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LGBT Previews February 2018 Part 2

Tee Franklin and Jenn St Onge had a wildly successful Kickstarter for the Bingo Love graphic novel. The good news is if you missed out on it there you can now order it from Image! If you liked Ariela Kristantina’s art on Insekts you might want to check out Mata Hari from Dark Horse. It’s also one of the first book’s edited by Karen Berger for the publisher.  Take a few moments and check out the list!

Part one of the Previews list covering comics, trades, and graphic novels from publishers such as Boom, Archie, DE, small press, and indies is here!

People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Credit where credit is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list! Notice something missing that should be on the list? Please send a message!

Shopping with Amazon? Just bookmark and use our affiliate link to make some or all of your purchases and you can benefit Gay League with a small commission from Amazon! You won’t pay a penny extra! This will work even if you use these links to put something on your wishlist for later!


BTVS SEASON 11 GILES #1 $3.99 Page 48
Christos N. Gage and Rebekah Isaacs
From Joss Whedon and Erika Alexander comes a series that returns Buffy’s Rupert Giles to high school! But this time-as a grown man living in a teenage body-Giles will be a student instead of a teacher. At an inner-city LA-area school, when a mystical influence is detected and teachers start to go missing, Giles enrolls to investigate. What he finds is more than vampires and demons; something unusual and frightening is happening here. If Giles can get through one day as a student, he’ll have a chance to find out who, what, and where-but high school is still hell, y’all. DEC170062

ELFQUEST FINAL QUEST #24 $3.99 Page 63
Wendy Pini and Richard Pini
What words can possibly do justice to this, the grand finale to the greatest ElfQuest series of them all? Forty years in the planning and making, heroes’ journeys that were begun in the Original Quest will find their resolutions here. Fateful events set in motion last issue continue to have unstoppable consequences, as dire battles are fought on both the physical and the spiritual realms. Now decisions must be made that will affect everyone-elves and humans alike-on the World of Two Moons far into the future. Can the Great Wheel of time and history, broken so many thousands of years ago, ever be made whole again? A finale forty years in the making! DEC170122

Adam Warren and Carla Speed McNeil
Narrowly escaping death by music class singing competition, Empowered and Sistah Spooky hit a new low in their hellscape ordeal when they stumble into . . . the ladies room! While a trapped Emp drowns in her own tears in a bathroom stall, can Spooky avoid being shattered-literally!-by a Hell-powered magic mirror? First Empowered comic book series in standard comics format. Carla Speed McNeil is the Eisner Award-winning creator of Finder. DEC170081

MATA HARI #1 $3.99 Page 41
Emma Beeby and Ariela Kristantina
Dancer. Courtesan. Spy. Executed by a French firing squad in 1917. 100 years on from her death, questions are still raised about her conviction. Now, the lesser-known, often tragic story of the woman who claimed she was born a princess, and died a figure of public hatred with no one to claim her body, is told by breakout talent writer Emma Beeby, artist Ariela Kristantina, and colorist Pat Masioni drawing on biographies and released MI5 files. In this first part of a five-issue miniseries, we meet Mata Hari in prison at the end of her life as she writes her memoir-part romantic tale of a Javanese princess who performed “sacred” nude dances for Europe’s elite, and part real-life saga of a disgraced wife and mother, who had everything she loved taken from her. But, as she sits trial for treason and espionage, we hear another tale: one of a flamboyant Dutch woman who became “the most dangerous spy France has ever captured”-a double agent who whored herself for secrets, lived a life of scandal, and loved only money. Leading us to ask… who was the real Mata Hari? DEC170049


BATGIRL #20 $3.99 Page 88
Hope Larson and Christian Wildgoose
As the temperature drops even lower, Batgirl feels the pressure to find the maniac behind the worst blizzard that Gotham has seen in years! All signs point to the city’s latest villain turned hero: the Penguin. Could his efforts to help be a front for a greater crime in the making? What does his brilliant yet corrupt son, Black Sun, have to do with it? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to our wintry tale! DEC170250

BATGIRL: SUMMER OF LIES Vol 3 TP $16.99 Page 125
Hope Larson, Chris Wildgoose, and various
Batgirl and Nightwing’s feelings for each other have always run deep…but is their bond built on more than Bat-Family loyalty and a long-ago childhood crush? When an old villain comes back into Babs’ life, she and Dick will have to reopen painful wounds and remember a time they’d hoped would remain forgotten. This is an event no Batgirl or Nightwing fan will want to miss! Collects issues #12-17. DEC170375

BATMAN 66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN 77 TP $16.99 Page 129
Jeff Parker, Marc Andreyko, David Hahn, and Karl Kesel
What mysteries are hidden in the book Ra’s al Ghul hired Catwoman to steal? And why does this caper lead Batman down memory lane–to his childhood fight against actual Nazis? Witness the Caped Crusader’s first encounter with one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Wonder Woman! Collecting the six-issue miniseries! DEC170384

James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II
With Bane, Bebop, Rocksteady and the entire Foot Clan pumped up on Venom, the odds are severely stacked against Batman and the Turtles. All looks lost until Master Splinter steps in–only to fall victim to the treacherous Bane! The heroes on the half-shell live to fight another day, but at what cost? Donnie thinks he has a plan for victory, but Batman warns against it. DEC170258

