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LGBTQA Previews June 2024 Part 1

Several things stand out for me with June’s comics, collections, and graphic novels. A Boy Named Rose from Fairsquare is the story of a young Parisian man trying to find his place in the world. Fantagraphics has a new soft cover edition of Gengoroh Tagame’s Master of Gay Erotic Manga. The original hard cover is out of print. In case you missed it A Wave Blue World reoffers its The Color of Love anthology from last year. The collected edition of that rather naughty Sainted Love by Steve Orlando and Giopota hits comic shops in June too! Published by Vault. Check out the list for much more!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two. Find BL & GL manga on this list . Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you! Support your local indy bookstore by using Bookshop to make your graphic novel and trade purchases!

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Terry Moore
When Francine marries someone else, Katchoo recovers from the devastating loss by focusing on her art with a star-studded gallery exhibition. But all is not well in paradise as Francine struggles to adapt to life without Katchoo and Tambi forces David to tell his terrible secret to the two women who love him most, Katchoo and Casey. Katchoo’s solution is shocking and heartwarming but as the plan unfolds things get complicated when Francine returns to claim her place by Katchoo’s side and finds the spot taken. Can Francine convince Katchoo to take her back? Find out in this exciting finale to the Strangers In Paradise saga! APR241168


Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman, and Peter Krause
Continuing ”One of-if not the-funniest superhero parodies I’ve ever read’ (Comics Beat). Banned from his favorite baloney restaurant, retired crimefighter the Chandelier seeks redemption at a sincere-seeming, paywalled website. In the Peculiar Islands, newly installed Governor (and former US President) Amazing Adams faces off against Professor Octopus, a new character you’ve never heard of. 0424AH372


Various creators
The flutter of first dates, the thrill of a text-back, the heart-stopping seconds before coming out, and the rush when finally discovering who you truly are – all of these life-changing moments across the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+ experience are ready to explore in this bright and inspiring comics anthology! The Color of Always is a collection of personal stories, testimonies, heirlooms, evocations, and evangelisms for queer creators and readers that celebrates feeling good about who you are, and coming into your own at last. (OFFERED AGAIN. This anthology was first published in 2023.) APR241312


LITTLE BLACK BOOK #4 $3.99 Page 257
Jeff McComsey and Felipe Cunha
The white-knuckle finale of AWA’s neo-Western crime thriller!Criminal heir ‘Little Stevie’ is getting closer to his goal: finding the lost Little Black Book of underworld contacts! He believes it will solve all of his syndicate’s woes – but he’s learning that getting it won’t be easy. Meanwhile, handyman Cole and pregnant wife Tess wrestle with the fallout of using the book…will it tear their new family apart before it has even begun? [Felipe Cunha is the artist who drew the queer take on Gatsby trade, written by Jeremy Holt, also published by AWA.) 0424AW377


BRIAR #6 $3.99 Page 60
Christopher Cantwell and Alex Lins
In the wake of tragic devastation, Briar, Spider, and company wrestle with guilt as cold and bleak as the snow-coated mountains they make their way through. Plagued by potential madness, fear of Briar’s origins and connections to their enemy, and magic gone awry, the party will find themselves in even more danger soon enough…Christopher Cantwell is joined by Eisner Award-nominated artist Alex Lins as the dark fantasy hit series returns! APR240034

GRIM #18 $3.99 Page 65
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
Hell and Earth collide as the denizens of each realm coexist in complete chaos! The deal between Annabel and Adira has had cataclysmic consequences-ones that even with an army, Jess struggles to control. However, in order to set things right, is Jess ready to put herself in a role she never expected? Is she even willing to? APR240053

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #24 $3.99 Page 64
Tate Brombal and Antonio Fuso
In the penultimate issue of The Butcher’s War, Jace wants blood, but Rene proves to be a difficult opponent, even while seemingly at a disadvantage-an unexpected strength in disguise! Meanwhile it’s Maven vs. Jolie, desperate to protect the children from the hunter and her white masks… APR240046

