that almost ruined her life? And what will it cost the rest of the Champions? JUL210719

DARK AGES #1 $4.99 Page 2
Tom Taylor and Iban Coello
This is what the Watcher has been watching for! A danger older than the Earth threatens everything. For once, the heroes who have saved the planet so many times are almost powerless in the face of it. X-Men and Avengers assemble. Spider-People and Fantastic Four come together. Heroes for Hire fight alongside Champions. None of it will be enough. The lights are about to go out. The world outside our window…is about to end. An all-new saga of the Marvel Universe as you’ve never seen it before from Tom Taylor and Iban Coello! JUL210513

DARKHOLD ALPHA #1 $4.99 Page 11
Steve Orlando and Cian Tormey
Enter the pages of the Darkhold and lose your mind in mighty Marvel fashion! Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando joins forces with extraordinary artist Cian Tormey for a story that will delight and terrify! For hundreds of years, scholars and heroes alike have searched for the complete text of the Darkhold — a.k.a. the Book of the Damned, written by the elder god Chthon. Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it — and Chthon has found him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes…and unleash their inner darkness. Witness the Marvel Universe’s descent into chaos! Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXX #4 (APR200834)

DEFENDERS #2 $3.99 Page 32
Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez
The mother of Galactus? The Defenders find themselves in the birthplace of Galactus — but the Devourer is not the man they remember. Meet Taaia, Omnimax and more as Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez expand the cosmos — and put Doctor Strange’s makeshift magical team in extreme jeopardy! JUL210620 [Cloud is in the cast.]

DOCTOR APHRA #14 $3.99 Page 74
Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung
“Repeat Offenders” Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros are imprisoned by a powerful ememy! If they want to escape, they’ll have to work together with former foes Just Lucky and Ariole. And venture deeper into the heart of a Crimson Dawn flagship! JUL210749

Kieron Gillen and Dustin Weaver
Eternals are created, not born. They have families, but their families make no new children. It’s simply not what Eternals do. Some of them thought they could find a way to change that and believed it would be for the best. They were terribly, terribly wrong. JUL210588

EXCALIBUR #23 $3.99 Page 40
Tini Howard and Marcus To
The call of doom! As guardians of the gate, Excalibur has sworn to safely escort those who quest to the Otherworld within, but their duties are tested to their limits when DOOM returns to Avalon. JUL210651

Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval
Toxin returns! Bren Waters, the new host of Toxin, enters the fray! Will he be enough to turn the tide? JUL210571

Mark Russell and Sean Izaakse
The real-time story of the Fantastic Four continues! Against the backdrop of the freewheeling 1990s, Ben Grimm reflects on love and loss as the Fantastic Four prepare to do battle against Galactus. JUL210684

GAMMA FLIGHT #4 $3.99 Page 58
Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, and Lan Medina
Children of monsters!
Skaar, the son of Hulk, and Dionne, daughter of [REDACTED]. Get the origin story of the Marvel Universe’s newest, deadliest gamma mutate! Plus: Absorbing Man pushes his abilities to the max — and it goes badly. Rick Jones and Del Frye make a desperate move — that grants them new, horrifying abilities. This team of Hulk hunters is breaking apart… and their enemy knows it. Don’t miss this issue’s immortal revelations! JUL210703

Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri
The last Annihilation concludes! The Guardians and their allies are being overrun on all fronts by the Mindless Armies of Dormammu. There’s only one hope for the galaxy as we know it. Rocket Raccoon has a plan. All he needs to know is Dormammu’s weak spot. Dormammu doesn’t have a weak spot. Uh-oh. JUL210708

Al Ewing, Juan Cabal, and Juan Frigeri
A new age of space starts here! They were soldiers, misfits, mercenaries, thieves and a family. They were heroes — but times have changed. The galaxy no longer needs heroes. It needs super heroes! Now when the call goes forth — whether it’s from a stranded team of planetary explorers or Emperor Hulkling himself — the Guardians of the Galaxy answer! As half the team defends the Kree/Skrull Throneworld against a deadlier threat than they’ve ever faced before, the other half investigates a terrifying sacrificial cult on a mysterious planet — with the power to plunge the universe into war! New headquarters! New costumes! New teammates! An all-new enemy you’ll have to see to believe! And a whole cosmos of trouble! Get on board, True Believer — it’s going to be the ride of your life! Collecting issues #13-18. JUL210779

