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LGBT Previews Part 1 March 2018

Here are the comics and graphic novels from the “back” of Previews March catalog that are created by or may appeal to LGBTQ+ people. This month’s feature image is from Tillie Walden’s I Love This Part published by Avery Hill. Matteo Pizzolo and Soo Lee’s Billionaire Killers stood out at me as does Puerto Rico Strong anthology from Lion Forge to benefit the people of Puerto Rico and the necessary post hurricane rebuilding efforts and basic needs. Look for Megan Rose Gedris’ Spectacle graphic novel from Oni and The Refrigerator Monologues featuring linked stories from the points of view wives, girlfriends, and female heroes who’ve been “refrigerated” from Saga Press.

Part two with solicitations from Dark Horse, D, IDW, Image, and Marvel is up here.

The “fine print”! People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! As much as we try, sometimes a book, series, or creator is overlooked. Send us a message if that’s the case or to let us know about your work that doesn’t appear in Previews.

The beg! Please think about using our Amazon affiliate link to order any of trades or graphic novels with links in the list (or any thing from Amazon). Of course, supporting your local comic shop and book stores is important too! Diamond order codes provided for easy ordering with your comic shop!


MOTOR GIRL OMNIBUS SC/ HC $27.99 / $39.99 Page 282
Terry Moore
When a UFO crashes into Samantha’s junkyard, she is happy to make repairs and send the little visitors on their way. But E.T. is smitten with the Marine veteran and now an industrial giant wants to buy the land to install their anti-UFO weapon. With the help of her buddy Mike, a 600lb. gorilla, Sam is always prepared to defend those who can’t defend themselves, but who will save Sam from the PTSD and shrapnel that threaten her life? To survive, Sam must ultimately face the greatest battle of her life — reality. Available in softcover and hardcover editions. JAN181088 (SC)/ JAN181089 (HC)

Terry Moore
A former Parker Girl is writing an expose that will destroy Katchoo and Francine’s life. Katchoo is determined to stop the writer but to do that, she’ll have to find her. Fortunately, Tambi knows the best bounty hunter in the world, Ivy Raven (from Echo)! Things are heating up, folks and we’re just getting started! JAN181090


Jeremy Whitley and Christine Hipp
What ever happened to Sunshine? It’s been six weeks since she fell into the inky deep, never to be seen again, yet here she is. How did Sunshine survive? Where is she now? Who is Queen Priya and has she taken an interest in Sunshine? And, most importantly, who is the new girl in Sunshine’s life? JAN181098


Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, and various
AfterShock Comics continues to push boundaries by presenting its very first anthology collection featuring a slew of today’s top writers and artists. Presented in the European Album format (same as the recent Animosity: the Rise hardcover for LCSD), this handsome hardcover features the creative talents of Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, Charles Vess, Michael Gaydos, Andy Clarke, Andrew Robinson, Mike Carey, Jim Starlin, Phil Hester, Paul Jenkins, Dalibor Talajic, Bill Willingham, Travis Moore, Brian Azzarello, Francesco Francavilla, Cullen Bunn, Marc Guggenheim, Marguerite Bennett, Frank Tieri, Brian Stelfreeze and more! Cover art by John Cassaday! From the multiple Eisner and Havery Award-nominated editor of the classic Negative Burn anthology series. JAN181139

ANIMOSITY #13 $3.99 Page 273
Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre
The sins of the past bite at Sandor’s heels, as the rage of the swarm and the wrath of the flood rise to a fever pitch! Jesse races against time and the mob who is hunting her down to return the queen to her hive before war erupts across the valley!From creator/writer Marguerite Bennett with artwork by Rafael De Latorre. JAN181143

Marguerite Bennett and Eric Gapstur
Murder, intrigue, and men playing God in the seedy underbelly of the City by the Sea-a hapless refugee hunts for the truth in a noir crime world…From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett with artwork by Eric Gapstur. Animosity: Evolution is an exciting new series that expands upon this already amazing world! JAN181144

COLD WAR #2 $3.99 Page 272
Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman
Their only chance at survival got its head blown off, screaming bodiless robots are after them and enemy forces begin circling for the kill. The Cryonauts scramble for safety from the battlefield, led by kindly grandmother Vinh to higher ground as the dark secrets of this future war and the ones fighting it begin to reveal themselves. From Chris Sebela, writer of Blue Beetle, Kiss/Vampirella and Evolution, and Hayden Sherman, artist of The Few and John Carter The End, comes the story that HAD to be told at AfterShock!


