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LGBTQA Previews June 2022 Part 1

Lots of exciting comics, graphic novels, and manga as we’re looking forward to Pride this coming June! A Wave Blue World has two anthologies worth your consideration. Embodied is a collection of work by cis female, trans, and non binary poets and artists! Edited by Joe Glass and Matt Miner, Young Men In Love is filled with stories is a modern queer take on romance comics! A cropped version of the cover art is shown above! Aftershock reoffers a baker’s dozen of LGBTQA GNs and trades from its catalog! A new queer character joins the Riverdale gang! Trans man Lewis Hancox’s autobiographical graphic novel is published by Graphix! And there’s more!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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EMBODIED GN $16.99 Page 245
Wendy Chin-Tanner, Jen Hickman & Various
Mystical, rooted, painful, joyous, and ecstatic; visions of the body, our genders, and our very identities from across the spectrum of contemporary poetry come together in this monumental intersectional feminist anthology where verse and comics unite in spectacular new ways. Beautifully illustrated and bracingly written, Embodied is a memorable collaboration between cis female, trans, and non-binary poets and comics artists showcasing the power of both forms. APR22127 (OFFERED AGAIN)

YOUNG MEN IN LOVE GN $19.99 Page 245
Joe Glass & Matt Miner, editors with various contributors
Haphazard pirates, wayward ghosts, dashing knights, rampaging kaiju (and down-to-earth regular joes!) are all assembled here to amaze and delight you in a wildly unique anthology celebrating love between men, from an astounding array of comics creators who know exactly how it feels. Young Men in Love is a heartwarming, uplifting, and vibrant return to the glory days of romance comics! APR221275


Brian Doherty
In Dirty Pictures: How an Underground Network of Nerds, Feminists, Misfits, Geniuses, Bikers, Potheads, Printers, Intellectuals, and Art School Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix, author and journalist Brian Doherty tells the wild history of the outlaw, outsider, and sometimes illegal world of Underground Comix. With a narrative that weaves together the stories of Harvey Kurtzman, R. Crumb, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, and Art Spiegelman, among many others, Doherty details, in the first complete narrative history of this movement, the local scenes that sprang up in the 1960s and ’70s in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Chicago, and provides insight into the rivalries, ideological battles, and conflicts that flourished. 448 pages. [Note: Underground comix were important to the beginnings of LGBTQA representation in the comics medium. However, it’s unclear by the solicitation copy how much, if any, coverage of this history is devoted in this book.] APR221143


A CALCULATED MAN #1 $4.99 Page 214
Paul Tobin and Alberto Alburquerque
A verifiable math genius, Jack Beans used to run the numbers for the Pinafore crime family, until one day he ran them too well and concluded that the only way out of this life was in a cas-ket or Witness Protection. So, he turned state’s evidence and ran. Now, the Pinafores are out to end their favorite accountant. Little do they know that Jack’s skills with math and his perfect memory have made him a better killer than they ever could have re-alized. What follows is a journey full of murder, mayhem and mathematics. Writer Paul Tobin and artist Alberto Albuquerque unleash a master of math on a mission to eliminate a criminal empire for good. APR221152

ALTERS TP VOL 1 $14.99 Page 226
Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz
As the world struggles to accept the emergence of a new kind of human species known as alterations, or “Alters,” a young woman must navigate the path to becoming her true self, while struggling with the complications of her civilian life and the responsibilities of her newfound power. This groundbreaking series – years in the making – begins the saga of a young woman who can only really be herself… whenever she is not herself. Collecting issues 1-5 of the critically-acclaimed series, plus the original short story from AfterShock Genesis one-shot. Written by Eisner winner Paul Jenkins and illustrated by Leila Leiz. APR221173 (OFFERED AGAIN)

ALTERS TP VOL 2 $14.99 Page 226
Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz
With her nemesis, Matter Man, finally under control, Chalice begins a new chapter of her life as spokeswoman and primary recruiter for the Gateway Army. Sensing that time is running out on the safety of the world’s newest Alter, Chalice expands her search. But as she closes in, new complications arise: Chalice finds herself juggling impossible responsibilities to her family, her Alters family, and an impoverished, now-homeless family she barely even knows. As past guilts intensify, she must stand fast against the pressure of her new responsibilities, or be consumed. From Paul Jenkins and Leila Leiz comes the groundbreaking series that had to be told at Aftershock.

