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LGBT Previews January 2018 Part 2

The number one comic that has me most excited is Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles from Mark Russell and Mike Feehan. Russell is known for his brand of witty satire that was most recently on display in comics with the Flintstones and Prez before that. Other exciting comics too! Simone and Staggs’ Crosswinds gets a trade and Marjorie Liu’s Monstress returns, both from Image. Oh, hey! You. Yes, you! Have you missed seeing Stephen Sadowski’s art in comics? You need to get The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson then! Marc Andreyko is writing it too! Find it under Image! Avengers makes the list at least for the short term as several Avengers teams are collapsed into a weekly storyline. Why include it? Well, beloved minor character Living Lightning (or is it just Lightning now?) returns and Dr Toni Ho and Pod (whose new code name escapes me now) from Al Ewing’s US Avengers are certain to appear too. But the downside is $16 a month to follow the whole story. James Robinson is writing George Perez’s much beloved Vanessa Kapatelis into Wonder Woman’s Rebirth continuity. Being a slave to continuity isn’t something I’m known for (hey, we got a compelling Holly Robinson in Catwoman) but something tells me this is a potential train wreck. And Phil Jimenez did some of the art for an issue of Scooby Apocalypse!

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and indies is here!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list!

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Joss Whedon, Karl Moline, and various
Creator Joss Whedon’s official sequel to Season 7 of the television series continues in this second of two volumes that contain the entirety of the Chosen One’s eighth season of fighting demons and dark forces to save the world and all of mankind. Collects Buffy Season 8 Library HC volume 3 and volume 4 with out sketchbook materials, includes all series covers (Buffy S8 #21-#40, Riley one-shot “Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin,” “Harmony Bites” shorts from MDHP #18, “Harmony Comes to the Nation” short from MDHP #25, “Vampy Cat Play Friend” short from MDHP #19, and the HARM magazine feature. NOV170024

Wendy Pini and Richard Pini
The penultimate issue in the ultimate Elfquest series! His forces decimated by Cutter’s fierce warrior tribe, the fanatical human commander presses on, risking all to destroy the elves in their forest lair. Lives are lost on both sides. To stop the bloodshed, Cutter’s adopted human daughter Shuna risks more than even she realizes. Should she fail, the price will be war everlasting among the native humans, the elves, and the Djunsland invaders. Must Wolfrider chief Cutter, having fulfilled his bond with High One Timmain, now witness the utter destruction of all that has brought him to this fateful moment? NOV170044

Adam Warren and Carla Speed McNeil
Trapped in a high-school hellscape, can struggling superheroines Empowered and Sistah Spooky avoid dissection by giant, revenge-minded frogs in an infernal Biology class-and can they survive spell-powered bullying by sneering, school-uniformed sorceresses wielding hellishly abusive text messages and emoji as shockingly lethal magic weapons? NOV170036


BATGIRL #19 $3.99 Page 90
Hope Larson and Christian Wildgoose
When a massive blizzard hits Gotham City without warning, Batgirl must brave the bitter cold to discover the truth behind the storm. Is it an act of nature? Or is the Penguin up to no good? Find out in what promises to be a chilling metropolitan mystery for the ages! NOV170227

James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II
Batman and the Turtles go on the offensive in the belief that they can take Bane down while he’s weakened, due to a lack of Venom on the Turtles’ world. But that’s not true any more! The Turtles’ foe Baxter Stockman has found a way to reproduce the deadly substance that feeds Bane–which means the Dark Knight and the Heroes on a Half-Shell are in for the fight of their lives. NOV170237

BATWOMAN #11 $3.99 Page 93
Kate Perkins and Scott Godlewski
“Pygsty”! It’s the New Year, and Professor Pyg needs new Dollotrons for his latest artistic endeavor. As Batwoman tries to put her personal demons to bed, she must stop the madman from carving out his sick intentions. NOV170241

BLUE BEETLE #17 $3.99 Page 93
Christopher Sebela and Scott Kolins
“Road to Nowhere” finale! Blue Beetle faces off against the deadly Stopwatch, a man who uses time as a weapon to pull threats from the future and age the Scarab into dust. While Jaime fights for his life, his friends are left to fight for their own against Stopwatch’s unhinged minions, the Short Timers.NOV170235

BOMBSHELLS UNITED #9 & 10 $2.99 Page 97
Marguerite Bennett, Siya Oum, and Mirka Andolfo
Talia’s tour of the labyrinth has led Batwoman and Renee to a shock: the Cheetah reached the Lazarus Pits before they did! Now that revenge is at hand, can Renee and Kate find peace within their hearts instead? NOV170244

Before anyone can come to terms with what their enemy has revealed, the team and their temporary allies must cheat death by finding a way through the collapsing maze. NOV170245

DEATHSTROKE #27 $3.99 Page 99
Christopher Priest, Diogenes Nieves, and Jason Paz
“The Fall of Slade” part two! Father and son clash when Jericho flies to rescue Deathstroke from Jericho’s ex–the resurrected Dr. Ikon! Meanwhile, Terra is summoned to an ambush by the Forgotten, the deadly leader of the White Lotus, and worlds collide as the New Super-Man demands Deathstroke’s arrest! NOV170248

