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LGBTQ Previews February 2020 Part 1

Archie Meets The B-52s one shot is the comic I didn’t know I needed and thank god Alex Segura, Matt Rosenberg, and Dan Parent made it happen! For the trade waiters Mark Russell’s and Richard Pace’s Second Coming, a new Animosity from Marguerite Bennett, Sina Grace’s Ghosted In LA, and Dr Mirage by Magdalene Visaggio and Nick Robles are collected! Black Mask returns with several trades too! Also excited for a new issue of Heathen, Natasha Altericci’s feminist lesbian Viking, from Vault and another amazing Viking themed story in Vei volume two by Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Karl Johnsson!

You’ll find BOOM, DE, Archie, Black Mask, Vault, and other small and indy press publisher here. The strange code with letters and numbers after each item are Diamond order codes for easy ordering with your comic shop! Part two with comics from Dark, Horse, DC, Image, IDW, and Marvel is coming soon.

The “fine print”! People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about different series that have been added to the list over time! As much as we try, sometimes a book, series, or creator is overlooked. Send us a message if that’s the case or to let us know about your work that doesn’t appear in Previews. 

Supporting your local comic shop and book store is important! But if you shop on Amazon, please consider using our Amazon affiliate link to order any of trades or graphic novels below with links or any thing from Amazon that strikes your fancy. Alternatively, you can highlight the title, open Amazon in a new window, and search for it to benefit your preferred group or organization or none at all if you like.


UNSACRED #4 $3.99 Page 229
Mirka Andolfo
Angelina and Damiano decide it’s time to tie the knot! But with angel parents on one side, and devils on the other, you know it’s not exactly going to go smoothly. It is, however, going to be very entertaining… and very funny! See what happens when these two unlikely lovebirds get hitched in Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred! DEC191298


FIVE YEARS #8 $3.99 Page 230
Terry Moore
Francine and Casey join forces to liberate Katchoo from a radical group calling themselves “Seniors for Armageddon”. Meanwhile, Julie and Ivy’s meeting with a defecting scientist turns out to be a deadly trap! DEC191307


ANIMOSITY VOL 5 $16.99 Page 245 Page 245
Marguerite Bennett and Elton Thomasi
One day, the Animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. The Animals rest and consider their path. Where have they come from? Where can they go? When they were taken from the wild, how did their fates change humanity forever. What will they become? Contains issues 19-22, plus the 2019 Free Comic Book Day issue! DEC191344 Amazon affiliate ad link


SECOND COMING VOL 1 $19.99 Page 246
Mark Russell and Richard Pace
The book everyone’s talking about, by award-winning writer Mark Russell (Wonder Twins, The Flintstones) and artist Richard Pace (Pitt, New Warriors) …now in one volume! God commands Earth’s mightiest superhero, Sunstar, to accept Jesus as his roommate and teach him how to use power more forcefully. Jesus, shocked at the way humans have twisted his message over two millennia, vows to straighten them out. Collects Second Coming #1-6. DEC191347 Amazon affiliate ad link


ARCHIE #711 $3.99 Page 260
Mariko Tamaki, Kevin Panetta, and Laura Braga
Katy Keene’s musical debut has got everyone talking-unfortunately, it also means that no one’s talking about Archie’s newest single. With even his girlfriend, Sabrina, clamoring to be Katy’s best friend, has Archie become the invisible man of Riverdale? DEC191425

Michael Uslan and Dan Parent
Two worlds. Two marriages. Three key players. Riverdale is about to change drastically-BOTH Riverdales, that is! While some things seem to be on the brink of collapse, others are finally starting to come together. Only one person knows the outcome-and things might not be as simple as happily ever after! DEC191428

ARCHIE MEETS B-52S #1 $3.99 Page 259
Alex Segura, Matt Rosenberg, and Dan Parent
It’s a rock and roll adventure for the ages as Archie and his friends cross paths with a real rock lobster-the B-52s! Co-written by Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg, with art from the legendary Dan Parent, this epic crossover one-shot brings the B-52 gang into Riverdale in all their new wave glory-but can Archie get his band back together in time to jam with these legends, or will in-fighting and musical drama leave them in the dust? There’s only one way to find out! DEC191420 (Parent cover) / DEC191421 (Allred cover)

