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LGBTQ Previews April 2019 Part 2

More of the usual suspects and a number of trades in case you’ve been waiting for something special to catch up with! Rat Queens returns with a new team in Rat Queens Swamp Romp special!

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and indies is here!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and wrote many such lists and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

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Neil Gaiman, P Craig Russell, and Scott Hampton
The new and old gods agree to meet in the center of America to exchange the body of the old gods’ fallen leader-heading toward the inevitable god war in this final arc of the bestselling comics series! The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula Award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a graphic novel!

Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Matt Kindt, and Sharlene Kindt
From the World of Black Hammer comes a truly gripping tale of war and intrigue! With their orders to save a family of scientists from the clutches of the Nazi regime, the Black Hammer Squadron are on the move. As they encounter fantastical foes, the elite air-men also find themselves with the aid from a hero Black Hammer readers will find familiar! FEB190328

BLACK HAMMER AGE OF DOOM #10 $3.99 Page 107
Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, and Dave Steward
The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns! With the team coming together, Black Hammer, Abe, and company try to figure out what’s happened to throw their lives upside down. Lucy, however, receives a call from an unexpected hero, which thrusts their plan into chaos. FEB190332

CALAMITY KATE #2 $3.99 Page 114
Magdalene Visaggio, Corin Howell, Valentina Pinto
From the Eisner and GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer of the breakout hit Kim & Kim and DC Comics’ Eternity Girl with Gerard Way and artist on IDW’s Ghostbusters and X-Files comes this modern day adventure of heroes and monsters. After the mysterious Javelin starts sniping Kate’s monster kills, Kate can’t seem to get her out of her head. As the one-sided rivalry continues, Kate can’t help but feel that there’s some connection between Javelin and her ex-wife Sandra, which is throwing her whole process into chaos. FEB190354

Wendy Pini and Richard Pini
This new treasury of the classic fantasy series by Wendy and Richard Pini collects deeper cuts of canonical backstories and Wolfrider essentials. Discover how humans, looking to escape their own barren lands, invade Bearclaw’s forest and cause unseen disaster for the elves. Also collected are stories showcasing the deep bond of brotherhood between Cutter and Skywise. Whether hatching a plan to steal treasure from the Troll King, or dealing with magical madness that reverts one of them to feral wolf-mind, adventure is never far away from these two! This volume of the New York Times bestselling series weighs in at over 500 pages. It collects short stories and full series including Wolfrider, Homespun,Troll Games, and Soul Names, The Heart’s Way, Jury, Wolfshadow, Full Circle, Searcher and the Sword, and The Discovery. FEB190346

INVISIBLE KINGDOM #2 $3.99 Page 102
G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward
After her shocking discovery of religious corruption, Vess must choose between quiet obedience in the monastery, and deafening truth . . . in exile. Meanwhile, Grix learns that Lux will stop at nothing to keep her newfound knowledge from leaking, and decides to make a break for it. Both women might feel terribly alone- but not for much longer. FEB190267

STARCRAFT SOLDIERS #4 $3.99 Page 117
Jody Houser, Andrew Robinson, and Miguel Sepulveda
As a massive zerg force besieges Camp Pitcairn, Lieutenant Shivani Singh must lead her marines in a brutal fight for their lives. Blizzard Entertainment’s own Andrew R. Robinson and artist Miguel Sepulveda present the thrilling conclusion of StarCraft: Soldiers. FEB190367


BATGIRL #34 $3.99 Page 11
Mairghread Scott and Paul Pelletier
When Barbara Gordon confronts her father about James Jr.’s return to Gotham City, the stress between them causes the two to finally break apart. As a result, Babs has to move into her own apartment…but her celebration is cut short when her check bounces! Batgirl returns to Burnside to find out if you really can go home again-spoiler alert: you can’t when the Terrible Trio has taken over! FEB190476

Mairghread Scott, Paul Pelletier & Various
During a high-speed chase with the murderous Grotesque, the villain hits Batgirl with a souped-up stun gun that fries the device implanted in her spine. (That thing that helps her, you know, walk and be Batgirl?) Babs finds herself in for a whole new world of hurt now that old wounds have been opened up–and so does Grotesque. Collects issues #26-29 and annual #2 plus a story from #25. FEB190559