Christopher Priest, Denys Cowan, and Bill Sienkiewicz
“An Innocent Man”! Team Defiance is pushed to the edge of oblivion when one of their own ends up dead–and Deathstroke is to blame! Is this the end of Slade Wilson’s hero turn? It’s all been building to this–don’t miss the finale of “Defiance,” the events of which will lead Deathstroke down a shocking new path! NOV170250

DETECTIVE #972 & 973 $2.99 Page 102
James Tynion IV, Miguel Mendonca, Joe Bennett, and Diana Egea
“Fall Of The Batmen” part four! Batman might have overpowered the Victim Syndicate, but they had one last surprise for him: a secret weapon that’s made one of his strongest rogues nearly unstoppable!NOV170255

“Fall of the Batmen” finale! With the team in disarray and facing their most powerful adversary yet, Batwoman must make a critical battlefield choice–one with the power to shatter everything Batman has built! You’ll be talking about this issue for years to come! NOV170257

James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows
“Clay”! Here it is: the shocking, heartbreaking origin of Clayface, including his first conflict with Batman! Actor Basil Karlo was on the cusp of fame and fortune…the kind he had dreamed of through his painful childhood…until a accident robbed him of the good looks that took him to the top. But scars don’t make you a monster–only the darkness in your heart can do that–and in the wake of the accident, Karlo’s darkness is revealed! NOV170259

Mark Russell and Mike Feehan
It’s 1953. While the United States is locked in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union, the gay Southern playwright known as Snagglepuss is the toast of Broadway. But success has made him a target. As he plans for his next hit play, Snagglepuss becomes the focus of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. And when powerful forces align to purge show business of its most subversive voices, no one is safe! Drama! Humor! Tragedy! It all starts in Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1, a new miniseries from the writer who brought you the Flintstones. NOV170217

FLASH #38 & 39 $2.99 Page 103
Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, and Carmine Di Giandomenico
“A Cold Day in Hell” part finale! The Flash and an unlikely ally must discover who is behind the death of one of the Rogues before the murderer strikes again! But Flash is trapped inside of Iron Heights with one person blocking his exit: Captain Cold! [Captain Singh and Hartley Rathaway are a couple and make occasional appearances.] NOV170260

“The Perfect Storm” part one! In the 700th tale of the Flash, Barry Allen wants to make amends to the people he’s hurt, but Gorilla Grodd has other plans! If Grodd’s shocking attack on Central City wasn’t enough, the reason why–and how it connects to everything The Flash has faced since the Speed Force Storm–will rock our hero to his core…and change everything he thought he knew! NOV170262

FLASH ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page
Joshua Williamson and Christian Duce
“Flash War” prelude! The biggest Flash story of 2018 starts here, with a special story starring the classic Wally West, who’s conflicted over whether to let Iris West know he is alive–and he’ll need the help of the Flash to figure out what to do! But when Magenta, Wally’s old love, needs his help, the Flash returns home to Keystone City where he is confronted with violent memories of an unknown world…A major turning point for the Flash family that sets the path for earth shattering stories in 2018! NOV170264

GREEN LANTERNS #38 & 39 $2.99 Page 105
Tim Seeley, Carlo Barberi, and Ronan Cliquet
‘A World of Our Own’ part two! Hunting the trail of the man behind the string of murders on the planet Ungara, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz find the alien world thrown into utter chaos. Lines are drawn amongst the Ungaran people, and if the Green Lanterns can’t bring the villain to justice, Ungara may explode into violence! [During writer San Humphries run he included a Green Lantern who is lesbian. It’s uncertain if she continues to be in the cast.] NOV170268

“A World of Our Own” finale! Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz face down a Chimera monster as the conflict on Ungara comes to a head. With the power of a hundred alien races, this beast plans to wash Ungara and the Green Lanterns clean with a red tide of blood and violence. NOV170269

Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko, and Laura Braga
The Riverdale Vixens didn’t really need a makeover, but they’re getting one anyway, courtesy of a pair of super-villains masquerading as It girls. Well, Harley-as-Betty is up to no good for sure, but who knew Ivy would turn Veronica into a bookworm? And how are their counterparts faring in Gotham City? You may not want to know. NOV170279

HARLEY QUINN #35 & 36 $2.99 Page 107
Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda
“Man-Batter Up” part one! Harley’s in a dark, dark place after the hard right turn her life took…so when the citizens of Coney Island say it was a mysterious “bat” that kidnapped one of her friends, she is not going to take it lying down! NOV170275

“Man-Batter Up” part two! Harley was sure she knew who was targeting her friends–but man, was she wrong! Or should we say “Man-Bat, was she wrong!”? And if you thought Harley had anger issues before, wait until you see her juiced up with Man-Bat serum! NOV170277

HELLBLAZER #18 $3.99 Page 109
Richard Kadrey and Davide Fabbri
“The Bardo Score” finale! John Constantine’s latest foray into detective work is getting uglier every moment. Bodies are falling, there’s a gun pointed at him, and the
stupid grin on his face is ruining his studied air of detached cool. Can he con his way out of this one? NOV170281

