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LGBTQA Previews February 2023 Part 2

Nearly 90 comics and trades this month! James Tynion IV and Michael Avon Oeming start Blue Book at Dark Horse. You’re in luck if you missed out on the incredible Sins of the Black Flamingo mini that began in June because you can preorder the trade or just wait to get a copy in February. The above cover image is cropped from Jen Bartel’s beautiful variant cover of Lazarus Planet Omega featuring Dreamer. Go on! Check out the list!

This monthly column features comics, graphic novels, and books from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel. You’ll find items from publishers such as BOOM, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, other small and indy presses and BL/ yaoi and yuri in part one.

The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Items from are in this list. Names of people marked in bold are queer or ally creators!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you!

Shopping with Amazon? Just bookmark and use our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later! Any book links on this page are paid Amazon affiliate links.

Want your purchase to benefit another organization or cause? Just highlight the title and right click with your mouse and choose the search option or copy paste or make a note the old fashioned way and open Amazon in your browser window.


BLUE BOOK #1 $4.99 Page 138
James Tynion IV, Michael Avon Oeming, and Klaus Janson
From the New York Times bestselling and award-winning cocreators of Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House on the Lake, The Department of Truth, and Powers comes this ambitious, nonfiction comic book experience depicting true stories of UFO abductions with an eye to capturing the strange essence of those encounters. In this debut issue, Tynion presents what he calls his “True Weird” stories. Tales of ordinary people encountering the strange and the impossible. Teaming with artist Michael Avon Oeming, they retell some of the most popular UFO and alien encounter accounts starting with the infamous Betty and Barney Hill abduction-the widely publicized and very first abduction that went on to shape and influence all future encounter stories. Also includes the short “True Weird: Coney Island” by James Tynion IV, Klaus Janson, and Aditya Bidikar! DEC220411

Curt Pires and Jacoby Salcedo
Old friends are reunited and head deeper into the wasteland together. Some of the kids are captured and brought before the “bright one.” The first arc of It’s Only Teenage Wasteland races towards its pulse-pounding conclusion! DEC220462

LOST FALLS TP VOL 1 $22.99 Page 158
Curt Pires, Antonio Fuso, and Pierluigi Minotti
When Detective Daniel Pynchon Wakes up in Lost Falls, on the shore with no recollection of how he got there, he struggles to piece together the events that lead him there. As he investigates the phenomenon surrounding his memory loss and the town itself, he discovers horrors both human and otherwise. Collects the original digital series for the first time in print! DEC220453

Cecil Castellucci and Eduardo Mello
Long before his infamous run-in with Han Solo, Greedo was a rookie crook trying to rise through the ranks of Jabba the Hutt’s gangster organization. But his young ambitions are quickly derailed when a big deal goes south, and Greedo is set up to take the fall by Jabba’s latest romantic companion. Can Greedo make it out alive, or will he find himself the latest offering to Jabba’s pet Rancor! Even long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, crime doesn’t pay, in Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #6! DEC220433

Jody Houser and Caio Filipe
On the surface, Hawkins seems like the kind of town where nothing bad could ever happen, but in the fall of ’83 it is anything but safe. When two friends head out into the woods with their rifles and a six-pack, the would-be hunters find themselves the prey of a nightmarish beast who has claimed the wilderness around town and everything inside it, including them. Jody Houser returns to pen an anthology of spooky events woven into the larger tapestry of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. DEC220425


ACTION COMICS #1052 $5.99 Page 5
Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Leah Williams, Rafa Sandoval, Lee Weeks, Marguerite Sauvage
Metallo attacks! The crown jewel of Superman’s new Metropolis is in ruins, and the increasingly violent Blue Earth movement is keeping the entire Super-Family on their toes. Meanwhile, Metallo’s powerful new body is evolving in unforeseen, horrific ways. As Metallo’s life and sanity continue to unravel, he sets out to capture the only person who can help him: John Henry Irons. It’s Steel versus Metallo as the new era of Action Comics continues! 1222DC018

BATGIRLS #15 $3.99 Page 36
Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Neil Googe
There’s nothing like some father-daughter bonding! Unless you’re Stephanie Brown, and you thought your father was dead…until he kidnapped you! At least your BFF Cassandra Cain’s determined to find you. It’s a deadly adventure for Cass, but nothing can stop her from risking it all to save Steph-unless it’s death itself. 1222DC133

BATMAN #132 $4.99 Page 11
Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, and Adriano Di Benedetto
The mean streets of Gotham City have gotten meaner as the likes of Harvey Dent and Killer Croc roam free, brutalizing the population. Where is Batman and why hasn’t he responded to the cries of a city in peril?! Can Bruce Wayne find the answers before the mysterious Red Mask captures him? And in the backup story, Tim Drake’s hunt for Batman continues. Will Metropolis’s newest Superman, Jon Kent, be able to help the Boy Wonder with this Multiversal mystery, or will they both run afoul of an overpowered Toyman?! 1222DC056

BATMAN TP VOL 05 FEAR STATE $16.99 Page 45
James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez
The Batman: The Joker War creative team of James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez continue their epic run with Gotham City on the brink of a violent evolutionary path and the danger level to Batman and his allies reaching a fever pitch! The Magistrate now has full support from the mayor to handle high-level law enforcement in Gotham and has branded the Dark Knight public enemy number one. Batman must also contend with the return of the Scarecrow, who pursues his own terrifying agenda as he takes this chaotic moment to launch his Fear State! Collects Batman #112-117. 1222DC248

Batman Inc #5

BATMAN HC VOL 01 FAILSAFE $24.99 Page 19
Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez
Superstar writer Chip Zdarsky joins legendary artist Jorge Jimenez to define a new era in Batman! Bruce Wayne is at a turning point, haunted by dreams of a dark future, while Gotham City billionaires are being gruesomely murdered. With the discovery of an archenemy’s involvement and a tragedy unfolding, the Dark Knight’s nightmares are just beginning. And when Batman is framed for murder, a deadly protocol activates and Failsafe begins! Collecting Batman #125-130. 1222DC093

