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LGBTQA Previews July 2024 Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first part of July’s Previews in which I’ve looked over the current Previews catalog and put together a list of comics, trades, and graphic novels with the occasional book that may be of interest to you, dear reader. C S Pacat and Johanna the Mad return with fan favorite Fence in an extra long two parter! Not familiar with Fence or missing some trades? Maybe you lent yours to a friend who never returned it? You’re in luck because Boom makes all six volumes available for ordering. Boom’s new horror anthology Hello Darkness will feature a six part Something Is Killing the Children story. Tee Franklin collaborates with Paul Kellam in Sea Magic for a romantic fantasy tale of a sea siren and a pirate falling love. The above image is cropped from issue one’s cover art. Derek Charm returns with another issue of Toxic Summer coming rom Oni. Gail Simone fans will want to check out the Misty 2024 special from Rebellion that she helms with several other creators to visit a beloved British horror comic that first appeared in 1978.

As always there’s much more! And please overlook the tiepos — um typoes — $#!% — typos!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two. Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman, and Peter Krause
Jamington (The Chandelier) Winthrop-his crime-fighting career in ashes-embarks on an alarming new path…as a podcaster!!! Meanwhile! Captain Ohio thinks about the past! and! Emperor King’s scheme to take over the Peculiar Islands starts to unravel! PLUS! Gallons of corrosive acid are splashed by a certain adorable chimp! Awww!, 0524AH399


SUCKERS GN $9.99 Page 239
Do you know how hard it is for a 20-year-old guy to live independently? Rent, food, expensive hobbies…Plus, you have to find time to hang out with friends and not get burnt out at work. Lemoni Peters knows. And when some freak shows up in his backyard claiming to be a vampire, promising eternal life, Lem agrees without a second thought. Wait a minute… What makes this pompous jerk think he can crash at his house?! That wasn’t part of the deal! Where will the bizarre proximity of a supernatural being and an almost-not-human lead: to a deadly rivalry, a friendship for the ages, or could it turn into something more? Oh boy… MAY241212


Ron Robbins and Laura Braga
When new student Trula Twyst comes to Riverdale, her mysterious and quiet nature doesn’t mix well with the squeaky-clean facade of Riverdale High. Tormented by her past and with a keen interest in Behavioral Psychology, she sets her sights on dismantling the traditional high school hierarchy from within. How? By a simple game of Truth or DareX This horror one shot is smart, sexy, and for fans of movies like Escape Room, Saw, and Girl, Interrupted. One shot. MAY241036


YOUNG MEN IN LOVE GN $19.99 Page 274
Various & Various
Haphazard pirates, wayward ghosts, dashing knights, rampaging kaiju (and down-to-earth regular joes!) are all assembled here to amaze and delight you in a wildly unique anthology celebrating love between men, from an astounding array of comics creators who know exactly how it feels. Young Men in Love is a heartwarming, uplifting, and vibrant return to the glory days of romance comics! [YMIL was first published in June 2022] MAY241355


BRIAR #7 $3.99 Page 88
Christopher Cantwell and Alex Lins
In the penultimate issue of the second arc of Briar, our heroine and Spider find themselves in chains at the dreaded Crane Island prison, and a secret Spider has kept from Briar behind hushed lips will finally make itself known! This new revelation causes a crisis for Briar, who will have to contend with the fearsome warden and the walls surrounding her and Spider and also the wall between them. MAY240131

C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
The Kings Row fencers are fresh off of Halverton Training Camp and ready for the State Championships, bringing with them the burden and blessing of a brand-new reputation as underdog champions. As attraction rises between Nicholas and Seiji, the team will face old training rivals in their first match, but MacRob has a secret strategy that turns the tide. Series and New York Times bestselling writer C.S. Pacat and artist Johanna The Mad return for the next long-awaited installment of the GLAAD Media Award-nominated Fence! MAY240085