VAMPIRONICA NEW BLOOD #3 $3.99 Page 2561
Frank Tieri, Michael Moreci, and Audrey Mok
Who is Sir Francis Lodge? And how did Vampironica’s ancestor play such a pivotal role in the emergence of vampirism in America? Join us for a journey through time as the one-time pirate leaves a trail of blood from the old world to the new- all the way up to the very creation of Riverdale itself! DEC191434


Magdalene Visaggio, Becca Farrow, and Katarzyna Witerscheim
Life is a story. Hers is being rewritten. Still reeling from the sudden collapse of her coven, Manhattanite sorceress Esperanza tries to rebuild. But everyone in her life is saying she’s done and said things that never happened — terrible things. Before she knows it, she’s becoming someone entirely different. Someone she used to be, once upon a time. Collects issues 1-5. DEC191511 Amazon affiliate ad link

TRANSFERENCE TP $19.99 Page 271
Michael Moreci, Ron Salas, and Toni Fejzula
A team of elite special agents run counter-terrorism operations utilizing a secret form of time travel technology called “transference” which enables them to send their consciousnesses back in time – but, when their pasts are altered to reshape their lives in the present, they discover this technology isn’t as exclusive as they thought. Now the team must prevent a large-scale insurgency in the U.S. – and do so in the transference-past, where a terrorist’s consciousness could be in any body, so everybody is a potential suspect. The complete sci-fi saga coming to print for the first time, by writer Michael Moreci, artists Ron Salas and Toni Fejzula, colorist Tamra Bonvillain, and Eisner-nominated letterer Jim Campbell. DEC191512 Amazon affiliate ad link

WE ARE THE DANGER VOL 1 $17.99 Page 271
Fabian Lelay
Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school is never easy, and Julie Malliari is having a terrible first day–until she meets Tabitha. After a night out at a rock show, their friendship quickly grows and, before they know it, the two form a band with their sights set on a record deal… they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition. With Tabitha’s rival keen to take the prize for herself, it’s a battle not to be missed. An exuberant tale of friendship, growing up, and rock n roll. Collects issues 1-5. DEC191513 


B B FREE #4 $3.99 Page 217
Gabby Rivera and Royal Dunlap
When a burst of unexpected power saves b.b. from her father, she and Chulita are forced to flee Chulita’s family. Now on the road, and without a support system, the two friends head out to find an old friend, and hopefully learn more about the visions that have started plaguing b.b. DEC191283

Wada cover

Jordie Bellaire and David Lopez
As Team Kendra fights for their town against the Hellmouth-possessed hivemind, Willow and Xander begin to feel to cost of sharing a soul between them. With darkness creeping into the place a soul should be, one of them will start down a road that they can’t turn back from. DEC191237 / DEC191238 (Wada cover)

Jordie Bellaire, Jeremy Lambert, and Eleonora Carlini
The event of the year ends here. Angel and Buffy finally confront the enemy in the heart of the Hellmouth, but the journey has already taken it’s tolls. Beaten in body and spirit, they might not have enough power between them to save the world. With more allies than they know, Buffy and Angel will make their final stand and not everyone will make it out alive. DEC191242 

Sweeney Boo and Lylian
For fans of Seconds and Wet Moon! Mindy is a young woman living with an eating disorder and trapped in a battle for her own self-worth. When she accidentally discovers a magic chocolate bar that will give her a chance to revisit her past, she thinks she has a chance to put her life back on track. But will she be able to find a way back to her present, and just as important, a way to treat herself with love and kindness, at any size? Join the incredible creative duo of writer/artist Sweeney Boo and writer Lylian on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and just a bit of magic. DEC191233