I HEART SKULL-CRUSHER! #34 $4.99 Page 82
Josie Campbell and Alessio Zonno
The penultimate issue heats up in tandem with the continuing tournament! The finest teams of the Wasteland battle it out, but our heroes’ unconventional team draws the distaste of the ruling class. In a lead up to the finals featuring will-they-won’t-they romantic tension, no one will be prepared for the upcoming battle and the identity of the secret guest of honor… APR240129

MAN’S BEST #4 $4.99 Page 76
Pornsak Pichetshote and Jesse Lonergan
In the penultimate issue of the unforgettable space adventure, The Musketeers find themselves in another new biome-a vast metropolis teeming with humanoid creatures, but they wonder if their search will be in vain. But a hopeful discovery isn’t far off, along with someone unexpected from their crew! APR240105

Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora
Bridgette, Duncan, and Rose – along with the entirety of Britain – have been dragged into the Otherworld. Meanwhile, a rival king rises to confront Arthur, plunging the land into civil war… and both pursue our heroes as they travel across the land, desperately trying to find a way to return Britain to its senses. When the Kings all converge on Excalibur, each determined to be the true ruler, chaos arises! What if no one has the strength to take the sword? Will there finally be peace after so much conflict, or will an unexpected figure claim the throne? Rituals, bombs, and battles ensue, and the final fate of your favorite characters and indeed, all of Britain is revealed. The incomparable Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora deliver the long-awaited conclusion to their Eisner and Hugo Award-nominated mystical modern take on Arthurian legend. Collects Once & Future #19-30. APR240073



RARE FLAVOURS #6 $4.99 Page 74
Ram V and Filipe Andrade
Against all odds, Rubin and Mo’s documentary seems like it will finally be finished but with Rubin nowhere to be found, just what exactly is he intending? Ram V and Filipe Andrade’s delectable story of celebrity, demons, and that indelible magic of cooking reaches its climactic final issue, with an ending that cements the book as another must-read from the Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo-Award nominated team. APR240093

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
During the third vicious escapade into Erica’s secret past, she finds herself squaring off with a monster worse than nightmaresX
However, as she struggles to live another day after yet another battle, it becomes clear that an even more deadly monster lies at the heart of it all, and it will take all the new skills she’s acquired to track it down… APR240039


Paul Allor, Louie Joyce, and Gannon Beck
Simon the teenage troll boy is on the run from the United States military! But with the government hot on their trail, Simon and his friends soon discover that the world is a far more complex place than they knew–brutal beyond comprehension, and beautiful beyond imagination. This critically-acclaimed story from visionary storytellers Paul Allor, Louie Joyce and Gannon Beck is available now in digest size! It’s the perfect format for this pulpy, subversive, and ultimately heartfelt tale about coming-of-age under mounting oppression–a searing and timely story you’ll want to revisit again and again. 0424CX383


DEPROG #4 $4.99 Page 278
Tina Horn and Lisa Sterle
Captured by the Adaptogentic desert cult and facing the very interdimensional bathtub ritual that killed her family, Tate once again finds herself alone against the manipulations of a charismatic leader. In this special extended finale, will Tate be able to use her deprog skills to overcome trauma and stop the latest sacrifice before it’s too late? APR241414


Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Two legendary graphic strips by the late Jeffrey Catherine Jones are collected for the first time. Idyl ran in the pages of the National Lampoon while the later I’m Age appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine. Idyl – I’m Age, a 96-page oversized 9″ x 12″ art book, celebrates the unique vision of celebrated artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones. The book has both an Introduction and an insightful Afterword by award winning artist George Pratt. Please note: Due to a production error the I’m Age strip from the October 1982 edition of Heavy Metal Magazine is missing from this collection. (OFFERED AGAIN) APR241424 (SC) / APR241425 (HC)

A note about the solicitation information for this book: Someone at some point omitted “Catherine” from the artist’s name as she chose to be known as after transitioning. However “Catherine” was omitted is something I do not know and cannot speculate on whether it was an accident or a deliberate decision and if so, why. Based on the title one can assume “Catherine” has beeb omitted from Jones’ name througout the text of the book.I have chosen to add “Catherine” here as it seems only proper to do.