Fence Longshot #1

FENCE TP VOL 1 $9.99 Page 78
C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
Return to the thrilling world of high-stakes, competitive fencing, with a brand new story featuring the beloved cast of characters from the original hit series. Are Seiji and Jesse really through? The rumors around Halverton, the prestigious fencing training camp, have spread like wildfire, but it’s not long before a mystery fencer arrives…one who may finally pose a threat to the #1 spot. Will Seiji’s unquenchable quest for rivalry take Nicholas’ place? Where will his loyalty lie? And, when Seiji gets an up close and personal look into Nicholas’ past and determination against adversity while preparing for the difficult road ahead and the State Championships, he’ll have to confront a tempting thought – are they on – a date? New York Times and USA Today best-selling author C. S. Pacat and acclaimed cartoonist Johanna the Mad continue their winning streak with this on-point entry in the GLAAD Media Award-nominated series! Collects Fence: Redemption #1-4. MAY240088

FENCE TP VOL 2 $14.99 Page 78
C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
Tryouts are well underway at King’s Row for a spot on the prestigious fencing team, and scrappy fencer Nicholas isn’t sure he’s going to make the grade in the face of nearly impossible odds, and his seemingly unstoppable roommate, the surly, sullen Seiji Katayama. It’ll take more than sheer determination to overcome a challenge this big!
Collects issues #5-8. MAY240089

FENCE TP VOL 3 $14.99 Page 78
C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
Sparks fly white-hot on the pitch as Nicholas and Seiji finally face off once again in the halls of King’s Row. It’s a match that will change King’s Row (and both of them!) forever, and set the stage as the team journeys to face their bitter rivals and prove themselves once and for all. The third volume of the breakneck series from writer C.S. Pacat and fan-favorite artist Johanna the Mad comes at you as fast as a parry and hits as hard as a strike. Collects issues #9-12. MAY240090

FENCE TP VOL 4 $14.99 Page 78
C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
The GLAAD Award nominated series Fence returns as a graphic novel series as best-selling novelist C.S. Pacat and popular online sensation Johanna The Mad present the next all-new thrilling chapter of the Kings Row fencing team! Just as Nicholas, Seiji and the fencing team at the prodigious Kings Row private school seem to be coming together, a deadly rival from their past stands in their way once more. MacRobertson is the school that knocked Kings Row out of the State Championships last year – but unless Nicholas and Seiji can learn to work together as a team, their school is doomed once again! And maybe those two can learn to be something more than teammates too. MAY240091

FENCE TP VOL 5 $14.99 Page 78
C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad
En Garde! Excitement is in the air as Nicholas and his friends celebrate their prestigious invitation to the Halverton Training Camp. But they soon find themselves pushed to their limits as they come face-to-face with the best teams in the country. Will a new addition to the opposing team help Nicholas awaken the fighting spirit he needs to prevail? And what will it mean for his friendship with Seiji? USA Today best-selling author C. S. Pacat and popular web cartoonist Johanna the Mad reunite for the next chapter in this fierce and heartfelt GLAAD Media Award-nominated series. MAY240092

C.S. Pacat and
Johanna The Mad
Note: The solicitation copy for volume six is the exact same copy for volume one for both the print catalog and at Diamond Previews. The following order code is for volume six. MAY240093

GRIM #19 $3.99 Page 67
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
Jess’ fight against Adira continues, but there are new enemies she will have to face! Eliminating chaos in the afterlife will be a tall order, and the question of who will rule in the end still remains… MAY240048

HELLO DARKNESS #1 $5.99 Page 54
Garth Ennis, James Tynion IV, Becky Cloonan, Werther Dell’Edera & Various
Horror fans rejoice in cadaverous delight, because Hello Darkness is a brand new monthly anthology series featuring what BOOM! Studios is known for – the best in modern Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery, not to mention the darkest stories yet from an all-star cast of creators! With a spine-tingling lineup of industry legends including Garth Ennis, Becky Cloonan, James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera, Brian Azzarello, Vanesa R. Del Rey, John Arcudi, Ryan Sook, and more, everything from primal fears to modern political horrors will be awakened, in the classic style of Creepy and Eerie and the contemporary chills of Black Mirror. Fans can also expect stunning main covers by Paolo Rivera, variant covers by Jenny Frison on every issue, and a guest artist variant on every issue! In addition, a deadly new Something is Killing the Children story unfolds in the first 6 issues, along with a bone-rattling new serialized tale by Garth Ennis and Becky Cloonan for the first 7! MAY240015

