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LGBTQA Previews April 2024 Part 1

What’s that you ask? You want to know about comics coming in April? Alright then! Aleš Kot and Steven Austin continue their Nightclubbing story featuring Devlin Waugh in Judge Dredd #457 from Rebellion/2000AD. The relatively new Hawaiian comics publisher Aloha will release two Boys Love titles. Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano’ Grim receives the deluxe hardcover treatment with a slipcased option from Boom. Luciano Vecchio’s Sereno The Night Watchman is collected by CEX. Theo Parrish’s Homebody (Harper Alley) explores the intersection of sexuality and gender identity. The popular Webtoons series Boyfriends gets a coloring book and art book, as does Morgana & Oz. Check out the list for these and other comics and graphic novels including BL and GL manga!

Looking for comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW? You’ll find them over here in part two.

Comics and graphic novels appear on the list if creators identify as LGBTQA+ or are allies or if the work include queer characters or themes.

Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott for his suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Terry Moore
Terry Moore After Dark is a thoughtfully curated collection of sweet and sexy drawings that readers of his titles have been dreaming about for almost thirty years. This 8 1/2″ x 11″, 120-page book is filled with both fan favorites and brand new black and white images of Terry’s beloved characters in their most tender and raucous moments. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Terry’s creative process with personal commentary throughout along with never-before published original poetry. This beautiful book collects 120 pages of good girl art featuring Francine and Katchoo from Strangers In Paradise as well as the expanded cast of the Terryverse! Art Book FEB241091 (OFFERED AGAIN)


PROJECT CRYPTID TP $17.99 Page 224
Mark Russell, Matt Bors, Paul Cornell, Various, Richard Pace, Gene Ha, Ted & Ro, Various
Bigfoot, Yetis, Nessies, Mongolian Death Worms, and more! AHOY presents a deep dive into all things “cryptid”-legendary, tall tale, and fanciful beasts, depicted by writers and artists from the worlds of comics and dark fantasy. A jam-packed anthology featuring unbelievably hilarious and hilariously unbelievable tales about cryptids from around the world. Featuring comics and short stories from well-established creators as well as new voices, Project: Cryptid will transport readers from the depths of Loch Ness to the wilds of the Yeti’s Himalayan Mountains to the Ohio backroads where the Loveland Frogman lurks, asking the important questions like are any of these mysterious, unthinkable creatures actually real? FEB241100


DAY OFF HC VOL 1 $19.99 Page 235
Qing Cai
A light and sweet romance story of a resolute yet affectionate boss and his cute and light-hearted assistant. Love with its joys and hassles can turn even the boring office work into an exciting romantic adventure! FEB241127

CEO Samuel Haynes is a smart, handsome and successful young man. He has everything many people can only dream about. The only missing piece in his perfect life puzzle is a good wife and a loving family. But there’s still time. Or at least that’s what he thinks until one day an accidental discovery of something about his subordinate radically alters his beliefs and his entire life. (ONE SHOT) FEB241129


LITTLE BLACK BOOK #2 $3.99 Page 260
Jeff McComsey and Felipe Cunha
Don’t miss the second chapter of a generation-spanning crime story! To get his wife out of trouble, handyman Cole dug into his deceased criminal father’s ‘little black book’ of underworld contacts. Now the syndicate that employed Cole’s father has gotten wind of the book’s existence, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it back. Cole and his wife must face the consequences of their actions – both psychological and in the form of a gang of armed roughnecks that’s about to descend on their home.[Felipe Cunha is the artist on the queer Gatsby adaptation with cocreator Jeremy Holt.] 0224AW346

RUMPUS ROOM TP $16.99 Page 258
Mark Russell and Ramon Rosanas
Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Russell returns to AWA with his latest dark satire, with art by Ramon Rosanas. Meet Bob Schrunk, technocrat billionaire, collector of bad art, and victim of a hideous skin condition that can only be treated with a highly illicit and definitely not FDA-approved face cream that must be…harvested. From human beings. Bob isn’t unfair, though. He’s happy to let his guests select who will be next to be sent from the Rumpus Room to their doom. There’s just one thing Bob doesn’t know: One of his current guests is an undercover cop-and she’s carrying a concealed gun. Collects Rumpus Room #1-5! ‘A biting (and darkly humorous) new satire.’ -Popverse ‘You’ll laugh and you’ll have fun with Rumpus Room, but you will also feel a deep sense of unease…’ -Comicsbeat 0224AW349