CATWOMAN #10 $3.99 Page 17
Joelle Jones and Elena Casagrande
Asking the question, “Who is Selina Kyle?” has gotten folks hurt in the past…but this time it’s Selina asking about herself. Meanwhile, the disgraced Creel family are marshalling their resources to make a return to Villa Hermosa and claw their way back to the top. FEB190487

DEATHSTROKE #42 $3.99 Page 2
Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan
“The Terminus Agenda” part two! Captured by the newest group of Teen Titans, Deathstroke finds himself powerless and restrained inside Damian’s secret prison. But when a crisis erupts, only Deathstroke stands between the Teen Titans and total disaster-can Robin swallow his pride to protect his team? FEB190464

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6 $3.99 Page 23
Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman
The revolution is off to a rocky start, and War Cry is to blame! Can our hero convince his fellow warriors that their captors have no interest in peace? If he fails, Earth isn’t the only planet on the brink of destruction–the whole universe will fall under Firestorm’s wrath! The nail-biting conclusion of this cult-hit miniseries will alter the future of the DC Universe forever. FEB190496

FEMALE FURIES #3 $3.99 Page 26
Cecil Castellucci and Adriana Melo
This issue, we’re trapped in the dreams of Beautiful Dreamer! The Forever People are Apokolips’ Most Wanted, and bringing one of them to the planet is treason all unto itself, so the fact that Granny’s plan to brainwash her Female Furies has backfired, Beautiful Dreamer is on the loose and the rogue Fury Aurelie is to blame can’t be good for anyone. Can Granny track down these fugitives before Darkseid discovers that his warrior women are the source of his army’s recent troubles in the war against New Genesis? FEB190501

Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin & Various
As Dick Grayson digs into SPYRAL and learns about his new partner, Helena Bertinelli, how can he keep track of all the lies? Plus: Dick Grayson goes toe-to-toe with the Midnighter! Collects Grayson #1-4, a story from Secret Origins #7 and Grayson: Furture’s End #1. FEB190553 (OFFERED AGAIN)

HARLEY QUINN #60 $3.99 Page 30
Sam Humphries and John Timms
Harley is trapped in S.T.A.R. Labs with no escape! Abandoned and alone, the former Clown Princess of Crime must face down a horde of invading interdimensional aliens… but is she locked in there with them–or are they locked in there with her? FEB190506

Amanda Conner & Various, Chad Hardin & Various
As this new Omnibus begins, Harley’s gotta protect her neighborhood against a zombie apocalypse! Then, Harley’s bond with Poison Ivy is severely tested, and The Joker is determined to win back Harley’s heart! Oh yeah, and Harley decides to run for mayor! Collects Harley Quinn #1-34 (Rebirth), and a story from Harley Quinn 25TH Anniversary Special #1. FEB190581

JUSTICE LEAGUE #21 $3.99 Page 34
Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez
The Justice League pulls back the curtain on their futures and learns that not everything is what they’ve seen. The team goes to confront the Justice League of Tomorrow for the truth, but can they handle it? Meanwhile, with his powers waning, Superman struggles to remain hopeful on a world with no sunlight. FEB190512

JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 $3.99 Page 35
James Tynion IV and Francis Manapul
The Multiverse is teetering on the brink, and Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom is poised for victory. But as the combined intellects of Brainiac and the world’s smartest man make their move toward conquering the keys to the sixth dimension, a much bigger power grows on the horizon. At last, the final form of Perpetua takes her shape, and the DCU will never be the same again! FEB190514

Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Mikel Janin & Various
In this second Justice League collection, Hawkgirl takes wing against Legion of Doom leader Lex Luthor; John Stewart faces off with old foe Sinestro; the Flash must run down the Still Force-empowered Gorilla Grodd; and Wonder Woman tackles the tag team of Black Manta and Cheetah–underwater! Then, in “Drowned Earth,” the Justice League is scattered across the Seven Seas, pursued by the Ocean Lords and an army of alien mercenaries. Collects Justice League #8-12, Justice League?Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 and Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1. FEB190589

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #10 $3.99 Page 36
James Tynion IV and Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno
Wonder Woman and her team of mystical misfits are on their last legs against Doctor Fate and his Lords of Order. As the magical community surrounds them, the Justice League Dark searches the world over for their one chance at stopping Doctor Fate and the Otherkind and saving magic: Mordru, the Lord of Chaos! FEB190517

MARTIAN MANHUNTER takes a break this month.