BACKWAYS TP VOL 1 $14.99 Page 227
Justin Jordan and Eleonora Carlini
There is a hidden nation, a nation of magic and madness, a nation that exists in all the forgotten places. In your basement, your attic, in the haunted house down the street-any one of these might be a part of the Backways. Anna Merrick lost someone in the Backways and she’ll stop at nothing to get them back-even if it means unleashing something unimaginable! As Anna is led deeper and deeper into the Backways by her guide Coyote Bones, her journey becomes more perilous as they’re stalked by ever more dangerous enemies. Will Anna save those most precious to her-and at what cost? Collecting the magical first arc of Backways-issues #1-5-written and created by Justin Jordan and with art by Eleonora Carlinithis story will be appeal to fans of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia! APR221181 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti
The Hollow is back on his never-failing hunt to eradicate his victims not only from their lives, but existence itself. Now his sights are turning to Bee and Tyler, even as they struggle to decide who they are to each other. Bee comes face to face with her greatest inspiration and direct threat, Bunny Mask. APR221161

Steve Orlando and Matthew Dow Smith
Sasha never saw his younger brother…until the secret police made him disappear. Sasha Vasnetsov left Thrice-Nine-the dirty folklore world that limps along in the wreckage of a Technomagic War-thirty years ago and never looked back. But word that the secret police have sent his brother Gena to a work camp for the socially degenerate drags him back, with a promise to free Gena and return him to their mother before her fiftieth birthday. The only problem? Sasha isn’t a fraction of the tough guy he tries to be, so if he’s going to break back into Thrice-Nine…he’ll need help. Sasha’s only hope is Maria Kamenaya, a former Technomagic Warrior with hundreds of enemy kills to her name, betrayed by the country that made her when her honor conflicted with their agenda. Thrice-Nine took Sasha’s brother, and it took Maria’s heart. This quest is how they get both of those things back, in the steaming, lawless land of decapitated states…the land of Dead Kings. Like True Grit set in the world of Final Fantasy, Dead Kings is unrelenting with its passion and thrills, massive in scale and unflinching as it peers into the underside of the obligations that drive us all: to family and country. It’s a classic Wild West revenge case against a haunting, awe-inspiring vision of a future where we’ve mortally wounded the world, and the prisoners are the only ones left to run the penitentiary.APR221182 (OFFERED AGAIN)

HORDE HC $19.99 Page 227
Marguerite Bennett and Leila Leiz
After the death of her father, Ruby Ando tries to reconnect with her estranged and isolated mother, whose hoarder house is a nightmare labyrinth of secrets and dangers. All the love Ruby was never shown she sees her mother lavish on her treasures and trinkets, the possessions that possess her. But when Ruby desperately tries to free her mother, the house wages war, ensnar-ing both women within its maze. Brought to hideous and twisted life by a mother’s love, the “Horde” is determined to purge Ruby from the collection-or see her join it forever. Brought to life by Marguerite Bennett and Leila Leiz, Horde is a haunting, housebound horror story about the things we let control us. APR221184 (OFFERED AGAIN)

INSEXTS VOL 1 $19.99 Page 226
Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
Collecting the first seven issues of the hit series INSEXTS, from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Ariela Kristantina. At the dusk of a century, a pair of vengeful Victorian vixens discover a horrifying power that transforms them into rich and strange new creatures. Armed with their dark, evolving forms, they descend into a world of the cultured and occult, with new senses and new sensuality, to forge a life for themselves and the child of their love. APR221176 (OFFERED AGAIN)

INSEXTS TP VOL 2 $17.99 Page 226
Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
In this new story-arc, the lovers have barely survived their battle with the Hag, and must now flee to Paris to heal, recover, and restore their love. But beneath the City of Light is a world of darkness, a world pulsing with witchcraft, seduction, and utter, obscene monstrosity. APR221177 (OFFERED AGAIN)

INSEXTS YEAR ONE HC $44.99 Page 226
Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
Collecting the complete Insexts series in one volume! At the dusk of a century, a pair of vengeful Victorian vixens discover a horrifying power that transforms them into rich and strange new creatures. Armed with their dark, evolving forms, they descend into a world of the cultured and occult, with new senses and new sensuality, to forge a life for themselves and the child of their love. This new monthly series is the brainchild of writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Ariela Kristantina, a comic unlike any you’ve seen before! APR221178 (OFFERED AGAIN)

KILL A MAN OGN $17.99 Page 226
Steve Orlando, Philip Kennedy Johnson, and Alec Morgan
As a child, James Bellyi watched his father die in the ring as payback for slurs thrown at the other fighter. Today, he’s a Mixed Martial Arts star top and one of the most popular fighters in the world…until he’s outed as gay in his title shot press con-ference. At the top of his game, Abandoned overnight by his training camp, his endorsements, his fans and his sport, to regain his title shot Bellyi is forced to turn to the last person he ever wants to see again: Xavier Mayne, a gay, once-great fighter in his own right…and the man James once watched kill his father. A singular achievement from writers Steve Orlando and Phillip K. Johnson with art from Alec Morgan. APR221175 (OFFERED AGAIN)

LONELY RECEIVER TP $16.99 Page 224
Zac Thompson and Jen Hickman
A Horror/Break-up Story in Five Parts. Catrin Vander, a lonely video producer, buys an Artificial Intelligence partner that’s meant to bond for life. After ten years together, her holographic wife suddenly disconnects without a warning. The breakup drives Catrin to the point of near insanity. She’s alone for the first time in years and reeling from a loss she can’t comprehend. Written by Zac Thompson and illustrated in color by Jen Hickman, this volume contains the entire series, issues #1-5. APR221171 2ND PTG (OFFERED AGAIN)

