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LGBT Previews July 2015

Hiya! Here’s hoping your Memorial Day weekend was a blast or you and your home weren’t much affected by the torrential rains and storms in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Here’s your July list of comics, trades, and graphic novels to check out! Use this as a guide and maybe you’ll find something different and interesting! DC gets back to its new, regular schedule post Convergence while Marvel is still in the middle of its Battleworld and I’m going to enjoy Runaways while it’s back! Two trades that make me squee are Bitch Planet from Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro (Image) and Dustin Harbin’s Diary Comics (Koyama Press).

We’d love if you use this link when you buy any of Amazon’s gazillion items on its site because that little action means a small commission for being an Amazon affiliate, all of which goes to supporting this site and its new contributors. You can bookmark it, too! Pretty please! Thank you!
Gay League’s Amazon Affiliate Linkie Thing

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit to Andy Mangels whose idea this is originally.


RACHEL RISING #35 $3.99 Page 256
Terry Moore
Rachel finds herself at the mercy of a madman, but what worries her most is the ethereal figure watching her from the shadows. Rachel has seen her before but they’ve never met. She is Ma Malai, the angel of death, and she’s come for Rachel.


Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz, annd various
History is in the making in this epic finale to the acclaimed series Life With Archie, as America’s most beloved character makes the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend. The unthinkable happens: Archie Andrews dies! Fans will experience an epic tale of Archie’s future sure to make headlines, generate discussion and stand as one of the most-talked about Archie stories of all time. Do not miss this game-changing tale of love, friendship and true heroism.
The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated


PROVIDENCE #3 $4.99 Page 283
Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
In this super-sized, ad-free, third issue, Alan Moore continues to re-define horror in this amazing tome of Lovecraftian influenced nightmares. Providence is an amazing and unique work where Moore has written every cover, every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date. In this issue, “A Lurking Fear”, Robert Black visits the Bogg’s Refinery in Salem and is introduced to some most peculiar-looking local folks. And a few denizens with very bad intentions. Available with Regular, Pantheon, Portrait, Dreamscape Wraparound, Women of HPL, and a special Ancient Tome Incentive cover, all by collaborator Jacen Burrows. [Moore talked about making main character Robert Black a gay man.]


BRAVEST WARRIORS #34 $3.99 Page 310
Kate Leth and Ian McGinty
Ian McGinty, Jina Noh Kate Leth and Ian McGinty bring three years of Bravest Warriors comics to a close with their most epic story arc yet!

clarence2CLARENCE #2 $3.99 Page 309
Liz Prince and Evan Palmer
After Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo learn about earthworms in class, they dig up Clarence’s backyard to find some. But Jeff freaks out, afraid of being buried alive in one of the freshly dug holes!

THE FICTION #2 $3.99 Page 299
Curt Pires and David Rubin
Max and Kassie delve into the Fiction for the first time in years in search of Tyler, only to find that the place that was once filled with the magic of childhood has become warped, corrupted, and filled with dangers they might not be able to survive. [Pires is the writer of the recently finished Mayday from Black Mask which had an LGBT character.]

LUMBERJANES #16 $3.99 Page 308
Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, and Brooke Allen
Which side does Jen choose, Abigail or Rosie?! While Abigail tries to lure a monster out so she can kill it (which is all kinds of crazy), Jen goes to the bearwoman for help.

POWER UP #1 $3.99 Page 300
Kate Leth and Matt Cummings
New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth and artist Matt Cummings create a new, original series that takes the magical girl story where it’s never, ever been before. Combining a deep love of Sailor Moon with the tongue-in-cheek humor of Scott Pilgrim, Power Up is the story of the most unlikely people (and goldfish) taking on the roles of Magical Girl, whether they want it or not. It has been foretold that four noble warriors of incredible strength would be gifted with cosmic abilities at a moment of planetary alignment…which, yeah, something definitely went wrong here. Amie is a disaffected twentysomething with a lot of attitude, Kevin is a washed-up athlete way past his prime, Sandy’s a mother of two teenagers, and Silas…is a goldfish. Just a normal goldfish. Are we sure we read that prophecy right?

