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LGBTQ Previews June 2020 Part 2

Remember when that America Vazquez comic from Joe Casey was announced? Yeah, don’t feel badly if you forgot since a lot has happened since it was announced in 2016. And then it seemed to disappear into the ether after Marvel followed suit by announcing its own series featuring America Chavez that met with mixed reactions. Guess what! They’re both solicited in June’s Previews! Marvel’s America Chavez is a 5 parter while Casey’s is a one shot published by Image. Black Hammer’s Barbalien gets a solo mini and origin story. Aud Koch’s variant #1 cover is this month’s feature image up above. Steve Orlando’s Darkhold is also scheduled for June while a number of cartoons done for the Nib will be collected in a book titled Be Gay, Do Comics and that’s some of the best advice I can think of. As usual there are lots of other comics and trades listed so check it out!

With the state of comics publishing and distribution temporarily in flux this column will probably take a break next month and possibly longer until the Previews catalog or other alternative(s) is published.

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and indies is here! Look for yaoi and yuri manga there!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
The world’s greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar by the nome d’arte of Bandette, and she’s been challenged for the title! The Great Thieving Race is on, as Bandette and rival Monsieur compete to steal priceless artifacts from a criminal organization and its evil leader, but their response could make this Bandette’s final crime spree! APR200391

Tate Brombal and Gabriel Hernandez Walta
A groundbreaking new sci-fi action series in the world of the Eisner Award-winning Black Hammer universe, about prejudice, honor, and identity. Mark Markz has found his place on Earth as both a decorated police officer and as the beloved superhero, Barbalien. But in the midst of the AIDS crisis, hatred from all sides makes balancing these identities seem impossible-especially when a Martian enemy from the past hunts him down to take him back, dead or alive. Origin Story for Barbalien. APR200316 / APR200317 (Aud Koch cover; see top image for a peek.)

INVISIBLE KINGDOM #11 $3.99 Page 118
G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward
The final arc of the acclaimed series begins…in the Point of No Return! The strange new Nones have whisked the Sundog into a far more perilous edge of space-and they need Vess. Will she choose Grix…or the unthinkable? APR200383

NORSE MYTHOLOGY #2 $3.99 Page 100
Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, & various
Loki is forced to atone for his latest prank by pitting two groups of dwarfs against each other in a contest that will either bring the gods greater treasures than they could dream of, or cost him his head… or both. APR200323

ORVILLE #1 LAUNCH DAY $3.99 Page 105
David Goodman and David Cabeza
When seemingly hostile Krill ships cross into Union space, the Orville intercepts. Captain Mercer learns they are en route to a planet that left the Union decades ago under mysterious circumstances. Scans have discovered a moon-sized construct above the planet, and the Krill intend a preemptive strike against the presumed weapon. But is it? APR200342

STRANGER THINGS VOL 3 $19.99 Page 106
Jody Houser and Ryan Kelly
Years after escaping Hawkins Lab, two of Dr. Brenner’s former subjects seek to live normal lives. When news reaches them that the lab was shutdown they go on a harrowing search for Nine, a powerful pyrokinetic whose shattered psyche threatens to burn them all to ashes if they can’t find her and free her from her own malevolent imagination. Collects issues #1-#4 of the series. APR200344


AMETHYST #4 $3.99 Page 25
Amy Reeder
Princess Amy’s mission takes her and her companions directly into the heart of Dark Opal! But the answers Amethyst finds will change everything she thought she knew about the nature of Gemworld! APR200552

AQUAMAN #61 $3.99 Page 26
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Miguel Mendonca
For whom the wedding bells toll, Arthur? They do not toll for thee! It’s a race to the chapel, as Mera is awake and betrothed, but who is the groom, and why isn’t he Arthur? There is a greater mystery at work, and Jackson makes a deep-sea discovery — but not before a depth-defying battle with Orm! Speaking of Ocean Master, he’s bringing all of Dagon to the wedding ceremony, and the Seven Kingdoms will never be the same again! APR200554

AUTHORITY BOOK 1 TP $34.99 Page 72
Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch
Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s run on The Authority is back! This is the Authority. Pay allegiance, or get your head kicked in. Whether they’re up against an invasion from an alternate Earth, an international terrorist who is laying waste to major cities, or a hostile alien intelligence who calls himself God, the Authority are ready for action. Collects The Authority #1-12, Planetary/The Authority: Ruling the World, and a story from WildStorm: A Celebration of 25 Years. APR200641

McDonald cover

BATGIRL #48 $3.99 Page 10
Cecil Castellucci and Robbie Rodriguez
“The Last Joke” part one! Spinning out of the catastrophic history of the Gordon family, Babs is forced to relive the most traumatic events of her life. James Gordon Jr. is back, and he’s on a mission to run the Gordons out of Gotham City–and as we all know, anything involving James Jr. is bad news for Babs and the commissioner. But is her brother capable of tormenting his family on his own? Or has he teamed up with a certain Clown Prince of Crime? APR200526 / APR200526 (Ian McDonald cover) 

Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere, FErnando Pasarin, and others
At last, DC gathers the entire run of Batgirl adventures written by best-selling author Gail Simone from the New 52 era in a single volume! In these stories, Barbara Gordon has regained the ability to walk–but as a crimefighter she must prove herself to Batman and the other heroes of Gotham City all over again! Along the way, she’ll have to face the threat of the ruthless vigilante known as Knightfall, stop her own brother, James Gordon Jr., from wreaking havoc on the city as the Joker-inspired Killer Clown, and much more. Collects Batgirl #0-34, Batgirl Annual #1 and 2, Batgirl: Futures End #1, and more! APR200643

BATMAN #96 & #97 $3.99 Page 8 $3.99
James Tynion IV and Guillem March
Reeling from the effects of the worst Joker toxin attack ever, Batman is on the run through Gotham City, pursued by the dark shadows and voices that haunt his past and present! As The Joker’s plan materializes, the only person who can save Batman from the brink of true madness…is Harley Quinn?! Plus, who is the mysterious new figure known as Clownhunter? APR200520

The Joker’s army is growing hour by hour, with weapons beyond anything the Clown Prince of Crime has ever used before. Batman must hold his mind together so he can strike the final blow and take back his city–but how can he heal the rifts he’s created in his life to get the help he needs? And while all this is happening, the villains of Gotham City are waiting out the carnage Joker has unleashed–and Catwoman assembles an army of her own! APR200523

Christopher Priest, Fernando Pasarin, Ryan Winn, and Jason Paz
It’s the conclusion of Christopher Priest’s acclaimed Deathstroke run — and it starts with Slade Wilson’s murder! In the wake of his father’s apparent demise, Jericho accepts Lex Luthor’s offer of power, leading to all-out sibling war between Jericho and Rose Wilson! When Slade wakes, he seeks to take that power for his own, leading to a confrontation between father and son! Is there any humanity left in Jericho? And can Deathstroke defeat his ultimate enemy — himself? Collects Deathstroke #44-50. APR200665

Gail Simone and Clayton Hendry
Barry Allen and Iris West take a vacation, but their relaxation is cut short when their cruise ship is attacked by King Shark! Can the Fastest Man Alive save a sinking ship when there’s no land in sight — or will he be fish food? This and more in stories featuring the Flash taking on his greatest rogues, including Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Captain Boomerang, and Weather Wizard! Collects stories from The Flash Giant #1-7 (first wave) and The Flash Giant #1-5 (second wave). APR200671

HARLEY QUINN #74 $3.99 Page 36
Sam Humphries and Sami Basri
Harley Quinn’s sojourn in L.A. has been full of tragedy and heartbreak, from the death of her friend to uncovering a deep web of moral compromise that’d make even the most sadistic Batman villain’s stomach churn. In the epic finale to our story, Harley will come face to face with the person pulling the strings and learn who’s out to see her fail! APR200575

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
The price on Harley’s head is getting higher and higher, and more and more of Gotham City’s most dangerous villains are crawling out of the woodwork to claim it. So where the hell is Batman? And after what she’s put the Birds of Prey through in just a few hours, is Harley going to have any allies left to protect her? APR200544

Tim Seeley, Dan Fraga, Tom Derenick, and Richard Friend
The scourge of Anti-Eternia is unleashed on the Multiverse! Blazing a trail across the dimensions, he’s devastating each version of Eternia and stealing its power. Now it’s up to a ragtag team of surviving He-Men to recruit the one man in existence who might save them: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor! This series brings together the many various iterations of the fan-favorite franchise, including the 1980s Filmation cartoon series and the 2002 animated series and toy line–as the fate of Eternia is at stake! Collects He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1-6. APR200677

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #24 $3.99 Page 40
James Tynion IV, Ram V., and Kyle Hotz
At last, Justice League Dark’s mission reaches the moment fans have been waiting for: their descent into the Other Place, as a reborn Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna sharpen their swords and spells to battle the Upside Down Man. But Zatanna has more than just cards up her sleeve. The team discovers her burning secret, while Detective Chimp must come to terms with his own role within Team Dark. APR200584

Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook
The United Planets are at war as a new epic begins! The president of the United Planets is unable to maintain peace as Ultra Boy’s homeworld of Rimbor and Chameleon Boy’s homeworld of Durla declare interplanetary war! With the Legion of Super-Heroes choosing sides and a civil war brewing, will these young heroes need to split into separate teams? Plus, Superboy makes a discovery about the future that will change everything he knows…there is a new Krypton! Find out what happens next in the only book telling you the future of DC Comics every month! [Hopeful to see some LGBTQ Legionnaires again!] APR200588