Ed Brisson and John Timms
The explosive conclusion to No More Teachers! Batman Inc.’s allegiances are split as Ghost-Maker and his former sidekick, Phantom-One, duel to the death. It’s winner take all! Will the fate of Batman Incorporated rest in the hands of…Clownhunter?! 1222DC136

Geoffrey Thorne and ChrisCross
Blood Syndicate: Season One – Wise Son, Tech-9, and Fade Return, But Who Will Rule Paris Island? Wise Son and Tech-9 have returned from their military tours in Afghanistan-and life in Dakota City could not be more different. While Icon and Rocket have been busy cleaning up the streets, Bang Babies have been forming rival gang factions. With Holocaust’s influence-and super-powered army-growing, who will look out for the people of Paris Island when the capes aren’t watching? What secrets do Wise and Tech hide from their time overseas? As the struggle for power on the chaotic streets spills into war…who will emerge victorious as the new kingpin of Paris Island? Original Blood Syndicate series artist ChrisCross teams up with rising-star writer Geoffrey Thorne in this reimagining of the fan-favorite Milestone series! Collects Blood Syndicate: Season One #1-6. 1222DC262

Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez
Paco and Brenda are visiting Palmera City, but they aren’t alone. Jaime’s new foe, Fadeaway, comes seeking the Blue Beetle’s help! It’s time for a good old-fashioned heist! Their target? Kord Industries! 1222DC161

CATWOMAN #52 $3.99 Page 38
Tini Howard and Sami Basri
Looks like cat is the new black in Gotham jail as Selina quickly finds herself clawing her way up as the queen cat behind bars by making friends with all the wrong types (which are of course also exactly her types). Meanwhile, Eiko Hasigawa continues to prowl the Gotham streets as the Catwoman keeping the mob bosses in check, with a little help from…Tomcat. 1222DC165

DANGER STREET #3 $4.99 Page 38
Tom King and Jorge Fornes
The repercussions of Atlas the Great’s death play out worlds away as two old enemies become allies in the fight to save the Multiverse. Meanwhile, Lady Cop continues her search for Good Looks’ killer, the disgraced hero Starman. Little does she know, the fugitive is on his way to the City of Angels to make a deal with the devil. Will his sacrifice be enough to set things right? 1222DC170

DC RWBY #1 $3.99 Page 27
Marguerite Bennett and Meghan Hetrick
The world of Remnant comes crashin into the DCU! Grimm are running amok around Gotham, and Batman’s on the hunt to find whoever brought these mysterious monsters to his city. But as the trail goes cold, the Dark Knight finds himself face-to-face with none other than Team RWBY! What other effects are taking hold around our world with Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang here, and what does it mean for the future of the DCU?! Marguerite Bennett returns to RWBY with Meghan Hetrick and Soo Lee for an epic tale of adventure spanning every corner of the DC Universe! 1222DC116

DC VS VAMPIRES HC VOL 02 $24.99 Page 31
James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt
The first battle in the war for Earth was badly lost by humanity, and Nightwing and his vampire hordes have covered the Earth in permanent darkness. But hope is not lost, as an unlikely rebellion has emerged with a desperate and suicidal plan to save the world… Will it be enough? The second volume of the shocking, bestselling series collects DC VS. VAMPIRES #7-12. 1222DC124

Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and Andy Lanning
Some of the most powerful entities in existence are now slaves to the Anti-Life. Undead Darkseid’s forces have spread the virus across whole galaxies. Even Kryptonians and the Flashes may be too slow in the race to cure worlds before everything is overwhelmed. The final stand for the universe begins. 1222DC175

Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards, and Andy Lanning
What began as a battle for Earth has become a war for the galaxy as the epic final chapter in the massive DCeased franchise is here! The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid in DCeased: Dead Planet sets the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! As the Anti-Life Equation spreads into the cosmos, the survivors of Earth prepare for the coming apocalypse and realize their only hope could lie in the most powerful surviving hero from the first DCeased series. 1222DC123

DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #3 $3.99 Page 43
Pornsak Pichetshote and Jeff Stokely
Edwin witnesses a mysterious kumanthong ghost tear through Charles like he’s flesh and blood, and the boys just barely manage to escape with both their ghostly lives intact. Tensions run high as the ghost kids fight amongst themselves about how to crack the case before Charles is gone for good, and snake ghost Melvin strikes out on his own to give one of their suspects a proper haunting. 1222DC230

DETECTIVE COMICS #1069 $4.99 Page 18
Ram V and Ivan Reis
Batman investigates the frozen Azmer that Mr. Freeze gave him, and makes a huge discovery about the ancient demons. Meanwhile, Azmer begin to pour into Gotham’s streets, controlling helpless people and those poor souls the city cares not for…all to do the Orghams’ bidding. Then, in the backup story, what kind of deal have the Orghams struck with Mr. Freeze, and is he also controlled by an Azmer? 1222DC088

Mariko Tamaki, Nadia Shammas, Ivan Reis, and David Lapham
Riddle me this…when is a criminal not a criminal? The answer awaits you in Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 4! The Riddler is back in Gotham City in a big way, becoming a media personality and using his newfound influence to wreak havoc on the Dark Knight. As Batman chases down clues to put an end to Riddler’s machinations, the clock ticks away for the citizens of Gotham whom Edward Nygma has placed in the line of fire…Collects Detective Comics #1059-1061! 1222DC261

GCPD THE BLUE WALL #5 $3.99 Page 39
John Ridley and Stefano Raffaele
Life has a way of slipping through our fingers when we least expect it to. It’s happened to GCPD Commissioner Renee Montoya before, and despite everything she’s fought for, it’s happened again. A domino has been tipped, and Renee is about to go through her most harrowing test yet. 1222DC180