STEVEN UNIVERSE Vol 1 TP $14.99 Page 304
Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle
The Steven Universe animated series captured our hearts almost immediately. We’ve been fans of Rebecca Sugar’s from her work on Adventure Time for years and as the first lady to run her own show at Cartoon Network, we couldn’t wait to collaborate with her. Fans of Adventure Time and Sailor Moon are gonna dig this series! Steven Universe is just your normal everyday Beach City citizen, who is anything but normal! Join Steven as he learns how to save the day with the help of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, discovering what it means to be a great friend and an even better neighbor. Written by Jeremy Sorese and illustrated by Coleman Engle, Steven Universe explores the magical world of the hit Cartoon Network show with all-new adventures sure to make your gem shine. Collects issues #1-4.
Steven Universe Vol. 1

ufology4UFOLOGY #4 $3.99 Page 305
James Tynion IV and Noah Yuenkel
As Malcolm recalls a fond memory of his long-gone mother, he and Becky bond and finally team up to investigate the alien technology he found the night before. But someone is wise to their activities and looks to remove them from the equation

THE WOODS #14 $3.99 Page 306
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
Karen goes deeper into the uncharted part of the woods, where even Nigel has never fully explored. He doesn’t know what kind of wildlife she might encounter there, but it becomes clear there are more dangerous things than creatures waiting for her in the wilderness


ANGEL AND FAITH SEASON 10 #16 $3.50 Page 71
Victor Gischler and Cliff Richards
While Angel is stateside, Faith is suddenly the go-to adviser for London’s Magic Town police detective. She enlists Fred to help scope out a situation, and the girls stumble onto some teenage vampires at Cuthbert Prep. Who better to delve further into the situation–from the inside–than a vampire slayer?

BUFFY SEASON 10 #17 $3.50 Page 70
Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs
Tensions are on the rise as the gang goes in search of an ancient enemy–Archaeus. Split into teams, Angel and Xander are able to connect over themes of betrayal and love lost, while Buffy pushes Spike to keep his insecurities in check. But they quickly discover there are much more dangerous things to battle as they close in on the demon lord.

Christos Gage, Nicholas Brendon, Rebekah Isaacs, andMegan Levens
The romantic scene for Buffy and friends amps up in unexpected ways. But personal lives are soon put aside to deal with demons, both real and intangible. Spike struggles with vivid dreams of murder, and Buffy journeys into his mind, discovering the terrifying new face of evil . . . Collects Buffy Season 10 #11-#15.
Buffy: Season Ten Volume 3 Love Dares You (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Wendy Pini and Richard Pini
Ten years have passed. The Palace of the High Ones returns as the centerpiece of a grand celebration in Cutter’s holt. In the midst of it all, every relationship fans have cherished or wished for will be tested. New faces appear; joinings and partings abound–but whose, when, why, and at what price?

MULAN: REVELATIONS #2 $3.99 Page 50
Marc Andreyko and Micha Kaneshiro
With her ancient ancestral power awakened, Mulan now enters a fierce struggle against the dark forces that wish to oppress her country’s people! But in order to preserve a delicate cosmic balance, the omnipotent immortals may be forced to intercede!

tomorrows1THE TOMORROWS #1 $3.99 Page 43
Curt Pires and Jason Copland
They told you the counterculture was dead. They were wrong. Welcome to the new reality. A bold new speculative-fiction comic from the mind of writer Curt Pires, with each issue illustrated by a different brilliant artist! The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutal–unless the Tomorrows can stop it. [Pires wrote the May Day mini that featured a transgender character, published by Black Mask.]

Paul Tobin and Joe Querio
The crew of the Prophet begin to turn on each other as the Fox Mother’s mystical illusions lead them to their fate. Now even Geralt is forced to question what is reality and what is just the fantastic projection of the scorned she-beast!


ACTION #42 $23.99 Page 111
Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
The Superman epic you never expected – “Truth” continues! Who will stand by Clark Kent? [Greg Pak is added to the list after I noticed he became a backer of Geeks Out’s Flame Con Kickstarter.]

ARROW SEASON 2.5 #10 $2.99 Page 96
Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett, and Craig Yeung
Oliver returns to Lian Yu! Featuring special guest-star Slade Wilson – a.k.a. Deathstroke! [Making the list because Guggenheim contributed to Northwest Press’ anti bullying comic listed below.]

