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LGBTQA Previews December 2023 Part 1

Looking ahead at comics, graphic novels, and trades for December with this column. You’ll find interesting and exciting items but fewer than what publishers have coming in November who must’ve anticipated both holiday splurging and post holiday budget woes. Julia Delporte’s Portrait Of A Body and the Watson & Holmes: A Scandal In Harlem anthology pique my interest. Read the list to find out what catches your eye!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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TRAVELING TO MARS TP $29.99 Page 178
Mark Russell and Roberto Meli
From Eisner Award winning writer Mark Russell and artist Roberto Meli comes the Eisner-nominated compelling sci-fi story…Traveling to Mars tells the story of former pet store manager Roy Livingston, the first human to ever set foot on Mars. Roy was chosen for this unlikely mission for one simple reason: he is terminally ill and therefore has no expectation of returning. Roy is joined on his mission to Mars by Leopold and Albert, two Mars rovers equipped with artificial intelligence, who look upon the dying pet store manager as a sort of god. Against the backdrop of not only his waning days but those of human civilization as well, Roy has ample time to think about where things went wrong for both of them and what it means to be a dying god. A riveting story of planetary exploration and of finding meaning in your final days. Collects the critically acclaimed 11-issue series plus cover gallery and bonus material. OCT231032


Stuart Moore, June Brigman, and Roy Richardson
The action-packed conclusion! Under assault from all sides, Captain Ginger must choose between his father and the fate of his starship crew. But there’s a wild card in the deck: the mysterious Fourth People. Also featuring the mind-bending conclusion of Partially Naked Came The Corpse, the Ahoy Fifth Anniversary prose serial! 1023AH407


Kelly Thompson, Danielle Paige, Andy Fish & Various
Celebrate the winter solstice with Sabrina Spellman in this special holiday one-shot that returns to the acclaimed world of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series! First, in “The Longest Night,” at Sabrina’s magic boarding school, she and her friends work together on the longest night of the year to save their friend enthralled by a dark and clever Beast, impossible to kill in his own world, and difficult to kill in our own. Then, in “A Very Spellman Solstice,” a flash backstory shows young Zelda and Hilda breaking tradition to go to a school dance, but when Hilda joins forces with one of the ghosts of Solstice past, it curses their night out. Writer Kelly Thompson and artists Veronica and Andy Fish return for another bewitching Sabrina story, along with the team of writer Danielle Paige and artist Veronica Johnson for a festive flashback story!
OCT231463 (Veronica Fish cover) / OCT231464 (Laura Braga cover)


MADNESS #5 $3.99 Page 256
J. Michael Straczynski and ACO
J. Michael Straczynski’s Superpowered Revenge Epic Escalates! Superpowered revenge goes off the rails as the Madness’s path of destruction continues to widen. In this issue, she comes face-to-face with two members of the super team that killed her family: Shade and Djinn – plus Djinn’s pet dragon, Ignatius. It won’t be pretty! 1023AW411

RUMPUS ROOM #4 $3.99 Page 255
Mark Russell and Ramon Rosanas
It’s a Jail Break…So Why Isn’t the Man Behind It All Worried? After being imprisoned in eccentric – not to mention homicidal – tech billionaire Bob Schrunk’s ‘Rumpus Room,’ undercover cop Erica manages to escape. Can she get far enough to expose Schrunk for who he really is and free her fellow prisoners? And why does it seem like Schrunk isn’t worried about her escape? 1023AW420


Dakota Brown and Lane Lloyd
The epic conclusion is here! Our hero has been bitten in half by the Hell-Tech Mech, but when a member of the Trans-Dimensional Invasion Force injects Tilly with Hell-Tech, she’s back in the fight! Alongside Kevin the wannabe wizard and the Trans-Dimensional Invasion Force, Tilly battles the Hell-Tech Mech with a hellish power up of her own to put a stop to the madness and get back to her weekend of gaming. OCT231558


ABBOTT: 1979 #3 $4.99 Page 60
Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivela
Elena gets a call from Elmer, her brother, and only together will they be able to face the Umbra that possesses him. It will take everything Elena has to tap into her power, dispel the threat, and save his life. OCT230105

