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LGBTQA Previews August 2023 Part 2

More Black Hammer! A new Killer Queens miniseries! Remember Kaptara? Yes? No? Well, either way there’s a second minseries with a trade of the first one solicited too! More Cat Fight! Someone at DC finally had the smart idea to collect all those great Catwoman and Poison Ivy variant covers! Look for Catwoman Uncovered and Poison Ivy Uncovered! A new Alpha Flight mini! Don’t forget the G’Nort Swimsuit Special! Suntan lotion not included!

This monthly column features comics, graphic novels, and books from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel. You’ll find items from publishers such as BOOM, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, other small and indy presses and BL/ yaoi and yuri in part one.

The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Items from are in this list. Names of people marked in bold are queer or ally creators!

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Your support of local comic shop or indy bookstore is more important now than before so please consider ordering from them! Want to find a comic shop? Comic Shop Locator will do that for you!

Shopping with Amazon? Would you consider bookmarking and using our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wish list for later.


AIR TP VOL 4 $19.99
G. Willow Wilson and M. K. Perker
Blythe’s metaphysical training is over, and one final test stands between her and her future as the greatest hyperprax pilot to ever live. Caught between opposing organizations: the dazzling explorers who support and need her, and the cutthroat conspiricists who have targeted her, Blythe must find her own path in her most perilous journey yet: to pass her test, find her future, and make sense of a senseless universe…for Good. It will take her deep into the past and far into a future she was never meant to see…but may be able to re-shape. The exhilarating conclusion of the brilliant, Eisner-nominated series! JUN231317

Jody Houser, Robin Hobb, Ryan Kelly, and Jodie Bellaire
The first installment of Robin Hobb’s New York Times bestselling fantasy epic, The Assassin’s Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy), comes to life in comics form! When the illegitimate son of a royal prince is discovered in a poor backwater, the boy’s life changes forever. Renamed “Fitz” by his new caretakers, the boy is plunged into the maze of scheming and intrigue that makes up the courts of the Six Duchies. But unknown to all, a power has awakened in Fitz. Something in his blood is stirring, and if Fitz cannot learn to control it, it may spell doom for all. JUN231319

BARNSTORMERS #2 $5.99 Page 262
Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay
A high-flying, WWI adventure story that’s an intimate portrait of love and warXand a meditation on the dangerous level of trust required in both romance and aviation. As Zeke and the Pinkertons continue their hunt for the runaway bride and her assumed captor, the two discuss their future… and their past… JUN231320

BLACK HAMMER END #1 $3.99 Page 262
Jeff Lemire and Malachi Ward
The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns in this series picking up immediately after the events of the hit Reborn series. In this multi-timeline, world-hopping adventure, we find new stakes, new heroes, and the long-awaited return to Black Hammer farm with Weber family re-uniting and facing new challenges and villains in Jeff Lemire’s biggest event in the Black Hammer series thus far! Black Hammer: The End is the next era of the Black Hammer Universe; a six-issue event series by Jeff Lemire and Malachi Ward that pulls the Black Hammer world into crisis. JUN231323

FLYING SHIP TP VOL 1 $24.99 Page 263
Jem Milton
Queer adventure, humor, and heartfelt friendships star in this fantastical comics tale that truly feels like it’s for everyone. After being stranded in a forgotten military outpost, grumpy Dobrinia sets out on a quest to marry a princess. But in the vast Tzardom of Glas, where magic has been outlawed, troubled histories can catch up with even a flying ship. The Flying Ship by Jem Milton makes its first foray into print comics! Their fan-favorite story, originally released digitally, is part of the new collaboration between Dark Horse and Tapas. JUN231332

KILLER QUEENS II #1 $3.99 Page 264
David M. Booher and Bradley Clayton
During a day of questionable choices at Space Pride, Max & Alex bump into their old boss. The grumpy little simian tries to dragoon them into chasing down a runaway heir to the throne of Sarelia, an alien planet ruled by a brutal patriarchy. Little does he know that the heir in question is closely connected to Alex. As Alex and Max race to save the runaway heir from a galaxy-wide bounty hunt, they’ll dredge up Alex’s past and confront her planet’s misogynist present. If that means burning the patriarchy to the ground, well, get out the torches. JUN231338

Tate Brombal, Nick Robles, and Isaac Goodhart
Christopher and Dracula Boy joins forces to take on the crime-infested streets of New Briar City while, at the same time, look for a way to bring Christopher’s high school crush back from the clutches of death. JUN231348

TURTLE BREAD GN $19.99 Page 268
Kim-Joy and Alti Firmansyah
The debut graphic novel from The Great British Bake-Off star and author Kim-Joy, Turtle Bread explores mental health and the power of friendship, community and, of course, baking! On her way home from another unsuccessful job interview, Yan stumbles upon Baking Club. Her social anxiety tries to keep her away, but the bakers encourage her to come out of her shell, especially the caring and supportive Bea. As the club bakes together, Yan discovers that her new friends may need her too, more than she realises. Features illustrated recipes throughout, for some of Kim-Joy’s favorite bakes! JUN231368


Knight Terror is an event running in July and August. A number of regular (and new) titles are absent during these two months while the characters participate in it. Look for their return in September.

Tom Taylor and Clayton Henry
Super Son vs Super Son! It’s Batman versus Superman. Super Son versus Super Son. Injustice Superman is ruling with a fist of steel. Can Jon Kent free an entire world? And what could he lose if he tries? 0623DC158

Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Robbi Rodriguez, Neil Googe, Jonathan Case
It’s a wacky Wednesday as the Batgirls have a body-swap bonanza! Perfect timing for Cass and Steph to each be kidnapped by their respective parents to have a chat…especially for Steph to speak Cass’s mind for her and scold Lady Shiva for being a bad mother. Later, Gunbunny and Gunhawk target the Batgirls for a reason revealed to be tied to the Saints, and it’s up to the Batgirls to stop them before more people in the Hill get hurt. Collecting Batgirls #13-19 and Batgirls 2022 Annual. 0623DC265

James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez
Is the new gang in Gotham connected to the resurgence of the Scarecrow? Meanwhile, Mayor Nakano meets with shadowy billionaire Simon Saint, who comes to Gotham to pitch the concept of an advanced law-enforcement project known as…the Magistrate! It’s always darkest before the dawn, especially in Gotham City! Collecting Batman #106-111 and Infinite Frontier #1. 0623DC267