BATGIRL #42 $2.99 Page 115
Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and Babs Tarr
Batgirl can barely hold her own in combat against the new Batman… so what happens when Livewire joins the fight with the intention of taking them both out?

BATGIRL ANNUAL #3 $4.99 Page 115
Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and Bengal
On her latest mission, Batgirl finds herself mixing it up with Helena Bertinelli of Spyral…but who is the mysterious Spyral agent who seems to be one step ahead of her at every turn without ever showing his face? She’s determined to crack this mystery – but Grayson is just as determined not to get caught! Plus: Batgirl visits Gotham Academy – and there are plenty of surprises in store for her!

BATMAN ’66 #25 $3.99 Page 119
Jeff Parker, Gabe Soria, Jesse Hamm, and Ty Templeton
Driven mad by the Clown Prince of Crime’s “Joker Wave,” The Joker’s former prison doctor enters the Caped Crusader’s Rogues Gallery as The Harlequin! Then, a team of Batman’s greatest enemies takes over an advertising agency to create a new public image for themselves. But the agency has a new temp working for them…none other than Barbara Gordon, young daughter of Gotham City’s police commissioner! [Okay, I’m including this title for the sheer camp factor of the TV series and how much it has meant to gay guys over the years even though probably won’t be any overtly LGBT characters or themes.]

BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #22 $2.99 Page 113
Greg Pak and Ardian Syaf
The Superman epic you never expected – “Truth” continues! Can Superman accept the truth about his new partner? Featuring the all-new Batman!

CATWOMAN #42 $2.99 Page 117
Genevieve Valentine and David Messina
Everything Selina Kyle accomplished as both crime boss and Catwoman is about to be ruined when Stephanie Brown makes a guest appearance!

constantine2CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER #2 $2.99 Page 90
Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV, and Riley Rossmo
Obviously there’s no such thing as an atheist on Facebook. If they didn’t believe in god, they wouldn’t be on Facebook every day trying to convince themselves he doesn’t exist. Can you say guilty conscience. My favorite is when atheists claim to celebrate Christmas and Easter as pagan holidays!!!

Ray Fawkes and Jeremy Haun
Trapped on a dying world, John will have to pull off the most daring escape of his life if he’s going to survive! And on Earth-2, he’s faced with the pressure of having something worth fighting for: his family! Plus: It’s hate at first sight when Constantine meets his Earth-2 counterpart. Collects issues #18-23.
Constantine Vol. 4: The Apocalypse Road (The New 52)

DETECTIVE #42 $2.99 Page 117
Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelllato
The all-new Batman tries to find his place in Gotham City! But how can he manage his already uneasy relationship with the GCPD? [Renee Montoya is back!]

EARTH TWO: SOCIETY #2 $2.99 Paage 93
Daniel S Wilson and Jorge Jimenez
After the shocking assassination of one of Earth-2’s most prominent leaders, humanity’s survivors struggle to believe their world can last. Can even Superman help build a society better than their previous world?

FLASH #42 $2.99 Page 94
Robert Vendetti, Van Jenson, and Brett Booth
Things go from bad to crazy bad when Barry is forced to deal with both Professor Zoom and his father’s unexpected escape from prison! [Ca[tain Singh and Hartley Rathaway are a couple. Rathaway hasn’t appeared in some time though.]

FLASH SEASON ZERO #10 $2.99 Page 95
Andrew Kreisberg, Kai Yu Wu an Lauren Cento
When an astronaut turned metahuman becomes obsessed with Caitlin Snow, The Flash must protect her from the confused monster wielding a powerful cosmic energy! [Making the list because Andy Mientus’ playing Pied Piper in the TV show and I suspect Piper and Captain Singh will be featured in the comic adaptation.]

GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #7 42.99 Page 120
Ray Fawkes and Juan Ferrerya
The responsibilities of the Midnight Shift can take its toll on even the bravest. What trials has Lt Weaver endured an has he reached his breaking point?

Ray Fawkes and Christian Duce
Get set for a tale of love and vengeance in this centuries-old mystery for the Midnight Shift – and the Gentlemen Ghost!

