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LGBTQA Previews June 2024 Part 2

Hello and thanks for your curiosity! We’re looking at comics, trades, and graphic novels coming June, you know, Pride month when DC and Marvel and occasionally other publishers tempt us with anthologies and the like! Marvel has its X-Men Wedding Special featuring Destiny and Mystique at the alter (in addition to other stories). DC has its regular annual Pride anthology, a giant sized comic collecting some of Rachel Pollack’s stories (and a new piece by Joe Corallo and Rye Hickman), and a regular sized edition of last year’s Pride covers. I say “regular sized” because last year DC published a poster sized (16 20) book with detachable art printed on heavy stock that makes it suitable for framing. Those are the highlights that stand out for me. Please have a look! But first, the “fine print”!

This monthly column features comics, graphic novels, and books from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel. You’ll find items from publishers such as BOOM, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, other small and indy presses in part one. Normally BL & GL mangae are included with part one but this month they’re on their own list. Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Items from are in this list. Names of people marked in bold are queer or ally creators!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you! Support your local indy bookstore your graphic novel purchase by using Bookshop!

Shopping with Amazon? Please consider using our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases. As an Amazon Associate, Gay League earns from qualifying purchases.


ANANSI BOYS I #1 $3.99 Page 213
Neil Gaiman, Marc Bernardin, and Shawn Martinbrough
New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman joins forces with Eisner nominated Adora writer Marc Bernardin and Thief of Thieves co-creator Shawn Martinbrough to adapt Gaiman’s Locus and British Fantasy award-winning novel as a comic book. Reeling from the knowledge bomb that his father was a trickster god, Fat Charlie returns to his life: the impending wedding to Rosie, his fiancee, and his job working for the completely unfulfilling Grahame Coats Agency. But not before he learns how to contact the mysterious brother he never knew he had. APR241028

CANTO A PLACE LIKE HOME #2 $3.99 Page 213
David M. Booher and Drew Zucker
Canto is… deceived? As Canto rushes to save his friends atop the Emerald Tower, he learns they’re only a distraction so the Shrouded Man can move his forces to defenseless New Arcana. But Canto’s people will not give up so easily. How long can they fend off the strongest army in the Unnamed World until reinforcements arrive? APR241034

Matthew Mercer, Jody Houser, and Noah Hayes
Deep underground, the beleaguered members of Vox Machina are forced to take on an unpleasantXand incredibly dangerous side quest. Their reward? Safe passage to fresh air and civilization, free from monstrously-large bugs. Can they play exterminator long enough to reunite with Vax and Pike? The campaign continues with series IV of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins, from the New York Times bestselling team of Jody Houser, Noah Hayes, Diana Sousa, and Ariana Maher! APR241037

DAWNRUNNER #5 $4.99 Page 214
Ram V and Evan Cagle
Series finale! All things must evolve! Anita and Dawnrunner, driven by their stories, have changed into something unforeseen as they make their stand against The Prime. But in their transcendence lies the potential for both hope and despair. As the true motivation of monsters both alien and homegrown comes to light, sacrifices must be made to protect the ones you love. APR241042

HEARTPIERCER #3 $3.99 page 215
Rich Douek and Gavin Smith
As the werewolves wear down Briarglen’s defenses, Atala will go to every length to hold back the forces of the night. But it will all be in vain if she cannot overcome their fear and show them victory is possible. With the monstrous Howler himself bearing down on the village however, it seems increasingly unlikely. APR241054

Tim Sheridan & Various, and Daniel HDR
All is revealed! Hordak’s young apprentice, against the master’s orders, returns to his home world for what promises to be a grisly family reunion. But the plan abruptly changes when he uncovers shocking new information that brings him face-to-face with the powerful dark force that’s been guiding both he and Hordak toward their doom! Do either of them have enough strength to fight it? And, even if they escape the dreaded Fright Zone, what new horrors might they have unleashed? APR241067

Tate Brombal, Nick Robles, and Soo Lee
Christopher picks up the pieces after his experiment has gone awry but are his friends in the Monster Club available to help him? And who are the mysterious twins that have shown up in school preoccupied with Christopher? Are Sasha and Luka new friends or terrible foes? APR241076


BATMAN #148 & #149 $4.99 Page 12
Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez
Dark Prisons finale! It all comes down to this: Batman versus Batman! With Damian’s life–and the future of Gotham–hanging in the balance, nothing can prepare either version of the Dark Knight for what’s about to happen! 0424DC039

Dark Prisons epologue. When confronted with the totality of your life, and all the choices that led you to where you are, do you build on the ashes, or rise from them? The Batman who is left standing will have to answer this question quickly, as someone is already sifting through those ashes, with an eye toward saving the world! 0424DC045

Amanda Deibert and Dario Brizuela
Mystery Inc. loves looking for clues…so when the Huntingstun Library sets up a sleuthing competition with a huge prize, they are determined to win–Scooby snacks aren’t free, after all. But every time they’re about to complete a level, Batman foils them! Is he also vying for the prize? Does the Batmobile need an upgrade? Or are the teens tangled up in a master villain’s master plan? 0424DC155

CRC Payne and Starbite
Collecting the finale of season two of the smash-hit WEBTOON series! When your superhero life is just as busy as your personal life, there’s never a dull moment in the Bat-Family. Bruce Wayne’s young heroes are still learning to fight and live side by side, but they always have each other’s backs. Whether it’s teaming up to fight a massive villain or a massive head cold, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Spoiler, the Signal, and the rest know what it takes to smash that problem in the face! Collecting episodes 98-116 of the massively popular WEBTOON series, optimized for a brand-new reading experience in print! 0424DC171

