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LGBTQ Previews February 2021 Part 2

Looking for an queer coming of age story with superpowered teens? Check out Youth by Curt and Alex Diotto (Dark Horse). More Barbalien and Commanders In Crisis. The last month of DC’s Future State….Midnighter shows up in Superman Worlds of War. Zatanna gets a YA style OGN. This month’s cover pic is from new sci fi comic Deep Beyond coming from Image. Time to kick back with some Schitt’s Creek eps!

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE,  small press, and indies is here! Look for yaoi and yuri manga there!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this  was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about  several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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BANDETTE VOL 3 $14.99 Page 99
Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
The greatest thief in all the lands, uncovers the greatest of all mysteries: a clue to the location of the legendary House of the Green Mask! But the sinister Voice has set his sights on the same treasure and sent a deadly assassin after the same secrets! Worse, he’s stolen the one thing dearest to Bandette’s heart. Now, shes after revenge! (And also chocolate.) DEC200288

BARBALIEN RED PLANET #4 $39.99 Page 84
Tate Brombal, Jeff Lemire, and Gabriel Walta
Shapeshifting hero Barbalien has found happiness in the company of a young gay activist, but discrimination, his own split identity as a cop and vigilante, and the continued rampage of the Martian bounty hunter Boa Boaz all threaten to unravel his life. DEC200253

NORSE MYTHOLOGY #5 $3.99 Page 88
Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, and various
Loki’s strange children are discovered by the gods and forced into their dismal fates in a grand story of betrayal and destiny. Then, Thor comes to the goddess Freya’s aid by taking her place in an unusual wedding that is, of course, Loki’s fault.

Mariko Tamaki and Babs Tarr
Tracer struggles with guilt after the assassination of Mondatta. Meanwhile, Kace — the major omnic advocate for anti-human-omnic cohabitation — provokes a rebellion against humans in response to the death of their omnic leader and orders an attack on a monument in London. DEC200275

Jody Houser, Jim Zub, and Diego Galindo
The young heroes of Hawkins find themselves swept up in a sea of change after saving their town from Soviet spies and horrific creatures. Their favorite bookstore has shuttered, and Will and Eleven are moving away, but before they go, the party has one last epic quest to finish. DEC200256

YOUTH TP $19.99 Page 96
Curt Pires and Alex Diotto
Youth is Larry Clark’s Kids meets Chronicle. X-Men by way of Frank Ocean. It smashes together the violence of coming of age with the violence of the superhero narrative — as well as the beauty. Youth is a coming of age story that tells the story of two queer teenagers as they run away from their lives in a bigoted small town, and attempt to make their way to California. Along the way their car breaks down and they join up with a group of fellow misfits on the road. Embarking together in a van travelling the country they party and attempt to find themselves. And then something happens. Collects the original digital series Youth #1-#4. DEC200283


You can read DC’s full solicitations here!

Cecil Castellucci and various
‘The Joker War’ targets Barbara, as an era of Batgirl comes to a close! Why is Barbara in the hospital, and what is James Gordon Jr. doing here? After an encounter with The Joker leaves Barbara temporarily disabled, Babs is determined to find the technology she needs, but her journey’s cut short when a redhead-serial killer is on the loose! Will James Jr. prove to be the changed person he claims to be? Plus, Ryan Wilder, The CW’s new Batwoman, makes her comic book debut! Collects Batgirl #45-50. 1220DC085

Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and Gigi Baldassini
The horror hit that launched a franchise is now in softcover! What happens to the World’s Finest if the world ends? With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice, and annihilation? Fighting time, each other, and all of humanity, Earth’s greatest heroes must rally together for what may very well be their last chance to save the world from the most terrible plague humanity has ever seen. The Anti-Life Equation has been released and is ravaging the world at the viral speed of social media. Once exposed, victims lose their minds, violently attacking all around them. The heroes of Earth are fighting a losing battle to save the world…and themselves! Collects DCeased #1-6 and DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1. 1220DC096

Sina Grace, John Ridley, Andrew Wheeler, Regine Sawyer, Jose Luis, Crystal Frasier, Luciano Vecchio, more
BLAM! KRACK! POW! Look out-it’s…love?! Falling in love is rough, even for DC’s greatest. Watch as Batman and Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, Mister Miracle and Big Barda, and all the rest of your OTPs fight in vain against the all-powerful forces of romance (and super-villains)! Even Amanda Waller fights the urge to bail on her mystery date. We guarantee that this Valentine’s Day, someone’s taking a shot to the heart-from Cupid’s bow! 1220DC055