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #25 $4.99 Page 60
Tate Brombal and Antonio Fuso
In this landmark double-length issue, Tate Brombal and Antonio Fuso bring Jace Boucher’s epic saga to its deadly conclusion in the blood-soaked finale of The Butcher’s War!
After witnessing the aftermath of a tragedy, Jace is enraged-now, it’s personal. And meanwhile, caught in the Dragon’s claws, will Sunny remain in captivity, or will Jace’s revenge bring freedom? MAY240026

I HEART SKULL-CRUSHER! #5 $4.99 Page 81
Josie Campbell and Alessio Zonno
Tyrants, battle royals, and bubble cities galore as Trini and her teammates struggle to survive during their final hour in post-apocalyptic America.
But they’ve grown to be far more than just a team, and what they must do will threaten to tear them apart-or worse! MAY240094

MAN’S BEST #5 $4.99 Page 87
Pornsak Pichetshote and Jesse Lonergan
As the animals make a precious discovery aboard the Terraformer that none of them saw coming, disaster seemingly strikes. In the end, a cosmic entity and a stunning new world will do little to mend the hearts of those who lose someone dear to them. MAY240122

SEA MAGIC #1 $4.99 Page 48
Tee Franklin and Paul Kellam
Falling in love with a pirate? That’s the last thing that Lolo expected as a teenage siren, but an apprentice swashbuckler named Jewelle stole her heart! But such an unlikely romance comes with dire consequences, because Lolo must lure victims as a siren, and her parents have chosen a tragic target for her. Will Lolo and Jewelle find happiness somehow? Or stay star-crossed at sea? A brand new pirate romantasy series from critically acclaimed author Tee Franklin with award-winning illustrator Paul Kellam, for readers of You Brought Me The Ocean and The Nameless City. MAY240010

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
Ahead of the landmark 40th issue of Something is Killing the Children, get ready for the final issue of the character-defining Year Zero arc with another nightmarish standalone adventure! As Erica takes on a vital mission in a remote and isolated town, witness her terrifying journey into a gruesome challenge that will take a miracle to escape. Charting her path to becoming the legendary rogue monster slayer, fans can expect a closer look at the trial by fire that forged her in this self-contained issue. MAY240035


ONE FOR SORROW #2 $8.99 Page 317
Jamie McKelvie
The Magpie has murdered a wealthy businessman in his own home, sparking fear among London’s population that no one is safe from this supernatural threat. Pressure mounts on a police force with no leads, but disgraced private detective Ignatious Thorn makes a startling discovery about his own connection to the killer. Elsewhere, medium Madame Hendrikov claims she has information from the spirit world about the Magpie. Barmaid Bess Turner moves deeper into the capital’s criminal underworld, and faces a deadly test of loyalty when someone she cares about is in the wrong place at the wrong time. And all the while, the Magpie gets closer and closer to the mastermind who sits at the center of everything, like a spider in its web. But if he’s the spider, does that make the Magpie his prey? Jamie McKelvie returns with another issue full of violence, suspense, and horror in One For Sorrow. 0524DY431


BUTTERFLY TEARS TP $19.99 Page 328
Yili Fang
It is said that love can survive anything. But can it trump death, deception, toxicity and privation? In four stories, Butterfly Tears delivers four different takes on love and loss. From supernatural romance to impossible relationships, Fang Yili revisits Chinese myths and stories in her own way to create a rich and emotional depiction of classic Chinese tales beyond gender, society or condition. The first story, “Tragic romance”, is inspired from the classic Chinese legend “Butterfly lovers”. Zhu Yingtai is the only girl in a nine children family. But she can’t accept that women aren’t allowed to study in college. She decides to attend anyway, posing as a man. There, she meets Liang Shanbo and falls in love with him. But Zhu has to return home and reveal herself as a woman. Liang travels to find Zhu, but unfortunately, their love can’t exist in this life. Will it happen in Death? In “Butterfly Tears”, a butterfly falls in love with a human. But he doesn’t see her for who she is. Still, she knows in her heart that they are destined to be together, even though she’ll die before him. As she transitioned to the next life, she meets Madame Meng, the latter gives her a bowl of a very special soup. Then she waits for the love of her life to cross the Dark Huangquan road. Will they find each other in the next life? In “Lover”, Xiao Lang is a warrior and Dragon whisperer. But he mourns the loss of his lover, Nong Yu, bound by a thousand-year curse. Xiao Lang has waited for centuries to be reunited with his bride. So, when the opportunity finally comes, is it a dream sent by the evil Queen Mother or reality? Finally, “Mr Hua”, analyzes the impact of fate on feelings. Can those from previous lives passed on to the next? Can love transcend gender, space and time? MAY241575