BATWOMAN #12 $3.99 Page 94
Kate Perkins and Scott Godlewski
After her deadly trip around the world hunting the infamous Many Arms of Death, Batwoman returns to Brussels, the site of her most brutal losses and memories. As the clock begins to tick on a new cycle of violence, Kate must overcome her haunted past to ensure her terrorist foes don’t begin the New Year with a bang! Don’t miss the issue we’ve been building to all year, with a twist no one saw coming! DEC170267

BLUE BEETLE #18 $3.99 Page 95
Christopher Sebela and Scott Kolins
It’s chaos at Kord Industries as Jaime helps Ted install a new A.I. system, only to have it come online and seize control of the facility. Trapped inside the building, Blue Beetle is put to the ultimate test, battling a hostile entity that turns every tool in Ted Kord’s inventory into a deadly weapon. With his last school year approaching, Jaime could be taking his final exam. DEC170270

BOMBSHELLS UNITED #11 & 12 $2.99 Page 96
Marguerite Bennett, Stephen Byrne, and Sandy Jarrell
When our heroes leave the labyrinth, they must confront the horrors Black Adam has been committing against the people of Spain. There is a way to defeat him, but is it worth the price they must pay? DEC170272

When our heroes leave the labyrinth, they must confront the horrors Black Adam has been committing against the people of Spain. There is a way to defeat him, but is it worth the price they must pay? DEC170273

Marguerite Bennett, Aneke, and various
The Bombshells face their final battle as a supernatural Nazi invasion begins! On top of that, Hugo Strange unleashes his failed lab experiments on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s circus, and Lois Lane has her chance to avenge her family on the villain–will she take the shot? Amid the chaos, discover Lex Luthor’s true colors as he reveals which side he’s really on, and what that means for the future of the Bombshells! Collects DC Comics: Bombshells #25 and #30-33. DEC170392

DEATHSTROKE #28 $3.99 Page 99
Christopher Priest, Diogenes Nieves, and Jason Paz
“Chinatown” part one! In the aftermath of the shocking events of this year’s Deathstroke Annual, Slade finds himself at a crossroads as his ad hoc “Dark Titans” team dissolves and even Wintergreen finally abandons him. Slade begins a turbulent backslide to his old ways, bringing him face to face with China’s New Super-Man! DEC170283

DETECTIVE #974 & 975 $2.99/ $3.99 Page 97
James Tynion IV, Jesus Merino, Alvaro Martinez, and Raul Fernandez
Can Tim Drake piece his dreams back together after Batwoman’s fateful decision, or will the Gotham Knights go their separate ways? DEC170275

“The trial of Batwoman”! In a 30-page anniversary story, Batwoman faces scrutiny from Batman and Red Robin but stands up for her actions. Will Batman allow her to continue bearing his symbol after everything she has done? DEC170277

Mark Russell and Mike Feehan
As his friends are blackballed from show business, the government turns up the heat on Snagglepuss, even as his play threatens to implode from within. But no matter how grave the threat, Snagglepuss lives by a single motto: the show must go on! DEC170359

FLASH #40 & 41 $2.99 Page 98
Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico
“The Perfect Storm” part two! ! Gorilla Grodd is after Central City’s Speed Force, and The Flash is on the run! But the one thing Barry Allen can’t outrun is the truth…and his nemesis knows a terrible secret about the Fastest Man Alive. DEC170279

“The Perfect Storm” part two. part two! Gorilla Grodd is after Central City’s Speed Force, and The Flash is on the run! But the one thing Barry Allen can’t outrun is the truth…and his nemesis knows a terrible secret about the Fastest Man Alive. DEC170280

GREEN LANTERNS #40 & 41 $2.99 Page 101
Tim Seeley and Barnaby Bagenda
“Inhuman Trafficking” part one! An unassuming dating app turns dangerous for Earth’s Green Lanterns, as heroes looking for love begin to disappear around the world. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz discover an interplanetary superhuman trafficking network preying on super-powered seekers of love and romance, but with their hearts and heads on the line, these Green Lanterns may need more than willpower to win this fight. [During writer San Humphries run he included a Green Lantern who is lesbian. It’s uncertain if she continues to be in the cast.] DEC170290

“Inhuman Trafficking” part two!Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz travel to the planet called Hellhole. Searching for the evil architects behind a criminal ring trading in superheroes, an all-out brawl sees the Lanterns forced to team with one of the Omega Men! DEC170292

Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko, and Laura Braga
Archie and Jughead’s plan to save their girls from the dangers of the big city is foiled when Reggie tags along…and “Harley and Ivy” end up needing to rescue their saviors. But things can always get worse, and they do when Reggie leads some real Gotham gangsters back home to Riverdale! DEC170302

HARLEY QUINN #37 & 38 $2.99 Page 103
Frank Tieri and Mirka Andolfo
“Angry Bird” part one! Ever since he started horning in on New York City, the Penguin and Harley Quinn have been stuck in a cold war…and it’s about to heat up! Making a long-term investment in a Gotham City that’s crawling with Bats isn’t the Penguin’s style, so now he’s hell-bent on making Coney Island his new nest! DEC170298

“Angry Bird” part two! The Penguin didn’t come to Brooklyn alone this time…he’s put out an open invitation for some of Gotham City’s worst to join him in his new criminal empire, as long as they’re willing to hold off Harley Quinn! And when we say ‘worst,’ we mean worst! Film Freak? Egghead? Condiment King?! Nateman’s Hot Dogs is gonna have a lot to say about that… DEC170301