MOTH & WHISPER VOL 1 $14.99 Page 227
Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman
Everyone know that the two greatest thieves in the city are the Moth and the Whisper. What nobody knows is that the Moth and Whisper disappeared months ago and the new Moth and Whisper is actually one person pretending to be both of them: Niki, the child of the Moth and the Whisper. Niki has been trained by their parents in the arts of stealth and infiltration, but they’re still just a teenager, and now they’re alone, searching for their parents in a hostile, cyberpunk dystopia. The truth about Niki’s parents and their disappearance is out there, but can Niki survive long enough to find it? A YA cyberpunk thriller starring a genderqueer super-thief, Moth & Whisper is the brainchild of Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman. This first volume contains the highly-acclaimed issues #1-5. APR221179 (OFFERED AGAIN)

OCEAN WILL TAKE US #3 $4.99 Page 221
Rich Douek and Carlos Olivares
The mystery surrounding Almanzar Bay deepens as Casey and the gang learn more about the town’s history and its connection to Triton Oceanic. But the deeper they dig, the more danger-ous things become, as they learn just how far the cult will go to keep its secrets. APR221164

PARTY & PREY OGN $17.99 Page 227
Steve Orlando, Steve Foxe, and Alex Sanchez
Alan is used to being ignored by younger guys, so he hardly believes his luck when lithe, handsome Scott makes a move on him in the crowded gay club. But there’s a wolf on the dance floor tonight, and he’s hungry for fresh prey. A taboo-breaking queer thriller from co-writers Steve Orlando and Steve Foxe and artist Alex Sanchez, packed with twists sharp enough to draw blood. APR221180 (OFFERED AGAIN)

RAINBOW BRIDGE $26.99 Page 227
Steve Orlando, Steve Foxe, and Valentina Brancati
What if you got one last adventure with your best friend? Andy and Rocket grew up together, with Rocket serving as Andy’s guardian through every one of childhood’s ups and downs. So, when Rocket passes away right before Andy’s 14th birthday, he’s rudderless. He can’t imagine making the transition to high school without Rocket at his side. The day before school starts, when Andy is at his lowest, he visits Rocket’s grave and unexpect-edly summons the Rainbow Bridge, a gateway to a fantasy world where pets discover their afterlife. But there’s a dark shadow to this paradise, and without Andy’s help, Rocket’s eternity may be grim. The first graphic novel from AfterShock’s new YA imprint, Seismic Press, Rainbow Bridge was con-ceived and written by Steve Orlando and Steve Foxe with art by Valentina Brancati. Published in the category standard size of 6.5″ x 9.5″, this 120-page OGN will resonate with anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved pet – or who has greeted growing up with nervousness and anxiety. APR221183


SLIP GN SC/ HC $16.95 / $22.95 Page 228
Marika McCoola and Aatmaja Pandya
Right before Jade is about to leave for a summer art intensive, her best friend, Phoebe, attempts suicide. How is Jade supposed to focus on herself right now? But at the Art Farm, Jade has artistic opportunities she’s been waiting for her whole life. And as she gets to know her classmates, she begins to fall for whimsical, upbeat, comfortable-in-her-own-skin Mary. Jade pours herself into making ceramic monsters that vent her stress and insecurities, but when she puts her creatures in the kiln, something unreal happens: they come to life. And they’re taking a stand: if Jade won’t confront her problems, her problems are going to confront her, including the scariest of them all–if Jade grows, prospers, and even falls in love this summer, is she leaving Phoebe behind? APR221193 (SC) / APR221194


Barry Lyga, Paul Levitz, and Colleen Doran
Triumph. Tragedy. The empyreal. The infernal. Even the mundane, filtered through the fantastical. Superheroes are, appropriately enough, a sort of super-genre, encompassing all other story types. This YA anthology features 13 short stories that creatively turn superhero tropes on their head, while still paying homage to the genre that has found fans for more than eight decades. And there will be no mistake–superheroes don’t have to just be generic handsome white dudes. Everyone in the world, no matter their race, sexual preference, pronouns, or level of ability, has dreamed of flying. Anthology, 368 pages. APR22123


Tee Franklin, Dan Parent, and various
Brand new story by Tee Franklin and Dan Parent: “Carnival Love!” It’s time for some fun (and maybe even romance) at the Riverdale summer carnival! Looking to rekindle their relationship, Reggie is excited when he finds out Veronica’s cousin, Harper Lodge, will be visiting a traveling carnival that arrived in Riverdale! Plus, a collection of fun-in-the-sun stories perfect for a beach read! APR2212


