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LGBTQA Previews December 2022 Part 1

The return of the fan favorite Gargolyes with creator Greg Weissman and artist George Kambadais is the big news this month! Jeremy Holt’s and Felipe Cunha’s queer take on Gatsby continues! Writer Joe Corallo along with artist Andrea Milena launch Dahlia In The Dark at Mad Cave! Archie offers a couple holiday themed specials! Behold Behemoth #2 (Tate Brombal & Nick Robles), Gatsby #2 (Elizabeth Beals cover), and Specs #2 (Skylar Partridge’s cover) make up this month’s cover image.

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Shopping with Amazon? Just bookmark and use our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later!


TRAVELING TO MARS #2 $3.99 Page 248
Mark Russell and Roberto Meli
From two-time Eisner and Harvey Award nominee Mark Russell and hot new talent Roberto Meli comes a compelling new sci-fi series…Traveling to Mars tells the story of former pet store manager Roy Livingston, the first human to ever set foot on Mars. Roy was chosen for this unlikely mission for one simple reason: he is terminally ill and therefore has no expectation of returning. Roy is joined on his mission to Mars by Leopold and Albert, two Mars rovers equipped with artificial intelligence, who look upon the dying pet store manager as a sort of god. Against the backdrop of not only his waning days but those of human civilization as well, Roy has ample time to think about where things went wrong for both of them and what it means to be a dying god. A riveting story of planetary exploration and of finding meaning in your final days. OCT221291


PARKER GIRLS #4 $3.99 Page 258
Terry Moore
Cherry Hammer and Becky use strong arm tactics to learn the killer of Piper May is an accountant at the May company. Meanwhile, Kelly discreetly removes all obstacles to meet and charm Zackary May at a party. Watch this masterful Parker Girl at work in an issue too hot to handle! Don’t miss a single issue of this action packed new series from the creator of Strangers In Paradise. OCT221322


ALL NIGHT & EVERY DAY ONE SHOT #1 $7.99 Page 214
Ray Fawkes and Andrea Frittella
It’s time to party! While celebrating is the last thing grief-stricken introvert Michaela wants to do, her friends drag her out for the night and end up trapping her in a hellish curse: a party that never ends, with no way to escape…not even by dying! Now she must navigate the labyrinth of the legendary Banquet Hideous all on her own and learn its terrible secrets before she is consumed forever! This horrifying new 48-page Prestige Format One Shock by acclaimed writer Ray Fawkes and sensational artist Andrea Frittella will rock you to your core…eternally! OCT22121

Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti
Her footfalls don’t exist. She leaves no marks. Her eyes are a white abyss. Her name is Bunny Mask, and she’s free from her cave and moving through the city, searching for sickness and enacting her own unfathomable sense of justice. Can Tyler Severin control her? Does he want to? The answers are still hidden, but what’s clear is that Bunny Mask is back to grab you by your eyeteeth, and never let go. Writer Paul Tobin and artist Andrea Mutti have unleashed an eons old legend upon an unsuspecting world – one that’ll make your most horrific nightmare feel like a walk in the park! Volume two contains the entirety of The Hollow Inside, issues #1-4, as well as the 2021 Free Comic Book Day issue. OCT221227


Mark Russell and Steve Pugh
Billionaire Island still stands, but life is very different than it once was. With mercenaries at every turn and F-list stars struggling to survive, the lush life has taken a turn for the worse. Join us on a walking tour as we see what’s left of the island…and what’s in store for our hero, Business Dog! OCT221327

MY BAD VOL 2 #2 $4.99 Page 260
Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman, and Peter Krause
The Chandelier! Acid Chimp! Steel Integrity! Good Karen! Dr. Do-Over! The Amazon! Monkeyman! The planet’s powerful-est personas pull together to hunt the pizza delivery guy who’s been trying-and failing-to kill masked heroes! PLUS! On their first date, Steel Integrity refers to Good Karen as his girlfriend! What is he thinking? The answer will make you cringe! OCT221330


Tom DeFalco and Holly G
We’re celebrating Christmas with a brand new story to kick off this collection of festive tales! In “Christmas Pie Guy,” our story begins as an irate Miz Beazley, who’s just had one of her famous Christmas pies stolen! The thief? Beazly believes it to be Jughead and wants to make sure he pays. Seeing her rage, Mr. Svenson tries to spark the Christmas spirit back in his friend-but can it be done? OCT221396

