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LGBTQA Previews November 2023 Part1

Exciting news with volume 5 of Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper coming soon from Graphx! More outer space feline feats with a new Captain Ginger two parter coming from Ahoy! The most recent Fence mini series by C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad is the collected treatment! Michael Dialynas begins an eco fable story with Zawa! The penultimate issue of the Miracles from Joe Glass and Vince Underwood! Have you ever wondered about the efforts to feed people in the wake of a natural disaster? Steve Orlando teams up with chef Jose Andres and Alberto Ponticelli to relate Adres’ work in Feeding Dangerously from TKO! Secret Acres publishes L Nichols their personal story of growing up trans while living in the South in I Am Only A Foreigner Because You Do Not Understand. Brooms by Jasmine Walls and Teo DuVall, is set in an alternate 1930s Mississippi where magic is permitted only in certain circumstances by certain people and unsanctioned broom racing provides thrills! Will that endanger Luella’s love for Billie Mae? That’s from Levine Querido. Just over 30 manga including the acclaimed My Lesbian Experience and BDSM rom com Training Mister Sakurada out from Seven Seas.

And this absolutely stunning piece of art is from Somna by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay which is the second book from new creator owned publisher DSTLRY!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you!

Shopping with Amazon? Just bookmark and use our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later!


Mirka Andolfo
The extraordinary talent of Mirka Andolfo brings to life a Heaven (and a Hell) filled with humor and lovable characters! Angelina, a voluptuous angel, and Damiano, a mischievous devil, are madly in love. But, while she does not intend to give in to temptation, he would very much like to… This is the tale of their bizarre and spicy daily life! Then, in volume 2…Meet Eden, a new arrival to the family, who faces her own ups and downs I this crazy and sensual universe! A sex-positive–and incredibly funny–slice of life…full of angels, devils, and gags! This offer collects volumes 1-2 of Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred in hardcover and includes bonuses such as cover galleries, sketches, and other behind-the-scenes material! SEP231024


AFTER DARK ART BOOK SC $27.99 Page 218
Terry Moore
Terry Moore After DarkaX| is a thoughtfully curated collection of sweet and sexy drawings that readers of his titles have been dreaming about for almost thirty years. This 8 1/2′ x 11′, 120-page book is filled with both fan favorites and brand new black and white images of Terry’s beloved characters in their most tender and raucous moments. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Terry’s creative process with personal commentary throughout along with never-before published original poetry. This beautiful book collects 120 pages of good girl art featuring Francine and Katchoo from Strangers In Paradise as well as the expanded cast of the Terryverse! SEP231339

Terry Moore
Strangers In Paradise fans rejoice! This fun series follows the all-new adventures of Katchoo and Francine, aged six! The whole SIP gang is here: sweet David and his bossy sister Darcy; the twins Tambi and Bambi; Francine’s over-protective mother and, yes, the comically grouchy Freddie. It’s 80 pages of full color laughs for kids of all ages! SEP231340

Terry Moore
This entire award-winning series is collected into four trade paperback volumes! When the sins of the past refuse to let her go, Katchoo has no choice but to leave Francine behind and return to L.A. to settle the debt. While Francine struggles to understand Katchoo’s other life she soon realizes her friend needs help. Enlisting the aid of Detective Walsh, Francine learns Katchoo’s problem is bigger than Darcy Parker-six times bigger to be exact. Fortunately, there is one person willing take on The Big Six crime syndicate and bring it down from the inside, but she’ll need Katchoo’s special talents to make it work! SEP231338


Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti
Sealed in a cave before the dawn of man, released by a crazed madman, Bunny Mask walks our world once more. But for what dark purpose does she use her unnatural powers? And what’s her connection to Bee Foster, a young girl murdered by her father fourteen years ago? In order to save his life – and his sanity – one man will have to discover the truth of what waits behind the mask. Writer Paul Tobin and artist Andrea Mutti unleash an eons old legend upon an unsuspecting world – one that’ll make your most horrific nightmare feel like a walk in the park! This hardcover collection contains issues # 1- 4 of both mini series plus ‘making of’ content, including Andrea Mutti concept art! SEP230947

RAINBOW BRIDGE GN $16.99 Page 132
Steve Orlando, Steve Foxe, and Valentina Brancati
What if you got one last adventure with your best friend? Andy and Rocket grew up together, with Rocket serving as Andy’s guardian through every one of childhood’s ups and downs. So, when Rocket passes away right before Andy’s 14th birthday, he’s rudderless. He can’t imagine making the transition to high school without Rocket at his side. The day before school starts, when Andy is at his lowest, he visits Rocket’s grave and unexpect-edly summons the RAINBOW BRIDGE, a gateway to a fantasy world where pets discover their afterlife. But there’s a dark shadow to this paradise, and without Andy’s help, Rocket’s eternity may be grimaX| The first graphic novel from AfterShock’s new YA imprint, Seismic Press, Rainbow Bridge was conceived and written by Steve Orlando and Steve Foxe with art by Valentina Brancati. Published in the category standard size of 6.5′ x 9.5′, this 120-page OGN will resonate with anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved pet – or who has greeted growing up with nervousness and anxiety. SEP230949 (OFFERED AGAIN)