IMMORTAL MEN #1 $2.99 Page 79
James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams
“The End Of Forever” part two! Following the destruction of their base of operations, the Immortal Men find themselves on the defensive! Their only hope rests with an emerging metahuman named Caden Park–but the evil Conquest has gotten to Caden first! Will the remaining few battle-ravaged Immortal Men be able to rescue their young would-be savior? And what connection do Caden’s tactile telepathic abilities have to the survival of humanity? NOV170205

INJUSTICE 2 #17 & 18 $2.99 Page
Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Xermanico, and Dale Keown
Harley Quinn and Lucy pay a visit to Harley’s sister, leading to an encounter between Harley and Poison Ivy. Plus, tensions grow between Gorilla Grodd and Solovar over Ra’s al Ghul’s plans. Meanwhile, Professor Ivo unleashes his weapon of mass destruction: Amazo! NOV170283

Batman discovers more heroes he can recruit in the battle against Ra’s al Ghul, but first he’s going to have to rescue them from the Phantom Zone. That means a trip to the abandoned Fortress of Solitude–which may not be as free of occupants as Batman thought. NOV170284

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #22 & 23 $2.99 Page 112
Steve Orlando, Neil Edwards, and Daniel Henriques
“Queen of Fables” part one! The Might Beyond the Mirror, the great threat that Batman assembled the Justice League of America to stop, has finally arrived in the form of the Queen of Fables. With her reality-warping power, her intent is to take over the real world and the imaginary and rule over everything–and without Batman, does the Justice League stand a chance against her? Or will reality crumble at the Queen’s whim? NOV170290

“Queen of Fables” part two! The Queen of Fables has begun granting the wishes of everyone across the globe, and with each wish granted, her powers grow greater. The Justice League has to police people’s dangerous wishes while one of their own, Killer Frost, has her greatest wish granted by the Queen. NOV170292

NIGHTWING #36 & 37 $2.99 Page 115
Sam Humphries, Bernard Chang, and Klaus Janson
“The Untouchables: Relentless”! Bodies are piling up in Bludhaven! Tracking down the killer will lead Nightwing into a web of corruption and intrigue–and put him in the crosshairs! Dick Grayson’s greatest cold case is coming back to haunt him, and if he doesn’t solve it this time, it could destroy everything he’s built in his adopted hometown. NOV170299

“The Unouchables: Ruthless”! Nightwing’s investigation leads him to a former costumed crimefighter and ally! In a special flashback issue illustrated by superstar artist Klaus Janson, Dick Grayson will revisit his time as Robin and see if his past mistakes are the key to the mystery he must resolve today! NOV170301

RAGMAN #4 $2.99 Page 116
Ray Fawkes and Inaki Miranda
Having seen the horrors waiting to break into our world, Ragman decides to join forces with Etrigan in order to stop them. But as Etrigan takes Ragman under his wing, the souls of Ragman’s friends grow wary, fearing there may be more to Etrigan’s actions. And when Ragman’s attempts to stop the demons lead them to pursue a more personal target, Ragman must figure out whom to trust before all is lost! NOV170298

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #21 $3.99 Page 123
Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, Dale Eaglesham, and Phil Jimenez
The gang finally reaches the underground base, only to discover that their nightmare is just beginning. Plus, the fate of Scrappy-Doo–revealed at last! Plus, the daring adventures continue as Secret Squirrel goes where many men have gone before! NOV170347

SUPERGIRL #17 $3.99 Page 118
Steve Orlando, Jody Houser, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques
“Plain Sight”! part three. While Kara’s worried about whether Ben Rubel will ask her or rival Belinda Zee to the National City Tech High School dance, Director Bones from the D.E.O. figures out what high school Supergirl attends and crashes the annual party. Will the danger and destruction be enough to finally force Kara to reveal her super-heroic secret I.D.? NOV170316

SUPERWOMAN #18 $3.99 Page 119
Kate Perkins and Stephen Segovia
“The Midnight Hour” part finale! A day in the life of Superwoman…but someone else is in the driver’s seat! Will Superwoman manage to break her mind free from Midnight’s digital grasp and dispel her twisted protocol once and for all? NOV170318

TEEN TITANS #16 $3.99 Page 105
Peter Tomasi and Otto Schmidt
“The Following” part one! In the aftermath of “Super Sons of Tomorrow” the Teen Titans are left without a place to call home. But a Titan’s work is never finished, and when a series of strange murders crop up in San Francisco, it’s up to the team to crack the case and prevent further bloodshed. Are the killings the work of a single serial killer…or is there a greater conspiracy at work? NOV170320

Ben Percy, Khoi Pham, and various
As the Teen Titans adjust to life in Titans Tower, Damian investigates a series of strange disappearances in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Aqualad Jackson Hyde heads west to fulfill his destiny…and finds himself in the crosshairs of the Teen Titans! Plus, out of the depths of the San Francisco Bay rises King Shark, backed by an army of mutant shark-people! Collects issues #6-7, 9-11, 13 and 14! NOV170355

