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LGBT Previews May 2018 Part 1

Here are the comics and graphic novels from the “back” of Previews catalog for May comics that are created by or may appeal to LGBTQ+ people. Lumberjanes hits its 50th issue while Amulet Books offers up the second Lumberjanes illustrated novel The Moon Is Up! C S Pacat and Johanna the Mad’s Fence gets collected by Boom! Gail Simone brings together Red Sonja and Tarzan in an unexpected team up! And more! Just take a look!

Part two of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from  Dark Horse, DC, IDW, Image, and Marvel is here!

The “fine print”! People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! As much as we try, sometimes a book, series, or creator is overlooked. Send us a message if that’s the case or to let us know about your work that doesn’t appear in Previews.

The beg! Please think about using our Amazon affiliate link to order any of trades or graphic novels with links in the list (or any thing from Amazon). Of course, supporting your local comic shop and book stores is important too! Diamond order codes provided for easy ordering with your comic shop!


Terry Moore
The hunt for rogue Parker Girl Stephanie leads Katchoo to the moors of Scotland and a chilling game of cat and mouse. But things get complicated when she has a surprise visitor waiting at the hotel-Francine! The stakes have never been higher as Katchoo fights to save her family! MAR181019


PRINCELESS RAVEN YEAR 2 #8 $3.99 Page 262
Jeremy Whitley and Xenia Pamfil
Everything has been going perfectly for Sunshine. She’s living on a protected island where everything she needs is provided for her. She’s been set up with a beautiful girl who’s head over heels for her. So why can’t she just be happy and ignore the feeling in her gut that something is wrong with this place? Raven, on the other hand, has never been more miserable. She’s gone from swordfighting to sulking and Ximena won’t even speak to her. A storm is coming and everything’s about to change! MAR181028


ANIMOSITY EVOLUTION Vol 1 TP $14.99 Page 274
Marguerite Bennett and Eric Gapstur
One day, the animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, they’ve started building. In a city by the sea, a new power is on the rise…and they’re making an animal kingdom all their own. Collecting the first five issue of this captivating Animosity spin-off series! From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett with artwork by Eric Gapstur–Animosity: Evolution is an exciting new series that expands upon this already amazing world! MAR181079

COLD WAR #4 $3.99 Page 270
Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman
With no safe havens left, the splintered sides of the surviving Cryonauts are spinning wildly out of control. On the ground, the least useful members of their ranks – lovesick couple Tikk and Sath – have stepped up to save their fellow soldiers. While deep behind the scenes, LQ’s semi-suicide mission to uncover who’s pulling the strings has hit bloody paydirt. MAR181074


Mariko Tamaki and Brooklyn Allen
Welcome to Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. The five scouts of Roanoke cabin-Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley-love their summers at camp. They get to hang out with their best friends, earn Lumberjane scout badges, annoy their no-nonsense counselor Jen and go on supernatural adventures. As the camp gears up for the big Galaxy Wars competition, Jo and the gang get some help from an unexpected visitor — a Moon Pirate! MAR181137

Mariko Tamaki and Brooklyn Allen
Welcome to Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. The five scouts of Roanoke cabin — Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley — love their summers at camp. They get to hang out with their best friends, earn Lumberjane scout badges, annoy their no-nonsense counselor Jen… and go on supernatural adventures. That last one? A pretty normal occurrence at Miss Qiunzella’s, where the woods contain endless mysteries. When challenge-loving April leads the girls on a hike up the tallest mountain they’ve ever seen, things don’t go quite as planned. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181138


ARCHIE #31 $3.99 Page 276 Page 289
Mark Waid, Ian Flynn, and Audrey Mok
Break-ups, hook-ups, Archie on the guitar again, and the Bee drops a huge announcement! Add to this the threat of the Blossom Twins’ real father, and peril is everywhere as this arc races towards its game-changing conclusion! MAR181174

ARCHIE Vol 5 TP $17.99 Page 289
Mark Waid, Pete Woods, Jack Morelli, and various
The fallout from Over the Edge is here! One life has been destroyed, another family has been torn apart-and only the kids of Riverdale High can save their town from imploding! Archie vole 5 collects the Heart of RIverdale storyline from issues #23 – #27 of the ongoing Archie series. MAR181177

ARCHIES #7 $3.99 Page 289
Alex Segura, Matthew Rosenberg, and Joe Eisma
Final issue! The band has reached the end of their tour and Veronica’s booked them for a big show! Have they learned enough to open up for JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS? The rockin’ conclusion to the beloved rock ‘n’ roll comic is here! MAR181171