PIZZA FACE GN VOL 2 $12.99 (SC) / $$24.99 (HC) Page 346
Rex Ogle and Dave Valeza
It’s time to face facts! On the first day of seventh grade, Rex encounters a bump in the road X a big angry pimple right in the center of his forehead. And this is only the beginning of his problems. What follows is a frustrating battle with stubborn acne, body odor, and other embarrassments of puberty. Still struggling with a home life edging on the poverty line, Rex can’t afford to buy the acne medication or deodorant he needs, and bullies are noticing Rex’s awkward transformation. On top of it all, things have gotten weird with his friends, making Rex feel like he can’t do or say anything right. So far, seventh grade stinks! MAY241647 (SC) / MAY241648 (HC)


TIED TO YOU VOL 2 Page 468
Chelliace and What
His heart torn from the bittersweet pain of Jiseok’s sweetness and affection, Wooseo has turned instead to his Ring Partner, Jigeon, unaware of the older’s deep-rooted feelings for him. In a moment of drunken weakness, Wooseo seeks comfort from his “stand-in Jiseok”…and the two of them kiss?! But Jiseok isn’t completely oblivious and he’s starting to catch onto the fact that something may be going on between his brother and his best friend… MAY242132


Yoshie Kaoruhara
Despite being on opposite sides of the law, Public Security Bureau agent Ichiro and yakuza lieutenant Shiro use a whirlwind romance as camouflage for investigating the mystery of Rion Nakaba’s disappearance. While Shiro had already been looking into the politicians and criminals mentioned in the journal his sister left with him, not everything in her notes is as it seems. When the fake lovers catch a break in the case, they find themselves stepping into more dangerous waters than either could have anticipated. MAY242169

Naoko Takeuchi
A new edition of the Sailor Moon manga, for a new generation of fans! Featuring an updated translation and high page count in a more affordable, portable edition, perfect to go wherever you or the legendary guardian in your life want to take it. Teenager Usagi is not the best athlete, she’s never gotten good grades, and, well, she’s a bit of a crybaby. But when she meets a talking cat, she begins a journey that will teach her she has a well of great strength just beneath the surface and the heart to inspire and stand up for her friends as Sailor Moon! MAY242173


DICK TRACY #3 $4.99 Page 355 Page 374
Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, and Geraldo Borges
The origin of Dick Tracy continues in the hit new series from Mad Cave! Battle lines are drawn as the city braces for an all-out gang war – and Dick Tracy and his ragtag allies are scrambling to piece together the mystery that might prevent it! But how does today’s raging turf war tie into Tracy’s own haunted memories from his time in the service? Plus: the true identity of the new player on the scene becomes clearer! 0524MA459

GALAXY OF MADNESS #2 $4.99 Page 377
Magdalene Visaggio and Michael Avon Oeming
Vigil Virgo, space archeologist extraordinaire, believes she has found the map that could help her uncover what happened to her parents when they went searching for the source of the universe. Odysseus, the captain of the Verisimilitude and Vigil’s father figure, shuts down the idea of following the map immediately. So, without many other options left, Vigil now must steal a shuttle from Odysseus and strike out on her own…with the help of Krios. There is no way that this act of rebellion will end well! 0524MA470

MAMMOTH #2 $4.99 Page 377
Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susin1
Road trip with a dead friend! Olivia is dead. But Olivia is back. And she wants to go somewhere? But…where? In the vast forest of Broke Tree Valley, something supernatural is waiting. Something monstrous. Something mammoth. Only a car full of fools would drive into the fog and mystery of those deep dark forests, or toward the deeper darker lake, but that’s just what Jess and the others are doing, only to find that the eerie secrets at the bottom of the waters are about to surface. 0524MA479

NOTTINGHAM #14 $4.99 Page 379
David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk
The turning of the wheel! The end begins as hell rains down on Nottingham. Blood and bodies line the walls and fill the streets as Hood and the King make their final move. 0524MA482

David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk
The best-selling series from David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk returns in a new Spanish language edition! In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation makes him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to sa1y nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking amongst the trees of Sherwood, led by an enigma known only as ‘Hood.’ Collects issues #1-5. 0524MA484