Ed Brisson and John Timms
Ghost-Maker and Batman Incorporated continue to battle among themselves while trying to take down the global threat of Joker Incorporated. Raven Red faces off against Dusty Bronco, the man who shot his father. How far is he willing to go for revenge? Bat-Man of China makes a surprising about-face in order to protect his sister, Alpaca, from the wrath of Ghost-Maker. Gray Wolf and Knight may hold the key to stopping Joker Incorporated…or have they just played right into Joker’s sinister plans? 0623DC238

James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tim Seeley, Tony S Daniel, Paul Pelletier, Scot Eaton, and others
Taking place after Batman Eternal, Batman & Robin Eternal follows former Boy Wonder Dick Grayson rallying together Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin, Bluebird, Cassandra Cain, and the rest of the Bat-Family as they strive to maintain order in a Gotham without Batman. With no Dark Knight to guide them, do they stand any chance of defeating a long-forgotten foe named Mother, whose specialty is turning trafficked humans into weapons? Join the all-star creative team of James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tim Seeley, Tony S. Daniel, and more in this complete volume collecting Batman & Robin Eternal #1-26 and Batman: Endgame Special Edition #1. Features a brand-new cover by Tony S. Daniel! 0623DC234

CRC Payne and StarBite
The dynamics of the Bat-Family have always been a topic of interest-but being a parent can’t be harder than being Batman…right?! Continuing the exciting Webtoons tale! Batman needs a break. But with new vigilante Duke Thomas living in Wayne Manor and an endless supply of adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children to manage, Bruce Wayne has his hands full. 0623DC800

Jessica Chen and Various
Showcasing the Feline Fatale’s best cover art! Art by Jenny Frison, Sozomaika, Tula Lotay, Jeff Dekal, Joshua Sway Swaby, Joelle Jones, and more! The cover art on Catwoman’s celebrated series has been quite the cat’s meow since it began on Catwoman #1, and we’re here to show you everyone’s favorite cat burglar’s best-of-the-best cover art over the years. 0623DC191

DANGER STREET #8 $4.99 Page 42
Tom King and Jorge Fornes
The secret origin of the Green Team and Outsiders revealed! Meanwhile, the Commodore has revenge on the brain as he sends his knight, a.k.a. Assassin, to eliminate Manhunter. Do the good guys even stand a chance? With the real superheroes out of commission, the Dingbats may be the universe’s only hope! 0623DC245

Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine
Six hundred million people. That’s how many fall victim when a mysterious techno-organic virus is unleased on Earth. Six hundred million infected. Six hundred million turned into mindless, rampaging killers bent on death and destruction. And that’s just the beginning. Cities. Nations. Undersea kingdoms and paradise islands. One by one, they fall to the monstrous hordes. Now only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League stand between Earth and utter annihilation… But for how long? Nothing they’ve ever faced has prepared them for an onslaught of this magnitude. Nothing they’ve ever seen can match the scale of the tragedy and terror that have been unleashed. As heroes and villains, gods and monsters are wiped out, only one question remains: What happens to the World’s Greatest Heroes if the world ends? Collects DCeased #1-6 and DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1 along with a massive variant cover gallery and an extensive behind the scenes featuring never-before seen artwork and more! 0623DC229

DC RWBY #7 $3.99 Page 42
Marguerite Bennett and Soo Lee
Team RWBY are trapped in the bowels of Arkham as the crazed Batman and Joker-Nuckelavee duke it out. They’ll need to make a desperate play to pull Batman back from the brink, but if they can’t, it’ll be the end of the DCU and Remnant as we know it! 0623DC247

Toby Litt, Mark Buckingham, Jill Thompson, Neil Gaiman, Ed Brubaker, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Chris Bachalo, and others
Stepping out of the pages of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, the Dead Boy Detectives are thrust into the mystery of a lifetime. Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine were murdered at boarding school, but that hasn’t stopped them from living out their dreams. While avoiding Death (literally) they enjoy a ghostly afterlife by reading mystery novels, watching thrillers, and hanging out in their clubhouse. Aspiring to the (un) life of a detective, the two will take on their first case and unwittingly fall prey to supernatural horrors galore and a life(less)long obsession with solving creepy, scary capers. The Dead Boy Detectives Omnibus (The Sandman Universe Classics) collects The Sandman #25, The Children’s Crusade #1-2, The Sandman Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #1-4, Dead Boy Detectives #1-12, and Jill Thompson’s The Dead Boy Detectives; an original middle chapter to the Children’s Crusade from Free Country: A Tale of the Children’s Crusade; stories from Vertigo: Winter’s Edge #3, Ghosts #1, Time Warp #1, and The Witching Hour #1; and pages from Death: At Death’s Door, Swamp Thing Annual #7, and Doom Patrol Annual #2. Featuring a brand-new introduction by Mark Buckingham and a brand-new cover by Chris Bachalo, along with an extensive behind-the-scenes gallery of never-before-seen artwork, sketches, proposals, and more! 0623DC236

Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Riccardo Federici
Two fellowships of heroes struggle with the same threat…thirty years apart. One group will doom their world. The other must try to save it. Thirty years ago, a band of heroes traveled beyond the borders of creation to kill the last living god and save the realm of Cain Anuun. But when the foul legions of the Last God march again and begin to destroy all of Cain Anuun, it will be revealed that the aging fellowship may not be the great heroes they claimed to be. With the world burning down around them, a new group of unlikely champions will come together to try to bring peace to their world. They’ll have to kill the Last God, once and for all. Collecting the complete Fellspyre Chronicles: Book 1 saga along with Songs of Lost Children and Tales from the Book of Ages. 0623DC273

James Tynion IV, James Stokoe, and Riccardo Federici
Dive deep with two of Gotham City’s newest heroes! Ghost-Maker is the ultimate rival to Batman, trained by the same teachers to harness the power of the mind and body with one goal: become the ultimate weapon against crime! Unlike Batman, his approach is much deadlier, and he’s about to go head-to-head with the Dark Knight! Also, Clownhunter’s brutal mission to hunt down all the clowns from the Joker War continues! The untrained but focused vigilante stalks a boss-level clown, but his luck might be running out as he walks into an ambush set by Punchline! In a horrific parallel to his days at Gotham Academy, Clownhunter finds himself overwhelmed and outgunned…just the type of odds he likes! Collects Batman backups #107-111, Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1, Batman: The Joker War Zone #1, and stories from Batman 2022 Annual and Batman Annual #5. 0623DC228