BIRDS OF PREY #10 $3.99 Page 15
Kelly Thompson, Robbi Rodriguez, and Gavin Guidry
It’s Barda’s world now, and we’re all just living in it. As the Birds search for Barbara inside the mysterious portal that keeps changing (and also trying to kill them), separating enemy from ally is getting harder than ever–and more important than ever. 0424DC071

BLUE BEETLE #10 $3.99 Page 26
Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez
Victoria Kord’s new creation, Pinnacle, is proving to be more and more dangerous the longer it stays online. Can Jaime and Khaji Da patch up their connection in time, or will Pinnacle turn Palmera City into a totalitarian wasteland?! 0424DC128

Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez
Life is going well for Jaime Reyes, a.k.a. the Blue Beetle! He’s settled in Palmera City, working for his Tias Gloria and Marisol. His friends, Paco and Brenda, are with him. And the alien race known as the Horizon is acclimating to residing on Earth. But when a mysterious assailant seriously attacks Ted Kord, Jaime’s whole world is suddenly teetering on the brink. How far will Jaime go to protect everyone he loves? And who is the menacing Blood Scarab? From the critically acclaimed team of Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez comes the world-shaking adventure of Blue Beetle: Scarab War! A mysterious evil that reaches all the way back to the first Blue Beetle’s legacy threatens scarabs everywhere and those who stand with them. Now, Jaime Reyes must step into his destiny and test the true limits of his power and his ideals. Will he stand tall and win the day? Or does his scarab, Khaji Da, have a different plan? It all starts here! Collects Blue Beetle #1-6. 0424DC163

CATWOMAN #66 $3.99 Page 15
Tini Howard and Carmine Di Giandomenico
Nine Lives nears its lethal conclusion! Catwoman has escaped everything from the Suicide Squad to the clutches of death itself, but along the way, she’s made more than a few enemies–and their vengeance is rapidly approaching! Not even a tenth life could save Selina from what’s coming, but could an old friend help this cat land on her feet? 0424DC066

DC PRIDE 2024 #1 $9.99 Page 6
Al Ewing, Ngozi Ukazu, Nicole Maines, Phil Jimenez, Claire Roe, O’Neill Jones, and Others
DC’s Eisner and Ringo award-winning Pride anthology returns in the form of a universe-spanning travelogue like you’ve never seen! In its pages, Dreamer makes a first-time pilgrimage to her ancestral planet, Naltor! Poison Ivy and Janet from HR go spore-hunting on Portworld! Superman (Jon Kent) gets the boys together for a night out in A-Town, but things go sideways when The Ray vanishes into thin air! Steel (Natasha Irons) works up the courage to face Traci 13 at the Oblivion Bar’s Pride party for the first time since they broke up! Aquaman (Jackson Hyde) catches an unexpected ride to the Fourth World just in time for their annual Love Festival! All this and more in a volume celebrating how the LGBTQIA+ community is everywhere and belongs anywhere–even the very furthest reaches of the universe. Plus, this year’s anthology features a special preview of the upcoming YA OGN The Strange Case of Harleen and Harley, as well as an unmissable autobiographical story written by industry legend Phil Jimenez about the fantastical worlds that shaped him, brought to life by Giulio Macaione 0424DC010 (Kevin Wada cover) / 0424DC011 (David Talaski wraparound cover) / 0424DC013 (Babs Tarr cover) / 0424DC013 (Babs Tarr foil cover $11.99)

Rachel Pollack, Joe Corallo, Scot Eaton, Michael Allred, and Rye Hickman
In the 1990s, writer Rachel Pollack did the impossible: she raised the bar for surprise and strangeness in her beloved run following Grant Morrison’s career-making Doom Patrol! This one-shot reprints the debut of the iconic Coagula, DC’s first transgender superhero, from Doom Patrol #70, along with the long-unavailable one-shot Vertigo Visions: The Geek (with superstar artist Michael Allred)! And in a final, original short story, Rachel’s most beloved creation, Kate Godwin, a.k.a. Coagula, returns to the spotlight in tale of triumph over death itself written by Joe Corallo, Rachel’s longtime friend and collaborator, and drawn by Rye Hickman! 0424DC015

DC PRIDE UNCOVERED #1 $5.99 Page 7
Jen Bartel, Phil Jimenez, Jim Lee, Joshua Sway Swaby, David Talaski, Babs Tarr, Kris Anka, and Others
DC’s most iconic LGBTQIA+ artists put the party in Pride with their fabulous array of variant covers spotlighting LGBTQIA+ characters across the DCU year after year, and this art book collects a robust selection of fan favorites in one place for the very first time! Don’t miss out on a gallery of gorgeous art as imaginative and colorful as the characters themselves. 0424DC016 (Jen Bartel cover)/ 0424DC017 (Oscar Vega cover) / 0424DC018 (Lucianno Vecchio cover)

Ram V, Alex Paknadel, and Javier Fernandez
An unexpected villain has made an appearance in Gotham, trailing chaos, destruction, and horror in their wake. Now, as chaos tears a bloody gash through the sinister order of the Orghams’ Gotham, Batman is the city’s only hope for salvation. But is the city too far gone for even the Dark Knight to save it? 0424DC050

Ram V, Dan Watters, Simon Spurrier, Ivan Reis, Stefano Raffaele, Dustin Nguyen, Francesco Francavilla, and More
The Dark Knight investigates below the old ruins of Arkham Asylum, uncovering a demon-infested mystery tying Gotham to the Orgham family from centuries back…including the existence of Batman! With Nightwing and Batgirl helping along the way, Batman struggles to fight off an Azmer demon’s hold on his mind, and the only thing in its way are Bruce’s own inner demons…and Barbatos. Ram V and a host of all-star artists, including Stefano Raffaele, Ivan Reis, Dustin Nguyen, Francesco Francavilla, and others, take Batman on a hellacious journey he may never return from! Plus, stories featuring Mr. Freeze, Prince Arzen, Commissioner Montoya, and a young Bruce Wayne. Collects Detective Comics #1071-1075. 0424DC168