LOIS LANE #12 $3.99 Page 42
Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins
At the end of multiple investigations, Lois finds herself with the power to change — or destroy — the lives of everyone involved. APR200590

Grace Ellis and Brittney Williams
From New York Times bestselling author Grace Ellis and artist Brittney Williams comes a new story about 13-year-old Lois Lane as she navigates the confusing worlds of social media and friendship. It’s the first day of summer break in the sleepy town of Liberty View, and young Lois Lane bursts onto the scene with what she knows is a sure-to-go-viral video channel. Okay, maybe her platform only receives two views a week (thanks, Mom), and maybe her best friend, Kristen, isn’t quite as enthusiastic about social media, but when Lois sets her mind on something, there’s no turning back. At the end of the week, the big neighborhood barbecue and bike race will be the perfect backdrop to Lois and Kristen’s #friendshipchallenge video. But when the girls find out the annual fireworks are missing, Lois doubles down on her efforts for fame, testing her friendship in ways she couldn’t imagine. With Kristen leaving for sleepaway camp after the barbecue and a new girl on the block taking all of Kristen’s attention, will Lois be able to find the missing fireworks, celebrate the summer, and post the best #friendshipchallenge the internet has ever seen? Or will she have to face her challenges IRL? APR200547

Marc Andreyko and Renato Guedes
Kate Spencer is working to unearth the mysterious secret history of the Manhunters…but Mark Shaw and Leviathan have other ideas! Can a lone Manhunter outwit and an entire country? APR200594

SUICIDE SQUAD #7 $4.99 Page 62
Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
Annnnd he’s out! With a pardon in his pocket, Deadshot walks away from the Suicide Squad in hopes of reuniting with his daughter, Zoe, and making things right at last. But you can’t outrun your past when it’s still looking to kill you, and their family reunion quickly takes a turn for the deadly. To whom can Deadshot turn when he’s left behind everyone who once had his back? APR200604

TEEN TITANS #43 $3.99 Page 55
Robbie Thompson, Eber Ferreira and Eduardo Pansica
Robin begins a hunt that leads him to the KGBeast, the same assassin who wounded and nearly killed the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Will Damian Wayne cross the line to enact brutal revenge on the Russian villain — or can the Teen Titans temper the current Robin’s rage? APR200611

Amanda Diebert, Erich Owen, Derek Fridolfs and Agnes Garbowska and various
Kara is excited to have a whole weekend to herself to get up to all kinds of moshing mayhem, but the other Super Hero Girls keep interrupting her “me time.” When Kara’s wish for solitude comes true as one by one the girls become obsessed with a new app, it’s up to Supergirl to save Metropolis — and her fellow heroes — on her own! In this Super Hero Girls tale, Bumblebee is tired of always being tiny! Karen sets her mind to creating a device that will make her big instead of small, but when things don’t go as she planned, the other girls will get a crash course in seeing the world through Bumblee’s eyes!
Plus these reprint tales: “Robin the First,” Teen Titans Go! #4 (2014); “Teen Titans Go…Fish!” from Teen Titans Go! #4 (2014); “Prank’d,” from Teen Titans Go! #5 (2014); “Don’t Look,” from Teen Titans Go! #5 (2014); “But Games Can Never Hurt Me,” from Teen Titans Go! #6 (2014); “Sleep Over,” from Teen Titans Go! #6 (2014) APR200632

WONDER WOMAN #759 & 760 $3.99 Pages 13 & 14
Steve Orlando, Jesus Merino, and Vicente Cifuentes
It’s a brand-new day for Wonder Woman! As Diana starts to pick up the pieces of her life following her battle with the Four Horsewomen and her run-in with the Phantom Stranger, Man’s World has become more complicated to navigate than ever before. It seems everyone has a take on who Wonder Woman should be — some who look on her heroics with admiration, and some who lie in wait to seek revenge. A familiar threat is watching Diana’s every move, and now is the perfect time to strike. APR200532 / APR200534 (WW 1984 movie poster cover)

Wonder Woman’s quest to bring justice to Man’s World has seen her take on many devastating opponents — but none so vicious as Maxwell Lord! Max represents the worst that humanity has to offer… so when he shows up at Diana’s doorstep seeking help, what’s a warrior for the truth to do? APR200535

