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LGBTQA Previews August 2023 Part1

Don’t you love comics?! Damned if I don’t! Especially from smaller publishers because they love to publish material that the Big Two would never dream of touching. Just look at the banner image! Washington’s Gay General tells the story of Baron Wilhelm Von Steuben who basically turned the Continental Army into soldiers who stood a chance against the British Army. In Restless, Joseph Kai explores three powerful themes: art, sex, and political uprising, are interwoven in a compelling narrative and an otherworldly color palette. Yarichin Bitch Club is just…naughty!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you!

Shopping with Amazon? Just bookmark and use our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later!


MIGHTY BARBARIANS #5 $3.99 Page 226
Michael Moreci and Giuseppe Cafaro
From the writer of Barbaric comes the world-hopping, skull-crushing adventures of The Mighty Barbarians! They’re barbarians. They loot, they plunder, they conquer. That’s what they do, and they do it alone until now! Kull and his crew are back in business and that business is revenge! Revenge for what their enemies have done to them! Revenge for what they did to their friends and family! And revenge for past atrocities that they should have done something about long ago! These heroes will fight to get their revenge and to save their worlds from the biggest threat they’ve ever faced and they are ready to fight to the death! JUN231250

Steve Orlando, Ben Fisher, Ben McCool, Erica Schultz, Derek Fridolfs, Jarrett Melendez, and others
Grumpy Cat: The Grumpus and Other Horrible Holiday Tales is a collection of new stories featuring everyone’s favorite feline sourpuss that will help keep you in the grumpy spirit all throughout the most joyous season of the year! Grumpy Cat and her friends star in an origin story parody of the popular Christmas figure The Krampus in the title story. The book also includes other brand-new short stories, including: “Grumpy the Snowcat”; “Santa Claws”; “Grumpy Cat vs. Merry Martians”; “Deck the Grumpy Halls”; “You’re a Mean One, Ms. Grumpy”; “The Christmas Curse”…and more! Grumpy Cat returns to comics in style with this all-new collection of short stories by acclaimed industry writers and artists…don’t miss it this Holiday Season! JUN231267

TRAVELING TO MARS #9 $3.99 Page 224
Mark Russell and Roberto Meli
Roy tries to make sense of his time on Earth and figure out what his mission on Mars really is during the last few days of his life. JUN231259


FLUNG OUT OF SPACE GN $18.99 page 275
Grace Ellis, Hannah Templer, and Joan Schenkar
Flung Out of Space is both a love letter to the essential lesbian novel, The Price of Salt, and an examination of its notorious author, Patricia Highsmith. Veteran comics creators Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer have teamed up to tell this story through Highsmith’s eyes, reimagining the events that inspired her to write the story that would become a foundational piece of queer literature. Flung Out of Space opens with Pat begrudgingly writing low-brow comics. A drinker, a smoker, and a hater of life, Pat knows she can do better. Her brain churns with images of the great novel she could and should be writing what will eventually be Strangers on a Train. JUN231509

Josh Trujillo and Levi Hastings
This graphic novel biography tells the true story of one of the most important, but largely forgotten, military leaders of the American Revolution, Baron Wilhelm Von Steuben, who brought much-needed knowledge to the inexperienced and ill-prepared Continental Army. As its first Inspector General, Von Steuben created an organizational framework for the US military, which included writing the Blue Book guide that became the standard for training American soldiers for more than a century. Beginning with Von Steuben’s career in the Prussian Army, Trujillo explores his recruitment by Benjamin Franklin, his work alongside General George Washington at the Battle of Valley Forge, and his eventual decline into obscurity. In Washington’s Gay General, Trujillo and Hastings impart both the intricacies of queer history and the importance of telling stories that highlight queer experiences. JUN23151


Mark Russell, Richard Pace, and Leonard Kirk
As Baby Jordan’s powers grow, Sunstar and Sheila consider childcare options-but even Grandma Agnes might not be able to handle their superpowered tot. Meanwhile, Jesus starts preaching to his choir, only to be interrupted by a flood of biblical proportions! Plus the usual AHOY bonus prose stories and illustrations. 0623AH283