NIGHTWING #59 $3.99 Page 40
Dan Jurgens and Chris Mooneyham
There’s a new team in town who will have to learn the hard way that fighting injustice doesn’t mean you’re cut out to be a superhero. As the newly formed Nightwings are forced to deal with a fiery threat they never saw coming, reluctant recruit Ric Grayson has to make the choice between a carefree life without capes or answering the call that’s been ringing his entire life–the call to be a hero. Join Ric Grayson and the Nightwings as they learn what it takes to be a team–and what happens when you fight who you truly are. FEB190522

Judd Winick, Ale Garza & Various
The Justice League is a bunch of pushovers. The Teen Titans are just kids. When the DC Universe calls for a more… aggressive approach, they call Nightwing, Arsenal and company: the Outsiders. A renegade Superman Robot goes on the rampage, and a long-standing member of the Teen Titans dies. Stricken with grief, old allies Nightwing and Arsenal decide that enough is enough: a more proactive approach to justice isn’t just needed-it’s necessary. This title collects Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1 -3, Teen Titans/ Outsiders Secret Files #1 and Outsiders #1-7. FEB190598

RED HOOD OUTLAW #33 $3.99 Page 42
Scott Lobdell and Pete Woods
Running a casino has turned out to be more dangerous than Jason Todd ever imagined. Especially when he’s the public face of the Iceberg Lounge. It turns out Oswald Cobblepot has way more enemies than the Penguin–and with the crime boss missing, they descend on Jason and his crew. But Jason doesn’t need to look far for an extrajudicial solution to his problems: apparently he has the Red Hood in his contacts. [Included because Lobdell is using Bunker in a story line.] FEB190526

SUPERGIRL #29 $3.99 Page 49
Marc Andreyko and Eduardo Pansica
The sins of the Circle–revealed! With a galaxy-wide bounty on Supergirl’s head, she, Krypto and Z’ndr must hide out at an abandoned planet until it’s safe enough to continue tracking the Circle’s trail of misdeeds. Unbeknownst to Supergirl, this planet is where the last crystal of Appa Ali Apsa was left to be found for the hidden messages in her other collected crystals to be revealed! Who killed Appa Ali Apsa? What other deeds happened at the hands of Rogol Zaar? Find out here!

Adam Glass, Christopher Priest, and Bernard Chang
“The Terminus Agenda” part three! After their last mission nearly ended in disaster, the Teen Titans are coming apart at the seams. As Deathstroke’s influence over Damian reaches new heights, the team must evaluate how far they are willing to go in their war on crime. And with the Teen Titans seemingly on the brink of destruction, a new threat reveals itself. And the worst enemies of all…come from within! FEB190466

TITANS #36 $3.99 Page 52
Dan Abnett and and Bruno Redondo
Into the Bleed finale. It’s all been building to this! Witness the battle for the fate of the entire Multiverse as our heroes tackle Mother Blood and her armies of Unearth! Mother’s plan to use the Bleed to spread her power throughout every corner of the fabric of reality has reached its zenith, and she’s pulling out all the stops to see to it the Titans fail in stopping her. But even with Raven’s soul-self reunited, can the team rescue their heavy hitters Kyle Rayner and Steel before it’s too late? Don’t miss this melee of multiversal mayhem! FEB190541

WILD STORM #22 $3.99 Page 53
Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt
“The Sparks has the authority.” Jenny Mei Sparks has assembled a group of misfits and exiles, to stand against a corruption that covers the world and orbits above it. The problem? She’s probably too late. The endgame for a free Earth is in motion. FEB190543

WONDER WOMAN #68 & 69 $3.99 Page 64
G. Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, and Mick Gray
Wonder Woman and Giganta must stare down the largest Titan that Olympus and the Earth have ever seen…but even if they defeat him, they must answer the question: Can Giganta ever be trusted to use her powers for good? Can Diana get through to her–or do some big bads just get bigger and badder? FEB190544