Steve Orlando and Various
Fun in the sun starring…G’Nort! Art by Paul Pelletier, Nicola Scott, Mikel Janin, Jeff Dekal, Daniel Sampere, Gleb Melnikov, Derrick Chew, Stanley Artgerm Lau, Emanuela Lupacchino, Joelle Jones, Megan Huang, Terry Dodson, Babs Tarr, Pete Woods, Joe Quinones, Helene Lenoble, Otto Schimdt, Michael Allred, Sweeney Boo, David Talaski, Jenny Frison, and others! You may know G’nort as the bumbling Green Lantern who protects Space Sector 68. Then again, you may not know G’nort at all. Whatever the case, get ready to see him in his newest role as host and proprietor of this very special swimsuit edition comic! Join our favorite fuzzball as he showcases some of our best swimsuit covers and our most swim-tacular stories! From the Flash in a Speed Force Speedo to Batman in a bat(hing) suit, this very special one-shot is summer fun from (bikini) top to (bikini) bottom. Also collecting some of the steamiest swimsuit covers from DC’s best talent, all in one place for the very first time! 0623DC203

Stephanie Phillips, Riley Rossmo, and Laura Braga
Hugo Strange, out-of-control orderlies, kidnapped clowns, and a new villain named Keepsake…it’s a lot for any one former villain turned antihero turned real hero with impeccable fashion sense to handle. I’m talkin’ about me, if that wasn’t clear. With all the Fear State happening in Gotham, I thought it would be a good time to go on a little camping trip. But, turns out, Gotham is gonna be Gotham. Keepsake’s forming a new army, Hugo’s playin’ dress up, and the city is literally tearing itself apart. This looks like a job for Harley Quinn, Kevin, and…the Gardener? Oh yeah, there’re a few other familiar aces…so keep your eyes peeled! Collects Harley Quinn #7-12! 0623DC270

Kelly Thompson, Brandt & Stein, Ryan Parrott, Annie Wu, and Luana Vecchio

In this issue, Kelly Thompson makes her DC debut, collaborating with superstar Annie Wu on a tale of Harley’s attempts to escape her own origin story–with some begrudging magical help from Zatanna! Fan favorites Ro Stein & Ted Brandt throw Harley and her Legion of Doominals into the high-stakes Gotham Pet Show to go paw-to-paw with the beloved League of Super-Pets! And Rogue Sun writer Ryan Parrott joins with Russ Manning Award-Winner Luana Vecchio to serve up a story of Jim Gordon and Harley sharing a diner booth, but what brought these two here is more complicated than you’d think! 0623DC210

HAWKGIRL #2 $3.99 Page 20
Jadzia Axelrod and Amancay Nahuelpan
Guest starring Galaxy, from the hit young adult graphic novel! Hawkgirl’s made a new enemy, but also a new friend. Is Metropolis’s A-Town neighborhood big enough for the both of them? And will Galaxy discover the connection between Hawkgirl’s Nth metal wings and Vulpecula’s plans before it’s too late? 0623DC140

Leah Williams, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Vasco Georgiev, and Mico Suayan
Hunted by Cyborg Superman! Reality bites! With her perfect nightmare world slowly showing its cracks, Power Girl searches for answers, hoping to find a villain to punch and a way out. Little does she know a threat from her past is here to control her future. Plus, in the Nightmare Realm, a hideously transformed Cyborg Superman is consuming the Super-Family one by one! Who will be the final El? And can the powerless Super-Twins find a way to fight back before Cyborg Superman claims them all?! 0623DC068

Tini Howard and Leila Leiz
Trapped in twisted Gotham! Catwoman is stuck in a nightmare in which her sister, Maggie, parades around Gotham as its savior, Sister Zero. After rescuing Bruce from The Joker, Catwoman calls him Batman…to which he asks her how she knew that name, since he had only called himself that in his head. What year is it in this Gotham, why does The Joker have snakes for limbs, and can Sister Zero and Catwoman pray themselves out of this nightmare? 0623DC043

Dan Watters and Riccardo Federici
Wake up, Jim Gordon! After seeing diamonds violently pour out of a woman’s mouth and the metal of his old Batman robo-suit soldered onto someone’s flesh to wear around Gotham…Jim Gordon slowly realizes that the good people of Gotham being represented by monstrous ideations of power, wealth, and knowledge…aren’t very good people at all. Jim’s investigation leads him to a mysterious clock, and he goes to Oracle for help to trace who or what is causing this nightmare…but whether he is able to wake up from it at all will be up to more than just himself. 0623DC028

Alek Paknadel and Daniel Bayliss
Can Barry outrun his biggest fears? As Barry Allen plunges deeper into the Nightmare Realm, he’s confronted with his biggest fears and experiences some of the most shocking events that took place before his return! Barry continues to run free of the terror, but something’s gaining on him. 0623DC073

Tini Howard, Leah Williams, Hayden Sherman, and Ben Templesmith
Harley’s surreal slumber! What unseen horrors lurk beyond the borders of the known and the klown? A whispered secret from the elbow of a garden gnome, a parking-lot pass that was lost under the antediluvian car seat from hell, and a nihilistic grease trap that does taxes incorrectly–all of these things and more…are not in this comic. It’s Harls again! Part two of this story is just as weird and wacked-out to the max as the last one. This time we’ll reveal the one true secret origin of Harley Quinn, and I’ll go toe-to-toe-to-toe with one of Superman’s greatest foes! Plus, my best pals Leah Williams and Ben Templesmith are turning the clocks backward and forward in the conclusion of their chrono-detective cosmic mystery dream story. 0623DC048

Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Daniele Di Nicuolo
Nightwing’s nightmare continues! Nightwing’s worst nightmare is to wake up one day realizing he murdered someone he loves and doesn’t even remember how or why he did it…and that’s exactly the Knightmareverse in which Insomnia has placed him while memories of who Nightwing killed and how he did it start flashing back vividly in his head. To make matters worse, he’ll have to work with his cellmates, Two-Face and Scarecrow, to get out of this one alive. 0623DC033

G. Willow Wilson and Atagun Ilhan
Stuck in suburban hell! Pamela Isley and Harleen Quinzel are so absolutely, utterly in love that everything and everyone around them is just aces. Their neighbors are so happy it hurts. Why, even the sun is smiling! But when a few rotten eggs sneak into Ivy’s perfect little cul-de-sac, things start to go foul. Can the verdant villainess escape the clutches of her own spoiling dream house before it eats her and Janet-from-HR alive?! 0623DC038