ARCHIE #29 $3.99 Page 276 Page 291
Mark Waid, Ian Flynn, and Audrey Mok
The Blossom family secret has erupted, taking all of Riverdale by surprise-and that includes Cheryl and Jason! What’s the truth about their long-lost father? JAN181229

ARCHIES #6 $3.99 Page 277 Page 291
Alex Segura, Matthew Rosenberg, and Joe Eisma
The Archies have the chance to record an album! And behind the control board is none other than music legends, Blondie! But will the iconic group help the Archies get through the wild world of the recording studio? Stay tuned. JAN181232

RIVERDALE #11 $3.99 Page 290
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and various
From Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of the new CW series Riverdale, this all new, ongoing comic series features stories set in between episodes of the new CW TV series Riverdale. JAN181221

RIVERDALE Vol 2 TP $17.99 Page 290
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and various
From Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of the CW’s Riverdale comes the second collection of the comic book set in the universe of the smash TV series. Riverdale volume 2 collects issues 4-8 of the ongoing series. JAN181219

VAMPIRONICA #1 $3.99 Page 289
Greg Smallwood and Megan Smallwood
New ongoing series! When Veronica is bitten by a centuries-old vampire, her thirst for blood threatens to turn Riverdale into a haven for the undead. Will she put an end to the vampire threat or give in to her blood lust? JAN181214


Tillie Walden
Two girls in a small town in the USA kill time otgether as they try to get through their days at school. They watch videos, share earbuds as they play each other songs, and exchange their stories. In the process they form a deep connection and an unexpected relationship begins to develop. In her follow up to the critically acclaimed The End of Summer, Tillie Walden tells the story of a small love that can make you feel like the biggest thing around, and how it’s possible to find another person who understands you when you thought no one could. JAN181297


Matteo Pizzolo and Soo Lee
What if the children of the .0001% reject their family legacies of global brutality and tear down the billionaire patriarchy? The new ongoing series Billionaire Killers returns to the provocative world of Young Terrorists for a standalone story about corruption, conspiracy, and what happens when the next generation vows to burn it all down. We live in an age where the CEO of ExxonMobil can be America’s Secretary Of State. A hedge fund manager worth $300 million is the Secretary Of The Treasury. A lawyer who sued the EPA 14 times is head of the EPA. In Billionaire Killers, the children of elites discover their fathers are not just titans of finance and politics, but grand masters of international crime empires spanning corrupt governments, arms manufacturers, international banks, and even terrorist groups. From writer Matteo Pizzolo and your new favorite artist Soo Lee comes a family saga about an elder generation that went to extreme lengths for power, and the younger generation forced to look at the parents they love and reject the bloodied legacy handed down to them. It’s a world where the President stops even bothering to hide the fact that America is ruled by corporations; a world where the next generation declares: enough. JAN181302

THE WILDS #2 $3.99 Page 288 Page 305
Vita Ayala and Emily Pearson
Something frightening is happening in the outside world – Abominations are acting strangely, dragging victims away instead of killing them, amassing into hordes and working together as if they have a purpose. Inside The Compound, tensions rise as Runners lose freedoms in the wake of Teddy’s disastrous return. Amid the increased threat outside the walls and the unrest within, Daisy has to say goodbye to Heather, whose latest run will take her through the worst of the dangers that the wilds have to offer. From writer Vita Ayala (Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, Wonder Woman Annual) and Emily Pearson (Cult Classic) with colors by Marissa Louise (Spell On Wheels) and covers by Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider) and Natasha Alterici (Heathen), comes the second chapter in this bold tale of surviving in bleak times., JAN181306

Matteo Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan
From the creators of CalExit, Young Terrorists is the twisted grimoire of political destruction that Justin Partridge at Newsarama called “incendiary, super-crazy, and razor-sharp… exactly the kind of pissed-off spectacle we deserve right now.” A young heiress discovers her father is part of a tyrannical new world order. She vows to burn his whole empire down. Collects Part 1 and Part 2 plus the FCBD Special. JAN181307