HELLBLAZER #19 $3.99 Page 105
Tim Seeley and Davide Fabbri
“The Good Old Days” part one! John is back home in London, but he’s not happy about it. A crime wave caused by young, aggressive gangsters interrupted his pursuit of Detective Chief Inspector Margaret Ames. Then she started acting strangely and refused to come to him for help…but going to her local priest could be the last mistake she’ll ever make. DEC170304

INJUSTICE 2 #19 & 20 $2.99 Page
Tom Taylor, Daniel Sampere, Bruno Redondo, and Juan Albarran
Plastic Man reaches into the Phantom Zone in search of the Teen Titans, trapped there by Superman. A happy reunion seems to be in the cards, but Plas brings back a stowaway and catastrophe follows. An enraged Batman prepares to unleash a secret weapon. DEC170306

As Amazo battles Zod, Batman hurries to save a dying ally. But in order to save one friend, will he have to kill another? Both alternatives could lead to the resurrection of a forgotten hero from the past. DEC170307

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #24 & 25 $2.99/ $3.99 Page 107
Steve Orlando, Miguel Mendonca, and Dexter Vines
“New Life and Death” part one! part one! Batman has returned following the Queen of Fables saga, proud of how the team has grown. But there’s one more mission he needs to complete. Along with Black Canary, he travels to the world of Angor, home of the Extremists, to help rebuild the world without the influence of the mad dictator Lord Havok. But when he learns what’s happening, will Lord Havok punish Canary and Batman for their actions? DEC170312

“New Life and Death” finale! The battle for the soul of Angor rages on. Batman and Black Canary face down Lord Havok and his mad army of loyal servants while under the gaze of the cosmic being known as the Adjudicator. The Adjudicator will decide who is just, who will have say over Angor’s rebuilding and who will die! DEC170314

Steve Orlando, Ivan Reis, and various
Ryan Choi leads the JLA on a rescue mission into the Microverse to rescue his long-lost mentor, Ray Palmer, the original Atom, and unravel the mystery of his disappearance in DC Universe: Rebirth#1. But when disaster strikes and the JLA’s shrink ship crashes on a strange world, the team encounters a mysterious being who claims a connection to the missing Ray Palmer. But nobody’s going anywhere without the help of Shahn-Zi, a sentient planet with the power to find Palmer. Collects issues #12-17. DEC170380

NIGHTWING #38 & 38 $2.99 Page 103
Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang
Another day in Bludhaven, another death tied to the Judge of all Creation. The clues lead Nightwing to Guppy, who was there when the first murder occurred. If Nightwing can’t stop the Judge, maybe Dick Grayson can. DEC170319

Another day in Bludhaven, another death tied to the Judge of all Creation. The clues lead Nightwing to Guppy, who was there when the first murder occurred. If Nightwing can’t stop the Judge, maybe Dick Grayson can. DEC170320

RAGMAN #5 $2.99 Page 110
Ray Fawkes and Inaki Miranda
As Ragman tries to get Mandy and Frank Jr. to safety, Frank Jr.’s possession allows for the leader of the demonic invasion in Gotham to finally arrive…Z’Dargill! Ragman is out of time, and with all of the players finally out in the open, Ragman can only trust one person to save the city…himself. The final battle for the souls of the innocent DEC170323

SUPERGIRL #18 $3.99 Page 115
Steve Orlando, Jody Houser, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques
“Plain Sight”! finale. Director Bones and the D.E.O. put innocent lives at risk when they unleash a psychotic alien on the National City Solstice Semiformal with the hopes of exposing Supergirl. With the alien claiming the only way the Earth can stay pure is to eradicate Supergirl, Kara finds herself pushed to the edge and forced not to stay silent anymore. Supergirl must finally stand as the hero National City needs. DEC170339

TEEN TITANS #17 $3.99 Page 116
Peter Tomasi and Allison Borges
“The Following” part two! When Robin’s murder investigation casts suspicion on Beast Boy’s new employer, Nevrland, Beast Boy finds himself the odd man out on the Teen Titans. Caught between his best friends and his new purpose in life, Beast Boy sets out to prove that Nevrland is completely aboveboard…but what he finds will lead Beast Boy down a dangerous path! DEC170341

WILD STORM #12 $3.99 Page 118
Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt
Angela Spica, retooling her drysuit in Marlowe’s hidden lab, has made many discoveries. But she’s still her, which means she’s also stolen stuff. Is she going to lose the only safe haven she has? The Wild CAT is in jeopardy, IO and Skywatch are inches from a hot war, and somebody, somewhere, has noticed that Jackie King has been doing things she shouldn’t have. The stakes in the world of The Wild Storm have never been higher–and Project Thunderbook is going to make things much, much worse. DEC170354

WONDER WOMAN #40 & 41 $2.99 Page 117
James Robinson, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, and Carlo Pagulayan
“Swan’s Song” finale! Wonder Woman fights to break Silver Swan out of her mania and stop her all-out assault. Will Wonder Woman be able to get through, or will she lose her friend to the madness in the process? DEC170345

“Amazon Attacked” part one! The Gods separated Themyscira from the world for a good reason: it serves as the prison for the God of War, and the most powerful army ever created stands guard around him! So what happens when the greatest evil in the universe decides he wants that army for himself? DEC170347

WONDER WOMAN / CONAN #6 $3.99 Page 117
Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti, and Matt Ryan
The final battle is here! Diana has regained her sense of self–and with her mind and memory intact, she’s an unstoppable force. Conan believed her to be his lost childhood love, and the revelation of her true destiny does nothing to lessen his admiration for the warrior he fights beside. The Corvidae may live to regret their wager. Copublished with Dark Horse. DEC170349