Diana made a promise to Aphrodite: she would do everything she could to help her find her son, Atlantiades, lost somewhere on Earth. But when they pick up his trail, there’s no way to prepare themselves for what they’ll find: a perfectly normal suburban town…driven out of its mind with uncontrolled lust! FEB190546

James Tynion IV, Jesus Merino & Various
An ancient force of dark magic is stirring, and the Justice League Dark stands in its way–and the source of its power lies deep inside the soul of their leader, Wonder Woman! Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew that this day would come, when the monsters from which she originally stole the power of magic would return. All these millennia, she’s been hatching a plan, and now is the time to take back and use the power she’s hidden across Earth inside the Witchmarked, human beings with vast reservoirs of power secreted inside them. Collects Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour #1, Wonder Woman/Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1, Wonder Woman #56-57 and Justice League Dark #4. FEB190620

WONDER TWINS #3 $3.99 Page 56
Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne
Exiled from their homeworld and still trying to adjust to life on Earth as normal teenage high school students and interns for the Justice League, Zan and Jayna find themselves attacked in their own home by the League of Annoyance. Now separated and unable to use their amazing powers of transformation, the twins find themselves forced to rely on Zan’s new pet monkey Gleek for help–but does the plucky purple primate even like his new owner enough to give a monkey’s butt about FEB190548


BOOKS OF MAGIC #7 $3.99 Page 16
Kat Howard and Tom Fowler
Tim and Rose go on a journey that takes them across time and space, to the land of Faerie. Tim has the strange sense that he’s been here before, but surely if he’d been to a place so magical and beautiful, he’d remember it, right? FEB190486

THE DREAMING #7 $3.99 Page 22
Simon Spurrier and Abigail Larson
His skin, marked by malignant magics. His spirit, eclipsed. His mind, crushed. Even the Lord of Dreams is powerless against the storm of lost love. When an Endless heart breaks, the world breaks with it. FEB190495

GODDESS MODE #5 $3.99 Page 28
Zoe Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez
The deadly Daemon/human hybrid known as Antimony has been a constant threat to Cassandra ever since she first entered the secret world of Azoth. But the Tall Poppies are going to learn just how wrong they were about this most mysterious foe when DC Vertigo’s cyberpunk saga travels back to the origins of Azoth itself… and who really built it… and why. FEB190503

HOUSE OF WHISPERS #8 $3.99 Page 33
Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike “Domo” Stanton
Unable to connect with the girls Erzulie has sworn to protect, Maggie and Latoya align themselves with Shakpana in hopes that he can defeat Erzulie–whom they blame for their Waking Death–not realizing their misfortune is his gain. FEB190511

LUCIFER #7 $3.99 Page 38
Dan Waters, Max Fiumara, and Sebastian Fiumara
God is angry. Lucifer has committed an unthinkable act of sacrilege, and now the forces of Heaven have left him with nowhere to turn but the lands of the dead. His first stop: Hell. But much has changed since Lucifer’s last visit to his former kingdom. Meanwhile: a cherub appears in a motel room, a witch queen walks the Earth for the first time in millennia, and Mazikeen gets to break a finger or two. FEB190520


GLOW #2 $3.99 Page 156
Tini Howard and Hannah Templer
Faced with foes in the forms of the Star Primas-who have real muscles and matching windbreakers-the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to prove they aren’t unskilled losers. They’re paid television actors! And it’s time to show those Star Primas that paid television actors mean business… Based on the hit Netflix series! FEB190719

David Barnett and Martin Simmonds
In northern England, Fergie’s mom Julie gets a fatal blow-while in London, Sid and Fergie… hit the pub? Plus, we take a trip back to 2002 to learn the true story of why Fergie’s father disappeared, and how super spy Dorothy Culpepper was involved. Hint: it’s basically all her fault! FEB190747


BLACKBIRD TP VOL #1 $16.99 Page 64
Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel
Nina Rodriguez knows there’s a hidden magical world run by ruthless cabals hiding in Los Angeles. And when a giant magic beast kidnaps her sister, Nina must confront her past (and her demons) to get her sister back and reclaim her life. Perfect for fans of SYFY’s The Magicians, the CW’s Riverdale, and Wicked + Divine-don’t miss the first collection of the smash-hit neo-noir fantasy series from fan-favorite writer Sam Humphries and red-hot artist Jen Bartel! Collects issues #1-6 FEB190053

