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LGBTQ Previews April 2020 Part 2

Hello and welcome the second half of April’s Previews! April is the start of the six part Empyre mini series with Hulkling front and center of the event! There are tie ins galore for the event but the only two included here is the one shot Lords of Empyre and an X-Men issue. Talk to you comic shop if you’re a die hard completist with money to spare! Look for first issues a Power Pack mini and a new volume of Dr Aphra! Carla Speed McNeil returns to her Finder world with Finder: Chase The Lady from Dark Horse! Kieron Gillen starts the Ludocrats mini at Image! And more!

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and indies is here! Look for yaoi and yuri manga there!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
The world’s greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar by the nome d’arte of Bandette! Gleefully plying her skills on either side of the law alongside her network of street urchins, Bandette is a thorn in the side of both Police Inspector Belgique and the criminal underworld. But it’s not all breaking hearts and purloining masterpieces when a rival thief makes a startling discovery. Can even Bandette laugh off a plot against her life? Now available as a trade paperback with new cover art. The multi Eisner-winning series returns in a new hardcover edition. FEB200318

Jody Houser and Olivia Samson
The unlikely heroes of Vox Machina are back in action!

Join familiar faces from Critical Role’s smash-hit first campaign as their escapades in Stilben lead them toward new adventure-and a dire threat to Grog when he goes missing in the night. Tracking him down will see the party lose one member, gain another, and reveal parts of Grog’s secret past. But first, his friends have to actually find him. FEB200258

Carla Speed McNeil
Rachel Grosvenor doesn’t have time to celebrate her recent Llaverac clan victories, as every win seems come with a price. Her new title comes with too many responsibilities, her new home comes with too many expenses, and the Ascians who have adopted her fill her house with complications. Could Jaeger’s return be enough to quell the storm that’s brewing? FEB200261

Jody Houser, Ryan Kelly, and Le Beau L. Underwood
An escaped subject from Hawkins Laboratory discovers her twin sister has just burned down the mental hospital that held her captive and is on the loose. Hot on her trail, she tracks her dangerous sibling down, hoping to mend their familial bonds. Will the sisters be able to make up for the lost time and damage done by their time in Hawkins Lab, or have those bridges already been burned? FEB200267


AMETHYST #3 $3.99 Page 17
Amy Reeder
After being shunned by every royal house of Gemworld, Princess Amethyst finds a friend in the kingdom of Aquamarine, famed for its courageous navigators! Unfortunately, the lady of the house offers help only in the form of Prince Maxixe, whose duties as Amethyst’s guide are complicated by the fact that he. Hates. Her. Guts. FEB200429

AQUAMAN #59 $3.99 Page 18
Kelly Sue DeConnick, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques
Underwater fishticuffs! It’s a battle royal as Orm’s army, a bloodthirsty elemental,and Arthur go fin-to-fin-to-fin over the future of Atlantis’s heir apparent. Alarm bells are ringing, and Mera better wake up soon, lest the kingdom come undone! FEB200430 [Jackson Hyde has been appearing for several issues now.]

BATGIRL #46 $3.99 Page 19
Cecil Castellucci and Carmine Di Giandomenico
After a catfight with Catwoman last issue, Batgirl thinks Selina is right about these statues…Could they be made from…actual living Gothamites? But when her investigation leads her to the KGBeast and he tells how he was involved in Nightwing being shot, all bets are off, and Batgirl is faced with doing the right thing or doing what is right for someone she loves. FEB200432

BATMAN #92 & 93 $3.99 Page 6
James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez
The greatest heist in history is underway in Gotham City, courtesy of the mysterious crimemaster known as the Designer! Batman knows what he needs to do, but in order to stop the plot, he must first escape the most ingenious death trap the Riddler has ever devised! FEB200417

Batman faces off with the Designer as “Their Dark Designs” reaches its epic climax! In the last year, Batman has lost more than he could have imagined, and now he faces a cost so dear it will change the course of his life. And there is worse on the horizon. In the midst of all the horror, he can feel the drumbeat of battle. “Joker War” is coming, and Gotham City will never be the same. FEB200419

CATWOMAN #22 $3.99 Page 24
Paula Sevenbergen and Aneke
Ever seen those hot-pink vans stationed around town advertising sexy maids who’ll come clean your house? Little did you know those sexy maids are actually part of a secret underground sting operation that only Catwoman can claw her way through to find the artifact they’ve stolen. It’s leather versus lingerie in this epic cat chase! FEB200441