BLASFAMOUS #3 $8.99 Page 301
Mirka Andolfo
In this final issue, pop icon Clelia faces a crisis after uncovering rival Dorothy’s identity. Broken physically and spirtuallyl, she and Father Lev battle against forces of… goodness? As Clelia’s world teeters, the righteousness of maintaining the status quo is threatened! Offering an intense exploration of personal and societal values in the glamorous yet ruthless pop industry, Blasfamous comes to a breathtaking, intense climax! The new, exciting series from international superstar Mirka Andolfo. 0424DY392

SOMNA HC $30.00 Page 305
Tula Lotay and Becky Cloonan
Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay both writing and drawing a graphic novel together for the first time!
Set amidst the terrifying backdrop of the witch hunts in a quiet 1600s English village, Somna follows one woman’s descent into an erotic escape from the confines of her puritanical world. From the masterful minds of Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay comes an intoxicating blend of history, eroticism, and the supernatural in SOMNA-an evocative masterpiece that draws inspiration from cinematic folk-horror gems like Midsommar and The Witch-and will transport readers to a world where passion and spirits intertwine, enrapturing your senses and leave you craving more. This Mass Market Hardcover contains the entire hit three issue series. 0424DY404

SPECTREGRAPH #2 $8.99 Page 302
James Tynion IV and Christian Ward
Trapped in the Malibu mausoleum of late billionaire Ambrose Everett Hall, real estate agent Janie Chase must find a way out to get back to her infant son. Meanwhile, Vesper Quinn, the attache for the sinister Thanatos Group, searches the mansion for the source of the occult power radiating through its walls… and coming to life before her very eyes. Two of the most celebrated visionaries of the medium, multiple-Eisner Award winners James Tynion IV and Christian Ward invite you into the world of Sprectregraph, a haunting, cerebral horror novel that peels back the layers of America’s opulent wealth and uncovers the rot underneath. But be careful: once you enter, you may never leave. Spectregraph is perfect for fans of The Haunting of Hill House & The Conjuring. 0424DY406


A BOY NAMED ROSE TP $29.99 Page 315
Gaelle Geniller
Paris. The 1920s. Rose is a boy and, like all the girls he’s spent time with since he was born, he wants to dance at “Le Jardin”, the cabaret managed by his mother. As Rose blossoms into a 19 year old young man, he discovers love and tries to find his place in a society that’s not ready to welcome true love between two men with open arms. PRIDE Month is here and we decided to celebrate Love like there’s no tomorrow! Created and beautifully drawn by Gaelle Geniller, A Boy Named Rose is going to make you fall
in love with this story, set in Art Deco Paris and where a young man discovers who he really is in a place filled with entertainme nt and drama. What is Rose’s place in the world? Is he just a boy? Is he a girl inside? Rose just wants to be accepted for who he really is and live, love and dance as free as he can be. A beautiful LGBTQIA+ tale from a time where loving differently was a challenge, A Boy Named Rose will move you, in all its subtleness and tenderness. (OFFERED AGAIN) APR241510