DIE #2 $3.99 Page 74
Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans
“Fantasy Heartbreaker” concludes. It was never going to be okay. Wait, wrong book. FEB190138

EVOLUTION #16 $3.99 Page 75
James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joe Infurnari, and Jordan Boyd
The beginning of the end! As Kavallis, Hannah, and Abe converge on Los Angeles, the Bug begins to fight back. FEB190141

MAGIC ORDER TP VOL 1 $19.99 Page 68
Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel
We live in a world where we’ve never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds. By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness… unless the darkness gets them first. Magic meets the Mob in The Magic Order, as five families of magicians-sworn to protect our world for generations-must battle an enemy who’s picking them off one by one. Collects issues #1-6. FEB190095

MAN-EATERS #8 $3.99 Page 81
Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk
“Man-Eaters Presents: What’s Happening to Me And Can It Be Stopped?” This mock guide to female puberty features personal stories, advice, illustrated charts, inspirational tips, and other topics of interest to teen girls-on-the-go who like witchcraft and advanced calculus. FEB190165

PAPER GIRLS #27 $3.99 Page 985
Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chang
Part two of the final arc. Will KJ ever see her new love Mac again? FEB190175

Ryan Ferrier and Priscilla Petraites
Dragons. Monsters. Tricksters. The Rat Queens have seen-and slayed!-it all. But when a dying man of great wealth hires our heroes to exact revenge for the murder of his prized unicorn, Betty, Hannah, Braga, Violet, and Dee are suddenly thrust into a quest that may bring them face-to-face with a mythological creature thought only to exist in bedtime stories. This is Palisade’s urban legend, and it will end with either death or a mass fortune. Featuring the all-new Rat Queens creative team, Ryan Ferrier and Priscilla Petraites -who will be taking the reins of the ongoing title starting with issue #16! FEB190045

Joseph Keatinge and Leila Del Duca
Back in print! Writer Joseph Keatinge and artist extraordinaire Leila Del Duca have crafted a series that combines the urban fantasy of Fables and the globe-spanning adventure of Y: The Last Man. Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer of an Earth far more fantastic than the one we know, is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to destroy everything she spent her life protecting. Collects issues #1-6. FEB190111 (NEW PTG)

UNNATURAL TP VOL 2 $16.99 Page 71
Mirka Andolfo
Leslie has a power within herself that many others desperately want. After losing her best friends to the shadowy organization that still chases her, she finds herself alone-and confused-with a group of rebels. Will she be able to join the fight against a corrupt, misguided government when she has difficulty keeping the wolf within her in check? The hit Italian comic, a fantasy/erotica/romantic suspense series by MIRKA ANDOLFO (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, DC Comics Bombshells), will bring you to a colorful but terrible world where personal freedoms are superfluous. Follow Leslie on a breathtaking plot that races between thriller and fantasy, with an added touch of sensuality. Collects issues #5-8. FEB190120

WALKING DEAD #190 $3.99 Page 91
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
When the dust settles, what will be left of the Commonwealth? And if a community as large and as organized as the Commonwealth can fail, what does this mean for the world? Dark times ahead. FEB190217

WICKED & DIVINE #43 $3.99 Page 92
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
“Okay” part four. Jamie, this is the last time we have to do big crowd and fight scenes. I swear, we can get through this. Two more issues after this, and then we can have a sleep. FEB190222


AGE OF X-MAN NEXTGEN #3 $3.99 Page 74
Ed Brisson and Marcus To
The Age of X-Man continues. Can the students of the Summers Institute unite to save themselves – or will they turn on one another in the end? Time is running out as Glob must attempt to keep the team together long enough to unlock the secrets of the Age of X-Man! Will the kids be the ones to save reality…or break it? FEB190904

AGE OF X-MAN X-TREMISTS #3 $3.99 Page 76
Leah Williams and Georges Jeanty
The Age of X-Man continues. All love is forbidden love. Blob knows this. Psylocke knows this. The X-Tracts enforce the law. And yet… FEB190908

Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli
War of the Realms tie in. Bit by bit, the Dark Elf King Malekith has been taking over the Ten Realms. Now at last every realm has fallen save one: Midgard. The invasion has begun, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will need all the help they can get. The Asgardians of the Galaxy join the battle for the Tenth Realm! FEB190778