WILD STORM #10 $3.99 Page 127
Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt
The Wild CAT must reinfiltrate the Hightower site in order to prevent their own exposure–and also the roll out of a new global surveillance tool that will cement I.O.’s dominance over the planet. But if you’re a bunch of aliens and an ex-spook who faked his own death, you can probably be forgiven for thinking about your own weird skin first. Jackie King and the I.O. analysis team could take a leaf out of their book, because they’re about to undertake a cyber-attack on Skywatch, the managers of outer space, that could easily get them killed. NOV170334

WONDER WOMAN #38 & 39 $2.99 Page 124
James Robinson and Emmanuela Lupacchino
“Swan’s Song” part one! Vanessa Kapatelis thought the world of Wonder Woman–nobody had treated her with more kindness after the accident that shattered her life. But tragedy wasn’t finished with Vanessa…and she’s come to believe that the woman she trusted most is the author of everything that happened to her! NOV170326

“Swan’s Song” part two! While Wonder Woman reckons with the savage descent of the young woman she put her faith in, her brother Jason is left wondering if Wonder Woman will always be there for him, or if a similar fate awaits him! And Steve Trevor hasn’t given up on the trail of Darkseid and Grail…unfortunately for him, it’s put him face-to-face with the Female Furies! NOV170328

WONDER WOMAN / CONAN #5 $3.99 Page
Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti, and Matt Ryan
The road to Shamar is long–and thralls of the Corvidae threaten every step. But Conan will persevere in Diana’s quest to protect the town…though he might be equally interested in revenge against the slaver who sold them into peril on the high seas! Co-published with Dark Horse Comics! NOV170330


Jody Houser, Jim Krueger, John Paul Leon, and various
Gotham City’s newest vigilante, Mother Panic, sees a life she once saved struck by tragedy, causing her to look at her mission of revenge and her role in Gotham City. But when she gets a hunch about the murderer, are impulsiveness and a thirst for vengeance really the right tools to stop a killer? Then Violet hits the Gotham City party scene to dig up more clues for the people behind Gather House. What she finds is a figure from her past whom she thought was long dead. Meanwhile, Violet’s allies discover something disturbing about her mother… Collects issues #7-12. NOV170338


BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #2 WINTER 2018 Page $6.99 Page 170
Peter Milligan, Tess Fowler, and various
It’s the new Winter’s Edge of Comics Cool in 48 pages! Delight in regular continuing features like legit publications with literary pedigrees! It all begins with the 10-page regular lead feature Tales From the Black Crown Pub, starring Stacey the barmaid, by award-winner Rob Davis (The Motherless Oven). Recurring short features include Canonball Comics: an exquisite corpse that will not stay dead, Cud: Rich and Strange by co-writers/bandmates Will Potter and Carl Puttnam and artist Philip Bond, Swell Maps by music journalist/novelist Cathi Unsworth with illustrations by Cara McGee and a new Hey, Amateur!. Plus: Previews of your future favorite comics like Bandtwits by Jamie Coe, Punks Not Dead by David Barnett and Martin Simmonds, a Walking Ghost Tour of Canon Street by Tini Howard, interviews with your favorite comics celebrities and much, much more! NOV170529

Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell
“What Dreams May Come” Part 4! Emerging from their shared dream experience stronger and more united than ever before, the ladies redouble their efforts to take down “Schrecky” before he enslaves all of New York City in his twisted dream world. Will Holtzmann’s wild new “dream machine” be the ace they need to take him down? NOV170465

Stephen Mooney
It all hits the fan! Irish versus Moss. John and Ishi versus the armored T-Rex. The Nazis versus the free folk of the Western World. NOV170552

Sam Maggs, Nicole Goux, and Rachael Stott
In a story from Sam Maggs and Rachael Stott, The Misfits, no stranger to reality TV, are invited to appear on a Ghost Hunting TV show with their rivals, The Holograms! And in Nicole Goux’s tale, The Starlight Girls defy their mentors, The Holograms, and sneak out to an open mic night., NOV170448

Kelly Thompson, Stacey Lee, and Jenn St-Onge
The first ever Jem/Misfits crossover event takes both bands to a whole new world… like, literally! Now a happy quintet, Jem and The Holograms are stronger than ever, which is a good thing because they’re about to embark on an adventure unlike anything they’d ever imagined. After a public fight with The Misfits at a charity event, a strangely dressed Techrat shows up and takes them on a strange journey, a journey that is going to change everything. NOV170450

KID LOBOTOMY #3 $3.99 Page 171
Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler
As loyal and surprisingly complex chambermaid Ottla searches for Kid–who’s been dragged away by Big Daddy–she’s gripped by a tragic memory. What unspeakable things was she forced to do to fulfill Big Daddy’s King Lear fantasies? Is the Suites playing its weird tricks? Will Kid have a drill shoved into his head? Why is Cordelia getting fat? Find out this and more in the cracked looking glass Shakespearean tragedy that is “A Lad Insane, Part Four: The Chambermaid’s Tale.” NOV170533