HARLEY QUINN #27 $3.99 Page 39
Stephanie Phillips and Matteo Lolli
This is it, folks…we have to drop the Multiversal counterbalance serum at the center of the photon disruption before the imminent collapse of the entire Multiverse…just kidding. But could you imagine if that was how this story ended? Noooo thanks. We’re gonna save the world the ol-fashioned way-with a large undead zombie, 50-80 Harleys from other universes, Kevin, and Poison Ivy! 1222DC185

Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rossmo
There’s a new, deadly vigilante that goes by the name of Verdict, and they’ve set their sights on the corrupt leaders of Gotham-awarding a death sentence to all they deem guilty! Harley Quinn is the true target, however, and when she’s framed for the murders herself, she’s going to need all the help she can get to clear her name! Collects issues #13-17. 1222DC249

Tee Franklin and Jon Mikel
The Bat-Fam, Black Mask, and Lady Marabunta finally face off, while Ivy, Knockout, Bella, Livewire, and Nightfall break Porcelain out of Blackgate Penitentiary! Meanwhile, Harley visits an incarcerated Bruce Wayne for an unscheduled therapy-and-venting session. How much longer will Harlivy keep their secrets from each other before it’s too late?, 1222DC190

Joshua Williamson, Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Paul Pelletier, and others
When our heroes saved the Multiverse from Perpetua in Dark Nights: Death Metal, everything was put back where it belonged…and we do mean everything. All the damage from all the Crises was undone, and heroes long thought gone returned from whatever exile they had been in. Most of them, at least. Includes Infintie Frontier #0-6 and Iinfinte Frontier: Secret Files #1 written by Joshua Williamson with striking art by Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Paul Pelletier, and more! 1222DC251

Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin
Helena’s journey through time continues! Each new time period gives her one more piece of the puzzle, but is Degaton too far ahead in his quest to eradicate the JSA to be stopped? Is this truly the end of the Justice Society? 1222DC197

Ram V, Brandon T. Snider, Chuck Brown, and Delilah S. Dawson, Lalit Kumar, Laura Braga, Alitha Martinez and Mark Morales, and Ro Stein
Good and bad, yin and yang…all sides of humanity will be transformed by the Lazarus event…and in the DC Universe one thing’s for sure: heroes will always rise. In this special we’ll explore some of the amazing new powers gifted to the freedom fighters of the future…and we’ll see what perils these villain-vanquishing virtuosos will face. What secret does Flatline seek from the heart of Talia al Ghul’s HQ? Can Red Canary bring order to an out-of-control city? What secret does the heroic Dead Eye hold that will haunt him forever? And enter into a brand-new legend with the fantastic debut of Vigil! 1222DC025

Mark Waid, Gene Luen Yang, Riccardo Federici, Billy Tan, Various
Fate and fury. The Devil Nezha and his son are at war-with all of humanity caught in the middle! The Lazarus storms are intensifying worldwide, Earth’s superheroes are on the ropes, and Batman is living on borrowed time. It’s up to Zatanna, the Spectre, the Demon, Klarion, and the rest of the DCU’s magic users to join Damian Wayne and set things right-but to do that, they’ll have to uncover Nezha’s final, explosive secret! Plus: Dreamer has rescued Doctor Fate’s helmet from destruction…but why does it keep glowing like that? The Dawn of the DCU begins as the Lazarus Planet saga crashes to a close! 1222DC037 (David Marquez cover) / 1222DC042 (Jen Bartel Dreamer cardstock cover $6.99)

Chuck Brown, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Stephanie Williams, Yasmin Flores Montanez, Denys Cowan, and others
Celebrate 30 years of Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and the rest of the Dakotaverse in this star-studded anthology. From a Static and Batman Beyond team-up harkening back to their adventures in the Static Shock animated series, a grown-up Raquel Ervin inheriting the mantle of Icon, and a reality-warping story where the present-day Milestone characters meet their 1993 counterparts, there’s something for every Milestone fan to enjoy! 1222DC101 (Denys Cowan cover) / 1222DC102 (Nikolas Draper-Ivery cover)

Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore, Marco Failla, and Luciano Vecchio
Kid Quick-the Future State Flash-and their fellow heroes Supergirl, Robin, Aquagirl, Klarienne the Witch Girl, and Troy take center stage in a miniseries that rocks Earth-11 to its core! What is Sister Blood’s true mission among the lost souls of New York City? Can Teen Justice get through their growing pains fast enough to learn the answer in time to stop it? And what role will the mysterious Raven-the brooding hero who has refused to join the team in the past-play in the ultimate battle? The secrets of Earth-11’s newest heroes and villains unfold in DC’s most exciting new team title! Collects Multiversity: Teen Justice #1-6, along with Teen Justice’s first appearance from DC’s Very Merry Multiverse and a story from DC Pride 2022! 1222DC254

NIGHTMARE COUNTRY VOL 01 $29.99 (HC) / $19.99 (TPB) Page 29
James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherren
Acclaimed horror writer James Tynion IV has waited his whole career to pay tribute to the mythos of The Sandman, the work that made him the writer he is today-and now that time has come! Art student Madison Flynn has been plagued all her life by visions of a terrifying man with mouths for eyes…but strangely, that vision is not a visit from the Corinthian, one of Dream’s most disturbing nightmare creations. When the Corinthian himself learns of this Smiling Man, it will send him on a quest across the nightmare country that is the waking world, where he will grapple with vicious sadomasochists, deranged venture capitalists, and the embodied spirit of America itself! With lush, gorgeous art from Redneck’s Lisandro Estherren and a who’s-who of superstar guest artists, Nightmare Country is designed to welcome new readers into one of the greatest worlds in DC’s library, The Sandman Universe. To make welcoming new readers easier, the collectible hardcover release (packaged with a mini-print of the iconic Death, by artist Jenny Frison) arrives in stores simultaneously with a direct-market exclusive softcover edition, priced as an easy jump-on point; both are available on the same day as the to-be-solicited April #1 issue of Nightmare Country’s spectacular follow-up miniseries! Collects Nightmare Country #1-6. 1222DC121 (Hardcover) / 1222DC122 (trade paperback)