BOOK OF BUTCHER #1 $9.99Page 44
James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
Leading into the fifth anniversary of Something Is Killing The Children and building on last year’s Book of Slaughter, Maxine Slaughter steps into the spotlight in her journey from White to Black Mask. With New Orleans as her destination, what will Maxine uncover about House BoucherX and what will she learn about herself in the process? The award-winning, bestselling creative team of James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera unleash their only first issue of 2023 and set the stage for year five of the Slaughterverse!OCT230025

CODA #4 $4.99 Page 63
Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara
As Hum ruminates on his personal connection to stories of the past and how it left him in his current state, the threads of connectedness continue to weave through the tale as he wrestles with feelings over his own body. Meanwhile, Mildew crosses paths with Hum and Serka after a harrowing rescue in the midst of a brutal battle. While things may not turn out how they hope, Serka has a new plan to set things right… OCT230116

DAMN THEM ALL #11 $3.99 Page 65
Simon Spurrier and Charlie Adlard
In a macabre kaleidoscope of soul-seeking hallucinations, Ellie takes a theological hammer to the idea of Satan, confronting her mind’s interpretation of the absent and cruel Creator. If Ellie can find some internal salvation in all this, it might give her an edge against Cillian and his hivemind. Regardless, she’s going to discover something shocking about Alfie’s fate. OCT230140

John Allison and Max Sarin
Graduation day is so close that Esther, Daisy, and Susan can almost taste it. It’s time to think about what they want to do when they leave behind the hallowed halls of Sheffield University-or, in Susan’s case-consider where McGraw will go and what that might mean for their future together. But even when real, grown-up tragedy strikes, there are still wild oats to sow, championship cricket games to play, and prank wars to survive before it’s time to don caps and gowns to leave the giant days of university behind, once and for all. Written by John Allison and illustrated by Max Sarin, Vol. 7 collects the final six issues and the grand finale of the Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated series, along with a special short featuring Shelley Winters, all in a deluxe hardcover! Collects Giant Days #49-54 and As Time Goes By. OCT230163

GRIM VOL 3 $14.99 Page 48
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
While searching for an alternate portal to the Hell they left behind, a mysterious European town may be the key but the balance of authority in Hell is still in chaos, with Annabel in peril, and the fate of death’s skewed mechanics made uncertain! Eddie, Jess, and Marcel-each will have to face their own personal hell! The pain of their own mortal lives are brought to the after-life in grim detail, but Hell itself still awaits, and Annabel and the parasitic entity bonded to her have foreboding plans for Life. Acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips and fan favorite artist Flaviano take the secrets of the afterlife to dark new depths! Collects Grim #11-15. OCT230050

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #20 $3.99 Page 46
Sam Johns and Letizia Cadonici
Bait and Nannette are cornered during the final hour, trapped in a veritable haunted house of monsters as Bait fights against impossible odds, even for him. And if help does come…what price will Bait have to pay for revealing the Order’s secrets? OCT230034

RARE FLAVOURS #4 $4.99 Page 62
Ram V and Filipe Andrade
Perfection is pompous and unrealistic. Mistakes, ugly places, and even letting things burn. As Rubin and Mo continue their travels and the work on their documentary, a Dhabha cook on a highway to Mumbai provides a delicious look into the depth in simplicity, and how the most mundane thing can turn complex through effort. OCT230112

SIRENS OF THE CITY #6 $4.99 Page 64
Joanne Starer and Khary Randolph
After everything she’s been through, Layla and her friends finally face off against the Rat King, but will her mother, the fearsome Lilith, help or hinder her in her fight to stay in control of her own body? Layla is in terrible danger, but also wields a terrible power, one that with the right catalyst… could have cataclysmic results. OCT230130

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
After narrowly surviving the Duplicitype, Erica Slaughter must still reckon with the murderous Cutter to save Tribulation. Separated from Dolly and driven by rage, Cutter won’t stop until she gets revenge on Erica. But the horror is far from over as the Duplicitype, the infamous monster wearing Erica’s likeness that changed Something is Killing the Children forever, also remains at large and in relentless pursuit! And with Cecilia showing up, will Erica finally find the ally she needs, or is betrayal in the cards?
Most importantly, what chance does Erica stand? Collects Something is Killing the Children #31-35. OCT230043