Danny Lore and Lucas Meyer
Punchline vs Nightmare Batgirl! It’s Punchline versus a nightmare Batgirl for the control of the hearts and minds of Gotham! Can Punchline overcome her deepest fears and anxieties to defeat this bat-cowled beast?! 0623DC113

Kenny Porter and Miguel Mendonca
Robin vs Robin vs nightmare Robins! The undynamic duo of Tim Drake and Jason Todd are on death’s door. Lost in their own personal hells with their worst nightmares around every corner and nowhere to run, the two Robins must put aside their differences and find the strength to overcome their fears and fight back. 0623DC058

Andrew Constant and Scott Godlewski
Titans Together in terror! As the nightmare rages on and the monstrous versions of the team roam the halls of Titans Tower, a young girl finds herself trapped inside the building. How did she get there, and what heroes can possibly save her as the Titans face their worst fears? 0623DC083

Josie Campbell, Stephanie Williams, Juan Ferreyra, and Meghan Hetrick
No way out of the Nightmare Realm! No way out! The Justice League Dark find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of horror as Wonder Woman grapples with her deepest fears and insecurities. Will the warrior of truth fall to the lies of the Nightmare Realm? Plus, Nubia takes on the lost souls of Tartarus to prove her worthiness as queen of the Amazons! 0623DC078

Frank Tieri and Logan Faerber
She’s traversed time and space, fixing everything she messed up, but one (pretty dang big) question remains: Just who the heck gave Harley Quinn a time machine in the first place? The answer needs to be seen to be believed! Harley’s time-hopping, universe-screw-upping adventure comes to a close in this Starro-studded finale! 0623DC251

James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno
From Eisner Award-winning horror maestro James Tynion IV and his artistic collaborator Alvaro Martinez Bueno comes a tale of psychological terror that plays on the anxieties of the 21st century. Walter has always seemed a little strange. But after he invites 10 friends to a weekend getaway at a secluded house on a lake, they discover just how different he is when he reveals his true face and announces that life as they knew it will never be the same again. This deluxe edition hardcover collects the entire 12-issue first cycle and features a brand-new cover, original character outlines, and a gallery of development art and behind-the-scenes extras. 0623DC227

James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherren
The immortal witch Thessaly has interjected herself into the brewing storm between heaven and hell, the waking world and dreams–and there are powerful forces who demand she pay in blood for her meddling. Thessaly, however, only has eyes for the mystery of Flynn and the Smiling Man. As for the Corinthian? Despite his promises to Dream, he’s less and less sure whose side he’s on with every passing moment. 0623DC220

Kyle Starks and Steve Pugh
Featuring Deathstroke! Well…kinda! Things go from bad to worse when Peacemaker, with the help of some Golden Age superheroes, infiltrates General Immortus’s secret island base–but ends up captured by a drug smuggler with a penchant for his own goods. Bullets, powder, and punches fly, and Peacemaker’s geriatric squad have victory in sight. But first…they’ll have to get through Deathstroke! Well…kinda… 0623DC223

Jessica Berbey and Various
An unforgettable gallery of Poison Ivy’s greatest variant covers! Art by Jenny Frison, Joshua Middleton, Warren Laow, Frank Cho, Sozomaika, and others. This gallery of Poison Ivy’s greatest variant covers celebrates the first year of the verdant villainess’s acclaimed, GLAAD Award-winning ongoing series. 0623DC197

Leah Williams and Marguerite Sauvage
Power Girl takes center stage! With new powers and a new mission, Power Girl faces a challenge unlike any she’s experienced before! With Omen’s guidance, she now strives to battle the demons–literal and figurative–lurking within the minds of some of the greatest superheroes in the DC Universe. But the nefarious Johnny Sorrow has been searching for a connection to Earth-0, and the superheroines’ work may unwittingly give him the means to make their world his personal stage! Can Power Girl and her estranged Super-Family bring down the curtain on Sorrow’s evil plans? And at what cost? Collects stories from Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1, Action Comics #1051-1053, and Power Girl Special #1. 0623DC231

SPIRIT WORLD #4 $3.99 Page 24
Alyssa Wong and Haining
Featuring Constantine! Cass Cain, Batgirl, has died before, and it seems the spirits of the Spirit World met her when she passed through before being revived by the Lazarus Pit…but then how come she doesn’t remember being there? Then, as Constantine’s memories start to fade after being in the Spirit World for too long, he begins to turn on Xanthe, who needs to find a way back to the land of living or Constantine will be a permanent resident of the land of the dead…either way, time’s running out! 0623DC18

Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala
Ebon and Static uncover the shared truth behind Dakota’s brutal vigilantes, Rubberband Man’s disappearance, and the missing Bang Babies. The identity of the person responsible will have you on the edge of your seat! A battle for the soul of Dakota City itself is about to go down and the tension couldn’t get any higher! 0623DC255

Lamar Giles, Paris Alleyne, and Yancey Labat
What happens when The New York Times bestselling writer Lamar Giles and illustrator Paris Alleyne take their heroes on an epic night that goes from bad…to worst? When Virgil Hawkins revealed his secret identity as Static to his girlfriend, Daisy, he thought that was going to make their relationship a lot easier. But Daisy is tired of all the super-heroics interrupting their date nights on a regular basis. Now, just as Virgil is about to invite her to the big Dakota music festival for her birthday, she’s calling it quits and breaking up with him. Determined to distract his best friend, Virgil’s buddy Richie Foley (also known as the superhero Gear) convinces him that they should use the tickets themselves. When they run into Raquel Ervin and Isadora Wellington–who each have secret identities of their own–what follows is a night that nobody was ready for: a blackout, some super-villains, and a rapper in disguise are just the start. And even worse, there’s Daisy with a new guy… Virgil is about to learn not even superpowers can conquer a broken heart. 0623DC237

STEELWORKS #3 $3.99 Page 23
Michael Dorn and Sami Basri
At the mercy of the Silver Mist! Natasha Irons may have solved the mystery of the strange intruder at Steelworks Tower…but will she live to tell the tale? The Silver Mist’s plan to sabotage Steel’s technology takes a twisted new turn, and murder is in the air! Meanwhile, John Henry’s bold vision for Metropolis has driven a wedge between him and the Super-Family, all on the eve of Metropolis’s biggest celebration: Centennial Day. 0623DC173