CODA FALSE DAWNS TP $19.99 Page 68
Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara
In the return to the Eisner Award-nominated Coda, the disheartened bard Hum finds peace with his wife, Serka, in a darkening apocalypse – or so it seems. Edenic prophecies and magic’s return? Hum is skeptical, while Serka faces her own difficult decisions on the road, and winter approaches. For every hero’s weakness, there’s a companion with an equal degree of strength, and that’s exactly how Hum and company will get through the fateful, magical mayhem. But there are some unexpectedly unthinkable things that only Hum is capable of. New and returning fans alike shouldn’t miss this collection of the return of Coda from GLAAD Media Award-winning writer Simon Spurrier and EW’s 2019 Artist of the Year Matias Bergara! Collects Coda (2023) #1-5. FEB240089

GRIM #16 $3.99 Page 60
Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
Annabel’s deal has sent ripples through not just the afterlife, but all three planes-merging life, death, and the hereafter. Annabel has brought Hell to Earth, but Jess isn’t going to just let that happen, and with the help of Eddie and Marcel, will do what she must to prevent the worst from happening. However, whose side is Adira on, and will anything make her worthy of forgiveness in Jess’ eyes? FEB240051

Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano
A deluxe hardcover of the bestselling series that introduced fans to an (after)world of Reapers! Jessica Harrow is dead, but her new story begins as she experiences countless dark adventures in the hereafter, working as one of many Reapers, ferrying souls of the damned… As one of 2022’s biggest hits with over 100,000 units sold-discover the secrets of the afterlife and the fate of hell and death itself in this premium format. From superstar writer Stephanie Phillips and fan favorite artist Flaviano comes this harrowing collection perfect for new and current readers alike! Collects Grim #1-15. FEB240060


HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #22 $3.99 Page 59
Tate Brombal and Antonio Fuso
The Buther’s War continues as House Slaughter and Jace’s former house pursue him in the darkness and ruin of the abandoned amusement park in New Orleans, but Jace is more clandestine than they prepared for. While Jace remains a wraith among the shadows and chaos breaks out amongst the hunters, a familiar face appears in a frightening form-a devil on Jace’s shoulder. FEB240041

I HEART SKULL-CRUSHER! #2 $4.99 Page 79
Josie Campbell and Alessio Zonno
Trini and the Twins are well on their way to assembling a full team for Screaming Pain Ball! But after a mutant attack on their way to the qualifying match, things aren’t as simple as they’d hoped. And with their competition having deep pockets, can they really convince serious players to join their team? They’ll have to find another way, like a sheer display of skill. FEB240134

MAN’S BEST #2 $4.99 Page 66
Pornsak Pichetshote and Jesse Lonergan
As the Musketeers explore their newly discovered section of this biome populated by giant robots, it becomes clear that there is more to this civilization of machines than solely logic and steel. Amidst the sprawling technopolis, when one of the 3 animals disobeys orders, they find themselves captured and helpless, leaving the remaining two on search and rescue duty. Little do they know that they’re about to discover yet another new world, one that reveals even more about their journey ahead… FEB240080

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
Something is Killing the Children returns to reveal more of Erica Slaughter’s formative past, set before the Archer’s Peak saga.
A perfect starting point for new readers and die hard Slaughterverse fans alike, each standalone issue of this arc highlights Erica’s appearance in five different American towns, chronicling her journey that forged her into the unparalleled monster hunter she is today. FEB240027


Luciano Vecchio
An avatar of collective Paranoia, a shepherd of Nightmares, and a Cult of Hate are just the start of an evil conspiracy transforming the city. Can Sereno fight back while keeping super cat burglar Rufin from stealing… his heart? Collecting Sereno #1-3, this special edition includes loads of exclusive extras and a brand-new cover designed by Sereno creator Luciano Vecchio! 0224CX353