FENCE #5 $3.99 Page 322
C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
Seiji’s calm is badly rattled over a lost match and his mysterious past begins to come out. JAN181367

GIANT DAYS #36 $3.99 Page 322
John Allison, Max Sarin, and Liz Fleming
Heading into their third year at university, Esther, Daisy, and Susan are living apart from each other for the first time, and it’s definitely going to be absolutely fine and not weird at all. JAN181368

LUCY DREAMING #1 $3.99 Page 322
Max Bemis and Michael Dialynas
XMax Bemis and Michael Dialynas present a sweeping, coming-of-age fantasy about living your dreams.literally. In her dreams, Lucy is the hero of all her favorite stories, living each night as a grand adventure. These journeys will teach her more about herself and the real world around her than she ever expected! JAN181322

LUMBERJANES #48 $3.99 Page 305
Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, and Ayme Sotuyo
Extra, extra, read all about it! The Zodiac Cabin is putting out a camp newsletter, and Diane’s horoscopes are unnervingly accurate. JAN181369

Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo
Drakkon returns and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same. The “Shattered Grid” event begins here! Please note: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 will be black polybagged and shipped with 6 randomly assorted main covers by Goni Montes in equal quantities. For every 25 copies ordered, a special chase variant by Goni Montes will be shipped black polybagged like the main covers. Variant covers H-K will not be polybagged. JAN181312

Grace Kraft and Rii Abrego
It’s time for a Mr. Universe concert! JAN181381


Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz
Kitty Ravencraft is on top of the world again! Her new comic book series is a huge success and she’s the talk of the comic shops! Naturally, Kitty’s publisher wants to capitalize on her newfound popularity with a big budget blockbuster Kitty movie! To make this happen, Kitty goes to Hollywood, but once again she finds herself in danger! Someone is out to kill Kitty and this time, even you won’t know who! Includes the 8 page Kitty story from the 2017 Captain Canuck Free Comic Book Day issue, an exclusive story by Gisele Lagace as well as pin-ups by J. Bone, Mike Rooth, Gisele Lagace, and more! JAN181453 (OFFERED AGAIN)

Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz
Kitty is dead… and Free Comic Book Day is just not the same without her! News of Kitty Ravencraft’s unexpected and mysterious demise spreads throughout the Kitty-verse! At Kitty Comix, opportunistic publisher Skip Stone finally has the death of his main character that he always wanted to exploit! Meanwhile, Kitty’s friends are suffering through the worst Free Comic Book Day ever without her… until Kitty’s ex-husband Derek the Warlock arrives in search of answers! When Kitty’s disembodied self rejects his unholy help, Derek decides to show Kitty what life without him would be like by zapping her into one Free Comic Book Day comic book after another! JAN180021

FANTOMAH SEASON 2 #3 $1.99 Page 332
Ray Fawkes and Soo Lee
Paz Gallegos is alone, confused, and convinced that she is endangering her loved ones because she can’t control Fantomah, her monstrous alter-ego. Without a plan or destination, Paz goes on the run, but she can’t resist Fantomah’s need to defend — or avenge — the unprotected. The number of people hunting Fantomah continues to grow, but the number of people Paz can trust does not. With more danger at her heels than ever, Paz tries desperately to contain Fantomah, while her darker half is too concerned with local forest fires to protect herself — or Paz. JAN181451

FREELANCE SEASON 2 #3 $1.99 Page 332
Andrew Wheeler and Juan Samu
The Chapterverse continues at its new price point of $1.99! A new era of adventures continues for of one of Canada’s original heroes! Tasha Kolchak and Sidika Khan are in the clutches of the American military, and Lance Valiant has been separated from them. With help from an old friend, he’ll learn more about his past — and about his newest enemy, Sabre. JAN181452


AGENT 47 BIRTH OF HITMAN #5 $3.99 Page 344
Christopher Sebela and Jonathan Lau
As the only remaining survivor of the Institute, 47’s role as Dr. Ort-Meyer’s weapon is put to use one last time on an impossible contract against a shadowy foe who controls their fates. The blowback against Diana pushes her to finally track down the last name on her list, triggering a series of disasters that sets her on her collision course with the Hitman. JAN181521