IRON MAN #12 $3.99 Page 54
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
Iron Man is a long way from Earth. He now stands on the decks of Galactus’ worldship, Taa II, in deep space, and though he doesn’t have to face the World-Eater himself this time around, he certainly has to deal with the ship’s most brutal and lethal defenses. If he manages to survive those, it’s only a matter of moments before Tony Stark will have to turn around and confront his fiercest foe of recent memory, Korvac. Tony must also face the mad android’s zealous disciples, all of whom have a personal ax to grind with the Golden Avenger–the Controller, Unicorn, Blizzard and their most recent addition, a robotically enslaved original Human Torch. This showdown has been a long time coming, but Tony wasn’t counting on five-against-one odds. Tony needs backup. Tony could use some friends. JUL210690

Anthony Oliveira and Jan Bazaldua
Worlds apart but never alone! The Last Annihilation has hit the Kree/Skrull Alliance. Wiccan and Hulkling must split up to simultaneously defend two planets against the Mindless Army! But will the individual newlyweds be enough to fight off the forces of Dormammu? Or will they become the next casualties in this senseless war? JUL210595

MARAUDERS #24 $3.99 Page 42
Gerry Duggan and Ze Carlos
Space pirates! The Marauders hit the highest seas of all when they point their bow to the stars! But what threat awaits them… and why has it sworn vengeance?! JUL210649

Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, Mattia De Iulis, and Erica D’Urso
A fresh start for Jane Foster — with allies old and new! Jane believed she was the only Valkyrie left, but the fight against the King in Black proved her wrong. Now the reunited Valkyries must redefine their roles in a changing world — but Asgard’s not going to make it easy. When Loki comes to Jane with rumors of a beast stalking the souls of Midgard, she leaps into action. But she’s not the only one after the strange wolf’s hide, and soon Jane will fall in the sights of Kraven the Hunter! Meanwhile, her fellow Valkyrie long ago made a promise to a woman she loved — and now it’s time to follow through. On the planet of Perdita lies imprisoned an ancient power. Can this Valkyrie free it — and herself? Featuring the fury of Karnilla, Queen of Hel! Collecting Mighty Valkyries #1-5. JUL210778

Saladin Ahmed, Carmen Carnaro, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Kemp Powers, Sara Pichelli, and more
Happy 10th anniversary, Miles Morales! This is it, ten years as Spider-Man and his future has never looked brighter. A who’s who of Miles Morales Spider-Creators has been webbed together to make this the best Anniversary Special of all time! Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Carnero show off Miles’ new suit (designed by Chase Conley) and kick off his eleventh year! And the creative minds behind the Miles movies Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and two-time Oscar nominee Kemp Powers celebrate Miles’ birthday in style with Miles Co-Creator Sara Pichelli! And that’s not even all the candles we’re putting on Miles’ cake! Don’t miss this Anniversary Special! JUL210672

NEW MUTANTS #21 $3.99 Page 40
Vita Ayala and Alex Lins
Mayhem on the moon! There’s something creeping in the shadows of the Summer House…and the NEW MUTANTS are about to come face-to-face with it. And back on Earth, the team is turning against itself as they gear up for their biggest battle yet. JUL210644

RUNAWAYS takes a break this month?