NIGHTWING #101 $4.99 Page 16
Tom Taylor and Travis Moore
After the events of Dark Crisis, Superman has a talk with Nightwing, letting him know that now is Dick’s time to lead…so Nightwing gathers a group of friends to be the premier league in the DC Universe and moves their base of operations to Bludhaven. Meet the new Titans! Then, following the events of the Nightwing 2022 Annual and the Superman and Nightwing crossover, Nightwing continues to mentor Jon Kent in ways that Dick learned from being trained by Batman but in his own more encouraging way. 1222DC077

POISON IVY #9 $3.99 Page 17
G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara
It’s the issue you’ve all been waiting for! That’s right! Ya girl Harley Quinn-doctor, fashionista, heroic criminal, criminally insane clown, and Poison Ivy’s girlfriend-has arrived on the West Coast to spend some quality time with her number-one squeeze! What sort of wildly lascivious and lavishly ludicrous madcap mayhem will the DCU’s favorite couple get up to? Featuring the return of series artist Marcio Takara and an assortment of utterly mouthwatering variant covers by some of the most delectable artists around, from iconic Harley Quinn artist Terry Dodson to incoming Harley Quinn artist Sweeney Boo, as well as Dan Mora, Rian Gonzales, and Mindy Lee! You won’t want to miss a single bit of it-we guarantee it! 1222DC081

Tini Howard, Blake Howard, and Gleb Melnikov
The battle for Port Royal! As Bluebird and Nightwing desperately search for brother, Cullen, Punchline’s expansion of the Royal Flush Gang takes a terrifying technological turn. The nanotech experiments she’s been conducting with 1-0 will allow her to create an army of A.C.E. robots, and nothing beats a hand full of A.C.E.s…Nightwing and Bluebird are in for a world of hurt. 1222DC203

Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala
Static is back! Though Virgil and his friends might have been able to stop the government’s off-the-books prison operations in Dakota, a powerful new threat lurks in the shadows. The mysterious Ebon is cutting a bloody swath through the underworld on a single-minded quest to find his brother. Against this backdrop of exploding violence, innocent people are finding themselves in the crossfire. The breakout creative team of Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala have returned to make Static’s life, and Dakota City, very complicated indeed-you’ve never felt shocks like these! 1222DC095 (Draper-Ivey cover) / 1222DC097 (Olivier Coipel cardstock cover $4.99)

TIM DRAKE ROBIN #6 $3.99 Page 43
Meghan Fitzmartin and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
The final showdown! Tim Drake comes face-to-voice with the villain who’s been taunting Tim by using his metahuman powers to create ghostly animals. When this Moriarty’s identity is revealed, all hell breaks loose in the marina. Can Tim keep things afloat, while simultaneously dealing with his relationship with Bernard? 1222DC233

Cavan Scott and Lucas Meyer
All is lost! Raven rules supreme, and one of the Titans has become a killer. Hunted and alone, the heroes-turned-fugitives must face Brother Blood and the Dark Daughter for the final time. 1222DC236

WONDER WOMAN #796 $4.99 Page 44
Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jordie Bellaire, Amancay Nahuelpan, and Paulina Ganucheau
Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned! Eros is back and ready to take over Washington, D.C., in Hera’s name. Will Wonder Girl’s ex-boyfriend make things personal as he battles two of the most powerful women in the DCU? Plus, the final chapter of the Adventures of Young Diana! 1222DC242


BREATH OF SHADOWS #2 $3.99 Page 357
Rich Douek and Alex Cormack
With Jimmy and the rest of his band at each other’s throats, their anthropologist guides wonder what sort of mess they’ve gotten themselves into. But as the road into the jungle becomes stranger and stranger, the crew will quickly realize that these spoiled rock stars are far from their biggest problem. Horrors beyond all comprehension awaits in this journey into the mouth of madness from Rich Douek and Alex Cormack! DEC221388

EARTHDIVERS #5 $3.99 Page 357
Stephen Jones and Davide Gianfelice
It’s time to stop thinking and start cutting throats. Christopher Columbus’ ships are weeks closer to landfall, and Tad has nothing to show for it. Battered and bruised after a string of slick but failed attempts to stop the mission’s progress, Tad is ready to admit that history will never change if he doesn’t spill blood and he’s too pissed off to care about collateral damage anymore. But even if he succeeds, his friends in 2112 look doomed as Emily fights for her life at the cave and Sosh confronts Yellow Kid about the unforgivable origins of their plan to save the world. DEC221394

FCBD 2023 STAR TREK $0.25
Christopher Cantwell and Malachi Ward
To boldly go, join us for the exclusive prelude to IDW’s first Star Trek Summer Crossover Event as Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant collide in Star Trek: Day of Blood! But that’s not all! Join the crew of Star Trek: Lower Decks as they take to the holodeck, enjoying some much-needed recreational time–until a bloodthirsty visitor joins in on their games. Exclusive Original Material. DEC220010 [NOTE: This is a FCBD item. You can preorder it for 25 cents or wait till FCBD and grab a copy if any are available at your shop.]