George Perez, Mindy Newell, Jill Thompson, Cynthia Martin, Colleen Doran, Phil Jimenez, and others
In this final Omnibus edition collecting George Perez’s acclaimed 1980s run on Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess is accused of murder and struggles against the will of the gods! Plus, in War of the Gods, Wonder Woman must stop a battle that could destroy the galaxy and discover who is pulling the strings behind the scenes! Collects Wonder Woman #46-62, War of the Gods #1-4, Wonder Woman #168-169 and #600. DEC170399


Jonathan Rivera, Magdalene Visaggio, Langdon Foss, and Sonny Liew
“Milk Wars” part four! Swamp Thing has detected a disturbance in the Green, and his hunt for it has led him to RetCo headquarters. There he finds Cave Carson and his crew struggling against being assimilated into RetCo’s diabolical narrative. Is it possible for Swampy and Cave to destroy the organization from the inside? Plus, find out how their efforts help Eternity Girl in the final installment of her backup story! DEC170228

Steve Orlando, Gerard Way, and Dale Eaglesham
“Milk Wars” finale! As RetCo’s foundation shatters, the Young Animal teams come together with the Justice League and even more DC Universe heroes to finish the job. The only problem is, Milkman Man and RetCo still stand in their way. To right reality, the heroes of Young Animal and the DC Universe will have to unlock an outrageous power never before seen on any world! This mind-blowing conclusion will establish new realities for all of the DC’s Young Animal titles. Look for the return of Cave Carson, Shade and Mother Panic next month! DEC170229

Steve Orlando, Magdalene Visaggio, Aco, and Sonny Liew
“Milk Wars” part one! Welcome to the un-event of the year! Kicking off a line-wide adventure, DC’s Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a different kind of crossover. The Doom Patrol has discovered that an interdimensional corporation called RetCo has been stealing stories, reconfiguring them and repackaging them for new markets. Our gang of misfit heroes have felt the touch of this nefarious company, and it has already started to change them. Even scarier, though, is how deeply RetCo has embedded itself into current continuity, using the radioactive milk of psychic cows to quell the more dangerous impulses of the Justice League and turn them into heroes safe for the masses. And to kick this off, RetCo has gone all the way to the top. Meet Milkman Man, heretofore unknown final son of Krypton, who was sent to our planet to save him from the destruction of his homeworld, only to be adopted by an evil dairy farmer and raised to love all things dairy! Co-plotted by Steve Orlando and Gerard Way, with art by ACO, this extra-sized special starts “Milk Wars” with a splash! Plus, who is Eternity Girl, and how does she connect to this whole scheme? A special four-part back-up feature by Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew begins here.DEC170225

Jody Houser, Magdalene Visaggio, Ty Templeton, and Sonny Liew Page
“Milk Wars” part two! Mother Panic has discovered a Gotham City transformed. What happened to her family and friends? And who moved into Gather House, the religious school that scarred Mother Panic as a young girl? It’s Father Bruce, the orphan millionaire who decided to give back to society by filling the deep demand for sidekicks. So many Robins in need of a nest! Plus, part two of the Eternity Girl backup story!
48pgs, FC SRP: $4.99, DEC170226

Cecil Castellucci, Magdalene Visaggio, Mirka Andolfo, and Sonny Liew
“Milk Wars” part three! Shade has been split into multiple parts, each representing a different mood, all in service to the perfect and beautiful Wonder Wife. But Happy Shade is starting to sense that not all is right in Wonderland, and she finds something strange staring back at her on the other side of the looking glass! Plus, part three of the Eternity Girl backup story! DEC170227


Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell
“What Dreams May Come” Part 5! Grand Finale! By leaning in to everything that unites them and eschewing that which divides them, can the Ghostbusters turn the tables on “Schrecky”? In an attempt to save the city, the Ghostbusters venture into Schreckgespenst’s nightmare-scape one last time, to defeat him on his own turf! DEC170468

INFINITE LOOP DELUXE HC Vol 1 $29.99 Page 173
Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier
A science-fiction series that asks the age-old question, “What would you risk for a chance at true love?” Meet Teddy, a young woman who lives in a faraway future where time traveling is a common practice and her job is to maintain the status quo by correcting time paradoxes. But when she meets Ano, “a time paradox” and the girl of her dreams, Teddy must decide between fixing the time stream or the love of her life, both of which have unique consequences. This hardcover edition includes additional development materials as well as annotations from the creators. This is resolicted (JAN170579). DEC170539

Sina Grace, Kevin Panetta, Hannah Fischer, and Abby Boeh (CA) Abby Boeh
In “Jemojis,” by Kevin Panetta with art by Abby Boeh, The Misfits go to war with The Holograms over Jem’s themed emoticon app for phones. Will The Holograms rule the app store, too?! Not if Pizzazz (and Techrat) can help it! DEC170483

KID LOBOTOMY #5 $3.99 Page 147
Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler
Kafka-obsessed young hotel manager Kid Lobotomy is about to have his brain tweaked by Big Daddy and renegade neurologist Doc Cyclops. Meanwhile, Kid’s complex sister Rosebud finally has control of the Suites. Could a cockroach be Kid’s salvation? Can dead uncle Gloucester show him the way to the truth? Can Adam Mee finally write his second novel? And can Ottla and Gervais elbow their way into a busy plot? Weird medicine, a symbolist classic, and a girl on a horse. All this and more surprises in “A Lad Insane,” Part Five. BLACK CROWN’s inaugural hit series about a dysfunctional family of hoteliers continues! All Black Crown titles are packed with letter columns, interviews, behind-the-panel process pages & more! DEC170432