TALES OF THE TITANS #2 $4.99 Page 24
Tini Howard and Eleanora Carlini
All new Raven solo story from Harley Quinn and Catwoman writer Tini Howard! She’s been called the daughter of Trigon and the herald of the apocalypse, but Raven has never let these things define who she is. Ready to step into this new era of the Titans, she plans to leave her past behind. But history has a habit of repeating itself, and when Raven comes to the aid of a woman in over her head with the Church of Blood, she’ll have to face a terrible reminder of her mother’s tragic past…and an evil closer to her than you may think! 0623DC177

Mikel Janin cover

Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo, and Various
A mystery over a year in the making takes shape. A new villain who’s been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and everyone else Tim cares about in peril, and things go from bad to worse for the world’s oldest and canonically tallest Robin (no, I will not be fact-checking that). All that as Tim finally carves out a corner of Gotham City just for himself and sets up shop in his very own…murder-shack boat? Fan-favorite writer Meghan Fitzmartin teams up with beloved Harley Quinn artist Riley Rossmo to define the next chapter in Tim’s life. Collecting DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 and Tim Drake: Robin #1-6. 0623DC232

Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham
Who is Metawoman? The World’s Strangest Superheroes versus Anytown, USA! Just as everyone feared, the Doom Patrol have lost control and are now attacking the idyllic small town of New Poplar, Illinois. As these unstoppable monsters rampage, a new superhero must rise to stop them…enter Metawoman! But who is she, and what is her terrible secret? Only one person has the answers: the team’s former chief, Dr. Niles Caulder! 0623DC144 / 0623DC145 (Mikel Janin cardstock variant $4.99)

VIGIL #4 $3.99 Page 25
Ram V and Lalit Kumar Sharma
Uncover the DCU’s greatest conspiracy /…/ /Who are the Vigil?/ /Dodge file loading… Dodge is the speedster metahuman in the secret organization called the Vigil. Her alias is likely to be a woman who goes by the name Dinah Kom. All files connected to this name have been erased. The only information left that was pieced together by Checkmate is that Dodge has a condition that places an extraordinary amount of fast-twitch muscle fiber in her body. Her suit allows her to control the fibers to move at the speed of thought. The multiversal and space-time repercussions of this are to be discussed in the next transmission. Stay tuned for more./ /…/ /you are being watched./ 0623DC185

VIXEN NYC TP VOL 02 $14.99
Jasmine Walls and Manou Azumi
Spinning out of the Webtoons episodes continues the tale of Mari-as she navigates starting college in New York City. While Mari battles staying awake in class and feral subway rats, dark plans emerge from the corners of the vast metropolis. Girls who look just like her start going missing and Mari can’t shake the feeling that she’s next. As for the totem? 0623DC801

ZATANNA & THE RIPPER TP VOL 01 $14.99 Page 38
Sarah Dealy, Rachel Koo, and Syro
On her 21st birthday, Zatanna Zatara is attacked and bested by a mysterious sorceress. Before the final blow is dealt, her father, Giovanni, casts a spell of his own, warping the magic of his attacker and sending Zatanna out of the frying pan and into ye olde garbage bin. Zatanna arrives in Whitechapel, London, in the year 1888. She soon discovers a serial killer plaguing the streets of the city–Jack the Ripper. Unable to return home and certain that the supernatural killer has answers, Zatanna sets out in pursuit of the Ripper alongside the denizens of Whitechapel and one John Constantine. Collecting the first 11 episodes of Webtoon’s smash-hit series, optimized for a brand-new reading experience in print. 0623DC235


CAT FIGHT #3 $3.99 Page 269
Andrew Wheeler and Iilias Kryiazis
So fur, not so good for Felix. Ginger Tom, Kitty’s strongest thief and Kit Kat crewmember, has him in his clutches, but there’s more to his late grandmother’s request to meet her in Paris that just could save his skin from Schrodinger’s claws on his back. JUN231376

DARK SPACES GOOD DEEDS #4 $3.99 Page 269
Che Grayson and Kelsey Ramsay
Jean takes drastic measures to ramp up her investigation into St. Augustine’s recent murders, and the community shows signs of cracking under pressure when an unexpected protester disrupts final rehearsal of the upcoming anniversary ceremonies. Cheyenne suspects even more secrets under the surface, but how many skeletons can one small town hide? JUN23138

HUNGER AND DUSK #2 $3.99 Page 270
Gwendolyn Willow Wilson and Christian Wildgoose
Delicate alliances between humankind and orckind have been forged in a desperate effort to save both civilizations but can they last? Reluctant orc ambassador Tara Icemane struggles with culture shock as she learns the ropes from her rugged human hosts, a company of fighters known as the Last Men Standing. But she’ll have to set heartbreak aside and find common ground with Commander Callum Battlechild when the troop faces its first major battle against the invading Vangol. Meanwhile, the carefully arranged engagement between Troth Icemane and Faran Stoneback…the cornerstone of a plan to unite the two most powerful orc dynasties will crumble if the couple fails to survive their first hours alone together on a death-defying matrimonial wolf hunt. JUN231409

David M. Booher and Jack Lawrence
Do you ever wish summer could last forever? Well, at IDW, it can! We’re bringing you an endless summer with everyone’s favorite characters in four unique one-shots! Presto, Sheila, Hank, Bobby, Eric, and Diana have been trapped in the Realms for months now, and they’re exhausted. They’ve also missed out on their entire summer vacation back home! So when they find a beach more pristine than any back on Earth, they’re more than happy to take a load off and enjoy the sand and surf. But when Eric finds a baby dragon, the kids find out that even a short summer can be very, very hot! JUN231415

Stephen Mooney and David Messina
Cliff is frantic when he discovers that his mentor and close friend, Peevy, has been snatched by Nazis. The goose-steppers are hell-bent on creating an army of Rocketeers! But with his jet pack out of commission, there is no hope for him to rescue his friend until the mysterious inventor of the pack steps in to help! JUN231442

STAR TREK DEFIANT #7 $4.99 Page 273
Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta
“Day of Blood,” Chapter Four. Thousands of years ago, Kahless the Unforgettable led his people to glory and raised an empire of honor. But his clone, Kahless II, has gone too far, murdering innocents in cold blood and hungering for power that can no longer be sated by Qo’noS and the Klingon people. He now stands alongside Alexander in front of Worf and Sisko, pitting father and son against each other and making a mockery of the Bajoran Prophets and their emissary. Meanwhile, the power of the Orb of Destruction surges from his ship above. Can Kahless be stopped, or will he once again prove to be the greatest warrior of them all? Find out in the penultimate chapter of the crossover between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant! JUN231463