Frank Tieri & Various, Joe Eisma & Various
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a… werewolf?! The holidays look a little different in Riverdale this year-Santa’s nowhere in sight but Krampus is on the rampage! Who can take him down? Why only someone who can meet his match, and that someone’s best friend/monster hunter. That’s right, WereJug returns to do battle with the horned and hoofed holiday beast with Betty Cooper in his corner! Then, we dive into the true story of the Icelandic yule cat, Jolakotturinn, and her master-Sheila Wu?! Finally, Reggie meets a nice girl that he takes to the holiday dance-but things aren’t as they seem when she systematically dismantles Reggie’s life! The holidays are horrifying in this special horror anthology, that reunites the team of Jughead: the Hunger! OCT221394


GATSBY #2 $3.99 Page 281
Jeremy Holt and Felipe Cunha
When middle-class Singaporean student Lu Zhao is invited to spend a summer on Long Island with his rich cousin Tommy before attending Colunbia University in the fall, his assimilation into the opulent American lifestyle straps him into a collision course fueled by designer drugs, sex, deceit, and murder. Set in present-day Long Island, Gatsby reimagines F. Scott Fitzgerlad’s classic novel as an LGBTQ-tinged, multicultural thriller for the Internet age. OCT221469


GANGSTER ASS BARISTA #2 $4.99 Page 287
Pat Shand and Renzo Rodriguez
The coffee fueled crime thriller from Pat Shand continues! Features a regular cover by White Ash star Conor Hughes and a throwback variant by Daniel Cooney & Lisa Gonzales. Former gangster Trinity’s attempt to live on the straight and narrow has been complicated by a bloody brawl, a mysterious bag, a female motorcycle gang, and a blithering idiot whose life is now in her hands. Will she be able to right her wrongs, or will she become the person she’s been running from her whole life? Includes a bonus comic in each issue! OCT221499

ROGUE STATE #3 $4.99 Page 274 Page 287
Matteo Pizzolo and Carlos Granda
Who is Vya of Brightstars? “The spiritual successor to Calexit… Matteo Pizzolo returns to dystopian political thrillers with a new series set in a revolutionary future America… a hyper-extrapolated, sideways glance at some very real-world anxieties.” -io9 “The tale of a near future army of young vigilantes resisting a paramilitary police state after the Supreme Court rules that militias are Constitutionally protected.” -Deadline From writer Matteo Pizzolo and artist Carlos Granda, comes this tale of rebelling against tyranny, reconquering stolen land, punching fascists in the face, and building a better nation. OCT221495


ALICE EVER AFTER TP $16.99 Page 114
Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta
Alice first visited Wonderland as a child. Now an adult, it’s her only escape from her cold, strange reality. But to go back, Alice needs something stronger than mushrooms. After continuing down a terrible path, Alice is committed to the dreaded asylum. Will Alice ultimately escape from her uncaring family and childhood trauma in Wonderland, or face her demons in reality? Return to Wonderland in this dark sequel by superstar artist and writer Dan Panosian and artist Giorgio Spalletta, perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman’s Snow, Glass, Apples, and Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy and Fables. Collects Alice Ever After #1-5. OCT220337

David M. Booher and Simona Di Gianfelice
All-New Firefly comes to a stunning conclusion in this double-sized series finale by writer David Booher (Canto, Joe Hill’s Rain) and artist Simona Di Gianfelice! Things come to an explosive conclusion with Requiem, the mercenaries, and the Alliance portals, but as Jayne reckons with his family and the past, a beloved member of the spaceship Serenity will make the ultimate sacrifice. Covers A-C will each come polybagged to avoid spoiling this character’s final fate! OCT220386

BEHOLD BEHEMOTH #2 $4.99 Page 115
Tate Brombal and Nick Robles
Just what happened between the past and the present to create a world so overrun by supernatural monstrosities? Meanwhile, Wren and Grey continue their journey across the apocalyptic landscape, hiding their true selves and struggling to suppress their inner demons. OCT220338