STAR TREK DEFIANT #1 $4.99 Page 358
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
A brand-new series comes spinning directly out of the hit Star Trek comic book! Someone is killing the gods. But Benjamin Sisko’s Prophets-guided dealings of the higher cosmos has led him to forget about the very real casualties on lower ground. The enemy is a man, not a god. And Worf of House Martok has put together his own crew aboard the U.S.S. Defiant in hopes of defeating the dangerous messiah behind this genocidal cult. The Dirty Dozen meets Star Trek in this new series from the creative mind of Chris Cantwell and drawn by Angel Unzueta! Star Trek: Defiant is the first expansion of IDW’s exciting new Star Trek initiative that started with the 400th issue and carries on into a bold new storytelling future! DEC221417

Ryan North and Chris Fenoglio
Ensign, report to the bridge! Board the U.S.S. Cerritos for a mission to the enigmatic Qvanti system as the hit Paramount+ animated series comes to comics! Captain Carol Freeman leads her crew on an expedition aimed to build bridges and advance Federation technology, but she and the away team quickly suspect that the planet and its people are not all what they seem… Meanwhile, the crew in the lower decks take to the holodeck for some much-needed recreational time–until a bloodthirsty visitor decides to join in on their games. Can Boimler, Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford save the ship from the likes of Dracula? DEC221425

TMNT ONGOING #137 Page 359
Sophie Campbell and Fero Pe
Official Armageddon Game tie-in! Donnie’s willing to do anything to defend his new friend Triceraton Regenta Seri from Ch’rell’s Utrom assassins, but some lines are not meant to be crossed. Now, the crisis in Mutant Town has escalated beyond anything Donnie could have ever imagined and Ch’rell is taking matters into his own hands. Amid the riots, Jennika helps April, Lola, and Mona formulate a plan to expose the truth about the mysterious Turtles posing as the TMNT. All the while, the Rat King and his allies revel in the glorious chaos they’ve created. DEC221434 Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXII #11 (NOV221630)


ALL AGAINST ALL #3 $3.99 Page 85
Alex Paknadel and Caspar Wijngaard
The feral human known as Helpless has finally been apprehended, leaving him at the mercy of the sadistic General Cov’n and his experiments. Meanwhile, Director B’Tay is trapped inside the Earth-like habitat without his protective exo-suit. To survive, he must go against everything he believes and rely on his species’ most startling and brutal evolutionary adaptation. DEC220223

BLACK CLOAK #2 $4.99 Page 86
Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren
Murdered prince. Hungry mermaids. Vengeful queen. Plentiful suspects. Dead assassin. Dying Black Cloak. So far this case is going to the devils. And it’s super great that absolutely everything is on the line. No pressure! DEC220229

Pornsak Pichetshote, Alexandre Tefenkgi, and Lee Loughridge
Collects the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning hit in one complete volume for the first time, alongside special never-before-seen bonus content! Follow Edison Hark, a haunted, self-loathing Chinese-American detective, as he pursues a brutal killer on the streets of 1936 San Francisco. The Good Asian is a noir mystery exploring the first generation of Americans to come of age under an immigration ban-the Chinese-as they’re besieged by rampant murders, abusive police, and a world that seemingly never changes. Collects The Good Asian #1-10 DEC220157

LEAST WE CAN DO #6 $3.99 Page 94
Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli
Mini series finale. The decisive battle is coming, and the Eclipse rebels find themselves facing the first of the four powerful Cherubs. Will our brave Uriel be able to awaken the true power of her Medium? Will she be able to clear up the feelings swelling in her chest? For the answers to these deathless questions and more, don’t miss this issue! DEC220268

Tom King, Elsa Charretier and Matt Hollingsworth
From superstar creators Tom King and Elsa Charretier comes the first volume of a thrilling epic in the tradition of Sandman and Saga. Joan Peterson discovers that she is trapped in an endless, terrifying cycle of “romance”-a problem to be solved, a man to marry-and every time she falls in love she’s torn from her world and thrust into another tear-soaked tale. Her bloody journey to freedom and revelation starts in this breathtaking, groundbreaking collected edition.
Collects issues #1-5. DEC220161

LOVESICK #5 $3.99 Page 95
Luana Vecchio
Thirteen years ago, a young girl named Domino met a handsome cannibal called Jack. The rest, as they say, is history. A story of submission, flesh, and power, and the origins of the most beloved and despised dominatrix on the darkweb. DEC220272

MONSTRESS #43 $3.99 Page 96
Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
Thousands of years ago, the court of the Shaman-Empress was a tangle of palace intrigue. Maika and Zinn find themselves caught in that web as they sink deeper into Zinn’s lost memories…if that’s truly what they are. DEC220278

SAGA #62 $3.99 Page 99
Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
While Hazel and her family fight for scraps to survive, the rich and powerful make their move. DEC220295

SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER 2 #7 $3.99 Page 100
Jody LeHeup and Nil Vendrell
Mini series finale. It’s Shirtless vs. the bear god Ursa Major in a heart-racing, cry-laughing, extra-length finale you have to see to believe! Warning: This comic is best read shirtless! DEC220298

Andrew Wheeler, Tradd Moore, and Tamra Bonvillain
Occult noir. Miami sleaze. Sebastian Harlow is the Black Flamingo, a flamboyant and narcissistic thief who gets his kicks stealing mystic artifacts from the wealthy and corrupt of Miami’s occult underground. When his latest job leads him to his biggest score so far, the hedonistic outlaw discovers something he wasn’t looking for-something to believe in. Collects issues #1-5. DEC220166

TWO GRAVES #4 $3.99 Page 102
Genevieve Valentine, Ming Doyle, and Annie Wu
Death takes Emilia to prom. It goes about as well as Emilia always expected prom to go. DEC220306


ALIEN #6 $3.99 Page 68
Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Julius Ohta
Death is inevitable! Steel Team is in fragments. Scores of innocent humans are dead after surviving years on an irradiated rock. A new kind of Xenomorph is emerging…hunting…killing. It’s all built to this. Is this the end – or beginning – of a new horror? NOV220893

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19 & 20 $3.99 Pages 36 & 37
Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson
Dark Web is over, but the effects will shake Spider-Man for a long time. To recover, Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy, A.K.A. the Black Cat, escape from the city to an exclusive spa in the Catskills! Surely, trouble won’t follow our Web-Head and ruin his romantic getaway? Join superstar guest creative team Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson for this special two-parter where Spidey and Black Cat take their next step and no one tries to kill them… yet. NOV220896

Someone tries to kill Spidey and Black Cat. You thought this would be easy for Peter? Nope! The special two-parter from superstar guests Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson concludes here! DEC220758