Gengoroh Tagame, Graham Kolbeins, Anne Ishii, and Chip Kidd
The often violent, visceral, and always provocative style of Japanese manga legend Gengoroh Tagame, one of the originators of Japanese bear culture, comes to life like never before in our two volume The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame series – the only English-language collections of Tagame’s erotic work, celebrated around the world for its groundbreaking subject matter, masterfully crafted imagery, and unbridled exploration of bondage, lust, passion, and romance.Vol. 1 includes ten short stories dating from the late 1990s to the early 2010s, with an introduction by celebrated novelist and biographer Edmund White, as well as an essay and jacket design by acclaimed novelist and graphic designer Chip Kidd. In Vol. 2, Tagame serves up what his fans love best: elaborate, sensational, beautifully rendered erotica and BDSM. Kings, monks, cops, athletes: no manly man is safe from the deliciously depraved fantasies within this treasure trove of long and short stories previously unpublished in English, accompanied by original essays and an exclusive new interview with the internationally renowned cartoonist.Our new two volume slipcased edition is a must-have for Tagame fans, as well as fans of bear cultures in general. [Please note: This book is a traditional work of manga, and reads back to front and right to left. It is also a new edition the two hard cover volumes which Fantagraphics published several years ago. This edition appear to be trade paperbacks.] 0424FB417


James Persichetti and L S Biiehler
In this queer reimagining of an Arthurian legend, Knights of the Round Table Lancelot and Tristan set out on a quest to find the missing magician Merlin but instead discover an unexpected romance perfect for fans of The Prince and the Dressmaker and Squire. When Merlin goes missing and Camelot falls under attack, King Arthur sends his estranged half-sister, Morgan le Fay, and esteemed Knights of the Round Table, Tristan and Lancelot, to find him. As the reluctant trio travels through Albion saving towns from treacherous foes and battling fae, their bonds deepen, and sparks fly between the two knights. Before they can sort through their complicated feelings, an unexpected dark force appears, bringing what just might be the end of Camelot. From debut author James Persichetti and new talent L.S. Biehler, Tristan and Lancelot: A Tale of Two Knights will sweep readers away with an epic quest and a love story for the ages. APR241567 (SC) / APR241567 (HC)


DICK TRACY #2 $4.99 Page 355
Alex Segura, Michael Moreci,and Geraldo Borges
The saga of Dick Tracy continues in a new ongoing series from Mad Cave! Dick Tracy, the iconic, yellow-clad detective, returns in a must-read noir reimagining from writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci and artist Geraldo Borges. As the City reels from the events at the Green Eye Diner, Dick Tracy must try and piece together the clues to not only discover the gunman behind the slaughter – but the man who gave the order. Who could the new player be? And how does intrepid reporter Tess Truehart fit in? A gritty, hardboiled tale that honors everything fans love about Dick Tracy-with an unforgettable twist. This isn’t your grandpa’s Dick Tracy! Don’t miss the series everyone is buzzing about. 0424MA430

GALAXY OF MADNESS #1 $4.99 Page 356
Magdalene Visaggio and Michael Avon Oeming
In the far-flung thrilling future of the 41st Century, and on the other side of the galaxy, a swashbuckling space archaeologist, Vigil Virgo, is on the cusp of learning a universe-shattering secret in this four-color fantasy! But she’ll have to dive into the abyss, where no human was ever meant to go, to do it. The question is what happens when she emerges from the other side. 0424MA433 (Oeming cover) / 0424MA434 (Paulina Ganucheau cover)

MAMMOTH #1 $4.99 Page 358
Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susin1
Something is wrong in the deep forests of Broke Tree Valley. Something deadly. Something mammoth. The legends speak of something larger than human comprehension…A monstrous phantom that disappears for decades at a time. Now, it’s back, and things are about to go Very Bad if four people-Olivia, Jess, Kokoro, and Mason, scientists who have come to the small city of Kasbro to investigate a bizarre series of seismic activities in this heavily forested valley-can’t put the Mammoth to rest. One real problem with this is…Olivia’s dead. 0424MA443

NOTTINGHAM #13 $4.99 Page 360
David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk
Battle on the bridge! On the eve of battle, history repeats itself as enemies become allies and friends become enemies and Nottingham threatens to tear itself apart. 0424MA447

SANCTION #2 $4.99 Page 360
Ray Fawkes and Antonio Fuso
While Detective Dimitrovich digs further into the shocking murders, uncovering links to the black market, Detective Smirnoff faces pressure from higher up to close the case immediately. Meanwhile, the killer strikes very close to home… 0424MA450