Ray Fawkes and Juan Ferrerya
Spinning out of Batman Eternal, these stories from issues #1-5 of the new series star Jim Corrigan as he leads a group of very unlikely detectives against supernatural forces in Gotham City! But when an Internal Affairs officer starts looking into their work, it may take divine intervention to keep him alive! And how long can Corrigan keep The Spectre at bay?
Gotham By Midnight Vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep (The New 52)

GRAYSON #10 $2.99 Page 122
Tom King, Tim Seeley, and Mikel Janin
For the first time since FOREVER EVIL, Dick Grayson comes face-to-face with Lex Luthor!

greenlostarmy2GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY #2 42.99 Page 127
Cullen Bunn and Jesus Saiz
John Stewart and a small group of Green Lanterns find themselves lost and far from home! Now, they’re going to have to team up with one of their greatest enemies to find a way back where they belong. [Bunn teases an LGBT character in this Advocate article. ]

MIDNIGHTER #2 $2.99 Page 101
Steve Orlando and ACO
Marina Lucas woke up this morning as a suburban martial-arts instructor…but when God Garden tech unexpectedly falls into her lap, she’ll end the day as the deadliest woman on the planet! That’s bad news for her – and worse for the Midnighter!

SECRET SIX #4 $2.99 Page 108
Gail Simone and Ken Lashley
How did six deadly assassins end up in suburbia? Still being hunted, Big Shot decides that Gotham City is too hot for them. So he decides they need to lie low in the land of picket fences and freshly cut lawns. What could go wrong?

SINESTRO #13 $2.99 Page 127
Cullen Bunn, Brad Walker, and Andrew Hennessy
Allegiances shift and rings are traded as Sinestro’s army begins to expand in the absence of the Green Lantern Corps. [Cullen Bunn wrote Dez Trevius’ back story in Sinestro annual #2 to show he’d been romantically involved with another man from his home world.]

TEEN TITANS #10 $2.99 Page 102
Will Pfeiffer and Kenneth Rocafort
The hunt is over and the battle begins as Wonder Girl and Power Girl’s new team catches up with the Titans to bring Superboy to justice.

Will Pfeiffer, Kenneth Rocafort, and Scott Hepburn
Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker and Beast Boy step out of the shadows to offer bold, sometime dangerous ideas on how to protect a world full of superpowered teenagers – any one of whom could be a hero or villain! But can they control their own presence on social media? And what is S.T.A.R. Labs’ interest in the new team? Find out in these stories from issues #1-7!
Teen Titans Vol. 1: Blinded by the Light (The New 52)

ASTRO CITY #25 $3.99 Page 140
Kurt Busiek and Jesus Merino
It’s an Honor Guard spotlight with guest artist Jesus Merino: Blessed from birth by powerful forces, Hummingbird’s young life has practically been a fairy tale. But charmed lives come with hidden curses – and her curse may just prove fatal. Luckily, she’s not fighting it alone. Guest-starring Cleopatra, Starwoman, Mermaid, Greymalkin and the other women of Honor Guard. [A trans character was featured in #16 and a gay couple shown in #13.]

FABLES: THE WOLF AMONG US #7 $3.99 Page 143
Matthew Sturges, Dave Justs, Stephen Sadowski, Shawn McManus, and Travis Moore
Room 207 at the Open Arms Hotel is sealed shut – just like the lips of anyone who might know what went down in there. But when a high-status Fable turns up at that low-class joint, well, people are gonna talk. And back in 17th-century Salem, a bizarre love triangle seems to be pointed straight for the gallows. Bigby’s learned some harsh lessons about power, corruption, and lies…now it’s time for the final exam!

FAIREST: WIDE AWAKE Vol 1 TP $14.99 Page 146
Bill Willingham and Phil Jimenez
The first 6-issue tale follows the misadventures of Briar Rose immediately after the events of Fables #107(collected in Fables Volume 16: Super Team), in which she was stolen away by the goblin army. Following this first collection, Willingham will serve as a consultant on all story arcs and introduce new writers from other mediums to the Fables mythos. [Re-offered] Fairest Vol. 1: Wide Awake