WONDER WOMAN 1984 GIANT #1 $4.99 Page 69
Anna Obropta, Louise Simonson, Steve Pugh, Marguerite Sauvage, and others
In this tie-in to the WW84 film…When a failed burglary attempt causes a hostage situation at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Diana Prince is forced to leave her teenage tour group behind so Wonder Woman can save the day! But will Wonder Woman be able to bring ten gunman to justice and get back to her tour group in time? “Honey, I Shrunk My Friends”–It’s the 1980s, and greed is good for those that already have it all. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor hunt down the reckless mastermind who makes the ultimate power move… the theft of Diana’s golden lasso! Plus these reprint tales: “Deadly Arrival” from Wonder Woman #3 (1987); “Blood of the Cheetah,” Wonder Woman #301 (1987); “Dark Challenger,” from Wonder Woman #301 (1983) APR200633


BOOKS OF MAGIC #20 $3.99 Page 61
David Barnett, Tom Fowler, and Craig A. Taillefer
From the moment he first discovered magic, Tim Hunter has been pursued by the mysterious organization known as the Cold Flame. But who are they? And why are they so determined to get their hands on the artifact Tim is hunting for, the Book of Possibilities? The answers to those two questions will change Tim’s life forever! APR200622

G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles
New mother Lindy is trapped in the Dreaming, and the lovestruck nightmare Ruin is loose in the real world. Dream must put this situation right — but to do so, he’ll have to travel into the Black Chest where he keeps his most dangerous nightmares… and pull the answers right from the mouth of the unimaginable Endless Teeth! APR200623

FAR SECTOR #7 $3.99 Page 60
N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell
On today’s agenda: a giant mech fight, transforming her consciousness into digital information, and a high-speed pursuit through an alien computer network. All with six minutes of power left. But it’s all in a day’s work for Green Lantern Jo Mullein as she comes closer to unraveling the greatest conspiracy the Green Lantern Corps has ever seen. Far Sector continues on a new bimonthly schedule. APR200620

HOUSE OF WHISPERS #22 $3.99 Page 63
Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters, and Dominike “Domo” Stanton
The time has come for both Erzulie and Poquita to take back the power of their twinned Houses… but Anansi will stop at nothing to keep his treasures! The sweeping epic of Erzulie’s war with the trickster god comes to an explosive conclusion! APR200624

Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — especially one with gills, claws, and the teeth of a shark. Will John Constantine protect the fishermen who are in the siren’s sights? Or will he lead them right to her? APR200625

Si Spurrier, Kat Howard, Aaron Campbell, Matias Bergara, Marcio Takara, Tom Fowler, and Craig Taillefer
John Constantine is back in London and back to his old tricks. A small-time gang lord has found himself dealing with an outbreak of supernatural weirdness…and without any allies to call on, John doesn’t have much choice in taking a paycheck from one of London’s worst, or accepting the help of one of the ganglord’s would-be foot soldiers. But what should be an open-and-shut exorcism turns out to be nothing but… and the madness is just beginning! Collects The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1, John Constantine: Hellblazer #1-6, and Books of Magic #14.

LUCIFER #21 $3.99 Page 66
Dan Watters and Sebastian Fiumara
Lucifer trespasses into the garden of Destiny of the Endless, but for what nefarious purpose? Nothing less than tearing a page from the Book of Destiny itself. APR200627

Dan Watters, Fernando Blanco, Sebastian Fiumara, and Max Fiumara
Lucifer, the prince of darkness, is playing house. The Devil arrives in the village of Haybury, West Yorkshire, with designs on building a quaint new life for himself. But when an uninvited guest by the name of John Constantine crashes the party, all hell breaks loose. Then, “The Wild Hunt” begins as Lucifer must discover the identity of the Hunted God. It’s a mythic quest led by one of the most dangerous entities in existence: Odin himself. Collects Lucifer #14-19. APR200681


BE GAY DO COMICS TP $24.99 Page 168
Hazel Reed Newlevant & Various
The dream of a queer separatist town. The life of a gay Jewish Nazi-fighter. A gender reveal party that tears apart reality. These are the just some of the comics you’ll find in this massive queer comics anthology from The Nib. Be Gay, Do Comics is filled with dozens of comics about LGBTQIA experiences, ranging from personal stories to queer history to cutting satire about pronoun panic and brands desperate to co-opt pride. Brimming with resilience, inspiration, and humor, an incredible lineup of top indie cartoonists takes you from the American Revolution through Stonewall to today’s fights for equality and representation. Featuring more than 30 cartoonists including Hazel Newlevant, Joey Alison Sayers, Maia Kobabe, Matt Lubchansky, Breena Nunez, Sasha Velour, Shing Yin Khor, Levi Hastings, Mady G, Bianca Xunise, Kazimir Lee, and many, many more! APR200815