SIDE EFFECTS $17.99 Page 130
Ted Anderson and Tara O’Connor
In recognition of World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Seismic Press is proud to announce Side Effects, winner of Pop Culture Classroom’s Excellence in Graphic Literature in the Young Adult category, is getting a second printing! Hannah’s dealing with a lot in her first year of college and to make matters worse, she’s also battling her own brain, in the form of anxiety and depression. Fortunately, her therapist has put her on some meds to help, but those meds cause some unintended side effects, like sleepless nights, pounding headaches or, in Hannah’s case, superpowers. Now, on top of juggling tests and dates, Hannah has to deal with occasionally shooting lightning bolts from her fingers or reading her girlfriend’s mind. Maybe she’s supposed to be a superhe-ro, but all she wants to do is make it through the year in one piece. Written by Ted Anderson and illustrated by Tara O’Connor comes a personal story about mental health and what it takes to find yourself again. SEP230948 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Alex Segura, Rex Ogle, and Joe Eisma
From the middle of nowhere… to somewhere else. Nothing happens here. Until Now. After stepping through a door into a strange alternate world and returning to the real world changed, six high schoolers from disparate backgrounds are forced to work together to stop a monster from consuming their souls – and possibly the world. A potent blend of The Chronicles of Narnia and Stranger Things with a modern dose of the teen mutant angst of Chris Claremont’s New Mutants and the sharp teen commentary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a YA fantasy adventure steeped in modern teenage life with a backdrop evoking the mythical worlds and adventures we all grew up loving. Change isn’t always for the better. MAY229440


Stuart Moore, June Brigman, and Roy Richardson
Back for a two-issue AHOY anniversary special: the ‘wonderfully entertaining series, combining all the tropes and trappings of serious sci-fi with the ridiculousness of cats being cats’ (Comics Beat)! In this all-new epic, Captain Ginger and his crew find themselves scattered across a thousand light-years, facing the twin mysteries of the Captain’s long-missing father-and the final fate of the human race. By Stuart Moore and June Brigman, with a galactic variant cover by Walter Simonson! Issue #1 also features a new installment of the AHOY fifth anniversary prose serial by Alex Segura. 0923AH478

CAPTAIN GINGER TP VOL 1 $15.99 Page 220
Stuart Moore, June Brigman, & Various
Now in one volume: the acclaimed tale of a starship run by cats! The intrepid Captain Ginger struggles to keep his fellow felines united against a hostile universe-and their own worst feline instincts, too. Featuring the entire original miniseries, plus two rare extra stories and a sketchbook of character designs. Introduction by Walter Simonson. SEP231344 (OFFERED AGAIN)

CAPTAIN GINGER TP VOL 2 $16.99 Page 220
Stuart Moore, June Brigman, & Various
The acclaimed saga of cats in space returns for a devastating second volume! Captain Ginger and his feline crew embark on a vast, six-issue adventure when they follow a mysterious hyperspace signal to the home of their unknown canine ‘cousins.’ But trouble aboard ship may doom them before they even meet the dogs. Created by writer Stuart Moore and artist June Brigman. ‘Moore wins over the series’ new and returning fans with the complex relationships of the good captain’s crew… Beautifully drawn by Brigman, fast-paced, and compelling as hell, this is one comic fans should add to their want list. It’s purr-fectly good reading! ‘ -Tripwire ‘This intergalactic feline space story is both action-packed and full of humor.’ -Albany Times-Union, SEP231345 (OFFERED AGAIN)


SKIP GN $14.99 (SC) / $22.99 (HC) Page 228
Sarah Burgess
Jay is always scribbling poetry in their notebook. When they come across Skip, a Double Dutch team, they befriend the members-and decide to join, too. For the first time ever, Jay has a place to belong-and friends to confide in. But Jay’s friendship with their new bestie Beah is intense, both in and out of Double Dutch. As Beah and Jay help each other grow into the people they will become, it challenges their friendship and their own identities. This charming ‘slice of life’ graphic novel is about accepting yourself, navigating ‘first love’ friendship, and finding your own voice. It’s rendered in debut author-illustrator Sarah Burgess’s gorgeous art style ribboned with playful humor and sports drama. SEP231429 (SC) / SEP231430 (HC)


MADNESS #4 $3.99 Page 246
J. Michael Straczynski, ACO,and David Lorenzo
Learn what Sarah lost and why she’s out for revenge! In this pivotal issue, we get a glimpse of happier times as we see Sarah’s past as a thief who falls in love with the agent who has been pursuing her. Here is what Sarah lost and why she is now out for revenge. Her targets in this epic story: Astraea, a godlike being from another realm; and Miss Victory, an avatar of everything great about America – with none of the courage or conviction to back it up. 0923AW483

RUMPUS ROOM #3 $3.99 Page 245
Mark Russell and Ramon Rosanas
Can Erica lead the captives out of the Rumpus Room and back to freedom? Find out in the latest chapter of Eisner and Ringo Award-winning writer Mark Russell’s all-new satirical thriller! Erica concocts a plan to escape billionaire Bob Schrunk’s nightmarish Rumpus Room…though it takes a lot of convincing to get the other prisoners to go along with it. Meanwhile, Schrunk takes his lawyer on a bizarre art shopping spree, all while dodging questions from the press concerning the strange rumors about his disappearing employees. 0923AW495