Dan Parent and Bill Golliher
Brand new lead story: “Viva La Vinyl!” Collecting vinyl records has returned in popularity, and Archie is really getting into his parents vinyl record collection-but what will he do when he accidentally destroys his dad’s prized Elton Pretzley album? MAR181183

Jamie L Rotante and Jen Vaughn
New story arc! “Hunted”: The Vixens are being followed by a sinister former foe, but he claims to come in peace-can he be trusted? Meanwhile, a young woman’s mysterious disappearance has the Vixens’ questioning if their actions are having consequences. Please join us as we welcome new interior artist Jen Vaughn! MAR181156

JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #6 $3.99 Page 288
Frank Tieri, Pat Kennedy, and various
The history of werewolves in the Jones family runs deep-but does that include Jughead’s little sister Jellybean as well? It’s a question good ol’ Jug must answer before the Coopers or Reggie’s new Pack get to her first! MAR181162

RIVERDALE #13 $3.99 Page 288
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and various
From Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of the new CW series Riverdale, this ALL-NEW, ongoing comic series features stories set in between episodes of the new CW TV series Riverdale. MAR181165

VAMPIRONICA #3 $3.99 Page 288
Greg Smallwood and Megan Smallwood
You can’t go home again… or can you? Veronica’s search for answers leads to a deadly confrontation at Lodge Mansion. MAR181159


Matteo Pizzolo and Soo Lee
This one’s for people who don’t want politics in their comics. MAR181233

BREATHLESS #3 $3.99 Page 303
Patrick Shand and Renzo Rodriguez
Scout Turner has made a career out of dissecting monsters and studying their uncharted biology in hopes of making medical advances. Now, the tables have turned and she is on the run. When a multi-million dollar company puts a price on your head, how can you survive? You fight back. MAR181236

WE ARE DANGER #1 $3.99 Page 303
Fabian Lelay
Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school is never easy, and Julie Malliari is having a terrible first day- until she meets Tabitha. After a night out at a rock show, their friendship quickly grows and, before they know it, the two form a band with their sights set on a record deal they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition. With Tabitha’s rival keen to take the prize for herself, it’s a battle not to be missed. From artist and writer Fabian Lelay (Jade Street Protection Services), colorist Claudia Aguirre (Kim & Kim), and letterer Taylor Esposito comes this exuberant tale of friendship, growing up, and rock n roll. MAR181235

THE WILDS #3 $3.99 Page 303
Vita Ayala and Emily Pearson
Waking in the belly of the beast – Medical Central – Daisy finds herself reunited briefly with Heather. Their time together is cut short when Heather is taken away to undergo “treatment.” Unable to rescue her partner on her own, Daisy is able to flee Medical with the help of a mole, vowing to return with every ally she has at her back. The only thing standing in her way: the people she has sacrificed everything for, the people of the Compound. MAR181238


FENCE #6 $3.99 Page 313
C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
After an unexpected defeat, tensions run high among the fencers of Kings Row. MAR181269

FENCE DISCOVER NOW GN Vol 1 $9.99 Page 313
C.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad
Arriving exclusively in comics shops, this collection offers the perfect jumping-on point for readers wanting to experience the hit BOOM! series. Novelist C.S. Pacat (Captive Prince) and fan-favorite artist Johanna the Mad team up for a new series perfect for fans of Check, Please! and Yuri!!! on Ice. Sixteen-year-old Nicholas Cox is an outsider to the competitive fencing world. Filled with raw talent but lacking proper training, he signs up for a competition that puts him head-to-head with fencing prodigy Seiji Katayama … and on the road to the elite all-boys school Kings Row. A chance at a real team and a place to belong awaits him — if he can make the cut! MAR181268

GIANT DAYS #38 $3.99 Page 322 Page 320
John Allison, Max Sarin, and Liz Fleming
It’s moving day, and each girl has their own set of challenge to face! Not least of which is McGraw’s… unique idea of what a lovely home should be. MAR181298

LUCY DREAMING #3 $3.99 Page 317
Max Bemis and Michael Dialynas
Lucy learns that she may not be alone in her dream landscapes.
SC, 32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99, MAR181284

LUMBERJANES #50 $4.99 Page 312
Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, and Dozerdraws
In this oversized anniversary issue, April, Mal and Ripley make several very cool and also pretty gross discoveries deep in the tunnels beneath the Mess Hall. Up above in the civilized world Jo and Molly join Emily, Diane and the Zodiac cabin for a fun and totally chill game of total world conquest! Contains a special short story illustrated by co-creator Brooklyn Allen. Oversized Anniversary Issue!
32pgs, FC SRP: $4.99, MAR181255