Brandon Thomas and Daniel Sampere
Andy Curry, daughter of Arthur and Mera, has had a pretty terrible month. Jackson Hyde, a.k.a. Aquaman, won’t stop calling her Aqualass when she’s told him a thousand times it’s Aquawoman. She’s manifested a new power that scares the absolute hell out of her. Oh, and she and Jackson just got ripped apart in the midst of a cosmic space ocean and she can’t find him anywhere! For the first time in her 14 years, Andy’s all alone-and it’s gonna take her wits, her will, and every single lesson Jackson ever taught her to survive. 1220DC003

Ram V and Otto Schmidt
Catwoman has clawed her way through half of the Magistrate’s bullet train, but her fight has only just begun! Now, with Onomatopoeia in tow, Selina makes her way toward the car carrying a ghost of her past, and Gotham’s as well. It’s Bruce Wayne…but is it really him? And with Talia al Ghul on board as well, will this be a long-awaited reunion between the Bat and the Cat, or will Selina’s mission to rescue the Magistrate’s prisoners go off the rails? 1220DC011

FUTURE STATE DARK DETECTIVE #3 & 4 $3.99 Pages 9 & 10
Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg, Joshua Williamson, Dan Mora, and Carmine Di Giandomenico
In this issue, Bruce Wayne meets the next Batman! As the dark detective makes his move to put an end to the villainous Magistrate once and for all, the man who once wore the cowl encounters the next Batman-and these two have some questions for each other! Fists will fly as this explosive meeting erupts in the skies over Gotham…but with the clock ticking, can Bruce finish what he started and unlock the secrets of the fascist surveillance that plagues his city? And in ‘Grifters’ part two, the lucky streak that Cole Cash and Luke Fox have enjoyed just hit a brick wall in the form of the Huntress! The over-the-top adventure in the gutters of Gotham City concludes in the most bone- crushing fashion possible! 1220DC013

Bruce Wayne may be a dead man in the eyes of the villainous Magistrate, but this dark detective isn’t through yet! In this pulse-pounding finale, Bruce makes his final move and comes face to face with the man at the top of Gotham’s oppressive regime, Peacekeeper One! With bombs planted and the trap waiting to be sprung, this final battle will decide the fate of Gotham City once and for all… And after the events of the last ‘Red Hood’ chapter, Jason Todd is a wanted man. He got too close to the mystery of the new Red Hood Gang, and that forced the Magistrate to take extreme measures-because no one can know the truth. Hurt and alone, Jason must turn to some unlikely allies if he’s going to survive! 1220DC015

Stephanie Phillips and Simone Di Meo
Harley Quinn has gained Jonathan Crane’s trust, everything is going according to plan, and she is getting close to making her escape. But Black Mask and his gang are continuing to undermine the Magistrate and push Crane closer to the edge, where he will become the Scarecrow once more. Will Harley be able to defeat the Scarecrow and stop the Black Mask Gang? If she’s going to secure her freedom and save Gotham’s future, she’ll have to! 1220DC021

Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, LL McKinney, Jen Bartel, Alitha Martinez, and Mark Morales
The Undoing is here. Superman couldn’t stop it. Darkseid couldn’t stop it. Only Diana Prince is left to hold back the being that could spell the complete disintegration of the cosmos. But will even she be powerful enough for the task? Meanwhile, in another future, Nubia’s attempts to stop the theft of ancient artifacts have led her to an even bigger conspiracy, and an even bigger foe. Circe is up to her old tricks, even after all these years-and she has an offer that Nubia will find hard to refuse. 1220DC023

Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage
The moon colony built around Superwoman’s Fortress of Solitude is under siege! Shape-shifting aliens have come to this place of peace in search of Lynari, a refugee from their homeworld. It’s a bad move on the part of these intergalactic bad guys: if Kara Zor-El offers you sanctuary, there’s no way she’s going to let anyone get their monstrous hands on you. Let’s just hope this gamble is worth it, because Lynari’s secret-the one that got her in trouble in the first place-could mean bad news for everybody! 1220DC027

Brian Michael Bendis and Riley Rossmo
The unthinkable has happened: one of the Legionnaires has betrayed the entire galaxy! The United Planets is in ruins, the team has been scattered across the cosmos, and madness reigns on multiple worlds! Now the surviving Legionnaires are just discovering the real truth behind what has happened to their dream of a new age of heroes. Don’t miss this shocking twist 1,000 years in the making from the team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and visionary artist Riley Rossmo. 1220DC029

FUTURE STATE SHAZAM #2 $3.99 Page 20
Tim Sheridan and Eduardo Pansica
Shazam’s soul is laid bare as he’s confronted by one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe! Revealing shocking secrets and the final fate of Billy Batson, the boy who was Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, this issue introduces a deadly new threat born from the ashes of the Teen Titans Academy: Raven! 1220DC035 [Bunker makes an appearance.]