Joanne Starer and Natacha Bustos
Things could not possibly be worse for Fire and Ice, in Beatriz da Costa’s professional opinion. Superman sends the former Justice Leaguers packing for Smallville following an extremely public and utterly disastrous rescue mission (that was all Guy Gardner’s fault, thank you very much) and in doing so doomed them to a fate worse than death: irrelevance. Unexpectedly, Ice finds herself drawn to the quiet life and dreams of planting roots. But Fire…well, Fire will do just about anything to get the heck out of dodge and back on the hero circuit including challenging the DCU’s biggest villains to a knock-down, drag-out, livestreamed brawl in the streets of Smallville! A raucous, timely, unflinching comedy from rising star Joanne Starer (The Gimmick, Sirens of the City) and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur co-creator Natacha Bustos about a decades-long friendship on the brink of disaster and what it means to be a superhero at a crossroads in your life, Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville launches from its Justice League International roots and introduces the iconic duo to a new generation of fans! Collects Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1-6. 0424DC165

FLASH #10 $3.99 Page 21
Si Spurrier and Ramon Perez
As the Arc Angles bring the Crown of Thawnes into The Gallery, Wally West has to pull himself together to face some old Rogues. Amanda Waller’s Task Force raids Terrifictech, and brings some shocking backup to keep any speedsters in line!, 0424DC116

GREEN ARROW #13 $3.99 Page 25
Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse
Countdown to Absolute Power! Oliver Queen has become an agent of Amanda Waller. Roy and the rest of the Green Arrow family want to know why Green Arrow would betray his family and friends and choose to work with Amanda Waller and her deadly plans for the heroes and villains of the DC Universe! 0424DC123 [Connor Hawke is in the cast.]

Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Montos
The contentious team of Caolan Shepherd and Guy Gardner are about to test their strength against the entire United Planets blockade on a SUICIDE MISSION to rescue John Stewart from the oldest enemy of the Guardians…but John has been pulled into a nightmare dimension from which no living thing has ever returned! Can John Stewart’s legendary willpower measure up against the Gods of the First World? 0424DC126

HARLEY QUINN #41 $4.99 Page 10
Tini Howard, Gretchen Felker-Martin, Natacha Bustos, and DANI
There ain’t nothin’ like villainy! The sweet sound’a bank alarms, the wind blow’n through yer hair in a stolen car, not ta mention the discounts ya get buying bang flags in bulk–but every now’n’again, the sweet candy of crime has one heck of a sugar crash! I’ve gone and got myself noticed by some cold-hearted types–here’s ta hopin’ I don’t get iced! But don’t ya dare think that’s all! We also got a tale of a nightmare that ruined my sleep the day before I took my driver’s license photo, as told by two real cool folks who did NOT like talkin’ ta me at the DMV–Gretchen Felker-Martin and Dani! 0424DC022

Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell
It’s here, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, where the trouble hounding John since his arrival in America finally catches up to him. Dream promises the arrival of an emissary who will help guide John toward the source of evil plaguing the country, but is their trust in this unknown envoy misplaced? And will it force John to come clean to Nat and Noah about his un-deadly secret? 0424DC142

Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin
The Legionnaire’s plans come together, but what does this mean for the future of the Justice Society of America?! [Alan Scott has been featured in the series.] 0424DC134

Josie Campbell and Pablo M. Collar
Flying from the screen to the page, it’s Superman! Picking up from the explosive end of season one, Clark’s about to spend Christmas alone in Metropolis. Though he’s feeling a bit down and out, a tip about a monster in the sewers sends Superman, Lois, and Jimmy into action! But what is this monster that can absorb anything it touches, and why is it here in Metropolis? Written by the head writer of My Adventures with Superman, Josie Campbell, and drawn by Pablo M. Collar, this series brings the hit show to your hands with an all-new adventure! 0424DC083

NIGHTWING #115 $4.99 Page 13
Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
Part 2 of the Heartless Saga continues! When things go up in flames, Dick must put his feelings aside and help Shelton, a.k.a. Heartless, find his butler. After all, a superhero’s job is to save everyone, even the very bad. But every noble sacrifice comes with a price, and Nightwing finds himself in a situation only someone as cunning as Heartless could’ve concocted. 0424DC054

Tom Taylor, Jay Kristoff, C.S. Pacat, Bruno Redondo, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Eduardo Pansica, Inaki Miranda, and Others
Nightwing meets his biggest fan! Too bad it interrupts a romantic weekend and leads to a battle with a soul-sucking demon. And with Blockbuster off the board, Tony Zucco heads to Bludhaven in an attempt to claim the city as his own…but will Heartless claim victory first with his army of prison inmates? Then, find out who the villain is behind the platinum mask. Join Nightwing as he trains Jon Kent and follow Bitewing in her first year with her humans Nightwing and Batgirl and see how she takes a bite out of crime! Collects Nightwing #97-100 and Nightwing 2022 Annual. 0424DC189

Tom Taylor, Travis G. Moore, and Bruno Redondo
After the events of Dark Crisis, it’s now Dick’s time to lead…so Nightwing and the Titans unite to become the premier league in the DC Universe and move their base of operations to Bludhaven. But before they can even settle in, they must confront the demon of darkness, Neron, along with the murderous Grinning Man. Will the team survive a battle through the depths of hell itself? Collects Nightwing #101-105. 0424DC183

OUTSIDERS #8 $4.99 Page
Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Robert Carey
Following the explosive revelations of last issue, Batwoman departs the Outsiders on a solo quest of her own design. In the storied deserts of the American southwest, a dangerous specter stalks the innocent and guilty alike with a vengeance that spans all the way back to those first dark days of the Old West. Anyone with violence in their heart can become the victim…or the perpetrator. Can Kate Kane hunt this monster down before more innocent lives are destroyed…or before it consumes her soul with its violence as well? Guest-starring Young Justice’s Jinny Hex, this issue is a brutal showdown for the soul of the Batwoman! 0424DC036

