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LGBTQA Previews July 2024 Part 2

Hello and thanks being curious enough to check out the second half of July’s LGBTQA Previews! What’s in store this month? For the trade waiter there are lots of trades from DC and Marvel. NYX and a solo Phoenix Jean Grey series launch as part of whatever the post Krakoa period will become. Nicole Maines and Dreamer fans may want to pick up the stand alone Absolute Power Ground Zaro which is part of DC’s Absolute Power event. Two big surprises this month at least for me. Surprise #1 is queer writer Marguerite Bennett coming on board a relaunch of Witchblade coming from Image. Bennett should make for some interesting developments. Surprise #2 is a return by James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno to their premise and concept of Nice House By The Lake with the new Nice House By The Sea!

Those are the highlights that stand out for me. Please have a look to find titles that catch your attention! But first, the fine print!

This monthly column features comics, graphic novels, and books from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel. You’ll find items from publishers such as BOOM, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, other small and indy presses in part one. Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Items from are in this list. Names of people marked in bold are queer or ally creators!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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ANANSI BOYS I #3 $3.99 Page 221
Neil Gaiman, Marc Bernardin, and Shawn Martinbrough
Meet Spider, the brother Fat Charlie never knew he had. Spider is everything Fat Charlie isn’t: charming, confident, carefree. And when Spider gets a message from his dear long-lost brother, he drops his glittering life in Los Angeles to pay Fat Charlie a visit in the UK. But Spider’s in for a surprise. MAY241057

CANTO A PLACE LIKE HOME #3 $3.99 Page 221
David M. Booher and Drew Zucker
The battle for the Unnamed World rages. New Arcana is in flames. Canto’s allies are pushed to the brink. They must retreat if they want to survive. But running from the Shrouded Man isn’t easy. As Canto learns more about the evil sorcerer’s past, he realizes the only hope for his people lay where his quest began… they must go home. MAY241063

Matthew Mercer, Jody Houser, and Noah Hayes
Newly reunited, Vox Machina finds themselves in the company of an unexpected ally: Allura Vysoren, another member of the Tal’Dorei Council, who has information about the strange goings-on. One risky scrying spell later, the adventurers find themselves heading right back to where Vax and Pike started: the Clasp headquarters. MAY241066

HEARTPIERCER #4 $3.99 page 223
Rich Douek and Gavin Smith
It all comes down to this, as Atala reckons with both the Howler and his army of werewolves, and the demons haunting her own past. Can she atone for her sins and unlock the power to defeat her monstrous foe? The answers lie here, in the pulse pounding final chapter of this dark fantasy epic. MAY241077

Tim Sheridan & Various, and Daniel HDR
No one is born evil… yet evil may be made! Meet Hordak’s newest acolyte: a demon from another dimension… or so it would seem. The truth of this man’s origin is far more complicated and lives at the heart of the destiny he shares with not only Hordak, but the boy who will be He-Man. This is a story of ascension as, with newfound power, the acolyte fights to take his place as one of the Masters of the Universe! MAY241087


Paul Tobin and Luisa Russo
A new comic tie-in to video games Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Borderlands! Tiny Tina is running a new game of “Bunkers & Badasses” with explorers Frette, Valentine, and Hammerlock playing as Skrrmish the Bogbarian, Crasher the Stabbomancer, and Blasteen the Deadshot! Playing in a world from the colorful mind of Tiny Tina, the three heroes set off to hunt a bounty on the giant Hilly the Kid! MAY241109


Mark Waid, Joshua Williamson, Nicole Maines, Chip Zdarsky, Gleb Melnikov, Skylar Patridge and V Ken Marion
The dominoes fall. As the DC Universe braces for the Absolute Power blitzkrieg, the key to capturing metahuman powers on planet Earth will at last be unlocked! Bridging the events of Batman, Superman: House of Brainiac, and Suicide Squad: Dream Team, this special oversize Ground Zero issue brings Waller’s total dominance to the doorsteps of the world’s finest heroes…using the combined might of Failsafe. Brainiac Queen, and the Suicide Squad to do it! Witness years of storytelling culminate, brought to you by Absolute Power series architect Mark Waid and the masterminds behind the trinity of evil, Chip Zdarsky, Nicole Maines, and Joshua Williamson! (ONE SHOT) 0524DC001

John Ridley and Alitha Martinez
Discover the untold story of what led Amanda Waller to form the Trinity of Evil and take down Earth’s Super Heroes! It’s the Suicide Squad’s founder as you’ve never seen her before, in an all-new companion miniseries to the Absolute Power event. The definitive history of one of the DCU’s deadliest villains is at last revealed! Amanda Waller’s catastrophic attack on the metahumans of Earth has rendered both hero and villain powerless, but what led the Wall to this place? In Absolute Power: Origins, Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and fan-favorite artist Alitha Martinez will tell the tale about how one woman lost everything she held dear…powerless beneath the forces of senseless acts of chaos. The path of vengeance would bring her to two simple words that would change her life–and the lives of the entire DCU–forever: Never again. 0524DC033

ACTION COMICS #1067 $4.99 Page 28
Gail Simone, Rainbow Rowell, Eddy Barrows, and Cian Tormey
Superman and the challenge from the stars! Superman fights for two worlds! When a massively powerful alien race makes Earth their arena, Superman must stand alone against impossible challenges that threaten locations all around the world and the lives of those he loves! A not-to-be-missed epic tale of Superman’s strength, with, and resourcefulness in an early stage of his public career! Plus, New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell makes her DC debut and takes on the most powerful woman in Superman’s life…Lois Lane! 0524DC117

AMAZONS ATTACK TP $16.99 Page 53
Josie Campbell and Vasco Georgiev
Exploding out of the shocking West Billings Massacre in the pages of Wonder Woman, Amazons have been banned from the United States of America! With copycat attacks on the rise, other countries are forced to reconsider their stance on these warrior women. With all eyes now on Queen Nubia, the queen of the Amazons must lead her people through this turbulent new world order of bigotry and forced deportation. Joined by a ragtag group of Amazons, including Wonder Girl, Faruka II, and Mary Marvel, Nubia frantically searches for answers as their existence and way of life are violently taken from them. Will the Amazon tribes survive their new reputation? Can they continue their fight against evil in a world that thinks they are? And most importantly, who is orchestrating this humanitarian crisis and hatred? Collects Amazons Attack #1-6 and its prequel story from Wonder Woman #2. 0524DC190