Dakota Brown and Lane Lloyd
Grandma Tilly has returned from her adventure in space with the Hell-Tech Mech and is ready to sit down for her weekend of gaming. Unfortunately, the servers for her favorite game are down, putting a halt to any gameplay for the foreseeable future. Jumping back into the Hell-Tech Mech alongside gaming store clerk (and wannabe wizard) Kevin, Tilly travels to the game developer’s headquarters to join a protest that quickly gets out of hand when the Hell-Tech Mech remembers how much it loves the taste of humans. SEP231487


ABBOTT: 1979 #2 $4.99 Page 60
Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivela
It’s too late. The Umbra has been unleashed on Detroit, and Elena will need all the help she can get from an old friend if she’s going to succeed. And stunningly, Elena discovers that she is truly unique, and has power beyond her imaginationan. SEP230096

ALICE NEVER AFTER #5 $4.99 Page 65
Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta
In the long-awaited final issue, Alice desperately searches for an exit to the maze-salvation for herself and her child. Even if she escapes Wonderland and makes it back home, will everyone greet her newly-cured self with open arms? SEP230126

CODA #3 $4.99 Page 63
Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara
Romance turns to taking responsibility as Hum and Serka reach across their differences to come up with a plan to set things right; but will they trust each other enough in the process? Simultaneously, a starving community is easily absorbed into a growing army of marauders. SEP230108

C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
Return to the thrilling world of high-stakes, competitive fencing, with a brand new story featuring the beloved cast of characters from the original hit series. Are Seiji and Jesse really through? The rumors around Halverton, the prestigious fencing training camp, have spread like wildfire, but it’s not long before a mystery fencer arrives-one who may finally pose a threat to the #1 spot. Will Seiji’s unquenchable quest for rivalry take Nicholas’ place? Where will his loyalty lie? And, when Seiji gets an up close and personal look into Nicholas’ past and determination against adversity while preparing for the difficult road ahead and the State Championships, he’ll have to confront a tempting thought… are they on a date? New York Times and USA Today best-selling author C. S. Pacat and acclaimed cartoonist Johanna the Mad continue their winning streak with this on-point entry in the GLAAD Media Award-nominated series! Collects Fence: Redemption #1-4. SEP230172

John Allison and Max Sarin
Besties Susan, Esther, and Daisy are the big women on campus as they start their final year at Sheffield University. Between excelling academically and personally, it seems like they’ve finally got the hang of the student life. Daisy works as a resident mentor to the new crop of first years, while Susan and McGraw work on being real adults with real adult neighbors, and Esther is working on repairing her friendship with Ed Gemmel after a drunken mishap last year left them both feeling awkward. Esther’s sure she wants to stay just friends with Ed, though. That is, unless she isn’t|? Written by John Allison and illustrated by Max Sarin, volume 6 collects the next eight issues of the Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated series, along with the 2018 holiday special-all in a deluxe hardcover! Collects Giant Days #41-48. SEP230167

GRIM #15 $3.99 Page 54
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
The end of the third arc of Grim will have readers white-knuckling on the edge of a hellish precipice, as Jess will have to perform a daring rescue, but will also need some rescuing of her own in a monumental reunion! But the lack of death in the mortal realm will end up being the least of humanity’s problems, if Annabel’s grand plan comes into fruitionan. SEP230072

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #19 $3.99 Page 52
Sam Johns and Letizia Cadonici
Bait is burdened with the unbearable truth of Nannette’s condition and what it could mean if she learns of her connection to the monsters. To save her and the children, Bait will have to make an impossible choice But with new revelations about his true origins, will what he has to do truly be the worst of his actions? SEP230060

Jason Aaron and Leila Del Duca
A suburban community is the last thing Maceo and Mezzy expected to find. As more people come to reside in this settlement called Golgonooza, it flourishes, and becomes a home for Mezzy and Maceo. However, the cracks in Maceo and Mezzy’s oasis turn to chasms as they (and the community) face their first disasters! The chasm between them grows-quite literally-as Golgonooza’s foundation crumbles and bubbles with a strange poison gasaX| New York Times bestselling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning writer Jason Aaron is joined by acclaimed artist Leila del Duca in the second chapter of his ambitious post-apocalyptic original series! SEP230149

RARE FLAVOURS #3 $4.99 Page 64
V. Ram and Filipe Andrade
Chaandni Chowk in Delhi may be relatively new concerning the breadth of history, but it’s built on the bones of the 400 year old Mughal Capital, a representation of the new intermingling with the old. It’s here that a traditional kebab crafter still makes them in an ancient way, one enjoyed by emperors of old. It’s here that Rubin and Mo find the perfect subject for their documentary and the perfect meal for Rubin. SEP230118

SIRENS OF THE CITY #5 $4.99 Page 68
Joanne Starer and Khary Randolph
Layla is crushed as she realizes her actions may have put her friend Marisol in danger, and the Rat King will use any means necessary to find out more about the boundless power Layla carries against her will. With Layla still being new to her powers, will she be able to rescue her friend, or will she walk right into the Rat King’s trap unprepared? SEP230137

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
Erica’s heartbreak in the wake of tragedy turns to rage as she faces Cutter one final time. But who else will fall at the hands of the Order, and how will things change for Cecilia and the House of Slaughter? SEP230044