Ed Brubaker, Paul Dini Rom King, Mikel Janin, Emanuela Lupacchino, Tula Lotay, and others
Our gal Catwoman is turning 80 next year (and looking very good, if we meow say), and DC is celebrating with nothing less than with a huge soiree, invite only, packed with creators who mean the most to her and to whom she means the most! Stories featured in this 100-page spectacular include a tail–sorry, tale–that takes place at the end of the Brubaker/Stewart Catwoman run, in honor of artist Darwyn Cooke. Plus, Catwoman is caught by an exotic cat collector, runs into a wannabe thief trying to prove himself as her apprentice, encounters a mystery involving memorabilia from alternate continuities, and of course some Bat/Cat fun. FEB200402

GEN LOCK #6 $3.99 Page 29
Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Hendry Prasetya
Team gen:LOCK’s plan is in place: invade Siege and free Chase from Sycorax’s clutches. But that’s Sycorax’s home turf, where they have complete control over their surroundings. Can Cammie lead the team on this successful mission, or will it be game over? FEB200450

HARLEY QUINN #72 $3.99 Page 31
Sam Humphries and Sami Basri
Some mysteries just don’t want to be solved! As Harley digs deeper into the death of her friend, it becomes clear that there are forces in Los Angeles that don’t want her this close to the truth. Will Harley be broken by the City of Angels, or will she be able to avenge her friend’s death? And will she be able to convince Booster Gold that he is not her crime-fighting partner and never will be? FEB200453

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Over the course of her illustrious and very high-class career, Harley’s met pretty much every super-villain who ever worked in Gotham City. Some hate her. Some love her. But none of that’s gonna matter once they see how many zeroes there are on the bounty The Joker’s offering for her head! Sorry, Harley–it’s just business. Your next of kin will understand, right? Meanwhile, Cassandra Cain finds herself in the unenviable position of being Harley Quinn’s bodyguard…but this could be her opportunity to learn a little about, y’know, loosening up? If she’s currently wound too tight, then just sit next to Auntie Harley…she’s got more than her share of loose screws! FEB200455

Jody Houser and Adriano Melo
During the catastrophic events of Heroes in Crisis, Poison Ivy was killed, and Harley Quinn holds herself responsible. But when Poison Ivy is resurrected, Harley decides to take care of her best friend, who has evolved into a creature as much flora as fauna. What, then, is Harley to do when Poison Ivy reveals she’s had enough of the humans who not only killed her, but are destroying the environment day by day? Can Poison Ivy entice Harley to join her in the plant world, or will Harley have to prove herself by stopping whatever plot Ivy is cooking up? Collects Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1-6.
[Adding this hardcover collection to the list seems like rubbing salt in a wound considering what the ending of the mini does to Harley and Ivy.] FEB200562

Tim Seeley, Dan Fraga, and Richard Friend
It’s the finale of the reality-bending miniseries, and Prince Keldor is trapped in the bowels of Castle Hellskull. Now the only way to survive an onslaught of Anti-Eternians may be to embrace the full powers of Skeletor! FEB200459

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #2 $3.99 Page 38
James Tynion IV, Ram V., and Kyle Hotz
What dreams may come–we should be so lucky! Instead, the nightmares are here! Zatanna and John Constantine take a dive into the mind of Abigail Arcane to save her from the all-consuming Rot, while Animal Man must reach deep within himself to save Detective Chimp and Wonder Woman from the hordes of infected rot monsters. Minds, worlds, and lives hang in the (im)balance! FEB200466

James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Fernando Blanco, and Javi Fernandez
The rules of magic have changed, and the Justice League Dark is ready to keep the peace in the magical world! But that peace will be shattered as Circe enters the scene. Circe has assembled the Floronic Man, Papa Midnite, Klarion the Witch Boy, and Solomon Grundy to tear the world of magic apart! Can Wonder Woman and her team find out what Circe is after, and stop her before it’s too late? Collects Justice League Dark #14-19. FEB200563

Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, and Travis Moore
Meet the latest crop of Legionnaires: Gold Lantern! Monster Boy! Doctor Fate! Each a new face in the DC Universe, each with dark secrets, and each with a reason to be part of the Legion’s goal to bring the values of the Age of Heroes to the 31st century. And one of them has a surprising connection to Jon Kent, a.k.a. Superboy. All of this and the tensions between the United Planets and the Legion of Super-Heroes have gone public! The future of the DC Universe continues to unfold! [Hopeful to see some LGBTQ Legionnaires again!] FEB200470

LOIS LANE #10 $3.99 Page 41
Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins
Armed with new information about the assassin stalking her, Lois goes on the offensive, while Renee struggles with wielding what may be the most powerful weapon of them all: the truth. FEB200472

Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo
The team of writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo reteam for a reinvention of the Manhunter from Mars in this twisted, unexpected series. Back on Mars, J’onn J’onzz was about as corrupt as a law officer can be, and when a reckoning comes for his entire society, he’ll get a second chance he doesn’t want or deserve! One shocking murder, and an unexpected fragment of the Mars he lost, will change his life forever! Collects Martian Manhunter #1-12, plus a gallery of behind-the-scenes extras. FEB200566