POISON IVY #23 $3.99 Page 10
G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara
The world is eating itself alive as the zombified victims of Poison Ivy, led by the reborn Dr. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, descend upon Slaughter Swamp’s foremost botanical supervillain. With time running out, Ivy will have to use every ounce of herself in order to defend her life. But will it be enough…and is her life even worth saving? 0424DC027

G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, and Atagun Ilhan
Humanity had its chance. Now it’s time for Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley has been a lot of things in her life: a living god, a super-villain, an activist, a scientist, and a dead woman. In a new body that she didn’t ask for and with a renewed sense of purpose, Pamela continues her mission to heal the planet by setting her sights on some of the worst offenders humanity has to offer. From fracking girlbosses to celebrity health gurus, Ivy’s violent and tragic journey across the American landscape continues. Along the way she makes a new ally and gets a visit from the love of her life, Harley Quinn, as the body-horror-infused, character-defining epic from the visionary creative team of writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Marcio Takara continues. Collects Poison Ivy #7-12. 0424DC18

POWER GIRL #10 $3.99 Page 22
Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira
House of Brainiac tie in! Break Out! Power Girl joins the Holliday Girls in this action-packed House of Brainiac tie-in! Goblin and his goons may have the neighborhood, but they’ll never break the spirit of our local hero and her new allies. With the biker gangs brawling, it’s now up to Crush and Paige to shut the Czarnians down for good. Can the power of brains, brawn, and beauty prevail? 0424DC108

SHAZAM #2 $3.99 Page 26
Josie Campbell and Emanuela Lupacchino
Billy and the Captain have always made a great team…so why is the Captain keeping secrets from him? Darla discovers the Captain has the ability to transform without Billy knowing, but why now? What is it that the Captain doesn’t want him to know? The answer will not only impact the adoption plans…but the future of Billy’s existence! 0424DC131

Melissa Marr and Jenn St-Onge
A new YA take on how Harleen became Harley! When Harleen signs up to participate in a clinical research trial with her girlfriend, Pamela, her only goals are extra cash and a chance to control her anxiety. But what she gets instead are increasingly larger gaps in her memory and stolen mementos from some guy named Jack. Soon, Harleen discovers she’s sharing her life with Harley–a take-no-prisoners, who-cares-about-attendance, maybe-we-oughtasave-the-bunnies kind of girl. She is the opposite of Harleen in every way. And although she’s throwing Harleen’s life completely off track, maybe she ain’t so bad either… New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely) and celebrated artist Jenn St-Onge (Bingo Love) explore the twisted transformation from Harleen to Harley in this compelling YA graphic novel! 0424DC151

Nicole Maines, Eddy Barrows, and Eber Ferreira
Countdown to Absolute Power! As the Dream Team’s story reaches its climax, Dreamer and her Suicide Squad take their one and only shot at preventing the future she’s predicted, in which Amanda Waller turns Gamorra into her own personal alien super-prison. Will Dreamer be able to save the day and abide by her superhero code, or will she have to embrace the Wall’s greater good philosophy and resolve to change the future by any means necessary? 0424DC035

TITANS #12 $3.99 Page 24
Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer
Hell comes for Bludhaven! With the team on the ropes and Waller to blame, Nightwing and his allies must look within for the answers to their never-ending problems. Will Raven, the demon’s daughter, lead them to salvation or to slaughter at the hands of her father, Trigon? 0424DC120

WONDER WOMAN #10 $4.99 Page 19
Tom King, Daniel Sampere, and Belen Ortega
Cheetah enters the fray as the Sovereign recruits Diana’s greatest foe to deal the killing blow! Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls may have promised their mentor that they’d stay out of her fight, but well-behaved heroes seldom make history. Will they reach Diana before it’s too late? Plus, Trinity takes to the skies…literally! 0424DC088

Mariko Tamaki and Javier Rodriguez
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…please put your hands together for Zatanna Zatara! The greatest entertainer in the crappiest hotel and casino of Las Vegas! Not that the ritzier spots on the Strip haven’t come calling, of course. But since a devastating instance of magic gone wrong that forever changed the course of her childhood, Zatanna would much rather live out her days as a top-hat-and-fishnets-wearing sleight-of-hand stage act than bother with real magic. These days, she doesn’t think much of the past at all. That is, until an interdimensional vortex cracks open during Zatanna’s act, and a terrifying demon crawls out to kill her. If she hopes to survive the horrors that follow it, she’ll need to take herself and her power seriously for the first time in a long time–and fast. Because when it comes to your past, you can run…but you can’t hide forever! 0424DC144


David M. Booher and Drew Zucker
The tiny clockwork knight in search of a heart secured his people’s freedom and saved them from the curse of the Shrouded Man, but is he ready to face his ultimate enemy on the battlefield? After making the ultimate sacrifice, Canto bears a weapon that could defeat the Shrouded Man and free all the inhabitants of the Unnamed World. Now, he races to find the hidden settlement of his former slavers to enlist them as allies in the coming war. That is, if the Shrouded Man doesn’t find them first… APR241161

HUNGER & DUSK TP VOL 1 $21.99 Page 226
G. Willow Wilson and Chris Wildgoose
In a dying world, only humans and orcs remain mortal enemies battling for territory and political advantage. But when a group of fearsome ancient humanoids known as the Vangol arrive from across the sea, the two struggling civilizations are forced into a fragile alliance to protect what they have built. As a gesture of his commitment to the cause and to the relief of his bride-to-be, Faran StonebackXthe most powerful orc overlord, Troth Icemane, sends his beloved cousin Tara, a high-ranking young healer, to fight alongside brash human commander Callum Battlechild and his company of warriors. With a crisis looming, the success of this unlikely pair’s partnership and the survival of their peoples will depend on their ability to unlearn a lifetime of antagonistic instincts toward one anotherXand rise above the sting of heartbreak. APR241165