BLACK PANTHER #11 $3.99 Page 65
Ta-Nehisi Coates and Kev Walker
“The Intergalactic Empire of Wakand” The Gathering of My Name” part five. Just when all hope seems lost, an unexpected ally comes to T’Challa’s aid! And with their help, the rightful king of Wakanda will be restored — but it may come at the cost of everything the rebellion has fought for. What is left to salvage of the Black Panther’s name? FEB190889

CAPTAIN MARVEL #4 $3.99 Page 59
Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero
The knock down, drag out fight you can’t miss! Nuclear Man reveals his secret weapon: the X-Man Rogue! It’s been years since Rogue stole Carol’s powers and memories in a fight that changed Carol forever. Though Carol and Rogue have become somewhat uneasy allies in the years since, a wound like that never fully heals. And now, isolated from her allies and facing her worst nightmare, how far will Carol go to stop history from repeating itself? FEB190874

CHAMPIONS #4 $3.99 Page 44
Jim Zub and Steven Cummings
Miles Morales…what have you done? The Champions reach a crossroads as dark forces lay their claim. FEB190847

Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos
Because the world still needs heroes, they are…the Champions! In the wake of the second superhuman Civil War, the three youngest Avengers — Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man — quit the team and strike out on their own! With Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk by their side, these young heroes are determined to change the world their own way — and they’re only the beginning! Their ideas quickly become their ideals, and soon the time-traveling young Cyclops joins their movement — but not all of his new teammates are glad to see him! Hopefully the Champions can sort out their differences in time to face down their new rivals, the Freelancers, and help overthrow Hydra’s Secret Empire! Collecting Champions (2016) #1-12. FEB191011

DOCTOR APHRA #31 $3.99 Page 102
Simon Spurrier and Emilio Laiso
“Worst Among Equals” part six. Time’s up. Dr Aphra and Triple Zero have mere seconds to remove their bomb implants before it’s explodo o’clock. With undead bounty hunters, monster trappers and the foulest divisions of the Imperial war machine between her and salvation, is this the end for the amoral archaeologist? One thing’s for sure: it’ll come down to who trusts who…and who gets what they deserve. FEB190968

DOMINO HOTSHOTS #2 $3.99 Page 81
Gail Simone and David Baldeon
Now with 100% more Deadpool! Six undercover, highly trained, armed-to-teeth women are hunting a device from space that changes life as we know it… wait, who invited Wade?! FEB190919

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw
The Dark Guardians! The Dark Guardians, a new cosmic hit squad made up of the most powerful and cunning people in space, are going to kill Gamora. It’s time for the new Guardians of the Galaxy to saddle up! [Phyla and Moondragon, or at least a version of them, are in the series.] FEB190871

INVADERS – a new series in a modern day setting by Chip Zdarsky and Carlos Magno starts in January. The solicitation doesn’t mention Union Jack or Destroyer though it seems inevitable that either or both will appear at some point.

RONHEART #5 $3.99 Page 58
Eve L Ewing and Luciano Vecchio
There’s still more to uncover about the forces behind Daija’s kidnapping, and Ironheart will have to face them once and for all. Can she survive her first showdown with the mysterious Ten Rings? FEB190873

Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung
Ms. Marvel is reeling from a devastating loss, but with an alien invasion ravaging Jersey City, she’s not going to have much time to grieve! Even if Kamala saves her hometown, will her family ever be the same? And what’s all this business about a “Chosen One”? FEB190881

Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garron
Tombstone is not happy with Miles taking out his weapons supplier and is taking drastic measures. He’s a big believer in the adage, “If you want a job done, you have to do it yourself.” All the while, Miles is still juggling school, super-heroing and his love life. Wait a minute, what love life?! FEB190867