LUMBERJANES Vol 9 TP $14.99 Page 312
Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, and Carolyn Nowak
When the yetis are kicked out of their humble treehouse abode, it’s up to Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley to get them back where they belong amongst the trees… by challenging them to a roller derby match! Collects issues #33-36. MAR181259

Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo
As Lord Drakkon’s power and influence grows, the Power Rangers work with new allies from across time and dimensions, including Ranger teams such as Time Force, RPM, and Samurai, to craft a plan to fight back…but is it already too late? MAR181241

Grace Kraft and Rii Abrego
Steven and Amethyst sneak out to go to a concert with Jenny and Kiki, but they soon encounter trouble on the way there. MAR181305


DEJAH THORIS #4 $3.99 Page 341
Amy Chu and Pasquale Qualano
Within the ancient city of Thurd, Dejah Thoris finds what she’s looking for with the unlikely help of the green Martian. And a long-forgotten secret of Ephysium comes to light. MAR181444

GREEN HORNET #3 $3.99 Page 342
Amy Chu and German Erramouspe
In Istanbul, Mulan and Daily Sentinel reporter Tai reunite with Britt Jr. But he refuses to take the mantle of the Green Hornet back! Meanwhile, things get complicated when the mysterious hero The Oko reappears and blames the Green Hornet in Sebastian’s death.MAR181458

JEEPERS CREEPERS #2 $3.99 Page 344
Marc Andrekyo and Kewber Baal
As Devon dives into his research on the mythical “Creeper”, he has no idea how long this evil has existed! Will he uncover the true history of the seemingly immortal monster before the Creeper finds him? Plus: The Aztec Empire!?!? MAR181478

LEGENDERRY RED SONJA #4 $3.99 Page 345
Marc Andrekyo and Rodney Buscemi
If Red can survive becoming a snack for aquatic based terrors, all she and Nemo have to do is infiltrate their enemy’s impenetrable stronghold and defeat the unnatural beasts that live within before being torn limb from limb. Should be fun!MAR181488

LEGENDS OF RED SONJA Vol 1 TP $19.99 Page 344
Gail Simone & various, Jack Jadson & various
In this unique collection, Red Sonja/Tarzan series writer Gail Simone hand-picked eleven of the fiercest, most talented, and most popular female writers from the worlds of comics, prose, games and television, to help her tell the greatest legends in the She-Devil’s long history! A group of savage mercenaries hired to hunt and kill Sonja come across campfire tales of her at every turn… and Sonja does not like to be hunted. Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Marjorie M. Liu, Nancy A. Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rhianna Pratchett, and many more tell fascinating bits of Sonja’s legend, with a wrap-around tale by Simone herself, and art by the likes of Phil Noto, Jim Calafiore, Jack Jadson and more! Contains issues #1-5, the script to issue #1, concept art by Jack Jadson and more! [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181487

Crystal Fraiser, Rob McCreary, Tom Garcia, and Diego Galindo
As Valeros struggles to defend his immortal soul in the courts of the hereafter. Valeros fights tooth and nail in the dungeons below ancient Kaer Maga?! Is twice the Valeros twice the fun? Or are the Pathfinders now in double jeopardy? The Spire of Bones story continues in this tale written by Pathfinder developer Crystal Frasier with art by Tom Garcia (Mercy Thompson, Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain). Contains an ongoing Starfinder bonus story, a Pathfinder RPG rules appendix, and pull-out poster map! MAR181492

RED SONJA #17 $3.99 Page 352
Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and Carlos Gomez
Following the defeat of Kulan Gath, Sonja discovers her trusty sword has a secret history as the legendary Blade of Skath and faces a decision: does she keep her steel, or return it to its rightful Cimmerian owner? MAR181501

RED SONJA / TARZAN #1 $3.99 Page 334
Gail Simone and Walter Geovani
The She-Devil with a Sword meets the Lord of the Jungle!
Eson Duul is an evil man. The mere mention of his name makes powerful quake with fear. He has no regard for life, including that of man. But he may finally have met his match when he finds himself up against Red Sonja and Tarzan! Gail Simone and Walter Geovani reunite to bring us the crossover event featuring two of fiction’s greatest heroes side by side at last!MAR181393

SHEENA #9 $3.99 Page 347
Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo
The stakes have never been higher for Sheena! Surrounded by enemies and monsters with no escape in sight, she must use all her cunning to protect her friends, but Sheena is unaware of the even greater threat now looming, about to strike! MAR181514

Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo, Moritat, and Maria Sanapo
In this riveting relaunch, the guardian of the jungle, Sheena, pursues a mysterious invader that has come to spy on the Amazon’s most ancient secrets… Following the path of the trespasser, she encounters a forbidden ruin in which even more deadly dangers lie in wait — and begins an adventure that will take her beyond her wildest imaginings! MAR181521

Paul Cornell, Jeremy Whitley, Andy Belanger, and various
Vampirella is fresh off a mind-blowing discovery-or at least it should have been. Coming to terms with what she’s learned about herself and her past means a journey to a place far scarier than the twisted future she’s living in… her twisted mind! Prepare yourself for a Vampirella like you’ve never seen before! Collects issues 7-11 of Vampirella (2017)! MAR181537


KISS BLUE GN Vol 1 $12.95 Page 355
Keiko Kinoshita
When Tomosaka realized he was in love with his best friend Noda, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. He couldn’t even remember when he’d first started falling in love. He had his feelings, but he couldn’t express them because Noda was his best friend. A story about the delicate thread that separates friendship and love. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181568

LITTLE CRY BABY GN Page 355 $12.95
Keiko Kinoshita
College student Kishino-kun is a slightly blundering, but cute and adorable guy that everyone loves. Classmate Fujimoto-kun is the resident ladies man, but can always be counted on to bail you out of sticky situations. What happens when these two fall in love? [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181569


BOUNDLESS GN $24.95 Page 356
Jillian Tamaki
Jenny becomes obsessed with a strange “mirror Facebook,” which presents an alternate, possibly better, version of herself. Helen finds her clothes growing baggy, her shoes looser, and as she shrinks away to nothingness, the world around her recedes as well. The animals of the city briefly open their minds to us, and we see the world as they do. A mysterious music file surfaces on the internet and forms the basis of a utopian society — or is it a cult? Boundless is at once fantastical and realist, playfully hinting at possible transcendence: from one’s culture, one’s relationship, oneself. This collection of short stories is a showcase for the masterful blend of emotion and humour of award-winning cartoonist Jillian Tamaki. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181580


Sally Jane Thompson, Sarah Winifred Searle, and various
The award-winning, critically-acclaimed romance anthology series returning for volume 2! Our list of exciting creators includes Sally Jane Thompson, Cecil Castellucci, and Irene Koh; all of whom are creating fresh stories about interracial and LGBTQ relationships. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181625


SPINNING GN $17.99 Page 366
Tillie Walden
Figure skating was Tillie Walden’s life. She woke before dawn for morning lessons, went straight to group practice after school, and spent weekends competing in glitter and tights. It was a central piece of her identity, her safe haven from the stress of school, bullies, and family. But as Tillie’s interests evolve, from her growing passion for art to a first love realized with a new girlfriend, she begins to question how the close-minded world of figure skating fits in. Poignant and captivating, this powerful graphic memoir captures what it’s like to come of age, come out, and come to terms with leaving behind everything you used to know. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181665

THIS ONE SUMMER GN $18.99 Page 368
Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
Every summer, Rose goes with her mom and dad to a lake house in Awago Beach. It’s their getaway, their refuge. Rose’s friend Windy is always there, too, like the little sister she never had. But this summer is different. Rose’s mom and dad won’t stop fighting, and when Rose and Windy seek a distraction from the drama, they find themselves with a whole new set of problems. One of the local teens, just a couple of years older than Rose and Windy, is caught up in something bad. It’s a summer of secrets, and sorrow, and growing up, and it’s a good thing Rose and Windy have each other. [THis is a new printing.] MAR181668


Alex De Campi and Pop Mhan
Magnus is on the outs with his only two supporters, Sasha and Adila, after his reckless actions last issue. Charles, the FBI Branch Seven agent who’s taken Magnus under protective custody, offers a distraction in the form of learning more about Magnus’s powers. What follows is more mind bending horror; as Magnus opens his mind, he learns more about the real demons lurking in the shadows. MAR181765

CATALYST PRIME KINO #6 $3.99 Page 398
Alex De Campi and various
Just when he thought he escaped, Alistair Meath finds himself within another virtual world built by Aturo, the scientist who stole his body from Foresight and has since been conducting experiments to brainwash Alistair by using the identity of superhero Kino. Can Meath escape and return to his family? Or does Aturo have more up his sleeve than realized? MAR181766

CATALYST PRIME SUMMIT #1 Vol 2 $3.99 Page 399
Amy Chu and Federico Dallochio
After saving Fiona from the hands of mercenaries and beginning to heal from the loss of her team and her girlfriend Kay, Val has begun teaching at MIT. J.B.’s team of young scientists is eager to learn more about Val’s powers, but Val is less eager about being a “superhero.” But when a giant robot strikes the campus, well, what’s a genius scientist with superpowers to do? MAR181768

