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LGBT Previews February 2016

Sophie Campbell’s Wet Moon graphic novel series is the feature image above this time around. Oni Press resissues a new edition of the first volume titled Feeble Wanderings. Campbell’s cult favorite is set in the fictional Southern city of Wet Moon and follows Cleo Lovedrop and her BFFs Trilby Bernarde, Audrey Richter, and Mara Zuzanny as they go about their lives and studying art at the local art college. Campbell suffuses Goth and alt cultural elements into many of the characters. Trade waiters can catch up with the new Archie, Steven’s Universe, the stylish alt universe DC Comics Bombshells, Elf Quest, McKelvie and Gillen’s Immaterial Girl, and a few more! Fantagraphics reoffers Ed Luce’s collected Wuvable Oaf, a favorite here at Gay League and DC does the same with Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka’s Gotham Central Omnibus collecting the entire 40 issue run with Renee Montoya and Maggie Sawyer. Pre-order Grant Morrison’s highly anticipated or dreaded (depending on what you think of Morrison’s writing) Wonder Woman Earth One or revisit George Perez penned War of the Gods event!

Oh, there’s a lot more! Go look!

Nine more days till Christmas! GAH!

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People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Props to Andy Mangels because this was his idea.


RACHEL RISING #40 $3.99 Page 234
Terry Moore
Rachel and Lilith execute a clever plan to trap the demon Malus and get more than they bargain for-seven times more to be exact! Meanwhile, Jet and Earl discover the dark secret Dr. Siemen has kept hidden in his house for decades.


INSEXTS #3 $3.99 Page 245
Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
Lady and Mariah twist and evolve to protect their little family from the insidious force inside their very home. As the dangers of the lovers’ new world escalate, old horrors ooze up from beneath the streets of London ready to pounce on our sultry, but dangerous duo. [Forbidden love in the Victorian Age? Sounds like homosexuality to me, and Bennett writes DC Comics Bombshells with Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer in a relationship.

ARCHIE #6 $3.99 Page 256
Mark Waid, Veronica Fish, and various
Archie and Jughead are on the outs with each other, and now Archie has no one to help him against the fury that is Hiram Lodge! Not even Veronica wants to go up against her own father! Rising star comics artist Veronica Fish joins the legendary Mark Waid for another brand new issue of the hit series! [Kevin Keller in the cast.]

ARCHIE TP Vol 1 $19.99 Page 25
Mark Waid, Fiona Staples, and various
Fiona Staples Archie, one of the longest-running titles in comic book history, is rebooted here by two of the most talented creators in comics, Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Together they create a surprising and definitive take on the origins of everyone’s favorite redheaded teen and his friends while showcasing the beginnings of the historic love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. The book captures the bite and hilarious edge of Archie’s original tales in a modern, forward-looking manner, while still retaining the character’s all-ages appeal. Collects Archie #1-6 and bonus content including scripts, sketches, and variant covers.
Archie Vol. 1


PROVIDENCE #7 $4.99 Page 263
Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
Robert Black came looking for a story but what he found is a world of misery and woe. He’s become a broken man only beginning to accept the horrors of the Lovecraftian world are real and hiding in plain sight. Alan Moore and artist Jacen Burrows have delivered a slow burn tale of fear and underlying dread that has delighted fans and scholars alike. Moore has written every cover detail, every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date. Fans of Moore’s immersive style and meticulous grasp of storytelling will be thrilled to add this essential piece of comics history to their collections! [The story’s central character is gay.]


BRAVEST WARRIORS TP Vol 6 $14.99 page 284
Kate Leth and Ian McGinty
The Bravest Warriors decide to take time off from saving the universe for some team bonding over a lovely picnic…what could go wrong? If their teleporter locks them out and traps them on the planet they’re visiting? A whole lot! When Chris is captured by the bad guys and Danny falls victim to the evils of RoboChris, it’s up to Beth, Plum, and Wallow to save their friends in butt-kicking, Bravest Warriors fashion. Collects issues #21 – 24.
Bravest Warriors Vol. 6

stevenuniversevol2LUMBERJANES #23 $3.99 Page 287
Shannon Waters, Kat Leyh, and Rosemary Valero O’Connell
Molly spends time with the Bear Woman to learn more about shape-shifters, and the girls finally have a plan to help Seafarin’ Karen get her boat back!