HIT ME #4 $3.99 Page 252
Christa Faust, Priscilla Petraites, and Marco Lesko
A high-octane crime thriller from Christa Faust and Priscilla Petraites. Lulu has a very unique profession. When she is witness to the execution of one of her regular clients, she escapes into the night with a briefcase filled with diamonds and a pack of killers on her trail. Navigating the dark underbelly of decaying, early-90’s Atlantic City, one step ahead of her pursuers, Lulu must call upon every one of her street-born instincts and underworld connections in what will be the longest – and possibly last – night of her life. APR221294

THE JONESES #2 $3.99 Page 252
Michael Moreci, Alessandro Vitti, and Ive Svorcina
Spinning out of the pages of The Resistance, The Joneses focuses on a suburban family with a big secret: In the global pandemic known as the “Great Death,” mother, father, sister and brother were all transformed into something superhuman. While the world embraces fascism born of fear, the Joneses realize they face grave consequences if they are exposed as “Reborns.” Do they keep a low profile and hide in plain sight…or use their powers for good and risk exposure? APR221293

NEW THINK #1 $3.99 Page 250
Gregg Hurwitz and Mike Deodato
This Black Mirror-style anthology examines the rapid proliferation of technology, the cultural and political polarization of the country, and the technocrats that have driven us to such extremes of thought that we need to present the present as something…futuristic. Each of the five issues is a stand-alone tale with its own art team. APR221288


Matteo Pizzolo and Anna Muckracker
At the end of the world, all we have is each other. Oversized (7.25″ x 11″) deluxe hardcover collects For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice issues 1-3 (Godkiller trade volume 5). Limited to 666. APR221327

Matteo Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk
From Matteo Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk, the comic that Zac Thompson said “pushed me further than I’ve ever been pushed” returns to ratchet up the chaos, spitting punk rock fury, thundering into your eyeballs and running roughshod across your brains with its often mindbending, sometimes horrifying, always clever & devious tale of sci-fi magic, apocalyptic sex, and subversive mindbombs. APR221326


ALICE EVER AFTER #3 $3.99 Page 196
Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta
Alice has found refuge in the Asylum, but she might not be as safe as she thinks. Will her time there mean being severed from the real world permanently? And what of the institution’s suspicious funding, and Dr. Madsen’s quest for control. through any means necessary? Things grow even curiouser back in Wonderland though, as Alice meets two familiar figures who bear an uncanny resemblance to the orderlies of the asylum! APR220721

ALL NEW FIREFLY #5 $4.99 Page 177
David M. Booher and Jordi Perez
As Jayne makes light of his newfound (and very unexpected!) role in life, he faces the fury of a family he’s long neglected. But that might be the least of his problems! Even if he can find a way to bond with his closest family in the only way he knows how… Serenity has received a call from Requiem that could spell disaster. APR220633

ANGEL #6 $4.99 Page 176
Christopher Cantwell and Daniel Bayliss
Angel might have left LA, but his problems seem to follow him wherever he goes. With Cordelia struggling to keep the show together without him, she turns to a very familiar face as a potential new co-star, one whose past is also catching up with them! APR220629

BUFFY 97 #1 $7.99 Page 174
Max Bemis and Marianna Ignazzi
“That Buffy Show,” a The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets Dawson’s Creek style teen drama sitcom, is a perfect fit for the Buffster. It’s all going well until the cast gets a taste of the supernatural when the audience totally vamps out! The Scooby Gang is forced to learn actual slayage skills on live television from “TV” Buffy to save their lives, and more importantly… keep the show from being cancelled! Tap into some geeky joy with this celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Say Anything frontman Max Bemis (Moon Knight) and Marianna Ignazzi (An Unkindness of Ravens), and you’ll be five by five! APR220618

FAITHLESS III #5 $3.99 Page 196
Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet
In the penultimate issue of Faithless III, things grow even more dire following the celestial battle between Solomon and Louis. In fact, hell itself seems ready to spill into reality as Faith and Louis’s artistic masterpiece comes to life. Don’t miss the lead-in to the stunning final chapter of Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet’s erotic masterpiece! APR220724

FENCE VOL 5 $14.99 Page 184
C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
En Garde! Excitement is in the air as Nicholas and his friends celebrate their prestigious invitation to the Halverton Training Camp. But they soon find themselves pushed to their limits as they come face-to-face with the best teams in the country. Will a new addition to the opposing team help Nicholas awaken the fighting spirit he needs to prevail? And what will it mean for his friendship with Seiji? USA Today best-selling author C. S. Pacat (Captive Prince) and popular web cartoonist Johanna the Mad reunite for the next chapter in this fierce and heartfelt GLAAD Media Award-nominated series! APR22066

GRIM #2 $3.99 Page 190
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
Jessica Harrow finds herself trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead–something that no other reaper has ever experienced! Just what makes her so special? Can she make her way back to the afterlife, and what exactly is going to happen now that she can walk amongst the living?
The mystery deepens in this new series from acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips and fan-favorite artist Flaviano! APR220686