CATALYST PRIME SUMMIT Vol 1 TP $14.99 Page 399
Amy Chu and Jan Duursema, and various
It’s a long, hard road toward recovery. In the aftermath of The Event, Valentina “Val” Resnick Baker, the sole survivor of The Event space mission, is now haunted by the loss of her teammates and her girlfriend Kay. Val also discovers her survival had the shocking side effect of bestowing her with superpowers. While the rest of the world begins to move on, Val finds she still has a long road ahead of her. MAR181767


FRESH ROMANCE GN Vol 1 $24.99 Page 413
Kate Leth, Sally Ann Thompson, and various
The critically-acclaimed anthology Fresh Romance is finally available in print! Have you been wondering what the fuss is all about? Fresh Romance is an exciting collection of romance comics from some of comics’ most talented creators, including Kate Leth, Arielle Jovellanos, Sarah Vaughn, Sarah Winifred Searle, Sarah Kuhn, Marguerite Bennett, and Trungles. From unhappy historical marriages to covert teenage romances, there’s something for everyone in Fresh Romance. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181821

Christopher Sebela and Robert Wilson IV
Callie tried to go straight. She escaped both Mercer and the FBI to Canada. She got a new beau, a new job, and with the few years remaining on her borrowed heart, everything should be perfect. But Callie’s old life isn’t entirely done with her. As her old crew keeps robbing and sucks her back into the one thing she’s great at, Callie sets out to create a criminal empire of her own. MAR181796

Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susini
When Jutte Shelley and her squad get gunned down in an alley, the chances for survival don’t look good. And Jutte does join the rest of her squad in death–for a little while. But as a descendent of the Frankenstein family, it takes a lot more to kill Jutte than a couple rounds of bullets. Deciding to go back into the family business, Jutte takes a crack at resurrecting her crew, and if you don’t look too closely, you’d probably never know they used to be dead. Which, incidentally, is the perfect cover for trying to find the lowlifes who did them in. MAR181793

Katie O’Neill
From the award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After comes The Tea Dragon Society, a charming all-ages book that follows the story of Greta, a blacksmith apprentice, and the people she meets as she becomes entwined in the enchanting world of tea dragons. After discovering a lost tea dragon in the marketplace, Greta learns about the dying art form of tea dragon care-taking from the kind tea shop owners, Hesekiel and Erik. As she befriends them and their shy ward, Minette, Greta sees how the craft enriches their lives–and eventually her own. [OFFERED AGAIN] MAR181819


Tsuta Suzuki
Tsumugi Shirota is your typical high school student. He’s handsome, kind, and for some strange reason, surprisingly adept at household chores. On his sixteenth birthday, a rather unusual but special guest comes to meet him-Master Kurayori, the guardian deity of the Shirota household. Imagine Tsumugi’s surprise when he finds out this deity is also his fiance! MAR18191


SEA OF THIEVES #3 $3.99 Page 443
Jeremy Whitley and Rhoald Marcellius
Written by Jeremy Whitley and illustraded by Rhoald Marcellius. Follow two competing crews of pirates in this epic story based on the shared-world adventure multiplayer game from Rare! MAR181943


HEATHEN #8 $3.99 Page 480
Natasha Alterici
After a stormy night at sea ends in tragedy, Aydis is forced off the ship and must now face the open ocean alone. Elsewhere, Brynhild and Sigurd finally reach the Valkyrie castle, only to find it deserted of all but one belligerent goddess. [Resolicited] MAR182064

POWERLESS Vol 1 TP $15.99 Page 480
David M. Booher and Nathan Gooden
Billy Bannister lives in a world without superheroes. Not because powers don’t exist, but because everyone has them! After the outbreak of PRV, a virus that ripped away those abilities, Quarantine emerges to stop the spread. An elite agent, Billy is the last line of defense against contagion. But his loyalty is tested when the infection hits too close to home. Collects issues #1-4! MAR182067

VAGRANT QUEEN #1 $3.99 Page 480
Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith
Former child queen Elida was driven from her throne at age ten and forced to wander the galaxy, evading the revolutionary forces that wanted her dead. When an old frenemy claims to know the whereabouts of Elida’s long-lost mother, she is forced to return to her former kingdom and stage a rescue. Interstellar badassery by Eisner-nominated writer Magdelene Visaggion with artist Jason Smith. [This order code is for cover A with art by Natasha Alterici.] MAR182070

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