TMNT SPLINTERED FATE #1 $3.99 Page 273
Henry Barajas and Pablo Verdugo
When Splinter is kidnapped, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles search for clues across NYC to try to find their master. With all signs pointing to the nefarious Foot Clan, April and Metalhead analyze artifacts recovered by the brothers to help zero in on where Splinter is being held. However, as the gang gets ever closer to Splinter’s location, they start to uncover an even greater threat working from the shadows! JUN231481


CULL #1 $3.99 Page 42
Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis
Miniseries premiere! Eisner-winning writer Kelly Thompson and superstar artist Mattia De Iulis team up for their first creator-owned work together! Something is Killing the Children horror vibes mix with The Goonies-style adventure as five friends set off to shoot a short film on a forbidden rock near their home the summer before they all go their separate ways. But that’s not really why they’re there. One of them has lied. And that lie will change their lives forever. JUN230033

INDIGO CHILDREN #6 $3.99 Page 71
Curt Pires and Rockwell White
End of story arc. Cairo. The Indigo Children finally reach their destination. But they’ll have to make it through Director Rand and an army of soldiers to make it there. The show stopping finale to the first arc of Indigo Children is here! JUN230323

Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod
Back because YOU demanded it! Yes, you! Don’t you remember? We were having drinks and you said, “Hey. Whatever happened to… was it Kaptanna?” Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod their “beloved” “science” fiction series! Astronaut Keith Kanga, trapped on the planet of Kaptara, is trying to find his way home, but first he needs to solve a mystery: who is stealing all the adorable Cat-tanks? Who would dare??? This wild and colorful series full of heart and chuckles could be yours for the low, low price of $3.99!
A new chapter in Zdarsky’s charming, off-the-wall space comedy. JUN230049

Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod
Holy cow! The cheapest Image trade yet at $9.98! That’s “Chip Cheap”! Keith Kanga crash lands on Kapatara, a world filled with danger and weird danger and dangerous weirdos! And if he can’t survive, then Earth, the place where you live, is doomed! Collects Kaptara #1-5. JUN230050 (OFFERED AGAIN)

LOVE EVERLASTING #10 $3.99 Page 73
Tom King and Elsa Charretier
“Too Hip For Love” part five. The incredible, unforgettable finale to the second arc. Joan desperately tries to find meaning in what has happened to her-the suffering, and the joy. And as she tries, the world she’s come to know begins to collapse around her. Is she insane? Is anything real? The answers are finally here! JUN230332

MONSTRESS #47 $3.99 Page 74
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
End of story arc. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance as Maika, Zinn, and their companions search for a way home without provoking two factions of imprisoned Monstra into all-out war. JUN230334

PURR EVIL #2 $3.99 Page 52
Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga
“The Dark Past Meows At The Door” One cannot escape one’s demons forever! Jason has managed to find Rita again and threatens to make her pay for all the sins of the past. But Rita and Steve have bigger problems to think about. Deb and Robert have disappeared to who knows where, and as time moves inexorably on, the two young lovers are about to discover that recklessness can have terrifying consequences! JUN230340

STARSIGNS #4 $3.99 Page 80
Saladin Ahmed, Megan Levens, and Kelly Fitzpatrick
With the newest Starsign in tow, Rana and the others race desperately to stay a step ahead of the vicious Derek Duke. But when the most powerful people in the world are after you, nowhere is safe. JUN230359

TERRORWAR #5 $3.99 Page 82
Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta
Held captive by Terrors, Muhammad’s mind and body are stretched to the breaking point. Meanwhile, Mae and the rest of the crew race to rescue their boss. JUN230369

W0RLDTR33 #5 $3.99 Page 86
James Tynion IV, Fernando Blanco, and Jordie Bellaire
End of story arc. With PH34R ascendent, Gabriel is forced to pull a trigger that will change the shape of the entire world. No sacrifice is too great to stop the spread of the Undernet. JUN230391


ALPHA FLIGHT #1 $3.99 Page 26
Ed Brisson and Scott Godlewski
Saving Canada from the Mutant Menace? Guardian, Puck, Snowbird and Shaman return, as a terrestrial Alpha Flight bursts onto the scene! But what schism will pit these heroes against their former teammates Aurora, Northstar, and Nemesis, as well as Aurora’s beau, Fang? The Fall of X has changed the game, and will Alpha Flight soar to new heights-or be crushed under the weight of an impossible mission? JUN230904

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #32 $3.99 Page 47
Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness
Two of Spider-Man’s villains are forming the deadliest team-up he’s ever had to face. But are they after Spidey? Or is he just in the way of something bigger? Patrick Gleason rejoins the Amazing Spider-Man crew for the darkest arc of Amazing Spider-Man yet! JUN230968

Celeste Bronfman, Erica Schultz, David Lopez, and Julian Shaw
Hallow’s Eve returns! Hallow’s Eve’s big play to break Chasm out of jail! You don’t want to miss this! Plus, find out what the Hellfire Gala means to the Spider-World this year! It is intense! MAY231024

Steve Orlando and Vincenzo Carratu
After the events of this year’s can’t-miss Hellfire Gala, Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman, sets his sights on heroic deeds like never before. But as a new situation develops that links Iceman to his Antarctic ice palace, he’ll have to be slicker than ever to accomplish his mission before Orchis knows what hit them! See the Omega-level mutant as you’ve never seen him before in a new saga that’ll push Iceman to the limits of his powers…and beyond! MAY231028 or use this code: 75960620615500111

Danny Lore and Karen Darboe
It’s in her blood! Brielle Brooks is a good kid, no matter what her teachers say – it’s not her fault she’s developing vampiric super-powers and the undead want to brawl! And, as if her problems at school aren’t enough, Bri’s got a wild ride ahead of her: She’s about to discover she’s the daughter of an infamous vampire hunter, the Daywalker called Blade! Meanwhile, it turns out that her classmate Whitney may not be the BFF Brielle was hoping for – but that’s the least of her concerns as she discovers that her powers come with a dangerous hunger! And the Daywalker himself arrives on the scene at the worst possible time! Plus: Brielle has a ghostly encounter on Halloween! Collecting the five part miniseries plus additional material. JUN231114

DAREDEVIL #14 $4.99 Page 71
Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto
The end! But of what? A life? A love? A marriage? Matt Murdock’s time as Daredevil? Or the latest and greatest run in one of Marvel’s most celebrated sagas? All of the above?