STAR TREK ANNUAL 2024 #1 $5.99 Page 223
Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and Rachael Stott
With no one but himself to blame for his brother’s sudden escape during the Klingon Day of Blood, Lieutenant Commander Data sheds his Starfleet uniform for an ensemble inspired by none other than Sherlock Holmes to track down Lore’s whereabouts and figure out what sinister plans he’s been scheming. With the one and only Miles O’Brien as his Watson at his side, there is no mystery that Detectoive Data can’t solve! Acclaimed artist Rachael Stott joins Star Trek writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly in the latest installment of the Eisner-nominated series. APR241136

Vita Ayala & Various
“Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate but to celebrate differences in ideas and differences in life forms.” – Gene Roddenberry. IDW proudly presents a one-shot anthology centering and celebrating LGBTQIA+ characters from across the Star Trek universe! Join legendary heroes from each era of the beloved franchise in stories that showcase the strengths of infinite diversity in infinite combinations, brought to you by a star-studded cast of writers and artists including Vita Ayala, Steve Orlando, Mags Visaggio, and more! [Note: this anthology was solicited last month for a May 29th release. You should still be able to preorder a copy with the order code to the right.] MAR241164

STAR TREK DEFIANT #16 $4.99 Page 224
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
It’s now or never for the Defiant crew if they are to survive the parasitic infestation on the isolated Section 31 outpost Starbase 99. But with B’Elanna still connected to both Borg ally Hugh and the parasite hivemind, Nymira nowhere to be found, and a giant portal connecting their reality to a horde of hellish bugs just itching to burrow into each of their brain stems, things are looking dire at best. The third arc of the critically acclaimed series ends here! APR241139

Christopher Cantwell, Mike Feehan & Various
Still reeling from the battle on Qo’noS, Worf and the Defiant crew have been ordered to return to Starfleet headquarters. Despite their heroic actions, the Federation can’t celebrate the crew’s involvement in the fight against Kahless and the Red Path. In fact, they’re forced to discharge Worf and his crew! With the unspoken, unwritten agreement that they’ll operate with full Starfleet authority… completely off the books. Disavowed from Starfleet, Worf and his crew set out in their new roles as secret bounty hunters for the Federation. Their targets: untouchable criminals protected by treaties and alliances. They’ll take on villains from across Star Trek’s history such as an individualized ex-member of the Borg Collective, a time-traveling con man from The Next Generation, and an alien gangster from Sigma Iotia II. Collects issues #8-11 and the Defiant Annual. APR241142

WOLFPITCH TP $19.99 Page 225
Balazs Lorinczi
All’s fair in love and music when this supernatural all-girl rock band must beat the odds and become the best band in town! Izzy’s a bass-playing werewolf. Geraldine’s the ghost of an amazing jazz pianist. Delilah’s the meanest drummer in town. They’d be the perfect trio to win the Battle of Bands… except Geraldine can’t play a solo since she passed away, and Izzy and Delilah are at each other’s throats at every opportunity. Can they work through their problems to win the competition, or will they be defeated by Delilah’s ex-band and their villainous frontman, Dylan? Sparks will fly, milkshakes will melt, and ears will ring in the latest delicious LGBTQ romp from graphic novelist Balazs Lorinczi. APR241160


DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH #23 $3.99 Page 165
James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds
New story arc. Confronted with an enemy intent on exposing their secrets to the world, the Department of Truth makes a shocking choice-go public first. But to understand Lee Harvey Oswald’s risky gambit, we have to return to where it all started: Dallas, 1963, as President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed the grassy knoll…Multiple Eisner-winning writer James Tynion IV and acclaimed artist Martin Simmonds bring their celebrated series back from hiatus with the bang heard around the world! 0424IM229

DEVIANT #6 $3.99 Page 165
James Tynion IV and Joshua Hixson
One of the grimmest chapters in Milwaukee’s history repeats itself as the law descends on Michael Schmitz, eerily echoing the Deviant Killer’s arrest half a century ago. But is Michael the copycat murderer…or just another outsider primed to take the blame for an act of horror he didn’t commit? 0424IM263

LOVE EVERLASTING #15 $3.99 Page 168
Tom King and Elsa Charretier
End of story arc. Just West of Love part five. Joan and the Cowboy know each other now; their secrets, their hopes, and their regrets. All that’s left is the blood that needs to be spilled.The Eisner and Harvey-nominated series reaches its halfway point with this climatic issue, as the woman behind the curtain is revealed and everything changes. 0424IM304

MONSTRESS #52 $3.99 Page 169
Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
To fight back against her father’s destruction, Maika must seek out more of her mother’s secrets-and grapple with the role she plays in each parent’s legacy. 0424IM306

NIGHTS #7 $3.99 Page 169
Wyatt Kennedy and Luigi Formisano
Yo, isn’t it wild people still think folks give drugs to trick ‘r treaters? Read a book.Anyway, there’s a headless body running around Santo Pedro murdering people. Matt’s Halloween party starts at 8. BYOB. 0424IM312

ONE HAND #5 $3.99 Page 169
Ram V, Laurence Campbell, and Lee Loughridge
Mini series finale. Ari Nassar is on the cusp of catching the One Hand Killer and getting the answers he has sought. But is Ari truly ready for the soul-crushing revelations about the murders, his world, and the darkness that lies beyond the truth? The gruesome crime drama comes to its mind-blowing conclusion! Grippingly written by award-winning writer Ram V with hauntingly atmospheric art and covers by Laurence Campbell and Lee Loughridge, The One Hand is a miniseries that will keep you guessing until the very end. 0424IM313