DEPROG #2 $4.99 Page 277
Tina Horn and Lisa Sterle
The hunt for Vera’s brother leads detective Tate on a desert road trip with her apprentice Les, where they are stalked by a figure with a mysterious tattoo. As Tate and Vera fall more in lust, they narrow in on their target: the abusive cult from Tate’s past. Deprog is a new crime thriller from Tina Horn (SfSx) and Lisa Sterle (Witchblood) that’s John Constantine meets Jessica Jones with a kinky Midsommar twist. FEB241353


ORE MIKO $16.95 Page 400
Need an exorcist?
Could the random assaults happening around town be the work of a demon? On a dark, rainy night after finishing his part-time job as a bartender, college student Kyou
Izakura is attacked by a demon who’s disguised himself as a older gentleman!! Before being completely devoured, cool but pushy exorcist Shin Goudo intervenes and discovers that Kyou has the power to absorb spirits into his body. However, in order to release the spirit from his body, Kyou must consume semen and Shin offers his help. Follow Kyou and Shin as their relationship deepens while they work together to stay alive in his all new supernatural erotic drama by Sakira! (OFFERED AGAIN) FEB241803


SHORTCOMINGS TP $22.95 Page 279
Adrian Tomine
The 2007 New York Times Book Review Notable Book, lauded for its provocative and insightful portrayal of interpersonal relationships, was one of the most acclaimed books in recent years. Tomine tackles modern culture, sexual mores, and racial politics with brutal honesty and lacerating, irreverent humor, while deftly bringing to life a cast of painfully real antihero characters. [This is a new printing.] FEB241366

Adrian Tomine
The annotated and expanded screenplay adaptation of the landmark graphic novel. Written by Tomine and helmed by director Randall Park, Shortcomings was lauded by The New York Times for its liberating representation of Asian Americans in all their messiness and humanity. Tomine’s screenplay is presented here in its final “shooting draft” form, along with extensive annotations, commentary, and bonuses including deleted and alternate scenes. This gorgeously-designed volume is supplemented with film stills, behind-the-scenes photos, and also includes an introduction by Park and a new, original comic from Tomine. FEB241358


SPECTREGRAPH #1 $8.99 Page 282
James Tynion IV and Christian Ward
New series debut from DSTLRY! Modern masters James Tynion IV and Christian Ward join forces to bring you their next horror classic. A ghost story steeped in the decay of a century of capitalism. For years, the mansion has sat strangely, nestled into the coastline just a short drive north of Los Angeles. Rumors have haunted the place for years. Its owner a titan of American industry, with a strange fascination in the occult and the paranormal. For decades, the richest men and women in the country have whispered to each other, trying to understand what he was building alone in that mansion for all those years. And now finally, with his death, and his estate finally open for sale… They are eager to find out for themselves. Two of the most celebrated visionaries of the medium, multiple-Eisner Award winners James Tynion IV and Christian Ward invite you into the world of Spectregraph, a haunting, cerebral horror novel that peels back the layers of America’s opulent wealth and uncovers the rot underneath. But be careful: once you enter, you may never leave. Spectregraph is perfect for fans of The Haunting Of Hill House and The Conjuring. FEB241407


GARGOYLES QUEST #4 $4.99 Page 95
Greg Weisman and Pasquale Qualano
Get ready for a new world order! Demona’s carefully calculated plan to gain control of the three New Keys to Power is almost complete and the ultimate ability to rule over humans and Gargoyles alike is nearly within her grasp! Writer and Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman and artist Pasquale Qualano prepare for the imminent Demonian Era in Gargoyles: Quest #4. FEB240249


Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
Both Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez developed their skills as artists in public, in the pages of Love and Rockets, and as quickly as any artists ever have. The first issue showed two promising young tyros; by the fourth, both brothers were clearly among the foremost cartoonists of their generation. But not all of that development took place on the main stage of their shared magazine. They built up to their 1981 self-published debut with years of experiments, fan art, zine illustrations, early short comics, and gig posters, and continued to work out in personal sketchbooks after establishing themselves as the preeminent cartoonists they became. Fantagraphics published two volumes of this nascent or private drawing in 1989 and 1992. Now, this deluxe hardcover collects the work from these two volumes with other rarely-seen artwork for a new generation of admirers. It’s presented as a dual-sided flip book with one cover, and one half of the book, featuring Jaime’s work and a second cover, and other half of the book, highlighting Gilbert’s work. The Hernandez Brothers’ mastery of comics is seen on every page of the thousands of pages of Love and Rockets they’ve drawn over the last 40 years. Here, for the first time in three decades, see the work they put into becoming those artists. 0224FB362

LOVE AND ROCKETS VOL IV #15 $6.99 Page 303
Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
In the latest issue of “the Great American Comic Book” (as described in Los Angeles PBS station KCET’s 2022 Emmy nominated documentary about the Hernandez brothers), Diana Villasenor returns and we see what she’s been up to since her sister Tonantzin disappeared! Also: Palomar! Meanwhile, why can’t the Hellmet find Princess Animus? And while Tonta’s latest shenanigans may finally come to an end this issue, Love and Rockets will never die! 0224FU366


HOMEBODY GN $18.99 (SC) / $26.99 (HC)
Theo Parish
In their comics debut, Theo Parish masterfully weaves an intimate and defiantly hopeful memoir about the journey one nonbinary person takes to find a home within themself. Combining traditional comics with organic journal-like interludes, Theo takes us through their experiences with the hundred arbitrary and unspoken gender binary rules of high school, from harrowing haircuts and finally the right haircut, to the intersection of gender identity and sexuality and through tiny everyday moments that all led up to Theo finding the term “nonbinary,” which finally struck a chord. FEB241471 (SC) / FEB241472 (HC)


TIED TO YOU VOL 1 $20.00 Page 420
Chelliace and What
Wooseo Shin was never one to believe in fate…until a ring of red thread appears around his finger, that is! This ring marks a person’s meeting of their soulmate, and with it, neither can fall asleep if the other is absent. This development is not a welcome one for Wooseo, who decides to keep it from his close friend and crush Jiseok Kang at all costs. Because as fate would have it, the person with Wooseo’s matching set is Jigeon Kang…Jiseok’s older brother! When Jigeon proposes that they start sharing a bed, if only to combat their joint insomnia, Wooseo reluctantly accepts…but as the two spend more and more time together, feelings start to get messy. Will Wooseo be able to survive his new life tangled up in between these two brothers?! FEB241900


DICK TRACY #1 $4.99 Page 340
Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, Chantelle Aimee Osman, Geraldo Borges, Mark Englert, and Jim Campbell
Dick Tracy returns in a new ongoing series from Mad Cave! A new era for the iconic detective starts here, from bestselling and acclaimed authors Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, as an all-new, noir-infused chapter in the Dick Tracy legacy kicks off with superstar artist Geraldo Borges. In the aftermath of World War II, the country stands frozen–waiting for the next shoe to drop. In The City, a brutal murder draws the attention of rising star detective Dick Tracy, who soon discovers the bloodshed is just the beginning of a complicated web that threatens to ensnare everything he cares about. Blending the classic elements of the Dick Tracy world (including his iconic villains, supporting cast, and unforgettable watch radio) with a hardboiled and realistic take, Dick Tracy #1 kicks off a fresh and modern take on the iconic detective that remains true to his rich history. 0224MA380

Joe Corallo and Gaia Cardinalli
A new take on the classic 90s animated hit-King Arthur & The Knights of Justice! High school quarterback Arthur King and his team have just won the big game… but a portal to another realm transports them to Camelot, where the real King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been imprisoned by Merlin’s evil protege, Morgana. Arthur and his teammates must take up the mantle of the Knights of the Round Table to overthrow Morgana and rescue the true King. Will these modern football players be able to become true Knights of the Round Table and save Camelot from ruin? FEB241553

NOTTINGHAM #11 $4.99 Page 345
David Hazan, Shane Connery Volk, Luca Romano, and Justin Birch
The Changing of the Guard. Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, returns home to find a city he barely recognizes. With the Merry Men in charge and Robin and the King closing in, blood, panic, and treachery flow in equal measure. Issue 11 of 15. The thrilling final arc! 0224MA390