Tini Howard and Vasco Georgiev
The Captain comes home! And she’s got a whole new mission! With Otherworld settled, Braddock Manor restored, and her brother Captain Avalon at her side, you’d think things look pretty good for Betsy Braddock. Only it turns out, good ole Britain doesn’t want her back. No one wants a mutant menace carrying the shield of Captain Britain, and Betsy’s made more than a few enemies along her way. Quest-less and country-less, Betsy must define a role for herself. A fresh take on a beloved character, don’t miss the latest Tini Howard extravaganza and fan-favorite artist Vasco Georgiev’s Marvel debut! NOV220908

BLACK CAT OMNIBUS $100.00 Page 86
Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, and Various
The Black Cat is back and better than ever! Felicia Hardy has a taste for the finer things in life and certain skills that help her procure them. But now Felicia’s on the run from the New York Thieves’ Guild and their boss, Odessa Drake! Prepare for high-octane heists, thrilling twists and climactic chases across the Marvel Universe! Breaking into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum? Done. Crossing Wolverine’s path in Madripoor? Check. Stealing Tony Stark’s armor? Easy. Proposing marriage to Spider-Man? Wait, what?! Plus: The symbiote invasion of the King in Black! The Infinity Stones are the ultimate score! And the Iron Cat takes flight! NOV221068

BISHOP: WAR COLLEGE #1 $4.99 Page 18
SJ Holtham and Sean Damien Hill
The all new, all great X-Men debut! Krakoa is an island paradise, and it’s a vulnerable one…but not with Lucas Bishop on the case! Armor, Surge, Cam Long, Aura Charles, Amass – these are his students. Their course objective: Get strong. Defend the island. Keep mutantkind safe. What does any of that have to do with an all-Black X-Men team? Find out here! Celebrated TV writer J. Holtham joins forces with artist Sean Damien Hill for a blockbuster brawl with the fate of all Krakoa at stake!NOV220912 [Cam Long and Aura Charles are a couple. Cam is non binary and Aura is bisexual.]

Danny Lore and Karen S. Darboe
It’s in her blood. Brielle Brooks is a good kid, no matter what her teachers say-it’s not her fault she’s developing vampiric super powers and the undead want to brawl! And as if problems at school aren’t enough, Bri’s got a wild ride ahead of her… she’s about to discover she’s the daughter of the infamous vampire hunter and Daywalker known as Blade! DEC221286

Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Carmen Carnero
The New Invaders strike! Captain America and his allies put their best infiltration tactics to the test to free lower Manhattan from A.I.M.’s grasp. But the battleground is not what it seems and the Outer Circle not so easily surprised. Can Steve Rogers uncover a lurking enemy – or will his friends face doom at the hands of the Outer Circle’s most deadly soldier? NOV220928 [Roger Aubrey aka the Mighty Destroyer has been appearing in a supporting role in the series, and appears to be taking a more active role in this arc–he is back in costume on the cover of this issue.]

Peter David Fabian Nicieza, ChrisCross, Ron Lim, James Fry, Jim Starlin, Chris Batista, and others
O-wha-tagoo-siam! Genis-Vell, son of the legendary Kree warrior Mar-Vell, takes on his father’s former mantle of Captain Marvel – and everybody’s favorite super-hero sidekick, Rick Jones, finds himself along for the wildest of rides! Genis possesses the gift of Cosmic Awareness – a oneness with the universe that allows him to know what will happen, what may happen and what should happen to every living thing. You might think such knowledge would make a person go mad – and you might be right! Can Rick keep him grounded, or will their unique merger drive Genis crazy even faster? Featuring the Hulk, Drax the Destroyer, Thanos, Spider-Man 2099 and the debut of Genis’ sister, Phyla-Vell! Get ready to experience Peter David’s complete, star-spanning saga – as cosmic as it is hilarious! Collecting Captain Marvel (1999) #0-35 and Captain Marvel (2002) #1-25. NOV220847

CARNAGE #10 $3.99 Page 60
Ram V and Francesco Manna
The Carnage symbiote has ambitions of universal destruction and death, the likes of which would make even Knull himself tremble. But unlike the slain King in Black, Carnage has no weapon to inspire fear in the hearts of the living across space. Or – not, until now! Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXXII #10 (OCT221082) DEC220784

Stephanie Phillips and Juann Cabal
In a far-flung corner of deep space, Frank Castle has eked out a quiet existence, and his days as Cosmic Ghost Rider are finally behind him. But across the universe, a vicious bounty hunter is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, and his name is…Cosmic Ghost Rider?! When Frank’s peaceful existence is shattered, he must suit up once more and face his most savage enemy yet – himself! DEC220856

DAREDEVIL #8 $3.99 Page 67
Chip Zdarsky and Rafael De Latorre
At last…war!

Chip Zdarsky, Ann Nocenti, Mike Hawthorne, Marco Checchetto, Stefano Landini, Manuel Garcia, Rafael De Latorre, Sid Kotian, and more
The Angel of Death has come to Hell’s Kitchen. As a series of grisly murders tests Elektra’s mettle – and her commitment to her new role as Daredevil – the city spirals into a state of panic. Because this killer can be in more than one place at a time! Is it a team? A mutant? Or something else entirely? Meanwhile, Matt Murdock faces challenges of his own behind bars – and he won’t be getting time off for good behavior! Then, Kraven the Hunter has Elektra dead in his sights! Battered, bruised and with her back to the wall, can Elektra honor Daredevil’s code not to kill? And if so, will the Woman Without Fear be strong enough to survive the unexpected consequences of mercy? Plus: more savage tales of Elektra! Collecting Daredevil (2019) #31-36, Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1-3 and Elektra (2022) #100. DEC220819

DEADPOOL #4 $4.99 Page 39
Alyssa Wong and Martin Coccolo
Betrayed! Lady Deathstrike cruelly betrays her recent partner-in-assassination Deadpool! Or wait… is it that Deadpool has casually betrayed his reluctant murder buddy Lady Deathstrike? It’s all gonna depend on whose version you believe – but either way, it’s time for bloody reprisal! DEC220754