ZAWA #1 $4.99 Page 34
Michael Dialynas
Trapped inside her mountain by pollution-spewing factories, the guardian spirit Zawa only has industrial waste to eat, leading her to a bitter existence of paranoia and destruction. But when two siblings from a nearby village help her escape, they’ll quickly learn that the way to calming Zawa’s heart is through a well nourished stomach! GLAAD Award-winning and Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Michael Dialynas crafts a charmingly macabre eco-fable about nature, greed, the dangers of retribution, and good food shared among friends. SEP230009


Nick Robles cover

MIRACLES #3 $4.99 Page 265
Joe Glass and Vince Underwood
The skeletons in the family closet are piling up fast on Elliot! His boyfriend Harlan is the only one he trusts now, and the fate of New York City is at stake as a seemingly unstoppable super being attacks! Betrayal, murder and mayhem in glorious Miracles style! 0923CX499 (Underwood main cover) / 0923CX500 (Underwood variant) / 0923CX501 (Nikc Robles cover)


Student council president Terano is confident and smart. On the other hand, the good-looking, but scary Kumazaki has been failing classes for the past few years. One day, a friend catches Terano texting someone. Terano remains quiet on the subject… No one would have guessed that the rebellious Kumazaki is actually quite shy, and is completely wrapped around Terano’s finger. SEP232166


Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson is revered around the world as one of the foremost children’s authors of the twentieth century for her illustrated chapter books regarding the magical worlds of her creation, the Moomins. The Moomins saw life in many forms but debuted to its biggest audience ever on the pages of world’s largest newspaper the London Evening News, in 1954. The strip was syndicated in newspapers around the world with millions of readers in 40 countries. This will deservedly place Jansson among the international cartooning greats of the last century. SEP231626 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories made her one of the most beloved Scandinavian authors of the 20th-century. Jansson’s whimsical tales of Moominvalley resonate with children for their light-hearted spirit, and with adults for their incisive commentary on the banality of everyday life. Drawn & Quarterly celebrates the centenary of Jansson’s birth with Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, a slipcased, hardcover collection of the complete Tove Jansson-penned Moomin comic strip, replete with all of her most popular storylines and original pencil sketches. SEP231627 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Tove Jansson
Moomin wakes up one morning to find the pond frozen over, and rather than hibernate, the family decides to brave the winter weather. At first, their wintry adventure seems to be going swimmingly, until Mr. Brisk of the Great Outdoors Club takes over and forces everyone to embrace the winter sports, whether they want to or not. SEP231628 (OFFERED AGAIN)

MOOMINS & GREAT FLOOD HC $16.95 Page 280
Tove Jansson
Moominmamma and Moomintroll need to find a home for the winter, someplace where sun is plentiful and safe from the dangers of the unknown. But before they can settle down, they must cross a dark and sinister forest and find their way through a flood of epic proportions, all the while hoping that they will find Moominpappa again. With beautiful black and white artwork interspersed throughout the text and curious, playful prose, you find yourself rooting for the Moomins and their quest to find Moominpappa and a place to call home. SEP231629 (OFFERED AGAIN)


SOMNA #1 $8.99 Page 284
Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay
New series debut from DSTRLY! Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay both writing and drawing a creator-owned project together for the first time! Set amidst the terrifying backdrop of the witch hunts in a quiet 1600s English village, Somna follows one woman’s descent into an erotic escape from the confines of her puritanical world. Ingrid is unhappily married to Roland, the town’s bailiff and chief witch hunter, who is on a single-minded quest to purge the ‘heretics’ in their midst. After a prominent town leader is found murdered, accusations fly and no one is above reproach from Roland’s deadly crusade. Ingrid has her suspicions about who the real murderer is, but even as she pursues the truth, she’s pursued herself by a shadowy figure. Ingrid finds that she’s drawn to the foreboding phantom in ways she can’t resist- does this dark and tempting stranger may hold the key to the mystery…or will he damn Ingrid’s soul to the blackest circle of Hell? From the masterful minds of Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay comes an intoxicating blend of history, eroticism, and the supernatural in SOMNA-an evocative masterpiece that draws inspiration from cinematic folk-horror gems like Midsommar and The Witch- and will transport readers to a world where passion and spirits intertwine, enrapturing your senses and leave you craving more. For fans of The Witch and Midsommar. 0923DY514


RUINED GN $28.99 Page 304
Sarah Vaughn, Niki Smith, and S. W. Searle
For fans of Bridgerton comes a Regency-era graphic novel about the unexpected passion that blooms when two desperate strangers are rushed into an arranged marriage. The whole town is whispering about how Catherine Benson lost her virtue, though they can never agree on the details. Was it in the public garden? Or a moving carriage? Only a truly desperate man would want her now-and that’s exactly what Andrew Davener is. His family’s estate is in disrepair, but Catherine’s sizeable dowry could set it to rights. After the two wed, Catherine finds herself inexplicably drawn to Andrew. But could falling in love with her husband tear her marriage apart? SEP231727