Magdalene Visaggio and Butch K. Mapa
Danni Malloy is Jinx Holliday’s best friend, and where one goes, the other is sure to followX even if that means through hell and back and forth through the depths of space and time. When Danni receives a mysterious message from former friend Dilton Doiley, Danni is horrified to learn that he’s built a time machine and it’s gone terribly wrong-and now the three of them have been transported to warped version of Riverdale, where nothing seems quite right. It’s up to Danni to set things right and bring them back to the present day, and the hometown they know and loveX and she might have to explain a thing or two to Jinx about what’s going on, too! Strange Science explores Danni’s personal history, time travel, and the importance of being to be true to yourself and what matters most to you. JUN231591


MADNESS #1 $3.99 Page 300
J. Michael Straczynski, ACO, and David Lorenzo
Legendary writer J. Michael Straczynski teams with superstar artist ACO for a tale of bloody vengeance. In The Madness, Sarah Ross has been using her power as a thief, stealing from the rich and…well, keeping it. Until the day she stole from the wrong person, a highly placed official who pressures the government to assassinate her. The plot, aided by so-called ‘good’ superheroes sponsored by the government, misses her but wipes out her family. Driven mad by grief, and laser-focused on revenge for the murder of her family, Sarah and a hidden side of her personality – an imaginary friend who may be more real than she believes – goes after these superpowered operatives determined to take her revenge, at any cost. 0623AW289


Matteo Pizzolo and C. Granda
What if California refused to be ruled? It’s total war on the streets of Los Angeles as Zora leads The Mulholland Resistance to seize freedom or die trying. 0623BM303

Pat Shand and Elisa Romboli
SHOCKING FINALE! Lilith has been avoiding her family’s dark legacy for her entire life… but now it’s time to step up or step away. Will she embrace the shadow from which she has always run, or will she forge a new path? After this, nothing will ever be the same. 0623BM310


ALICE NEVER AFTER #2 $4.99 Page 116
Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta
Alice’s place in Wonderland becomes ever curiouser, as a newfound role changes everything for her and the unpredictable denizens of her escapism. But with power comes an ever-weakening trust between her and her most trusted advisors, especially when they congregate with her former tormentors? JUN23048

FENCE REDEMPTION #3 $4.99 Page 125
C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
With the King’s Row team training at Halverton, Harvard decides to be romantically adventurous, while Bobby is surprised to find romance closer to home than he expected! Meanwhile, Seiji, impressed by the hard won victories of King’s Row, faces an important decision about where his loyalty should lie. JUN230518

GRIM #12 $3.99 Page 112
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
As the third arc heats up, Jess and Eddie search for an alternate portal to the infernal hereafter they’d left behind, and a mysterious European town may be the key. But the balance of authority in Hell is still in chaos, and the powerful parasite has the power-hungry Annabel in its clutches, and very much wants the currently skewed mechanics of death to remain as they are! JUN230467

HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #16 $3.99 Page 116
Sam Johns and Letizia Cadonici
There is nothing the ruthless White Masks won’t do to eliminate a nest of monsters. Nothing is apparently unthinkable or off-limits, as a special and infamous member of their ranks is dispatched to finish the job in Erie, Pennsylvania. Bait, the fan-favorite White Mask (a young boy with amputated arms and a tendency to survive suicidal odds), is dispatched with a mission more malicious than imaginable at hand. Something (or someone) else is killing the children now, and however unexpected — the children will find the one that hunts them viciously familiar. JUN230459

V. Ram and Filipe Andrade
The Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo Award-nominated team of Ram V and Filipe Andrade make their celebrated return, and you can get a first taste in this exclusive ashcan edition!
Tantalize your senses with this amuse bouche introducing this creative duo’s next masterpiece marrying the supernatural, Indian cuisine, and the cutthroat world of chef-driven celebrity in what will be the most talked about new comic of 2023!This ashcan will be strictly limited to its first printing, never to be printed again! JUN230399

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
The horror is far from over as the terrifying Duplicitype, the infamous monster that changed Something is Killing the Children forever, remains at large. Meanwhile, Cutter is still in relentless and sinister pursuit! With Tribulation still very much in danger, will Erica finally find the ally she needs, or is betrayal in the cards? JUN230453

Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo
Captain Malik and the crew of the spaceship the Vihaan II are in search of the only resources that matter-which can only be found by harvesting the giant corpses of alien gods that are found on the edge of human space. But Malik’s obsession with being the first to find a living god will push his crew into the darkest reaches of space and many decades into the future, where the universe has changed in ways beyond comprehension. Rival religious factions clash throughout the galaxy as the Vihaan II is on a quest to discover-once and for all-the origins of the Gods. Will the lines between humanity and the divine blur even further? Superstar writer Al Ewing and distinguished artist Simone Di Meo for the first time ever present a deluxe hardcover collection of the entire Eisner Award-nominated sci-fi epic! Collects We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1-15. JUN230484


Ashley Robin Franklin
When college freshman Kat Fields receives a mysterious email urging her to visit an isolated, relatively unknown Texas town with a history of witchcraft, strange sightings, and “devil lights” — glowing red stars that appear above the town’s hills every night — she ditches her plans for spring break and takes a solo road trip to Estrella Roja to investigate the lights for her podcast, Paranormal Texas, catchphrase: “Y’all stay spooky!” Meanwhile, Marisol “Mari” Castillo, is also headed for Estrella Roja to attend the funeral for her abuela whom she hasn’t seen since childhood, when her mother cut ties with the family and left town. Feeling lost and maybe a little bored, she decides to help Kat investigate after a chance meeting at the local diner and, okay, it doesn’t hurt that Kat is super cute. As the two girls grow closer not only to each other, but to uncovering a dark legacy that the town was built on, they accidentally unleash an ancient danger that could threaten everything they love and have come to love about each other. Delightfully creepy and unapologetically queer, in this horror romp of a graphic novel sometimes dreams do come true. JUN231741


Hey, Kon-chan. Why don’t we have sex? One day, in his secret after-school spot on the roof, Hayakawa met Konno. Some called Konno “hard toapproach,” “scary,” or “intimidating,” but whenever he had his camera pointed at his latest subject, it was clear he was enjoying himself. Respect, envy, jealousy, an inferiority complex… Hayakawa’s complicated feelings toward Konno, who has everything he ever wanted, continue to intensify…A story of emotionally immature love, high school, routines heaped together, and conflicting focal points, from up-and-coming author Enjo. JUN232264


BLACKWARD GN $22.95 Page 328
Lawrence Lindell
You’d think a spot to chill, chat, and find community would be much easier to come by for nerdy, queer punks. But when four longtime, bookish BFFs — Lika, Amor, Lala, and Tony — can’t find what they need, they take matters into their own hands and create a space where they can be a hundred percent who they are: Black, queer, and weird. JUN231774

ROAMING GN $34.95 Page 328
Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
Over the course of a much-anticipated trip to New York, an unexpected fling blossoms between casual acquaintances and throws a long-term friendship off-balance. Slick attention to the details of a bustling, intimidating metropolis are softened with a palette of muted pastels, as though seen through the eyes of first-time travelers. The awe, wonder, and occasional stumble along the way come to life with stunning accuracy. JUN231779


DEVILS CUT $9.99 Page 333
Mirka Andolfo, Brian Azzarello, Marc Bernardin, Elsa Charretier, Becky Cloonan, Jock, Tula Lotay, Jamie McKelvie, Stephanie Phillips, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ram V, Francesco Francavilla, Lee Garbett, Jock, Joelle Jones, Ariela Kristantina, Eduardo Risso, Christian Ward
The Devil’s Cut is your introduction to DSTLRY, a new publisher redefining creator-owned comics. In the aging process, the whiskey that evaporates is called the Angel’s Share. But the most potent spirits are captured in the wood-the Devil’s Cut. This is The Devil’s Cut-unfiltered stories from the most fearless creators, offering a distinct taste of the quality to come. 72 oversized pages printed on premium paper, featuring a flight of high-proof work from our Founding Creators including Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tula Lotay, Mirka Andolfo, Jock, Becky Cloonan, Brian Azzarello, Marc Bernardin, Elsa Charretier, Lee Garbett, Joelle Jones, Stephanie Phillips, Ram V, Jamie McKelvie, Junko Mizuno and friends including Francesco Francavilla, Ariela Kristantina, Eduardo Risso, Christian Ward, and more. Edited by the legendary Will Dennis. This kick-off issue will never be reprinted in this format again. 0623DY327