ZAWA #2 $4.99 Page 58
Michael Dialynas
When Zawa is hangry, she’s a force to behold!
While the kids debate over how things unfolded and how they should handle the upcoming food festival, Zawa makes a mess, one that Bandit won’t be happy about. Meanwhile, the Mayor is enraged at Zawa’s escape, getting his private guards involved… OCT230100


MIRACLES #4 $4.99 Page 276
Joe Glass and Vince Underwood
High school senior Elliott Morgan has been obsessed with superhero comics all his life, especially Major Voltage Adventures, a comic that suddenly ended the year he was born.
A family secret unravels just as he’s suddenly getting superpowers! 1023CX423 (Underwood & Wada cover) / 1023CX424 (Kirby homage cover) / 1023CX425 (Vecchio cover)


Tove Jansson
Published for the first time in North America, and the last picture book completed by world-renowned Tove Jansson, The Dangerous Journey is a beautifully illustrated and delightfully quirky journey through Moominvalley. Susanna is bored with her life-she craves adventure when there is none to be had. But when a new pair of glasses appears in front of her, she gets an opportunity to live the bold life that she has always longed for as her surroundings are transformed into a dark and sinister landscape. Take this fantastical journey to Moominvalley and never look back. OCT231676 (OFFERED AGAIN)

GIRL JUICE TP $24.95 Page 286
Benji Nate
Welcome to the Girl Juice House, home of only the hottest gang in town. Benji Nate’s stylish and rambunctious sense of humor lovingly takes digs at the young and tragically hip, reserved and introspective Nana, comically hypersexual Bunny, fledgling U-tuber Tula, and Designated Mom Sadie as they navigate life, love, and the pursuit of a good time. OCT231678 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Julie Delporte
A portrait of flourishing desire in a body ever-changing. As she examines her life experience and traumas with great care, Delporte faces the questions about gender and sexuality that both haunt and entice her. Deeply informed by her personal relationships as much as queer art and theory, Portrait of a Body is both a joyous and at times hard meditation on embodiment-a journey to be reunited with the self in an attempt to heal pain and live more authentically. Delporte’s idyllic colored pencil drawings contrast with the near urgency that structures her confessional memoir. Each page is laden with revelation and enveloped in organic, natural shapes-rocks, flowers, intertwined bodies, women’s hair blowing in the wind-captured with devotion. The vitality of these forms interspersed with Delporte’s flowing handwriting hold space for her vivid and affecting observations. Skillfully translated by Helge Dascher and Karen Houle, Portrait of a Body provokes us to remain open to the lessons our bodies have on offer. 1023DQ436


BLASFAMOUS #1 $8.99 Page 290
Mirka Andolfo
From international superstar Mirka Andolfo comes a new horror comedy that only Andolfo can deliver-asking the question: how many fans is your soul worth? In a world where pop stars have ascended to divinity, and the masses bow in veneration to a new generation of viral superstars, angels and demons thrive on this exaltation, and revel in this spotlight that grants them unimaginable power. Clelia, the reigning queen of pop, finds her throne shaken by a newcomer radiating with enigmatic charm. As her fans waver and the public eye threatens to wander, Clelia and her demonic agent, Father Lev, are thrust into a battle for dominance on this exhilarating stage of music and mysticism. How far will they go to defend her reign and unravel the mystery of this sensational new threat? Mixing the sacred and profane, Harvey Award-winning Mirka Andolfo effortlessly merges the mythological urban fantasy of American Gods with the sardonic wit of The Good Place in a brand new dark series featuring stunning visual and narrative intensity set in the glittering world of pop music. 1023DY437


Brandon Easton, N. Steven Harris & Various
Harlem, Now. The most famous dynamic duo in the world, Jon Watson and Sherlock Holmes are back to solve multiple cases for the Police or private clients in desperate need of answers. Revisiting the classic detective team created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a bold diverse way, Watson & Holmes: A Scandal In Harlem is an anthology style volume with five tales from the finest African American talents in the industry: Brandon Easton (Transformers, Kamen Rider, X), N. Steven Harris (Michael Clay, Milestone Comics, X), Hannibal Tabu (MPLS Sound), Karl Bollers (Marvel’s Machine Man, Cable), Greg A Elysee (Is’Nana the Were Spider) as well as true Holmesian creators like Lyndsay Faye Steven Grant, Eli Powell, and Dennis Calero. Watson & Holmes is part of the Noir Is The New Black hit collection. OCT23174