HEARTSTOPPER GN VOL 5 $15.99 Page 312
Alice Oseman
Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. The bestselling LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between. Nick and Charlie are very much in love. They’ve finally said those three little words, and Charlie has almost persuaded his mum to let him sleep over at Nick’s house… but with Nick going off to university next year, is everything about to change? By Alice Oseman, winner of the YA Book Prize, Heartstopper encompasses all the small moments of Nick and Charlie’s lives that together make up something larger, which speaks to all of us. SEP231758


Chad Sell
The kids of the Cardboard Kingdom go on a new adventure! This time, they are in search of new friends-but what they discover is a lot more like enemies. It’s winter break in the Cardboard Kingdom, and kids from the town across the park want to play together! But according to the evil Sorceress, not just anyone can join the kingdom… So it’s not long before the two communities spiral into battle. Will the Sorceress realize the error of her ways before all hope is lost? Will friendship still manage to win the day? SEP231833


HITORIJIME MY HERO VOL 14 $12.99 Page 429
Memeko Arii
Masahiro Setagawa doesn’t believe in heroes, but wishes he could: He’s found himself in a gang of small-time street bullies who use him to run errands. But when high school teacher (and scourge of the streets) Kousuke Ohshiba comes to his rescue, he finds he may need to start believing after all… and as their relationship deepens, he realizes a hero might be just what he was looking for this whole time. SEP232183

Naoko Takeuchi
A new edition of the Sailor Moon manga, for a new generation of fans! Teenager Usagi is not the best athlete, she’s never gotten good grades, and, well, she’s a bit of a crybaby. But when she meets a talking cat, she begins a journey that will teach her she has a well of great strength just beneath the surface and the heart to inspire and stand up for her friends as Sailor Moon! Featuring an updated translation and high page count in a more affordable, portable edition, perfect to go wherever you or the magical guardian in your life want to take it. SEP232190

SUMMER WITH YOU VOL 3 $14.99 Page 431
Nagisa Furuya
Chiharu and Wataru captivated readers’ hearts in Nagisa Furuya’s English-language BL debut, My Summer of You. Now, the two boys return in this cinematic sequel to the beloved summer romance boys’ love series! Wataru and Chiharu are in their second year of college, and the two boys can’t wait to spend another summer together. Now back from his study abroad program, Chiharu is ecstatic to see Wataru for the first time in two months, and Wataru’s thankful that they’ll have more time to spend with each other, without also having to balance work and school. One of their plans have the two return to the cinema for a movie date to celebrate Wataru’s 20th birthday, but what other memories will the summer have in store for them? SEP232195


BROOMS GN $18.99 Page 343
Jasmine Walls and Teo DuVall
It’s 1930s Mississippi. Magic is permitted only in certain circumstances, and by certain people. Unsanctioned broom racing is banned. But for those who need the money, or the thrills… it’s there to be found. Meet Billie Mae, captain of the Night Storms racing team, and Loretta, her best friend and second-in-command. They’re determined to make enough money to move out west to a state that allows Black folks to legally use magic and take part in national races. Cheng-Kwan-doing her best to handle the delicate and dangerous double act of being the perfect ‘son’ to her parents, and being true to herself while racing. Mattie and Emma-Choctaw and Black-the youngest of the group and trying to dodge government officials who want to send them and their newly-surfaced powers away to boarding school. And Luella, in love with Billie Mae. Her powers were sealed away years ago after she fought back against the government. She’ll do anything to prevent the same fate for her cousins. SEP231841


Steve Orlando and Sebastin Piriz
The eternal battle between Heaven and Hell rages on with your soul as the prize. All that stands between them and us are the Combat Exorcists, sworn to knock demons back into hell through their unique mastery of the God flow – the ability to channel the unique traits of divine beings from different levels of angels to old testament creatures to horrific beasts featured in the Book of Revelation. Syd Miller and Ellen Blair are the world’s two premiere Combat Exorcists – the only problem? After a nuclear break up years ago, they can’t stand each other. But when the biggest soul auction in history kicks off beneath Los Angeles, Syd and Ellen have no choice but to come together to raid the HEellscraper, an infernal tower going straight down into the Earth. With thousands of souls on the line, Syd and Ellen must fight their way to the bottom, or die trying. 0923MA524

Curt Pires and Kevin Castaniero
The Running Man and Squid Game meet the kinetic martial arts action of The Raid: Redemption in this fresh and ambitious graphic novel. In the near future, cancel culture means more than just losing your job…it could mean your life. Cancelled is the world’s premier entertainment event – a live-streamed program where elite bounty hunters called ‘Cancellers’ kill individuals who society has voted to ‘cancel’ following heinous actions or offenses. But Cancelledis not just a form of violent entertainment. It’s one of the last forms of upward mobility for an increasingly oppressed lower / middle class. Want to escape the gig economy? Pay off your crushing student debt? Cover your sick parents’ medical bills? Cancelled just might be your way out. But you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. 0923MA527