MARRY ME A LITTLE GN $21.95 Page 354
Robert Kirby
Marriage doesn’t define a relationship. Unless you want it to. In Marry Me a Little, Rob Kirby recounts his experience of marrying his longtime partner, John, just after gay marriage was legalized in Minnesota in 2013, and two years before the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges made gay marriage the law of the land. This is a personal story — about Rob’s ambivalence (if not antipathy) toward the institution of marriage, his loving relationship with John, and the life that they share together — set against the historical and political backdrop of shifting attitudes toward gay rights and the institution of marriage. With humor and candor, Rob relates how he and John navigated this changing landscape, how they planned and celebrated their wedding, and how they and others in the gay community are now facing the very real possibility of setbacks to marriage equality. JUN23187 (OFFERED AGAIN)


Koren Shadmi
An exploration of the group The New York Times called “arguably the most influential American rock band of our time,” The Velvet Underground, and the complicated creative relationship they shared with legendary artist Andy Warhol. JUN231902


FREELANCE SEASON 2 #2 $5.99 Page 351
Andrew Wheeler and Juan Samu
Lance Valiant is the last survivor of a lost civilization that tapped into the power of creation to grant its people superhuman abilities. With the help of his friends, John Cabot and Tasha Kolchak, he travels the world trying to prevent other people from abusing that same ancient power. In a secret base beneath the South China Sea, Lance and his friends had a run in with Sabre and John was severely wounded. All signs point to Freelance being next on Sabre’s kill list, so will the dynamic trio be able to stop Sabre before it’s too late? JUN231931

Jim Zub, Andrew Wheeler, Vaneda Vireak, Cindy and Leong
Don’t miss this collected edition of Freelance! One of Canada’s original heroes is reborn forthe Chapterhouse era. Lance Valiant is a fearless explorer who delves into the hidden secrets of our world to protect us from threats beyond imagination but the greatest secret of all may be Lance’s own mysterious past! JUN231932 (OFFERED AGAIN)


DAHLIA IN THE DARK TP $17.99 Page 385
Joe Corallo and Andrea Milana
A washed up hitman, Donny Dahlia, takes one last job transporting a package cross country in the hopes of seeing his estranged daughter again. Little does he know this job is going to get him caught in the middle of a war between the fairy realms that could determine the fate of humankind. Dahlia in the Dark is a fast-paced, action, fantasy thriller about family and hidden truths. Ringo award winner and Eisner nominated author Joe Corallo joins rising star artist Andrea Milana for an all-original mini-series that will take readers on one wild ride! 0623MA338

EXORCISTS NEVER DIE #5 $4.99 Page 382
Steve Orlando and Sebastian Piriz
Greed has been exorcized, but it’s left behind a souvenir: a single shimmering, gilded dagger for two combat exorcists. No matter what they say, both Syd Miller and Ellen Blair believe themselves more deserving, and whoever doesn’t get the blade will find themselves an easy target for the next demonic sin protecting the Hellscraper: Envy. And while Syd’s already prostrated himself before Ellen on this quest, now that it’s Ellen’s turn…and she’s not sure she’s got it in her. Ellen’s had her guard up for so long that she’s not sure she remembers how to let it down-even if it’s the only path to victory! 0623MA339

Matthew Erman, Lisa Sterle, Liana Kangas & Rebecca Nalty
This out of this world rom-com is straight out of the year 2099, but speaks to a feeling that time will never change. The fear of loss. Artist Liana Kangas teams up with author Matthew Erman to create a world of lust and stardust. Find yourself navigating the human condition with the most out of this galaxy characters. Mariko Between Worlds is a realistic down to earth graphic novel completely off the wall swarming with magic portals and sexy aliens. 0623MA341

MONOMYTH #4 $3.99 Page 381
David Hazan, Cecilia Lo Valvo, and Marissa Louise
The wizards learn the truth about their lineage. The end result is a terrifying showdown as the castle pits them against one another. Tempers flare and magic flies as friends become foes. Monomyth is an all-new mini-series from the mind of David Hazan (Nottingham). 0623MA342

YOU’VE BEEN CANCELLED #3 $4.99 Page 380
Curt Pires, Kevin Castaneiro, and Jason Wordie
The world’s number one Canceller, Roland Endo, has been cancelled and therefore targeted for death. The system that is in place for voting who should be cancelled was hacked to place a target on his back. Now, Roland must find out who wants him dead…while trying to survive being hunted down by the world’s second-best Canceller! 0623MA346