MY ULTRAMARINE SKY $12.99 Page 420
Nagisa Furuya
From the creator of My Summer of You comes a high school romance about two friends who’ve always been in the same class, but when a new school year separates them, they realize that their feelings for each other might run deeper than friendship. From their first year of middle school to their second year of high school, Kai and Ren have not only always been in the same classXthey’ve also always sat next to each other. But in their last year of high school, the boys are assigned to two separate classes, and with each passing day, Kai feels as if he’s slipping further and further away from RenX One day, when Kai finds Ren sleeping in a classroom after school, he whispers the feelings that he can’t bring himself to say out loud and Ren hears him. Will Kai’s confession draw them further and further apart, or will it be the spark that brings them back to each other once more? OCT232198

SUPER MORNING STAR VOL 2 $12.99 Page 421
Kara Aomiya
At high school, Kaido seems to be a scary delinquent, but he’s leading a second life as the star of a sentai superhero live show! When sentai superfan classmate Honda discovers Kaido’s secret, Kaido will stop at nothing to make sure it doesn’t get out, but despite himself, the charismatic performer finds himself falling for his biggest fan. OCT232210

YURI IS MY JOB VOL 12 $12.99 Page 422
Hime is a picture-perfect high school princess’s admired by all and never trips up! So when she accidentally injures a cafe manager named Mai, she’s willing to cover some shifts to keep her facade intact. To Hime’s surprise, the cafe is themed after a private school where the all-female staff always puts on their best act for their loyal customers. However, under the guidance of the most graceful girl there, Hime can’t help but blush and blunder! Beneath all the frills and laughter, Hime feels tension brewing as she finds out more about her new job and her budding feelings. OCT232215


MONOMYTH TP $17.99 Page 346
David Hazan, Cecilia Lo Valvo, and Federico Bertoni
Magic is all but extinct. When the last ailing wizard casts a final desperate spell to summon the descendants of ancient bloodlines to a school for magic now in disrepair…those chosen ones find a horror of the likes they’ve never experienced. They will have to confront the deepest parts of themselves and defeat each other in order to survive the ordeal. Collects issues 1-6. 1023MA452

VOYAGE DE GOURMET TP $14.99 Page 344
Paul Tobin and Jem Milton
Layne Green is a social media cooking sensation–and so is his best friend, Jang-Mi Pipper. When their friendship ends over Layne’s actions, he assumes that that’s the end. But Jang-Mi chooses him as her teammate in Voyage de Gourmet–a globe-trotting cooking competition. Will the two be able to rekindle their flavorful friendship? Or has this duo lost their taste–and their way? 1023MA456


HIS HOUSE VOL 1 $21.99 Page 422
Hajin Yoo
Life isn’t easy for an orphan, especially when you’re as good-looking as Gangyoo. To survive on the streets, Gangyoo hires himself out to homely women in desperate need of a pretend boyfriend. Now in college, Gangyoo only needs one more gig to earn enough money to graduate and live a normal life. There’s only one catch. His new client is a man named Soohyun. And there’s only one problem. They hate each other. Being a pretend boyfriend has never been so hard. Little does Gangyoo know that his own seedy past will catch up to bite him…and Soohyun harbors a dark secret of his own. OCT232216 (OFFERED AGAIN)

HIS HOUSE VOL 2 $21.99 Page 422
Hajin Yoo
After being gouged by his landlord, Gangyoo is forced to live with his client Soohyun. Gradually, Gangyoo develops feelings for the handicapped man, but Soohyun keeps his secretive thoughts to himself. Little do they both know that time and proximity are often the only required ingredients for two soulmates to fall in love. Gangyoo avoids going home. He anguishes alone at college. Meanwhile, Soohyun suffers his own torment. He badly wants revenge for his handicap. In order to get that vengeance, Soohyun must do something he planned from the very beginning…sacrifice Gangyoo. OCT232217 (OFFERED AGAIN)