BOOK OF SLAUGHTER #1 $9.99 Page 104
James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
The future of the Slaughterverse is laid bare by Something is Killing the Children and House of Slaughter creators James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera in the very first SIKTC one-shot special! From the sidelines to the spotlight, Book of Slaughter follows the white mask Maxine Slaughter… but will her loyalties remain where they are, or will she show her true colors? In addition to being a precursor to the upcoming chapters of both series, this special issue features a sizable guidebook that delves into the deep lore of the Order of St. George! OCT220298

BRIAR #3 $3.99 Page 118
Christopher Cantwell and German Garcia
What if the one meant to protect you-more than anyone else-became the one that betrayed you? Briar unfortunately learns the answer, burdened beyond belief with the crushing prophecy that she’s connected to, and decides to make the future her own with a promise of vengeance. But while Briar wrestles with her new reality, Spider, her blue-skinned companion, harbors a secret of shocking significance. OCT220353

GRIM #6 $3.99 Page 110
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
Following the wild success and high demand for reprints from the initial issues of Grim, the series continues on in its next exciting chapter! For fans new to the series, GRIM #6 releases in tandem with the Grim Vol. 1 SC Discover Now Edition, a perfect starting point to binge the secrets of the afterlife! Still trapped in Las Vegas, Jessica, Eddie, and Marcel encounter a fabulous twist on mythical Greek figures, as well as someone with the authority to get them out of their phantasmal dilemma. OCT220320

KNOW YOUR STATION #1 $3.99 Page 88
Sarah Gailey and Liana Kangas
The wealthiest people in the solar system abandoned the Earth for a private sanctuary in space, leaving the rest of us to die amidst cataclysmic climate change.
But the 1% won’t be safe for long…A murderer is on the loose, specifically targeting the super-rich. Soon Elise, an employee of the billionaire’s space station, is wrapped up in a deadly investigation, with each issue featuring a new, diabolically different kill! 2021’s breakout writer Sarah Gailey and rising star Liana Kangas take a stab at the ultra-wealthy, their dreams of escaping the very planet they’ve put in peril, and the consequences of a future that might not be so far away. OCT220253

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
Leaving death and tragedy in her wake, a grief-burdened Erica hunts for the terrifying Duplicitype. With nothing left to lose and seemingly no one in her corner, Erica is faced with a choice to reach out to an unexpected source of help, or find herself dealing with both a monster and her human enemies alone. OCT220305

SPECS #2 $3.99 Page 117
David M. Booher and Chris Shehan
In this Stranger Things meets Stand by Me story from House of Slaughter artist Chris Shehan and writer David M. Booher (All-New Firefly), the Magic Specs were far more than Kenny and Ted signed up for. Given their unwillingness to acknowledge the dangerous consequences of their recent wish, what does this mean for their victim, and what do they do with the glasses moving forward? Kenny fears that all of this may affect his and Ted’s relationship and wonders if they’ll truly remain just “friends.” OCT220348

VAMPIRE SLAYER (BUFFY) #9 $4.99 Page 113
Sarah Gailey and Irene Flores
Where has Buffy disappeared to?
While Xander gets ready for a monstrous confrontation, he finds a new one in his relationship as well… a fight that could mean the end in more ways than one. But Willow and Faith are one step ahead of Xander, and winning without magic seems unlikely. Will Willow push herself to a place she may not be able to return from? OCT220392

WYND THE THRONE IN THE SKY #5 $5.99 Page 120
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
The final battle is here as the Faerie army closes in! The kids seemingly have nowhere to escape, with Wynd in dire straits as he takes it upon himself to battle the Faerie General. What will it take to save the children, and more importantly, what role does Wynd’s blood play in all of this? OCT220377


A HOME FAR AWAY GN $16.95 Pahe 428
Teki Yatsuda
In the winter of 1990, a young man name Alain finds himself lost and searching for direction. He currently cannot find it at home nor through the church. But when he meets Hayden, a free-spirited cook, he at least finds someone he can relate with. He may not know where his life is going but at least he has someone to lean on. But Alan’s new life, filled with new feelings and many new challenging experiences, may force him to find his path on the road. OCT222167