DEJAH THORIS #2 $3.99 Page 345
Amy Chu and Pasquale Qualano
Dejah Thoris is on a secret mission to save her planet, but first she and the battle scarred Red Martian warrior Sajad Surma must keep the scientific team ALIVE as they trek through dangerous deserts of Barsoom. The Princess of Mars learns some hard leadership lessons after a deadly encounter with a white ape. JAN181540

GREEN HORNET #1 $3.99 Page 336
Amy Chu and German Erramouspe
Britt Reid Jr., the scion of the Daily Sentinel publishing empire, vanishes during a wild party on his friend’s yacht. Meanwhile, crime spikes in the streets of Century City with the mysterious criminal/secret vigilante the Green Hornet absent. It’s only a matter of time before SOMEONE puts two and two together, and it’s up to Kato, former partner of Britt’s father, and his daughter Mulan to protect the city and the Green Hornet legacy, while finding out what happened to Britt. Amy Chu picks up where Kevin Smith left off with an action packed mystery. JAN181468

LEGENDERRY RED SONJA #2 $3.99 Page 342
Marc Andrekyo and Igor Lima
Red’s return to the life of a pirate-for-hire puts her square in the middle of a High Seas gang war, which spells trouble for someone, but maybe not who you would expect!  JAN181498

RED SONJA #15 $3.99 Page 342
Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and Carlos Gomez
In the penultimate chapter of “Hell or Hyrkania”, Sonja returns to where her adventure started, the nation of Meru, to find it completely under the iron rule of Kulan Gath — who is using the native magic to grow more powerful than ever. The wizard needs to be stopped once and for all, before he finally gains the omnipotence he craves… but there’s one thing standing between Gath and Sonja — and it’s something the she-devil never expected to face. JAN181501

RED SONJA WORLDS AWAY Vol 2 TP $19.99 Page 343
Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, Carlos E. Gomez, and Tom Mandrake
The She-Devil embarks on a whole new adventure…across America! Sonja takes a ride with Max in search of a way back home, and discovers maybe our worlds aren’t that different at all. JAN181509

SHADOW/ BATMAN #6 $3.99 Page 349
Steve Orlando and Giovanni Timpano
For centuries, the Silent Seven has held Earth in its evil grip…but nothing lasts forever. The Shadow and Batman have infiltrated the Seven’s personal stronghold, hidden off the map and away from history, at great personal cost. They didn’t expect to find one of their own standing against them once they arrived. It’s Robin versus Batman with society itself in the balance as the Shadow steps into the one place even he has feared to go: The Deadly Mind of Shiwan Khan. Can three generations of crimefighting overcome centuries of evil? It’s a crucible they can only overcome through the one thing none of them have: trust. JAN181568

SHEENA #7 $3.99 Page 350
Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
Past and present collide as Sheena goes up against the formidable huntress! Long forgotten secrets of Sheena’s past are revealed while, across the forest, the mysterious head of Cadwell Industries readies himself to take revenge against Sheena by targeting the one she holds most dear. JAN181579


JUNIOR ESCORT GN Vol 1 $12.95 Page 353
Sakurako Hanafubuki
The world of show business. The charisma talent Mizuhara and super idol Aikawa are tied together by the “contract” of a scandalous night. The black rumors murmur… A masterpiece collection about a dangerous and sweet passion. JAN181595 (OFFERED AGAIN)

JUNIOR ESCORT GN Vol 2 $12.95 Page 353
Sakurako Hanafubuki
Get ready for the talented Mizuhara’s outrageous Hollywood debut! Unfortunately, Mizuhara’s deep secrets from a dark past are about to be revealed. Ayu has one last sad decision to make. Be prepared for heat and passion as we continue the love story of an icon and a rising star! JAN181596 (OFFERED AGAIN)


