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LGBTQA Previews March 2024 Part 1

In what is sure to be another hit, James Tynion IV teams up with Christian Ward to bring more of his special brand of horror to comics with Spectregraph from DSTLRY. Several of Tillie Walden’s beautiful and difficult to find comics are collected in Avery Hill’s Alone In Space. A Wave Blue World’s Embodied anthology is a collection of stories combining poetry and art exploring visions of bodies, gender, and identity from cis female, trans, and non binary individuals. LySandra Vuong’s popular supernatural action Webtoon comes to print for the first time ever! Look for it from Oni Press! Lawrencce Lindell’s Blackward tells the story of several young, queer Black nerds making their own space after failing to find one they fit in. If you haven’t heard, Blackward received a nomination for GLAAD’s Outstanding Graphic Novel category last week! These are just several among more than sixty more!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two. Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Maria Llovet
Ablaze is spotlighting some of the incredible creatives under our banner with specially priced collections of their extraordinary works! With our Maria Llovet collection, receive two hardcover volumes that speak to the artist’s mastery of romance, fraught storytelling, and the eerie. In Eros/Psyche: La Rosa’s female boarding school is paradise for young girls…but only if you follow the rules. Because, if you disobey them, you can end up expelled, or even worse, dead. Sara and Silje are two students learning the rules of the school, which includes classes by day…and the casting of curses and spells by night. A love develops between the two, which is tender, but threatens to break under the weight of the dark secret society within La Rosa. In Porcelain: Beryl’s life in the desert, living with her aunt and her cat, is relatively simple…until the day she finds and enters the Dollhouse. Stuck inside an ever-changing mystery house that hunts children and turns them into dolls, Beryl goes on a psychedelic journey where she must face the notion of her own limitations and move past them…before she becomes the building’s newest prey. JAN241045


Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
Eisner Award Winner for Best Graphic Album New and for Painter/Multimedia Artist. Chinese American twins, Milly and Billy, are having a tough time. On top of the multiple failures in their personal and professional lives, they’re struggling to keep their restaurant afloat. Luckily their parents, Ipo and Keon, are in town for their annual visit. Having immigrated from Hong Kong before the twins were born, Ipo and Keon have supported their children through thick and thin and are ready to lend a hand but they’re starting to wonder, has their support made Milly and Billy incapable of standing on their own? When Ipo forces them to help her clean up the house next door a hellish and run-down ruin that was the scene of a grisly murder…the twins are in for a nasty surprise. A night of terror, gore, and supernatural mayhem reveals that there is much more to Ipo and her children than meets the eye. JAN241272


Terry Moore
Volume Three of the award-winning series, Strangers In Paradise, is available and things are heating up!
Strangers In Paradise Volume Three finds Francine, Katchoo and David in peril both physically and emotionally. While David recovers from a near death experience Tambi and Katchoo join forces to take on the Big Six crime syndicate in a brave attempt to gain their freedom. Meanwhile, Veronica attempts a deadly power coup of her own and Parker Girl Vicky comes in from the cold to exact revenge on Tambi and anyone close to her. When the smoke clears Katchoo finds she may have won her freedom but lost the love of her life, Francine. The entire epic series is reformatted into four new volumes! JAN241274


OUT OF LEFT FIELD GN $16.99 (SC) / $21.99 (HC) Page 245
Jonah Newman
A nerdy gay teenager jumps headfirst into the bro-y world of high school baseball in this semi-autobiographical LGBTQ+ graphic novel. Ninth-grader Jonah is not a jock. On the contrary, he loves history class and nerdy movies, and his athletic ineptitude verges on tragic. So, what’s he doing signing up for the baseball team? Could it have something to do with the cute shortstop, Elliot? For the rest of high school, Jonah faces challenges on and off the baseball field, from heteronormative social pressure to thrilling romance. Realizing who his real friends are, he figures out what really matters and finally recognizes and embraces his gay identity. Based on debut author-illustrator Jonah Newman’s coming-of-age experiences, Out of Left Field is a big-hearted and funny YA graphic novel about learning to be yourself. JAN241382 (SC) / JAN241383 (HC)


Tillie Walden
A collection of Tillie’s three longform comics with Avery Hill: “I Love This Part,” “The End of Summer,” and “A City Inside.” Plus the early sketches, short comics for magazines and webcomics such as “What It’s Like To Be Gay In An All-Girls Middle School” that shot her to fame on both sides of the Atlantic and have never been collected before. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN241429


LITTLE BLACK BOOK #1 $3.99 Page 260
Jeff McComsey and Felipe Cunha
Don’t miss the start of this hard-boiled neo-Western thriller! In this explosive new thriller by writer Jeff McComsey and artist Felipe Cunha (artist on the queer Gatsby adaptation), Cole, a straight-arrow handyman, finds himself in the crosshairs of a ruthless crime syndicate-along with his pregnant wife. But what is the meaning of the ‘little black book’ of underworld contacts Cole’s deceased father had hidden in his home? Cole’s deceased father believed the best thing he could do for his son was to stay out of his life, but does the apple fall far from the tree… 0124AW342