FIREFLY #14 $3.99 Page 207
Greg Pak and Lalit Kumar Sharma
Mal matches wits a serial killer! The newly minted Sheriff Mal (don’t call him that, though) and Boss Moon are given their first big case as local law enforcement–to hunt and arrest a serial killer haunting their new town! As Mal and Moon dig deeper into the mystery behind the suspicious murders, a surprising new benefactor strolls in, offering new technology and new beginnings for the townspeople…all courtesy of the Blue Sun corporation. DEC191251

Greg Pak and Dan McDaid
Mal, Zoe, and the rest of the ragtag crew of Serenity have been ambushed by bandits, kidnapped by zealots, pursued by bounty hunters, thrown in jail, broken out of jail, and thrown in jail again…but they’d go through it all again if it would mean staving off a second Unification War. In order to save the day, Mal will have to find allies in the most unexpected of places…and that starts with one of the most ruthless, terrifying people in the entire ‘verse: his mother. Collects Firefly #9-12. DEC191254 Amazon affiliate ad link

GHOSTED IN LA #8 $3.99 Page 215
Sina Grace and Sioban Keenan
There is some roommate vs roommate drama at Rycroft Manor, and Daphne is right in the middle of it! Though, she did put herself in the middle of it. She’s really only here because of her crush on the newest Rycroft ghost. What will the drama mean for the Manor, and Daphne’s place in it? DEC191277

GHOSTED IN LA VOL 1 $14.99 Pag 215
Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan
Rycroft Manor may be old. It may be abandoned. It may even be haunted. But Daphne Walters doesn’t care about any of that – it has a pool and the rent is free! New to LA, coming off of a bad breakup and having a pretty terrible week, Daphne might need to crash on this haunted couch for a while, but having undead roommates might be more than she bargained for! Will the dead be able to help Daphne find the life she’s been missing in the big city? From GLAAD Award-nominated Sina Grace and illustrator Siobhan Keenan comes a story about finding your way in Hollywood, in love, and in the afterlife. Collects issues #1-4. DEC191279 Amazon affiliate ad link

HEARTBEAT #4 $3.99 Page 213
Maria Llovet
Donatien has managed to escape the consequences of his brutal crime only by charm and wit, but those close to the victim want answers, and they will do anything to get them. When someone gets too close to the truth, Eva will learn how far Donatien will go to protect his secret… and how much Eva is willing to accept.

LUMBERJANES #71 $3.99 Page 216
Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, and Kanesha C. Bryant
When the ‘Janes find the long-lost diary of the first ever Lumberjane, they’ll learn more about the true history of Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types! But are they ready for what they’ll find? DEC191280

Nicole Andelfinger & Various, Maddi Gonzalez, and Alexa Bosy
Neither rain nor heat nor mischievous faeries can put a damper on the fun at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types! ? Lumberjanes co-creators Shannon Watters and Brooklyn Allen, along with Brittney Williams, Seanan McGuire, and more present all the fun summer stories–and kittens!–that prove the perfect time and place is always with your best friends. ? Collects ?Lumberjanes: A Midsummer Night’s Scheme, Lumberjanes: Somewhere That’s Green, and more! DEC191282 Amazon affiliate ad link

MAGICIANS #4 $3.99 Page 213
Lilah Sturges, Lev Grossman, and Pius Bak
After discovering carnage in the midst of the Brakebills library, it’s clear that there is something much bigger at hand than the rivalry between the hedge witches and the traditional magicians. Someone, or ?something sinister is at work, and Dean Fogg will finally have to reveal the truth behind opening the doors of Brakebills to the hedges and what it means for their future. DEC191272

ONCE & FUTURE VOL 1 16.99 Page 202
Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora
The King is Undead. Long live the King.
When a group of Nationalists use an ancient artifact to bring a villain from Arthurian myth back from the dead to gain power, ex-monster hunter Bridgette McGuire escapes her retirement home and pulls her unsuspecting grandson Duncan, a museum curator, into a world of magic and mysticism to defeat a legendary threat. Best-selling writer Kieron Gillen and Russ Manning Award-winning artist Dan Mora explore the mysteries of the past, the complicated truths of our history and the power of family to save the day… especially if that family has secret bunkers of ancient weapons and decades of experience hunting the greatest monsters in Britain’s history! DEC191235 Amazon affiliate ad link