DWELLINGS #1 $9.99 Page 393
Jay Stephens
Shock! Terror! Fun! Saturday morning meets the stroke of midnight in an all new bi-monthly limited series presented in prestige format, 72 page chapters with two complete tales in each issue! Welcome to Elwich, an oasis of American perfection, where the schools overflow with cheery-eyed children, lovingly adorned homes line the historic boulevards . . . and only the crows can see the deep, festering rot that lurks beneath the pristine surface. Murder. Demonology. Possession. Obsession. Elwich has them all on offer-and behind every dwelling awaits a horrifying new story to be told! From the sugar-addled brain of Emmy Award-winning, Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist and animator Jay Stephens (Tutenstein, Jetcat Clubhouse), prepare yourself for the inescapable curse of “They Know” and and the sinister purpose of “Second Tongue” as Dwellings unleashes its first two-fisted tales of occult terror! Fright has never looked like so much fun. For mature readers (and definitely not for kids or cowards!) 0623ON349

Magdalene Visaggio and Marc Ellerby
An all new giant sized tale from the edge of the Rick & Morty Omniverse starring…oh no! It’s summer! Summer is sick of being sidelined. She has opinions, she deserves attention, and in the absence of a loving family, she knows exactly where to get it: online. When her future self-the hottest influencer and social media maven of an alien planet-pulls her into what should be her dream life, she realizes that with great power comes very little responsibility. At last, it’s Morty’s sister’s time to shine in an all-new, 40-page journey to the edge of time and space from Eisner Award-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio and Rick and Morty mega-talent Marc Ellerby! 0623ON362

RICK AND MORTY TP CRISIS ON C137 $24.99 Page 401
Stephanie Phillips and Ryan Lee
All-star writer Stephanie Phillips and fan-favorite artist Ryan Lee come together to put Rick and Morty through a dimension-colliding crisis the likes of which the multiverse has never seen! Can Rick and the Smith family band together to find the last shred of heroism left in our universe . . . or will they just let this one work itself out? When the universe’s great defenders, the Vindicators, are all but eradicated, the weight of every sinister, galactic threat falls on the narrow shoulders of the guy who wiped them out. Rick Sanchez and the Smith family pull together the remaining ragtag superheroes to respond to a familiar band of enemies. Kind of suspiciously familiar, actually. Seems pretty targeted, now that you mention it. 0623ON366


INFINITY PARTICLE $18.99 (SC) / $26.99 (HC) Page 406
Wendy Xu
This thought-provoking limited palette graphic novel by the co-creator of Mooncakes explores big questions through the eyes of an aspiring inventor and the lifelike AI she finds herself falling for. Clementine Chang moves from Earth to Mars to start over. On the first day of her dream job working for Dr. Marcella Lin, an Artificial Intelligence pioneer, Clem meets Dr. Lin’s assistant, a gorgeous, yet cold humanoid AI named Kye. Sure, Clem has built her own robot…a cute moth-shaped companion named SENA…but Kye feels almost…human. When Clem and Kye begin to work together, their chemistry sets off sparks. The only downside? Dr. Lin won’t allow Kye to become more independent. And their relationship is causing Clem to question everything she knows about her work. After all, if Kye is sentient enough to have feelings, shouldn’t he be able to have his own thoughts? Where is the line between AI and human? As her future and her past weigh down on her, Clem becomes determined to help Kye break freeXeven if it means risking everything she came to Mars for. JUN232037 (SC) / JUN232038 (HC)


Mika Akatsuki, Nanako Tsujimura, and Utako Yukihiro
Back from England, Seigi must deal with the start of his third year of collegeXand with all his classmates starting to job hunt in earnest! Meanwhile, a familiar customer returns to Jewelry Etranger with a pale pink cameo he once received from an unrequited love, challenging Seigi and Richard to solve the mystery attached to the gift. JUN232444

In this LGBT+ high school romantic comedy, a nerd and a delinquent find themselves attracted to each other, but only when they’re cross-dressing at a maid cafe! Shuumei has a problem: he’s in love with Hana, a girl who works in a maid cafe. Unfortunately, he’s too embarrassed to go in and talk to her until he puts on girl’s clothes and transforms himself into Mei. What Shuumei doesn’t realize is that Hana is actually Hanae, an otaku boy who’s more comfortable with people when he’s dressed as a girl! What’s more, neither of them are aware that they both go to the same school. Appearances can be deceiving in this wacky cross-dressing love comedy! JUN232418