DYING IS EASY HC $19.99 Page 154
Joe Hill and Martin Simmonds
Comedy is hard…but dying is easy! From New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill comes this new graphic novel mystery. Meet Syd “Sh*t-Talk” Homes, a disgraced ex-cop turned bitter stand-up comic turned wanted killer! Syd’s rival Carl Dixon is on the verge of comedy superstardom and he got there the dirty way: by stealing jokes. He’s got a killer act, an ugly past, and more enemies than punch-lines. When he turns up dead, Syd is on the top of the suspect list… he had motive, he was the last man to see Dixon alive, and he had already named his price for taking Dixon out. Syd isn’t guilty of anything but bad jokes but now he’s on the run, and it’ll take all of his investigative chops to nail the real killer, before the cops nail him. [One of the characters is lesbian.] APR200780

GI JOE #10 $3.99 Page 137
Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis
Delve into the twisted psyche of Doctor Mindbender as he begins the next horrific stage of development for Cobra’s automaton soldiers! When Mindbender’s experiments turn against him, can he find anyone to come to his aide in the den of vipers that is Cobra? [New prominent gay character.] APR200704

Sina Grace and Egle Bartolini
Welcome, foolish mortals…to the Haunted Mansion, where the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake. The happy haunts are getting ready to throw a swinging wake, and all the goblins and ghoulies are invited-so be sure to bring your death certificate! Featuring all of your favorite grim grinning ghosts! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of Disneyland’s most beloved rides with this original graphic novel! Resolicited from Previews Vol. XXIX #4 (APR190684) APR200763

Sam Maggs and Sweeney Boo
Go higher, further, and faster in this brand-new Marvel Action: Captain Marvel adventure! Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, is trapped! Stuck inside a Kree video game, Carol soon realizes that not everything is as it seems. Will she be able to level up through racing challenges, street fights, and fantasy RPGS? Or will she run out of lives before she reaches the finish line? Writer Sam Maggs and artist Sweeney Boo level-up for this mind-boggling journey! APR200756

Sam Maggs and Sweeney Boo
Carol Danvers may be used to going higher, further, faster, but on an adventure with the Unstoppable Wasp she’ll be going smaller, lower, slower! She’s been a fighter pilot, an Avenger, and a friend of flerkens, but now she’s facing her most difficult job yet… driving instructor! And teaching Nadia Van Dyne-a.k.a. The Unstoppable Wasp!-how to drive gets a whole lot harder when A.I.M. gets ahold of some Pym Particles. Suddenly tiny, can Carol and Nadia figure out A.I.M.’s plot before it’s too late?! It’s a new pint-sized Marvel Action adventure! Collects Marvel Action: Captain Marvel issues #4-6. APR200758

TMNT ONGOING #107 $3.99 Page 140
Sophie Campbell and Nelson Daniel
The Turtles take to the sewers to confront the deadly new creature that has been stalking mutants. When their home court advantage is turned against them, no one is safe! Meanwhile, a falling out between Baxter and April could have dire consequences for Mutant Town! APR200714


Joe Casey, Dustin Nguyen, and Sonia Harris
Her last name is Vasquez! Her first name…says it all! And when confronted with the hidden secret of the universe, you won’t believe the cosmic truth she uncovers! APR200032

CLOCK TP $14.99 Page 65
Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran
Within three weeks, hundreds of millions of healthy people worldwide contract various forms of aggressive cancer, and the proliferation, seemingly a viral outbreak, stumps the best scientific minds available. But after a leading cancer researcher loses his wife and watches his nine-year-old daughter begin to succumb to the same illness, he must race against the clock to end a global conspiracy that could propel the world straight into WWIII…or worse. Collects The Clock #1-4. APR200139

DIE #12 $3.99 Page 78
Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans
“The Great Game” part two. Designer Sid Meier described games as a series of interesting decisions. “May you live in interesting times” is a curse. Both things are true, and both are true here. APR200254

GETTING IT TOGETHER #1 $3.99 Page 54
Sina Grace, Omar Spahi, Jenny Fine & Various
Series premier! Newcomer artist Jenny D Fine shines alongside Marvel Comics’ Iceman writer SINA GRACE and co-creator Omar Spahi in the all-new modern dramedy you didn’t know you needed! Sam and Jack are best friends, and Sam is dating Lauren, Jack’s indie rocker sister and roommate. When Sam and Lauren open up their long-term relationship, skyrocketing tensions send social shockwaves through their friend group and the entire Bay Area. And Jack, caught in the middle of it all, may be forced to take sides in a conflict he never wanted to be a part of. Life gets pretty messy when you’re in your 20s and your friends are your family. APR200053

LUDOCRATS #3 $3.99 Page 82
Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, Jeff Stokely,and Tamra Bonvillain
Ludocrats, the comic that makes its whole creative team shout, “Oh God. What have we done? Why didn’t anyone stop us?” on a monthly basis. APR200267

MONSTRESS #29 $3.99 Page 84
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
On the battlefield, Maika confronts the ghosts of Constantine and Kippa tries to make amends. APR200271