James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera
When the children of Archer’s Peak begin to go missing, everything seems hopeless. The few children that return alive have terrible stories – impossible details of terrifying creatures that live in the shadows. Their only hope of finding and eliminating the threat is the arrival of a mysterious stranger, one who believes the children and claims to be the only one who sees what they can see. Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters. That is all she does, and she bears the cost because it must be done. GLAAD Award-winning writer James Tynion IV teams with artist Werther Dell’Edera for a haunting series about staring into the abyss and what happens when the abyss stares back. Collects issues #1-5 in a direct-market exclusive collection! DEC191236 Amazon affiliate ad link

Talya Perper and S.M. Mara
Steven and the Crystal Gems have plenty of experience saving the day, but when the beach is vandalized overnight, they’ll have to step up and keep cleaning the beach while finding the culprit…or else Kofi and the others on the Boardwalk won’t get customers! ? As Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl get closer in their investigation, they get help from an unlikely source and discover a truth they thought the Crystal Gems had long since buried. DEC191284 


Yasuna Suginuma and Riyu Yamakami
Having lost their parents, Shiroyama must put aside his dreams and work hard to support not only himself, but his younger brother and sister. He steps into a world that he knows he must guard himself safely from, to protect himself and the ones he cares for. A world where transvestites work at entertaining patrons and alcohol flows freely. A world that offers him many firsts, including a kiss. But is it enough to light the fires of romance into his cold heart? DEC192134 (OFFERED AGAIN) Amazon affiliate ad link

Yasuna Suginuma and Riyu Yamakami
After losing his parents, Minoru supports life for himself and his two younger siblings by working at a gay bar. That’s where he meets the mysterious Kan. At first, Kan’s sudden advances daunt Minoru, but as he gradually gets to know Kan – a man who is, at times, wildly passionate; at others, kind and caring, like he’s always been a member of the family – Minoru begins to open up his heart. However, Kan has a dark past about which he remains steadfastly silent, frustrating Minoru the more his feelings grow… Also included in this moving and dramatic concluding volume is an original bonus episode titled “1,800 days later”, showcasing the two’s peaceful, love-filled life after the events of the main story, and the caring, loving people who surround them! DEC192135 (OFFERED AGAIN) Amazon affiliate ad link

President Momoi is only interested in his leadership role cause it’ll help him find a young, sexy boyfriend! But why is he constantly gazing at his colleague, the old and very married Director Watanabe? And what exactly does his massive company manufacture, anyway?! President Momoi-kun splices together the silly and seductive in a masterful mix of crushes, courtship…and naughty “candid” photos. DEC192142 (OFFERED AGAIN) Amazon affiliate ad link

SHY INTENTIONS $12.95 Page 397
Shoko Takaku
Miyuki, a middle school art teacher, was shy about love until he met furniture designer Kaoru. But why, now that the two have united body and soul and become essential to one another, does Miyuki feel more and more anxious? DEC192143 (OFFERED AGAIN) Amazon affiliate ad link


JAMES BOND #3 $3.99 Page 179
Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, and Eric Gapstur
The first arc concludes! Bond is in over his head. What started as a “punishment” assignment has expanded into a world of international crime that Bond can’t wrap his mind around. Will 007 accept that the mission is too big for one spy, and seek assistance…or will pride be his downfall? DEC191109

RED SONJA #13 $3.99 Page 184
Mark Russell and Bob Q
Year Two of Mark Russell’s epic tale kicks off here, joined by artist Bob Q. In this issue: Sonja The Red has won. Now comes the impossible part. And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Sanya Anwar! DEC191164

Amy Chu and Maria Sanapo
You’re traveling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop, Vampirella and Red Sonja in Riverdale…1973! DEC191177