HIS HOUSE VOL 3 $21.99 Page 422
Hajin Yoo
Gangyoo spends his days in bliss. Can life get any better? He has a great job and great friends. He lives in a comfortable home. Most important of all, he’s in love with Soohyun. Only one problem exists. For some reason, Soohyun keeps holding back his true feelings. Gangyoo desperately wishes to begin living his “happily ever after”, but a strange distance remains between the two lovers. Unfortunately, Soohyun’s brooding half-brother Sanghoon keeps hovering around. One day, Sanghoon offers Gangyoo the most dangerous gift imaginable…the truth. What is Soohyun’s secret? What is the true history of his house? OCT232218 (OFFERED AGAIN)


DWELLINGS #3 $9.99 Page 355
Jay Stephens
The sold-out horror hit of 2023 returns to the scene of the crime for one final scare! Welcome back to Elwich-where murderous and horrifying secrets sleep just below the pristine surface, slithering in the shadows of this otherwise quiet and idyllic small town. The cute-creepy mashup from Emmy Award winning, Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist and animator Jay Stephens returns from the grave for two more tales of small-town horror. Readers with coulrophobia beware: in this issue, creepy clowns are quite the scare! See for yourself the shock, terror, and fun that is . . . Dwellings! 1023ON457


DEATH DROP ASSASSIN #5 $4.99 Page 368
David Hazan and Alex Moore
Death Drop and the Bear face off against Mother Henny and her faceless minions in a terrifying confrontation at Posterior Delusions. Meanwhile, Hiram finally shows his face to deal a devastating blow. 1023SC506


Mo Xiang Tong Xiu and Luo Di Cheng Qiu
Experience this historical fantasy tale of two powerful men who find each other through life and death in this English version of the beautiful, full-color comic! Feared and hated for his sinister abilities, Wei Wuxian…the grandmaster of demonic cultivation…was driven to his death when the most powerful clans united to destroy him. Thirteen years later, Wei Wuxian is reborn. Summoned by a young man who sacrificed his soul in a forbidden ritual, Wei Wuxian is now bound to seek vengeance on the stranger’s behalf or risk the destruction of his own soul. But when an evil entity emerges, a familiar face from Wei Wuxian’s past suddenly appears amidst the chaos…a powerful cultivator who will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them. OCT232246

Shio Usui
In this sweet, slice-of-life yuri tale from the creator of Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon (also from Seven Seas), two women go from friends to more… with the help of a marriage pact! Kurumi and Ruriko made a deal: if they were both single in five years, they would marry each other. Five years later, neither woman is attached, so it’s time for a wedding! Marriage is full of firsts, especially for two friends, so they have a lot to learn about each other in their newly shared home. But will they continue this arrangement like two especially close roommates or will a different kind of love bloom between them? OCT232252

After their trip to the police station and an intimate night together, Sangwoo decides he wants to know more about Bum. Their ensuing conversation leads to a trip to the amusement park and a night of drinking and sex. This new phase of their warped relationship teeters between thrilling and unnerving, leaving Bum overjoyed one moment and panicked the next. Sangwoo is both the man of his dreams and his nightmares. OCT232253

Kazune Kawahara and Aiji Yamakawa
A self-contained shojo drama of romance and friendship written by the author of the hit manga series High School Debut. Eiko and her best friend Moe couldn’t be more different. While Eiko is a shy, average-looking girl, Moe is beautiful and constantly gets attention from guys. Though their personalities are total opposites, the bond between them is incredibly strong. Moe might have an endless supply of suitors, but when it comes to actually dating them, she has a condition: her boyfriend must value Eiko more than he does Moe. No one has yet been able to meet her condition…not until a boy named Tsuchida appears, at least. What will Eiko do when her relationship with her best friend begins to change? OCT232266

Katsu Aki
A sweet and sexy tale about the polyamorous marriage of a woman and two men by the creator of Futari H (Manga Sutra)! Ria, Suisei, and Emito are childhood friends who fell in love with each other. Now they share a home as a married throuple! In the morning Ria and Suisei commute to work, and at night Emito cooks delicious meals he hopes they’ll enjoy. Follow their daily lives as they face challenges, celebrate victories, and indulge in the more intimate side of marriage together. OCT232273