RAT CITY #3 $3.99 Page 169
Erica Schultz and Ze Carlos
Peter Cairn, the Deviant, has decided that he is done hiding; he is taking the fight directly to those who created him! 0424IM315

SIX FINGERS # $3.99 Page 171
Dan Watters, Sumit Kumar, and Lee Loughridge
Mini series finale. Soaked in blood and steeped in the secrets of Neo Novena, there may only be one way out for serial killer Johannes in the bone-chilling conclusion to the gruesome series! Grippingly written by writer Dan Watters with hauntingly atmospheric art and covers by Sumit Kumar and Lee Loughridge, The Six Fingers is a miniseries that will keep you on the edge until the very end. 0424IM330

Dan Watters, Ram V, Matthew Roberts, and Dave Stewart
Kate’s quest for revenge creates unexpected dangers as she closes in on the serial killer known as Collier and discovers their surprising connection to the creature that dwells within the rainforest. 0424IM345

W0RLDTR33 #11 $3.99 Page 172
James Tynion IV, Fernando Blanco, and Jordie Bellaire
End of story arc. Agent Silk’s determination brought her face-to-face with PH34R in a confrontation that may cost Silk her sanity-if not her life. But PH34R isn’t acting alone. As the second arc of the smash-hit sci-fi/horror series reaches its harrowing climax, the architect behind the Undernet’s return steps out of the shadows. 0424IM366

WHISPER QUEEN #2 $3.99 Page 173
Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka
The disgraced assassin Javro leads her friends to find her son. But first they need to get past the legendary killer…the Dark Whisper.Don’t miss this miniseries sequel to sequel to The White Trees by Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka! 0424IM364


AVENGERS #15 $3.99 Page 20
Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa
Blood Hunt tie in: A bloody brawl on a vampire infested Helicarrier! Captain America’s ad hoc team of Avengers old and new must face a foe commanding an army of vampires in the sky! With a group of decidedly earthbound heroes! Don’t miss this action-packed, bloody tale of heroism and hemoglobin! APR240627

Stephanie Phillips and Paolo Villanelli
Using a hawk to catch a widow! Damon Dran has taken Hawkeye to bait the Black Widow, and Clint’s only hope of keeping Natasha away is to trust her less-than-impressed symbiote. But the Black Widow has never been one to back down from a fight – even when it could cost her her life! APR240797

BLOOD HUNTERS #2 $4.99 Page 13
Christos Gage, Ann Nocenti, David Baldeon and Bernard Chang
The bloody chaos continues as the events of Blood Hunt spill across the Marvel Universe! When the skies go dark, what will happen when a group of vampires gets a taste of the Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood?! Kate Bishop takes aim against the creatures of the night with the help of a mysterious new vampire hunter. And Dagger and Elsa Bloodstone have teamed up to face down the vampiric hordes – but when a new combatant enters the field, will she prove friend or foe? Or both?! The formation of Marvel’s wildest new team yet, the Blood Hunters, continues! APR240598

CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 $3.99 Page 60
Alyssa Wong and Ruairi Coleman
Brokem bonds! Isolated from Yuna and her allies, Captain Marvel is about to find a place at the Undone’s table – as the main course! An endless food supply for a cosmic being! But we’re talking about the woman who took down the Brood after they’d tortured her mind and body beyond superhuman limits. Carol Danvers will fight her way out of this too…right? APR240786

DAREDEVIL #10 $4.99 Page 63
Saladin Ahmed and Juann Cabal
The wages of sin equal death! For months, Matt Murdock, his loved ones and his allies have been plagued by demons and devils of unknown origin! As the mystery surrounding the supernatural forces targeting Matt and those he loves the most has at last begun to become clear, the stage is set for Daredevil’s greatest foe to return to Hell’s Kitchen, bigger and badder than ever! APR240802

DEADPOOL #3 $3.99 Page 5
Cody Ziglar and Roge Antonia
Ddeapool vs Crossbones! Deadpool and Taskmaster may be mercs for hire, but someone has hired Crossbones to hunt them down. Plus, Deadpool gets a new hire he is not expecting. Meanwhile Death Grip gets a valuable key to Deadpool’s mortality! APR240570

Joe Kelly and Adam Kubert
Survival of the fittest! Wolverine and Deadpool, caught in a snowy wasteland, with no hope of survival – except each other! If they can fight off the enhanced forces of those who watch, only one battle remains – Logan vs Wade Wilson! And it can only end – in death! You’ll have to read it to believe it! And: The story behind the DELTA revealed! APR240566

DRACULA BLOOD HUNT #2 $4.99 Page 10
Danny Lore and Vincenzo Carratu
In the deepest, darkest, unholiest night ever known to man or beast, Dracula, Lord of Vampires, has come to Bloodline, daughter of Blade, demanding a sacrificefeed?!