Devin Grayson and Eva Widermann
The Star Wars Forces of Destiny initiative celebrates the inspiring stories of iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away….
Star Wars Adventures has joined the festivities with an exciting weekly series of comic books that explores all corners of the Star Wars universe, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters, such as Princess Leia, Rey, Padme, Ahsoka, and Hera along with your soon-to-be favorites from The Last Jedi, Rose and Paige! Fans will be excited to discover these stories told by talent from across Star Wars novels, comics and animation, including Delilah S. Dawson, Elsa Charretier, Beth Revis, Jody Houser, and Devin Grayson! Each issue has a variant cover by Elsa Charretier! Collect all five! Featuring your favorite classic Star Wars characters and a couple of brand new favorites! NOV170413 / Variant Elsa Charettier cover – NOV170414

Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet
The Star Wars Forces of Destiny initiative celebrates the inspiring stories of iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away…. Star Wars Adventures has joined the festivities with an exciting weekly series of comic books that explores all corners of the Star Wars universe, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters, such as Princess Leia, Rey, Padme, Ahsoka, and Hera along with your soon-to-be favorites from The Last Jedi, Rose and Paige! Fans will be excited to discover these stories told by talent from across Star Wars novels, comics and animation, including Delilah S. Dawson, Elsa Charretier, Beth Revis, Jody Houser, and Devin Grayson! X Each issue has a variant cover by Elsa Charretier! Collect all five! X Featuring your favorite classic Star Wars characters and a couple of brand new favorites!,

Jody Houser and Arianna Florean
The Star Wars Forces of Destiny initiative celebrates the inspiring stories of iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away….
Star Wars Adventures has joined the festivities with an exciting weekly series of comic books that explores all corners of the Star Wars universe, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters, such as Princess Leia, Rey, Padme, Ahsoka, and Hera along with your soon-to-be favorites from The Last Jedi, Rose and Paige! Fans will be excited to discover these stories told by talent from across Star Wars novels, comics and animation, including Delilah S. Dawson, Elsa Charretier, Beth Revis, Jody Houser, and Devin Grayson! Each issue has a variant cover by Elsa Charretier! Collect all five! Featuring your favorite classic Star Wars characters and a couple of brand new favorites! NOV170410

Magdalene Visaggio and Fico Ossio
Virulina, leader of the Darkling Lords, has discovered that the Transformers are vulnerable to magic–and now she’s using that weakness to try and gain control of Cybertron and wipe them out! Leoric and Ironhide team up to stop her, but quickly find themselves facing not only the Darkling Lords, but all of New Prysmos itself! NOV170505


ANGELIC #5 $3.99 Page 202
Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard
“Heirs and Graces” part five. Time for one brave little girlmonk to meet her maker. NOV170727

CROSSWIND Vol 1 TP $9.99 Page 194
Gail Simone and Cat Staggs
Goodfellas meets Freaky Friday in this mind-bending new ongoing series from fan-favorite creators Gail Simone and Cat Staggs. A slick and ruthless Chicago hitman. A smart but downtrodden Seattle housewife. When an inexplicable event strikes these two random strangers, their bodies, souls, and lives are switched–to potentially deadly effect.
Collects issues #1-6 NOV170676

ETERNAL EMPIRE #6 $3.99 Page 208
Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn
Tair and Rion learn about their origins and journey to the capital of Nifaal, the last free country, to seek aid in destroying the Empire. NOV170748

EVOLUTION #3 $3.99 Page 208
James Asmus, Jospeh Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson, Joe Infurnari, and Jordan Boyd
Abe is the only one who seems to have noticed mankind’s evolutionary leap. Meanwhile, Claire and Rochelle relive a sinister night in the Hollywood Hills, and Hannah disobeys the church in the pursuit of answers. NOV170753

Eddie Gorodetsky, Marc Andreyko, and Steve Sadowski
From Eisner and Emmy-winning writers! For a few years in his early 20s, Nick Wilson had super powers and all the acclaim associated with them. When those powers vanished, so did his fame, sending him from national hero to late-night punchline. By the time we pick up his story, he is not yet 30 and barely an answer in a trivia contest. Faced with a life in a rear-view mirror full of lost powers, faded glory, former enemies, ex-girlfriends, and forgotten grudges, Nick struggles to figure out who he is today. Packing on an extra 20 pounds and peering through a medicinal marijuana haze, he is trying to build a future when all that’s left is just a man who hasn’t been super for a very long time. NOV170648

MONSTRESS #13 $4.99 Page 216
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
Hugo Award-winning Monstress returns with a new arc and an oversized issue! Maika has spent most of her life learning how to fight, but how will she fare when the only way to save her life…is to make friends? NOV170782

PAPER GIRLS #19 $2.99 Page 217
Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
The Battle of the Ages has begun, and Tiffany and her fellow Paper Girls are caught in its deadly crossfire. NOV170787

RAT QUEENS #7 $3.99 Page 220
Kurtis J. Wiebe and Owen Gieni
“The Colossal Magic Nothing” part two. Even with all the random disappearances around Palisade, there’s still a lot of work to do! A pack of ravenous, drunken monsters lurk in the woods outside of town, and the Queens are only partly to blame! NOV170792