BATMAN #150 $5.99 Page 10
Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, Denys Cowan, Mike Hawthorne
A milestone issue featuring art by the legendary Denys Cowan and series regular Jorge Jimenez! When a two-bit crook uncovers Batman’s true identity, he becomes the most dangerous man in Gotham City! Can Batman stop him before it’s too late? Does he even want to? Plus, an Absolute Power backup story by Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne teaming Batman and Catwoman on the heist of their lives against Amanda Waller! 0524DC047

Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, Adriano Di Benedetto, Various
Batman awakens to a Gotham City unknown. He walks these streets a stranger, in a world without a Dark Knight to save it or a Joker to menace it…or so he thinks. A mysterious figurehead by the name of Red Mask rules this town, and he wants Bruce Wayne dead! As Tim Drake hunts for Batman across the Multiverse, the Red Mask’s madness will threaten not only the Caped Crusader’s life–but his very purpose! Collecting Batman #131-136! 0524DC207

Chip Zdarsky, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jorge Jimenez, Andrea Sorrentino and Others
Following the cataclysmic events of the Gotham War, Batman finds himself completely isolated from his family, struggling to keep the rage of Zur-En-Arrh in check. But he can’t stop, because he’s out there, haunting the city, taunting the Dark Knight: The Joker. And the new Batman is ready to stop him once and for all. But wait…Batman is also battling a legion of himself! What has Zur done? Plus, the terrifying tale of The Joker Year One: a mysterious figure from Batman’s past has come into The Joker’s orbit, changing the Clown Prince of Crime forever! What secrets does the re-formed Red Hood Gang have for Batman’s future? Collects Batman #139-144. 0524DC179

BATMAN DARK AGE #4 $5.99 Page 26
Mark Russell and Michael Allred
Batman’s world begins to grow as the people of Gotham realize they only need a costume to justify their problematic behavior. Fortunately, with Robin at his side and an empowered populace, Batman begins to turn the tide in his war against crime. But he isn’t the only one preparing an army–Falcone is readying his own recruits to take the battle to new lows. Will a figure from Bruce’s past play a key role in the battle to come? 0524DC108

Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, Tony S. Daniel, J.H. Williams III, and Others
One of the greatest storytellers of his generation, Grant Morrison’s arrival in the world of the dark knight changed the character forever. Witness the deconstruction of a hero and the beginning of one of comic’s greatest epics. Collects Batman #655-658, #663-675, and stories from 52 #30 and #47. 0524DC195

Ed Brisson, John Timms, Various
From the pages of Batman come the complete adventures of Ghost-Maker and his Batman Incorporated team! Collects Batma: Incorporated and Batman annual #1. 0524DC204

Ivan Cohen and Puste
The Scarecrow’s new fear toxin has Gotham City too frightened to function! Batman and Mystery Inc. are able to put off the inevitable for a while as they investigate, but soon they fall victim as well–except for Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, who seem weirdly immune. It turns out that always being scared has some advantages, after all! 0524DC176

BIRDS OF PREY #11 $3.99 Page 25
Kelly Thompson, Gavin Guidry, and Javier Pina
The Birds of Prey’s personal failings threaten to turn an advantage into a disadvantage as their search for Barbara continues to be more fight for their lives than search for Oracle. Oh, and there are dinosaurs. 0524DC102

Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Arist Deyn
Every mission matters. Every life saved is a miracle. But this time, it’s personal. Dinah Lance is one of the world’s most elite fighters, but sometimes even the Black Canary needs help. With her young sister held prisoner by the Amazons, a near-impossible rescue is in order. To save her sister, she re-forms the Birds of Prey with an unrivaled group of badasses–Cassandra Cain, Big Barda, Zealot, and Harley Quinn–and only one goal: extraction without bloodshed. What could possibly go wrong? Kelly Thompson makes her long-awaited DC Universe writing debut, joined by her own birds of a feather Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Collects Birds Of Prey #1-6! 0524DC18

BLUE BEETLE #11 $3.99 Page 35
Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez
Jaime Reyes has found himself since becoming Blue Beetle. He’s made new friends, saved the world, and found a new place to call home as he’s struck out on his own. So what’s next for Blue Beetle and the rest of la familia escarabajo? 0524DC150

CATWOMAN #67 $3.99 Page 24
Tini Howard and Carmine Di Giandomenico
Nine Lives enters its penultimate chapter! Selina’s journey has brought her everywhere, from the deepest reaches of the ocean to the cold vacuum of space, but she’s out of places to hide. With enemies closing in all around her, there’s only one place left to go–home. Prepare for the fight of Selina’s life(s) as the White Glove launch their attack on Gotham City! 0524DC097

Jay Kristoff, Tom Taylor, Tirso Cons, and Riccardo Federici
The snow falls thick, blood runs black, and color itself is only a distant memory. The legendary assassin Deathstroke stalks a frozen wasteland, killing for coin among a nation of ever-warring jarls. But when our murderer for hire finds himself cast in the role of reluctant guardian, will he fight to end the icy curse destroying his land or be consumed by the sins of his own dark past? The red-hot Dark Knights of Steel epic expands into bone-chilling new territories with new surprises in store! 0524DC061

Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, Neil Edwards, and Lucas Meyer
The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid has set the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. As the Anti-Life Equation spreads throughout the cosmos, the survivors of Earth must prepare for the coming apocalypse. Against impossible odds and an all-powerful bringer of chaos, their only chance at salvation lies with the most powerful surviving hero…but getting their help, let alone finding them, will risk everything… This horrifying conclusion to the DC Universe’s darkest epic collects Dceased:War Of The Undead Gods #1-8. 0524DC209

Ram V, Dan Watters, and Javier Fernandez
Gotham City is besieged on all sides. The Orghams’ iron fist holds the city in a death grip. The Joker’s Daughter terrorizes the streets, while Mr. Freeze’s most apocalyptic creation yet menaces the city from below. Does the Dark Knight stand a chance? 0524DC073

FLASH #11 $3.99 Page 32
Si Spurrier and Ramon Perez
As Barry, Max, Mr. Terrific, and Pilgrim head into the Speed Force to uncover what’s really causing all the chaos around the world, Wally returns home but is under the same mind control that seized Barry. Meanwhile, Linda finally meets the Resident, the being Wally turned to while trapped in the Gallery! 0524DC133

GREEN ARROW #14 $3.99 Page 34
Joshua Williamson and Amancay Nahuelpan (CA) Phil Hester
With a new brand of deadly Amazos on the attack across the DC Universe, no one is safe! So, the Green Arrow family tracks down the Amazo’s original creator…Professor Ivo. Can he help them stop Waller’s master plans? But they are not the only ones searching for Ivo… Oliver Queen is also on the hunt! [Connor Hawke is in the cast.] 0524DC147

Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Montos
On Earth, Ellie Stewart’s efforts to protect her mother are turned against her, as her seemingly idyllic fantasy world is turned into a nightmare realm by the terrifying Star Shroud! Meanwhile in the Dark Star of the Fenn, John Stewart’s will is tested against the will of the Old Gods themselves, and intergalactic war hangs in the balance…but he won’t have to do it alone, as he gets an 11th-hour assist from the Green Lantern Corps! It’s a reunion for the ages in this penultimate chapter of Green Lantern: War Journal! 0524DC145

HARLEY QUINN #42 $4.99 Page 23
Tini Howard, Joanne Starer, Natacha Bustos, and Marcial Toledano Vargas
Let’s be honest; I ain’t always the easiest ta get along with. Hey, don’t agree so fast! You ain’t exactly the bee’s knees yerself! Okay, where was I–oh yeah, om the run! My scientific study on villainous villains has gone all kinds of wrong, and I’ve made myself a whole lotta enemies in a real short time: Mistah Freeze! Robin! And worst of all, this new cop Pulaski, who’s got a target aimed smack dab at my head. Don’t shoot my head, Pulaski! I love my head! And assumin’ Pulaski doesn’t shoot my lovely head, step inside it for a lovely story about the power of readin’ books and why burnin’ em is no good (terribly inefficient as a fuel source)–as brought to you by the librarians who keep kickin’ me out of the video section–Joanne Starer and Marcial Toledano Vargas! 0524DC091

Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell
John is lost…not just ask for directions lost, either. He’s lucky if he can even identify what plane of existence he’s on. With the enigmatic hitchhiker as his guide, John will have to find his way back to Nat and Noah. But when he does, he’s finally going to have to explain that he’s a walking corpse. 0524DC171

James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Guillem March, Francesco Francavilla, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Others
From acclaimed writer James Tynion IV comes his complete and terrifying Joker saga. Collecting stories from The Joker #1-15, Joker Annual (2021) #1, Batman: Joker War Zone #1, and Batman 100. 0524DC193

Josie Campbell and Pablo M. Collar
After the mysterious android is captured by a covert military group, Superman realizes he can’t just bust through a government facility and take what he wants. No, this looks like a job for mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent! 0524DC153

NICE HOUSE BY THE SEA #1 $4.99 Page 12
James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno
No one who was invited to the House knew Max–but she knew each and every one of them. Masters of their fields, titans of industry and knowledge, they all represented the best and brightest of humanity. So when Max whispered to each of them the truth of what they deserved–to be saved from disaster, to carry on the flame of civilization in a paradise built just for them–they all leaped at the chance. Why not? Why shouldn’t they be the ones to live forever? Isn’t it their destiny to survive the culling of the lesser herd? Wouldn’t being named the future of humanity be…nice? With the Eisner Award-winning The Nice House on the Lake, honored as Best New Series by the prestigious Angouleme International Comics Festival, James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno shocked the comics industry and unleashed a classic of contemporary horror…and no matter what you might think is coming, you aren’t ready for their second act! 0524DC053

Outsiders #9

NIGHTWING #116 $4.99 Page 22
Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
Everything Dick Grayson has built is crumbling around him. His life is spiraling out of control and Heartless is at the center of all of it. Now Nightwing must leave his city. Can he take back the power he’s lost? Or will Bludhaven and its citizens be lost to Heartless forever? 0524DC079

OUTSIDERS #9 $4.99 Page 26
Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Robert Carey
The lost city of Canon. The Outsiders’ journey through–and outside of–the multiverse continues! Deep beneath reality, two cities follow diametrically opposed philosophies. One is built from legacy, continuity, and order, and the other is born of innovation, reinvention, and chaos. Between the delicate balance of their narratives sits our story–as well as the key to changing it. To do so could jeopardize the DC Universe as we know it… so who is plotting to do exactly that? 0524DC111

POISON IVY #24 $3.99 Page 23
G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara
The Death Of Pamela Isley. Dr. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man (a.k.a. Floro), has stacked the deck in his favor. Neither Ivy’s powers nor her allies are enough to put an end to Floro and his devilish plan to turn Ivy’s victims against her. As time, and her own supply of blood, runs out, one thing becomes apparent: to bring the outbreak of the parasitic fungi, Ophiocordyceps Lamia, to an end, Poison Ivy will have to kill both her own creator and herself. 0524DC086

POWER GIRL #11 $3.99 Page 30
Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, and Julio Ferreira
Forever alone? Dating is hard, especially if you’re Metropolis’s breakout hero Power Girl. Will an innocent date with the mysterious Axel be just what Paige needs to get her groove back? Or are there some skeletons in her suitor’s closet waiting to be set free? 0524DC122

Power Girl #11

Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, David Baldeon, and Marguerite Sauvage
It’s a super-powered road trip of epic proportions when a looming Kryptonian threat can only be stopped by Power Girl! What has Superman and his family telling Paige she’s the world’s only hope? It’s the body-hopping menace called Symbio, and to stop it, Power Girl must reconnect with her roots before time runs out for the entire world! Plus: an out-of-this-dimension team-up with Supergirl and a hair-raising solo adventure for Streaky the super-pet! Writer Leah Williams joins artists Eduardo Pansica, David Baldeon, and her Power Girl Returns collaborator Marguerite Sauvage in this collection of issues #1-7 of the Power Girl ongoing series! 0524DC183

SHAZAM #13 $3.99 Page 30
Josie Campbell and Emanuela Lupacchino
Where in the world is Billy Batson?! Freddy and Mary hit the road to track down their teenage runaway brother, but little do they know he’s hiding right under their noses in the subway! Meanwhile strange new monsters are stalking the streets of Philly. Can Billy still prove he’s hero enough to save the day without the Captain? 0524DC125

TITANS #13 $3.99 Page 32
Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer
As Raven’s powers grow, the jealousy of her surviving siblings grows with them. Will their rivalry lead to doom for all? Do the Titans stand a chance against the spawn of Trigon? 0524DC137

Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, Lucas Meyer, Travis G. Moore and Others
In DC’s first-ever Titans-centric crossover, can the fan-favorite heroes save the world from their teammate as shape-shifting chaos is released across the globe? Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman–all are powerless to stop the Necrostar from ending all life on Earth. The only hero who can save the world is…Beast Boy?! With Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, and the Titans beside him, can Garfield Logan rise to battle an ancient evil? What will Amanda Waller do to take advantage of the situation as millions of people–including many of DC’s iconic heroes!–are changed into rampaging creatures? Can humanity survive all-powerful heroes and villains transformed into ferocious beasts? And as the world goes wild, can Raven discover a way to save Beast Boy? If that’s not enough…who is Doctor Hate, a mysterious new threat unleashing their own unique brand of chaos? Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become…Beast World. This volume collects Titans: Beast World #1-6 and Titans #6-7 and sets the stage for the next evolution of the DC Universe! 0524DC181