ETERNALS TP $44.99 Page 96
Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic & Various
Never die, never win. What’s the point of an endless battle? For millions of years, one hundred Eternals have roamed the Earth, secret protectors of humanity. Without them, humankind would be smears between the teeth of the demon-like Deviants. The Deviant/Eternal war has waged for all time, echoing in our myths and nightmares. But today, the Eternals face something new: change! Can they – or anyone on Earth – survive this discovery? An Eternal has been murdered by one of their own, and this may not be the last such killing. But Sersi’s number one suspect is…Thena?! And as the Eternals learn the truth of their existence, their society falls into chaos. Who can raise them up from the ashes? All hail Thanos, the Mad Titan – Eternal Prime! Collecting Eternals (2021) #1-12, Eternals: Thanos Rises, Eternals: Celestia and Eternals: The Heretic. APR240874

Saladin Ahmed and Paul Davidson
Sin will find you out, Daredevil! He’s on the hunt: One of Daredevil’s deadliest and most dangerous foes, empowered by forces unknown even to himself, prepares for the kill. Yes, none other than Kingpin, stalking the streets of Manhattan by night. And no matter the speed with which Daredevil moves there will be blood. Plus: Includes a reprinting of Daredevil #170 by Frank Miller – aka The Kingpin Must Die – get your Fisk fix here, fearless fans! APR240775

IMMORTAL THOR #12 $4.99 Page 59
Al Ewing and Nartin Coccolo
Godsdeath! In Andlang, land of spirits, the Utgard-Odin challenged Thor to battle for the rune of his brother, the war god Tyr. For Tyr was changed by strange forces, within and without…and to restore him would come only at equal cost. This is the story of the Immortal Thor…and the Odinson’s end. APR240782

IMMORTAL THOR TP VOL 2 $19.99 Page 85
Al Ewing, Martin Coccolo & Various
The All-Father sought answers to new troubles in memories of old. To refresh those memories, he consulted his Skald of Realms, to tell a tale of when young Thor and young Loki journeyed out beyond Asgard on a quest that would determine the fate of all the Realms! Yet the teller was the Skald, in their aspect as Thor’s enemy. And thus, the tale could twist upon itself and if Thor faltered, it could make a new end! The Son of Odin faced three of his greatest foes in battle with the fog of magic closing around him. Yet even if he won, he lost for Thor fought not for his life, but for his death! Plus: the dawn of the Roxxon Age of Comixx, starring Chad Hammer, secret identity of the Roxxin’ Thor! Collecting Immortal Thor #6-10 and Roxxon Presents: Thor. APR240865

INCREDIBLE HULK #13 $3.99 Page 58
Philip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein
After smashing into Strange Academy to save Charlie’s life, Doctor Voodoo has sent the souls of both Hulk and Banner into an exorcist’s soul cage, where some of the most terrifying beings on Earth have been condemned for eternity. There they’ll seek Charlie’s last chance for survival: Sumungaru the Flesh Weaver, one of the most evil sorcerers to ever live. Even if Hulk doesn’t murder Banner first and even if they survive the encounter with Sumungaru, can Hulk and Banner convince such an evil creature to save Charlie? And what will it ask in return? One chapter ends, another begins in this pivotal issue! APR240778

JACKPOT AND BLACK CAT #4 $3.99 Page 50
Celeste Bronfman and Emilio Laiso
The huge action finale of the hottest mini of 2024 has arrived! Jackpot and Black Cat prove once again why they are the best heroines in the Marvel U! APR240743

Bryan Hill and German Peralta
The reunion continues!nWhat do you get when you cross two Ghost Riders, a daywalker, their supernatural-hunting friends and a horde of vampires swarming the Earth? A whole lot of fangs, fire and penance…[Victoria Montesi is featured in the mini series.] APR240588

Iman Vellani and Scott Godlewski
Oh, the inhumanity! As Ms. Marvel’s powers rebel against her, she turns to her OG superfam – the Inhumans! Medusa, Karnak and (everyone’s favorite) Lockjaw guest-star as being a mutant continues to be no end of trouble to Jersey City’s number-one daughter! APR240706

SCARLET WITCH #1 $4.99 Page 26
Steve Orlando and Jacopo Camagni
The Scarlet Witch has carved out a haven for herself in upstate New York, but it’s all about to go up in flames. Wanda’s new found peace has drawn the wrath of a primal force unlike anything she’s ever faced before, and it won’t stop until it razes Wanda’s world to the ground. It’s a clash of titans as Wanda and her allies fight for all she holds dear! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the end of all things? When pure chaos meets pure destruction? Wanda’s about to find out – if she survives long enough. Jacopo Camagni joins writer Steve Orlando for an explosive new chapter of Scarlet Witch’s story! [Note: this was originally solicited in the May catalog and included in this month’s edition for a June release. You may still be able to preoder a copy using the order code to the right.] MAR240915

Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet
The most explosive She-Hulk story in historu starts here! Something is brewing that is going to have effects felt beyond just Sensational She-Hulk. You cannot afford to miss it! APR240800

Greg Weisman and Humberto Ramos
The world comes crashing down around Peter and Miles. Someone has just ticked off the wrong Spider-Men. The gloves have come off, and people are going to get hurt.

Stephanie Phillips and Chris Campana
Gwen vs Gwen! Gwen has had a hard time figuring out who she can trust in her new life in 616 or convincing anyone to trust her. All of which is about to get a whole lot worse as a classic Spider-foe sets about making everyone see her as a villa APR240747

SPIDER-MAN 2099 MIGUEL O’HARA TP $17.99 Page 89
Steve Orlando, Devmalya Pramanik & Various
Spider-Man 2099 does the monster mash in a horrific vision of the future! The web-slinger of tomorrow, Miguel O’Hara, must face off against the most gruesome adversaries Nueva York has to offer! Blade lends a hand against the Marvel Zombie, seeking to stop an undead infection that threatens Miguel’s mother! With the moon under attack, Moon Knight 2099 needs Spidey’s help against Dracula! When a howling mad Werewolf by 2099 is unleashed, can Miguel withstand this cursed soul? Body parts fly as the new Terror Inc. strikes! And will Spider-Man burn at the touch of the nightmarish Man-Thing? A new breed of horror is unleashed, thanks to these far-out future versions of some of Marvel’s most iconic monsters! Collecting issues #1-5. APR240869

SPIDER-WOMAN #8 $3.99 Page 52
Steve Foxe and Ig Guara
Who are the Assembly? Spider-Woman finds San Francisco full of old foes, old friends and a new super-team that could still be either. After a fight with Angar the Screamer, the origin of another new New Champions character will be revealed! APR240753