Stephanie Phillips and Dani Bolinho
In this Choose Your Own Adventure graphic novel, adapted from R.A. Montgomery’s classic Forecast from Stonehenge, you visit the enigmatic and mysterious monument on your summer travels. You attend a Solstice event held by a group of druids in disguise. They include the excitable wizard Alistair, a deadly fairy, Elaine, and her horde–even a woodland nymph named Liandra. At the center of the story are the secrets of Stonehenge and a magical scythe that’s fallen into your hands. As you meet this cast of outrageous characters, it’s up to you to decide whether they are friend or foe. YOU must choose where the story takes you! Part explorer and part detective, your adventures lead you into London’s underground and beyond, where you search for answers to the eternal mystery of Stonehenge From acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman: Evolution) and returning artist Dani Bolinho (Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey Under the Sea) comes a newly adapted graphic novel that takes readers on their own visual adventure through London and across the Plains of Salisbury to uncover the secrets of the always-amazing Stonehenge! 0224ON404

DWELLINGS HC $34.99 Page 362
Jay Stephens
Shock, terror, and wry humor pepper every page of Emmy Award-winning, Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist and animator Jay Stephens’s Dwellings. Welcome to Elwich-an oasis of small-town perfection, where the schools overflow with cheery-eyed children, lovingly adorned homes line the historic boulevards . . . and only the crows can see the deep, festering rot that lurks beneath the pristine surface. Murder.Demonology.Possession.Obsession.Elwich has them all on offer-and behind every dwelling awaits a horrifying new story to be told. 0224ON405

Josh Trujillo, Ryan Little, and Jarrett Williams
Rick Sanchez vs. Everything! Rick, Morty, and Jerry continue their hunt for the Dream Balls through worlds of conflict-not cool conflict, like, narrative conflict. To stabilize the essence of these literary landscapes, Rick must embrace the way of the Ball Blader-a life he abandoned years ago when he lost his beloved sidepiece, Lucas, to the nefarious Casteratis. 0224ON418


Alan Moore, Kieron Gillen, Ian Gibson, and Barbara Nosenzo
The ultimate edition of Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s feminist space opera! Radical and revolutionary, Rebellion is proud to present Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s ground-breaking science fiction classic in a full color omnibus for the first time! A cultural icon and a high mark for British comics, this timeless tale of one woman’s endurance amidst a sea of dead-end and deadly jobs remains one of Alan Moore’s most beloved sagas. Restored and lovingly colored by Barbara Nosenzo, and featuring a new introduction by Keiron Gillen and bonus content, The Ballad of Halo Jones remains essential reading. (OFFERED AGAIN) FEB241670

JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #467 $13.99 Page 372
Aleš Kot, Laura Bailey & Various, Steve Yeowell & Various
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! The lawman battles a maniac droid in “Escalation”; the Harrower Squad fight for their lives; Devlin Waugh seeks a new home; DeMarco’s case continues in “No Smoke”; and Brit-Cit detective Armitage is back in “Bullets For an Old Man.” Plus interviews, features and much more! FEB241664


VICTORY PARADE HC $29.00 Page 375
Leela Corman
From the author of the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Unterzakhn. One of a group of women working as welders in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Rose Arensberg has fallen in love with a disabled veteran while awaiting the return of her husband, Sam, a soldier in the American army serving in Europe. As we follow the bittersweet, heartbreaking stories of Rose and her fellow Rosie-the-Riveters, we’re immersed in the day-to-day challenges of life on the home front as seen through the eyes of these resilient women, as well as through the eyes of Eleanor, Rose’s impressionable young daughter, and Ruth, the German Jewish refugee Rose has taken into their home. And Sam’s encounters with the horrors of a liberated concentration camp follow him home to Brooklyn in the form of terrifying flashbacks that will leave him scarred forever. Victory Parade paints a deeply affecting portrait of how individuals and civilizations process mass trauma. FEB241684