SCALE TRADE #2 $3.99 Page 366
Steve Orlando and Megan Huang
With an injured dragon now under his care, Carmen Tritos is more determined than ever to end the scale trade. But Tritos is realizing there’s no one he can trust, not even his own partner. With the police hounding him for the truth about his explosive raid that left multiple butchers dead, Carmen is forced to defend himself just as his next case sends him undercover to cut out the roots of the scale trade. But is this really an undercover op at all? Or is Tritos walking into a trap that pins him as an unhinged, murderous activist? Eisner Award nominated writer Steve Orlando teams with Megan Huang for a fantasy-meets-reality story that’s sure to make your heart race and warm it as well. 0424MM458


CULT OF THE LAMB #1 $4.99 Page 372
Alex Paknadel and Troy Little
In partnership with Devolver Digital and Massive Monster, acclaimed writer Alex Paknadel and Eisner Award-nominated artist Troy Little comes a deviously delightful, heretic-smashing excursion into the sprawling cosmology of the worldwide, BAFTA-nominated video game phenomenon that IGN calls “adorably demonic”! In a land pervaded by cruelty and evil, the most innocent among us-young Lamb, the last of their kind-was selected to become a final dark sacrifice. Their death would forever seal the darkest of the Old Gods from our realm and usher in a new age ruled by the four eldritch Bishops of the Old Faith. So Lamb died . . . then forged a deal of their own. At the crossroads of eternity, Lamb was met by the imprisoned deity known as the One Who Waits, who revealed the lies and distortions of the false prophets who rule the world above. And so, Lamb was bequeathed the power and responsibilities of the Red Crown and returned to the land of living with unholy powers to exact vengeance and deliver a new cult unto the earth. 0424ON469

K. O’Neill
Experience K. O’Neill’s two-time Eisner Award-winning The Tea Dragon Society larger than ever before in a new 10′ x 14′ oversize softcover treasury edition! The Tea Dragon Society is the first book in the charming all-ages trilogy that follows the story of Greta, a blacksmith apprentice, and the people she meets as she becomes entwined in the enchanting world of tea dragons. After discovering a lost tea dragon in the marketplace, Greta learns about the dying art form of tea dragon care-taking from the kind tea shop owners, Hesekiel and Erik. As she befriends them and their shy ward, Minette, Greta sees how the craft enriches their lives-and eventually her own. Winner of the 2018 Eisner Award for Best Publication for Kids Winner of the 2018 Eisner Award for Best Webcomic Winner of the 2018 Harvey Award for Best Kids Publication ALA Rainbow List (2018) 2018 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids Comics Winner’s Best Comics & Graphic Novels (2017) School Library Journal’s Top 10 Graphic Novels (2017) 0424ON493

TOXIC SUMMER takes a break this month.


RESCUE PARTY HC $25.00 Page 381
On April 1, 2020, the Instagram account of Desert Island, Brooklyn’s celebrated alternative comics shop, put out a call. By then Desert Island had been shuttered indefinitely, and cities all over the world had been locked down as the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. “We all need something positive to think about, and a lot of us have time on our hands,” the post read. “Who wants to make something?” What happened next was nothing short of remarkable, as hundreds of short comics from more than fifty countries poured into Desert Island’s inbox. Some came from notable cartoonists. Most, astonishingly, came from amateur artists just looking for an outlet to create in the midst of tragedy for a chance to join the rescue party that leads us out of isolation. Collected in this book are more than 140 notable entries from the Rescue Party project, capturing the loneliness and the surprising comforts of early lockdown; the mania of its middle days as the mind begins to fray; and the many paths forward toward humanity’s future, as we re-enter a world wracked with injustice. APR241699


JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #469 $12.50 Page 391
Ales Kot, Ian Edington & Various, D’Israeli & Various
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! The lawman is locked into one of his strangest situations in “Body Shots” by Ian Edginton & D’Israeli; Devlin Waugh’s getaway takes a sinister turn in “Two Months Off” by Ales Kot & PJ Holden; the mutated Goya tries to escape a hostile Cursed Earth in Death Cap: Frontier Justice by TC Eglington & Boo Cook; Brit-Cit detective Armitage faces a race against time in “Bullets For an Old Man” by Liam Johnson & Warren Pleece; and the latest craze brings chaos to the streets in Mega-City 2099: “The Nu Yoo” by Ken Niemand & Tom Foster. Plus interviews, features and much more! APR241756


MESSENGER GN VOL 1 $19.99 Page 394
Paul Tobin and Ray Nadine
Dare Crilley is a bike messenger and is utterly unsurpassed. She scoffs at bad weather, traffic is barely an obstacle, and she’s never even missed a delivery. That’s good, because Dare is about to discover her mysterious new client is literally divine, and that a dispute between the gods means the fate of the universe rests on a series of increasingly more difficult bicycle deliveries. Will Dare fail on any of these fateful missions? Can she assemble all the parts for the Legendary Divine Bicycle? One thing’s for sure, Dare never backs down when it’s time to deliver. APR241780


WEBTOON Entertainment
The Official WEBTOON PRIDE Coloring Collection is not just a coloring book; it’s a celebration of love, diversity, and the power of storytelling. Color your way through 15 popular WEBTOON Originals series that celebrate love, diversity, and artistic expression. Immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of LGBTQIA+ webcomics as you add your personal touch to the tales of hit WEBTOON Originals series including Boyfriends, Mage & Demon Queen, Castle Swimmer, and more. 96pgs APR242089


SKIN DEEP $9.99 Page 398
Flo Woolley
A queer horror romance comic set amongst the dim lights and graceful bodies of a nocturnal dance house. In a world where appearance and performance are paramount, shy Mareike blends into the decor. Yet when the lead dancer Sona takes an interest in her, Mareike discovers the intoxication of the spotlight… and the sacrifices needed to remain in it. Printed with a premium foil-accented cardstock cover. 0424SP514


FAITH RETURNS #2 $4.99 Page 234
Jody Houser and Aleta Vidal
Faith is ensnared in a web of deceit and conspiracy, framed by a mysterious and malevolent group known as the Faithless. Accused of crimes she did not commit, our heroine must navigate a treacherous path to clear her tarnished name and expose the truth hidden in the shadows. Final issue. APR241196


SAINTED LOVE TP VOL 1 $19.99 Page 405
Steve Orlando and Giopota
New York City. 1907. Malcolm Irina is the greatest inventor the world’s never heard of, and his lover, John Wolf, is the toughest bare-knuckle boxer in the city. Irina’s newest invention, the Chronocorridor, is nearly complete. He dreams of whisking himself and Wolf away to a time when they can live and love freely. But when crazed Detective Felt raids Irina’s lab, the couple dive into the freshly powered up portal to escape capture. Steve Orlando and Giopota (artist+creator of beloved webcomic Mothersea) hurl you across time with Irina and Wolf, as they encounter famous queer people throughout history and fight back against all who would see their names and love erased! 0424VL520


Solomon J Brager
Solomon Brager grew up with accounts of their great-grandparents’ escape from Nazi Germany, told over and over until their understanding of self was bound up with the heroic details of their ancestors’ exploits. Their great-grandmother related how her husband, a boxing champion, thrashed Joseph Goebbels and cleared beer halls of Nazis with his fists, how she broke him out of an internment camp and carried their children over the Pyrenees mountains. But that story was never the whole picture; zooming out, everything becomes more complicated. Heavyweight asks us to consider how the patterns of history emerge and reverberate, not as a simple chain of events but in haunting layers. Confronting the specters of violence as both historian and descendent, this book is an exploration of family mythology, intergenerational memory, and the mark the past makes on the present. APR241853

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