MADNESS TP $17.99 Page 263
J. Michael Straczynski, ACO, and David Lorenzo
A superpowered revenge thriller by legendary writer J. Michael Straczynski and superstar artist ACO! In THE MADNESS, Sarah Ross has been using her superpowers as a thief, stealing from the rich and…well, keeping it. Until the day she stole from the wrong person, a highly placed official who pressures the government to assassinate her. The plot, aided by so-called ‘good’ superheroes sponsored by the government, misses her but wipes out her family. Driven mad by grief, and laser-focused on revenge for the murder of her family, Sarah and a hidden side of her personality-an imaginary friend who may be more real than she believes-goes after these superpowered operatives determined to take her revenge, at any cost. Collects The Madness #1-6! ‘…a hard-hitting, dramatic, super-smart story of revenge in a world filled with superheroes. Straczynski lays out a pitch-perfect revenge story, dripping with drama and character motivation for one of the best new character debuts in some time.’ -Comical Opinions ‘The Madness is an exceptional revenge thriller that remixes genres…by a legendary writer and superstar art crew. This is Straczynski is at his best… AWA has another hit on their hands.’ -Lotusland Comics 0124AW346


EMBODIED GN $16.99 Page 259
Wendy Chin-Tanner, Jen Hickman & Various
Mystical, rooted, painful, joyous, and ecstatic; visions of the body, our genders, and our very identities from across the spectrum of contemporary poetry come together in this monumental intersectional feminist anthology where verse and comics unite in spectacular new ways. Beautifully illustrated and bracingly written, Embodied is a memorable collaboration between cis female, trans, and non-binary poets and comics artists showcasing the power of both forms. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN241432


Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta
Wonderland is Alice’s new home, but the mad residents are turning against her. As Alice’s sister Edith and her childhood friend Earl fight for a way to bring her back, Alice has to contend with whether or not her torment is due to her father, herself, or a curious combination of both.Though all of Wonderland’s citizens profess to love their new queen, Alice is beginning to wonder if she needs more than friends. Perhaps she needs a family. But even if she escapes Wonderland, will home be what she remembers? Superstar writer/artist Dan Panosian and artist Giorgio Spalletta explore the morbid side of escapism in this twisted tale that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Collects Alice Never After #1-5. JAN240071

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #21 $3.99 Page 66
Tate Brombal and Antonio Fuso
After the terrifying conclusion to Bait’s tale, Jace Boucher’s final story begins! For the first time in 25 years, the feeble Old Dragon is welcomed to the Butcher Shop, and the stark contrast in power between the House of Boucher and the others is clear as day. Through clandestine scheming in the shadows, the House of Slaughter will do whatever it takes to track down the rogue Jace as their target, including aligning with Jace’s former house. But will Jace go on the run, or finally seize the opportunity for the revenge he’s always wanted? JAN240038

I HEART SKULL-CRUSHER! #1 $4.99 Page 48
Josie Campbell and Alessio Zonno
18-year-old Trini will do anything to compete in her favorite sport, Screaming Pain Ball, alongside her longtime hero Skull-Crusher! But she can’t do it alone, and a gaggle of misfits is just what she needs to cross the American wastes and battle in Queen Mob’s deadly tournament. With Trini’s dreams of being just like Skull-Crusher on the line, do she and her friends have what it takes to win a coveted spot on their team? Breakout writer of DC’s Amazons Attack event and screenwriter Josie Campbell along with rising star artist Alessio Zonno bring sports action to post-apocalyptic America with comic relief and brevity at its brutal heart, perfect for fans of Do A Powerbomb and Fence! JAN240009

MAN’S BEST #1 $4.99 Page 50
Pornsak Pichetshote and Jesse Lonergan
Homeward Bound on an alien planet, Man’s Best follows three emotional support pets living on the Starship Horizon — a spacecraft searching for a new planet to house a humanity compromised by bad decisions and corporate corruption. ut after the ship crashes and their crew is captured, these loyal pets are their owners’ only hope. Outfitted in outrageous mech suits, these three best friends must traverse a hostile world to rescue their owners — leaving them the only hope for a humanity that might not be worth saving, in an adventure threatening to tear their friendship apart. Pornsak Pichetshote, writer of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning The Good Asian, soon to be adapted by director James Wan, in his first collaboration with Eisner Award-nominated rising star artist Jesse Lonergan provide an action-packed sci-fi romp with something to say in a tale that spans the furthest reaches of space to tug at readers’ hearts. JAN240014

SIRENS OF THE CITY TP $19.99 Page 72
Joanne Starer and Khary Randolph
Runaway teen Layla struggles to survive on the mean streets of 1980s New York City, far from home. But now every supernatural creature from the darkest corners of the urban grime is after Layla and the fetus with great power she never wanted growing inside her. Being a Siren also comes with its share of power, and Layla wouldn’t dare let that go to waste. A mysterious villain known as the Rat King will use any means necessary to find out more about the boundless power Layla carries against her will, but will her power be enough to escape from his clutches, and save her friends, the city, and even herself? Writer Joanne Starer and artist Khary Randolph shine a light on bodily autonomy in a patriarchal world in this gritty urban fantasy. Collects Sirens of the City #1-6. JAN240070

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
With the unforgiving Order of St. George on her trail, the deadly Duplicitype on the hunt, and Cutter in pursuit, Erica is in dire straits. Collecting the entire second story cycle of Something is Killing the Children, this epic deluxe hardcover edition is the perfect place to continue reading the national bestseller, with over 2.5 million copies sold! Erica Slaughter returns after the Archer’s Peak Saga in this collection of the multiple Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated series from GLAAD Award-winning author James Tynion IV, artist Werther Dell’Edera, colorist Miquel Muerto, and letterer AndWorld Design. Collects Something is Killing the Children #21-35. JAN240049

The deluxe edition is also available with a slipcase for $69.99 JAN240050

ZAWA #5 $4.99 Page 82
Michael Dialynas
Zawa is captured-on food festival day, of all days! But a rebellion brews in town. However, as a terrifying force is unleashed upon the townsfolk, Zawa will give everything to make sure only those responsible pay for what they’ve done, and give the town a fresh start. JAN240100