TO TAKE AN ENEMYS HEART VOL 1 $12.99b Page 431
Master Igen, an oppressive and ruthless ruler, has the Azkun clan killed. He only keeps one survivor, Kassan, a frail young man who is to be his slave. When Kassan becomes attracted to his Master, without knowing he was the one who murdered his entire family, and his brother is revealed to be alive, he will have difficult choices to make. SEP232201 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Kassan is tormented when he learns what his lover had done to his family. Master Igen saves Kassan from the fire and keeps him at his side. After a long hesitation Kassan takes revenge on his enemy and flees. But he is quickly captured again and tortured in a cell while Master Igen is unconscious from his attack. SEP232202 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Kassan has a hard time containing his feelings for Master Igen, and is especially hurt when he is mocked. Later, Igen has unforeseen visitors who hinder his decisions. And Kassan learns more about his family and his father’s ruthless actions taken upon the high-ranked families of the kingdom. Hakar has devious plans of his own, his revenge is imminent. SEP232203 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Still not convinced that he can trust Kassan, Igen devises a test for him. Unfortunately, this represents the perfect opportunity for Hakar to get his revenge on the person who mercilessly murdered his family. Hakar captures an important prisoner and asks for a hefty ransom. Igen is convinced that Kassan betrayed him, so chaos ensues. SEP232204 (OFFERED AGAIN)


Neil Gaiman and Various
Master storyteller and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Neil Gaiman has written a moving poem, inspired by the ongoing refugee crisis. During the coldest season, when the world feels scary-what do you remember about being warm? Baked potatoes. Trust. A kettle on the stove. Blankets. A smile. And, most of all, the reassurance that you belong. In his powerful and moving poem, featuring illustrations from thirteen extraordinary artists, Gaiman draws together many different memories to answer the question, what do you need to be warm? This beautiful gift-sized book evokes all the specific ways that we feel safe, welcome, and warm in a sometimes-scary world. SEP231923


Stephanie Williams
Move over Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! Peacemaker is now on the scene and he’s bringing along more than 100 of the most colorful characters from all corners of the DC multiverse in this officially licensed book. Peacemaker had a long road to the spotlight and he’s not alone. There are dozens of unique, sometimes absurd, and yet truly memorable characters waiting for their chance to shine. Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse celebrates some of the quirkiest, most compelling, and ready-for-primetime characters from throughout DC’s history. With peculiar powers—from Matter-Eater Lad to Arm-Fall-Off Boy—and one-of-a-kind costumes—from Red Tornado with her red long johns and a cooking pot for a helmet to Blue Snowman with her wintry robotic armor—these characters are truly unforgettable. Dive in and discover your next favorite DC Super Hero or Villain. SEP231944


DEATH DROP ASSASSIN #4 $4.99 Page 378
David Hazan and Alex Moore
On the run and in hiding from the police after the calamitous Revision fundraiser, Death Drop must save her newest ally from an untimely death. Both of their pasts are laid bare. Meanwhile, Karisma makes a grab for power. 0923SC566


L. Nichols
Some books take the whole of a lifetime to write. I Am Only a Foreigner Because You Do Not Understand continues Flocks, L. Nichols’s graphic memoir of growing up trans in the rural South. These comics document L.’s further transition, from living as a man to walking the middle path, facing depression, disease, divorce and death. Healing leaves scars, things fall apart, and pronouns change until there is no I, there is only us. SEP231995


Shoko Hidaka
Suou and Ryou have been friends since childhood. The hairstylist and writer have lived together for six years now and, though they definitely aren’t dating, their close relationship is hard to define. Will they ever move beyond the nebulous territory of ‘more than friends’ or will they keep living in a stalemate forever? SEP232230

A sweet and Mature-rated Boys’ Love romance between an introverted salaryman and the young man he meets in an MMO game! Office worker Usagi Akira lives for two things: shojo manga, and the spare moments when he can log into his favorite MMO, Tail Earth. There, his avatar is a beautiful bunny girl, and he’s able to go on adventures with the charming wolf-boy Gakuto. When Gakuto asks if Akira wants to meet up IRL, Akira agrees. Sparks fly between the two guys-so Akira and Gakuto decide to date. Neither has much experience when it comes to romance, but these two are eager to figure it out together! SEP232229

Mika Akatsuki, Nanako Tsujimura, and Utako Yukihiro
The reappearance of a complicated figure turns Seigi’s life upside down-his birth father, Hisashi Shimeno. The man he wants nothing to do with will not leave him be, and Seigi would rather quit Jewelry Etranger for good than risk bringing trouble to Richard’s door. That is, if Richard will let him goal. SEP232280

Delinquent Daddy

Tama Mizuki
In high school, studious Hitsuji had a secret crush on one of his guy friends-a friendly delinquent named Hatoyama-who never confessed. Years later, Hitsuji is a slightly anxious but responsible adult who found his calling as an elementary school teacher. One of his young students is upset with a sloppy and nonconformist dad-who turns out to be Hatoyama! When Hitsuji learns that Hatoyama is struggling to raise his son as a single parent, Hitsuji helps him out, first as a teacher and then as a friend who can teach Hatoyama how to clean his home and cook actual vegetables. As the men grow closer, some of Hitsuji’s anxieties begin to melt around the welcoming (and grateful) Hatoyama. What will become of the feelings Hitsuji used to harbor for his first love? SEP232236