STEVEN UNIVERSE TP Vol 2 $14.99 Page 279
Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle
Join Steven as he starts his next adventure from trying to save the local library to getting lost inside Pearl’s head! It’s always a good day to be Steven Universe when you’re surrounded by such amazing friends and family. Collects issues #5-8, including all the covers and shorts.
Steven Universe Vol. 2

THE WOODS #20 $3.99 Page 283
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
The Horde is coming.


alabastergood3ALABASTER: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BIRD #3 $3.99 Page 41
Caitlin R Kiernan and Daniel Warren
Dancy Flammarion was content to spend eternity in the nothingness of hell, but when a twisted pair of incestuous bounty hunters initiates a dark ritual, she finds herself unceremoniously cast from the afterlife into the deadly waters of the bayou! Now, new dangers are stalking Dancy, some of whom wear familiar faces . . .

BUFFY SEASON 10 #24 $3.99 Page 43
Christos Gage and Megan Levens
As new jobs, new relationships, and new priorities arise, the Scoobies’ personal feuds are becoming a big issue for the team. When the trail of the Restless Door leads to the Demon Lord’s hideout, the Mistress takes advantage of their discord and presents the team with a terrible decision that could tear them apart.

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #19 $4.99 Page 46
Carla Speed McNeil, Brendan McCarthy, Paul Levitz, Tim Hamilton, John Arcudi, Rich Woodall, Adam P Knave, D J Kirkbride, Barbara Randall Kesel. Craig Rousseau. Robert Wilson IV, and mar Olivent
Appearances aren’t everything in the new story World Away by writer John Arcudi and artist Maxim Ximi?! Pop-star spies also come to DHP in Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride, and Robert Wilson IV’s Laser Joan and the Rayguns! This issue also features new installments of Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton’s Brooklyn Blood, Barbara Randall Kesel and Marc Olivent’s Sundown Crossroads, Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau’s Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, and Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder

Wendy Pini and Richard Pini
Sunstream, son of Wolfrider chief Cutter Kinseeker, finally fulfills his destiny and becomes the psychic link among all the elfin tribes scattered across the World of Two Moons. At long last, the seeds planted 20,000 years ago in the original, classic quest can come to fruition. But a devastating secret, hidden in plain sight, is moving into the light, and it will affect the elfin race forever. Volume 2 collects Wendy and Richard Pini’s issues #7-#12 of The Final Quest, the newest adventures of the Wolfriders!

HARROW COUNTY #9 $3.99 Page 40
Cullen Bunn and Carla Speed McNeil
Emmy knows the Skinless Boy simply as her silent and grisly protector, but the mysteries of his life and afterlife run much deeper than the powerful young witch could ever know. Now, briefly reunited with his disembodied tattered skin, the Skinless Boy explores the secrets of his lost past. [How the heck did I miss Carla’s doing art here?]

Gail Simone and J Calafiore
The survivors of a mysterious event in the world’s greatest city wish they were only being chased by the walking dead! Instead, the world’s greatest heroes have turned into violent, rage-filled killers, and staying alive is nearly impossible. An illegal rescue attempt into the center of the quarantined city goes terribly wrong, and the rescuers attract the attention of the supers in the worst way imaginable. Also, the question is answered–where are all the supervillains?

Miss the Kickstarter? There’s a HC collection to catch you up!
Leaving Megalopolis

MYSTERY GIRL #3 $3.99 Page 51
Paul Tobin and Alberto Alburquerque
While hot on the trail of the mysterious Siberian mammoths, Trine uncovers a much deadlier conundrum that surrounds a multibillion-dollar dynasty, their ill-gotten gains, and the shadowy hit squad who have Trine and her friends in their crosshairs!