DEPROG #1 $4.99 Page 283
Tina Horn and Lisa Sterle
Meet Tate Debs, a hardboiled hard drinking leather loving dyke detective with an office in the back of Los Angeles’s last video store. When a femme who may just be fatale hires Tate to infiltrate a mystical group that sounds suspiciously like the cult Tate escaped years ago, she must decide if Vera’s charms are worth being re-traumatized. Deprog is a new crime thriller from Tina Horn (SfSx) and Lisa Sterle (Witchblood) that’s John Constantine meets Jessica Jones with a kinky Midsommar twist. JAN241553


HAPPY CRAPPY LIFE VOL 4 $15.95 Page 421
Back in the big city, the boys are struggling to find their place within the hustle and bustle. But now with salaries come opportunities to improve their threads, their hairdos as well as their bodies! May god help them… Or may it not! JAN242143


BLACKWARD GN $22.95 Page 285
Lawrence Lindell
You’d think a spot to chill, chat, and find community would be much easier to come by for nerdy, queer punks. But when four longtime, bookish BFFs-Lika, Amor, Lala, and Tony-can’t find what they need, they take matters into their own hands and create a space where they can be a hundred percent who they are: Black, queer, and weird. (Offered again (STL277794)

SO LONG SAD LOVE TP $24.95 Page 285
Mirion Malle, translated by Aleshia Jensen
No matter how wrong relationships can be, there’s nothing quite like getting them right. Every guy’s been a creep at one point or another. That’s just the way it is. Or at least, that’s what Cleo tells herself once she finds out her boyfriend might not be the man she thought he was. Is it possible to keep loving someone you’re not sure you can trust? More to the point, should you? Once the fabric of Cleo’s relationship rips at the seams, the life she had built with him-abroad and away from those closest to her-unravels right before her eyes. Yet, letting it fall to pieces as she walks away is only half the story. So Long Sad Love swaps out the wobbly transition of weaving a new existence into being post-heartbreak for the surprising effortlessness and simplicity of a life already rebuilt. Cleo not only rediscovers her identity as an artist but uncovers her capacity to find love where she has always been most at home: with other women. Mirion Malle dares to tell a story with a happier ending in a stunning, full-color follow-up to the multi-award nominated This is How I Disappear. Translated by Governor General Literary Award nominee Aleshia Jensen, So Long Sad Love unabashedly skips to the good part and shines a light on just how rewarding following your bliss can be. 0124DQ365


SOMNA #3 $8.99 Page 298
Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay
The new hit series from DSTRLY by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay comes to its gripping climax! The mystery of who killed Harald is finally solved, but is it too late for Ingrid to escape the harrowing clutches of the ethereal and deadly ‘Shadow Man’? More importantly, does she even want to escape, or has her new-found sexual awakening made it impossible to ever return?! From the masterful minds of Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay comes an intoxicating blend of history, eroticism, and the supernatural in SOMNA-an evocative masterpiece that draws inspiration from folk-horror staples like Midsommar and The Witch-and will transport readers to a world where passion and spirits intertwine, captivating your senses and leaving you craving more. For fans of The Witch and Midsoomar. 0124DY377

SPECTREGRAPH #1 $8.99 Page 293
James Tynion IV and Christian Ward
New series debut from DSTLRY! Modern masters James Tynion IV and Christian Ward join forces to bring you their next horror classic. A ghost story steeped in the decay of a century of capitalism. For years, the mansion has sat strangely, nestled into the coastline just a short drive north of Los Angeles. Rumors have haunted the place for years. Its owner a titan of American industry, with a strange fascination in the occult and the paranormal. For decades, the richest men and women in the country have whispered to each other, trying to understand what he was building alone in that mansion for all those years. And now finally, with his death, and his estate finally open for sale… They are eager to find out for themselves. Two of the most celebrated visionaries of the medium, multiple-Eisner Award winners James Tynion IV and Christian Ward invite you into the world of Spectregraph, a haunting, cerebral horror novel that peels back the layers of America’s opulent wealth and uncovers the rot underneath. But be careful: once you enter, you may never leave. Spectregraph is perfect for fans of The Haunting Of Hill House and The Conjuring. 0124DY382


GARGOYLES QUEST #3 $4.99 Page 95
Greg Weisman and Pasquale Qualano
While Demona races to repair a sacred object, Thailog and Brentwood face Wyvern the Dragon, who guards the haft of Gugnir, the Lance of Fate X the key to Demona’s plan for ultimate power! Writer and Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman and artist Pasquale Qualano start pulling out all the stops as their latest chapter in the Gargoyles saga begins building to its crescendo! JAN240135


Fabrice Sapolsky & Various, Fred Pham Chuong & Various
The beloved Kung-Fu Noir series makes a triumphant return with a new, compact-sized monster edition that concludes the epic Spirits of Wuxing Saga. In the vast tapestry of Chinese Cosmology, the universe harmonizes through five elemental forces: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. At the dawn of Time, these Elements chose their champions-the Spirits of WuXing. For centuries, these ethereal guardians defended the planet and maintained the delicate balance of the elements. However, in 1972, in the heart of New York’s Chinatown, tragedy struck as one Spirit betrayed its kin, unleashing a chain of events that disrupted the cosmic equilibrium. Reluctant heroes emerged, destinies entwined, and the fate of the universe hung in the balance, spanning continents from Kaifeng, China, to Hong Kong, Haiti, and Jamaica-all converging on the tumultuous streets of New York. This new compact-sized edition of the sold-out fan-favorite series includes the original Intertwined remastered series, the recent Last Jewish Daughter of Kaifeng special, and an exclusive, never-before-published story by the talented duo, Greg Anderson Elysee and Domenico Carbone. Additionally, enjoy 30 pages of bonus content, elegantly presented in a premium, can’t miss omnibus edition. JAN241642


Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
Behind the scenes of The Brothers Hernandez: 300 pages of sketches, inked drawings, early comics, and uninhibited graphic ephemera that never made it into the pages of Love and Rockets. Both Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez developed their skills as artists in public, in the pages of Love & Rockets, and as quickly as any artists ever have. The first
issue showed two promising young tyros; by the fourth, both brothers were clearly among the foremost cartoonists of their generation. But not all that development took place on the main stage of their shared magazine. They built up to their 1981 self-published debut with years of experiments, fan art, zine illustrations, early short comics, and gig posters, and continued to work out in personal sketchbooks after establishing themselves as the preeminent cartoonists they became. Fantagraphics published two volumes of this nascent or private drawing in 1989 and 1992; now, a single volume collects the work from these two volumes with other rarely seen artwork, for a new generation of admirers. Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s mastery of comics is seen on every page of the thousands of pages of Love and Rockets they’ve drawn over the last 40 years. Here, for the first time in three decades, see the work they put into becoming those artists. Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez were born and raised in Oxnard, CA and continue to create comics from their homes in Southern CA. Art Book 300pgs JAN241645


FEIWEL & FRIENDS GN $17.99 (SC) / $25.99 (HC)
Fern Haught
Juniper and Hadley spend their days apprenticing at a bakery and performing at the local inn. But when a stranger makes an unusual order at the bakery, the friends set out on a journey to forage the magical mushrooms needed to make the requested pastries. Along the way, Juniper and Hadley stumble across a mystery too compelling to ignore: Something has been coming out of the woods at night and eating the local farmers’ crops, leaving only a trail of glowy goo behind. What started as a simple errand soon turns into a thrilling quest to save some furry new friends and their caretaker, a fey named Thistle…who are in danger of losing their home. JAN241657 (SC) /JAN241658 (HC)


RAINBOW GN VOL 1 $16.99 Page 319
Sunny and Gloomy
Teenager Boo Meadows has pink hair and a very vivid imagination…she has trouble separating from the real world. In her daydreams, she dances beautifully at balls or fights monsters as a magical girl. In reality, she has a complicated home life, work stress, school stress, and a wicked crush on the girl of her dreams. When a new student, Mimi, arrives at school, Boo starts exploring a side of herself that she never considered before. As she grows closer with Mimi, it may finally be time for Boo to face reality…Who is the real Mimi? The one in her dreams? Or the one in real life? JAN241709


A FOR EFFORT GN $15.99 (SC) / $24.99 (HC) Page 320
Jarad Greene
In the latest semi-autobiographical book from Jarad Greene (A-Okay), Jay faces a new world of friendships, self-discovery, and stress about the future as he enters his freshman year of high school. The start of Jay’s freshman year is full of new thingsX. New friends. New classes. New challenges. To top it off, his mom and dad won’t get off his back about preparing for college. So when Jay finds himself enrolled in Theater 101, his parents couldn’t be happier. “That’ll look great on your college application!” they say. But when the class begins, Jay finds himself struggling like never before. Turns out balancing Shakespeare with biology and geometry is a lot harder than he thought. Will Jay be able to step into the spotlight and deliver an A+ performance? Greene’s A for Effort is a heartfelt exploration of how it’s not always the outcome but the journey itself that truly matters. [Creator Jarad Greene is ace aro.] JAN241714 (SC) / JAN241715 (HC)


In this juicy yuri manga, the goody-goody high school girl Sakurai meets a lonely girlXand ends up entangled in a web of blackmail that might just lead to romance. Quintessential good girl Sakurai finds herself trapped in the middle of a bribery scheme. Her teacher offers to write a recommendation letter in exchange for luring a truant student into attendance. Sakurai pins down the reclusive transfer student Honda, but there are strings attached. Honda demands that Sakurai grant one wish every day. The first wish is a kiss and Sakurai finds herself feeling very eager to please…If you crave the latest yuri trending now in Japan, you need this Lonely Girl! JAN242175

One day while having lunch in the Literature Club room, Kanon learns about a surprising club tradition from Miura-sensei. Every year, club members spend summer break writing something for the school’s literature contest. Miura-sensei surprises Kanon even further by complimenting her writing and encouraging her to enter something for that year’s contest. Though Kanon is initially reluctant, countering that she has never written a story before, she later finds herself mulling over everything that’s happened since she lost her hearing and met Saki. Could there be a story in there somewhere? Meanwhile, Saki gets roped into playing piano for the upcoming choir contest. Now she just has to find the perfect song… and hope her classmates can accept Kanon in the choir. JAN242181

NUMBER CALL $13.99 Page 426
Nagisa Furuya
From the creator of My Summer of You comes a new high school romance about the power of numbers, and how the number 8 draws two young men together. High schooler Eighto Tachibana has always hated his name, including all of the jokes and puns about the number 8 that have come along with it. It’s as if the number has haunted him like a ghost ever since he was a child. One day, he meets a classmate named Tomoya Hatta, aka Hachi — the Japanese word for “8.” What begins as casual greetings and small talk in the hallway soon becomes something much deeper, and Eighto realizes that it’s more than just a similar nickname that draws him to Hachi. Could the number that Eighto resented for so long finally bring him something he’ll love and is that someone Hachi? JAN242182