TMNT UNIVERSE: KARAI’S PATH Vol 3 TP 3 $19.99 Page 157
Rich Douek, Erik Burnham, Sophie Campbell, and Aaron Conley
Go beyond the main series in this exciting anthology of stand-alone stories. Karai has always embodied the Foot Clan. With the Clan under the control of Splinter, what path will she take during her travels in Japan? Danger and intrigue await her, Koya, and Bludgeon! Plus, Man Ray and Sally Pride journey to New Jersey to investigate rumors of a mysterious monster. Collects issues #11-15. DEC170477

Magdalene Visaggio and Fico Ossio
The clock is ticking! Leoric finds himself exiled from New Prysmos by Virulina, who Merklynn has named the new leader of all the Visionaries. Can Leoric and his loyalists save Cybertron from being totally changed into a new homeworld for his people? Should they? DEC170449


ANGELIC #5 $3.99 Page 202
Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard
“Heirs and Graces” part six. As the great war of monks and mans reaches its climax, Qora finally gets answers for all her asks–and must pick a side at last. DEC170671

BINGO LOVE OGN $9.99 Page 198
Tee Franklin, Jenn St-Onge, and Joy San
When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-’60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage. From Tee Franklin and Jenn St-Onge, Bingo Love is a touching story of love, family, and resiliency that spans over 60 years. “A towering emotional achievement. Bingo Love is the graphic novel I didn’t know I couldn’t live without.” —Gail Simone DEC170648

ETERNAL EMPIRE #6 $3.99 Page 207
Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn
Rion and Tair train to kill the Empress. DEC170691

EVOLUTION #4 $3.99 Page 208
James Asmus, Jospeh Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson, Joe Infurnari, and Jordan Boyd
Claire reconnects with a known murderer. Hannah confides in an old friend about the infected. And all the while, Abe keeps seeing patients…with no way to cure them. DEC170692

Eddie Gorodetsky, Marc Andreyko, and Steve Sadowski
When the world’s only superhero Nick Wilson lost his superpowers, his arch nemesis Clive Morganfield had to settle for merely being a billionaire industrialist. It didn’t sit well with his ego, so when Nick reemerges on the scene, Clive approaches him with a bizarre business proposition that raises a number of questions: Can enemies be partners? Can you build a future on the ashes of the past? And what secrets of the universe are held inside the grooves of a jug-band record from the 1920s? DEC170695

MONSTRESS #14 $4.99 Page 218
Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
Maika’s careless actions endanger an entire city–elsewhere, the Mother Superior and her allies begin to plot–and Kippa receives some life-changing information. DEC170727

MOTOR CRUSH #10 $3.99 Page 218
Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Jake Wyatt, and various
Domino is determined to free her father from the grip of the Producers–no matter the cost. DEC170728

PAPER GIRLS #20 $2.99 Page 220
Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
In another action-packed “season finale,” the Paper Girls have one shot to escape the year 2000, but if any of them survive, where and when will they end up next? DEC170732

RAT QUEENS #8 $3.99 Page 222
Kurtis J. Wiebe and Owen Gieni
“The Colossal Magic Nothing” part three. A mysterious reality wizard continues to wreak havoc in Palisade, and even a thorough stabbing won’t slow him down. Good thing a deadly adventure has taken the Rat Queens far from town. DEC170737

RINGSIDE Vol 3 TP $16.99 Page 223
Joe Keatinge, Nick Barber, and Simon Gough
Former professional wrestler Danny Knossos has given up everything to save the life of his beloved, only to have his reality come shattering down around him. Now a broken man, Danny rebuilds who he is from the inside out as he goes down a road from which he may never return. When he loses everything, the real horror begins as the Minotaur rises again. Collects issues #11-15. DEC170741

SAGA #49 $2.99 Page 197
Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples
The multiple Eisner Award-winning series returns with a spacefaring adventure about fake news and genuine terror. Get ready for the most shocking, most impactful chapters of Saga yet. DEC170638

SLEEPLESS #3 $3.99 Page 227
Sarah Vaughn and Leila del Duca
Poppy makes a decision at the king’s tournament that backfires on her. Meanwhile, Cyrenic begins to struggle with side effects of his Sleeplessness. DEC170761

TWISTED ROMANCE #1 $3.99 Page 190
Alex De Campi, Sarah Horrocks, Katie Skelly, and Magen Cubed
Four issue weekly miniseries event!
Critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with some of comics’ hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between. “Old Flames” In New York City in 1978, there are thousands of ways for people to get together. There’s only one agency dedicated to tearing them apart: Heartbreak Incorporated. But who is the handsome seducer who runs the agency, and what is the secret he’s hiding? Drawn by Katie Skelly. Backup comics story by Sarah Horrocks and prose story by Magen Cubed. DEC170607

TWISTED ROMANCE #2 $3.99 Page 190
Alex De Campi, Meredith McClaren, Alajandra Gutierrez, and Vita Ayala
Four issue weekly miniseries event!
Critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with some of comics’ hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between. “Twinkle & the Star” Beauty is business as usual for fashion photographer’s assistant Twinkle Johar until she meets and accidentally falls for a shy Hollywood actor during a shoot. Is he using her? Or can a girl like her really end up with a guy like him? Drawn by Alejandra Guttierrez. Backup comics story by Meredith McClaren and a prose story by Vita Ayala. DEC170608