Tama Mizuki
A heartwarming Boys’ Love romance between a single dad who used to be a “bad boy” and the gentle teacher who takes care of his kid! In high school, studious Hitsuji had a secret crush on one of his guy friendsfriendly delinquent named Hatoyama but never confessed. Years later, Hitsuji is a slightly anxious but responsible adult who found his calling as an elementary school teacher. One of his young students is upset with a sloppy and nonconformist dadturns out to be Hatoyama! When Hitsuji learns that Hatoyama is struggling to raise his son as a single parent, Hitsuji helps him out, first as a teacher and then as a friend who can teach Hatoyama how to clean his home and cook actual vegetables. As the men grow closer, some of Hitsuji’s anxieties begin to melt around the welcoming (and grateful) Hatoyama. What will become of the feelings Hitsuji used to harbor for his first love?9 JUN232420


Ashley Robin Franklin
A witch and a werewolf go on three disastrous dates in this magical queer romcom. Follow along with Suzy & Jada as they navigate online dating awkwardness, hungry monsters, jealous exes, rude skeletons, boring movies, feelings (!!!) & more! This title is a softcover graphic novel suitable for older teens and up. 0623SP432


CHERRY MAGIC VOL 8 $14.99 Page 493
Yuu Toyota
It’s complicated: A thirty-year-old virgin gets more than he bargained for when his newfound magical power reveals he’s the object of his male coworker’s affections! Four months into his transfer, Adachi is surprised to find that he and Kurosawa aren’t that far apart after all! Kurosawa travels to Nagasaki whenever he can, and the pair spend wee kends together on the regular! It’s almost as if they’re settling into life… like a married couple?! So when the two decide to get engaged, it seems like the most natural move of all! But the next challenge awaiting them might be the toughest yet: breaking the news of their engagement to their parents! JUN232452


RESTLESS GN $19.99 Page 428
Joseph Kai
What would life feel like without fear and oppression? Is it possible to find solace in the power of chosen family, underground art collectives, and ultimately revolution? Set in Beirut, Lebanon, a city once known to be a vibrant cultural center of the region. It’s 30 years after the end of the civil war, and a few months before the disastrous explosion of August 2020. Samar, a young queer comic book artist, wanders between anguished dreams, childhood memories, romantic experiences, and Beirut’s alternative communities. Three powerful themes: art, sex, and political uprising, are interwoven in a compelling narrative and an otherworldly color palette. JUN232140


MEGUMI & TSUGUMI VOL 3 $12.99 Page 462
Mitsuru Si
After meeting during a fight, alpha Megumi and omega Tsugumi wound up friends with benefits, but now the two are a true couple! Megumi is overjoyed that Tsugumi accepts being with him even when he’s not in heat, but Tsugumi is still Tsugumi-oblivious in matters of the heart. Wanting to be serious about their relationship, Megumi consults his father again but is only left to ruminate. To make matters worse, someone new is vying for Tsugumi’s attention! JUN232272

Ogeretsu Tanaka
In an extracurricular experience gone hilariously wrong, innocent Takashi Tono accidentally joins a club of young men who put the “dick” in “valedictorian.” At an all-boys’ boarding school deep in the mountains, hapless transfer student Takashi Tono joins the Photography Club, only to learn too late that the club’s main extracurricular activity is offering its sexual services to the student body! Now that Takashi’s surrounded by bedroom aces, can this virgin survive a day, much less the whole school year, as part of the school’s most lascivious club? In a bid to stave off the sex quota required of the promiscuous Photography Club members, first-year Takashi Tono has protected his virginity by fake-dating fellow club member Yu Kashima. But while Kashima’s affections are real, Tono instead has a crush on his sweet-and-sour classmate YacchanXas does club upperclassman Tamura! When confessions come to a head, hearts will break! JUN232273


DOCTOR WHO DOOM #2 $3.99 Page 214
Jodie Houser and Roberta Ingranata
24 hours to find the Doctor. JUN231215