Tsukiji Nao
Nagare Otokawa was an otaku loser obsessed with breasts. He tragically died never knowing the feel of the sweet, sweet bosoms he’d craved all his life. Little does he know, his wish is about to be granted in a way he never would have expected. Nagare gets reincarnated as a handsome guy and quickly realizes that he’s living in a (BL) world full of sexy (male) beauties. Even so, he sets out to find and squeeze the bust of his dreams. He does, in fact, end up with his face planted deeply in some luscious cleavage, but to his dismay, it’s the magnificent pecs of the super-muscular class delinquent, Ryuji Onizuka! Now Nagare must try to dodge his way past the barrage of BL scenarios that hurtle into his path. Will he persevere and get the busty girlfriend of his dreams, or will he end up falling for the all-mantemptingly bodacious? JAN242176

Naoko Takeuchi
A new edition of the Sailor Moon manga, for a new generation of fans! Teenager Usagi is not the best athlete, she’s never gotten good grades, and, well, she’s a bit of a crybaby. But when she meets a talking cat, she begins a journey that will teach her she has a well of great strength just beneath the surface and the heart to inspire and stand up for her friends as Sailor Moon! Featuring an updated translation and high page count in a more affordable, portable edition, perfect to go wherever you or the magical guardian in your life want to take it. JAN242183

Eku Takeshima
Newly confident in their feelings for each other, Himari and Yori are able to tackle their roles in their respective bands with fresh enthusiasm. Himari even convinces Yori to write a new song for SSGIRLS’ school culture festival performance, and this time, it’s going to be a group effort. This song will belong to the whole band, and they eagerly discover the ideas each of them has to contribute to its creation. Meanwhile, the members of Lorelei have begun to open up to Himari and end up taking her on an unexpected daytrip, where she learns some crucial details about the band’s past. But there’s one more secret she doesn’t yet know one that will put Yori center stage in this emotional drama! JAN242187


SILVER VESSELS OGN $14.99 Page 348
Steve Orlando and Katia Vecchio
After obsessing over a history lesson at school, Joshua enlists his two best friends to travel to the Florida Keys for the summer to hunt for the treasure of Our Lady of Atocha, a Spanish treasure galleon and the most widely known vessel of a fleet of ships that sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622. Staying up, sneaking out, and searching for a legendary buried treasure is just the beginning of the summer of their lives! 0124MA408


INTENSE VOL 1 $16.99 Page 427
Kyungha Yi
The mafia banishes Jiwoon Kang to live in a secluded red light district among struggling prostitutes, dirty street thugs, and shady drug dealers. He’s a quiet man with deadly talents with a knife. The local thugs quickly learn to hate him. To maintain peace, a brothel manager sends Jiwoon to live with a strange local man Soohan. Soohan is a mute. He only wishes to be left alone and help prostitutes in need. The street thugs hate him, too. Both men carry deadly, dark, and traumatic secrets in their past. They may find that their only solace and protection lies in each other. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242189

INTENSE VOL 2 $16.99 Page 427
Kyungha Yi
Soohan stuns Jiwoon by speaking for the very first time, and Jiwoon learns the young man’s tragic history with his parents. The two men grow closer; it’s them against the world! But, they haven’t yet crossed an unspoken and intimate line with each other. All the while, they strain at the boundaries of proper behavior and social propriety. However, the prostitutes grow suspicious of the two men’s closeness. Even worse, the mafia might notice, too. Jiwoon’s fearsome boss Yoonshik Kang returns to the city, and Jiwoon might be a key part of his ruthless schemes. The outer world begins to invade their safe, private space. Paradise is ending. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242190

INTENSE VOL 3 $16.99 Page 427
Kyungha Yi
Soohan learns a devastating reality. Jiwoon serves as Yoonshik Kang’s sex toy. The powerful mob boss forces Jiwoon to return to the city. Desperate to save his lover, Soohan journeys to his side and quietly joins the mafia. The two men struggle to keep their relationship secret. Little does Soohan know that Jiwoon is also a deadly weapon in Yoonshik’s arsenal. In fact, Jiwoon’s assignments could potentially throw the entire mob world upside-down. Yoonshik wants to make some big moves. The only way Jiwoon might escape is over his dead body. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242191

INTENSE VOL 4 $16.99 Page 427
Kyungha Yi
Yoonshik Kang launches his diabolical scheme to seize more control of the underworld. Soohan feels the noose tighten around him and Jiwoon. Trying to force a resolution, Soohan does the most reckless thing possible…he challenges Yoonshik to his face. The evil mob boss orders his thugs to torture Soohan. Now, Jiwoon faces a choice. He can remain a loyal soldier or try to save his lover. Either way, life is about to become hell for both of them. (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242192


COVENANT SC $24.99 Page 365
LySandra Vuong
Discover LySandra Vuong’s hit supernatural action Webtoon in print for the first time ever! In a world where priests are decked out in holy tattoos and brandish machine guns in the face of demons, a powerful exorcist and a mysterious boy cross paths . . . in a college classroom. Exorcist Erza’s faith is waning when God intervenes and sends him on a mission to protect Sunny, an outwardly normal human, from demonic forces. But as closed-off Sunny runs from a bloody past and Ezra attempts to fulfill his duty, the two find themselves drawn ever closer together. With his church under scrutiny and the threat of war on the horizon, will Ezra find his conviction in time to keep Sunny safe? Will Sunny even accept his help? Or will they both suffer the consequences? From debut creator LySandra Vuong comes the first volume of the supernatural action webcomic that explores religious faith, a slow burn queer romance, the weight of destiny, and what it means to be good in a world plagued by demons. This volume collects episodes 1-18 of the hit Webtoon comic Covenant. 0124ON414