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #7 $3.99 Page 189
James Tynion IV, Sam Johns, Werther Dell’Edera, and Letizia Cadonici
After his shocking discovery of what is actually lurking in the town, Edwin is faced with a choice that will change his life forever: wait for a Black Mask to arrive and risk losing the monster, or take on the creature himself.Discover Edwin’s story and dive even deeper into the expanding world of Something is Killing the Children with the SCARLET arc of House of Slaughter! APR220680

Mairghread Scott and Fabiana Mascolo
Lilianna brings the recently-awakened planeswalker back to Strixhaven, where her unique powers stun even the world-class magic scholars! However, something makes Liliana uneasy about this mysterious figure, and with ancient forces circling, Liliana finds herself at the crossroads of an interplanar decision. All the while, the scheming Master of Metal, Tezzeret, may have his own plans for the planeswalker, and her home plane. APR220695

ONCE & FUTURE #26 $4.99 Page 196
Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora
It’s the day after Christmas, and as the kings converge on the mythical sword, Bridgette McGuire’s true plan comes to light! Everything hinges on her ritual and who it could release! A storm is brewing. Who will make it through the end of the year in order to set things right? APR220713

Christopher Cantwell and Luca Casalanguida
Where is Lee Harvey Oswald’s body? The Kennedy assassination is a rat’s nest of conspiracy theories: mafia involvement, a second gunman, a government cover-up… but the most important one may just be the idea that the body in Oswald’s grave is not actually Lee Harvey. Meet the ragtag group of “useful idiots” unwittingly brought together to clean up the crime of the century – a wannabe cowboy from Wisconsin, a Buddy Holly-idolizing (former) car thief, a world-weary Civil Rights activist ready for revolution, and a failed G-Man who still acts the part. Eisner Award-nominated writer, producer, and director Christopher Cantwell and artist Luca Casalanguida deliver an off-kilter crime thriller set in the shadows of history’s greatest conspiracy! Collects Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body #1-5. APR220665

SEVEN SECRETS #18 $3.99 Page 196
Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo
The truth about Caspar’s origins is finally revealed! In this mind-blowing ending, discover the future of the order and the very nature of the secrets themselves! APR220716

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
While Cutter’s machinations continue to unfold at the House of Slaughter, Erica has tracked a terrifying new enemy within a small town in New Mexico.
With her past quickly catching up with her, Erica must don the mask once again and head into the heart of the danger if she wants any hope of stopping this monstrous entity. APR220674

VAMPIRE SLAYER (BUFFY) #3 $4.99 Page 175
Sarah Gailey and Irene Flores
Xander is fed up with Giles and Willow for being such a drag!
But while they sort their mistakes out, Xander soon finds himself alone and under attack by a creature that proves too much for him. That is, until an unexpected would-be foe comes to his rescue, leading to a deal that could work out very well for the both of them. APR220623

Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo
Flash-forward 50 years to the third and final arc of this epic sci-fi series! With an (almost) entirely new cast, it’s the perfect place for new readers to jump on for the stunning finale. It began with questioning the gods. It finally ends here… once again… at the edge of the universe.
The lines between humanity and the divine blur even further as we hurtle towards the conclusion of this Eisner-nominated interstellar series from acclaimed writer Al Ewing and artist Simone Di Meo. APR220708


EGGED ONE SHOT $3.99 Page 270
Nick Palmieri and George Kambadais
Maria’s quiet suburban life is upended after she accidentally eggs the car of a conspiracy theorist. Now this cunning and relentless adversary threatens to expose her long-hidden secrets! Thrills abound in this satirical one-shot from writer Nick Palmieri and artist George Kambadais! APR221360


Lewis Hancox
Lewis has a few things to say to his younger teen self. He knows she hates her body. He knows she’s confused about who to snog. He knows she’s really a he and will ultimately realize this… but she’s going to go through a whole lot of mess (some of it funny, some of it not funny at all) to get to that point. Lewis is trying to tell her this… but she’s refusing to listen. In Welcome To St. Hell, author-illustrator Lewis Hancox takes readers on the hilarious, heartbreaking, and healing path he took to make it past trauma, confusion, hurt, and dubious fashion choices in order to become the man he was meant to be. APR221519 (SC) / APR221520(HC)


STARWARD #3 $2.99 Page 300
Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin
From the mouth of babes… come threats of violence! Stephanie Cohen is Starward Purple, once one of the seven sensational sisters who defended reality. Reborn in the present, she’s only just woken to her godhood to find out Kaos has had a head start on conquering reality by a few thousand years. And Kaos is everywhere. Just as Stephanie sets out to locate her six sisters, Kaos possesses Earth’s youngest and attacks. How can Stephanie win without harming the innocent? APR221530