RWBY #7 $3.99 Page 48
Marguerite Bennett, Meghan Hetrick, and Mirka Andolfo
Team RWBY has been separated since the fall of Beacon. Their journeys apart have made them stronger, but will the team ever be able to find their way back to each other?, FEB200485

SUICIDE SQUAD #5 $4.99 Page 50
Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo
They say loose lips sink ships–and Captain Boomerang has the biggest mouth on Earth! That’s why Lok commands Task Force X to bring him in and shut him up for good! The hunt is on, but nothing ever goes according to plan in the Suicide Squad–at least, not if Osita and her mutinous Revolutionaries can help it. Will Deathstroke and Harley finally turn against Lok when ordered to kill their old Squad-mate? One way or another, the bodies keep dropping. FEB200489

Suicide Squad #5

SUPERGIRL #41 $3.99 Page 51
Jody Houser and Rachael Stott
Free of the infection and reeling after the events of Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, Supergirl crash-lands in an area being devastated by a catastrophic storm. Suffering from a series of hallucinations and memories of her past, Kara struggles to keep her mind clear enough to save the people she swore to her cousin she’d protect. She’s got a lot to prove after endangering Smallville and all its inhabitants. Will she be able to save everyone including herself? Or is this the end for our hero? FEB200491

TEEN TITANS #41 $3.99 Page 54
Adam Glass, Robbie Thompson, and Bernard Chang
At the gates of heaven itself, the Teen Titans must battle Djinn’s older brother Elias with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! But victory comes at a terrible cost–because one of the Teen Titans won’t be making it back! FEB200497

TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #2 $4.99 Page 55
Adam Glass, Robbie Thompson, and Javier Fernandez
After Batman discovers the Teen Titans’ most shocking secrets, he arrives at Mercy Hall…and he wants a word with Robin. Don’t miss the confrontation between father and son that will alter the very course of the DC Universe. Will the Teen Titans ever be the same? FEB200499

WONDER WOMAN #755 & 756 $3.99 Page 68
Steve Orlando, Jan Duursema,and Max Raynor
“The Four Horsewomen” part one! Paula Von Gunther, a.k.a. Warmaster, has assembled her four horsewomen…and now she’s out for Wonder Woman’s blood! Plus, Diana is put on trial for the sins of the Amazons! Is it all just lies, or is there really a horrible secret the Amazons have kept from their own champion? FEB200503

With Wonder Woman down, the Four Horsewomen are victorious–and now they set their sights on the rest of the Amazons! Can anyone stop Warmaster from delivering ultimate vengeance upon Wonder Woman’s family? FEB200505

Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin, Tom Derenick, and Trevor Scott
It’s a Wonder Woman story for the ages as she sets off in search of Steve Trevor! Joining Wonder Woman on her quest is Steve’s commanding officer, Etta Candy. The two soon find themselves trapped on a mysterious, uncharted island. If Steve is there, he may not have survived the island’s many dangers! Collects Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1-6. FEB200587

Vita Ayala, Marguerite Bennett, Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, Colleen Doran, Jesus Merino, and others
The landmark 750th issue of Wonder Woman is collected in a new Deluxe Edition hardcover! Longtime favorites and acclaimed new voices unite to give Diana, Princess of Themyscira, the anniversary volume she deserves. In the lead story, Wonder Woman’s epic “Year of the Villain” battle comes to a close, leading the way to new challenges ahead. Plus, this gem tells tales from Diana’s past, present, and future by some of the greatest storytellers in the business–including Colleen Doran, Mariko Tamaki, and Kami Garcia, and legendary creators returning to the character, such as Gail Simone and Greg Rucka! Includes variant covers and more! FEB200583

G Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, Xermanico, Jesus Merino, and others
Far below Themyscira, Ares, the god of war, has been imprisoned for generations, repenting his past sins. But his new cellmate Grail may have an unexpected effect on him… and the plan they’ve come up with threatens to change Themyscira–and the world–forever! When Wonder Woman rushes to eastern Europe to rescue Steve Trevor from a mission gone wrong, she’ll find herself face to face with a very new, very different god of war. It’s true, Ares has been reborn on Earth–but has he changed for the better? Of all the role models in the world, he seems to have chosen…Wonder Woman?! Diana and Steve Trevor better watch their backs, because Ares isn’t the only creature of myth to find his way to Man’s World…and he’s not the only resurrected Olympian either. Collects Wonder Woman #58-65. FEB200586

James Tynion IV, Jesus Merino, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Emanuela Lupacchino, and others
An ancient force of dark magic is stirring, and the Justice League Dark stands in its way–and the source of its power lies deep inside the soul of their leader, Wonder Woman! Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew that this day would come, when the monsters from which she originally stole the power of magic would return. All these millennia, she’s been hatching a plan, and now is the time to take back and use the power she’s hidden across Earth inside the Witchmarked, human beings with vast reservoirs of power secreted inside them. Collects Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour #1, Wonder Woman/Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1, Wonder Woman #56-57, and Justice League Dark #4. FEB200582