TWISTED ROMANCE #3 $3.99 Page 190
Alex De Campi, Margaret Trauth, Carla Speed McNeil, and Jess Bradley
Four issue weekly miniseries event!
Critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with some of comics’ hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between. “Invinclibe Heart ” When Captain Rao of the intergalactic dreadnought Invincible captures the notorious privateer Black Domhnall, he thinks his problems are over. How wrong he is. The pirate is argumentative, infuriating, and way, way too pretty. But Captain Rao is a man of duty, and he will stick to his orders if it kills him. It just might. Drawn by Carla Speed McNeil. Backup comics story by Margaret Trauth and a prose story by Jess Bradley. DEC170609

TWISTED ROMANCE #4 $3.99 Page 190
Alex De Campi, Sarah Winifred Searle, Trungles, and Naomi Salman
Four issue weekly miniseries event!
Critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi teams up with some of comics’ hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between. “Treasured” When a princess who won’t grow up runs away from her castle, she’s befriended by a dragon who promises to keep her safe from the horrors of adulthood. But a cage is a cage, even when it’s gilded. With her family alienated and no knights riding to the rescue, can she ever get herself free? Drawn by Trungles. Backup comics story by Sarah Winifred Searle and a prose story by Naomi Salman. DEC170610

Ray Fawkes
The final fate of the cursed flock of birds ripples back and forth through time with deadly consequences in this chapter: “Memphis, 1968.” Featuring lush, fully painted artwork by Ray Fawkes, named by Paste Magazine as one of the “Ten best comic artists of 2017.” DEC170768

WALKING DEAD #175 $3.99 Page 231
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
“New World Order” part two. An audience with a different kind of Governor.

WICKED & DIVINE 1923 #1 $4.99 Page 193
Kieron Gillen and Aud Koch
Basically, a bunch of 1920s gods based on major modernist figures stuck in the middle of an Agatha Christie murder mystery, done in a comics-prose hybrid that’s clearly trying to start a fight with Jonathan Hickman. (Yeah, you heard, Jon. Come at us, bro.) It’s high art versus lo art, with the most beautiful Aud Koch artwork the world has ever seen. We’re so excited, we may have to have a lie down. DEC170620


Thanks to Mike McDermott for his advice with post Secret War Marvel books, including paraphrased info included here!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 & 796 $3.99 Page 24
Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, and Mike Hawthorne
“Threat Level Red” part 2. Is there a doctor in the house? Spidey pays the Sanctum Sanctorum a visit looking for a consult from the Master of the Mystic arts, Doctor Stephen Strange but finds himself face-to-face with the Master of Mischief and new Sorcerer Supreme — Loki LaufeysoAnd he’s even more charming than in the movies! Don’t believe us? Read this one and find out for yourself! [Gay cast member Max Modell from pre Secret Wars appears again and became married to Hector Baez in #1.] DEC170829

“Threat Level Red” part 3. You’ve watched for months as Norman Osborn has scoured the globe for a cure to the genetic tampering that prevents him from becoming the Green Goblin. In this issue he finds it! And it spells the worst kind of trouble for your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! DEC170831

AMERICA #12 $3.99 Page 46
Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones
The Midas War part 2. La Legion is back! And they’re setting fire to everything America’s fought for. Can she take back the home she’s come so far to find? Or is this the end of the Chavez line? America battles for the big stuff — legacy, family, love. Who knows what adventure awaits? DEC170874

ASTONISHING X-MEN #5 $3.99 Page 55
Charles Soule and Paulo Siqueira
“A Man Called X” part 2. One of the most terrifying adversaries the X-Men have ever faced has returned. Charles Xavier may have made the greatest mistake of his life. Still reeling from their narrow escape from the Shadow Kingand the loss of a crucial ally, how will the mutant heroes face an enemy with the power to remake the world? DEC170890

AVENGERS #679 – 682 $3.99 Pages 10 – 13
Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Kim Jacinto
“No Surrender!” continues! Who is the Challenger? What is at stake in his grudge match with the Grandmaster? And when the two of them clash, can the Earth survive the destruction they unleash? DEC170800

Wonder Man and Beast team up in a desperate attempt to save Jarvis, while the Avengers reel from the crushing loss of one of their own. DEC170803

Who is Voyager? Valerie Vector, the forgotten founding Avenger, tells all! And a fan-favorite Avenger returns to the fold as the stakes in the battle for Earth become clear!DEC170805

One Avenger will gamble everything to save thousands — and the odds aren’t in his favor! The Challenger reveals his ace in the hole, and Jarvis awakens from a mysterious coma long enough to cry four chilling words: “It’s all a lie!” DEC170807

BLACK PANTHER #170 $3.99 Page 39
Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leonard Kirk
“Klaw Stands Supreme” part 5. With Storm back by his side, T’Challa finally confronts Ras the Exhorter, the mysterious villain summoning dark creatures to Wakanda. But what the Black Panther learns will shake all he believes. Who is Ras The Exhorter? And what is his connection to T’Challa’s old foes? And to celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie, this issue includes an exclusive interview with the film’s director, Ryan Coogler, and Ta-Nehisi Coates! DEC170857