SANCTION #3 $4.99 Page 381
Ray Fawkes and Antonio Fuso
When violence puts Detective Dimitrovich’s family in danger’s path, Detective Smirnoff takes steps to protect both them and his own reputation – even if it means skirting the law. Despite the mounting threat, Dimitrovich’s interest in the case turns to obsession – revealing more murders – and leading him to a deadly discovery. 0524MA485


SCALE TRADE #3 $3.99 Page 386
Steve Orlando and Megan Huang
Agent Carmen Tritos of the Dragon Conservation Agency-the DCA-has uncovered darker forces behind the scale trade than even he ever imagined. But with every step Tritos takes toward the truth, he becomes more and more isolated. Tritos is slowly realizing that with the deck stacked against him, he’ll have to abandon the rulebook to find true justice. Carmen resolves to strike the scale trade where it hurts most-even if it means striking within the DCA’s own house. Doing so puts a huge target on not just Carmen’s back, but that of Filo-his rescue dragon friend. Can Carmen survive long enough to make a real difference? Eisner Award nominated writer Steve Orlando teams with Megan Huang for a fantasy-meets-reality story that’s sure to make your heart race and warm it as well. 0524MM499


CULT OF THE LAMB #2 $4.99 Page 402
Alex Paknadel and Troy Little
Rejoice! The hit video game from Devolver Digital and Massive Monster is now a full-blown comics phenomenon . . . and acclaimed creators Alex Paknadel and Troy Little shall reap the Lamb’s vengeance! The Lamb settles into their new role as Wearer of the Red Crown and Magnanimous Leader, and along with new follower Nana, begins to build living quarters and, most importantly, the shrine where the quickly growing cult will feed the fervor of the Lamb’s new power. Elsewhere, the Bishops of the Old Faith feel fresh pain in old wounds as the One Who Waits declares a new earthly vessel, and Leshy is instructed to put an end to this new threat before the Lamb’s sway over the land and its people can grow. 0524ON514

Josh Trujillo, Ryan Little, and Jarrett Williams
The finale in the universe-spanning epic quest from writers Josh Trujillo and Ryan Little and illustrator Jarrett Williams Rick, Morty, and Jerry’s search for the Dream Balls and their mission to save Rick’s old boyfriend has brought them to the greatest narrative conflict of all. The nefarious Casteratis, society, nature, technology-none of these can pose a greater risk to Rick Sanchez than Rick himself. 0524ON535

K. O’Neill
Revisit the enchanting world of Tea Dragons with an all-new companion story from critically acclaimed graphic novelist K. O’Neill! Now experience The Tea Dragon Festival larger than ever before in a new 10′ x 14′ oversize softcover treasury edition! Rinn has grown up with the Tea Dragons that inhabit their village, but stumbling across a real dragon turns out to be a different matter entirely! Aedhan is a young dragon who was appointed to protect the village, but fell asleep in the forest eighty years ago. With the aid of Rinn’s adventuring uncle Erik and his partner, Hesekiel, they investigate the mystery of his enchanted sleep . . . but Rinn’s real challenge is to help Aedhan come to terms with feeling that he cannot get back the time he has lost. 0524ON538

TOXIC SUMMER #2 $4.99 Page 403
Derek Charm
Beach Blanket Blood Bath! Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Derek Charm (Jughead) is headed back to the beach for the next suntan lotion-lathered chapter of the summer’s most tongue-in-cheek fright fest! Ben and Leo arrive at the bonfire beach party ready to cut loose, only to find the site seemingly abandoned in the wake of the attack until Amy nabs them from her hiding place! Together they learn from Roger-Amy’s dad and the same man they rescued in a catatonic state in the ocean with glowing eyes the night before-that this toxic spill and the emergence of tentacled monsters from the deep began right after he removed an ancient relic of a highly advanced civilization from the ocean floor. Is there still time to return it and get this sexy summer back on track? 0524ON539


NIMONA GN $18.99
ND Stevenson
Nimona is an impulsive young shape-shifter with a knack for villainy. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a vendetta. As sidekick and supervillain, Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about to wreak some serious havoc. Their mission: prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his buddies at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are. But as small acts of mischief escalate into a vicious battle, Lord Blackheart realizes that Nimona’s powers are as murky and mysterious as her past. And her unpredictable wild side might be more dangerous than he is willing to admit. [This is a new printing/ reoffered item.] MAY241890


JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #470 $12.50 Page 391
Ales Kot, Ian Edington & Various, Kevin West & Various
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! An alien entity is loose in Mega-City One in “Hive” by Ian Edginton & Kevin West; Brit-Cit detective Armitage has an old enemy gunning for him in in “Bullets For an Old Man” by Liam Johnson & Warren Pleece; there’s more action on the streets of Cal-Hab in Harrower Squad: “Urban Rotation” by David Baillie & Steve Yeowell; the presence of a Judge initiates a night of violence in Dreadnoughts: “Nothing to Fear” by Mike Carroll & John Higgins; and there’s psychic criminality in Mega-City 2099: “The Cuckoos” by Ken Niemand & Conor Boyle. Plus interviews, features and much more! MAY241897

MISTY 2024 SPECIAL $12.50 Page 417
Gail Simone, Letty Wilson, Carola Borelli & Various
Created by Pat Mills and launched in 1978, Misty was a horror comic like no other. Now, more than two decades later, Misty returns and has been brought into 2024 at the pen of Gail Simone. This anthology features three brand-new chilling stories by Simone, with art by Carola Borelli , Aly Fell and Marianna Ignazzi. MAY241900


Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou and St
Cruel tyrant Taxian-jun killed his way to the throne and now reigns as the first ever emperor of the mortal realm. Yet somehow, he is unsatisfied. Left cold and bereft, abandoned by all he held dear, he takes his own life… only to be reborn anew. Awakening in the body of his younger self…Mo Ran, a disciple of the cultivation sect Sisheng Peak…he discovers the chance to relive his life. This time, he vows to attain the gratification that once eluded him: all who defied him will fall, and never again will they treat him like a dog. His greatest fury is reserved for Chu Wanning, the coldly beautiful and aloofly catlike cultivation teacher who betrayed and thwarted Mo Ran time and again in their last life. Yet as Mo Ran shamelessly pursues his own goals in this life he thought lost, he begins to wonder if there might be more to his teacher…and his own feelings than he ever realized. MAY242208

Shio Usui
Kurumi and Ruriko’s bond continues to deepen, but their domestic bliss is in for a shake up. When an old friend from Ruriko’s past arrives, Kurumi gets to see their no-holds-barred friendship up close. It’s not long before something that feels suspiciously like jealousy begins to stir in Kurumi… MAY242196


Lonnie Garcia
You can’t sculpt someone to love. Derryl, a lonely radish, attempts to create a boyfriend out of a defunct and now illegal children’s product. His creation, Peter, springs to life ready to make a child happy, and instead finds a suffocating and cloistered existence catering to Derryl’s needs. When Peter sneaks out to a party one night and meets Derryl’s friends, he discovers there’s even more to his creator’s intentions than he thought. A queer complication on the Pygmalion myth, brought to life through Lonnie Garcia’s emotional, multimedia comic art. Printed with a foil-accented and embossed cover. 0524SP570


Mark Brake
Super-hero fiction has been with us for almost a century; high-octane tales crammed with concepts and contrasting themes, from superpowers and the post-human, to masked vigilantes and immortality. In that time, superwomen have evolved from comic book caricatures (created by men, for men) to stronger representations of female power. The Science of Superwomen looks at this evolution, from its hypersexualized origins to today’s more nuanced diversity, and explores the relationship between superhero film and fiction and the underlying science of our ever-evolving universe. Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXIV #2 (FEB241728) MAY241958


ENGAGE VOL 2 $12.99 Page 449
Yuu Minaduki
When a young chef confesses his love to a mysterious and attractive older stranger, he’s drawn into a deep web of intrigue and buried family history that could threaten his attraction to the only man he’s ever loved. MAY242018

When a young patrolman gets assigned to a small town, he runs into an old acquaintance, and a casual comment from the older man leads to a fluttering heart and renewed feelings. MAY242017


Dan Watters and Kelsey Ramsey
Featuring the fifteenth Doctor & Ruby Sunday! Join the Doctor in a new comic book adventure! The Doctor and the Cybermen clash while Ruby faces an insectoid threat. But is everything as it seems? And what is the true nature of the terrifying evil that stands ready to unveil itself… MAY240399