ENNEAD VOL 1 $22.99(SC) / $29.99(HC) Page 440
The full-color Boys’ Love webtoon hit inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology! Nine powerful gods of ancient Egypt form the Ennead. When the god of war, Seth, kills his brother Osiris and takes over Egypt, he ushers in an era of chaos and cruelty. Centuries later, a new challenger appears: Horus, the child of Isis. Horus is not yet a full god, but he has the support of other deities to dethrone Seth. The conflict between Seth and Horus that begins as a series of trials warps into a complex web of deceit, obsession… and desire. Seven Seas will release two versions of the series, which were originally drawn for different audiences: a paperback version rated Older Teen, and a deluxe hardcover version rated Mature. SEP232240 (SC) / SEP232241 (HC)

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
In this final book, read the conclusion to this epic historical fantasy about a prince and the mysterious man by his side, in English for the very first time. White No-Face’s mask is off, and the final conflict has begun. Deep in the ancient caverns and lava flows of Mount Tonglu, Xie Lian must face the one whose hatred has followed him for centuriesthis time, he won’t have to do it alone. Hua Cheng has spent his long existence amassing the power to protect his beloved Xie Lian, and with their feelings for each other out in the open, he’s found even more reason to fight and survive. In this thrilling final volume, can Xie Lian and Hua Cheng overcome the last hurdles in the way of their love? Also included in this final volume are five short stories that expand and continue the story. Enjoy these extra tales of holiday festivities, bedside comfort, and even a birthday bash! SEP232277

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
A Limited Edition-one printing only!-of the New York Times bestseller! The blockbuster danmei/Boys’ Love novels from China that inspired the animated series! This limited Special Edition contains the Standard Edition, but with bonus merchandise shrinkwrapped to the book: a set of eight postcards, a double-sided bookmark, two folded mini posters, a sticker sheet, a lined notebook, and a papercraft standee. Don’t miss the new art from guest artists included in this special merch! SEP232278

Kabi Nagata
A beautiful hardcover rerelease of the critically acclaimed manga that won the Harvey Award, with a new cover and bonus chapter. My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is a raw and heartfelt account of one young woman’s struggles with her sexuality, mental well-being, and feelings of alienation in our modern age. Told using expressive artwork that invokes both laughter and tears, this intensely personal and insightful work was previously released in a single volume paperback edition. This hardcover special edition features new cover art and an all-new bonus chapter by the author. SEP232258

SEASIDE STRANGER VOL 6 $13.99 Page 439
Kanna Kii
Ever since his parents disowned him for being gay, Shun has been living with his aunt on a small island near Okinawa. One day, he meets Mio, a high school student who recently lost his own parents and now spends his days sitting by the sea. The two young men begin to open up to each otheraX| until Mio reveals that he’s leaving. Three years later, an adult Mio returns to the island to confess his true feelings, but is Shun ready for a relationship? SEP232266

Kaya Azuma
A BDSM rom-com! Hajime Sakurada is thirsty-for a girlfriend and a good time. He can’t get enough of women, even though they’ve been steadily losing interest in him since his playboy days in his 20s. The new junior in his department, Seiichiro Mibu, is hogging all the babes and the promotions, and worse, he’s such a great guy, Sakurada can’t even summon any jealousy. But when Sakurada awakens in a love hotel, all tied up, it’s Mibu who strolls through the door. He’s got a shocking revelation and plans to ruin Sakurada’s whole week with a marathon of kink play and revenge! What’s Sakurada to do, especially once he begins to enjoy it? SEP232272

Takashi Ikeda
Thirty-year-old Eri and twenty-year-old Wako are ‘roommates.’ Eri is a professional writer, and Wako’s a voice actor who’s building up her reel. Having worked together and now living together, these two women in love have a nice little life for themselves! Follow this comfortable couple in a heartwarming manga tale about the everyday humor, stressors, and joys of a life shared together. SEP232273


CATBOY GN $19.99 Page 382
Benji Nate
‘Hi! I’m Olive. My cat Henry is my best friend. One night I saw a shooting star and wished Henry could hang out with me like a person. Maybe I should have been more careful with my wording…’ Collection of Benji Nates’s #1 hit webcomic Catboy from VICE.COM plus heaps of additional unreleased comics, Catboy fashion, and bonus artwork. SEP232001 (OFFERED AGAIN)


CHERRY MAGIC VOL 9 $14.99 Page 443
Yuu Toyota
Adachi and Kurosawa are engaged, and everything’s going well. During these peaceful, happy days, Kurosawa looks back over his time with Adachi. Meanwhile, novelist Tsuge makes a once-in-a-lifetime love confession to Minato, a younger aspiring dancer. However, Minato ghosts him?! SEP232292

I THINK OUR SON IS GAY VOL 5 $14.99 Page 443
The final volume! Tomoko is no stranger to change. With two boys in high school and a husband who’s away on the job a lot, being able to adapt to new situations comes with the territory. Now, Hiroki is throwing himself into his afterschool activities with bestie Daigo despite nursing a potential broken heart, and he’s even found a new hobby: Dancing! Things also come to a head with Asumi, Hiroki’s childhood friend, who’s been crushing on Hiroki since probably forever! And when dad Akiyoshi gets transferred back for work, the temporary family of three returns to being a family of four! How will Tomoko and the boys adjust to Akiyoshi’s presence?!, SEP232293


LOVE NEST 2ND GN VOL 1 $12.99 Page 406
Yuu Minaduki
Masato and Asahi went from odd-couple roommates to live-in lovers and are now enjoying their honeymoon phase to its fullest. But Masato can’t help but feel frustrated that he’s unable to share with his family and friends that Asahi is his special someone. And Asahi isn’t helping matters by acting so suspiciously! Just where is he sneaking off to?! SEP232065