Christopher Priest, Don McGregor, Reggie Hudlin, Daniel Acuna, and Ken Lashley
Three legendary Black Panther writers return to Wakanda! Don McGregor’s famous storyline “The Panther’s Rage” has become one of the most well-respected runs in comic book history. Now, the author who redefined Wakanda for a generation is back to expand the mythos! Bearing the heart-shaped herb that defines the Panther legacy, King T’Challa leaves his beloved country for a heart-wrenching mission in the streets of New York. Then: For half a decade, comics legend Christopher Priest made his mark on the Panther. The acclaimed writer returns with an all-new story – and with it, of course, U.S. State Department employee Everett K. Ross! And finally, no Panther history would be complete without Reggie Hudlin, author of more than 50 Black Panther stories, including the famed “Who Is The Black Panther?” Don’t miss the sequel to his “Black to the Future” story, featuring original artist Ken Lashley! DEC170855

CABLE #154 $3.99 Page 68
Ed Brisson and Jon Malin
“The Newer Mutants!” part 5. Gideon – last of the Externals? Is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend? Cable and the Newer Mutants are about to find out. Can Gideon kill the last of the Externals, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe? * What’s up with Blink?! Whose side is she really on? [Will time traveling Cable enlist Shatterstar who came out thanks to Peter David or the version without any romantic interest in Rictor? Also, pansexual Doop.] DEC170913

CAPTAIN MARVEL #129 $3.99 Page 20
Margaret Stohl and Michele Bandini
“Dark Origin” part 5. Carol Danvers unites the Zetas in a last-ditch effort to stop Dr Eve’s plans! But will her plan strand her in this alternate reality? Also: Bean’s shocking secret revealed! [Supporting character Glory is lesbian.] DEC170819

CHAMPIONS #16 $3.99 Page 19
Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos
Champion For A Day part 2. Red Locust is back, and she’s brought some friends! Meanwhile, the Champions’ global influence is spreading — but is that a good thing? [Viv is questioning.] DEC170818

DOCTOR APHRA #17 $3.99 Page 76
Kieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier, and Emilio Laiso
Aphra and her new crew are launching a brand-new mission infiltrating a secret Rebellion training center. Little do they know they might be in over their heads. Bonus: A new Rebellion leader? Who’s that?! DEC170927

DR STRANGE #384 $3.99 Page 36
Donny Cates and Gabriel Hernandez Walta
“Loki: Sorcerer Supreme!” part 5. Get ready for a super-powered wizard’s duel in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Loki, Lord of Liars, versus Stephen Strange, the former Sorcerer Supreme! And this time, way more is on the line than the title. Will Loki gain the spell so dangerous, Stephen even hid it from himself? And how will Strange pay for the magic he’ll need to defeat a god? DEC170850

GENERATION X #87 $3.99 Page 62
Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna
“Survival of the Fittest” part 3. It’s Jubilee vs. M-Plate — vampire vs vampite! Will the Gen X class be able to defeat Monet/Emplate and save the school? All this, plus: Witness a major milestone for Jubilee! [Bling and Morph/ Benjamin Deeds are in the cast and Morph is starting a relationship.] DEC170903

Christina Strain, Eric Koda,and Amilcar Pinna
Morph, Kid Omega and Hindsight are trapped! Stuck in a villain-infested auction, the Gen X-ers must destroy a priceless weapon — all without getting caught by the auctioneer, Kade Kilgore. Meanwhile, last we saw Monet St. Croix, she had merged with her vampiric brother, Emplate! Now, cursed with the hunger to feast on others, she has set her sights on Jubilee’s new class! But what about the old class? When Paige Guthrie, A.K.A. Husk, returns, the stage is set for an OG Gen X reunion! But it won’t be happy for any of them. Can Jubilee, Chamber and Husk save Monet? Or is she forever lost to her brother’s curse? And will M-Plate feast on the kids of Generation X? Collecting issues #7-9 and #85-87. DEC170952

HAWKEYE #15 $3.99 Page 44
Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero
“Family Reunion” part 3. Two Hawkeyes deserve two super villains — it’s only natural (and so, so bad). Kate and Clint find themselves fighting both Eden and Madame Masque, who have teamed up under the “common enemy” banner. Emotional punches WILL be thrown…along with actual punches, of course. It’s dangerous to be a Hawkeye these days. DEC170870

ICEMAN #10 $3.99 Page 58
Sina Grace and Robert Gill
“Iceman vs. Daken” part 2. With the X-Men trapped in the Danger Room, it’s up to Iceman to protect the Institute and the students from Daken! Will having Omega-level powers be enough to go against an activated Apocalypse Seed? Are Bobby Drake’s students ready to fight and protect the mansion?! DEC170891

MIGHTY THOR #704 $3.99 Page 18
Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman
“The Death of the Mighty Thor” part 5. Jane’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse. But while she faces the enemy of her body. The Mangog ravages Asgardia! Odin and his son unite to take on the Ultimate Judgment. But without their mightiest warrior, the time of gods may come to an end. The Death of the Mighty Thor is coming. Will the world survive it? DEC170816

MS MARVEL #27 $3.99 Page 49
G Willow Wilson and Nico Leon
“Teenage Wasteland” part 3. Zoe, Mike, Gabe, and Nakia are all-in! The Ms Marvels? The Ms’s? Whatever you call them, this group is holding up the legacy of Ms. Marvel and taking the fight to the Inventor! But Red Dagger is going to have his hands full if he wants to lead this ragtag bunch to victory! [Wilson wrote a coming out story for cast member Zoe Zimmer.] DEC170880