Tom Taylor, Chuck Brown, Joshua Williamson, and Sami Basri, Keron Grant, Jamal Campbell, and Others
What’s going on with Beast Boy, and why is everyone turning into animals? The ramifications of the Titans’ battle with Starro are being felt all across the globe, and as the bestial infection spreads, the shape-shifting spores begin to take root. From the dark streets of Gotham to Metropolis, Central City, Bludhaven, and even Atlantis–follow the feral tales of your favorite heroes and villains as they lose themselves to their more beastly nature. Collects Titans: Beast World Waller Rising #, Titans Beast World Tour Metropolis#1, Titans Beast World Tour Gotham #1, Titans Beast World Tour Central City #1, Titans Beast World Tour Atlantis #1, Titans Beast World Tour Star City #1 and stories from Nightwing #109 & 110, and Action #1060. 0524DC182

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of comics’ masterpieces. From the legendary duo of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely comes the journey of three house pets weaponized for lethal combat by the government, on the run and searching for home. Collecting the complete and expanded series with an extensive behind-the-scenes section. 0524DC199

WONDER WOMAN #11 $4.99 Page 99
Tom King, Daniel Sampere, and Belen Ortega
Waller’s war! Wonder Woman’s quest for the truth is placed on hold as she comes face-to-face with Amanda Waller’s latest toy, a Task Force robot ready to take all her powers for good! Do the Justice League Dark have enough tricks up their sleeves to save our Amazon princess? Find out as this tie-in to Absolute Power begins! 0524DC042

Mariko Tamaki and Javier Rodriguez
Magician on trial! Despite Zatanna’s willful determination to avoid Real Magic at all costs, a terrifying showdown with the interdimensional demon that interrupted her stage show reveals that she might not have run as far from the world of sorcery as she once hoped. Now a mysterious group of magic casters emerges from the shadows to accuse her of wielding great and terrible power against one of their own–her late father and greatest shame, Giovanni Zatara! 0524DC165

ZATANNA & THE RIPPER TP VOL 04 $14.99 Page 63
Sarah Dealy, Rachel Koo, and Syro
The dazzling story of magic and murder continues in a new print edition of supernatural stories from WEBTOON! Trapped in 1880s Whitechapel, Zatanna Zatara must hunt down the real Jack the Ripper… And while Zatanna has used magic to keep the meddlesome John Constantine away from her forever, he seeks out an ally to break Zatanna’s protection spell (hello, Gorgo!). Can the out-of-time duo mend their rift and return to the present in time to prevent Zatanna’s father’s death at the hands of a merciless sorceress? Collecting episodes 31-38 of WEBTOON’s smash-hit series, optimized for a brand-new reading experience in print. 0524DC218


STAR TREK DEFIANT #17 $4.99 Page 231
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
Enter a brand-new arc and the beginning of a new era for the disavowed, mercenary crew of the U.S.S. Defiant! Political corruption ensues as Sela and her father, General Revo, leverage the imprisoned Defiant crewmates to kidnap the Romulan praetor and chairman of Tal Shiar Intelligence to advance their sinister plot to take over Romulus…

Sam Maggs and Ornella Greco
Before becoming the Federation’s finest, Jean-Luc was an ordinary student at Starfleet Academy with sights on the stars. His path forward was charted: blow his classmates out of the water on the infamous Evasive Maneuvers exam and graduate early. But there’s a detail Cadet Picard hadn’t factored into his plan: the exam was a group project and he’d need to make friends with, ugh, people if he stood a chance at passing. Federation starships aren’t run by a party of one, after all. During the training exercise, Picard accidentally puts the lives of himself and two of his classmates, Doq and Marty, in danger! MAY241156

Jason Aaron and Joelle Jones
New Series Premiere! New Jumping-On Point! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all left New York to pursue their own interests, but there are forces gathering that will pull them back together whether the bad guys like it or not. First up: Raphael! But why is everyone’s favorite brawler in prison?! When a surprise attack behind bars puts Raph’s position in jeopardy, he needs to figure out how to get out of jail and warn his brothers that trouble is coming. Superstar writer Jason Aaron teams up with Joelle Jones for the first issue of a new TMNT series that will start a bold new era, celebrating the TMNT’s 40th anniversary while setting them up for the next 40 years to come! MAY241157


Maria Llovet
Maria Llovet returns with this sexy one-shot compilation of her 3-part story, previously published in the Image 3Oth Anniversary Anthology. Mamen is a young art historian who has become a jewelry thief because of a trauma from her past. Damon is a hitman tired of his bosses. Oblivious to their secret lives, they meet cute and promise to go on a date. But fate unites them before they planned, as both witness each other’s crime. (One shot) 0524IM238

BLACK CLOAK #8 $3.99 Page 169
Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren
The city of Kiros shudders under the shadowy threat of its first true serial killer. Black Cloaks Pax, Essex, and rookie Alden II follow a dangerous trail leading them deeper into both their case and the secrets of the city. What other horrors might the Essex Fire have unearthed? 0524IM273

DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH #24 $3.99 Page 169
James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds
Before Lee Harvey Oswald took his fateful place in the window of the Texas Book Depository, he spent time behind the Iron Curtain. This is fact. But he wasn’t just a sympathizer-he was on a secret mission to infiltrate the Soviet Ministry of Lies. This is Truth. 0524IM278

James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds
Some fictions manifest in reality as dangerous, half-formed things. The Department of Truth relies on hunters to track down and contain these wild tulpas before they become too real. In these case files from the Department of Truth Field Office, discover the truths, hoaxes, and lore of some of the most dangerous cryptids the rangers have ever catalogued. Designed as in-world reports on beings like Mothman, Bigfoot, the Flatwoods Monster, and more, each entry features stunning art from some of the most renowned illustrators in comics, including James Stokoe, Bill Sienkiewicz, Yuko Shimuzu, Erica Henderson, Department of Truth co-creator Martin Simmonds, and more. Collects The Department of Truth: Wild Fictions entries, as well as exclusive additional materials from the acclaimed series by multiple Eisner Award-winning writer James Tynion IV and acclaimed artist Martin Simmonds. 0524IM253