DARK X-MEN #1 $4.99 Page 22
Steve Foxe and Jonas Scharf
Welcome to the Dark X-Men? Hope the world survives the experience! Following the explosive events of the Hellfire Gala, Madelyne Pryor realizes the world needs the X-Men now more than ever. Havol and Gambit have served on the team before but never one that looks like this! And how does Gimmick, breakout star of Marvel’a Voices: Pride , fall under the Goblin Queen’s sway? Find out in the most horrific installment of the X-Men saga yet! JUN230894

DEADPOOL #10 $4.99 Page 72
Alyssa Wong and Luigi Zagaria
Heart broken! Things aren’t looking great for Deadpool and his new paramour, Valentine Vuong. You know how it can be in love – you just want to be together, but there is always some secret society of killers that gets in the way and your heart and/or glass arms get shattered. JUN231046

DOCTOR APHRA #35 $3.99 Page 82
Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung
Sent by omina Tagge to investigate a series of strange droid malfunctions, Doctor Aphra faces a deadly enemy from the past. A horde of Clone War era prototype battle droids designed by Domina herself! JUN231070

Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Kev Walker
The mystery behind Grootfall is revealed. How will this forever change the course of the Guardians? Find out here. PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – Who Are The G.O.D.S.? JUN231027

IMMORTAL THOR #1 $6.99 Page 5
Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo
In Norse myths, they called him Thunderer. Vuer has he been called, and Hloriddi. The Gods know him as Asgard’s King, keeper of Mjolnir, hero of the tales. When injustice grips the Earth and ancient powers bring down the sky, he fights for those who cannot – and when the tale is done, we will know what that cost him. This is the story of the Immortal Thor! Plus: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – Whoe Are The G.O.D.S.?

IMMORTAL X-MEN #14 $3.99 Page 33
Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck
To me, my no one. Xavier had a dream. Now he has nothing. This is the Fall of X. He fell. He fell furthest. JUN230927

INCREDIBLE HULK #3 $4.99 Page 62
Philip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein
Hulk faces undead horror as “The Age of Monsters” continues! Hulk investigates the creature being worshipped in an abandoned mining town – and finds a primordial horror as large as the mine itself awaiting him, using the town’s residents as human shields. From the darkest corners of the minds of Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Nic Klein, the first chapter of “The Age of Monsters” culminates in a battle between the Hulk and a monster unlike any he has faced before – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg! JUN231020

Kieron Gillen, Various, Pasqual Ferry, Various
The complete A.X.E. epic in one Celestial-sized package! The battle for the planet is here. The X-Men claim they’re Earth’s new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. And the Avengers are about to realize exactly how many secrets their so-called friends have been keeping from them! Years of tension lead to a volcanic eruption – and Earth will face a Celestial judgment day! As Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and many more are weighed in the cosmic balance, who will pass, who will fail and what will the final tally mean for the world? The clock is ticking. Midnight looms. But it’s not too late? Collecting A.X.E.: Eve Of Judgment, A.X.E.: Judgment Day #1-6, Immortal X-Men #5-7, X-Men Red (2022) #5-7, A.X.E.: Death to the Mutants #1-3, X-Force (2020) #30-33, X-Men (2021) #13-14, Wolverine (2020) #24 and #25 (A Story), Marauders (2022) #6, Fantastic Four (2018) #47-48, Avengers (2018) #60, A.X.E.: Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #10, A.X.E.: X-Men, A.X.E.: Iron Fist, A.X.E.: Starfox, Captain Marvel (2019) #42, A.X.E.: Eternals and A.X.E.: Judgnment Day Omega. JUN231080

LOKI #3 $4.99 Page 63
Dan Watters and German Peralta
Naglfar sets sail to – the Kree-Skrull Empire! Where Emperor Hulkling and Wiccan must assist Loki in retrieving a second shard of Naglfar, which has become a holy relic on a distant planet. And they must also try to quash some old beef between the former Young Avengers teammates (the keyword being “try”). JUN231024

MARVELS VOICES X-MEN #1 $6.99 Page 35
Greg Pak, Al Ewing, Jay Edidin, Jan Bazaldua, Jethro Morales, Nina Vakueva, Wilton Santos, and others
Marvel’s Voices continues with this stunning anthology of all new stories celebrating Marvel’s mightiest mutants! From the exhilarating days of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to the current halcyon days of Krakoa, these stories span the gamut of the X-Men’s history – delving into the past of some of your favorite X-Men as well as looking toward their future. With an exciting lineup of fan-favorite creators and fresh new talent, you won’t want to miss out on this issue! JUN230940

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham
The wait is over! Decades in the making, Neil Gaiman (Sandman) and Mark Buckingham’s (Fables) Miracleman continues the groundbreaking saga touted as the greatest super-hero story of all time! In The Silve Age, Miracleman has created a utopia on Earth where gods walk among men and men have become gods. But when his long-dead friend Young Miracleman is resurrected, Miracleman finds that not everyone is ready for his brave new world! The story that ensues fractures the Miracleman family and sends Young Miracleman on a stirring quest to understand this world – and himself. It’s a touching exploration of the hero’s journey that ranges from the top of the Himalayas to the realm of the towering Black Warpsmiths – and into the secret past of the Miracleman family! JUN231101

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 17
Stephanie Williams, TBA, Alberto Foche Duarte
Moon Knight vs Taegukgi! The forces of chaos compel Earth’s heroes to go head-to-head with each other! When the champion of a god battles a godlike champion, who will win? The Fist of Khonshu faces off against Tiger Division’s fearless leader: It’s Moon Knight vs Taegukgi in a power-packed showdown! JUN230889

RED GOBLIN #7 $3.99 Page 58
Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua
As the new Red Goblin, Normie Osborn has tried to do the right thing and in the process, has had to face down small-time criminals and lowlifes. That will leave him poorly prepared for when the bloodthirsty and brutal mercenary Crossbones tracks him down, intent on taking both Normie’s symbiote and his life.

Stephanie Williams and Jim Towe
Riri Williams, A.K.A. Ironheart, super-genius and Tony Stark’s young protege is back! How does this teenage hero manage a super hero work-life balance? And will the newly obtained Mandarin’s Rings prove to be more of a burden than a gift? Join Stephanie Williams and Jim Towe as they blast Ironheart into new heights!

SCARLET WITCH #7 $3.99 Page 68
Steve Orlando and Russell Dauterman
Wanda swore to help anyone who walked through her door…but what happens when that person is a villain? When Nelson Gruber, A.K.A. Bookworm, comes through the Last Door seeking aid to kill wicked witches in a corner of Oklahoma that’s been transformed into the Emerald City, Wanda must choose between honoring her covenant and going against her own principles. Now the Scarlet Witch has attracted the attention of a dangerous new foe – introducing Nicola Zosimos, AKA Hexfinder! Plus: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – Who Are The G.O.D.S.?