LOCKJAW #1 $3.99 Page 47
Daniel Kibblesmith and Carlos Villa
Who’s A Good Boy? Part 1 of 4. At long last, the dog has his day! Lockjaw spends most of his time defending the Inhuman empire alongside Black Bolt and Medusa. But when he gets a message that his long-lost litter mates are in danger, he’ll spring into action to save them! But wait – Lockjaw has brothers and sisters? Can they teleport? Are they Inhuman? Can they possibly be as gosh-darned cute as their big brother? All the answers are here! Get ready for an adventure worth fetching for! [Believe it or not D-Man is supposed to be included in the story.] DEC170875

MS MARVEL Vol 4 HC $34.99 Page 93
G. Willow Wilson, Mirka Andolfo, and various
Civil War II is behind her, and a new chapter begins for Kamala Khan! But it’s lonely out there for Ms. Marvel when loved ones no longer have her back. It’s time for Kamala to find out exactly who she is on her own! And her home life, costumed life and online life will converge when a member of her World of Battlecraft guild reveals he’s discovered her secret identity! He knows a disturbing number of details about her, but is he…human? Then, when an enemy from Ms. Marvel’s past begins targeting those closest to her, everything about Kamala will be called into question — not just as a super hero, but as a human being! Things are never easy for the shape-shifting, size-swapping sensation — but are things any better for Bruno in Wakanda? Collecting Ms Marvel (2015) #13-24. DEC170942

ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 $3.99 Page 54
Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez
“Ring of Fire” Part 2. Rogue and Gambit dig deep into their past in “therapy” to maintain their cover, all the while snooping around after hours for clues about missing mutants. Will what they unearth about themselves in this “paradise” mean curtains for their relationship or bring them closer than ever? And what discovery straight out of a horror movie has Rogue and Gambit wishing they’d never agreed to this mission in the first place?! DEC170888

RUNAWAYS #6 $3.99 Page 71
Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka
The danger that’s been stalking the Runaways since Chase brought Gert back finally pounces! The first arc comes to a climactic end and the foundation is laid for arc two! DEC170919

Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, and various
Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona introduce Marvel’s teen sensations — the Runaways! All young people believe their parents are evil…but what if they really are? Meet Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Molly and Nico. Their lives are about to take an incredible turn. When these six young friends discover that their mothers and fathers are all secretly super villains, they flee their homes together and head straight into the adventure of their lives — vowing to turn the tables on their parents’ evil organization, the Pride! But will all of them survive into the next stage of their runaway lives? Cloak and Dagger, the New Avengers and the X-Men await on an unparalleled emotional journey that takes the Runaways from Los Angeles to New York — and beyond! Collecting Runaways (2003) #1-18, Runaways (2005) #1-24 and Free Comic Book Day 2006. DEC170944

SHE-HULK #162 $3.99 Page 016
Mariko Tamaki and Jahnoy Lindsay
“Jen Walters Must Die!” part 4. After a harrowing encounter with the Leader, Jen is struggling to control the HULK inside of her. Time for a trip into the subconscious to discover the monster within. Jen visits an old friend to reconnect with her inner Hulk, and inner turmoil, to try and become the super hero she needs to be. DEC170813

Ryan North and Erica Henderson
“The Forbdidden Pla-but!” part 3. For the first time in the history of comics, we present the color-coded fight we’ve all been waiting for: Ggreen (Doreen) on cilver (Surfer)! And if fighting the Herald of Galactus– a man who literally has the Power Cosmic at his disposal — isn’t enough, Doreen’s got other problems to deal with, including intergalactic scam artists, Drax the Destroyer and Loki Laufeyson. Feel the thrill of the fight! SEE it happen, via artisanally selected images and words juxtaposed in deliberate sequence! HEAR the words in your head via your inner voice as you read them, which when you think about it is kind of weird! All we have to do is write down words on a piece of paper, and suddenly they’re re-created in your mind exactly as we intended. Minds are crazy, and language is EVEN CRAZIER.Anyway, please enjoy this comic about a girl and her talking squirrel in space. [Koi Boi is transgender.] DEC170864

X-MEN BLUE #21 & 22 $3.99 Page 62
Cullen Bunn and Jacopo Camagni
Poison X part 2! Symbiote space pirates! The X-Men and Venom have been asking the wrong questions in the wrong seedy spaceport cantina! Vicious space pirates are bad enough…but they’re even worse when they’re using alien symbiotes as weapons! DEC170896

Poison X part 4! The X-Men have given themselves a power boost – in the form of alien symbiotes! But their new powers have made them the targets of the symbiote-consuming poisons! DEC170899

X-MEN BLUE: CROSS TIME CAPERS Vol 3 TP $15.99 Page 100
Cullen Bunn, Thony Silas, and R. B. Silva
What do you get when you mix five time-displaced teens, a time machine and one fractured timeline? You get Jean, Scott, Hank, Warren and Bobby — impromptu time cops! The original X-Men and their new allies must survive long enough to fix what went wrong with the timestream — which isn’t easy when they’re stranded in the not-too-far future. If only there were a similar group of mutant heroes that could help them out — like the X-Men 2099! The adventure through the eras continues as the Blue crew meet the original Generation X! And back in the past, they’re reunited at last with Professor X — and the villainous Magneto! But with the timestream in ruins — all the fault of the X-Men — can they fix everything that has gone wrong…even if it means battling themselves? Collecting issues #16-20. DEC170950

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