THE TOMORROWS TP $19.99 Page 49
Curt Pires, Alexis Ziritt, Ian MacEwan, Andrew MacLean, Liam Cobb, and Kevin ZeiglerOn
The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutal–unless the Tomorrows can stop it. Artists, terrorists, they fight with explosives, they fight with ideas, they fight to reclaim the future we sold. Collects issues #1-#6 of the series.
The Tomorrows


ACTION #49 $23.99 Page 90
Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
“Savage Dawn” continues! Now powered by Kryptonite, Superman is confronted by the first of Vandal Savage’s children! It’s a creature with unrelenting bloodlust and the power to match it! [Greg Pak is added to the list after I noticed he became a backer of Geeks Out’s Flame Con Kickstarter.]

batgirl49BATGIRL #49 $2.99 Page 95
Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and Babs Tarr
To unravel the secret of Batgirl’s bizarre new nemesis, her friends must travel to strange and uncharted territory: the inside of Barbara Gordon’s spectacular mind!

BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #18 – 21 $2.99 Page 96
James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Ed Brisson, Tim Seeley, Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos, Tony Daniel
Everything that can go wrong does in both the past and the present! Batman spent years believing Mother was dead…and when you see their blood-soaked confrontation, you’ll know why! Now that she’s returned in the modern day, Batman’s allies will find themselves under siege from a world-destroying weapon they never saw coming! And on top of everything…Harper Row learns a devastating secret that will change her life forever–and potentially make her the most dangerous foe the Robins have ever faced!

James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, a lot more creators
Batman and Robin Eternal Vol. 1

James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams
The Batcave is overrun with turtles–and its landlord is not at all pleased about it. But Batman’s going to have to put aside his animosity toward his uninvited guests because he’s about to have his first run-in with their deadliest enemy, Shredder! Meanwhile, the Turtles must face up to the grim possibility that they might never get back to their world.

CATWOMAN #49 $2.99 Page 98
Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda
Catwoman’s been on the run before, but now it’s not just the cops that are on her tail! With a bounty on her head, it seems like every member of the New York underground is gunning for her…and that includes some familiar faces from Gotham City! When sometime allies Batgirl and Killer Croc decide to get in on the chase, Catwoman might be all out of tricks.

Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV, and Riley Rossmo
The truth behind the magical chaos that has befallen New York City comes out when the demonic power player Neron casts John Constantine down into the fires of Hell itself, where our occult investigator has no shortage of enemies–including an infernal ex the Hellblazer hoped he’d never see again…

dcbombshells9DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #9 $3.99 Page 106
Marguerite Bennett, Sandy Jarrell, Elizaeth Torque, and Maria Laura Sanapo
Mera realizes that the only way to achieve victory at sea is to call upon the King of Atlantis. But the price for his assistance may be more than she wants to pay. Stargirl makes plans to return to Russia and rescue her father, while Supergirl comes up against none other than the wealthy American industrialist, Lex Luthor.

Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage, Laura Braga, and Ming Doyle
In these stories from issues #1-6 of the hit series, learn the story behind this alternate reality where the Second World War is fought by superpowered women on the front lines and behind the scenes! It all begins with the stories of Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.
DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 1

DETECTIVE #49 $3.99 Page 97
Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin
Caught up in an cold case from his days on the force, James Gordon grapples with the new freedom he has as Batman to investigate the crimes of Gotham City…and the slippery slope that this freedom can be. Does the system he’s believed in all this time still work? Or is it the only thing he has left to hold on to? [Renee Montoya is back!]

EARTH TWO: SOCIETY #9 $2.99 Page 76
Dan Abnett and Jorge Jimenez
The Mist rises in New Gotham as Batman takes on this strange new foe! And Hawkgirl finds herself outnumbered as she confronts Fury and the new Amazons. [Alan Scott recently got a spotlight but he’s still as neutered as Northstar used to be.]