DEVIANT #7 $3.99 Page 169
James Tynion IV and Joshua Hixson
With Michael accused of being a depraved copycat killer, Derek struggles to put together the clues to clear his partner’s name. And the only person he can turn to for help is Randall Olsen…the man convicted as the original Deviant Killer. 0524IM286

DOMAIN #1 $3.99 Page 164
Chip Zdarsky and Rachael Stott
Miniseries premier! When three best friends discover a crashed UFO, they also discover technology that gives them incredible abilities! But there’s a catch: only one of them can use the powers at a time! Can their friendship survive the power’s temptation? In the pages of Image’s Eisner-winning series, Public Domain, Syd Dallas and the team at Dallas Comics reimagine their classic character The Domain for a new audience, and…this is that comic! This special series, written by Chip Zdarsky with amazing art by Rachel Stott and Eren Angiolini is a classic superhero story for those coming in fresh, and a fun meta story for readers of Public Domain! 0524IM22

MONSTRESS #53 $3.99 Page 172
Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
As the pain of their separation increases, Maika begins to wonder if she will ever reunite with Zinn-and if an alliance with her megalomaniacal father might be her only chance to save those she loves. 0524IM327

NIGHTS #9 $3.99 Page 169
Wyatt Kennedy and Luigi Formisano
A Christmas issue? In July? What a concept! The gang take a trip to NYC for Vince’s college admissions interview, and some wacky holiday shenanigans ensue! Watch out for Kwazampus! It’s the Kwanza Krampus! It’s just Krampus with rhythm. 0524IM330

PUBLIC DOMAIN #6 $3.99 Page 173
Chip Zdarsky
The hit Image series that won the Eisner for Best New Series is back! Can it now win Best Series? Probably not! That’s a really competitive category! Dallas Comics is up and running! But can Syd put aside his feelings and make a domain comic for a new generation before Jerry Jasper and Singular Comics beat him to it? And who is the mysterious British hunk, Carter Dusk? Nobody knows, but it’s his first appearance, so you better buy this issue and get it graded just in case! Chip Zdarsky is back, writing and illustrating his fun and heartfelt examination of the comic book industry and (Vin Diesel voice) family! 0524IM245

RAT CITY #4 $2.99 Page 173
Erica Schultz and Ze Carlos
As Peter’s powers continue to grow and evolve, he starts to learn a bit more about where they come from, and that means he becomes a target! 0524IM335

SAGA #67 $3.99 Page 174
Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Saga returns for its epic 12th season as 12-year-old Hazel embarks on the most important adventure of her young life. 0524IM246

Dan Watters, Ram V, Matthew Roberts, and Dave Stewart
Miniseries finale. It all ends here. Who will survive the final showdown with the Creature? 0524IM374

WHISPER QUEEN #3 $3.99 Page 177
Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka
Miniseries finale. Our heroes gear up for their last stand against The Dark Whisper, but nothing could have prepared them for the price they will have to pay for victory. Don’t miss the sensational ending from Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka! 0524IM395

WITCHBLADE #1 $4.99 Page 163
Marguerite Bennett, Giuseppe Cafaro, and Arif Prianto
Series premier! Sara Pezzini is back in an all-new origin story! A reimagining of the classic storyline, this high-octane supernatural thriller starts at the beginning with familiar characters and new story arcs. New York City Police Detective Sara Pezzini’s life was forever fractured by her father’s murder. Cold, cunning, and hellbent on revenge, Sara now stalks a vicious criminal cabal beneath the city, where an ancient power collides and transforms her into something wild, magnificent, and beyond her darkest imaginings. From co-creator Marc Silvestri and writer Marguerite Bennett with artist Giuseppe Cafaro comes a bold new era of Witchblade! 0524IM221

W0RLDTR33 takes a break this month.


Justina Ireland and Marcelo Ferreira
Morbius is the one man close enough to a cure for vampirism. The vampires of the world cannot allow that cure to be reached. Spider-Man has Misty Knight, Colleen Wing and the Lizard on his side. But it won’t be enough. MAY240681

ANNIHILATION 2099 #1 $4.99 Page 61
Steve Orlando, Ibraim Roberson, and Dale Eaglesham
Who is the last Nova?! A remote town on a remote world is devastated by the ravenous, unforgiving Knull Set, a gang of raiders and thieves obsessed with offering all life up to the darkness. But that all changes when a stranger comes to town, a stranger from the stars who answers to his own code. The last survivor of Xandar…the last Nova. Who is the Last Nova, and what great tragedy does he carry on his back? Is he the inheritor of the Nova Corps or its destroyer? FEB248697

ANNIHILATION 2099 #2 $3.99 Page 62
Steve Orlando, Jose Luis, and Dale Eaglesham
A Wakandan tech goddess! Star Lord guards the solar systems of 2099! But she faces a villain like no other: Quasar, the living star! Born to a fallen star, raised on Planet Wakanda, Starlord risks her life to save a world against a sun gone mad! MAY240771

ANNIHILATION 2099 #3 $3.99 Page 62
Steve Orlando, Pete Woods, and Dale Eaglesham
Rage of the Red Hulk! Explorer Ross Romero’s team ends up mining Ego the Living Planet! What makes Ross transform into an all new Red Hulk whose cosmic strength and hyperspace jumps are fueled by the power primordial? And is the new Red Hulk’s power enough to defeat Terrax, the Planet Hunter? MAY240774

ANNIHILATION 2099 #4 $3.99 Page 63
Steve Orlando, Ario Anindito, and Dale Eaglesham
A Faustian pact to shake the stars! His life cut short, Mephisto offers Jonah Marlo a deal – more time among the living in return for his soul. Now he collects souls for his master as the Silver Surfer of 2099! But he can do the devil’s bidding no longer! It’s Mephisto vs the Silver Surfer with a galaxy of souls on the line! MAY240777

ANNIHILATION 2099 #5 $3.99 Page 63
Steve Orlando and Dale Eaglesham
First contact with the Impaler! After a derelict spacecraft crashes on an alien world, the wreck reveals a deadly discovery – Dracula! But this is a planet terrified of the daylight, which Dracula couldn’t love more. Soon, he’s their hero. When a Darkhawk attacks from the stars, Dracula fights back! But does he want to save the planet or make it the first world in his new empire? MAY240780

AVENGERS #16 $3.99 Page 27
Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa
Blood Hunt tie in. Baron Blood strike! Captain America must battle a vampire-overrun Hydra! Will Cap’s ragtag group of heroes be able to handle Baron Blood’s army of vampires? And what about rescuing the hordes of civilian prisoners? PLUS: What’s next for the Avengers Emergency Response team? MAY240661

Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuna
A thrillingly dark new vision of the Avengers! In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more. But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, the Avengers are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream itself dead? And how do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them? With the clock ticking down to New Year’s Day, Steve must build an army to save America! Will his surviving friends sign up, or will he have to lead the ragtag group called the Defenders against the expert military marksman known as Bullseye? And can Steve infiltrate the Raft, a government facility full of secrets and danger off the shores of New York City, before the new Iron Man sentences him to the same gruesome fate as Tony Stark? Collecting Avengers: Twilight. MAY240852

Erica Schultz and Luciano Vecchio
The Widow’s bite is venomous! Natasha Romanoff, the infamous spy known as the Black Widow, didn’t go looking to bond with an alien symbiote. But a good spy works with all the tools available to her, and when one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the universe lands in your lap you take it. Now she just needs to figure out how to work with a weapon with its own drives and desires. Redefining Widow’s relationship with her symbiote, and setting the stage for her appearance in Venom War! MAY240696

BLOOD HUNTERS #3 $4.99 Page 26
Sean Mckeever, Erica Schultz, Josh Trujillo, Bernard Chang. Robert Gill, and Lan Medina
Dr. Doom has used his iron fists to keep his entire nation of Latveria safe from the vampire menace. But when a new threat arises elsewhere, Doom personally intervenes – with a vengeance! Elsewhere, in a remote farmhouse, a group of ordinary humans fight for survival against the bloodthirsty menace known as…Hellcow! (You didn’t think we’d get through this event without a Hellcow story – did you?!). And in the ongoing saga, Dagger and Elsa Bloodstone must reluctantly team up with the deadly White Widow in order to survive the night. Witness the formation of the soon-to-be-legendary Blood Hunters. [Note there isn’t an order code I can find. This issue is listed on Marvel’s site and appears in its current Previews catalog. Marvel states the sale date is July 3rd. Neither does it appear in order lists for two comic shops I’ve checked.]

BLOOD HUNTERS #4 $4.99 Page 26
Fabian Nicieza, Erica Shultz, Giada Beliviso, and Bernard Chang
When Earth’s skies go dark, it attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer! See the Blood Hunt event from an entirely new and cosmic perspective! Then Satana and her basilisk intend to show the invading vamps exactly what happens when you cross the daughter of Satan! And finally, Hallows’ Eve enters the fray, joining Dagger, Elsa Bloodstone and White Widow for a final showdown with the vampiric hordes! But the end of this tale is just the beginning for the Blood Hunters! MAY240659

CAPTAIN MARVEL #10 $3.99 Page 72
Alyssa Wong and Ruairi Coleman
Alone at last! One more fight to win it all. To save everyone. Carol Danvers is the only one who can do it – if anyone can at all. The Captain lies bleeding on the crystal plains of the Negative Zone. Can she get up, just stand up, one more time? MAY240813

DAREDEVIL #11 $4.99 Page 63
Saladin Ahmed and Juann Cabal
Dead on target! Beset by the most vicious foes they’ve ever known, the Daredevils – Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios – are on their last legs. Everything they’ve fought for, together and apart, has led to this – and now the stage (literally) stands set for a brutal and barbaric finish! MAY240707

DAREDEVIL VOL 2 $24.99 Page 101
Saladin Ahmed, Aaron Kuder, and Various
Matt Murdock has been born again, but his past isn’t done with him! In their first no-holds-barred arc of Daredevil, Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder tore Matt’s world asunder! With those closest to him ensnared by a dangerous and malevolent force, Matt has been left with nothing but questions. He’s about to finally start getting some answers from the strangest source of all, but whatever mysterious evil has made Matt’s life a living hell for weeks has now put him and his fearless alter ego Daredevil on a collision course with the one and only Wolverine! A dragnet is closing around Matt Murdock, with police on both sides of the law hunting him, something vicious stalking his friends and the return of an old foe with the blood of Matt’s closest allies on his hands! Plus: Stories celebrating sixty years of the Man Without Fear! Collecting Daredevil (2023) #6-10. MAY240851

Erica Schultz and Michael Dowling
After the stunning events of Daredevil #11, Daredevil’s allies are left more vulnerable than ever before. If they’re able to survive, it will fall to Elektra and Matt Murdock to not only save their city as Daredevil, but also protect the people they love the most as they’re targeted by some of the most dangerous, violent elements the Marvel Universe has to offer! MAY240710

DEADPOOL #4 $3.99 Page 19
Cody Ziglar and Roge Antonia
Deadpool vs Death Grip! The showdown you’ve been waiting for! But first, a training montage for Deadpool’s newest recruit! FEB248707

Joe Kelly and Adam Kubert
Wade abd Logan’s all out war concludes! WWIII has emerged. Wolverine is tested beyond his limits. Deadpool is no more?! Discover how this drastic showdown figures into the Delta’s plans. And with those who watch counting on unending bloodshed, whose will be the last blood to spill? The epic finale to the Deadpool and Wolverine doubleheader that’ll be the talk of the summer! MAY240632

Danny Lore and Vincenzo Carratu
What cannot be done is what must be done! he vampire scourge continues to ravage Earth as the Blood Hunt rages on and Dracula must move to assert his place in the hierarchy of the night! That is, if he can convince Brielle Brooks, A.K.A. Bloodline, to bend to his will – unfortunately, she’s a teenage girl, and convincing her of anything will take every resource the immortal Lord of Vampires has at his disposal. [Note there isn’t an order code I can find. This issue is listed on Marvel’s site and appears in its current Previews catalog. Marvel states the sale date is July 17th. Neither does it appear in order lists for two comic shops I’ve checked.]

Gerry Duggan, Various, Lucas Werneck, Various
The shocking conclusion of the Krakoan era! Mutantkind has never had a greater fall, from the highs of Krakoa – their own glorious nation, a place where they were safe and happy – to the lowest of lows. Now, they face two of the greatest threats to ever target them at the same time. Orchis has left them outlawed and hunted, with most of their kind missing or dead – and now one of their greatest leaders, Cyclops, is on trial and facing the death penalty. Meanwhile, a secret adversary has risen to power outside of reality, and as hopeless as the fight to save their species might seem, it’s nothing compared to the fight to save the entirety of reality. Ready or not, the time has come to make their final stand against the forces that have struck them low – across every corner of the globe and all of time itself! The threats that began with the very inception of the nation of Krakoa finally come to fruition to wipe out all life and all freedom. All that stands against them is the X-Men. What can they do? They’re the X-Men. They’ll find a way, and the future of mutantkind will be forever changed! Collecting Fall Of The House Of X #1-5, Rise Of The Powers Of X #1-5 and material from X-Men (2021) #35. MAY240861