RED SONJA #1973 $7.99 Page 325
Gail Simone, Roy Thomas, Cullen Bunn, Eric Trautman, and Luke Lieberman
Since her fearless debut in 1973, the She-Devil with a Sword has redefined the fantasy genre thanks to the efforts of acclaimed writers including Gail Simone, Roy Thomas, Luke Lieberman, and Eric Trautmann, and Gail SImone! Joined by first-time Sonja writer Cullen Bunn and a handful of amazing artists, these titanic talents each contribute tales of derring-do to this supersized, action-packed anthology. Everyone’s favorite red-tressed heroine battles monsters, rivals, and ne’er-do-wells in Hyborian adventures retro-tinted to capture the flavor of her classic comics era!

swordsofsorrow3SWORDS OF SORROW #3 $3.99 Page 331
Gail Simone and Sergio Davila
The genre-busting, time-hopping epic heroine crossover continues! In the midst of WWII, reluctant allies Miss Fury and the Black Sparrow are joined by an epic host of heroines from different worlds and eras to fight an invasion taking place right on Broadway! Featuring Red Sonja, Eva (the daughter of Dracula), Lady Zorro, Red Sonja, and more! Don’t miss the funnest, bawdiest, sword-slingingest crossover event ever!


IN THE WALNUT Vol 1 $12.95 Page 337
Toko Kawai
This is the story of Nakai, a filmmaking apprentice, and Tanizaki, the owner of the art gallery In the Walnut. The two of them have been friendly since their days studying art at university, and now their friendship is giving way to a burgeoning relationship. It’s hard to get a grip on ordinary Tanizaki, and in reality there’s another side to him — a con man side… ! Touko Kawai provides a prescription for love in her latest popular series!

OUR EVERLASTING Vol 1 $12.95 each Page 337
Toko Kawai
For beach bum Horyu, it’s more than the surf’s that’s up. He has just confessed his undying love to the timid and quiet Shouin. Though Shouin feels the same, he is reluctant to return Horyu’s affections. Unknown to Horyu, Shouin already had his heart broken and — as the saying goes — once bitten, twice shy. It looks like Horyu will wipe out on this one, unless he can convince Shouin that he won’t ever go through the same heartache twice.

OUR EVERLASTING Vol 2 $12.95 each Page 337
Toko Kawai
Up and above, over and under… like the rolling waves of an ocean goes the love of these two boys. Surfer Houryu is riding high, swept up by the passion he feels for the timid Shouin. But no ride is ever smooth, not even this one. The boys’ relationship seems headed for a wipe out as a rival for Shouin’s affections shows up in the form of Nanami, a sophisticated and openly gay post-graduate student. And amidst all that, Shouin’s insecurities are brought to the fore when his inability to give Horyu children is painfully pointed out.


berlin19BERLIN #19 $5.95 Page 349
Jason Lutes
The spring of 1932 brings about big changes for everyone, Jew and Gentile, communist and nationalist. Silvia Braun, rescued from the streets by the Schwartz family, can no longer tolerate the harsh rules of the family patriarch, and sets out on her own. Anna, Marthe’s lover, is in a deep funk after a disastrous confrontation with Nazis. The ties that bind together Marthe, Anna, and Kurt fray beyond repair, leaving Marthe struggling to figure out her path. Carl von Ossietzky, Kurt’s editor, is sent to prison on charges of high treason and espionage. On every front, the storm clouds are gathering.

BERLIN #18 $5.95 Page 349
Jason Lutes
A new chapter of Berlin: City of Light, the final volume of Jason Lutes’ epic trilogy. Confronted by the hatred and fear that has begun to seep through the cracks in the Weimar Republic, Kurt Severing retreats into drink and despondency. Across the city, Silvia Braun has fallen in with a gang of young Communists, who are dumbstruck when she single-handedly attacks two Nazis in the street. Meanwhile, the idyllic nocturnal escapades of Marthe Muller and Anna Albrecht are shattered by a police raid on one of their favorite nightclubs, which leaves their relationship in ruins.