REIGN OF X VOL 4 $17.99 Page 80
Benjamin Percy, Tini Howard, Leah Williams, Gerry Duggan, and Vita Ayala, Adam Kubert, Marcus To, David Baldeon, Phil Noto, and Bernard Chang
Old friends and new faces in the Reign of X! Wolverine finds himself in a jam alongside his former Team X compatriot Maverick, but the reunion won’t last long if they can’t break free of the Legacy House! As the members of Excalibur reckon with their losses, two heads of state seek to restore the status quo. All hail…Queen Elizabeth III?! Meanwhile, Siryn is dying over and over, and X-Factor must follow the screams! Cable teams up with Domino again — for the first time! But will fortune favor Nathan, or has he met his match? And who are the young heroes with familiar powers breaking the law against teenage vigilantes? Can the X-Men find the mysterious Children of the Atom before the authorities do? Collecting Wolverine (2020) #10, Excalibur (2019) #17, X-Factor (2020) #6, Cable (2020) #8 and Children of the Atom #1. JUL210758

REIGN OF X VOL 5 $17.99 PAGE 110
Tini Howard, Al Ewing, Gerry Duggan, Marcus To, Valerio Schiti, Bernard Chang, Ray Anthony Height, Nico Leon, and Luke Ross
The King in Black casts his shadow over the Reign of X! As the Council makes moves to protect the mutants in Otherworld, Excalibur must determine Betsy Braddock’s true fate! The S.W.O.R.D. station is thrown into the deep end of a planetary crisis as Krakoa battles the forces of symbiote god Knull! While a cross-division S.W.O.R.D. team take on dragons from outer space, Abigail Brand prepares a deniable operation all her own. What is Protocol V — and can the Earth survive it? Meanwhile, Captain Kate Pryde and her crew of Marauders set sail to fight for the needy amid the global disaster Knull’s invasion has caused! Collecting EExcalibur (2019) #18-19, S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #2-3 and King In Black: Marauders. JUL210789

Christopher Cantwell, Alyssa Wong, Dale Eaglesham, and Jodi Nishijima
John Walker (A.K.A. the U.S.Agent) and Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. the Winter Soldier) join the fight against a vicious Captain America impostor and his shadowy patrons. As the chase leads them to interrupt a break-in at one of the most secure facilities in the country, the true magnitude of the forces arrayed against them finally becomes clear. But are they too late to stop what’s already been put in motion? Also introducing Arielle Agbayani, the campus Captain America! When her college turns a blind eye to rich kids behaving badly, she springs into action — and she’s not afraid to fight dirty. JUL210700

X-CORP #5 $3.99 Page 44
Tini Howard and Alberto Foche
Hostile takeover! It’s impossible to succeed in business without making a few enemies. Noblesse Pharmaceuticals sends their most cutthroat team against X-CORP once and for all, and they’ve come to collect. JUL210655

X-CORP VOL 1 $17.99 Page 108
Tini Howard, Alberto Foche, and Valentine De Landro
Krakoa is for closers! The deals have been made. Mutantkind is safe on its new island nation. But who safeguards the interests of the mutants who have everything? Leading the charge is X-Corporation, headed by CXOs Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington — a duo as cutthroat and ruthless in the boardroom as they are on the battlefield. But X-Corp needs more than just its figureheads. And as Monet sets out to staff their team with some of the brightest mutant minds available — including Dr. Jamie Madrox, who provides maximum synergy with minimal bandwidth — new investors come calling, including Selene and Mastermind! But as business deals begin to bear unexpected fruit, Warren finds himself in a tense meeting with one of Krakoa’s first allies, who wants to know the truth: On Angel’s wings, will X-Corp crash or soar? Collecting X-Corp #1-5. JUL210787

X-FORCE #23 $3.99 Page 40
Ben Percy and Martin Coccolo
Mightier than the sword! Beast’s best-laid plans invite a threat close to the heart…as the secret works of Mikhail are at last revealed! A key issue that will precipitate a dire change for Krakoa! JUL210642

X-MEN #3 $3.99 Page 41
Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz
Evolution is the enemy! The X-Men are no strangers to being targeted for their genes…but when the High Evolutionary returns with his brand of unnatural selection, the survival of the whole planet is at stake! JUL210646

X-MEN TRIAL OF MAGNETO #2 $4.99 Page 30
Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck
Habeas corpses! Heroes of the Marvel Universe came to Krakoa for a memorial. Now they’ve got a fight. Magneto pushes Krakoa and the Council to the brink! Also, there’s something wrong with the body. JUL21061

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