FLASH #49 $3.99 Page 76
Robert Vendetti, Van Jensen, and Jesus Merino
On the run from a police task force assigned to take him out, The Flash must face the CCPD’s newest deputies: The Rogues. As you can tell from the cover, it does not go particularly well. [Captain Singh and Hartley Rathaway are a couple. Barry Allen and Rathaway are now roommates!]

Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudino, Kano, and others
Harvey Bullock, Maggie Sawyer, Renee Montoya and the GCPD are all that stands between order and chaos in Gotham City. It’s up to them to keep the world’s most dangerous criminals off the street, and also to clean up the mess left behind by Batman’s one-man war on crime. Now, the entire 40-issue run of Gotham Cental is collected in a single hardcover.
Gotham Central Omnibus

GRAYSON #17 $3.99 Page 99
Tom King, Tim Seeley, and Mikel Janin
Agent 37 has run out of allies to turn to in his fight against Spyral. His only choice is to go even deeper into the shadows and recruit a team of spies that will help him challenge the monster that Spyral has become since his former friends Tiger and Helena took over the organization.

HARLEY QUINN #25 $3.99 Page 100
Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin
At long last, it’s Harley Quinn and The Joker, face-to-face! The life of Harley’s new love, Mason Macabre, is in the Joker’s hands…but can he or Harley survive another round of The Joker’s twisted mind games? [According to an interview at The Mary Sue, Harley and Ivy are girlfriends “without the jealousy of monotony”.]

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and John Timms
Guest-starring Green Lantern! Black and red are kind of Harley Quinn’s thing…so when the most unique power ring in the universe crosses her path, she has no choice but to put it on, right? Unfortunately for Harley–and everyone else–this hybrid ring is fueled by rage and death…and things are gonna get out of hand very quickly!

midnighter9MIDNIGHTER #9 $2.99 Page 80
Steve Orlando and ACO
Spyral wants the deadly Perdition Pistol back–so they turn to the only man who stands a chance of recovering it: Midnighter! The only problem is who has possession of it now…the near-unbeatable Suicide Squad!

Amy Chu and Clay Mann
Murder in the lab! As the police investigate the death of her mentor, Dr. Pamela Isley suspects poisoning! But by whom, and why? Before the cops suspect her alter ego, Poison Ivy, Pam needs to find the true murderer. Meanwhile, her DNA experiments are about to pay off! [Poison Ivy and Harley were always making out together and Harley writer Amanda Connor said Harley is bi. Whether Chu addresses Pamela’s sexuality in this mini remains to be seen.]

SECRET SIX #11 $2.99 Page 86
Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham
Strix, a former Talon once in the service of the Court of Owls, seems to have found a place in the world with the Secret Six. But now someone from her past comes calling, threatening to undermine whatever semblance of peace she has experienced with her newfound friends. Some wounds time can never heal. Can she ever leave the life of an assassin behind her?

SINESTRO #20 $2.99 Page 104
Cullen Bunnn, Brad Walker, and Andrew Hennessy
Sinestro confronts the Pale Bishop as Earth’s fate hangs in the balance. The outcome of this battle will forever alter the course of the Sinestro Corps! [Cullen Bunn wrote Dez Trevius’ back story in Sinestro annual #2 to show he’d been romantically involved with another man from his home world.]

teentitans17TEEN TITANS #17 $2.99 Page 85
Greg Pak and Ian Churchill
With their backs against the wall, the Titans are wanted across the country! Now, Tim Drake must find a way to clear the team’s name while staying one step ahead of the law. But Wonder Girl’s past is also catching up with her and it won’t wait for the Titans’ troubles to calm down.