Mark Russell and Steve Pugh
It’s really happening: Lexor has joined the United Planets! While surveying, Lois Lane and Superman discover that the planet is rich in minerals, causing Lex Luthor to try and exit the federation to make a pretty penny! Realizing he can’t leave without agreement from Earth, he imprisons Lois Lane, then whips up the propaganda machine against Superman. Now the power couple must work together to break free and stop Luthor’s plans! But how can they fight a whole planet that’s designed to hate them? 1220DC041

Could the last days of Lexor be here already? Thanks to Lex Luthor’s greed, his adopted home is on the brink of financial and planetary ruin after leaving the United Planets. Now it’s up to Superman to act as a champion of these people and show them there’s a way through all of this. Will Lex stand down? Or is this the final showdown? The future of Lexor depends on it! 1220DC043

Dan Watters and Leila Del Duca
Our heroes have challenged the gods themselves to a test of bravery for the fate of the Earth. But gods are notorious cheaters, and with Superman’s powers in flux, it falls to Wonder Woman to face down the sun itself! A utopian future awaits-but only if a Kryptonian peacemaker and an Amazon warrior can put aside their differences to become the World’s Finest Heroes! 1220DC047

Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Gleb Melnikov, and more
Meet the rising champion of the gladiatorial pits of Warworld: Superman! The Man of Steel is still down in the pits duking it out with Mongul’s hordes and working his way up to the big boss himself. But since it’s Superman, there has to be more to this than a simple determination to win the title belt, right? Yes, because he’s also got Midnighter out there on a mission to chase down a dangerous new power source…but the man standing in his way is all too familiar. Plus, the Black Racer smashes her way to freedom, and Mister Miracle, now trapped on Warworld himself, has to find his way back to the bottle city of Metropolis-and his only mode of transportation is a busted Boom Tube! 1220DC045 [Midnighter appearance]

Ram V and Mike Perkins
Humanity strikes back! The shadow of Swamp Thing Supreme stretches across the globe as it has for centuries. The world is at peace, until a rebellious faction of humanity ignites their terrible plan, fueled by Woodrue Wilson’s appetite for power. But Swamp Thing, too, harbors a secret-one he must reveal in order to restore peace to the planet once again. But it will cost him everything he has. 1220DC049

Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval
Red X returns to the Teen Titans! The mysterious former Teen Titans Academy student joins the surviving Titans in a final fight to stop the threat unleashed by one of the school’s students. Nightwing, Raven, Crush, Shazam, Starfire, Cybeast, and Red Arrow face their demons as one of these heroes must make the ultimate sacrifice to save their world! 1220DC051 [More Bunker]

Joelle Jones
Emerging from the Amazon rain forest, the new Wonder Woman must battle her way through hell! Witness Yara Flor at the height of her power as she takes on the king of the underworld, Hades himself! Betrayed by a close ally, Yara’s back is against the wall as she is forced to battle legions of demons for survival and to liberate her Themysciran sister. You won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion of this of rising superstar hero’s first adventure! 1220DC053

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp
Hal Jordan’s future as a Green Lantern is threatened when the Young Guardians’ plans to restructure the Corps move into high gear. What’s a guy to do but take a vacation? But when Jordan arrives on the swords-and-sorcery world of Athmoora for some R&R, he comes face to face with the biggest threat the universe has ever known-and a coalition of foes determined to bring his career and his story to its apocalyptic end! You cannot miss the game-changing two-part finale of Morrison and Sharp’s epic run. 1220DC078 [Morrison is included here now since he recently stated heidentifies as non binary. GL is included for this reason though there’s just 1 issue left in this run and the story itself is difficult to follow even wih the benefit of reading from its start well over a year ago.]

THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE will return next month.