ACID TOWN VOL 2 $13.99 Page 496
In a run-down city beset with poverty and gangs, survival is a daily struggle for Yuki and his best friend Tetsu. In a desperate attempt to pay for Yuki’s brother’s hospitalization, the two of them get caught trying to break into a yakuza vault. But the gang’s young boss, Kazutaka Hyoudo, takes an interest in Yuki and they strike a deal: Hyoudo is willing to take care of the hospital bills for a price. A weekly visit to the Seidoukai office doesn’t seem like much to pay, but the boys’ connection to the criminal group has already begun to draw the wrong kind of attention. When a shady, malicious figure from Yuki’s past reappears in his life, painful secrets are revealed and hard decisions must be made. Can Tetsu overcome the shock of learning about Yuki’s dark past to express his deep and unwavering love for his friend? JUN232467

BLACK CAT & VAMPIRE VOL 1 $15.99 Page 496
Nikki Taino
Blanc College is a prestigious all-boys boarding school where the sons of well-respected families from all over the world study and learn to be independent. Yuki, a first-year attending Blanc College on a scholarship, is the perfect student: at the top of his class, quiet and polite. He’s a bit of a loner, keeping others at arm’s length except Jean, the devastatingly charming Head Boy, who seems entirely immune to Yuki’s aloof attitude. Their school days are peaceful until, one day, a student gets attacked, and ends up with a wound on his neck that looks suspiciously like a vampire bite! Yuki doesn’t have time for this nonsense. And besides, vampires aren’t even real… right? JUN232466

Available Now! For more information on this item and a copy of the PREVIEWS Adult supplement, ask your local comic shop. ADULT MATERIAL JUN232474

ON OR OFF VOL 1 $19.99 Page 498
Available Now!For more information on this item and a copy of the PREVIEWS Adult supplement, ask your local comic shop. ADULT MATERIAL JUN232475 (OFFERED AGAIN)

ON OR OFF VOL 2 $19.99 Page 498
Available Now! For more information on this item and a copy of the PREVIEWS Adult supplement, ask your local comic shop. ADULT MATERIAL JUN232476 (OFFERED AGAIN)

OSSAN IDOL MANGA VOL 7 $12.99 Page 496
Mochiko Mochida and Ichika Kino
Miroku lets loose during an overseas photoshoot. Will he and Fumi finally be able to…?! Things are going well for the ossan idol group MiYoShi. But a new job offer happens to involve them working as hosts! Former host Shiju should have the home advantage, but things are thrown into chaos when the men realize their customers…are crossdressing men! There’s also a tantalizing photoshoot in the southern islands, overseas! Will the ossans’ hearts burn passionately in the romantic mood? JUN232463

SATING THE WOLF GN $13.99 Page 498
Troy Arukuno
Banished from his pack for being an omega, wolf Noah stumbled across a herbivore village on his lonely travels. There he met a meddlesome rabbit, Henri. Sensing that Noah needed help and family Henri refused to accept no for an answer and immediately invited him to join the family business. When Henri finds out Noah is a wolf, everything changes. But more importantly, Henri is an alpha. JUN232470


Nicholas Eames, Michael Moreci, and Julius Ohta
“Double-sized one-shot introducing an all-new talking weapon, Flail! Best-selling, Gemmell Award-winning Fantasy author Nicholas Eames (Kings of the Wyld) teams up with Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden to tell the tale of Sir Borys the Righteous Paladin and his trusty, talking Flail, as he enlists the help of Owen, Axe, and Soren on his noble path. There will be virtuous bloodshed! There will be wailing protests! There will be two talking weapons! And there will be wyvern burgers served (for better or worse) with pickles!” 0623VL452

GODFELL #6 $4.99 Page 440
Chris Sebela and Ben Hennessy
They’ve traveled the length of a dead god’s body, they’ve fought cultists and hedonists and shadowy monsters, and now Zanzi and Neth have reached the final milestone, the head of god. With no more secrets between them, and an entire corpse full of Fellnacht baying for their blood, they’ll have to choose between escaping this place or taking the fight to all of Kerethim with the deadliest weapon of all: god itself. 0623VL462

NASTY #5 $4.99 Page 440
John Lees and George Kambadais
Step into the world of a forbidden video nasty! A group of college kids have plans for renovating the old, abandoned Flesch House. But they will soon discover that their new home contains hidden terrors. Who is the menacing figure that haunts Cindy’s dreams? What danger lurks in the basement? Will anyone survive… the House of Creeping Flesh? 0623VL467