SHE-HULK takes a break this month

SILK #4 $3.99 Page 60
Emily Kim and Ig Guara
Monster Mayhem! Silk escaped one danger but now faces an even deadlier challenge! Her nemesis Saya has gotten a power upgrade of fiendish proportions? ?and she’s going to hit Silk where it hurts. JUN231019

SPIDER-MAN #11 $4.99 Page 56
Dan Slott and Luciano Vecchio
(Re)introducing Spider-Boy! The battle to save the Spider-Verse may be over, but spinning out of the restored Web of Life and Destiny returns the spectacular Spider-Boy, Peter Parker’s stupendous sidekick! Wait, that can’t be right – who IS this Spider-Boy, and what is his connection to the Amazing Spider-Man?! JUN231000

SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 14
Stephanie Williams and Alberto Foche Duarte
The contest of chaos begins! Spider-Man vs Wolverine! Agatha Harkness is building a new Darkhold – and she’s pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against each other to do it! First on her list is Spider-Man, whose regular day is turned upside down when he involuntarily walks through a portal to a remote, magical city and is attacked by Wolverine!

Carlos Hernandez and Juan Cabal
School is back in session, and Strange Academy is kicking the school year off with a field trip to New York City to throw down against Brooklyn Visions Academy in the multiversal math bowl! When a mysterious new villain crashes the mathletics, the students of Strange Academy must team up with Miles Morales to put a stop to his plots.

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 $4.99 Page 2
Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, and Javier Garron
The Fall of X calls for the return of the Avengers’ Unity Squad! Innocent people and world leaders are dead after simultaneous attacks on the U.S. and Krakoan governments, and that means one thing: It’s time for a new squad of Avengers. False-flag attacks meant to whip up anti-mutant hysteria are unfolding, and hey, some of Steve Rogers’ best friends are mutants. Your new unity squad is: Captain America, Rogue, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Psylocke and Monet. They must solve the mystery of who the new, murderous Captain Krakoa is – and stop his team of killers from igniting the fires of a new world war. PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – Who Are The G.O.D.S.? JUN230831

VENOM #24 $3.99 Page 33
Al Ewing, Jonathan Hickman, and Sergio Davila
Prepare to meet your Doom! Doctor Doom is the most notorious and ambitious super villain in the Marvel Universe – but he’s got something Eddie Brock needs. What could it be? And what calamitous circumstance will befall both Doom and Eddie? The ambitious and explosive symbiote saga from Al Ewing welcomes guest artistSergio Davila ! Together, these two creators are going to take Eddie Brock on an adventure that will have symbiote fans talking for YEARS to come! PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – Who Are The G.O.D.S.? JUN231012

Erica Schultz and Edgar Salazar
What if Moon Knight did not survive his battle with Bushman? When Khonshu’s avatar is slain, a different god empowers their own surprising new champion. From the darkness, emerges a new force to light the way – Luminary! But will her quest for revenge against Moon Knight’s killer result in her own downfall? JUN230990

X-23 DEADLY REGENESIS TP $17.99 Page 104
Erica Schultz and Edgar Salazar
Assassin or X-Man? Revisit the deadly days of X-23! Laura Kinney was cloned from Logan and trained by the Facility to be a deadly killer. But even as she attempts to put that life behind her, forces will try to drag her back – and she must fight them tooth and claw! X-23 is beset by enemies both new and old in this tale set during her days as a member of the X-Men and X-Force, when she walked away from the island of Utopia to find where she truly belongs. Kimura once commanded X-23 for the Facility, and now she’s back to pull the strings once again! But what is her master plan, and how far will X-23 have to go to save the innocent people caught in her sadistic nemesis’ scheme? Collecting the five part miniseries. JUN231107

X-FORCE #43 $3.99 Page 33
Ben Percy and Robert Gill
Colossus leads X-Force into the next era! But no one on the team is prepared for a mission set to fracture their trust and teamwork for all time. And don’t miss the first of legendary Daniel Acuna’s run of covers on the series! JUN230925

X-FORCE TP VOL 7 $15.99 Page 102
Ben Percy, Robert Gill, and Paul Davidson
It’s a new era for X-Force – and a new era means new members! Laura Kinney, A.K.A. Wolverine, and Piotr Rasputin, A.K.A. Colossus, join the team. Let’s just hope one of them isn’t harboring a deadly secret that’s set to destroy their teammates! The revamped squad must contend with Beast’s plans, as well as a blast from the past – and future! The once-Kid Omega is back! But where has he been? What’s different about him? And where is he taking the team? Mysteries will be revealed as Hank McCoy’s dark agenda is fully exposed! But what will this revelation mean for mutantkind, and does X-Force still have time to stop what’s been set in motion? Collecting X-Force (2019) #39-42. JUN231105

X-MEN #25 $3.99 Page 30
Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara
She’s been known as Kitty, Sprite, Ariel, Red Queen, and Captain Kate. Now as a new X-Men team finds their way through their darkest hour…Shadowcat emerges.

X-MEN TP VOL 4 $17.99 Page 103
Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, and Joshua Cassara
Lord of the Brood! When the X-Men get a distress call from deep space, they find that the galaxy’s Brood problem is not as solved as they’d thought! Rogue Brood factions are running wild, and now it’s up to the X-Men to get to the bottom of why! Back when their ally Broo became the Brood King, he gained the ability to control the savage alien race. Now he’s experiencing his own nightmare scenario: The Brood are killing his friends, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it! Meanwhile, Orchis’ plans are in motion, preparing for the fall, and the anti-mutant fantasist called Feilong has taken control of Tony Stark’s businesses – and turned Iron Man’s technology toward creating the next generation of Sentinels! All this, plus the glorious return of Pogg Ur-Pogg! Collecting X-Men (2021) #19-24. JUN231106

X-MEN RED #14 $3.99 Page 32
Al Ewing and Jacopo Camagni
After the Fall! As the Brotherhood reels from the cataclysmic events of the Hellfire Gala, Genesis takes advantage of the chaos – and declares war! Two vast mutant armies clash, and Arakko’s idols fallX but this is only the beginning of a conflict that will remake the Red Planet. And whatever happened to Isca the Unbeaten? JUN230922

June 28, 2023
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