Stephanie Phillips and Patrick Zircher
The legend lives! From the death of the last Taarakian and a collapsed universe, Taarna was born. Heavy Metal’s flagship character from the animated film returns in a new tale of cosmic mystery and battles throughout the multiverse in her war against Kako, the embodiment of chaos. This is the story of a millenia-old battle between godlike beings, with all sentient life caught in their path. A new life begins for Taarna. Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXI #8 (AUG218367) APR221532


Naoko Takeuchi
A new edition of the Sailor Moon manga, for a new generation of fans! Teenager Usagi is not the best athlete, she’s never gotten good grades, and, well, she’s a bit of a crybaby. But when she meets a talking cat, she begins a journey that will teach her she has a well of great strength just beneath the surface and the heart to inspire and stand up for her friends as Sailor Moon! The original Sailor Moon in a new, affordable edition.
Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXI #4 (APR212209) APR222083


NOTTINGHAM #8 $3.99 Page 322
David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk
In France, tensions flare between the Merry Men and the Nottingham Guard as the quest to deliver King Richard’s ransom hits a major roadblock. An attack on Marian changes everything. APR221652

POTIONS INC #1 $3.99 Page 322
Erik Burnham and Stelladia
The call of adventure always seems to hang up whenever Randelgast Jones tries to answer it, leaving him facing the dull future of working in his family’s successful potion shop. But when a powerful artifact is stolen from his parents and puts them under a terrible curse, Ran finally gets the quest he’s been after his whole life. He and his siblings set off to find the missing artifact — and its trail leads them from their homeland of Primaterra to the very strange realm of… Earth. APR221654


Lamy Thierry, Nicolas Finet, and Various
From David Jones to David Bowie and from Space Oddity to Black Star, discover the fate of an artist with a thousand faces. He is one of the most influential and creative artists of the 20th century. He explored a thousand styles and crossed the ages with splendor. His loss leaves an immense void… to fill it, discover his incredible destiny in this comics biography. APR221668

Nicolas Finet and Christopher
How did a very young messed up woman, a drug addict filled with doubt, become in a few years a planetary icon of rock music? Janis Joplin went from the shadows to the blinding light of fame in only four records (the last one issued a month and a half after her tragic death). Thanks to a worldwide movement of emancipation which would consecrate for a long time the ideals and modes of alternative lifestyles from counterculture to the flower power generation, Janis, the ugly duckling, gave free rein to her impulses. Joplin left for San Francisco, the epicenter of cultural innovation, where she lived a freedom of which she would hardly have dared to dream, abandoning herself to all impulses, overcoming without hesitation all the taboos of the time: bisexuality, alcohol, drugs, doing so not only with delight, but with the taste for excess which came naturally from her spontaneous character.


HIS HOUSE GN VOL 1 $21.99 Page 426
Hajin Yoo
Life isn’t easy for an orphan, especially when you’re as good-looking as Gangyoo. To survive on the streets, Gangyoo hires himself out to homely women in desperate need of a pretend boyfriend. Now in college, Gangyoo only needs one more gig to earn enough money to graduate and live a normal life. There’s only one catch. His new client is a man named Soohyun. And there’s only one problem. They hate each other. Being a pretend boyfriend has never been so hard. Little does Gangyoo know that his own seedy past will catch up to bite him… and Soohyun harbors a dark secret of his own. (OFFERED AGAIN) APR222119

PRINCE BARI VOL 1 $12.99 Page 426
Yohan is a celebrated shaman with a lazy spirit in the form of a boy named Donga. One day, Yoonsung, the CEO of a successful IT venture firm visits Yohan’s shop with a request to remove the powerful spirit that is Chunho. Tensions build up as the two men and the two spirits get to live together at the same place. (OFFERED AGAIN) APR222121


Magdalene Visaggio and Marc Ellerby
The epic conclusion is here! Dr. Infinity has the upper hand as Rick and his ragtag band of rebels take on the most fearsome weapon in the universe, with the freedom of all the cosmos at stake. APR221680

SEASON OF BRUJA #4 $3.99 Page 33
Aaron Duran and Sara Soler
After the sudden loss of her beloved abuela Isadora, young bruja Althalia Cabrera is desperate–if she can act quickly enough, she may be able to pull Isadora back from a cruel eternity she doesn’t deserve. Going against both everything she was taught and the warnings of her family, Althalia opens a forbidden door to the ancient past and enlists the help of the Aztec death deities Mictecacihuatl and Mictlantecuhtli. The connection supercharges Althalia’s powers but threatens the balance she must maintain if she has any chance of saving Isadora without losing everything else she believes in. APR221682


Syu Yasaka
Two college students with a shared dream and opposite paths collide; will their ambitions bring them together or pull them apart? Haruka has abandoned her dreams of the theater, but finds herself still haunted by memories. Meanwhile, Nao chases her aspirations for the stage head-on, refusing to back down or let obstacles obscure her way. When the lives of these two women cross, despite their contrary feelings, they end up entangled… as romance sparks between them. APR222145