David Andry and Skylar Patridge
A decade has passed since the first Waves hit, unleashing humanity’s darkest impulses and plunging the world into chaos. Paxton, a single father of three, must venture from the secluded haven they’ve built to restock the medicine his chronically-ill youngest son needs to survive. When the somewhat routine trip goes awry, Paxton and his children-now separated-will battle everything in their path to reunite. Can you resist the Call of the Void? Collects the entire ten-issue series in a deluxe trade paperback omnibus with a foreword by Gerard McMurray 0623VL469

Ram V and Sumit Kumar
Two centuries after the first European ship sailed to the Malabar Coast and made landfall at Calicut, The East India Company seeks to secure its future along the lucrative Silk Route, in the year 1766. An old evil now sails aboard a company ship, hoping to make a home in this new found land. But he will soon find that the ground along the Indus is an ancient one with daemons and legends far older than himself. 0623VL470

Blake Howard, Tini Howard, Tim Seeley, Nathan Gooden, and Dev Pramanik
When Cecily Bain, an enforcer for the Twin Cities’ vampiric elite, takes a mysterious new vampire, Alejandra, under her wing, she’s dragged into an insidious conspiracy. After learning a disturbing fact about her fake childe’s past, Cecily must keep her secrets close, and Ali at arm’s length. As she searches the streets of the Twin Cities for answers, a terrifying possibility surfaces: perhaps Ali has learned the ways of the Kindred better than Cecily herself. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the cities, Colleen Pendergrass, embraced by her husband against her will, and a rebellious found-family of vampire cast-outs investigates a vicious killing. As the unlives of the Kindred twine together and betrayals are unearthed, will Cecily be able to escape and save what’s left of her family, or will she be yet another pawn sacrificed to maintain the age-old secret: that vampires exist among the living? 0623VL473


SLIME SHOP GN $15.99 (SC) / $24.99 (HC)
Karina Garcia, Kevin Panetta, and Niki Smith
YouTube Slime Queen Karina Garcia teams up with writer Kevin Panetta and artist Niki Smith for a fun, colorful adventure that follows three friends as they run their own slime shop and the slimes who come alive to help them. Bailey, Sophia, and Jayden run the BSJ Slime Shop, but what the three slime makers don’t know is that when they’re not around, the slimes come to life! When the creators start shipping slimes off to who knows where, the slimes left at the shop start to worry that they’re next. Even as Polly tries to convince her friends that everything is fine, Boris, a grumpy, green slime, starts taking things into his own hands. Then slimes start disappearing and suddenly the shop is full of zombie slimes. With half the shop zombified and the other half scared silly, Polly has no choice but to go on a quest, along with her friends Max and Karma, to discover the truth about the slimes being shipped off and find a way to save their friends before it’s too late! JUN232208


Minami Mizuno
Relationships progress as everyone sets off on an overnight trip to an amusement park. Natsuki and Anna find themselves alone together in a rising Ferris wheel cabin! JUN232306


MANNER OF DEATH VOL 2 $13.00 Page 476
Sammon and Yukari Umemoto
After meeting Tan while investigating the murder of Janejira, Bun still can’t believe the declaration of love from his former prime suspect. Though the two’s feelings are finally blooming, a rift remains between them, and solving the case may be the only thing that can allow them to open their hearts to each other! JUN232319

RED THREAD VOL 1 $15.00 Page 476
Lazysheep and Hibiko Haruyama
When Dean, the captain of the swimming club, takes the podium during Pharm’s university orientation, something unusual happens. Though the two have never met before, they’re unable to hide the turmoil that suddenly wells up inside them as they can’t help but feel that this isn’t the first time they’ve laid eyes on each other. Perhaps the red thread of fate links them together from their past lives. JUN232315

Shou Harusono
They promised each other forever, but between Sasaki’s new start at college and the general whirlwind of Miyano’s third year, will they gradually drift apart or continue to
seek each other out…? JUN232321

SOTUS VOL 3 $13.00 Page 476
BitterSweet and Kei
Under the SOTUS system, where freshmen undergo hazing from their seniors, Arthit continues his harsh instruction as the head hazer of the Engineering Department. But Kongpob is starting to figure out that it’s all just Arthit’s awkward way of showing kindness, and he’s charmed by it. Meanwhile, the hazers’ final task, “The Scramble for
the Flag,” is soon approaching! JUN232320

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