SLEEPLESS #2 $3.99 Page 226
Sarah Vaughnn, Leila del Duca, and Alissa Sallah
Poppy tries to figure out what steps to take after the attempt on her life, but nothing is going her way. NOV170831

Ray Fawkes
The children are trapped on the highway. There’s no turning back. This is where father and mother stage their final battle. Magic is worse than a bullet. Featuring lush, fully painted artwork by Ray Fawkes, named by Paste Magazine as one of the “Ten best comic artists of 2017.” NOV170847

WALKING DEAD #175 $3.99 Page 187
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
“New World Order” part one. New friends. New enemies. New threats. It’s a whole new world. NOV170604

Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie,and Matt Wilson
When you’re at the peak of your powers, there’s only one way to go. The question becomes–how many people are you willing to drag down with you? The bestselling, critically acclaimed comic by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelive, and Matt Wilson reaches its most dramatic arc yet. Collects issues #29-33 NOV170862


Thanks to Mike McDermott for his advice with post Secret War Marvel books, including paraphrased info included here!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #794 $3.99 Page 37
Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman
“Threat Level Red” part 1. Nearly one year ago Spider-Man hurled the dangerous madman called Zodiac a full year into the future. In this issue Spidey catches up to him, and Zodiac’s had a whole year to prepare for their rematch! [Gay cast member Max Modell from pre Secret Wars appears again and became married to Hector Baez in #1.] NOV170958

AMERICA #11 $3.99 Page 50
Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones
The Midas War part 1. America’s finally found the family she’s been searching for. Planeta Fuertona awaits. But Exterminatrix and her corporation aren’t done with America yet! And their motives go way deeper than America even dreamed. When the Midas Corporation reignites a decades-old threat, America’s newly discovered home stands at the brink of implosion! And the biggest danger…may be America herself. NOV170980

ASTONISHING X-MEN #7 $3.99 Page 18
Charles Soule and Michael Ramon K Perez
“A Man Called X” part 1. Charles Xavier has a plan. He’s going to save the world…whether you want it or not. Act II of the Astonishing X-Men saga begins here, as a long-lost mutant returns to the world of the X-Men, Fantomex offers a kiss and Bishop discovers the Mindkiller. NOV170908

ASTONISHING X-MEN: LIFE OF X Vol 1 TP $17.99 Page 105
Charles Soule and Jim Cheung
Charles Soule and a stellar roster of superstar artists unite to put the Astonishing back in the X-Men! An ancient evil is attacking the world’s most powerful minds. It will have them by the time you finish this sentence — and a moment later, it will have us all. A band of X-Men discovers the truth behind the threat, but is there any time left for Psylocke, Old Man Logan, Bishop, Archangel, Fantomex, Rogue and Gambit? In an action-packed X-epic, they must head to the astral plane in pursuit of…the Shadow King! But who does he have by his side? When Logan loses himself, the true horrors begin — for London, and for the X-Men! To survive this ordeal, the team will have to face sacrifice, lies…and the darkest of truths! Collecting Astonishing X-Men (2017) #1-6. NOV171063

AVENGERS #675 – 678 $4.99/ #3.99 Page 3
Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Pepe Larraz
“No Surrender!” The Earth has been stolen! The sky burns while mysterious cosmic objects crash down from above, wreaking havoc across the world! The Avengers are the last line of defense between Earth and the mysterious forces threatening to tear it apart. It’s time to assmeble! The teams you know and love from Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, US Avengers and Occupy Avengers come together to face a threat beyond any they’ve faced before in a weekly epic adventure that will define the future of Earth’s mightiest heroes!

The Black Order. The Lethal Legion. Two teams of powerful villains bent on destroying each other have arrived on Earth, and they don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire. But who’s pulling their strings? And what is the secret of the lost Avenger? NOV170879

Quicksilver flamed out of the Avengers, leaving devastation in his wake. But now that it’s all hands on deck, is this his chance at redemption? Or will his hunger to prove himself be his downfall? NOV170882

The Avengers are caught in a game of cosmic proportions, but they don’t know the rules – and one of them is about to pay the ultimate price! The first Avenger falls! NOV170885

BLACK PANTHER #169 $3.99 Page 49
Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leonard Kirk
“Klaw Stands Supreme” part 4. The Dora Milaje once lost faith in their nation. Can the threat of Ulysses Klaw and a hostile army reunite the king and his guard? Meanwhile, Klaw and his allies set in motion the next stage of their attack! Can Midnight Angels Ayo and Aneka escape to warn their king–or will the mind-controlling Zenzi reach them first? The Black Panther loses ally after ally as Klaw’s powers grow. Legacy continues as T’Challa struggles to keep control! NOV170977

CABLE #153 $3.99 Page 72
Ed Brisson and Jon Malin
“The Newer Mutants!” part 4. Externals Rising! In the hunt for the Externals killer, a blast from Cable’s past is revealed! Have Cable and the New Mutants walked straight into the killer’s trap? And what is Blink’s role in all of this? Whose side is she really on? [Will time traveling Cable enlist Shatterstar who came out thanks to Peter David or the version without any romantic interest in Rictor? Also, pansexual Doop.] NOV171011