Daniel Jose Older and Luigi Zagaria
The Strange Academy kids’ mission to find a spell to solve the Blood Hunt has taken them all the way to Madripoor to find the Darkhold! Readers of Contest of Chaos know, however, that the Darkhold is now a child and the only way to stop the Vampire onslaught means the death of the Darkhold Child! APR240594

SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN 2099 #4 $4.99 Page 52
Peter David and Roge Antonio
Nuenva York — under Symbiote siege! Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, is more powerful – and more violent – than ever before after bonding to a symbiote, and his battle with Venom 2099 threatens to push him over the brink! The heroes (and villains) of 2099 rally to try to save Nueva York and save Miguel from himself. But it may already be too late! [Peter David has written a number of LGBTQA characters, including making Rictor and Shatterstar a couple. It is unknown if this comic will include any LGBTQA characters or content.] APR240755

VENOM #34 $3.99 Page 18
Al Ewing and Juan Ferreyra
Blood Hunt tie in: Lee Price returns! The Captive is loose! And the vampiric super-foe thirsts for one thing – Venom! And the Captive isn’t the only problem – the dead now walk an Earth smothered in eternal night. Vampires infest New York City, and Lee Price, one-time host to the Venom symbiote, rises from the grave! And he has unfinished business with his old partner. APR240620

VENOMVERSE REBORN #1 $4.99 Page 38
Ben Percy, Al Ewing, Christos Gage, Greg Land, Brian Level, and Danilo
The darkest web is respun! Dive back into the darkness as the Venomverse is reborn, with stories of symbiotes from all across the Multiverse! First, Benjamin Percy and Brian Level spin a tale of the murder of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by one of their own but who? Then Christos Gage drags Venom from Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 across the Venomverse to take on Knull! And all the while, Al Ewing and Danilo S. Beyruth set the stage for the tales spinning out of the ongoing Venom series! APR240688

WHAT IF VENOM #5 $4.99 Page 56
Jeremy Holt and Jesus Hervas
The epic finale! What IFX? Venom has slithered its way through Marvel’s history, encountering some of its most recognizable places and people – but none are as badass as the host the symbiote will find in this epic series finale: Monn Knight! But which identity of Moon Knight’s will the symbiote connect with? And what will their union mean for New York?! APR240768

Sarah Gailey and Alessandro Miracolo
Yelena Belova returns! Superspy. Rogue agent. Shadow of the Black Widow. Yelena Belova has been many things, but striking out as a hero in her own right is new. Now that she’s finally free to choose her own path, who will she become? Just as Yelena begins to settle into life in suburbia as a consultant for honest, hardworking assassins, change comes in the form of Armament – a company that seems to infiltrate every aspect of the tiny town of Idylhaven. But what, exactly, does that have to do with Yelena’s rogue mentees? As she and her neighbors are threatened with eviction, Yelena takes matters into her own hands. After all, there’s rarely a problem a little murder can’t solve! But Armament is not quite what it seems, and a single mistake could cost Yelena everything! Collecting issues #1-4. [Note: White Widow’s character may be asexual.] APR240863

X-MEN #35 $9.99 Page 25
Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara
The end of an era — Uncanny X-Men #700! All good things must come to an end, and as good of a thing as the Krakoan era has been for mutantkindXits time has come at last. The tragedy and triumph of Fall of the House Of X, the madness and mystery of Rise of the Powers of X, they have all come to their end and led to this moment that will change the future of mutantkind for years to come. Written and drawn by an all-star cast of writers and artists who have shaped the Krakoan Age, this is one milestone no X-Fan will want to miss! Also featuring a story of family by X-Men master Chris Claremont and a glimpse of things to come! APR240643

X-MEN 97 #4 $3.99 Page 41
Steve Foxe and Salva Espin
Sinister secrets come to light! As the X-Men gather to celebrate good news, some of their most dangerous foes show up to crash the party – and strike a deadly blow to mutant/human relations in the process! The official prelude to the hit new Disney+ TV show reaches its explosive conclusion here, setting up key plots that will play out in the seasons ahead! APR240701

X-MEN HEIR OF APOCALYPSE #1 & 2 $4.99 Page 40
Steve Foxe and Netho Diaz
For centuries, Apocalypse tested the mutants of Earth to guarantee that only the strong would survive. Now, as he takes his throne on Arakko, another must rise in his place and ensure the mutants of Earth do not grow weak in his absence! Twelve mutants chosen from the X-Men’s greatest heroes – and villains – will compete for the honor, but only one can become…the heir of Apocalypse! APR240694

Cable, Exodus, Mirage, Wolverine, and more – Apocalypse saw great potential in twelve hand-picked mutants. But when a thirteenth contender crashes the tournament, endangering the lives of thousands in the process, will any survive to carry on in Apocalypse’s footsteps? Not if Mister Sinister has anything to say about it! APR240698

Kieron Gillen & Various
[Note: this comic is scheduled for May 29th release. It was listed in last month’s Marvel Previews. You may still be able to preorder a copy from your shop.]Wedding extravaganza! Mystique and Destiny are one of the most beloved – and longest running – gay couples in history. Somewhere in their 100+ years together, the pair married, but we’ve never seen the event on the page. This year, Marvel’s Voices: Pride makes history with Marvel’s first woman-to-woman wedding! And with a couple as complex as these two, you know there’s a lot more to the story. We promise party crashing! Villainy! Romance! In the classic tradition of Fantastic Four Annual #3 and X-Men #30, this anthology will be a must-read for every comics fan. Featuring the Marvel debuts of award-winning writers Yoon Ha Lee and M. Louis, and much more talent to be announced! MAR240705 (Jan Bazaldua main cover) / MAR240706 (Russell Dauterman cover, same price)

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