Laurie Halse Anderson and Leila Del Duca
Princess Diana of Themyscira believes that her 16th birthday will be one of new beginnings–namely, acceptance into the warrior tribe of the Amazons. But her birthday celebrations are cut short when rafts carrying refugees break through the barrier that separates her island home from the outside world. When Diana defies the Amazons to try to bring the outsiders to safety, she finds herself swept away by the stormy sea. Cut off from everything she’s ever known, Diana herself becomes a refugee in an unfamiliar land. Now Diana must survive in the world beyond Themyscira for the first time–a world that is filled with danger and injustice unlike anything she’s ever experienced. With new battles to be fought and new friends to be made, she must redefine what it means to belong, to be an Amazon, and to make a difference. From New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak) and acclaimed artist Leila del Duca (Shutter), Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed is a story about growing into your strength, fighting for justice, and finding home. FEB200426

Alex Sanchez and Julie Maroh
The New York Times bestselling illustrator of Blue is the Warmest Color, Julie Maroh, and Lambda Award-winning author Alex Sanchez (Rainbow Boys), present a new coming-out romance set against the backdrop of the DC Universe. Jake Hyde doesn’t swim–not since his father drowned. Luckily, he lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, which is in the middle of the desert, yet he yearns for the ocean and is determined to leave his hometown for a college on the coast. But his best friend, Maria, wants nothing more than to make a home in the desert, and Jake’s mother encourages him to always play it safe. Yet there’s nothing “safe” about Jake’s future–not when he’s attracted to Kenny Liu, swim team captain and rebel against conformity. And certainly not when he secretly applies to Miami University. Jake’s life begins to outpace his small town’s namesake, which doesn’t make it any easier to come out to his mom, or Maria, or the world. But Jake is full of secrets, including the strange blue markings on his skin that low when in contact with water. What power will he find when he searches for his identity, and will he turn his back to the current or dive head first into the waves? FEB200425


BOOKS OF MAGIC #19 $3.99 Page 67
David Barnett, Tom Fowler, and Craig A. Taillefer
All Tim wanted to do was impress a pretty girl by getting the two of them into the Glastonbury Festival. But one poorly thought-out spell later, they’ve instead found themselves at a different festival–the ancient carnival of the realms, where all the worlds of magic go to let their hair (or tentacles, or tendrils of fire) down and have a good time! It’s just a shame that for some species, “a good time” might turn out to mean “eating humans”…Don’t miss the start of this two-part tale written by guest writer David Barnett. FEB200520

THE DREAMING #20 $3.99 Page 68
Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely
The unbelievable finale of Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely’s Sandman Universe epic is here! The citizens of the Dreaming make their final play against the artificial intelligence that seeks to replace them with cold rationality…and the fate of Dream is revealed! FEB200521

FAR SECTOR #6 $3.99 Page 61
N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell
Tensions in the City Enduring are high as the Emotion Exploit–the mandatory genetic tech that strips citizens of their emotions in the name of peace–is up for referendum. But Jo’s attentions are divided when Councilor Marth makes a surprising and distinctly emotional overture. FEB200509

HOUSE OF WHISPERS #20 $3.99 Page 69
Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters and Dominike “Domo” Stanton
The divine houseboat that is the House of Whispers has always obeyed Erzulie’s commands–but now it has begun its own journey, trapping Erzulie aboard with her ex-husbands…and sailing on a collision course with an entire fleet of ghostly slave ships bound for Guinee, the land of the dead! FEB200522

Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara
As Noah’s mother lies in the hospital, deep in a coma with no prognosis of awakening, John Constantine makes the acquaintance of a rapacious spirit–one with a terrifying significance for all of England. FEB200523

LOW LOW WOODS #5 $3.99 Page 65
Carmen Maria Machado and Dani
Octavia and El’s search for their missing memories comes to a head when the terrible secrets of Shudder-to-Think, Pennsylvania’s past are revealed at last.

LUCIFER #19 $3.99 Page 71
Dan Watters and Sebastian Fiumara
“The Wild Hunt” reaches its stunning conclusion as the Prince of Darkness travels to the necropolis known as Litharge (from The Sandman: Worlds End) to wage war against Odin’s hunters. FEB200524


GI JOE #8 $3.99 Page 140
Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis
The Joes travel to Eastern Europe to sabotage a key component of Cobra’s industrial war machine. To do so, moral lines will have to be crossed, and complicated relationships will have to be destroyed. G.I. Joe’s multi-pronged assault on Cobra is just beginning. [New prominent gay character.] FEB200683