DOCTOR APHRA #29 $3.99 Page 76
Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung
To the bone. The Spark Eternal sets its sights on Crimsonj Dawn! As Sana Starros and Magna Tolvan race to intercept it, will Doctor Aphra’s most desperate gambit pay off? Or will she be lost to the Spark Eternalforever? NOV221028

GOLD GOBLIN #4 $3.99 Page 40
Christopher Cantwell and Lan Medina
Norman was handed his first losses throughout Dark Web, but he’s not about to make it a habit. His first target? Jack O’Lantern. But is Norman still in someone else’s crosshairs? Will this new zeal lead him down the dark path that we all know he’s headed toward? You better believe it. NOV220967

IMMORAL X-MEN #1 $4.99 Page 2
Kieron Gillen and Paco Medina
They said the mutants were humanity’s future. It’s 10 years later and they were proven to be right. The X-Men exist in a world that adores and respects them…so why are they sworn to crush it?! But while they do, Emma can take a few minutes out to crush Mister Sinister. DEC220734

IMMORTAL X-MEN takes a break this month

LEGION OF X #10 $3.99 Page 56
Si Spurrier and Netho Diaz
The Legion crumbles in Nimrod’s vengeful hands! Since the Altar’s creation, a villain has lurked in what was meant to be Krakoa’s safest space. He’s done waiting. And so is the Phalanx! David Haller faces his worst nightmares as the Altar comes under attack! Good thing he has Nightcrawler to – wait, Nightcrawler isn’t even on Krakoa? He’s off in the woods…murdering his friends?! What happened to the Spark – and is there any hope left for Krakoa’s peacekeepers? NOV220976

MARAUDERS #11 $3.99 Page 56
Steve Orlando and Eleonora Carlini
Genosha wakes! Nightcrawkler! Fang vs Brimstone love round two! Years ago, Genosha suffered one of the most horrific attacks in mutant history at the hands of Cassandra Nova. Can mutantkind do better than waiting for resurrection? Captain Pryde thinks so, but it’ll take the wildest mutant circuit we’ve seen yet! DEC220778

Steve Orlando and Andrea Broccardo
Steve Orlando’s run on Marauders continues, tying into the huge blockbuster even A.X.E.: Judgement Day! As A.X.E. makes waves, the Marauders hold on for survival! The Progenitor has risen. Now he visits each and every one of us, and we’re given a chance to justify our lives. Sounds heavy, right? The Marauders agree! Who proved their right to life? Who failed? And if we survive, just how excited is Orchis for a chance to scapegoat mutants for Earth’s brush with destruction? All this…and Detective Lockheed! DEC220922

MARY JANE AND BLACK CAT #3 $3.99 Page 38
Jed MacKay and Vincenzo Carratu
Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy are trapped in Limbo by Belasco – and if they wanna escape, they’ll have to heist their way out! A shaky alliance with an unexpected ally may be their only hope to survive the Screaming Tower. But MJ’s holding back…What is the true price of her new supe-powers? And why can’t Black Cat come clean about the new (old) man in her life? These truths may damn their friendship…and their souls…to Limbo forever! NOV220978

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham
Miracleman continues his search for Dickie Dauntless, A.K.A.. Young Miracleman. As we learn more about Miracleman’s forgotten past, we see that he could use all the help he can get. But will he accept it? DEC220764

MOON KNIGHT #20 $3.99 Page 63
Danny Lore, Alessandro Cappuccio, and Ray-Anthony Height
There’s blood on the streets as assassins work their way through a list of names containing those who once formed Moon Knight’s Shadow Cabinet. But with a number of potential targets and no idea who’s next, how can Moon Knight save his former associates? Plus: Just in time for Black History Month, a second story in which the crescent crusader crosses paths with the Sheriff of the Vampire Nation, Blade! NOV220990 [Danny Lore is writing a back-up story for Black History Month teaming up Moon Knight with Blade.]

SPIDER-MAN #5 $4.99

Eve L Ewing and Luca Maresca
The fate of a world relies on the power of Photon! Still searching for answers as to why the universe has gone all topsy-turvy, Monica Rambeau blazes into a forgotten corner of the cosmos. But even as she seeks help to put her friends, family and life right side up again, she encounters a group of wanderers who desperately need her assistance to survive. NOV220985 [Monica’s gay cousin Caleb is introduced in the first issue. Caleb’s boyfriend is abusive (verbally and emotionally–but not physically, as far as we know so far) and Monica was trying to help him. Presumably this will be a subplot that runs through the miniseries.]

NAMOR #5 $4.99 Page 52
Christopher Cantwell and Pasqual Ferry
Who will survive in this fallen world? Who will rebuild it? Atlantis? The machines? A long-suffering humankind? Namor faces off against the Original Human Torch one last time…and then his own underwater empire. In the end, will anything be left to rule on these conquered shores? NOV220993

NEW MUTANTS TP VOL 4 $19.99 Page 97
Danny Lore, Vita Ayala, Alyssa Wong, Charlie Jane Anders, Guillermo Sanna, Alex Lins, Alberto Alburquerque, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and others
Old wounds and future possibilities! Gabby and Karma have gone missing, and it’s up to Daken and James Proudstar to track them down! Stained by their own sense of failures concerning their respective siblings, the two must face their own insecurities in order to find the young mutants! Then, personally recruited by Emma Frost herself, Shela Sexton – A.K.A. Escapade – reluctantly joins her fellow mutants on Krakoa in the hope that the X-Men can prevent the impending death of her best friend. But will the New Mutants accept her? Or will they all fall to the fanatical U-Men? Plus: To commemorate the New Mutants’ 40th Anniversary, a stellar cast of creators craft a mosaic love letter dedicated to four decades’ worth of the joys and tribulations of being young, brave and gifted in the world of X! Collecting New Mutants (2019) #29-33. DEC220829