Xue Shan Fei Hu
In this danmei/Boys’ Love novel series originally released in Chinese-and coming to the English language for the first time! After Li Yu stays up all night to read an engrossing webnovel, he finally falls asleep-only to wake up in the world of the novel itself. And not as himself, but as a helpless fish! Shocked and dismayed, Li Yu quickly realizes that he must live in a tank owned by Mu Tianchi, the tyrant of the novel who never speaks. Whatever force brought Li Yu into this world warns him that there’s only one way to become human again: to win over the cold Mu Tianchi and change his harsh ways. But Li Yu has no idea how to do that, especially as a powerless, palm-sized carp. Can a little fish really swim its way into a tyrant’s heart? The Seven Seas English-language edition of this fantasy transmigration/isekai comedy built around the desire between two men (danmei) will feature uncensored text and exclusive new art. FEB241970

Shio Usui
After Ruriko’s hospitalization, Ruriko and Kurumi’s connection seems to be deepening. But that doesn’t make them immune to the odd argument! Can they work through the knots that come with tying the knot? FEB241976

Scarlet Beriko
A new Boys’ Love/BL school romance by the popular creator of Jackass! and Jealousy. Nagisa may look like a delinquent, but he’s just a typical teen trying to figure out what to do with his life. Nagisa’s best friend, Issa, already knows what his own passion is: fish! Issa often skips school to work at the Nagahama fish market, and the two boys hang out near the ocean almost every day. When Nagisa suspects that Issa has a girlfriend, it turns his world upside down. Is he in love with his best friend? Could his best friend possibly like him back? FEB241989

Shoko Rakuta
In this romantic Boys’ Love manga, sparks fly when a salaryman who’s given up on love reunites with his crush from high school. Kanade is an office worker who’s unfulfilled in life… and keeps the fact that he’s gay a secret. Everything changes when he reunites with an old classmate from high school: Mashiro, the boy Kanade secretly liked back in his youth. Mashiro’s arrival seems to bring new sunlight to Kanade’s dreary life. As they get to know each other again as adults, could this be Kanade’s chance to find love with the one who got away? FEB241993

Katsu Aki
It isn’t easy living in a three-way marriage where everyone from your colleagues to your friends has an opinion about how you should live your life. Suisei feels caught in the middle between sweet, impulsive Emito and the fierce, possessive feelings he feels for Lia. When Emito finds himself in trouble, their bond will be put to the test in this heartfelt rollercoaster rom-com! FEB241996


Emily Carroll
Like many before her that have never come back, she’s made it to the Countess’ castle determined to snuff out the horror… but she could never be prepared for what hides within its turrets, what unfurls under its fluttering flags. Emily Carroll has fashioned a rich gothic horror charged with eroticism that doesn’t just make your skin crawl – it crawls into it. Originally published by Koyama Press, this beloved Emily Carroll erotic horror comic is back in print with Silver Sprocket, featuring a new foil-accented cover. 0224SP472


BLACK OR WHITE VOL 8 $12.99 Page 401
When Shin attends a cast party for his latest TV show, the events of the evening get twisted into a scandal involving the leading lady. Fortunately, the matter is settled without much damage to his reputation-but not before those around Shin realize that someone is pulling the strings as a means to trap him. Just then, Shin finds out that his next gig will be his dream project…finally costarring with his boyfriend Shige! But is this dream project a little too good to be true? FEB241805

ENGAGE VOL 1 $12.99 Page 401
Yuu Minaduki
The highlight of chef Mei Suzumori’s year is the Tanabata Festival-the one day a year when a pair of mythical lovers reunites. For Mei, it’s the day that a mysterious handsome stranger visits his adopted family’s restaurant to buy tasty seasonal taiyaki. Unable to hold his feelings for the attractive stranger back any longer, Mei professes his love-and finds he’s linked to the enigmatic Naru by a bond much deeper and more complicated than he ever imagined. FEB241804


Zoe Thorogood, Claudia Leonardi, and Andrea Izzo
After the events of Life Is Strange: True Colors. Alex & Steph tour across the States in their band until they find another lost soul on the side of the road – Lily. The pair take the teenager under their wing to uncover the truth of what she’s running from. But there’s more to Lily than meets the eye, as she silently struggles under the weight of heartache and memories from lives she hasn’t lived, to protect those around her from the truth of pain. An all too familiar story for Alex, but is there time to save Lily from a similar, lonely, fate? FEB240531 (Regular edition) / FEB240532 (Direct comic shop edition)