TMNT ONGOING #105 $3.99 Page 138
Tom Waltz & Various, and, Sophie Campbell
Music, mayhem, and most importantly: family. The TMNT all return to NYC and begin to see a path forward for themselves in Mutant Town. The conclusion to Sophie Campbell’s first ongoing story arc ends with heart and isn’t to be missed! FEB200668

George Takei & Various
The New York Times bestselling graphic memoir from actor/author/activist George Takei returns in a deluxe HARDCOVER edition for the first time with 16 pages of bonus material! Experience the forces that shaped an American icon — and America itself — in this gripping tale of courage, country, loyalty, and love. George Takei has captured hearts and minds worldwide with his magnetic performances, sharp wit, and outspoken commitment to equal rights. But long before he braved new frontiers in Star Trek, he woke up as a four-year-old boy to find his own birth country at war with his father’s — and their entire family forced from their home into an uncertain future. In 1942, at the order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, every person of Japanese descent on the west coast was rounded up and shipped to one of ten “relocation centers,” hundreds or thousands of miles from home, where they would be held for years under armed guard. They Called Us Enemy is Takei’s firsthand account of those years behind barbed wire, the terrors and small joys of childhood in the shadow of legalized racism, his mother’s hard choices, his father’s tested faith in democracy, and the way those experiences planted the seeds for his astonishing future. What does it mean to be American? Who gets to decide? George Takei joins cowriters Justin Eisinger & Steven Scott and artist Harmony Becker for the journey of a lifetime. FEB200687

The original edition of They Called Us Enemy is available in Spanish. Diamond order code is FEB200742. Find the Previews listing on page 158.


CLOCK #4 $3.99 Page 68
Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran
For better or for worse, the truth of the viral cancer pandemic, and the fate of the world’s population with it, is revealed. FEB200171

LUDOCRATS #1 $3.99 Page 46
Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, Jeff Stokely,and Tamra Bonvillain
Series premiere! The Ludocrat! The ludicrous aristocrat! A collision of the ornate fantasy of Dune and an M-rated Asterix & Obelix! Baron Otto Von Hades and Professor Hades Zero-K are here, and they’re going to save us all have a nice time. The universe screams in pleasure, writhing, finally satisfied, complete, joyous! FEB 2000052

MERCY #2 $3.99 Page 74
Mirka Andolfo
The Woodsburgh Devil strikes again when another innocent victim falls into the clutches of the elusive killer. Meanwhile, Lady Hellaine invites the local bourgeoisie to a social event, attracting the attention of the powerful Lady Swanson. Subterfuge and lies emerge as the second chapter of Mirka Andolfo’s new project divulges a shocking revelation. FEB200187

NOMEN OMEN #6 $3.99 Page 75
Marco B. Bucci and Jacopo Camagni
“Wicked Game” part one. ! Becky Kumar’s literal leap of faith unhinged the doors to a world of magic, and now everyone in Manhattan can see their reality is just a piece of a bigger picture. Is it the end of the Secret? Also, the face-off we’ve been waiting for since the first issue: the Witch vs. the King, with Fer and the Wild Hunt somewhere in the middle. Oh, and who are those FOUR other Beckys, by the way? FEB200191


2020 IRONHEART #1 $3.99 Page 61
Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, and David Messina
The Robot Revolution is in full swing, as is the Arno Stark-funded crackdown on artificial intelligence. That means that Riri Williams and N.A.T.A.L.I.E., the A.I. based on Riri’s deceased best friend, are in for a world of trouble. Can they weather the coming storm together, or will 2020 tear them apart?

AMAZING MARY JANE #7 $3.99 Page 68
Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez
The spotlight becomes a target! Disaster strikes while Mary Jane is promoting her (and Mysterio’s) big movie! Is this terrible luck or part of someone’s dark design?! It’ll take some drastic measures to keep her safe! We’re about to put MJ waaaaay out of her comfort zone. FEB200928

BLACK CAT #11 $3.99 Page 75
Jed MacKay and Kris Anka
Black Cat’s Marvel U crime spree continues! This issue, Felicia Hardy is breaking into Stark Unlimited. Wait, Black Cat vs. Iron Man? I’m pretty worried. For Tony. FEB200950

Jason Aaron, Dale Keown, Andrea Sorrentino, and Ed McGuiness
Starbrand reborn — in the past and present! Brace yourself for an epic space adventure that takes the Avengers to an alien prison the size of a galaxy! There, a mysterious new wielder of the Starbrand has suddenly appeared, unleashing cosmic chaos. But some of the mightiest figures from beyond the stars have been drawn to find the Starbrand as well — and the battle for control of the all-powerful artifact soon rages out of control! Ravaged by their outer space exploits, can the Avengers keep the Starbrand out of the wrong hands? Plus: Get to know the most cosmically powered caveman who ever lived: the Starbrand of one million B.E.! Collecting issues #26-30. [This trade collects the prehistoric gay Starbrand story.] FEB201055