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette
The epic conclusion to the New York Times bestselling original graphic novel series from the critically acclaimed superstar duo of writer Grant Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette is here! Diana, now queen of the Amazons, must assemble the disparate Amazonian tribes for the first time in a millennium. Maxwell Lord’s assault on Paradise Island with his destructive A.R.E.S. armor is on the horizon, and in order to weather the war that is coming, Wonder Woman will need the full might of her sisters by her side! Can Diana finally bring her message of peace to Man’s World, or will Max Lord’s war burn the world and the Amazons to ashes? Continuing the tradition of the critically acclaimed Earth One tales that challenge the status quo of DC’s greatest heroes, Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 is Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s final installment of this visionary graphic novel series. 1220DC060

Alys Arden and Jacquelin De Leon
Zatanna is not your typical New Yorker. She walks her giant rabbit on a leather leash down the boardwalk, lives in a colossal architectural wonder known as the Golden Elephant, had her first kiss in the Haunted Hell Gate ride-and wouldn’t have it any other way. But the time for having fun in Luna Park comes to an end when a mystic’s quest for a powerful jewel unravels everything Zatanna thought she knew about herself and her beloved neighborhood. Mysteries and magic surround her as she reveals the truth about her family’s legacy, and confronts the illusion that has been cast over her entire life. From the bewitching mind behind The Casquette Girls,  Alys Arden, and with enchanting artwork by Jacquelin de Leon, comes the story of a girl stuck in the middle of a magical rivalry and forced to choose between love, family, and magic without hurting anyone…or worse. 1220DC064


G. Willow Wilson and Javier Rodriguez
Bleeding out in a hospital bed from a magic wound that will not heal, sorceress Heather After must swing open the gates of reality to find herself a protector…but is she prepared for the deal she’ll have to strike once she finds a champion with the dangerous power she needs? And speaking of dangerous power…what happens when Matthew the Raven catches a glimpse of one of the artifacts Heather’s been hiding away? 1220DC075

FAR SECTOR #10 $3.99 Page 47
N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell
The groundbreaking sci-fi series approaches its thrilling climax! Since arriving at the City Enduring, Sojourner ‘Jo’ Mullein has confronted an insidious conspiracy of murder and mayhem, but even this most resilient Green Lantern reaches her breaking point when she uncovers an ’emotional sweatshop’ producing black-market feelings for a world without them. But Jo is only too human. 1220DC076

Tom Taylor and Darick Robertson
When a nation is steeped in terror and the irredeemable one percent are dropping like flies…will John Constantine lift a finger? If so, which finger? A billionaire falls out of the sky and is gruesomely skewered on a church spire. Bizarrely, angel wings are attached to his back. More follow until, hallelujah, it’s raining businessmen. Detective Aisha Bukhari is stumped until she’s visited by her childhood friend, occult investigator John Constantine. John discovers a link between the falling elite and a shocking moment in his and Aisha’s misspent youth. How do these killings tie to the first death on John’s hands? How does this involve heaven and hell? Even if this is kind of
John’s fault, will Constantine be happy to let a few more rich bastards fall from the sky, like a vindictive Robin Hood? Collects the acclaimed three-issue miniseries. 1220DC100

Simon Spurrier, Aaron Campbell, and Matias Bergara
One of DC’s and the Sandman Universe’s most iconic characters is back for more dark and twisted antics in volume two of one of the most critically acclaimed series of the year! Will Constantine protect a group of British fishermen from an ancient merwoman? Or stop a disgraced royal from unleashing a bloodthirsty horror? It all leads to John Constantine facing his final reckoning with the older version of himself who’s been seeding magical chaos all around England. Can the evil in John’s heart ever be contained? Or will it destroy the one life he would give anything not to corrupt? Collects John Constantine: Hellblazer #7-12. 1220DC101


Sarah Graley, Stef Purenins, and Philip Murphy
As if it weren’t bad enough that Peter’s crush hates Spider-Man, a new villain is about to turn the Oscorp Charter School of Technology upside down! Who is Screwball and what does this mysterious villain want? Find out in an all-new MARVEL-ous adventure from writers Sarah Graley and Stef Purenins and artist Philip Murphy (Star Trek vs Transformers, Powerpuff Girls)! DEC200427

TMNT ONGOING #114 $3.99 Page 120
Sophie Campbell
Jennika comes face to face with the person who almost killed her-Karai! Will the other Turtles be able to stop her
from exacting revenge before Bebop and Rocksteady find her first? DEC200451


Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto
New story arc. Can Frontier save the Crisis Command after a secret from her past shatters their trust? As her team struggles to find meaning, vicious attacks mount from new enemies with empathy dead. Act Two of the event that births a universe kicks off as Frontier faces Thunder Woman, electric inspiration itself! DEC200193

DEEP BEYOND #1 $3.99 Page 40
Mirka Andolfo, David Goy, and Andrea Broccardo
In an underpopulated future Earth, devastated by the dire consequences of the millennium bug, the survival of mankind and, maybe, of the planet itself — is handled by a small number of people. Talented scientists who, despite the adverse situation and the stupid feuds that continue to divide the small number of people still alive, try to understand and study what is hidden in the depths of the abyss. Something mysterious and dangerous, which could eventually cause an even worse and more destructive catastrophe! The 100 meets LOW, with a hint of Death Stranding in the brand-new sci-fi thriller series. DEC200032

DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH #6 $3.99 Page 66
James Tynion IV and Elsa Charretier
Acclaimed artist Elsa Charretier joins the series to uncover the deep tangled roots of the Department of Truth — roots that stretch as far back as the Middle Ages. What is the Inquisition? Who are the Illuminati? And what is the truth behind the Phantom Time Hypothesis? DEC200198

James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds
Special low intro price $9.99! Cole Turner has studied conspiracy theories all his life, but he isn’t prepared for what happens when he discovers that all of them are true, from the JFK Assassination to Flat Earth Theory and Reptilian Shapeshifters. One organization has been covering them up for generations. What is the deep, dark secret behind the Department of Truth? Collects #1-5. DEC200103

HOME SICK PILOTS #3 $3.99 Page 68
Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard
The rest of the Home Sick Pilots continue their search for Ami through the Old James House. But the house doesn’t want them to find her and is now full of very angry restless spirits. Will they live to cover Blitzkrieg Bop another day? DEC200203

MONSTRESS #32 $3.99 Page 70
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
Political intrigue continues as Maika is drawn deeper into the mysteries of the Dusk and Dawn Courts. DEC200209

NOMEN OMEN #12 $3.99 Page 71
Marco B. Bucci and Jacopo Camagni
“As The World Falls Down” part two. CENSORED is no more! CENSORED and CENSORED are dead! Plus, a radical change of lifestyle for two supporting characters, a shocking revelation about a fan-favorite one, and an eye-watering farewell. Yeah, this issue is pretty packed, and you don’t want to miss it. DEC200211

RAT QUEENS #25 $3.99 Page 72
Ryan Ferrier, Moritat, and Casey Silver
Trapped and powerless in a mysterious dimension outside of time and space, the Rat Queens finally come face to face with the force that has wreaked utter havoc on their realm: The Void. Herald of anarchy, or gatekeeper of freedom? Answers abound in the thrilling conclusion to The God Dilemma. DEC200215


Marvel’s having another event which reaches across much of its output this month. Look for “King In Black” for any comics listed here that are somehow part of the event.

BLACK CAT #3 $3.99 Page 11
Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa
King In Black tie in. Stealing from a space god has made Felicia Hardy pull out a whole new bag of tricks. And some of these tricks? Their effects may last far beyond the invasion of the King in Black. DEC200516

CHAMPIONS #4 $3.99 Page 58
Eve Ewing and Bob Quinn
Avast, ye! Champions on the high seas! Nova, Ironheart, Miles, and Ms Marvel have narrowly escaped C.R.A.D.L.E. for now with the help of their old teammate, but it’s out of the frying pan and into the ocean. DEC200619

DOCTOR APHRA takes a break this month.

DAWN OF X TP VOL 15 $17.99 Page 94
Leah Williams, More, David Baldeon, More
Shocks and surprises in the Dawn of X! Every streamer in the Mojoverse is desperate to get a little of the X-magic on their channel — but all X-Factor wants is to figure out who murdered a Krakoan citizen! In the snowbound darkness of the north, Wolverine is a prisoner of Dracula! The human world never seems to tire of lashing out at Krakoa, but the New Mutants have their ways of returning the favor! Captain Kate Pryde is dead, and the Marauders mourn their staggering loss! And why has the enigmatic Fantomex broken into his own artificial realm, the World? Collecting X- Factor (2020) #3, Wolverine (2020) #5, New Mutants (2019) #12, Marauders #11-12 and Giant Size X-Men: Fantomex. DEC200659