NOMEN OMEN #8 $3.99 Page 85
Marco B. Bucci and Jacopo Camagni
“Wicked Game” part three. You might be born a witch, but there’s no way you can properly use magic unless you study it. Under the scrutiny of a most austere tutor, Becky works her way through the secrets of the forgotten arts, eventually becoming what she’s destined (or doomed) to be. This and much, much more in The Magic Education of Becky Kumar. APR200274

Grace Ellis, Shae Beagle, and Claudia Aguirre
Spring comes to the supernatural town of Blitheton, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for the annual Mermaid Festival! Werewolf barista Julie meets one of her girlfriend Selena’s friends, but as per usual, things take a turn for the worst. Why does everything seem to go wrong for Julie and Selena? Is the universe conspiring against them, or is it something more sinister? More importantly, will their relationship survive once it starts taking on water? The third chapter of the popular, all-ages magical adventure from Lumberjanes creator Grace Ellis and talented newcomer Shae Beagle. APR200162

RAT QUEENS #23 $3.99 Page 81
Ryan Ferrier, Priscilla Petraites, and Marco Lesko
“The God Dilemma” part three. Titans, parasites, werewolves, oh my! In the absence of gods, Palisade has become a Pandora’s box of the absolutely weird and definitely not wonderful. As Hannah struggles to level up her black magic skills, the Queens face a foe unlike any before-the undiscovered soul of Palisade itself! APR200280


AMAZING MARY JANE #9 $3.99 Page 70
Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez
There are snakes and serpents everywhere in Anaconda, Montana, some you’ll recognize, and some hide in the shadows. If a battle can be won with positivity and force of will, you know Mary Jane Watson is up to the challenge! But what if someone comes packing a grudge and some literal — futuristic — firepower? APR200991

Kalinda Vazquez and Carlos Gomez
America Chavez is incredible — her origins, her strength, her dimension-shattering star portals! But when the foundation of everything she believes is shaken, America will stand up and face the parts of herself she’s been running from. From writer Kalinda Vazquez and artist Carlos Gomez comes an explosive, brand-new story all about what made America Chavez who she is – and what she’ll do to protect the ones she loves. APR200934

BLACK CAT #13 $3.99 Page 71
Jed MacKay and Carlos Villa
Cat vs cat! Lily Hollister has been through a lot. Her dad was district attorney, she was engaged to Harry Osborn, she found her future father-in-law’s Goblin stash and accidentally turned herself into Menace, sided with the Green Goblin and his Goblin Nation and ended up with amnesia and a leased super hero identity, “Queen Cat.” Whew. Like we said, a lot. But she’s turning over a new leaf. Queen Cat is a super hero, and every good super hero needs an archenemy. her target? Felicia Hardy, A.K.A. the Black Cat. This may not go well. APR200995

CHAMPIONS #3 $3.99 Page 59
Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo
The Champions are on the run! Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova and Ironheart race to stay one step ahead of C.R.A.D.L.E., but someone keeps leaking their location, and they’re running out of places to hide. With a spy in their midst and their allies locked up in a disturbing correctional school, they’ll turn to the one adult they know they can still trust. APR200959

CHILDREN OF ATOM #3 $3.99 Page 30
Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang
Origin revealed! Who are the X-Men’s sidekicks behind the masks? Meanwhile, a brand new alternative medicine is changing lives at school, but who’s recruiting the victims — I mean patients? APR200893

DARKHOLD ALPHA #1 $4.99 Page 5
Steve Orlando and Cian Tormey
Enter the pages of the Darkhold if you dare! Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando makes his Marvel debut with a story that will delight and terrify! For hundreds of years, scholars and heroes alike have searched for the complete text of the Darkhold — A.K.A. the Book of the Damned, written by the elder god Chthon. Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it — and Chthon has found him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes… and unleash their inner darkness. Witness the Marvel Universe’s descent into chaos! APR200834

DAWN OF X VOL 7 $17.99 Page 128
Gerry Duggan, Tini Howard, Benjamin Percy, Stefano Casello, Wilton Santos, Joshua Cassara, Adam Kubert, and Viktor Bogdanovic
The Dawn of X continues to evolve! As Verendi’s plans against the X-Men’s island home of Krakoa grow, the Marauders find themselves missing something vital! But where will Callisto of the Morlocks stand in the reshaped world of mutantkind? The new Excalibur face an old foe — but this time, they are the hunters rather than the game! Domino of X-Force is on an unlucky streak — can she find the source of her misfortune before the whole world starts to suffer? And at last, your favorite X-Man returns to his own series — yes, Wolverine is back! When an old foe with a grudge arrives on Krakoa, Logan must discover if there’s more to this villain’s sudden appearance than meets the eye! Collecting Marauders #7, Excalibur (2019) #7, X-Force (2019) #7 and Wolverine (2020) #1.