CAPTAIN MARVEL #128 $3.99 Page 48
Margaret Stohl and Michele Bandini
“Dark Origin” part 4. Danvers vs Quill! The Prize–the Reality Stone! But will the power of this unearthed artifact be enough to pull Carol back to reality, or is this merely the first step in a much larger quest? [Supporting character Glory is lesbian.] NOV170976

CHAMPIONS #16 $3.99 Page 30
Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos
Champion For A Day part 1. Following their staggering loss in their adventure with the Avengers, the Champions decide to double down on their mission to make the world a better place – but they know now they can’t do it alone! That’s right – it’s time for a membership drive! [Viv is queer.] NOV170945

DR STRANGE #384 $3.99 Page 51
Donny Cates and Gabriel Hernandez Walta
“Loki: Sorcerer Supreme!” part 4. Doctor Strange has acquired the biggest weapon he could imagine to finally take back his Sorcerer Supreme title from Loki. But will it be enough? The life of someone Stephen cares about lies in the balance, and where Loki goes, innocent life doesn’t always stay safe. NOV170981

GENERATION X #86 $3.99 Page 70
Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna
“Survival of the Fittest” part 2. The kids of Generation X are trapped inside the X-Mansion with M-Plate stalking them! Now, without Jubilee, Gen X must defend themselves from the vampire mutant. All this, plus…the return of another original Gen X-er! Who is it? You gotta read to find out! [Bling and Morph/ Benjamin Deeds are in the cast and Morph is starting a relationship.] NOV171009

HAWKEYE #14 $3.99 Page 50
Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero
“Family Reunion” part 2. Eden, the mysterious woman trying to assassinate Clint, has abducted Kate and offered her the chance of a lifetime…to see her mother again. All Kate has to do is betray Clint, no big deal! Meanwhile, Clint’s on a mission to rescue Kate from Eden’s clutches and is finding himself with too many sidekicks. Way, way too many. NOV170979

ICEMAN #9 $3.99 Page 70
Sina Grace and Robert Gill
“Iceman vs. Daken” part 1. Iceman is packing up to move to Los Angeles, but Daken has plans for him and the X-Mansion! What has Wolverine’s son been training Iceman’s former student for? Expect to see some of your favorite merry Marvel mutants in this epic, all-out brawl of an issue! NOV171008

MIGHTY THOR #703 $3.99 Page 31
Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman
“The Death of the Mighty Thor” part 4. The Mangog has come to Asgardia. But as every god assembles to meet him, there is one noticeable absenceWhere is Thor? Where is Jane Foster? Without their mightiest hero, who among the Asgardians can face the wrath of a billion murdered beings–and survive? NOV170946

MS MARVEL #26 $3.99 Page55
G Willow Wilson and Nico Leon
“Teenage Wasteland” part 2. An old enemy has returned with a monstrous new trick to boot! Will Ms. Marvel be in time to save the day, or will her new life keep her away from the city she loves? [Wilson wrote a coming out story for cast member Zoe Zimmer.] NOV170989

ROGUE & GAMBIT #1 $3.99 Page 25
Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez
“Ring of Fire” part 1. Everybody’s favorite X-couple is reunited! And boy, are they not happy about that… Kitty Pryde must send Rogue and Gambit on an undercover mission to find a group of kidnapped mutants. What they discover on this mission will shock them. But will it also bring them closer together…? It’s a high-stakes adventure caper that only the two hottest X-Men can deliver! NOV170932

ROYALS: JUDGEMENT DAY Vol 2 TP $19.99 Page 106
Al Ewing, Kevin Libranda, and various
If the Inhuman race was borne of Kree experiments, then who made the Kree? Enter the Progenitors! But before a cosmic family reunion can be complete, the Inhuman Royals will need some help — and they’ll get it from an unexpected source! Enter the Universal Inhumans, alien beings engineered by the Kree on other worlds just as they created the Inhumans on Earth — our heroes’ brothers and sisters in the stars! Unfortunately, sometimes brothers and sisters fight. Plus: Their name means “genocide.” But what exactly are the Inhuman-possessing Skyspears? Can our crew find out before the Snark War begins? The secrets of the Prima Materia, the original Terrigen, will be revealed at last. But it has been foretold that of the seven royals who left Earth, only six will return — and that prophecy is about to be fulfilled! Collecting Royals #6-12 and Inhumans: Judgment Day #1. NOV171065

RUNAWAYS #5 $3.99 Page 79
Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka
In classic Runaways fashion, things aren’t going according to plan.Chase starts a new project that will shock you. Molly has to make an impossible choice. And Nico’s super-power feels more like a prison with every spell she casts. NOV171022

Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos
After escaping catastrophe in New York City, the seven friends have returned to their home: Los Angeles. But all is not well in the City of Angels, as a group of soldiers from Runaway Karolina Dean’s home planet arrive with guns blazing, demanding that their fellow Majesdanian be handed over to them for some unknown offense. Though the otherworldly warriors are repelled, the clock is ticking down to the moment when they’ll rally and return. As the Majesdanians struggle to regroup, the Runaways begin to fall apart, squabbling over the best course to take. Some advocate direct action, others diplomacy. Distressingly, Karolina considers just giving herself up! How can the Runaways face their biggest threat to date when they’re having trouble facing one another? Collecting Runaways (2008) #1-6. NOV171089

SHE-HULK #161 $3.99 Page 32
Mariko Tamaki and Jahnoy Lindsay
“Jen Walters Must Die!” part 3. Kidnapped by a deranged fan – who also happens to be in cahoots with Jen’s oldest enemy, the Leader? You call it LEGACY, Jen calls it Monday. Is it the worst thing that’s ever happened to Jen? Maybe not. But Jen’s about to lose control and everything is about to get way worse. NOV170948

Ryan North and Erica Henderson
“The Forbdidden Pla-but!” part 2. Nancy (human, no powers) and Tippy-Toe (squirrel, no powers) have been kidnapped! Trapped on an alien world filled with alien squirrels, they have only a short amount of time to figure out something – anything – before everybody dies. But that’s okay, because Squirrel Girl will rescue them, right? I’d love to say, “Yes, absolutely,” but instead I am forced to say, “No way, she’s trapped on Earth, she barely knows where they are, and she has to defeat the dread Dormammu before she can go anywhere!” And with Loki standing in as Sorcerer Supreme, it’s not like this battle is going to be A) easy or B) at all winnable. That’s right: Loki’s back, baby! Can Cat Thor be far behind? [Koi Boi is transgender.] NOV170975

Ryan North and Erica Henderson
Squirrel Girl goes savage! When Doreen Green and Nancy Whitehead enter a mysterious programming competition, they don’t suspect that the prize for winners will be an all-expenses-paid trip to…the Savage Land! Will Squirrel Girl fight a dinosaur? Will Squirrel Girl fight two dinosaurs?! Will we come up with really excellent reasons why these fights would take place, reasons that both justify the fights while also telling the story of what led to this dinosaur-punching smashup? A story which, even though it stars dinosaurs and Squirrel Girls, contains within it the chance for us to recognize, perhaps for the first time, our most personal and secret selves? Of course! Plus, jokes and a super villain who’s causing major problems — it’s the complete package! Collecting issues #22-26 and material from A Year Of Marvels #4. NOV171064

Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charretier, and various
This is it! The Red Room wants Nadia back, and they’ll pull out all the stops to get her. The clock is ticking, and both Nadia and her friend Ying’s lives are in the balance. That means the geniuses of G.I.R.L. are up against their first real science challenge: to outsmart the Red Room! Whatever happens, Nadia’s fate will be forever altered — but can the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, help her find a way forward? When they get together, few can resist their sting! Plus: In a classic tale, Janet Van Dyne meets Hank Pym, and a heroic legacy is born as Ant-Man and the Wasp battle the Creature from Kosmos! Collecting Unstoppable Wasp #5-8 and Tales to Astonish #44. NOV171060

Al Ewing, Paco Medina, and various
Secret Empire hits the U.S.Avengers — hard! So now it’s time to fight back! In exile, believed dead, surrounded by Hydra’s forces, Squirrel Girl and Enigma get a much-needed assist — from Guillotine and the Champions of Europe! Meanwhile, in a deep, dark cell, Roberto Da Costa is dying by degrees as his M-Pox runs out of control. And as Steve Rogers’ prisoners of war attempt to break out, the other half of the U.S.Avengers — and a host of international guest stars — attempt a break-in! Plus: The fate of the Red Hulk! And whatever happened to Sam Guthrie? Find out as the search for Cannonball begins! The remaining U.S.Avengers head into outer space to find their teammate, and their search leads them to strangest planet of all: Glenbrook, U.S.A., home of Ritchie Redwood, America’s best-loved teen?! Collecting U.S.Avengers #7-12. NOV171048

X-MEN BLUE #19 & 20 $3.99 Page 62
Cullen Bunn and R B Silva
“Cross Time Capers!” part 3. The timestream is in ruins. And it is the fault of the X-Men! Can the X-Men fix everything that has gone wrong…even if it means battling against themselves? At long last, the original X-Men are reunited with Professor X! NOV170998

“Cross Time Capers!” part 4. The X-Men have traveled back in time to encounter themselves! But why are the X-Men of the past acting like such jerks? The X-Men have allied with Magneto in the present, but what happens when they team up with the villainous Master of Magnetism? NOV170999

X-MEN BLUE ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Page 63
The crossover between Venom and X-Men Blue starts here! Spinning out of the events of Venomverse, the Children of the Atom and the Lethal Protector team up to take down an extradimensional threat! This is it, folks, the team-up you’ve been asking for: X-Men Blue and Venom must band together in the cold reaches of space to protect our universe from a threat more diabolical than you can imagine. But will Eddie Brock, his faithful symbiote, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel be enough to save this universe? I really, really hope so. NOV171003

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