Mark Russell, Kurt Busiek, and Steve Rude
Acclaimed writer Mark Russell and superstar artist Steve Rude take us to Kirbytown for a literally explosive story of the madness-inducing Madbomb and its aftermath, as the Marvel Snapshot tour through Marvel history continues. A gifted South Bronx teenager sees his neighborhood destroyed in the initial Madbomb attack, and his future up in smoke with it. What does he do when A.I.M. recruiters come calling? Does he stand by a system that’s failed him, or find a future outside the law? Featuring Captain America, the Falcon, Iron Man and more! FEB200899

CHILDREN OF ATOM #1 $4.99 Page 40
Vita Ayala and Bernard Change
When did the X-Men get sidekicks? Now! Don’t miss the debut of the greatest teenage super hero team of all time! They’ve learned from the best, now they’re ready to be put to the test! But who the heck are these kids, and where do they come from? Guest-starring the X-Men! FEB200860

DOCTOR APHRA #1 & #2 $3.99 Page 108
Alyssa Wong and Marika Cresta
New crew! New mission! With the Rebel Alliance back on the run after their defeat at the Battle of Hoth, it’s never been a more dangerous time for outlaws, scoundrels and the errant rogue archaeologist to make their way in the galaxy. But after a string of bad luck and near escapes, Dr APhra is back on the job! She’s been keeping a low profile – jobs are scarce and credits scarcer. But the promise of the score of a lifetime is a chance too good for her to pass up. And to find the cursed Rings of Vaale, Aphra will need a crew of treasure hunters the likes of which the galaxy has never seen before! But Ronen Tagge, heir to the powerful Tagge family, also has his eyes on the prize. Do Aphra and her team stand a chance at fortune and glory? FEB201023

Beware the Mad City! Dr Aphra and her new team have tracked the Rings of Vaale to a mysterious planet filled with primordial horror. What’s worse, the rings may be cursed…a malediction that could already be tearing Aphra’s crew apart. Will they escape the terror of the cursed planet with the precious rings or succumb to the creeping madness pervading the ancient world? FEB201027

EMPYRE #1 & #2 $5.99 Page 7
Al Ewing, Dan Slott, and Valerio Schitti
The Kree and the Skrulls have united under a new emperor – and their war fleet is on a collision course for our world. On the moon, the Avengers are ready to strike with the full power of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Approaching from outer space, the Fantastic Four are seeking a diplomatic solution. If the two teams can’t work together to save the day, things can only get worse. FEB200753

Three Avengers are trapped on the moon as war breaks out on Earth – and an ancient enemy reveals a scheme decades in the making! Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four fight against a creeping horror that might destroy them all – starting with the Thing. Captain Marvel is their last, best hope. But if Carol Danvers survives, what will she become? FEB200766

EXCALIBUR #10 $3.99 Page 50
Tini Howard and Marcus To
London is burning! Captain Britain is faced with her hardest decision yet as Britain goes to war with Krakoa. Can Excalibur survive being torn between two worlds? FEB200891

FALLEN ANGELS VOL 1 $17.99 Page 134
Bryan Hill and Szymon Kudranski
The dawn does not break for all! The warrior Kwannon, now taking on the mantle of Psylocke, finds herself on Krakoa and in the midst of a new world for mutantkind — but unsure whether she has a place in it. And when a face from her past returns only to be brutally killed, the new Psylocke seeks help from others who feel similarly lost, in a bid to obtain something that feels comfortable and right: vengeance! Young Cable and X-23 are on board — but will Psylocke’s personal mission jeopardize the X-Men’s new future? As her complicated history haunts her, Psylocke must mold her companions into a fighting force — one fit to take on the Children of Apoth! But who else will join these Fallen Angels in their quest? And can their fledgling alliance hold strong? Collecting #1-6. FEB201052

Al Ewing and Juan Cabal
The true Guardians have formed at long last – and their first mission is to defend a vital energy pipeline from a gang of unscrupulous ecoterrorists including a rogue Nova, Moondragon’s otherdimensional doppelganger, and a raccoon in a suit. And if you think you know where that’s going… remember one thing. It can always get worse. FEB200975

Vecchio variant

Chip Zdarsky, Anthony Oliveria, and Manuel Garcia
The child of the Kree hero Mar-Vell and Skrull Princess Anelle, Dorrek VIII — known on Earth as “Teddy” — has spent years evading the clutches of both bloodthirsty empires. But now fate has caught up to him. The Kree and Skrull worlds are aligned — and only a man born of both can lead them. But what has led Hulkling to abandon Earth and the Avengers he’s fought beside? And what will become of his fiance, the hero Wiccan? Star writers Chip Zdarsky and Anthony Oliveira team up with artist Manual Garcia for a can’t-miss one-shot! FEB200784 (Pat Gleason cover) / FEB200785 (Luciano Vecchio cover)

Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung
As Ms. Marvel recovers from a traumatic ordeal, she finds herself an unwilling martyr for a movement she hates. If she wants to reclaim her narrative, she’ll have to wake up first. FEB200812

MARAUDERS #10 $3.99 Page 53
Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli
A show of power! The Marauders set their sights on the power-dampening technology that seems to have made its way into far too many hands – most notably, the Russian Army. The Hellfire’s wrath with be swift and harsh. [Iceman, Storm, Kitty Pryde, and Emma Frost] FEB200894

Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Carnero
Team Miles Morales welcomes Carmen Carnero! And welcomes readers faithful and fresh to discover what life is like for Brooklyn’s teen Spider-Man in the Outlawed age! It’s time for young people to stand together or fall apart! Who will need Miles to risk the wrath of C.R.A.D.L.E.? FEB200810

MILES MORALES VOL 3 $15.99 Page 126
Saladin Ahmed , Ig Guarra, Ze Carlos, and Javier Garron
Ultimatum is here — and New York doesn’t know what hit it! But while chasing this mysterious villain from a familiar place, Miles Morales finds himself in an awkward situation involving his uncle. And when something huge happens, the young Spider-Man is faced with a dilemma that could threaten everything he holds dear! Caught in the middle of a war between Ultimatum and the old guard, Miles crosses paths with a classic Spidey villain — and the lives of more than one Morales are on the line! Then, it’s thirteen miles from Washington Heights to Brooklyn, and Miles’ uncle Aaron is a wanted man. Racing against the clock, with only their wits and their fists, can Spider-Man and the Prowler make it home? And prepare for a deadly rematch <iles never expected. Collects issues #11 – 15. FEB201048

MORBIUS #6 $3.99 Page 78
Vita Ayala and Marcelo Ferreira
Blood and Bone starts here! The monster called Morbius may have survived the harrowing events of the past few months, but whether any shred of his humanity did is another question entirely. In denial about his condition and desperate for a cure, the Living Vampire’s work continues, but after a violent showdown with The Amazing Spider-Man, the heroes of the Marvel Universe may not give him as wide a berth as he’d like. FEB200959

MORBIUS VOL 1 $15.99 Page 132
Vita Ayala and Marcelo Ferreira
Morbius is the Living Vampire…but is he more? For years, Nobel Prize-winning biologist Dr. Michael Morbius has been struggling to find a cure for his unique case of vampirism. Now, for the first time in longer than he can remember, his salvation may be tantalizingly within reach! But the path to regaining his humanity is littered with dangers — and worse! In a leap of faith and desperation, Morbius takes matters into his own hands — but the results are monstrous, and now his lust for blood threatens to overwhelm him like never before! Old-school Marvel villain the Melter has resurfaced at just the wrong time — and he just might become the first in a long line of victims in the reinvigorated vampire’s bloody path! Michael Morbius only wanted his soul back, but how much will it cost? Collecting issues #1-5. FEB201051

NEBULA #3 $3.99 Page 84
Vita Ayala and Claire Roe
Nebula must ally with a former soldier of Thanos to survive! But nothing in the galaxy comes without a price, and with her memories still missing, will Nebula have the skills to pay it and come out alive? Meanwhile, Devos has picked up Nebula’s trail and is rapidly closing in! FEB200972

NEW MUTANTS #10 $3.99 Page 51
Ed Brisson and Rod Reis
By the skin of their teeth! The New Mutants know it’s tough to adjust to having powers, especially with the new Krakoan paradigm. They’ve been there – and they’re able to help, no matter how weird, wild and dangerous the case may be! …Right? [Karma is on the team.] FEB200892

NEW MUTANTS VOL 1 $15.99 Page 138
Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brisson, and Rod Reis
The new generation claims the dawn! The classic New Mutants — Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik and Cypher — get together with new friends Chamber and Mondo for a new mission…tracking down their teammate Cannonball! Hitching a ride into outer space with the Starjammers, the New Mutants soon find themselves in trouble and on trial for crimes against the Shi’ar Empire! But when Deathbird returns and throws the Empire into turmoil, the New Mutants’ happy reunion soon becomes a complicated struggle for galactic freedom! Who will claim the Shi’ar throne? It’s a star-spanning adventure from the mind of X-visionary Jonathan Hickman! Collecting New Mutants (2019) #1-2, #5 and #7. FEB20105

OWER PACK #1 $3.99 Page 24
Ryan North and Nico Leon
Power Pack is back! Katie, Julie, Jack and Alex Power have been super-heroing since they were learning to tie their own shoes. It’s been ages since they fought side by side as a family, but a special occasion — and an old grudge — is about to put the gang back together. There’s just one teeny tiny hiccup: a brand-new law restricting underage super heroes! But surely, if the fate of all New York City is at stake, the powers that be will make an exception? Keep your fingers crossed as the Power siblings fight for their right to save the world! FEB200813