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
The blockbuster danmei/Boys’ Love novels from China that inspired the animated series! Born the crown prince of a prosperous kingdom, Xie Lian was renowned for his beauty, strength, and purity. His years of dedication and noble deeds allowed him to ascend to godhood. But those who rise, can also fall.. and fall he does, cast from the Heavens again and again and banished to the mortal realm. Eight hundred years after his mortal life, Xie Lian has ascended to godhood for the third time. Now only a lowly scrap collector, he is dispatched to wander the earthly realm. Aided by old friends and foes alike, and graced with the company of a mysterious young man with whom he feels an instant connection, Xie Lian must confront the horrors of his past in order to dispel the curse of his present. APR222162

SEMELPAROUS VOL 3 $12.99 Page 430
Jun Ogino
Within a walled city that separates our world from the kaiju trying to destroy it, humanity fights for survival in this intense new yuri series. Ever since they were young girls, best friends Yorino and Haruka have been training to become Bastioners — soldiers who battle in a walled area that protects humanity from the kaiju trying to break through. But when Haruka is killed during a routine exercise, Yorino must fight even harder to make sure she never loses someone close to her again. APR222154

SUPERWOMEN IN LOVE VOL 4 $12.99 Page 430
When the villainess Honey Trap defeats the superheroine Rapid Rabbit, she sees her nemesis’ face for the first time… and falls head over heels in love! Unable to kill Rapid Rabbit, Honey Trap is cast out of her evil organization, her plans for world domination dashed. Now, the two superwomen are teaming up to fight evil together. Can Honey Trap defeat her former colleagues and seduce the heroine at the same time? APR222155

Takashi Ikeda
Thirty-year-old Eri and twenty-year-old Wako are “roommates.” Eri is a professional writer, and Wako’s a voice actor who’s building up her reel. Having worked together and now living together, these two women in love have a nice little life for themselves! Follow this comfortable couple in a heartwarming manga tale about the everyday humor, stressors, and joys of a life shared together. APR222157

Ryousuke Nanasaki and Yoshi Tsukizuki
From school crushes to awkward dating sites to finding a community, this collection of stories recounts the author’s “firsts” as a young gay man searching for love. Dating isn’t ever easy, but that goes doubly so for Ryousuke, whose journey is full of unrequited love and many speed bumps. But perseverance and time heals all wounds, even those of the heart. This moving memoir by gay activist Ryousuke Nanasaki, following his historic life story, was originally released in Japan in a novel of collected essays and in a beautiful manga adaptation; now both will be available in English for the first time. APR222158

NOTE: UNTIL I MEET MY HUSBAND is also available for the same price as a soft cover unillustrated “light novel.” APR222178

XGENDER VOL 1 $14.99 Page 431
Asuka Miyazaki
At thirty-three years old, Asuka Miyazaki realizes that they like women! Asuka, however, is neither a woman nor a man-instead, they’re X-gender, (a non-binary identity). Follow Asuka through the pages of this autobiographical manga as they record the ins and outs of their journey to finding love with a woman. APR222160


BLACK OR WHITE VOL 4 $12.99 Page 399
Shige has landed a costarring role on a TV drama with Tatara, a veteran actor who happens to know of his secret relationship with fellow actor Shin. And because of Shige’s lack of confidence in his own acting skills, Tatara issues him an ultimatum–to either make this role his signature performance or to stop dragging Shin down and end their relationship. Shige has a hard time accepting that men besides himself care about Shin, but he knows he must do whatever it takes to stand by his side as his equal! APR221958

CASTE HEAVEN VOL 7 $12.99 Page 399
Chise Ogawa
The third trimester begins, and the school’s atmosphere has changed. Karino grows closer to the increasingly vile Eno, and Azusa spends more of his time with recently returned Daisho. But Eno’s hatred for Azusa has him scheming up yet another event for humiliating him. Karino doesn’t want a repeat of the culture festival, but is it too late for him to right those wrongs and save Azusa? APR221959


DOCTOR WHO ORIGINS #2$3.99 Page 368
Jody Houser, Roberta Ingranata, and Warina Sahadewa
A brand newm, never before seen adventure featuring the fugitive Doctor in her comics debut! Working for the mysterious division on a dangeours assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot. Discover why this regeneration became known as the Fugitive! PR221850


CAT PROPOSED MANGA $14.99 Page 438
Dento Hayane
Matoi Souta is an overworked office worker tired of his life. Then, on his way home from a long day of work one day, he decides to watch a traditional Japanese play. But something strange happens. He could have sworn he saw one of the actors has cat ears. It turns out that the man is actually a bakeneko — a shapeshifting cat from Japanese folklore. And then, the cat speaks: “From now on, you will be my spouse.” APR222190 (OFFERED AGAIN)