Michael Moreci and Priscilla Tramontano
The apocalypse is now for Rick Sanchez in this all-new adventure into Rick’s own heart of darkness from Michael Moreci and Priscilla Tramontano! What is the cost of cutting yourself off from the world? Rick, Summer, and Morty crash-land on a planet mysteriously devoid of technology and ruled by savage, furry loincloth-wearing versions of themselves. Are they just ‘techno-slaves,’ addicted to screens and comfort, or is something else at play in this brutal society? A mysterious wizard beyond the reaches of the forest holds the secret to why Savage Rick rejected his beloved tech. With that knowledge, can our Rick finally prove he’s the Rickest Rick of all? Elsewhere, Beth and Jerry take a spa retreat that’s suspiciously relaxing. Surely, you can’t feel this good without someone paying the price. 0124ON440

Josh Trujillo, Ryan Little, and Jarrett Williams
Rick Sanchez…in love?! Let’s (not) get together in an all new dimension hoppin joyride from co-writers John Trujillo and Ryan Little and artist Jarrett Williams! Rick receives a distress signal from his college sweetheart, who was kidnapped by interdimensional villains obsessed with collecting the fabled Dream Balls. Rick, Morty, and Jerry set out to recover the mysterious Dream Balls and harness their power to save his former paramore. 0124ON441


DUSK #1 $4.99 Page 376
Alex Segura, Elizabeth Little, and David Hahn
Nonstop! – World premiere issue 1 followed by the complete trade paperback! Blackstone-a city whose history dates back to the earliest days of our nation. Below its abandoned skyscrapers and crumbling colonial architecture, beneath the buzzing lights and ragged billboards, the metropolis is propped up by corruption and fear. Blackstone public defender Jaime Nuez-former baseball hero, now a divorced dad-is always trying to do his best. But the criminal justice system is not without limits. When Jaime comes into an unexpected fortune and some surprising, super heroic tools, he discovers there might be another, more direct way to do some actual good in the world. But can the masked man known only as The Dusk push back against decades of entrenched corruption without compromising his commitment to social justice? 0124SC467

DUSK TP $24.99 Page 376
Alex Segura, Elizabeth Little, and David Hahn
Blackstone-a city whose history dates back to the earliest days of our nation. Below its abandoned skyscrapers and crumbling colonial architecture, beneath the buzzing lights and ragged billboards, the metropolis is propped up by corruption and fear. Blackstone public defender Jaime Nuez-former baseball hero, now a divorced dad-is always trying to do his best. But the criminal justice system is not without limits. When Jaime comes into an unexpected fortune and some surprising, super heroic tools, he discovers there might be another, more direct way to do some actual good in the world. But can the masked man known only as The Dusk push back against decades of entrenched corruption without compromising his commitment to social justice? 0124SC469


Mika Akatsuki, Nanako Tsujimura, and Utako Yukihiro
One month after arriving in the mountain city of Kandy to begin his studies as a jeweler, Seigi receives a strange e-mail from “Jeffrey,” with the subject line “Help Richard.” Within is an itinerary for a luxury cruise that leaves in three days. What has the beautiful jeweler got himself into now? And can Seigi come to his rescue yet again? JAN242239

Tama Mizuki
Elementary-school teacher Hitsuji has been dating Hatoyama for a year now, spending his days peacefully with him and his adorable son, Hinata. The arrival of another spring ushers in Hinata’s third year of elementary school, and this time his teacher isn’t Hitsuji! Hatoyama and Hinata are understandably anxious about this, but it seems Hitsuji is grappling with his own feelings about the situation as well. Then, when someone from Hatoyama’s delinquent past comes back into his orbit, Hitsuji’s insecurities threaten to get the better of him. Will he be able to defend his place at Hatoyama’s side? JAN242209

ENNEAD VOL 2 $22.99 (SC) / $29.99 (HC)
The first of three matches for the throne of Egypt has begun! Who will last the longest underwater without breathing? Horus may be determined, but he is no god, and Seth has both cunning and divine stamina on his side. Meanwhile, Isis has plans of her own to help her son but will they be enough to ensure his victory? JAN242215 (SC) / JAN242216 (HC)

HOW DO I TURN MY BEST VOL 1 $13.99 Page 430
Syu Yasaka
From the creator of Monologue Woven For You comes a light and cozy yuri rom-com!
Minami and Yuzu have been besties since…well, forever! Or at least that’s what Minami thought. But when some rando confesses to Yuzu, Minami realizes that her feelings might not be what you’d typically call “friendship” anymore. It doesn’t take long for Minami to realize she wants to change their relationship status, but will she be able to muster the courage to confess? Or will she simply be happy being by Yuzu’s side? JAN242218

Shino Shimizu
Apparently Oogami’s not the only one who has a rival in love…new hire Kamiya has a crush on the resident wolfman! Not only does Mitsuji now face competition, but Mikado has no desire to break off his own pursuit. As Oogami and Mitsuji try to clear the air between them, other people continue to try to get in the way of their relationship. Will their feelings ever be able to cross the gap between their species? JAN242219

Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou
Noble-born Mo Xi is the foremost general of Chonghua, known for his ruthless temper and ascetic air. Once he was one of two promising young commanders, twin stars of the empire. His comrade, the lowborn Gu Mang, was Mo Xi’s brother-in-arms, best friend, and secretly his lover, until the day Gu Mang turned traitor and joined the ranks of their nation’s greatest enemy. Now Gu Mang has been returned to the empire a ruined man, a shadow of the military genius he once was. The public clamors for his death, and no one yearns for vengeance more than Mo Xi. Or so he thought for faced once more with his bitterest enemy, Mo Xi is left with more questions than answers. Why did the man he loved betray him? And what secrets hide behind Gu Mang’s tortured eyes? JAN242245