RUNAWAYS #32 $3.99 Page 86
Rainbow Rowell and Natacha Bustos
The most battle-heavy issue of Runaways is here, and you won’t believe your eyes. Doc Justice and the J-Team (i.e. the Runaways) has their most dangerous mission, and it does not end well for anyone. The Runaways end this issue very, very different from where they started it. FEB201000

STRANGE ACADEMY #2 $4.99 Page 34
Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos
Go to class with the students at Strange Academy! Your class schedule:
8:15-9:15 History of Magical Objects with the Ancient One.
9:25-10:25 Elements of Chaos Magic with Scarlet Witch.
10:35-11:35 Gym with Coach Taylor.
11:40-12:10 Lunch – cooked by Mindfull One.
12:20-1:20 Intro to the Undead with Brother Voodoo.
1:30-2:30 Inferno 101 with Magik.
2:40-3:20 (Pending survival) Study Hall
3:30-4:30 Magical Plants and the Care Thereof with Professor Man-Thing. FEB200849

STRIKEFORCE #8 $3.99 Page 92
Tini Howard and German Peralta
The would be queen of the Vridai faces off against the former Queen of Hel! As Birgit leads the fae Vridai on an infiltration quest across the Ten Realms, Strikeforce is hot on their heels! But for Angela, the battle is about to get personal. Old demons abound in the swamps of Svartalfheim! FEB200991

Devin Grayson and Michele Bandini
Devin Grayson, one of the creators of Yelena Belova — the Red Room recruit who once nearly killed Natasha Romanoff — returns with a brand-new story drawn by rising star Michele Bandini! Yelena has spent years trying to figure out who she is. Once she thought the Black Widow mantle was her destiny, but fate had other plans. Now the past is catching up with her — and with Alexi Shostakov, a.k.a. the Red Guardian! Alexi has worn many titles, including husband to Natasha, but while the Widow played her avenging games, the Red Guardian waited in the shadows. Now a new day is dawning — and this time, no one will stand in his way. FEB200833

X-FACTOR #1 $4.99 Page 42
Leah Williams and David Baldeon
Mutants have conquered death! By the grace of The Five, the resurrection protocols can bring back any fallen mutant. But such a huge enterprise isn’t without its problems and complications. When a mutant dies, X-Factor is there to investigate how and why to keep the rules of reincarnation. Writer Leah Williams and artist David Baldeon take Northstar, Polaris, Prodigy, Eye-boy, Daken and Prestige into the world of murder and missing persons… FEB200865

X-FORCE #10 $3.99 Page 52
Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara
The Deadly Garden! As one of the team members struggles with their secrets unraveling, the rest of X-Force has to fight to stay alive long enough to salvage their mission. FEB200893

X-FORCE VOL 1 $17.99 Page 136
Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara
The high price of a new dawn! The X-Men have an island home and a bright future at last — but the dangers they face are far from over! That means they need X-Force, the mutant CIA — half intelligence branch, half special ops. Beast, Jean Grey and Sage are on one side; Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino are on the other. But when the X-Men’s foes launch a devastating strike, Krakoa faces a major security breach — and a staggering loss! The new X-Force must hit the ground running, and take on the threats targeting mutantkind — beginning by unraveling a mystery and taking vengeance! But their deadly choices will have dark consequences. Plus: When new technology threatens Krakoa’s safety, Beast takes matters into his own hands! And can the team save the life of the one person the X-Men cannot lose? Collecting X-Force(2019) #1-6. FEB201053

X-MEN #10 $3.99 Page 16
Jonathan Hickman and R B Silva
Empyre tie in! The Summers family has grown a Krakoan home on the moon. Now some new neighbors have moved in. FEB200789

YOUNG AVENGERS $34.99 Page 150
Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton, and Kate Brown
The Young Avengers, once more with feels! And there came a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest teens found themselves united against a very uncommon threat. On that day, the Young Avengers were reborn – to listen to music, break Tumblr in half and kiss. Like, a lot. Oh, and to fight the foes no adult super hero could understand! Heed the call, then – for now, the Young Avengers hang out! Hawkeye (not the Hawkguy) puts the super in hero. Marvel boy will rock your world. Miss America will kick your &*^ to another dimension. Prodigy is an ex-X-Man know-it-all. Wiccan and Hulkling bring the squee. And Loki? Oh boy, we have a Loki. They’re 18 (give or take), they’re ready to inherit the Earth – but first they must face the mother of all villains. One only they can fight. Uh-oh. Creative gestalt entity Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, The Wicked +The Divine) bang their collective drum, reinventing the super-hero comic book in their own freakish image. Collecting Young Avengers (2013) #1-15, Marvel Now! Point One (2012) #1. FEB201067

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