DEADLOCK VOL 4 $14.95 Page 404
Saki Aida and Yuh Takashina
Things finally come to a head, as a scuffle between Yuto and B.B. finally sets off an allout war between the Black and the Chicano gangs. Desperate to avoid danger, as the massive riot envelops the entirety of the prison, Yuto and Dick take cover in a storage room, where Yuto is faced with the astonishing truth behind Dick’s tragic past, and his plans for the future. “Come with me…Yuto–” Torn between the sweet temptation to go with the man he loves, and his sense of obligation towards his mission, Yuto is thrown into turmoil as he struggles to make up his mind. Should he go with Dick, or should he stay and fulfill his duty… Also includes the short side-story “Restful Slumber,” which follows Dick as he makes his escape from the prison. The manga adaptation, which has left its mark in BL history, finally comes to an end in this exciting conclusion of Deadlock! OCT222090

DEADLOCK GN VOL 2 $14.95 Page 404
Saki Aida and Yuh Takashina
Matthew was assaulted by another prisoner?! Concerned for his friend is Yuto, a former DEA investigator. Enraged by what happened, Mickey sets out to avenge his brother. However, Yuto refuses to divulge the culprit’s name and is placed in solitary confinement where he meets Neto, the leader of the Chicano group. OCT222092 (OFFERED AGAIN)

DEADLOCK GN VOL 3 $14.95 Page 404
Saki Aida and Yuu Takashina
After falling into the trap laid out by B.B., the leader of the black gang, Yuto is forcibly subjected to the harsh realities of being brutally beat and raped. Exhausted and wounded, the former narcotics investigator is rescued by none other than his cellmate, Dick, who attentively cares for his battered body and tenderly reassures him, “I would never, ever hurt you. You know that, right?” One day, wracked and shaken by the flashbacks of the assault, Yuto, unable to cope with what had been done to him, reluctantly gives himself over to Dick’s gentle embrace–only to discover soon after that Dick bears a large burn scar on his back, one of Corvus’s identifying characteristics. OCT222093 (OFFERED AGAIN)

DEADLOCK NEW PTG VOL 1 $14.95 Page 404
Saki Aida and Yuu Takashina
Yuuto Lenix, a former DEA investigator convicted for the murder of his partner, claims he was framed for a murder of his partner but his attorney failed to convey his innocence in court. While in prison, an FBI agent offers him a deal — look for a particular criminal hiding in the same prison and, if he succeeds, then Lenix will go home free. Seeing this as his only hope for freedom, he agrees. OCT222091 (OFFERED AGAIN)

PURE LOVES SEXY TIME VOL 1 $16.95 Page 405
Psyche Delico
Four mischievous friends have finally met their match: their own hearts! Now that they’re in high school, the only trouble these country boys seem to find themselves in are ones that make them moan and pant. First, there’s Kou-chan who wants to confess to Kishi, but is full of heartpounding doubt over Kishi’s reaction. Then there’s Mitsuru, the serious one who’s pining for a lost love, when he is suddenly ambushed by Tarou, an obtuse air-headed sadist, who’s full of nothingbut pure devotion for his darling. And finally, just who is the tall boy beating everyone up? And why is he surrounded by flowers? What exactly is his motive? Psyche Delico comes out to play in this exciting volume of Pure Love’s Sexy Time! OCT222094


GARGOYLES #1 $3.99 Page 167
Greg Weisman and George Kambadais
All-new ongoing series, in continuity with the epic Gargoyles television classic! One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the Age of Gargoyles. Stone by day, Warriors by night, they were betrayed by the humans they had sworn to protect…frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan, the spell is broken, and they live again! They are Defenders of the Night! They are Gargoyles! Series creator Greg Weisman and illustrator George Kambadais reintroduce the Manhattan Clan, a family of Gargoyles at full strength, though modern New York City is full of attractions and distractions, and each member of the clan has begun to go their own way. But their bonds will be tested, when nefarious factions from all across the world attempt to steal that rarest, most precious of possessions…an unhatched Gargoyle egg! OCT220542


NO KIDDING TP $19.99 Page 310
Vero Cazot and Madeleine Martin (aka Marguerite Sauvage)
Making babies is a big decision. There’s Jean, the one who doesn’t want any kids. And Lucy, the one who might want them one day. But is their mind set up for real or is it just society torturing them with guilt, playing tricks on them? This is No Kidding, a real book about real women making real choices with big chunks of humor in it! No Kidding is a journey into the heart, mind and soul of these women opting out of motherhood and how they find their place in a world full of children and laws about their bodies. OCT221636 (OFFERED AGAIN)

NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK TP VOL 1 $25.00 Page 310
David Walker & Various, N. Steven Harris & Various
Unhinged. Unfiltered. Unstoppable… This is Noir Is The New Black: 40 Black creators delivering 16 Noir stories in a unique way. for the first time, the most successful African American comic book creators like David F.walker, Brandon Thomas, Brandon Easton, Melody Cooper, Md Bright, N.steven Harris as well as a new generation of writers and artists of color from all around the world such as Karen S. Darboe, Walt Barna, Marcus Williams, Quinn Mcgowan, Roxxy Haze, Greg Burnham, and many more, are banding together for a unique anthology of 100% creator-owned Black Noir comic stories. OCT221633 (OFFERED AGAIN)


DAHLIA IN THE DARK #1 $3.99 Page 339 Page 339
Joe Corallo and Andrea Milana
A washed up hitman, Donny Dahlia, takes one last job transporting a package cross country in the hopes of seeing his estranged daughter again. Little does he know this job is going to get him caught in the middle of a war between the fairy realms that could determine the fate of humankind. Dahlia in the Dark is a fast-paced, action, fantasy thriller about family and hidden truths. OCT221808

David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk
When Richard the Lionheart is kidnapped and ransomed by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI, Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is strongarmed into delivering the ransom and bringing the King home, on penalty of death. The treacherous Prince John and his ally, King Phillip of France, will stop at nothing to ensure Richard remains in captivity, so the Sheriff finds the unlikeliest of allies in none other than Robin Hood and the Merry Men. With Robin and the Sheriff away, Marian hatches her own devious plan to take back Nottingham. Collects issues #6-10. OCT221814

POTIONS INC TP VOL 1 $17.99 Page 339 Page 339
Erik Burnham and Stelladia
The call of adventure always seems to hang up whenever Randelgast Jones tries to answer it, leaving him facing the dull future of working in his family’s successful potion shop. But when a powerful artifact is stolen from his parents and puts them under a terrible curse, Ran finally gets the quest he’s been after his whole life. He and his siblings set off to find the missing artifact – and its trail leads them from their homeland of Primaterra to the very strange realm of… Seattle, Washington. 1992. Collects issues #1-5. OCT221816


BARBARITIES VOL 2 $14.99 Page 434
Tsuta Suzuki
Lord Montague is a powerful figure in the nation, in need of a bodyguard following a threat to his life. Enter Viscount Adam Canning: a dashing blond-haired nobleman who swears to use his combat skills to protect Lord Montague… and woo anyone who catches his fancy while staying at Lord Montague’s estate. When Adam sees Lord Montague’s nephew, Joel, Adam is immediately smitten. But Joel is a serious young man, too busy rooting out crime and corruption to fall for Adam’s charms. Of course, that just makes Adam want him more! Can Joel stay focused on his lofty ideals, or will he fall for the devilishly handsome viscount? OCT222210

In this LGBT+ high school romantic comedy, a nerd and a delinquent find themselves attracted to each other, but only when they’re crossdressing at a maid cafe!
Shuumei has a problem: he’s in love with Hana, a girl who works in a maid cafe. Unfortunately, he’s too embarrassed to go in and talk to her… until he puts on girl’s clothes and transforms himself into Mei. What Shuumei doesn’t realize is that Hana is actually Hanae, an otaku boy who’s more comfortable with people when he’s dressed as a girl! What’s more, neither of them are aware that they both go to the same school. Appearances can be deceiving in this wacky cross-dressing love comedy! OCT222215

Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou and St
A historical fantasy epic about a tyrant’s second chance at life and the powerful cultivation teacher he can’t get out of his mind. Massacring his way to the top to become emperor of the cultivation world, Mo Ran’s cruel reign left him with little satisfaction. Now, upon suffering his greatest loss, he takes his own life. To his surprise, Mo Ran awakens in his own body at age sixteen, years before he ever began his bloody conquests. Now, as a novice disciple, Mo Ran has a second chance at life. This time, he vows that he will attain the gratification that eluded him in his last life: the overly righteous shall fall, and none will dare treat him like a dog ever again! His furious passion burns most fiercely for his shizun, Chu Wanning, the beautiful yet cold cultivation teacher who maintains a cat-like aloofness in his presence. Yet despite Mo Ran’s shameless pursuit of his own goals, he begins to question his previously held beliefs, and wonders if there could be more to his teacher and his own feelings than he ever realized. [This is a “light” novel with illustrations.] OCT222224