MEGUMI & TSUGUMI GN VOL 4 $12.99 Page 406
Mitsuru Si
Alpha Megumi and omega Tsugumi are now a true-blue couple looking to take the next step in their relationship, but Megumi’s dad is still not on board with his son dating an omega. To make matters worse, there’s another alpha, who has been masquerading as a beta, sniffing around Tsugumi, trying to make him his mate! Megumi thinks he’s come up with a plan to solve all these problems, but before he can bring it to fruition, he and Tsugumi get in a fight! SEP232066


Jose Andres, Steve Orlando, and Alberto Ponticelli
Fires. Hurricanes. Volcanoes. Floods. Earthquakes. Food is hope. Join Chef JosAC AndrACs and World Central Kitchen for the incredible story of how their mission began and expanded across the globe, serving millions of meals in the most dangerous conditions to bring comfort and hope, one plate at a time. SEP232021 / SEP232022 (Direct Market edition with Mike Mignola cover)


LULLABY OF THE DAWN VOL 2 $13.99 Page 446
Ichika Yuno
Elva is a battle shaman whose life is eroded bit by bit every time he drives back monsters that emerge from the black sea. Indignant when he sees this, a young boy named Alto is determined to find a cure and stay by Elva’s side. After 8 long years, Alto has become a fearless young man, though he hides his love deep inside. And despite only expecting to live for a few more years, Elva seems to be healing as he spends time by Alto’s side. Awarded first place in the Best Comic category in the 2022 Chill Chill BL Awards. This book contains sexual content and is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. SEP232316

NEVER LET GO $13.99 Page 446
Saki Sakimoto
Rich-kid Haruto is used to being flattered and fawned over by fellow students, so when he’s kicked out of his elite Alpha school, he finds himself as the ultra-desirable Alpha transfer student at a mixed-gender high school. Everyone is quick to try to befriend him-everyone, that is, except student council president Miyabi, who actually seems to despise him. Haruto swore he wouldn’t get involved with anyone at his new school, but something about openly hostile, sickly-looking Miyabi keeps drawing Haruto in. SEP232317

For four years, Naruse was swept up in his love for his novelist boyfriend, Toui. But tiring of his flightiness and lack of commitment, Naruse finally walks away from his relationship. Or at least, he tries to. Every time he runs into Toui, they seem to get tangled in one another’s emotions and end up sleeping together. They argue and fight, then afterwards comes the pang of regret. Maybe their relationship is doomed to fail. Or maybe, it just needs a new angle. SEP232318

Fumi Tsuyuhisa
Which will you find in this devastated world – love or despair? Nineteen-year-old Hikaru Asahina lost everything the day the world ended. Everything, that is, except his childhood friend Ai Kosaka, who has always taken care of him. Now the two of them, along with other survivors, struggle to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with man-eating zombies. And when Ai confesses to feeling something more for Hikaru, it changes everything. After all, the more precious someone is to you, the harder it is to lose them. In a world like theirs, is something like love even possible? Note: This book contains graphic violence and graphic sexual content, including sexual assault. It is only intended for audiences aged 18 and up. SEP232319


VIRGIN LOVE VOL 1 $12.95 Page 450
Tina Yamashina
Six strangers, one house, one shared goal: love. What could go wrong? ‘Looking for love, but afraid you’ll never find it?’ Come Live at the Love House! Shoko Shoji, intelligent, reliable, beautiful, has a secret: she’s a 26-year-old virgin, and mortified by her non-existent love life. Every day she checks out the self-help and beauty section of her local bookstore, but never works up the courage to go any further. Pushed on by her friends, she moves into the Love House, a social experiment putting six lovelorn strangers under one roof to see what sparks may fly! Will Shoko, and the friendly bookstore clerk she convinces to join her, finally find love? Or will rivalry, lust, and lies bring it all crashing down? SEP232328


BOYFRIENDS $19.99 Page 451
Boy meets boy… meets boy… meets boy! Boyfriends is the polyamorous story of a jock, a nerd, a prep, and a goth who are learning to love one another and make a four-person relationship work in their own sweet way. Through navigating the adventures of dating life, the boyfriends come to understand themselves and each other better. Laugh-out-loud funny and always heartwarming, Boyfriends is filled to the brim with moments of pride big and small. SEP232331


HIRANO & KAGIURA VOL 4 $13.00 Page 420
Shou Harusono and Syou Harusono
Ten seconds a day. That’s how long Hirano agreed to let Kagiura do the touchy-feely thing he insisted on. Hirano’s not sure it’s really doing anything, but whatever floats his boat, right? In any case, between all of Kagiura’s grumbling and Hirano’s friends’ reactions, Hirano is left pondering-what exactly counts as doting on his roommate? SEP232114

Arata Asanae
Toushirou, an omega, and Alex, his Nyartigian alpha mate, are now living together in bliss. But one day, Alex is called for a short-term assignment in the UKaX|and included is a special note that his mate can accompany him. Though Alex hesitates because of the dangers, Toushirou’s desire to visit a foreign country wins out, and the two set off on a journey to a new land. SEP232111

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