Brittney Morris
Alex & Steph break down in a town stricken by a severe drought that has plunged its residents into poverty. Feeling the anger and despair of the town’s inhabitants, Alex and Steph are compelled to do everything they can to help. But when Alex tries to use her powers to help, things go from bad to worse! Will the couple be able to revive the hope of a failing town and save its people – and themselves? [Underscoring that this is 352 page prose book, not a graphic novel.] MAY240427


Makoto Taji
Two boys who share a room and love to make and eat dinner together. Aki is in charge of cooking, and Haru is tasked with cleaning up, and despite their personality differences, they come together over their love of food. MAY242240

Sakae Kusama
Matsuda Kei is a private investigator who specializes in quirky cases centered on his local neighborhood around the shopping arcade. He’s recently taken on a new roommate (and lover) named Kamiko who is unemployed, ruthlessly horny, and was actually a classmate from his past. While the two work together to solve cases, they carry on in what starts as a strictly physical relationship… until Matsuda finds that this temporary situation he has entered with Kamiko might be turning into something more. MAY242241


Jody Houser, Francis Portela, and Marguerite Sauvage
Discover the inspiring journey of Faith Herbert in Faith, a series perfect for new readers and fans of uplifting superhero stories. Orphaned young and gifted as a super-powered psiot, Faith is no ordinary teenager. She steps up, embracing her destiny to become the hero she always knew she could be. Balancing a secret identity and a reporter’s day job, she faces challenges head-on, from robots to aliens and her first super-villain arch-nemesis. Faith’s story is a thrilling tale of confidence, courage, and the pursuit of greatness in the face of overwhelming odds. Contains the first Faith miniseries and series, a perfect jumping-on-point! Breakout writer Jody Houser is joined by acclaimed artists Francis Portela, Marguerite Sauvage and more to launch Valiant’s high-flying heroine! Content: Faith vol. 1 #1-4, Faith vol. 2 #1-8, Harbinger: Faith #0, Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #5 MAY241237

Michael Moreci, Tim Seeley, and Nathan Gooden
Overlength one-shot featuring two of the most iconic sword and sorcery heroes locked in epic battle! Cursed barbarian versus warrior king! Axe versus sword! Owen versus Deathstalker! When an evil wizard summons the two most reluctant heroes of all time, they’ll have to square off. But a clash of steel alone may not decide the final victor. 0524VL572


Hitoma Iruma
Takasora Hoshi’s life is upended when a girl from her class named Umi Mizuike and her mother temporarily move into her family’s cramped apartment. From the outset of this arrangement, Takasora finds herself annoyed by Umi’s behavior…and her good looks. And though the two girls initially agree to avoid interfering in each other’s lives, Takasora can’t help but start to wonder where Umi keeps wandering off to at night. From the author of Adachi and Shimamura comes the bittersweet tale of two high school girls whose lives are thrust together under the same roof. MAY242114


Wakame Konbu
The final volume of the breast-obsessed girls’ love story is here at long last! Chiaki and Hana have confessed their affections for each other, and the cute couple of chest companions grow closer by the day! Though their bond started from boobs, drawing the line at busts is no longer enough for the two lovebirds, and they branch out to broader horizons! Meanwhile, the love lives of the other bosom buffs see some development as well?! Will the girls all get their happily ever after?! MAY242102

Naoto Asahara and Akira Hirahara
“I wonder why people like us are born.” Continuing to keep his sexuality a secret, Jun decides to start dating his classmate Sae. They go on dates, they kiss but as much as Jun wants to prove he can do more and keep up the ruse, things don’t go as planned. Yet just as he thinks of being honest with Sae, he receives a sudden, devastating message from Mr. Fahrenheit… MAY242086

SUMMER HIKARU DIED VOL 4 $15.00 Page 462
Two boys grew up together in a certain village…Yoshiki and Hikaru. One day, Yoshiki became sure that Hikaru was no longer himself. He resolved to accept the new “Hikaru,” whatever happened to his friend. But now he’s decided to research the history of “Nounuki-sama” and Kubitachi to understand what this creature truly is. The situation evolves unpredictably, outside the boys’ control. Who will make the next move, and what will they find? MAY242082

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