LOVE IS AN ILLUSION VOL 3 $24.99 Page 437
Hye-sung spent his entire life believing he was an Alpha, the jackpot of the genetic lottery. But his world is flipped upside down when he finds out he isn’t a dominating Alpha, but a submissive Omega. His frustration is pushed to its limits when he constantly crosses paths with the handsome Dojin, a true Alpha. Dojin supposedly can’t stand Omegas, but his head-butting with Hye-sung results in explosive arguments and unexpected sex. Is this sizzling chemistry truly just their bodies reacting? OCT222230

SUPERWOMEN IN LOVE VOL 5 $12.99 Page 439
Thanks to their close bond, superheroine Hayate and the ex-villainess Honey Trap have managed to discover a new power! But that’s not all that’s new; Hayate has realized she has feelings for Honey but is struggling to sort them out. Meanwhile, a new self-proclaimed superheroine, Mitsuki Moe, takes the stage and is convinced that Hayate and Honey are bad guys! OCT222245


FUNGIRL GN $29.99 Page 362
Elizabeth Pich
Fungirl is a hapless (hopeless) mess of a woman crashing through life, leaving mayhem in her wake. Her oblivious antics infuriate her roommate-slash-ex-girlfriend and threaten any opportunity for employment, but surely Fungirl will figure it all out… eventually. A love letter to that chaotic friend with a heart of gold! OCT221945 (OFFERED AGAIN)


COYOTE GN VOL 4 $12.99 Page 407
Ranmaru Zariya
Coyote has lived his entire life hiding his true identity as a werewolf, and in a cruel twist of fate, he ends up falling for Marleen, the successor to a werewolf-hunting mafia family. As the conflict between their families intensifies, the two renew their love for each other, but Marleen’s family won’t have it and he is placed under house arrest. Undeterred, Coyote ponders a way to free him! OCT222108

MIDNIGHT RAIN GN $12.99 Page 407
Ethan lives a monotonous life trying to pay off his crippling debt-until the day Mike appears at the neighborhood laundromat looking worse for wear. Both men find themselves struggling to go on in different ways, and it’s these struggles that bring them together while simultaneously threatening to tear them apart. OCT222107


Masamoi Ito
Toshimitsu Yamamura, who runs a real estate business, and Genta Tsubakisaka, a caregiver, live together contentedly. In his spare time, Toshimitsu loves baking and making candies, and coincidentally, Gonta loves eating them! While their day to day lives might be full of difficulties and stresses, the time they spend together at their home cafe is a sweet treat. OCT222263

Saki Tsukahara
“No one can know about these feelings. But at least I can think of you while I dance.” It’s the 16th year of the Showa era (1941), and Soutarou Kuramoto, the son of a distinguished family, is returning from his studies abroad with something on his mind. As a child, he told his best friend, Haroumi Asuma, “I hate the way you dance”.Determined to apologize, he visits Haroumi, but the young man — now a renowned dancer — deftly avoids him. Or perhaps there’s another reason why he won’t meet with Shoutarou? OCT222267

JUST FRIENDS GN $12.99 Page 442
Ana Oncina
While Erika was reluctant to go to the teen summer camp her mother insisted on sending her to, little did she know she’d meet Emi. Now both women are in their 30s, and reminisce about where life has taken them both. Missed opportunities, talks about what could have been, and about what a special bond they have with one another. A story about friendship, about two women discovering themselves, and then growing up. OCT222267

SCRAMBLUES GN $13.99 Page 444
Kurosaki is the designer in charge of the CD jacket design for the powerhouse musician Eddie.As he sees beyond Eddie’s surly exterior and catches a glimpse of the man beneath the affectation, he begins to think about the message and emotions that Eddie tries to convey through his music. And at that moment, Kurosaki realizes that Eddie’s voice is the thing to guide him on his course. But how can he communicate what he truly feels? OCT222268


I WANT TO BE A WALL GN VOL 2 $15.00 Page 421
Honami Shirono and Emma Schumacker
Yuriko and Gakurouta recount their first meeting and proposal to a curious Sousuke. Their first impressions may not have been the best, but once they got a chance to have a proper conversation, it turned out they had more in common than they thought! OCT222142

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