HULK BLOOD HUNT #1 $4.99 Page 31
Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Danny Earls
What lies beneath! Hulk and Banner’s quest to save Charlie’s soul leads them through the Old West town of Old Tucson, population of one but the last man in town has a heck of a story to tell. Before the night ends, Hulk and Banner will learn that there’s a lot more than meets the eye in Old Tucson, and that there’s a lot more under the desert floor than either of them could have guessed. Don’t miss this spine-chilling chapter of the Blood Hunt event! MAY240677

IMMORTAL THOR #13 $4.99 Page 70
Al Ewing and Jan Bazaldua
Enter: Hercules! The son of Zeus sought Thor out – for Toranos’ wheel had turned for the Olympians too, and two Gods together might solve such a mystery. The trail took them to a wasteland of snow and ice…to terror and treachery…and to an old foe of Hercules, at the height of her dread power. New series artist Jan Bazaldua draws the story of the Immortal Thor…and the Night Mother’s vengeance. Plus, part 5 of Deadpool/Wolverine: Weapon X-Traction. MAY240804

Al Ewing, Derek Landy, David Baldeon, and Sara Pichelli
Infinity Watch part three. Faced with the menace of Utgard and a prophecy of his own doom, the son of Odin sought out the legendary Power Stone to aid his fight. Only two things were in his way. Firstly, the mighty champion of the universe – with strength to match Thor’s own – was also questing for the stone. Secondly, the Stone is now inside a person – the prince of power! Plus, Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli continue the journey of the Death Stone Bearer and the scar it will leave on the universe! MAY240790

INCREDIBLE HULK #14 $3.99 Page 69
Philip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein
As Banner struggles to escape the terrifying mindscape in which Hulk keeps him prisoner, Charlie’s soul is trapped inside a nightmare of her own and she’ll need both Hulk and Banner if she has any hope of escape! Meanwhile, the mysterious Eldest is watching Hulk’s every move, as her plan to free the Mother of Horror takes shape and we get a glimpse at just how far back her grudge against Hulk goes! Plus, part 1 of Deadpool/Wolverine: Weapon X-Traction. MAY240800

Bryan Hill and German Peralta
The truth behind Blade! With the Midnight Sons now (mostly) banded together, a showdown is imminent. Which means Blade must finally answer to his former comrades! Can Blade be saved? What about his enemies? And what’s the future for the Midnight Sons? MAY240645 [Victoria Montesi is featured in the mini series.]

NYX #1 $4.99 Page 10
Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Francesco Mortarino
This is NYX! This isn’t a book about X-Men. This is a book about mutants living past the end of their world and into a new beginning. This is Ms Marvel embracing her mutant life in the neon streets of the Lower East Side. This is Anole trying to keep his head above water. This is Wolverine in the shadows of Bushwick, protecting her own. This is Prodigy writing history as it happens – and Sophie Cuckoo finding her own way. The news reports are bleak. The streets feel dangerous. There’s something lurking underground. Evil coming from every direction. But they’re determined to make it. This is mutant community. This is mutant pride. This is NYX. MAY240616

PHOENIX #1 $4.99 Page 12
Stephanie Phillips and Alessandro Miracolo
Life! Fire! Power! Possibilit! Phoenix! She is Jean Grey. She is Phoenix. She saves the world. She brings death. One woman, alone in space, who not only must do what no one else can: she yearns to. A desperate S.O.S. from Nova brings the Phoenix to the edge of a black hole, where hundreds of lives hang in the balance…and whatever Jean does – or fails to do – will bring darkness to the universe and haunt her in ways she can scarcely imagine. FEB248728

Al Ewing and Luciano Vecchio
As the Krakoan era approaches its end, the X-Men’s greatest enemy returns! On Krakoa, resurrection from the dead was as easy as completing a circuit – but Krakoa fell. The time of easy miracles is over, and only the hard roads are left. Now it falls to Storm to bring Magneto home to fight against the Fall Of The House Of X – but after all he did and all that was done to him, can the Master of Magnetism bear to come back to life? In the depths, Magneto was given a key by strange forces – and impossibly, he holds it still. Now, in death, Max Eisenhardt judges his own life – and counts the cost. Should he return to the world? And what does the Deep Key unlock? Collecting Resurrection Of Magneto #1-4. [This is another comic with an order issue. Included in the print catalog and Diamond Previews but not listed in my two comics shops sources. On sale August 14th with an order code from February – FEB248738.]

SCARLET WITCH #2 $2.99 Page 57
Steve Orlando and Jacopo Camagni
The Scarlet Witch is trapped in a realm where her survival depends on the strength of her will – and the benevolence of its overseer, the Queen of Nevers! And Darcy Lewis, convinced Wanda’s never coming back, chooses to bet Lotkill’s survival on the aid of a sworn enemy. MAY240755

SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #10 $3.99 Page 72
Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet
What is the fate of She-Hulk and Jack of Hearts? Their love has blossomed over the last two years of this She-Hulk story, but this issue will define it for the future!MAY240816

Greg Weisman and Humberto Ramos
Peter Parker vs Miles Morales! No holds barred, each trying to take the other out! What could have pitted them against each other so viciously? Who has the skills to pull that off? What effect will the collateral damage have?! MAY240737

SPIDER-BOY #9 $4.99 Page 56
Dan Slott and Nathan Stockman
Spider-Boy vs Spider-Verse! Bailey Briggs, the one and only Spider-Boy, is trapped in the Web of Life and Destiny! Tumbling through the Multiverse! Featuring at least one Spider you’ve seen before but never on these mighty Marvel pages. Maybe someone out there will find a way to get his life back. MAY240752

Stephanie Phillips and Federica Mancin
Gwen vs Gwen! Gwen has had a hard time figuring out who she can trust in her new life in 616 or convincing anyone to trust her. All of which is about to get a whole lot worse as a classic Spider-foe sets about making everyone see her as a villain! [This issue apparently was already solicited according to Diamond Previews and held back perhaps because it’s a Weapon -Traction tie in.] APR240747

SPIDER-GWEN SMASH TP $17.99 Page 106
Melissa Flores and Enid Balam
The multiversal web-slinger returns! It’s time to face the music when the Mary Janes head off on a four-city tour as the opening act to one of Earth-65’s biggest rock stars! Gwen has promised the band that this big break will be all about the music. No web-slinging, just drums. But when a mysterious assassin targets the headliner, Gwen begins to wonder how she got this gig in the first place. And as the tour continues, she’ll share the stage with stunning new versions of some of your favorite characters – pulling double duty as drummer and secret bodyguard for Dazzler! Collecting Spider-Gwen: Smash #1-4. MAY240855