Mags Vissagio and Clark Bint
As war is looming on the horizon on the planet Shasu, the reluctant ruler of the Bloodaxe family is conflicted between living up to his father’s domineering legacy and maintaining the peace. It is up to him to settle the conflicts within himself, and his family, before the entire planet erupts in war. FEB24052


ACID TOWN VOL 6 $13.99 Page 444
In a city where lawlessness rules, Yuki and his best friend Tetsu attempt to rob the headquarters of the local Seidoukai in order to steal money to pay for Yuki’s little brother’s hospital bill. The mission is a failure, but piques the interest of mob boss Kazutaka Hyodo. He offers Yuki a deal; come to visit him once a week, and he’ll take care of his brother’s fees. Yuki accepts this arrangement without question, and so makes his first visit…This book contains strong language and darker elements, including mentions of sexual violence, and discussion of abuse. It is not intended for anyone under 16 years of age. FEB242039

Io Amaki
After their accidental meeting and connection, Kurusu and Seto are now lovers. Life together is smooth, sweet and happy. Even though both of them are busy every day, Kurusu always finds time to put Seto first and pamper him. Meanwhile, Seto struggles to heal from his previous breakup, though he finds himself falling a little more in love with Kurusu every day. FEB242046

UncreditedAs the son of one of the most infamous Yakuza bosses in Japan, Shoto Tanaka’s life has been anything but average. Then he meets the most popular athlete in Japan, Goro Nakamura. Goro is used to putting on a show for the public, and since he comes from a family of wealth and notoriety, he’s frequently in the limelight; Shoto, like many others, is captivated by his icy charisma. What Shoto isn’t aware of is that Goro is also the infamous “Animosity Serial Killer” of Japan. In what ways will Goro and Shoto’s profound devotion to one another and their various ideologies impact their complex relationship and those around them?

MITSUKA VOL 3 $13.99 Page 445
Leo is host at a nightclub, and he always thought he had no interest in men X until he slept with Takahiro, a sex worker who introduced him to pleasures he’d never felt before. Now, sex with women doesn’t satisfy him, and after begging Takahiro to sleep with him again, they agree to a “friends with benefits” arrangement. But just when Leo thinks he may be falling in love, one of his best customers asks him to sleep with her. Takahiro catches him in the act, and things take a dark turnX NOTE: This book contains explicit content, including sex work, dubious consent, and sexual violence. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. FEB242047

NEVER LET GO VOL 2 $13.99 Page 444
Saki Sakimoto
Rich-kid Haruto is used to being flattered and fawned over by fellow students, so when he’s kicked out of his elite Alpha school, he finds himself as the ultra-desirable Alpha transfer student at a mixed-gender high school. Everyone is quick to try to befriend himXeveryone, that is, except student council president Miyabi, who actually seems to despise him. Haruto swore he wouldn’t get involved with anyone at his new school, but something about openly hostile, sickly-looking Miyabi keeps drawing Haruto in. FEB242040

Fumi Tsuyuhisa
Which will you find in this devastated worldXlove or despair? Nineteen-year-old Hikaru Asahina lost everything the day the world ended. Everything, that is, except his childhood friend Ai Kosaka, who has always taken care of him. Now the two of them, along with other survivors, struggle to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with man-eating zombies. And when Ai confesses to feeling something more for Hikaru, it changes everything. After all, the more precious someone is to you, the harder it is to lose them. In a world like theirs, is something like love even possible? (OFFERED AGAIN) FEB242048

Inma R.
The hit Boys Love comic with over 10 million views on Webtoon, available for the first time in print! “Wild Beast” is the only place in the forest where wild animals can rest under the promise of not hurting each other. When the owner, a wolf called Ragnar, receives the unexpected visit of Yule, a domestic cat, he foresees the boy’s going to bring him trouble. But maybe something else too…? FEB242042