MS MARVEL HC VOL 5 $34.99 Page 118
G Willow Wilson, Saladin Ahmed, Hasan Minnhaj, Rainbow Rowell, Nico Leon, Elmo Bondoc, Gustvao Duarte, and Bob Quinn
G. Willow Wilson bids a fond farewell to Kamala Khan as her sensational five-year Ms Marvel run comes to a close! But where is our heroine? Kamala has vanished, but Jersey City still has a need for heroes! The city’s newest crimefighter, Red Dagger, and even ordinary citizens attempt to carry on the brave fight in Ms. Marvel’s honor. But when an old enemy re-emerges, will anyone be powerful enough to truly carry the legacy — except Kamala herself? Plus: Calamity strikes during a slumber party! Bruno returns! And he and Kamala must work out how to be friends again! What better way than a little scientific research into Kamala’s powers? But when the experiment goes awry, can Ms. Marvel pull herself together in time to triumph over a classic Marvel villain? Collecting Ms Marvel (2015) #25-38. FEB191006

UNAWAYS #20 $3.99 Page 70
Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet
The fallout from “That Was Yesterday” is still very much being felt. There’s rebuilding to do, both metaphorical and literal – Are the Runaways up for these repairs? FEB190897

SHURI #7 $3.99 Page 64
Vita Ayala and Paul Davidson
Guest starring Miles Morales and Ms Marvel! When it looks like an enemy of Wakanda has left a signature behind in America, Princess Shuri heads overseas to investigate. But she’s not the only hero on the case. With New York City and New Jersey on the line, there’s no way Miles Morales and Kamala Khan are sitting this one out. Guest creative team Vita Ayala and Paul Davidson take Shuri on a star-studded adventure! FEB190888

Jody Houser, Ethan Sacks, Marc Guggenheim, Cory Smith, Paolo Villanelli, and Casper Wihngaard
This is the Age of Star Wars — an epic series of adventures uniting your favorite characters from all three trilogies! Join the greatest heroes of the Old Republic. Witness the moments that define them, the incredible battles that shaped them — and their eternal conflict between light and darkness! Maverick Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn is known to bend the rules — but a mission gone awry forces him to confront his conflicting beliefs! Anakin Skywalker has a chance to strike a devastating blow to the separatist cause. Will he choose the darker path or hold true to the Jedi code? Padme Amidala sets out on a secret mission! Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Jedi, takes on an apprentice. Will his mission alongside his young Padawan bring them closer together or sow the seeds that will drive them apart? Plus: Mace Windu, Captain Rex…and Jar Jar Binks! Collecting Star Wars: Age of Republuc: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and Qui-Gon Jinn and material from Star Wars: Age of Republic Special. FEB190986

Jody Houser, Luke Ross, and Carlos Gomez
This is the Age of Star Wars — an epic series of adventures that unite your favorite characters from all three trilogies! And we’re bringing on the bad guys — shining a light on the Old Republic’s darkest figures, starting with Darth Maul! A living weapon of rage, Maul lurks in Coruscant’s shadows waiting to strike against the Jedi Order! But the bloodthirsty Sith Lord questions his methodically plotting master’s wishes. Could Maul have walked another path, or was he always fated to follow this dark road? Meanwhile, Count Dooku begins laying the groundwork for the conniving Darth Sidious! The fearsome separatist General Grievous strikes! Jango Fett’s reputation as the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy precedes him as he joins a crew for what seems like a simple job. And delve deep into the dark side with Asajj Ventress! Collecting Star Wars Age of Republic Count Dooku, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Jango FettT and material from Star Wars: Age of Republic Special. FEB190985

STAR WARS TIE FIGHTER #1 $3.99 Page 95
Jody Houser, Roge Antonio, and others
Enter the Shadow Wing! The Empire’s salvation! The Rebellion’s doom!
As the war against the Rebellion stretches on, it is the innocent people of the Galactic Empire who are most at risk. An elite squadron of Tie fighter pilots is assembled to help protect Imperial interests and hammer the Emperor’s fury down upon the treasonous and violent Rebel Alliance. But how far is this untested team willing to go to preserve law and order? And are the pilots of SHADOW WING as loyal to the Empire as they seem? This April, Jody Houser and Roge Tie fighter tale chronicles the struggles and triumphs of the heroes of the Empire in the last days of civil war — but what about the heroes of the Rebellion? FEB190947

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5 Page 52 $3.99
Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne
After the cosmic threat of Terrax, Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man, is ready for the usual Spider-Man fare of street-level villains. So he’s none too pleased when a major magic threat rears its ugly head and he’s forced to…ugh…ask for help from guest star Dr Strange! But will Strange help Otto or take him down? [Max Modell and Skein/ Moth are in the supporting cast.] FEB190865