Jason Lutes
Berlin: City of Stones presents the first part of Jason Lutes’ captivating trilogy, set in the twilight years of Germany’s Weimar Republic. Kurt Severing, a journalist, and Marthe Muller, an art student, are the central figures. City of Stones covers eight months in Berlin, from September 1928 to May Day, 1929, meticulously documenting the hopes and struggles of its inhabitants as their future is darkened by a glowing shadow.
Berlin: City of Stones: Book One (Part 1)

Jason Lutes
The people of Weimar Berlin search for answers after the lethal May Day demonstration of 1929. Tension builds along with the dividing wall between communists and nationalists, Jews and gentiles, as the dawn of the Second World War draws closer. The lives of the characters within Lutes’s epic weave together to create a seamless portrait of this transitory city. Marthe Muller follows lover Kurt Severing as he interviews participants in the May Day demonstration, but moonlights in the city’s lesbian nightlife. Lutes creates a sense of anxiety and imminent doom.
Berlin Book Two: City of Smoke (Bk. 2)

Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories made her one of the most beloved Scandinavian authors of the 20th-century. Jansson’s whimsical tales of Moominvalley resonate with children for their light-hearted spirit, and with adults for their incisive commentary on the banality of everyday life. Drawn & Quarterly celebrates the centenary of Jansson’s birth with Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, a slipcased, hardcover collection of the complete Tove Jansson-penned Moomin comic strip, replete with all of her most popular storylines and original pencil sketches. The volume celebrates the classic comics the world adores, and will feature essays about Tove’s work on the Moomin strip.
Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition


EDWARD SCISSORHANDS #10 $3.99 Page 172
Kate Leth and Drew Rausch
Whole Again concludes, as Edward realizes that only he can rescue his new friends, even though it might mean sacrificing his best chance to be “normal.” But what’s normal, really?

infiniteloop4THE INFINITE LOOP #4 $3.99 Page 184
Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier
Teddy confronts her archenemy: her former boss, Tina, and launches a series of unprecedented temporal attacks to force Tina from her hideout, putting the safety of the world at risk!

JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #5 3.99 Page 181
Kelly Thompson and Sophia Campbell
A disaster at the Hologramfirst live show nearly ends JEM’s music career before it starts! Now Kimber learns who’s behind the dangerous “accident”… and she’s out for revenge.


Looks like Image decided not to write solicitation copy except for the few new books and trades debuting in July. Yay. Hey, now’s your lucky chance to catch up on Bitch Planet from Kelly Sue for the low intro price of $9.99!

Kelly Sue Deconnick, Valentine De Landro, Robert Wilson Iv, and Taki Soma
Eisner Award-nominated writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro present the premiere volume Bitch Planet, their critically acclaimed and deliciously vicious sci-fi satire. Think Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Basterds. Discussion guide included. Collects issues #1-5
Bitch Planet Volume 1

JUPITER’S CIRCLE #4 $3.60 Pages 221, 233
Mark Millar and Davide Gianfelice
Issues #2 and 3 featured one of the male heroes leading a closted double life and being blackmailed.

kaptara4KAPTARA #4 $3.50 Page 230
Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod
The main character is gay.

MORNING GLORIEs #49 $3.50 Page 228
Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
Jun and Guillaume seem to have a complicated relationship. Spencer talks about it briefly in this Newsarama interview.

NO MERCY #4 $2.99 Page 222
Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil
NO LGBT character or content as of #2 which is out when this is written. McNeil is very much an LGBT ally.

PISCES #4 $3.99 Page 231 $+& 5
Kurtis J Wiebe and Johnnie Christmas
Written by the same guy who writes Rat Queens.

RAT QUEENS #13 $3.99 Page 228
Kurtis J Wiebe and Stepjan Sejic
Betty, one of the Rat Queens, is lesbian. Won a GLAAD award.

SAGA #30 $2.99 Page 225
Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples
Nominated for a GLAAD award. Izabel, one of the supporting characters, is lesbian. And a ghost.

TREES #11 $2.99 Page 229
Warren Ellis and Jason Howard
One of the characters is transgender.

wickeddivine12WALKING DEAD #144 $2.99 Page 226
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
One of the men who was half of a gay couple was spoilers! Also, two other gay people in the cast.

WICKED & DIVINE #12 $3.50 Page 223
Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Kate Brown, an Matt Wilson
It’s written by Gillen. Something or someone is going to be queer.