BARBARIC BORN IN BLOOD #3 $4.99 Page 388
Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden
Barbaric’s most brutal arc concludes! Battle lines are drawn, the real enemy is exposed, and Owen discovers a new path that may lead to the secrets of his curse., 0224VL473


ART OF BOYFRIENDS SC $19.99 Page 448
Explore the heartwarming and hilarious world of WEBTOON Originals Boyfriends series through exclusive content, step-by-step drawing tutorials, and artistic guidance from its creator. Boy meets boy…meets boy…meets boy! The Boyfriends series is an LGBTQ+ webcomic about getting yourself a boyfriend…or multiple boyfriends! Laugh-out-loud funny and always charming, Boyfriends is filled to the brim with moments of pride, big and small. Learn to Draw Boyfriends brings you closer to the heart of the story with behind-the-scenes content and gives you the tools to master the art of drawing the series’ lovable characters. FEB242065

Explore the magical world of the WEBTOON Originals series Morgana and Oz through exclusive content, step-by-step drawing tutorials, and artistic guidance from its creator. The Morgana and Oz series is a webcomic about rival witch and vampire clans and two teens who form an unlikely relationship. Learn to Draw Morgana and Oz brings you closer to the heart of the story with behind-the-scenes content and gives you the tools to master the art of drawing the series’ engaging characters. Whether you are a devoted fan, a casual reader, or an aspiring comic artist looking to create your own witchy comic, Learn to Draw Morgana and Oz is a must-have companion. FEB242066

The Official Boyfriends. Coloring Book offers you the chance to experience the LGBTQ+ adventure in an inspiring new way. Each page has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of the series, allowing you to engage interactively with your favorite characters and scenes. This distinctive coloring book features a ccarefully curated set of 46 coloring pages, featuring the Goth (Felix), Prep (Vincent), Nerd (Adrian), and Jock (Kevin)…the lovable protagonists whose whirlwind polyamorous romance has captured the hearts of millions. FEB242064

Color your favorite moments from the popular WEBTOON Originals Morgana and Oz series in this uniquely designed book featuring the original full-color art as inspiration for each coloring page. The Official Morgana and Oz Coloring Book offers you a chance to experience the magical series in an inspiring new way. Each page has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of the series, allowing you to engage interactively with your favorite characters and scenes. This distinctive coloring book features a carefully curated set of 46 coloring pages, featuring Morgana Winterberry, the hapless teen witch, and angsty vampire, Oz…whose dynamic relationship and unlikely romance is at the heart of the series. FEB242067


BOYFRIENDS VOL 2 $19.99 Page 448
Boyfriends is the polyamorous story of a jock, a nerd, a prep, and a goth who are learning to love one another and make a four-person relationship work in their own sweet way. Through navigating the adventures of dating life, the boyfriends come to understand themselves and each other better. It’s the start of a new year at college and Prep, Goth, Nerd, and Jock’s relationship continues to blossom. Silly bets, adventures in fan fiction, and a sweet visit home make for a very memorable semester. Plus, the guys make some new friends and realize they’re not the only queer polycule on campus…meet the Girlfriends! Collects episodes 56-100 of the delightful WEBTOON comic Boyfriends. FEB242068


Bisco Kida
That fateful encounter at the planetarium changed Subaru Miyazawa’s life forever. After all, that’s where he met his true love, Tougo Amase, photographer extraordinaire! And now that they’re officially together, every day is a kind of happily-ever-after! That is, until the day Tougo admits that he’s planning to move away…so where does that leave Subaru? FEB241853

Akira Hirahara and Naoto Asahara
Based on the critically claimed novel. High schooler Atsushi Andou has always hidden the fact that he’s gay. But one day, he sees his classmate Sae Miura with a BL book-a small moment with major consequences. Atsushi longs for a “normal” happiness with a loving wife and a biological child, but what can he do when he’s not turned on by women? FEB241849

Sakaomi Yuzaki
After their curry party, Kasuga and Nomoto have grown closer than ever before. Now that they have both recognized the nature of the feelings they hold, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, will they be able to successfully express it to each other? FEB241865

February 12, 2024
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