ETERNALS #2 $3.99 Page 25
Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic
In the heart of a city driven mad by time! Eternals live eternally. One is dead. They handle it well. No, they don’t. They handle it badly. Eternal revenge is a dish best served forever. OCT200543

EXCALIBUR #18 $3.99 Page 43
Tini Howard and Marcus To
As the Council makes moves to protect mutants in the Otherworld, Excalibur must determine the fate of Betsy Braddock. DEC200581

Al Ewing and Juan Cabal
The Olympian gods are returning to our universe – and they’re taking their exile at Peter Quill’s hands very personally. To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future? DEC200613

HAWKEYE GO WEST TP $12.99 Page 109
Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, More
The adventures of Hawkeye and Hawkeye! Kate Bishop embarks on an intergenerational adventure through time with a young Clint Barton — in the middle of a battle royale of Marvel’s greatest sharpshooters! Back in the present, Kate reaches out to her old pal Clint for assistance with a problem — but, typically, he needs her help more! Clint’s gotten himself into some big trouble, and that means both Hawkeyes must run a wild race across Los Angeles, trying to stay one step ahead of deadly foes! And the fun has just begun when Kate recruits an all-new team of West Coast Avengers! Say hello to America Chavez! Kid Omega! Gwenpool! And some guy named Fuse! Can this wild new team survive the attack of…the 50-foot Tigra?! Collecting Hawkeye (2016) #13-16, Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye and West Coast Avengers (2018) #1-4. DEC200677

IMMORTAL HULK #44 $3.99 Page 29
Al Ewing and Joe Bennett
In New York, the U-Foes are hunting a weakened Hulk – with the one thing that can kill him for good. In New Mexico, the new Sasquatch faces something even weirder than he is. Something very strange is happening to Jacqueline McGee. And far above the world, Henry Peter Gyrich DEC200558

Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, More
No rest for warriors! Hercules is looking for some R&R — and hopes to find it in the arms of Namora! But the Greek Goliath is called to action when the Amazons attack Atlantis! What strange artifact are they searching for, and how do they plan to reshape the entire world? Amadeus Cho picks a side, but it might not be Herc’s! Then, Hercules’ ancient ascent from mere mortal to Olympian god is finally revealed in a classic origin tale! And as Hear consolidates power in the Olympus Group, Herc clashes with Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers — including his half- brother Ares! Plus: A terrible threat to the Dark Elves is a job for Thor! But what happens if the Odinson is unavailable? Presenting Thor-cules! (Hercu-Thor?) And at long last, Amadeus Cho learns the truth about what happened to his family! Collecting Incredible Hercules #121-137. DEC200667

MARAUDERS #18 $3.99 Pages 42
Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli
The Marauder returns to Madripoor to pay tribute to a fallen friend… but all the while old enemies are being forged anew. DEC200580

Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Nunez Carnero
There are symbiote dragons in Brooklyn, but that’s not the worst thing Miles has to face today. Knull has taken one of his best friends and is using them to go after the Spider-Man he met back in Absolute Carnage! Will Miles sacrifice his friend to save himself? DEC200527

NEW MUTANTS #17 $3.99 Page 37
Vita Ayala and Rod Reis
In the Wild Hunt, someone is looking for friends in all the wrong places. Someone else is missing without a trace. And plans which have long been in motion…begin to unfurl. DEC200570

RUNAWAYS #33 $3.99 Page 60
Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet
The Runaways descend into one of the most terrifying Marvel Universe locations ever: high school! It goes better for some than others. For those who don’t think high school is an authentic Marvel Universe location, you WILL agree that who shows up at the end is a very authentic Marvel guest star! MAR201042

STRANGE ACADEMY #8 $3.99 Page 59
Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos
Students of Strange Academy go on a perfectly normal field trip to space, uncovering a magical artifact with Rocket and Groot. Yep, perfectly normal. Meanwhile, what is the Ring of Dread? DEC200621

X-FACTOR #7 $3.99 Page 38
Leah Williams and David Baldeon
A dark force is manipulating the lives of X-FACTOR just as a striking revelation about one of their deaths comes to light. DEC200571

X-FORCE #17 $3.99 Page 36
Death gives Quentin Quire a new lease on life. Long live Quentin Quire! DEC200569

X-MEN #18 $3.99 Page 41
Jonathan Hickman and Brett Booth
It’s been a long time since the team went into the vault. A long time. DEC200576



December 11, 2020
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