Meng Xi Shi
In this historical tale, a Daoist martial artist must begin a journey of healing and self-reflection as he resists the temptations of the powerful leader of a demonic sect. Shen Qiao is a devout Daoist priest who has spent his life honing his skills and spirit, leading his sect with martial talent. His polar opposite, Yan Wushi, leads one of the most powerful demonic sects and is said to be unrivaled in his strength and cunning. When a fight leaves Shen Qiao injured, blind, and with hazy memories, Yan Wushi takes in the defeated sect leader with a dark plan: test the limits of the man’s patience and faith in others to lure him onto the demonic path. Little does he know that he is about to meet the first immovable force of his life, and that two hearts can connect in unexpected ways. With the passing of a thousand autumns, who can stay eternal? JAN242235

Michi Ichiho and Lala Takemiya
Kei has finally settled into his position as an Asabi TV news anchor, only for a rival channel to start a similar show in the exact same time block. As ratings for Kei’s unexpected competitor climb, he begins to suffer an existential crisis. He never really planned to be in TV; is this even what he wants? Worse yet, he’s stumbled into relationship troubles with Ushio, and now he has nowhere to turn to for comfort, let alone guidance. As Kei navigates his way toward an uncertain future, he must rely on the crew of Asabi TV, though he’s beginning to learn that there’s more to some of them than meets the eye. JAN242246


ADVERSARY OGN $15.99 Page 380
Blue Delliquanti

Minneapolis, 2021. Curtis is newly out, single, and ready to take his life in a different direction. Anton is an enigmatic young man who recognizes Curtis from their pre-pandemic lives. One casual drink leads to a charged relationship layered with unspeakable needs. A graphic novella about connection and failure, grief and responsibility, and the effect of world-changing events on the soul of the individual. Recommended for mature readers. 0124SP502

The Chromatic Fantasy $29.99 Page 380
A queer & trans fantasy-romance graphic novel! Steamy, funny, and full of adventure. Jules is a trans man trapped in his life as a nun. The devil that the convent guards against offers him a deal to escape: an illicit tryst and lifelong possession. Jules takes the deal, and begins his new life as a criminal who’s impervious to harm. He soon meets Casper, another trans man and a poetic thief, and together they steal, lie, and cheat their way through bewildering adventures, and develop feelings for each other along the way. But as Jules and Casper’s relationship deepens, so does the devil’s jealous grasp. A gorgeously drawn graphic novel reminiscent of stained glass and illuminated manuscripts, telling a story of queer transmasc romance, daring adventure, and (literally) fighting your demons. (STL284861)


Isaku Natsume
Onoe and Kaburagi have had some rough patches in their relationship as these opposites navigate their unlikely love-but their bond is paradoxically stronger than ever. In true tabloid style, this compilation of never-before-seen Candy Color Paradox side and bonus stories spills all the juicy details of their romantic life. Includes a 16-page color gallery with exclusive illustrations and comic shorts! JAN242041

PINK HEART JAM VOL 2 $12.99 Page 401
Having spent music camp with Kanae, Haiga finally realizes his feelings for the upperclassman go beyond simple admiration. Then, after two weeks of no contact, Haiga is overjoyed to see Kanae playing at one of the club’s concerts. But his joy is quickly negated when his crush tells him to stop coming to the brothel. Could it be that Kanae’s feelings are also changing, or are his sexcapades with the inexperienced Haiga simply too tame for this brothel beauty? JAN242040


Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata
In a spectacular return to comics, the Thirteenth Doctor teams up with fan-favorite Tenth Doctor for a deadly encounter with the menacing Weeping Angels! Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and artist Roberta Ingranata return for Year Two of the critically acclaimed Doctor Who comics. This volume ties into the fan-favorite season 3 episode “Blink”, written by former showrunner Steven Moffat. The Thirteenth Doctor is back with her friends – Yaz, Ryan and Graham – in a brand new time-travelling adventure. This time she faces the horrific Weeping Angels – who else can help her out but one of her previous incarnations: the Tenth Doctor himself! Landing in the swinging 60s, the Thirteenth Doctor and fam are stranded in the middle of a territorial battle between the Angels and the creepy autons, all the while having to avoid her former self and causing the universe to implode! What could go wrong? Bursting straight out of the long-running hit television series, this Doctor Who collection continues the time-travelling tales of the Doctor and friends. This is a new printing that collects Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.1-4. JAN240494

Zoe Thorogood and Claudia Leonardi
Alex and Steph were touring across the States until they found another lost soul on the side of the road – Lily, a girl with the ability to take on the painful memories of others. Since then, the three have been retracing Lily’s steps to make her whole. Now, there’s one last chance to save Lily from a life of loneliness – but it means her finally going home. Surrounded by feelings of guilt, grief, and sorrow, will Alex be able to find Lily hope for the future? Alex and Steph were touring across the States until they found another lost soul on the side of the road – Lily, a girl with the ability to take on the painful memories of others. JAN240454

Collects Zoe Thorogood issue #1-4 covers, plus Zoe Thorogood issue #1 virgin variant – exclusive to this pack!
Limited to 300 copies. JAN240457

Mags Vissagio and Clark Bint
As war is looming on the horizon on the planet Shasu, the reluctant ruler of the Bloodaxe family is conflicted between living up to his father’s domineering legacy and maintaining the peace. It is up to him to settle the conflicts within himself, and his family, before the entire planet erupts in war. JAN240448