Marcel Proust, Stephane Heuet, and various
Whether you are looking to brush up or sample for the first time, this graphic adaptation of In Search of Lost Time is the perfect introduction to Marcel Proust’s masterpiece. Proust’s oceanic novel In Search of Lost Time looms over twentieth-century literature as one of the greatest, yet most endlessly challenging literary experiences. Now, the French illustrator Stephane Heuet re-presents Proust in graphic form for anyone who has always dreamed of reading him but was put off by the sheer magnitude of the undertaking. This graphic adaptation reveals the fundamental architecture of Proust’s work while displaying a remarkable fidelity to his language as well as the novel’s themes of time, art, and the elusiveness of memory.
In Search of Lost Time: Swann’s Way: A Graphic Novel

diarycomicsKOYAMA PRESS

DIARY COMICS GN $15.00 Page 371
Dustin Harbin
Since 2010, Dustin Harbin has been sporadically documenting the ups and downs and sideways of his life in comic form. From their humble beginnings as a sketchbook exercise documenting the quotidian, oftentimes with hilarious results, Harbin’s Diary Comics have grown into quirky existential examinations of life and living.


1602 WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #2 $3.99 Page 41
Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett, Stephanie Hans, and Marguerite Sauvage
“In which wicked somethins this way come” The hunt is on! The Faustians have made their deal with the Devil — er, Enchantress — but Angela isn’t going to take that lying down, is she? No, not by her psychic ribbons and very, very pointy weapons, no, she is not. Out into the wilds of the countryside, Angela and Sera collide with a wandering caravan of ne’er-do-well performers. (Hint: their name starts with a “G” and ends with an “Y” and has an “Uardians of the Galax” in the middle.) Pagan rites, dubious ethics, a deadly curse, and Kieron and Irene Koh being up to no good – who can resist the lure of the Faustians?

aforce3A-FORCE #3 $3.99 Page 44
Marguerite Bennett, G Willow Wilson, and Jorge Molina
She-Hulk has violated the most sacred rule of Battleworld and now A-Force is on the run from the planet’s protectors: The Thor Corps! And while trying to prove her innocence, She-Hulk discovers

that one of her own may have engineered her downfall… [Hey, it’s got Miss America from Young Avengers in it!]

Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett, Phil Jimenez, and Stephanie Hans
All her life, Angela — finest warrior of the Tenth Realm of Heven — was raised to hate Asgard with every fiber of her being. But Angela has learned the truth about her identity: She is Thor’s sister. She is an Asgardian. Now, cast out of her home, Angela must strike out on her own! But how does she become the guardian of a demonic child? Why do both Asgard and Heven want it so badly? And how does Loki fit in? Pursued by Asgardian warriors, Angela and her charge cross the Realms from Earth to Vanaheim, and even travel to outer space, where her teammates the Guardians of the Galaxy lend a hand. But she soon sees no other option than an invasion of her own homeland — that’s right, Angela must fight her way into Heven! Collecting issues #1 – 6.
Angela: Asgard’s Assassin Vol. 1: Priceless (Angela: Asgard’s Assasin)

FUTURE IMPERFECT #3 $3.99 Page 57
Peter David and Greg Land
Come at the Maetro, you best not miss!!! The Thing captured? Layla Miller knows stuff…like how to infiltrate MAESTRO’S keep! But can RUBY SUMMERS and her rebels trust Layla at all? [There’s a possibility that Peter David may use Rictor and Shatterstar here.]

KORVAC SAGA #2 $3.99 Page 66
Dan Abnett and Otto Schmidt
As Lord Michael Korvac handles a crucial peace summit with his rival, the Wonder Man Simon Williams, Korvac’s loyal Guardians struggle to find the source of the madness plaguing the kingdom.  The truth is closer to home than anyone could have realized, and the revelation will shake the kingdom to its foundations. [Moondragon should appear here since she appeared in the original. She was shown as straight back then, so it’s uncertain how she’ll be in this Secret Wars tie in.]

LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD #16 $3.99 Page 8
Al Ewing and Lee Garbett
The final hours of Asgard build to their cosmic climax! Will King Loki succeed? Can the Gods survive? Is there any hope at all? And are we ever going to reveal what happened to AAAH AAAAAH! Who the heck is that on the cover!

runawaysnew2RUNAWAYS #2 $3.99 Page 17
Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene
Final Exam Day at Battleworld’s Institute for Gifted Youths! Of course, Battleworld’s equivalent of a final exam is a brutal deathmatch between students! But don’t worry, y’all, Molly Hayes has totally got this. No matter what Jubilee says about her being too young or “in way over her head.” She’s frickin’ Princess Powerful!