BERLIN #22 $5.95 Page 353
Jason Lutes
Berlin 22 is the final issue of Jason Lutes’ Berlin-a sweeping masterpiece twenty years in the making. Where will Silvia go now that she’s completely estranged from her family? Will David and his parents escape Berlin before the Nazis start rounding people up? Learn the fates of Marthe, Kurt, Anna, and the city itself, rapidly transforming around them. JAN181597

FCBD 2018 BERLIN $0.30 Page 41
Jason Lutes
Drawn & Quarterly presents the first issue of the comics masterpiece twenty years in the making, Berlin by the master cartoonist of his generation, Jason Lutes. A fascinating portrait of the twilight of the Weimar Republic, Berlin intertwines the narratives of communists and Nazis, Jews and gentiles, jazz musicians and swingers, rich and poor amidst the nation’s imminent turn to facism. This FCBD issue includes exclusive bonus features, including an interview with Jason Lutes looking back on the landmark series, in anticipation of the hardcover release of the entire series in Fall 2018. JAN180027

Jillian Tamaki
Jillian Tamaki is best known for co-creating the award-winning young adult graphic novels Skim and This One Summer, moody and atmospheric bestsellers. SuperMutant Magic Academy, which Jillian has been serializing online for the past four years, deftly plays superhero and high school Hollywood tropes against what adolescence is really like: the SuperMutant Magic Academy is a prep-school for mutants and witches but their paranormal abilities take a back seat to everyday teen concerns. JAN181605 (OFFERED AGAIN)


LOVE & ROCKETS MAGAZINE #5 $4.99 Page 362
Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
The all-new fifth issue finally reveals what happened between Eugene, Maggie, and Hopey at the end of issue #3! Meanwhile, following Gilbert’s return to Palomar in issue #4, Fritz’s daughter Rosey stays home alone in Mom’s mansion for a week, and as expected, idle hands are the devil’s workshop! Find out why Love and Rockets is often referred to as the greatest comic book series of all time! JAN181661


Raina Telgemeier
A collection of Raina Telgemeier’s #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning graphic novels about family, friendship, and the highs and lows of growing up! Smile: The true story of how Raina severely injured her two front teeth when she was in the sixth grade, and the dental drama that followed! Drama: Callie is the set designer for her middle school’s spring musical, and is determined to create a set worthy of Broadway. Both onstage and offstage drama ensues! Sisters: Raina can’t wait to be a big sister. Amara is cute, but she’s also cranky and mostly prefers to play by herself. Their relationship doesn’t improve much over the years; can they figure out how to get along? Ghosts: Catrina and her family move to a new town because her sister, Maya, is sick. When they learn there are ghosts there, Maya wants to meet one, and Cat must put aside her fears for Maya’s sake — and her own. JAN181737


Vita Ayala, Rosa Colon, Naomi Franquiz, and others
Puerto Rico Strong is a comics anthology that explores what it means to be Puerto Rican and the diversity that exists within that concept, from today’s most exciting Puerto Rican comics creators. All profits will go to towards Disaster Relief and Recovery Programs to Support Puerto Rico. JAN181776

SUMMIT #4 $3.99 Page 389
Amy Chu and Jan Duursema
The last thing Valentina “Val” Resnick Baker wants to be is a superhero, yet here she is in the jungle saving Fiona, the daughter of two close friends, from mercenaries of all things. Val may not want to be a superhero, but the universe sure is pushing her in that direction. JAN181787


OH JOY SEX TOY Vol 1 $29.99 Page 403
Erika Moen
Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume One is 268 pages of comics by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan about sex, sex toy reviews, sexuality, sex education, safer sex practices, interviews with sex industry workers, AND MORE. Volume One collects the first year’s worth of content from the weekly comic Oh Joy Sex Toy. Combining helpful facts with terrible puns and the occasional Star Trek joke, Volume One is an indispensable resource for fans of sex, fans of comics, and nerds of all stripes. It also features the comics of nearly a dozen other cartoonists, plus brand new comics made exclusively for the book and behind-the-scenes content! (OFFERED AGAIN) JAN181833