VAMPIRELLA / RED SONJA #6 $3.99 Page 188
Jordie Bellaire and Drew Moss
Reunited! After months apart (or was it days? Hours? Minutes? Time travel’s weird), Sonja The Red and Vampi have found one another…and just in time, as there’s an evil lurking in the timestream…something big, something mean, something neither of them could handle alone. And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Lynne Yoshii! DEC191202


ONE MORE YEAR MEGG & MOGG $24.99 Page 295
Simon Hanselmann
One More Year continues the stony adventures of Megg the witch and Mogg the cat from Simon Hanselmann’s previous two New York Times best-sellers, Megahex and Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam. Depressing, hilarious, and exceedingly human, One More Year continues to give more substance to the characters in ways that never fail to surprise, delight, and horrify. DEC191687 (OFFERED AGAIN) Amazon affiliate ad link


SNAPDRAGON $12.99 (SC)/ $21.99 (HC) Page 297
Kat Leyh
A magical realist story about Snap, a young girl who befriends her town’s witch and discovers the strange magic within herself! Snap’s town has a witch. And when Snap’s dog goes missing, the first place she looks is the witch’s house. She finds her dog there, recovering from being hit by a car, in the care of a woman named Jacks. She is a crocks-wearing, Internet-savvy older woman who collects roadkill, puts their spirits to rest, and cleans and sells their articulated skeletons online. They make a deal: If Jacks teaches Snap how to take care of a crate of orphaned baby opossums that Snap rescued, Snap will assist Jacks with her work. But as Snap starts to gain an appreciation for what Jacks does and their friendship deepens… she realizes that Jacks may in fact have real magic and that she also may have a connection with Snap’s family’s past. Available in Softcover and Hardcover editions! DEC191708 (SC) DEC191709 (HC) Amazon affiliate ad link


SHE-RA VOL 1 LEGEND OF FIRE PRINCESS $12.99(SC) / $24.99(HC) Page 303
Gigi D. G., Peterschmidt, and Paulina Ganucheau
Don’t miss the first epic She-Ra and the Princesses of Power graphic novel, based on stories by showrunner Noelle Stevenson! Even after everything that’s happened, the world outside the Horde’s walls is still a strange one to Adora. Each day she’s learning more about her growing powers as She-Ra, including something new: the ability to heal corrupted runestones. Runestones are the magical source from which princesses like Frosta, Mermista, and Perfuma draw their power, but Glimmer knows of another runestone – one with a dark past. Long ago a fire princess ruled the lands to the west, until her thirst for power corrupted her, and led to the ruin of her kingdom. Glimmer thinks the lost fire runestone could give the Rebellion an edge in the fight against the Horde, but claiming this ancient power won’t be easy… especially not when the Horde has their eyes set on the same prize. Don’t miss this original graphic novel based on stories by She-Ra showrunner and New York Times bestselling author Noelle Stevenson, with script by Gigi D.G. and art by Paulina Ganucheau! Available in Softcover and Hardcover editions! DEC191729(SC) / DEC191730(HC) Amazon affiliate ad link


OMNI #5 $3.99 Page 304
Devin Grayson and Alitha Martinez
Cecelia’s life has taken a lot of unexpected turns lately. She’s now heading OMNI Corp, a giant world class organization dedicated to helping ignited people. She has now formed a team to help her in her task. A group that involves ex-cons and activists. As the second OMNI story arc begins, has Cecelia turned to the “dark side” of ignition? DEC191733 (Resolicited from last month.)