Guri Nojiro
Tired of the fast-paced city life, Izuki has agreed to take care of his uncle’s house in the mountains, which are said to be “visited by yokai.” Izuki, dismissive of the superstition, goes exploring — only to be attacked by a yokai in the woods. He’s saved by a beautiful man named Haku, who claims to be the incarnation of a komainu guardian dog. He pledges himself to Izuki and begs him to be his master. Izuki refuses at first, wanting to return to the city as quickly as possible, but is swayed by Haku’s lonely eyes and brings him back to the house. Gradually, he falls into a comfortable rhythm with the pushy but devoted Haku while living under the same roof, and Izuki wonders if he really wants to return to the city as he thought. However, Haku harbors a secret that could put Izuki’s life at risk. Will Izuki and Haku come together in the end, or will Haku succumb to the loneliness that he’s held at bay for centuries…? JAN242277

ACID TOWN VOL 2 $13.99 Page 440
In a run-down city beset with poverty and gangs, survival is a daily struggle for Yuki and his best friend Tetsu. In a desperate attempt to pay for Yuki’s brother’s hospitalization, the two of them get caught trying to break into a yakuza vault. But the gang’s young boss, Kazutaka Hyoudo, takes an interest in Yuki and they strike a deal: Hyoudo is willing to take care of the hospital billsXfor a price. A weekly visit to the Seidoukai office doesn’t seem like much to pay, but the boys’ connection to the criminal group has already begun to draw the wrong kind of attention. When a shady, malicious figure from Yuki’s past reappears in his life, painful secrets are revealed and hard decisions must be made. (Offered again) JAN242267

BLACK CAT & VAMPIRE VOL 1 $15.99 Page 440
Nikki Taino
Blanc College is a prestigious all-boys boarding school where the sons of well-respected families from all over the world study and learn to be independent. Yuki, a first-year attending Blanc College on a scholarship, is the perfect student: at the top of his class, quiet and polite. He’s a bit of a loner, keeping others at arm’s length X except Jean, the devastatingly charming Head Boy, who seems entirely immune to Yuki’s aloof attitude. Their school days are peaceful until, one day, a student gets attacked, and ends up with a wound on his neck that looks suspiciously like a vampire bite! Yuki doesn’t have time for this nonsense. And besides, vampires aren’t even real… right? (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242274

BLACK CAT & VAMPIRE VOL 2 $15.99 Page 440
Nikki Taino
Studious Yuki Hasegawa found himself pursued by the unbearably popular Jean Michele and embroiled in a potentially deadly search for a monster hiding among the students of Blanc College boarding school. When Jean accidentally bites Yuki after their school dance, Yuki is forced to come to terms with the idea that vampires are real and Blanc College is full of them. When Jean explains the cruel power of a human’s love, Yuki wonders if the only way to keep vampires from feeling that cursed urge to drink blood if for humans not love them. Will Yuki be able to stop his budding feelings for Jean now that he knows what fate awaits them…? (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN242275

Masamoi Ito
Toshimitsu Yamamura lives together happily with his boyfriend of many years, Gonta Tsubakisaka, but in his everyday life Toshimitsu isn’t really… “out.” After his vehemently progressive employee had the idea to list their real estate business as LGBTQ+ friendly, Toshimitsu has been very anxious about accidentally outing himself, and he often channels his anxiety into baking incredible treats for his carb-conscious boyfriend. With the love of his boyfriend and his love of baking, maybe Toshimitsu will steadily become more comfortable being his authentic self! JAN242269

Ken Homerun
Asahi wants nothing more than to be an idol, and when he’s chosen as the latest member of boyband B-Marks he’s over the moon. Except for one little detail; Asahi is an omega, and one of the other members, Madoka, is an alpha. Insisting on staying unmated to remain loyal to their fanbase, Asahi agrees to a “friends with benefits” arrangement to appease their hormonal urges without commitment. At least, that’s what he intends. JAN242278

Osamu Moriya
Tachibana is a handsome top who exclusively has no-strings-attached sex with slender, pretty men. When he picks up the brawny, confident Kuzumi on a whim, he doesn’t expect much to be different… except Kuzumi flips the script on him, telling Tachibana: “I love turning men like you into my little bitch.” Kuzumi is merciless in his attentions, and Tachibana finds himself helpless to resist. In one night, everything Tachibana thought he knew about sex and desire gets turned on its head, and he finds himself coming back for more. But can he trust Kuzumi with more than just his body – or will he be discarded by the other man as soon as he gets bored? A top vs. top BL love story swaying between pride and desire! JAN242279


BARBARIC BORN IN BLOOD #2 $4.99 Page 389
Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden
The team…separated! Owen faces down the worst nightmare of his Barbarian past, while Soren and Axe endure interrogations by the cruel half-giant Orrick. As for Steel? Turns out that half-feral vampires might have their own place on the food chain!, 0124VL508


ALL OR NOTHING GN $13.00 Page 414
When their friends Kadoi and Hasumoto reveal that they’ve been dating for a whole month, Oka and Sawada are more jealous that their friends have lovers than anything else. So, when the change in their friends’ relationship causes them to be more conscious of each other, they can’t help but wonder what it’d be like with each otherXin more ways than one. JAN242093

Machi Suehiro
The first day they met was on the train. While Akiha Konno was on his way to his first day of school in Tokyo, some creep just had to touch his butt…Thankfully, the nice college guy saved him, but, uhhh…Akiha really didn’t mean to just glomp him like that! Worse, he called the fox ears that appear when he’s all worked up “cute”! Welp, it’s not like he’ll ever see him again. JAN242085

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