CHERI MY DESTINY $12.99 Page 438
Okoge Mochino
“My chocolate’s so good it’ll make you grovel on your knees!” Kaoru is brimming with confidence. After all, he opened a patisserie after studying in France, and is the head chef of his own store. But there’s one small problem; his customers are enamored with a local Japanese sweet shop and Soujirou, the attractive and reserved craftsman who makes the treats on offer. Convinced that stuffy old Japanese confections could never compete with his modern, Western style creations, he decides the only way forward is to prove to Soujirou that his chocolates are the best. But when Soujirou accepts his gift gracefully and even compliments him on his skills, Kaoru’s intense feelings take a sudden turn in the opposite direction. (OFFERED AGAIN) APR222191

Yusen Atsuko
Yuujirou Matsukaze has been close friends with Rui Hanamine since the two of them were children. Back then, Yuujirou was the one who stood up for and took care of his adorable, soft-hearted friend. But as it turns out, Yuujirou’s childhood dreams end up growing a little too big to handle — or, rather, too tall! At over six feet in height, the cheerful and happy-go-lucky Rui towers over his would-be protector… and still has no idea Yuujirou’s had a crush on him since they were kids! APR222192 (OFFERED AGAIN)

FANGS VOL 1 $14.99 Page 438
Billy Balibally
Bitten by a vampire at a club, nineteen-year-old En barely survived. Taken under the wing of Ichii — a member of the health and welfare division of the vampire rights organization known as FANGS — En learns he’s to be taught about this new “world” he must survive in. In order to control the urge to suck blood and attack innocents, FANGS established a “pairing system,” where two vampires support one another with regular meals. As a young, virginal vampire, En is highly sought after by many senior vamps. That is, until he declares his intention to pair with his guardian, Ichii. APR222193 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Edako Mofumofu
Kasumi and Kyousuke are polar opposites when it comes to personality. Kasumi is reserved, soft-spoken and shy; Kyousuke is energetic and has always been popular among their peers. As the saying goes though, opposites have a tendency to attract, and these two have been fast friends since elementary school. To Kasumi, Kyousuke has always been a hero to look up to, someone who supports him and saves him from the bullies. But now, school is over; their relationship suddenly becomes a lot less simple to describe. Facing the world–and one another–as adults, both men find there are things they struggle to say out loud, even to each other. APR222196 (OFFERED AGAIN)


Natasha Alterici and Ashley Woods
Once again Aydis finds herself alone. Now she must journey to the elusive place known as Heimdall, the living gateway to the land of the gods. To get there, she must brave the treacherous waters of the Northern Sea. But hiring a ship proves trickier than she imagined. APR221912

Shea Fontana and Agnes Garbowska
Kenzie hates that her family moved to a castle to start a Medieval-themed resort, but all that changes when a time-traveling squire needs Kenzie’s help to get back home to the past! From the best-selling creative team behind DC Superhero Girls, this is a perfect read for fans of Phoebe and her Unicorn, The Baby-Sitter’s Club, or Witches of Brooklyn. APR22191

LUNAR ROOM #5 $4.99 Page 383
Danny Lore and Giorgia Sposito
For all their power, Angie, Sin, and Zero are stuck in a web of politics. Forced to seek help from the newest player on the board, our trio will face nasty truths none of them are prepared for. APR221913

A non-stop supernatural action adventure bathed in magic, blood, motorcycles, mayhem, vampires, and an unconventional, 1,000 year-old witch named Yonna. Magic is in the blood! A modern, Wild West road trip about a witch named Yonna cruising the Southwest as a band of bloodthirsty biker vampires, The Hounds of Love, hunt her scattered coven for the source of all magic: witch blood. From the critically acclaimed creators of The Modern Witch Tarot Deck and LongLost comes Witchblood: The Hounds of Love, a blend of action, lore, and Americana—perfect for fans of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. [Note: For some unknown reason this trade does not appear to have an order code. Diamond’s site shows this item will be in shops on April 27th.]


Fumi Yoshinaga
A hard-working middle-aged gay couple in Tokyo come to enjoy the finer moments of life through food. After long days at work, either in the law firm or the hair salon, Shiro and Kenji will always have down time together by the dinner table, where they can discuss their troubles, hash out their feelings and enjoy delicately prepared home cooked meals! Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXII #3 (MAR222265) APR222201


TO STRIP THE FLESH $12.99 Page 405
Oto Toda
Chiaki Ogawa has never doubted that he is a boy, although the rest of the world has not been as kind. Bound by his mother’s dying wish, Chiaki tries to be a good daughter to his ailing father. When the burden becomes too great, Chiaki sets out to remake himself in his own image and discovers more than just personal freedom with his transition–he finds understanding from the people who matter most. APR221974


CATCH THESE HANDS VOL 2 $13.00 Page 413
For some reason, the high school rivals, Takebe and Soramori have decided to start going out. But they just can’t get this “dating” thing right …! These former delinquent girls’ continue their relationship in this yuri comedy! APR222006

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