MADK VOL 3 $12.99 Page 395
Ryo Suzuri
Makoto has long been ostracized because of his odd hobbies and a sexual kink others see as disgusting. After summoning a demon from hell called Archduke J, Makoto sells his soul to him and is reborn himself as a demon in hell. As he learns and grows in his new role, his infatuation with J turns into an obsession-an obsession to surpass the very demon who birthed him! OCT232061

PINK HEART JAM VOL 1 $12.99 Page 395
Haiga lets Kanae introduce him to gay sex, and afterward his innocent crush on Kanae is replaced with a whole new type of attraction. Even as their bond outside the brothel strengthens, Kanae will only be intimate inside its confines-and only in certain ways. What will it take for the two to go beyond experimentation and forge a real relationship? OCT232060


Zoe Thorogood and Claudia Leonardi
After the events of Life Is Strange: True Colors, Alex & Steph tour across the states in their band until they find another lost soul on the side of the road – Lily. The pair take the teenager under their wing to uncover the truth of what she’s running from. But there’s more to Lily than meets the eye, as she silently struggles under the weight of heartache and memories from lives she hasn’t lived, to protect those around her from the truth of pain. An all too familiar story to Alex, but is there time to save Lily from a similar, lonely, fate? OCT230995

THE COLD EVER AFTER GN $19.99 Page 160
Jeremy Whitley and Megan Huang
Epic fantasy, queer romance, and hardboiled detective noir! Ten years after her disgrace and exile, Sir Noelani Mahi’ai – former Royal Champion of the kingdom of Patria Lupi and Queen’s protector – has been hiding under a rock at the bottom of a bottle and hasn’t lifted a sword in all that time. Until one day, the Queen summons Noelani to find her daughter who has mysteriously disappeared the night before her wedding. OCT231006


ALTER EGO VOL 2 NOEL & JUNE $14.99 Page 436
Ana C. Sanchez
The long-awaited sequel to Spanish artist Ana C. Sanchez’s heart-pounding lesbian romance, Alter Ego. OCT232305

STAR CROSSED VOL 1 $19.99 Page 437
Crimson Chains
This is a story about a king and his knight…Polaris is king of the stars; with his celestial paint brush he breathes life into constellations, which protect his kingdom. Yildun is his loyal knight, ever at his side, but always in shadow as his station dictates him to remain unseen. Together, they will face a battle for the throne from Polaris’ brother…well as their own conflicting feelings. A love story written in the stars! OCT232307


SAINTED LOVE #3 $4.99 Page 381
Steve Orlando and Giopota
The epic time travel romanc finishes its first arc! Malcom Irina and John Wolf, an inventor and a bare knuckle boxer from 1907 New York, are stranded on a Roman battlefield centuries away from everything they know and love (except each other). But that’s okay, it’s part of the job. They’re two heroes fighting their way through time against the Pilgrims, a secret society that erases queer culture throughout history. Irina has the brains to track the Pilgrims in any era, and Wolf has the fists to serve them up a shot of justice. So, when they land at the feet of lovers (and future saints) Sergius and Bacchus, Irina and Wolf must survive battle, convince Sergius and Bacchus to trust them, and work together to root out Rome’s secret sect of Pilgrims. 1023VL800


Nisioisin and Oh Great
First-year Shion Yoshino knows exactly what he wants: a boyfriend straight out of a shojo manga! After failing to find Mr. Right in several athletic teams, he settles on the Film Club and announces his intentions, only for retired Vice President Rei Inaba to make a stunning declaration: “There is 100% no way you’re going to find a boyfriend here.” That very same day, however, it’s Rei himself who kisses Shion and asks him out! What does it all mean? Is this really the love of Shion’s shojo dreams, or is Rei just a pretty face who won’t make room for anyone else in his life? One thing is for certain: Shion Yoshino won’t give up without a fight! OCT232313

THE RED THREAD VOL 2 $15.00 Page 409
Lazysheep and Hibiko Haruyama
The more time Pharm and Dean spend together, hurrying to make up for lost time, the greater their feelings for one another grow. But now, even in the light of day, they begin to have flashbacks of scenes previously only seen in their dreams. OCT232112

October 23, 2023
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