STRANGELANDS #6 $3.99 Page 304
Magdalene Visaggio, Darcie Little Badger, and Vincenzo Federici
Who is Bixby Hardman? The operative Adam and Elakshi Land call “Muscles” has been trailing them for months–but who is he working for, and why? Is he on the side of right, or is someone pulling his strings? Discover one of Strangelands’ most intriguing and fascinating characters! DEC191732


VEI VOL 2 $29.99 Page 305
Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Karl Johnsson
In a violent tournament between Asgardians and giants, Vei reigns victorious as the undefeated champion of the Meistarileikir. But the brutal gladiator games are far from over, and the constant barrage of death begins to take its toll. As the line between friend and foe becomes harder to distinguish, Vei is forced to question everything she’s ever known: What is really worth fighting for? And how much is she prepared to sacrifice? Vei Volume 2 is the final part of an epic fantasy series by best-selling Swedish author, Sara B. Elfgren, and artist Karl Johnsson. Celebrated as “enthrallingly original” by writer Mike Carey, “one stunning masterstroke” by author Lev Grossman, and “no doubt, Sword & Sorcery at its best” by Comics Grinder, this series is a must-read for comics and fantasy fans of all kinds! [Volume 1 included Loki in female form and a matriarchal warrior society. Here’s a review.] DEC191746 Amazon affiliate ad link


Gail Simone and Jose Luis
Day five: With the world going to hell in a hand basket a new hero emerges to help with the growing chaos. But heroes can’t stop people from leaving their jobs, posts at the border and choosing to spend time with their families instead. The world is ending after all, and how are you going to spend it? DEC191802

DEWDROP TP $16.99 Page 320
Katie O’Neill
From the author of The Tea Dragon Society comes Dewdrop, the delightful children’s tale of an adorable axolotl who cheers on his underwater friends as they each bring their talents to the pond’s sports fair!
Dewdrop is an easygoing, gentle axolotl who enjoys naps, worm pie, and cheerleading. When the yearly sports fair nears, he and his friends–Mia the weightlifting turtle, Newman the musical newt, and three minnows who love to cook–get ready to showcase their skills to the whole pond! However, as the day of the fair gets closer, Dewdrop’s friends can’t help putting pressure on themselves to be the best. It’s up to Dewdrop to remind them how to be mindful, go at their own pace, and find joy in their own achievements. DEC191797 Amazon affiliate ad link


STABBITY BUNNY #10 $3.99 Page 335
Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix
Ronnie is released from Holiday Regional, as another close family friend is rushed to the same hospital in critical condition. The people closest to the Lee family are being targeted. Amanda trains with Dorian, mastering the artifacts she will need for the coming battle. As the family prepares to go on the offensive against their mysterious adversaries, a shocking betrayal, from an unthinkable source, may destroy them all before the confrontation can even begin! [Lesbians in the cast.] DEC191853


GIVEN VOL 1 $12.99 Page 371
Natsuki Kizu
Sometimes a song can save your life. Love of music unites the four members of the band Given: hotheaded guitarist Uenoyama, playboy drummer Akihiko, gentle bassist Haruki, and Mafuyu, a singer gifted with great talent and burdened by past tragedy. Their struggles and conflicts may drive them apart, but their bond to the music — and to each other — always brings them back together again. Ritsuka Uenoyama is bored with it all-with school, with his basketball club, and even with his one true passion: playing guitar. Until the day he finds his favorite hidden napping spot occupied by a strange boy cradling a broken-stringed guitar. At first, Uenoyama is nonplussed by Mafuyu Sato and his slightly odd behavior, but when, on a whim, he asks the other boy to sing, the power of Mafuyu’s voice pierces him to the core. DEC192027 Amazon affiliate ad link

Ogeretsu Tanaka
In an extracurricular experience gone hilariously wrong, innocent Takashi Tono accidentally joins a club that puts the “dick” in “valedictorian.” At an all-boys’ boarding school deep in the mountains, hapless transfer student Takashi Tono joins the Photography Club, only to learn too late that the club’s main extracurricular activity is offering its sexual services to the student body! Now that Takashi’s surrounded by bedroom aces, can this virgin survive a day — much less the whole school year-as part of the school’s most lascivious club? DEC192028 Amazon affiliate ad link