Mariko Tamaki, Vita Ayala, and Gurihiru
It’s a showdown against Thanos – keynote speaker! When their usual heroics fail, Miles Morales and Peter Parker must draw inspiration from their enemies to escape the Next Generation of Villains Convention alive. And if they annoy Venom in the process, it’s all the more fun! Join the Spider-Men for a hilarious conclusion that finally answers the question — does Spider-Man have a sidekick? NOV220994

SCARLET WITCH #2 $4.99 Page 29
Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli
Wanda Maximoff is no stranger to grief, so when Viv Vision stumbles through Wanda’s door, exhausted and terrified of the nightmares playing her mother’s death on repeat, Wanda dives into Viv’s dreams to find the cause of the android’s suffering. And it turns out Viv isn’t alone in her mind… Scarlet Witch faces off against Dreamqueen in a reality-bending battle for Viv’s freedom! This issue includes a special super-heroic back-up story featuring Scarlet Witch and Storm celebrating Black History Month! DEC221281

SHE-HULK #10 $3.99 psge 61
Rainbiow Rowell and Luca Maresca
After the most intense issue in She-Hulk history, it’s time for the fallout. She-Hulk has experienced more trauma than most. Is this the straw, and is she the camel? OCT221160

SPIDER-MAN #5 $4.99
Dan Slott and Mark Bagley
“The End of the Spider-Verse” continues! See a new side of Peter Parker and the Spider-mythos! Shathra and her forces work towards the extinction of Arachnida sapiens. PLUS! This issue includes a special super heroic back-up story featuring Spider-Man and Photon celebrating Black History Month! NOV221016 [This issue continues the “End Of The Spider-Verse” arc which is including LGBT multiversal variant spider heroes like Web-Weaver and Sun-Spider.]

Justina Ireland and Pere Perez
Finally! The fan-favorite rogue who has (complicated) history with both Han Solo and Doctor Aphra steps out in her first solo comic. NOV221035

STAR WARS YODA #4 $3.99 Page 72
Jody Houser and Luke Ross
Years before the Clone Wars, Yoda asks an old friend to come teach the next generation of Jedi alongside him – Master Dooku. And with mysterious visions haunting one of his students, Master Yoda will need all the help he can get. DEC220800

Al Ewing and Paco Medina
Face the wrath of Arakko! Ten years from now, Mars has been destroyed – and now Storm wants revenge! To get it, the New Brotherhood of Arakko will battle their way through hell to seek the greatest secret of the Sinister Age…but are they fighting to save the world — or end it? And who is the man called Ironfire? The Sins of Sinister wash over the world of X-Men Red as the newest X-Crossover builds! NOV221044

Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos
The final battle for the sould of Marvel magic begins gere! And some will stand, while some will fall. DEC220797

Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Netho Diaz
Redeeming justice, like lightning! Super-powered crooks take hostages in Staten Island? A dimensional rift tears open in Chinatown? Monsters running amok at the Met? Call in the Thunder! New York City’s finest are here to save the day: Hawkeye, Spectrum, America Chavez, Power Man, Persuasion and the all-new cyber-soldier called Gutsen Glory! You know ’em, you love ’em: They’re the Thunderbolts! In the aftermath of DEVIL’S REIGN, the Big Apple has big problems, and it’s up to a new group of Thunderbolts to turn things around. But when Clint Barton is tasked with heading up this squad, the first opponent he’s going to have to face…is himself. And the second just might be his teammate Monica Rambeau! Plus: The Thunderbolts battle the rampaging Super-Apes in Central Park – and must save Manhattan from the towering threat of Terminus! Collecting Thunderbolts (2022) #1-5. DEC220833

TRIALS OF X TP VOL 7 $19.99 Page 98
Gerry Duggan, Vita Ayala, Benjamin Percy, Javier Pina, Rod Reis, Lan Medina, and Paco Diaz
Heads will roll in the Trials of X! It’s Halloween, and the X-Men have to face a horror born of a neighboring town in Westchester: the Headless Horseman?! And that’s not the only terror targeting them! On Krakoa, where the dead walk among the living and the unforgiveable has been forgiven, the New Mutants must battle an old foe: the psychic entity known as the Shadow King! Meanwhile, Maverick returns for a team-up with Wolverine! But when C.I.A. agent Jeff Bannister uncovers a secret surveillance device aimed at Krakoa, Logan faces a life-or-death protection mission on the run – with nowhere safe to hide! Collecting X-Mrn (2021) #4, New Mutants (2019) #22-23 and Wolverine(2020) #17-18. DEC220830

VENOM #16 $3.99 Page 10
Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch
With the truth about Eddie Brock, Bedlam and the Garden of Time revealed at last, Eddie has no choice but to move heaven, earth, space and time to get back to his son. But it may all be for naught – Eddie’s greatest fears are at the precipice of being realized, as Dylan may still succumb to the darkness within him! NOV221052

WASP #2 $3.99 Page 34
Al Ewing and Kasia Nie
When Whirlwind fails to identify the person who forced the attack on the Wasps, Janet and Nadia Van Dyne must combine their skills to locate their new foe. But something about this case seems unnervingly familiar to Jan – can she figure out what it is in time to save their lives? NOV221057

X-FORCE #37 $3.99 Page 50
Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill
Who is the man with the peacock tattoo? At last – learn the truth about the man behind the mask who’s been plaguing X-Force since 2019’s issue #1! X-fans new and old will reel from this startling revelation. Collectors and readers alike – don’t miss this key issue! NOV221060

X-MEN #19 $3.99 Page 46
Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli
Lord of the Brood, part one! When the X-Men get a distress call from deep space, they find that the galaxy’s Brood problem is not as solved as they’d thought! Rogue Brood factions have begun running wild (as seen in Captain Marvel right now!), and it’s up to the X-Men to get to the bottom of why! NOV221063

X-MEN RED takes a break this month

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