DAWN OF X VOL 8 $17.99 Page 128
Gerry Duggan, Jonathan Hickman, Benjamin Percy, Tini Howard, Stefano Caselli, Rod Reis, Russell Dauterman, Oscar Bazadua, Leinil Yu, and Wilton Santos
Staggering stories of the Dawn of X! As the Marauders grapple with what they have lost, Storm and Emma Frost finally come to blows! Deep in Shi’ar space, the New Mutants cope with an intergalactic power struggle! Can they rescue Deathbird and root out a traitor to the throne? Then, silence please as Jean Grey and Emma Frost perform a psychic rescue. But who is their patient, and what has happened to them? And after recent traumas, can Domino and Colossus find the strength to heal themselves — or each other? Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols have changed everything for mutantkind — but what does the Crucible mean for the X-Men’s souls? And Excalibur faces a hunt for the truth! Collecting Marauders #8, New Mutants (2019) #7, Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost, X-Force (2019) #8, X-Men (2019) #7 and Excalibut (2019) #8. APR201094

DOCTOR APHRA #4 $3.99 Page 97
Alyssa Wong and Marika Cresta
Trapped and betrayed, Dr Aphra fights to escape the cursed city of Vaale before madness overcomes her! Meanwhile, Ronen Tagge’s sinister plan for the Rings of Vaale approaches fruition. Will Aphra be able to thwart him in time? APR201056

EMPYRE #4 & 5 $4.99 Pages 8 & 10
Al Ewing, Dan Slott, and Valerio Schitti
The grass is always greener! Tensions mount as the action heats up! As the attack on Wakanda intensifies, the heroes find themselves under attack from their enemies — and their allies! In a war where nobody can be fully trusted, betrayal cuts deep — as the alien invasion claims its first casualty! In this issue: The shock ending you never expected! You’ll want to frame it for your wall, True Believer! APR200845

Love and war — in the midst of cosmic cataclysm! One fan-favorite Marvel hero reveals their secret — as another faces the ultimate showdown with a monstrous foe! Meanwhile, an outer-space jailbreak leads to a trial by combat you’ll have to see to believe but is it all too late to save Earth from two world-ending threats at once? APR200851

EXCALIBUR #12 $3.99 Page 37
Tini Howard and Marcus To
Secrets of the book! With Rictor in his clutches, Apocalypse must survive long enough to begin the ritual he has waited on for eons. APR200907

EXCALIBUR VOL 2 $15.99 Page 122
Tini Howard, Wilton Santos, and Marcus To
Captain Britain, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee and Rictor are the new Excalibur! Together they’re about to face an old foe! Only this time they are the hunters — and the Warwolves are the game! The team has just been baptized by fire in a bloody and brutal struggle against Morgan Le Fay — and though Otherworld, the source of Captain Britain’s power, has been liberated from Morgan’s magical clutches, many threats remain! Excalibur begins a journey to the mystical Starlight Citadel — but why is London burning behind them? When the Citadel commits an act of war, Excalibur must respond! Torn between Otherworld, Britain and Krakoa, Betsy Braddock will make her hardest decision yet. And deep in Otherworld, Apocalypse forges ahead toward his ultimate goal. Collecting Excalibut (2019) #7-11. APR201091

Al Ewing and Juan Cabal
As old tensions explode in the far-off Earth System, the political map of the galaxy is redrawn. Meanwhile, old friends and lovers must redraw the maps of themselves — or tear them up entirely. He used to be the Human Rocket. Now he’s the Human Wreck. Is there any coming back for Nova? APR201006

IMMORTAL HULK #37 $3.99 Page 83
Al Ewing and Mike Hawthorne
When Bruce Banner first came to Shadow Base, he was cut up into pieces and stored in jars. Now Shadow Base is under his control. But Bruce Banner was only the second test subject. Now the First is free. [One of the supporting cast is trans.] APR201027

Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung
Amulet returns just in time for C.R.A.D.L.E. and Dum Dum Dugan to crack down on the teen heroes of Jersey City! An arcane horror threatens everything Amulet and Ms. Marvel hold dear – but can they do anything to stop it when they could be arrested at any moment? APR200961

MARAUDERS #12 $3.99 Page 40
Gerry Duggan and Mateo Lolli
Red reckoning! The Black King removed the Red Queen from the board…what move will the White Queen make? APR200919

MARAUDERS VOL 2 $15.99 Page 120
Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli
A life on the ocean waves! As Verendi’s plans against Krakoa grow, Captain Kate Pryde and her seafaring Marauders find themselves missing something vital — and it’s about to cause Storm and Emma Frost to come to blows! Meanwhile, a very small attack on the new mutant nation is quickly growing into something much bigger thanks to the size-changing Yellowjacket! Can the crew swat him before his sting succeeds? To prevail, the Marauders must set their sights on the power-dampening technology that seems to have made its way into far too many human hands — most notably, the Russian Army. The Hellfire Trading Company’s wrath will be swift and harsh! But tragedy is about to strike — and soon, all of Krakoa will be reeling from an unthinkable, and perhaps insurmountable, death! Collecting Marauders #7-11. APR201090

Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Nunez Carnero
Even if Miles lives he dies! No one knows the full consequences when worlds collide: Are there aftershocks, echoes, doubles? Miles is already battling a man who shares his name. What does it mean when he finds someone with his face in his family living room? Was this clone made or born? And which Miles will survive this saga? APR200993

MORBIUS #8 $3.99 Page 71
Vita Ayala and Marcelo Ferreira
Vampire vs hunter! Blade doesn’t see eye to eye with Morbius as Michael continues his uncontrollable rampage! Plus: Another Marvel hero enters the fray! But who are they here to help? APR200994

NEBULA #5 $3.99 Page 82
Vita Ayala and Claire Roe
Nebula is done running — this time she’s bringing the fight straight to Devos the Devastator! But will her thirst for vengeance poison the peace she’s recently found? Blinded by rage, Nebula is on a crash course to exact her revenge on Devos — even if it means going down in flames with him to get it! APR201024

NEW MUTANTS #12 $3.99 Page 41
Ed Brisson and Marco Failla
The human world never seems to tire of lashing out at Krakoa. The NEW MUTANTS have their ways of striking back. APR200920

NEW WARRIORS #3 $3.99 Page 58
Daniel Kibblesmith and Luciano Vecchio
At war with the Champions! Night Thrasher and his New Warriors picked a side — the side of the law! And that means shutting down teenage vigilantes… even if they’re supposed to be friends. Luckily Night Thrasher doesn’t need friends. At least, that’s the lesson he’s giving his new recruits — after kicking one of them out. Turmoil abounds! Betrayal lurks around every corner! Villains are revealed! It’s another can’t-miss issue with the tightest team around!

POWER PACK #3 $3.99 Page 58
Ryan North and Nico Leon
The Power Pack is in over their heads (metaphorically) as their powers are (literally) about to start misbehaving and shutting down! Only they don’t know that yet, which is what’s known to stuffy old lit professors as “dramatic irony” and known to everyone else as “oh dang, that’s some exciting and suspenseful comic soliciting!” Sophocles used it! Shakespeare used it! Now it is our turn to experience dramatic irony. As if that weren’t enough, the Power Pack faces another threat they never saw coming, delivered to them by special guest…Taskmaster! Honestly, given how badly things are going, it really seems that one or more of the Power Pack should die in this issue. Do they? Heck, you’ll have to buy this (Julie-narrated!) issue to find out! APR200957

RUNAWAYS #34 $3.99 Page 82
Rainbow Rowell and Natacha Bustos
Wolverine and Pixie guest-star in Runaways and answer what Runaways fans have been asking for months: With the X-Men’s opening of Krakoa, the island-nation that welcomes mutants in existence, will Molly go? You may think you know the answer to that or what is going to happen here, but this comic is like its stars: They never do what they’re told or expected to do. APR201026

STRANGE ACADEMY #4 $4.99 Page 61
Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos
Tag, you’re it! The students at the Strange Academy blow off their homework for the craziest game of tag ever. Every door of Strange Academy holds a surprise – one takes you to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, another to Weirdworld, another to Asgard; and some doors’ destinations are unknown even to Strange himself. The students plan on stepping through every door, and at least one of the students will bear some significant consequences of their actions. APR200962

STRIKEFORCE #10 $3.99 Page 16
Tini Howard and German Peralta
The seeds of discord! Aliens are invading Earth, and after taking care of the exiled Vridai, this team is more than prepared to oust unwanted visitors. But their enemy is no delicate flower… and for Wiccan, the stakes are higher than anyone can guess. This is the single issue you’ll wish you’d read — so beat the regret and get on the Strikeforce train before it’s too late! APR200867

X-FACTOR #3 $4.99 Page 30
Leah Williams and David Baldeon
Drowning in the strea! Every streamer in the Mojoverse is desperate to get a little of the X-magic on their channel, but all X-Factor wants to do is figure out who murdered a Krakoan citizen. APR200895

X-FORCE #12 $3.99 Page 42
Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara
The Cerebro Sword! After taking on the Flower Cartel, Logan has brought back valuable intel to the mutant CIA. The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa — and may be aligned with Xeno. Beast wants Colossus on their side as the first drumbeats of war begin to sound.APR200921

X-MEN #12 $3.99 Page 21
Jonathan Hickman and R B Silva
The summoning begins. A lead-in to the biggest X-story of the summer.
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99, APR200892

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