SECRET WARS JOURNAL #3 $3.99 Page 25
Scott Aukerman, Frank Tieri, Richard Isanove, and RB Silva
Follow psychologist Doc Samson as he tries to bring personal growth and inner peace to a land of rage a holic HULKS! Frank Tiere and Richard Isanove bring you a tale of murder and mayhem in the mighty Marvel Noir style! Will Wolverine discover a prominent citizen’s murder…or be the next victim?! The sevretist, warriest book around! Go ahead, name a contender. No! Yu’re wrong! But we love you anyways! [A possibility of a Wiccan and Hulking appearance.]

SQUADRON SINISTER #2 $3.99 Page 48
Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco
It’s the Squadron Sinister vs. the Frightful Four for control over the “Combat” Domain of Battleworld. Which group of villains will be the ones to take out the Howling Commandos, the Leatherneck Raiders, and the Deadly Dozen? And what’s up with that Starbrand army? [Making the list because Guggenheim contributed to Northwest Press’ anti bullying comic listed below.]

For the fun of it, how about….
Ryan North, Steve Ditko, Will Murray, and Erica Henderson
Doctor Doom, Deadpool, even Thanos: There’s one hero who’s beaten them all — and now she’s starring in her own series! That’s right, it’s Squirrel Girl! The nuttiest and most upbeat super hero in the world is starting college! And as if meeting her new roommate and getting to class on time isn’t hard enough, now she has to deal with Kraven the Hunter, too? At least her squirrel friend Tippy-Toe is on hand to help out. But what can one girl, and one squirrel, do when a hungry Galactus heads toward Earth? You’d be surprised! With time running out and Iron Man lending a helping hand (sort of), who will win in the battle between the Power Cosmic and the Power Chestnut? Plus: Squirrel Girl’s classic debut! Collecting issues #1-4 and material from Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #8.
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1: Squirrel Power

X-TINCTION AGENDA #2 $3.99 Page 60
Marc Guggenheim and Carmine Di Giandomenico
The Secret Wars sequel to the landmark inaugural X-Crossover continues! In desperate need of a cure for their people, Havok, Wolfsbane and the Press Gang have invaded X-City. As old friends become new enemies, the war to save Genosha from extinction is on! [Preview art has revealed that Rictor, Anole, Greymalkin, Mystique and Karma are all part of the cast.]


STUMPTOWN #7 Vol 3 $3.99 Page 380
Greg Rucka and Justin Greenwood
“The Case of a Cup of Joe,” Part two, Dex is in possession of $30,000 dollars worth of coffee beans. It gets weirder from there.


meanwhile4MEANWHILE…. #4 $7.95 page 389
Gary Spencer Millidge and Various
Meanwhile… #4 features a brand new, self-contained strip by the inimitable Darryl Cunningham, who also provides the cover for the issue. As you’d expect we’ll be offering up our deluxe trio of continuing series, with all-new episodes of Yuko Rabbit’s 10 Minutes, The Bad Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford, and the fourth installment of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge. [I understand Strangehaven has featured a gay shaman.]


LOVE STAGE!! Vol 2 $12.99 Page 390
Eiki Eiki
Izumi Sena is an average guy born into a family of famous celebrities. A college student and total otaku, he works hard every day with the goal of someday becoming a manga creator. But right now, he’s somehow found himself stuck doing a commercial with popular actor Ryoma Ichijo. To make matters worse, Ryoma makes the situation even more awkward by professing his undying love. Izumi tries to convince him they should first start out as friends, but somehow things get more intimate. Has the romance flag finally been raised?


Fumi Yoshinaga
A hard-working middle-aged gay couple in Tokyo come to enjoy the finer moments of life through food. After long days at work, either in the law firm or the hair salon, Shiro and Kenji will always have down time together by the dinner table, where they can discuss their troubles, hash out their feelings and enjoy delicately prepared home cooked meals!

May 27, 2020
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