SPIDER-WOMAN #9 $3.99 Page 52
Steve Foxe and Ig Guara
Jess learns the truth about these new champions of The Assembly and whose side they’re really on. But the shocking reveals keep piling up with the return of someone we thought was dead! MAY240741

Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason
The acclaimed creative team reunites for more anarchic adventures! In a world without Norman Osborn, Spider-Punk reigns! This ain’t no victory lap, though: Just as Hobie Brown gets the Spider-Band of Earth-138 back together in a bid to rebuild society, Justin Hammer and Doctor Otto Octavius have other plans – like introducing the world to the Spider-Slaying Sentinels! Grab your boots, your instruments, your amps and let’s go! Guest-starring T’Challa and Shuri from Wakanda! Collecting Spider-Punk Arms Race #1-4. [One of the supporting cast is a gay.] MAY 240856

Daniel Jose Older and Luigi Zagaria
The kids have found the Darkhold and are ready to cast the spell to destroy all vampires. But they don’t have the power to do so, Will Doctor Doom help them?! MAY240683

SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN 2099 #5 $4.99 Page 52
Peter David and Roge Antonio
Brother against brother! Miguel O’Hara is completely out of control. The symbiote is taking over. Kron Stone, aka Venom 2099, has pushed them both over the edge. Is Miguel willing to trade the lives of his friends and family, the years of good he did as Spider-Man – all for unrivaled power?! All of Nueva York will be Spidey and Venom’s battlefield for this climactic conclusion! MAY240743 [Peter David has written a number of LGBTQA characters, including making Rictor and Shatterstar a couple. It is unknown if this comic will include any LGBTQA characters or content.]

Christopher Cantwell, Luca Pizzari, and German Peralta
Thanos vs. the Illuminati with the fate of the planet at stake! As the Mad Titan descends to retrieve a cherished something he has lost, the Illuminati must band together once again to stop him – because they’re the ones who hid it from him in the first place! And to prevent Thanos from destroying the planet as part of his quest, they’ll need to bring in the biggest gun they’ve got: the Incredible Hulk! But what – or who – is Thanos looking for? And when he finds what he seeks, what fate awaits the Illuminati? With powerhouses Emma Frost and Blue Marvel joining Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic – and Thanos raging mad following a painful rejection – get ready for the most consequential showdown in the history of the Marvel Universe! Collecting Thanos (2023) #1-4. MAY240850

VENOM #35 $3.99 Page 53
Al Ewing and Cafu
Venom War prelude – Brock against Brock! Following Carnage’s battle with Venom and his assault on the Garden of Time, Eddie Brock – all the Eddie Brocks – are in free fall… literally! The future of the entire Earth – and all of time – is now at stake. For both Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, have glimpsed terrifying visions of each other’s future as Venom. For calamity to be averted, can either Brock suffer the other to live? [This is another comic with an order issue. Included in the print catalog and Diamond Previews but not listed in my two comics shops sources. On sale July 3rd with an order code from February – FEB248758.]

VENOMVERSE REBORN #2 $4.99 Page 55
Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Adam Warren, and John McCrea
Across the Venomverse! Symbiotes have long taken hosts all over the multiverse, and this issue brings a mix of the all-new with the returning favorites! First up, Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings us a brutal take on Venom born in the age of Vikings! Then, Adam Warren brings us the return of the final biological life in his universe, the Venom of Venom: The End! Plus, Chris Giarrusso brings us a tale of Mini-Marvels Venom! And of course, it’s all framed up by current Venom mastermind Al Ewing with artist Danilo S. Beyruth! MAY240748

X-MEN VOL 6 $17.99 Page 113
Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and Joshua Cassara
The X-Men’s last stand! As the chaos of mutantkind’s fight back against their fall at the hands of Orchis rages in Fall Of The House Of X, other forgotten foes come out of the woodwork to take on the X-Men in their time of peril! Synch and Talon find themselves once more besieged by the High Evolutionary and his creations to reap the consequences of their last encounter – and the results will be devastating! Then Nimrod shows just why the X-Men lived in fear of its creation! The ultimate weapon of mutant extinction is ever-adapting, ever-evolving, with only one goal: death to mutantkind! But with the end nigh, Kate Pryde and Illyana Rasputin fight side by side – blades in hand! And the X-Men assemble for what might be the last battle of the heroes of Krakoa! Collecting X-Men (2021) #30-34. MAY240864

Stephanie Phillips and Robert Gill
The vampires will stop at nothing in their bid for supremacy, including capturing mutants for hellacious experiments to boost their own power. But not on Laura Kinney’s watch! The Wolverine slices a swath through the vamps, but when she encounters the truth behind their machinations, will an unlikely ally prove to be more than she bargained for? MAY240693

Steve Foxe and Lynne Yoshii
Ninja vs vampire! After serving on the frontlines in the war against Orchis, Kwannon is enjoying some much-deserved downtime with her new lover Greycrow. But when darkness falls across Japan, Psylocke will wield her psionic blade against bloodsucking creatures of legend and faces a foe unlike any she’s ever seen. An all-new villain emerges in the mayhem of Blood Hunt! [Note: This comic is solicited in the current Previews but isn’t listed in the order lists of two comic shops I use. Diamond has an on sale date of July 3rd and a February order code – FEB248782.]

X-FORCE #1 $4.99 Page 8
Geoffrey Thorne and Marcus To
A new path forged! The world is fractured. FORGEs his powers of invention to devise the only fix: an all-new, all-different X-Force leads a custom-made, handpicked team of mutants – Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock, Sage, Surge and introducing Tank – in off-the-books missions so dire, so integral to the fate of the Marvel Universe, there’s no time to stop for permission! As Forge detects increasing threats across the planet, he will recruit a specialist for each target – first up: that regenerating degenerate, Deadpool! Be here for an X-Force like you’ve never seen them before, stick around to see who joins, who lives, who dies and uncover the mystery of Forge’s discovery! MAY240607

X-MEN HEIR OF APOCALYPSE #3 & 4 $3.99 Page 60
Steve Foxe and Netho Diaz
Warren Worthington III long ago – and at great cost – made peace with the seed of Death that Apocalypse planted within him. But as the contest to choose an heir rages on, Archangel takes the fight to Apocalypse himself, to make sure no one else suffers at the hands of En Sabah Nur! MAY240767

The survivors of Apocalypse’s deadly trials confront the final test as their past, present and future converge. When the dust settles, only one will remain to safeguard mutantkind’s destiny by any means possible. Only one will become…the heir of Apocalypse. MAY240769

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