DOCTOR WHO 13TH SEASON TWO #2 $3.99 Page 345
Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata
Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and Witchblade artist Roberta Ingranata return for a brand new story in the 13th Doctor comic series. As the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor begin to cross timelines, the two become entwined in the machinations of their deadly enemies – the Weeping Angels and the Autons! DEC191895

LIFE IS STRANGE VOL 3 $16.99 Page 346
Emma Vieceli and Andrea Izzo
What lies in store for Max, Chloe, and Rachel in the third arc of this time-twisting video game tie-in? Acclaimed writers Emma Vieceli and artists Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo continue the highly anticipated third volume of the official comic, set in the world of the award-winning game from Square Enix and Dontnod! Life is Strange 2: Episode 5 will be released December 3nd on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.[Queer cast members.] DEC191902 Amazon affiliate ad link

Steven Moffat and Jay
The critically acclaimed manga adaptation of Sherlock hits Season Two, introducing the iconic Irene Adler! Sherlock comes face to face with the mysterious and beautiful Irene Adler as he attempts to solve a series of murders. But will Irene help him – or create more danger for Sherlock? DEC191891


DOCTOR MIRAGE VOL 1 $14.99 Page 357
Magdalene Visaggio and Nick Robles
How do you solve the case of your own death? Paranormal detective Doctor Shan Fong Mirage had the ability to see and talk to the dead. Except the dead have gone silent, their spirits mysteriously vanished, including Hwen, her deceased husband. Now, Doctor Mirage must face the most challenging question of her life: Is she dead but doesn’t know it? From Eisner Award-nominated writer Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio and artist Nick Robles comes a gripping supernatural mystery to penetrate the veil between here and the hereafter. Collecting the complete five-issue limited series. DEC191971 Amazon affiliate ad link


HEATHEN #9 $3.99 Page 361
Natasha Alterici
Aydis is ambushed by trolls shortly after arriving at the godlands. To her surprise, they spare her life and only take her captive. She’ll have to find a way to turn them into allies, or risk failing her mission. DEC191978

Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susini
A heist at the world’s most decadent party. A rescue in one of the world’s crappiest apartments. An explosion at the docks. Glane Breld and his con men need to perfectly time all three, because failing even one will result in an arrest, a death, and well… entirely the wrong explosion. All eyes on the clocks, because… Timing. Is. Everything. DEC191976

MONEY SHOT #5 $3.99 Page 359
Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie
The Warlord Daughir has won. The planet Dry Reef is enslaved. The XXX-plorers are on the run. Can they get past planetary tragedy and personal disasters to muster the bulls it’ll take to save a world? DEC191977

SERA & ROYAL STARS #6 $3.99 Page 361
Jon Tsuei and Audrey Mok
After a fierce battle to escape the Underworld, Sera abandons her mission in hopes of rescuing her family. But the stars of Draco anticipate Sera’s actions, forcing her to draw on the power she carries – unleashing a force that will forever change her. DEC191980

Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith
Some time-warping wackos try to force the crown back on Elida’s head, as an old adversary pays Stelling a visit. DEC191979

WASTED SPACE #14 $3.99 Page 361
Michael Moreci and Hayden Sherman
Billy makes his escape from emotional hell and Molly fights a warlock. DEC191981


MY HERO ACADEMIA VOL 23 $9.99 Page 384
Kouhei Horikoshi
The final match of the battle training between Class A and Class B continues. Zapped by Shinso’s mind control, Midoriya enters a fugue state where he meets one of the former users of One For All. What powerful Quirks have yet to be unlocked? Midoriya will surely need the full potential of One For All someday, but in the meantime, a new enemy–the Meta Liberation Army–begins to make its moves. DEC192056 Amazon affiliate ad link

Kouhei Horikoshi and Hirofumi Neda
This volume of the My Hero Academia parody series treats hero education like a joke! First, there’s a whole lot of fun in the sun on summer break for the aspiring heroes of U.A. High. Then, everyone attends a training camp in the woods, which turns out surprisingly normal except for one small abduction. DEC192057 Amazon affiliate ad link

December 17, 2019
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