THANOS #1 $4.99 Page 30
Tini Howard and Ariel Olivetti
Thanos is dead! Executed by the deadliest assassin in the galaxy…his daughter, Gamora. But before their relationship came to a bloody end, how did it begin? Find out in this all new miniseries by Tini Howard and Ariel Olivetti! FEB190810

Robert Rodi, J Michael Straczynski, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Esad Ribic, Oliver Coipel, and Jack Kirby
There are two sides to every story. You’ve heard Thor’s — now it’s time to hear Loki’s! Odin’s least favorite son rewrites Asgardian lore from his perspective, featuring the breathtaking painted artwork of Esad Ribic. In this tale, Loki’s insatiable lust for power will take on new meaning — as will his conflicted sentiments toward Sif, his antipathy toward Balder and his deep-seated feelings of longing and resentment toward his older brother Thor and uncaring father Odin. And if that’s not enough, just stare at the lush painted art by Ribic, presented larger than ever before — you won’t be disappointed! Plus: The first appearance of the Trickster God, a classic Tale of Asgard that reveals Loki’s awesome origin and more! Collecting Loki (2004) #1-4, Thor (2007) #12 and material from Journey Into Mystery #85 and #112. FEB190984 New printing.

Ryan North, Derek Charm, and Erica Henderson
War of the Realms tie in.You know how Squirrel Girl has stayed out of most Marvel events? Turns out, that was only because THOSE events didn’t involve her good pal Loki Laufeyson! When Earth is attacked as part of the War of the Realms, Squirrel Girl is called back from her Negative Zone vacation, and Loki recruits her as part of a secret mission! Is Loki running a scheme? Probably. Is he playing a trick? Almost certainly. But he never lies about the safety of his good friend (and Cat Thor creator) Nancy Whitehead, and that puts him and Doreen on the same side. It’s Squirrel Girl’s first big event crossover but it’s still the start of a stand-alone epic that you can still enjoy even if you only read Squirrel Girl! Also if you’re reading this because you’re thinking, “Hmm I’m big into War of the Realmes but do I really need to see what happens in Squirrel GirlL” then let me say “woe, do you ever! There’s a reveal on this last page that’s been in the works for years! FEB190788

UNCANNY X-MEN #15 & 16 $3.99 Page 78
Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Rosenberg, Mahmud Asrar, and others
Cyclops and the X-Men have set out to save mutantkind…but the Mutant Liberation Front isn’t going to just wait for it to happen! Led by one of the X-Men’s own, the MLF is willing to do whatever it takes to stop mutant oppression…even kill any mutant who stands in their way. FEB190912

Cyclops and the X-Men have set out to save mutantkind…but the Mutant Liberation Front isn’t going to just wait for it to happen! Led by one of the X-Men’s own, the MLF is willing to do whatever it takes to stop mutant oppression…even kill any mutant who stands in their way. FEB190915

UNSTOPPABLE WASP #6 $3.99 Page 70
Jeremy Whitley and Alti Firmansyah
The agents of G.I.R.L. rally around Nadia as she recovers from a personal crisis that put the whole lab at risk. But one of Nadia’s lab mates is undergoing some mysterious changes after a fateful A.I.M. attack. Will things ever go back to normal for the girls at Genius In action Research Labs? FEB190899

WEST COAST AVENGERS #10 $3.99 Page 44
Kelly Thompson and Gang Hyuk Lim
The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful concludes. Hawkeye and Hawkeye lead the fight to save America Chavez from a cult that believes she’s their prophesized chosen one who will lead them into the light — and also into victory — as they attempt a takeover of Los Angeles. But just as things look darkest, the team is joined by a mysterious and powerful new ally. Amid flying arrows and punching fists, relationships are both blossoming and being torn apart — what does it all mean for the future of the West Coast Avengers?! FEB190846

X-23 #11 $3.99 Page 84
Mariko Tamaki and Diego Olorteguie
X-23 vs. Honey Badger! But what could drive a wedge between these two sisters? Meanwhile, X-23 digs deeper into the shadows of a secret new organization, Harvest!

X-FORCE #6 $4.99 Page 85
Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro
Kid Cable wasn’t the only one who’d come back from the future! FEB190926

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