Katie O’Neill
When the heroic princess Amira rescues the kind-hearted princess Sadie from her tower prison, neither expects to find a true friend in the bargain. Yet as they adventure across the kingdom, they discover that they bring out the very best in the other person. They’ll need to join forces and use all the know-how, kindness, and bravery they have in order to defeat their greatest foe yet: a jealous sorceress, who wants to get rid of Sadie once and for all. Join Sadie and Amira, two very different princesses with very different strengths, on their journey to figure out what “happily ever after” really means–and how they can find it with each other. JAN181829 (OFFERED AGAIN)

SPECTACLE Vol 1 TP $15.99 Page 398
Megan Rose Gedris
Fan-favorite webcomic creator Megan Rose Gedris (Yu+Me Dream) crafts a compelling tale of magic, deception, and wonder in this stunningly illustrated graphic novel about the bond between sisters. Pragmatic engineer Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn’t believe in anything supernatural — until her twin sister Kat is murdered and comes back as a very demanding ghost. Sharing a room with her sister was hard, but not they’re sharing a body while trying to identify the killer. With few leads, a troupe full of secretive folk, and strange paranormal occurrences popping up around the circus, solving the case seems near impossible. But the murderer in their midst may be the least of their problems. JAN181822

Sophie Campbell and Annie Mok
Myrtle Turenne attacked Trilby and left her for dead in the swamps of Wet Moon. While Trilby clings to life in the hospital, everyone else is lost, unsure of what to do. They’re all dealing with the attack in their own ways, and they’ll need to accept that nothing in their lives will ever be the same again. This new edition of Sophie Campbell’s critically-acclaimed book features a new cover design by Annie Mok and new extras in the back! JAN181823 (NEW EDITION)


CHIP KIDD BOOK TWO 2007-2017 PX BOOKPLATE ED $60.00 Page 468
Chip Kidd
A Previews Exclusive! Universally recognized as an American master of contemporary book design, Chip Kidd is the most prolific cover designer in American design. Chip Kidd: Book Two collects all of his book covers and designs from 2007 to 2017. We see not just hundreds of his recent projects, but the working processes behind them–thoughts, sketches, revisions, and outright failures in addition to more than a few triumphs. Kidd leads the reader through each step of the design journey along the way. With a passion for unconventional and forward-thinking designs, this volume is sure to bring fresh inspirations to design aficionados, book lovers, pop-culture fanatics, comics fans, and design students. Includes a Previews Exclusive signed bookplate. JAN182137 (OFFERED AGAIN)


Catherynne Valente and Annie Wu
The Refrigerator Monologues is a collection of linked stories from the points of view of the wives and girlfriends of superheroes, female heroes, and anyone who’s ever been “refrigerated”: comic book women who are killed, raped, brainwashed, driven mad, disabled, or had their powers taken so that a male superhero’s storyline will progress. In an entirely new and original superhero universe, Valente subversively explores these ideas and themes in the superhero genre, treating them with the same love, gravity, and humor as her fairy tales. After all, superheroes are our new fairy tales and these six women have their own stories to share. JAN182148


BLUE MORNING GN Vol 7 $12.99
Shoko Hidaka
Downton Abbey meets Emma in this tale of tumultuous love between a butler and his young charge.
Akihito Kuze inherits the Kuze viscountship when he is a mere ten years old. His butler, Tomoyuki Katsuragi, becomes his caretaker and tutor. As he matures, Akihito finds himself relentlessly drawn to Katsuragi, frustrated by the distance the older man maintains and driven to discover the reasons why. Akihito reunites with Katsuragi, vowing to never let go of his hand. When Katsuragi uncharacteristically complains about their situation, albeit mildly, Akihito is more determined than ever to settle the wrongs of the past. Later, Katsuragi confronts Ishizaki. Enraged, Ishizaki chastises him for overstepping his bounds in the management of his plant, putting Katsuragi’s position as his head clerk at risk! JAN181899


SEA OF THIEVES #1 $3.99 Page 418
Jeremy Whitley and Rhoald Marcellius
Explore and raid across the treacherous Sea of Thieves with this epic story based on the action-adventure multiplayer game from Rare Studios due for release in early 2018 on Xbox One and Windows 10! Voyaging to far islands in search of legendary buried treasure, our heroes will face rival thieves, the wrath of undead hordes guarding their riches, and the worst that the vast sea has to offer! JAN181908

January 24, 2018
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