Will Pfeifer, Kenneth Rocafort, Felipe Watanabe, and Ian Churchill
Superboy has returned, but something’s wrong, and it’s up to the Teen Titans to find out what. On the run with Superboy, the Titans must uncover the truth behind the Boy of Steel’s crimes–or they all might end up serving time with their former teammate. Collects issues #8-12, annual #1, and the sneak peek story from Convergence: Superboy & the Legion of Super Heroes #2.
Teen Titans Vol. 2: Rogue Targets


ASTRO CITY #32 $3.99 Page 124
Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson
A look in at Steeljack, and how he’s been getting by the last few years. When he’s hired by a femme fatale from his past, he’ll wind up in deep trouble, with no one to turn to. Part 1 of a 3-part sequel to “The Tarnished Angel,” one of Astro City’s most popular stories.[A trans character was featured in #16 and a gay couple shown in #13.]

CLEAN ROOM #5 $3.99 Page 125
Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt
Astrid Mueller is scared for the first time as she struggles to tame a Clean Room gone wildly out of control. Meanwhile, her cult followers take the recruitment process to a whole new level. And Chloe faces demons more horrible than even her own hallucinations.


RED SONJA #2 Vol 3 $3.99 Page 305
Marguerite Bennett and Aneke
As her people turn warlike and become more vicious than even their enemies, Red Sonja battles to save Hyrkania from its own army. Racing to the throne, with a price on her head, Sonja finds herself entangled in the charms and wiles of a mysterious and beautiful performer… and when the face of the King is revealed at last, Sonja is captured in intrigues more deadly than any she has known!


WUVABLE OAF $29.99 Page 327
Ed Luce
This is the first-ever collection of the acclaimed self-published comic book series; it’s about a big, hairy, gay ex-wrestler’s search for love in the big city, set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s queer and music scenes.
Wuvable Oaf


THE EIGHTH SEAL #3 $3.99 Page 163
James Tynion IV and Jeremy Rock
As the conspirators behind the power of the Eighth Seal reveal themselves at the highest level of US Government, the First Lady’s struggle against her horrific visions hit dangerous new heights. Is the monster inside under their control, or does it have its own agenda?

eighthseal3JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #12 3.99 Page 164
Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell
Dark Jem part 2! Something’s making SYNERGY go haywire–and it spreads to Jem & the Holograms just as they gear up for their biggest challenge yet–touring with the Misfits! Meanwhile, the Misfits introduce their new lead singer… Blaze! And just wait until Pizzazz finds out!

Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell
One night only! Tensions run high between Jem & the Holograms and the Misfits as their tour kicks into high gear! And now, the sound buried in Synergy programming–the one that’s been profoundly affecting all those who hear it–has just changed its tune! For one night only–Valentine’s Day–it’s making friends of enemies with sometimes dangerous consequences!

LOCKE & KEY MASTER EDITION Vol 2 $49.99 Page 174
Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
Named a “modern masterpiece” by The A.V. Club, the critically acclaimed series Locke & Key takes on new life this reformatted hardcover. The Locke & Key Master Edition, Vol. 2 features the third and fourth L&K arcs, “Crown of Shadows” and “Keys to the Kingdom,” with all-new cover art and design by co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez.
Locke & Key Master Edition Volume 2

ORPHAN BLACK: HELSINKI #4 $3.99 Page 159
Graeme Manson, John Fawcett, Heli Kennedy, and Alan Quah
Spoken in hushed tones, the word means almost certain death for the clones of Project Leda. But find out here what it means to a very special clone named Veera. Learn the dark secrets of this codename in this special event miniseries by co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Mans


bitchplanet7BITCH PLANET #7 $3.99 page 187
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro
Makoto arrives on Bitch Planet. Whitney has to answer for Meiko’s death. Kam gets a new cellmate and a critical clue to the whereabouts of her sister.

JUPITER’S CIRCLE #2 Vol 4 $3.50 Page 202
Mark Millar and Chris Sprouse
A new villain ups the ante with a threat that unites former enemies–and creates new ones. [One of the heroes is a gay man.]

NO MERCY #7 $3.99 Page 204
Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil
Getting in strangers’ cars: never a good idea. Even less so in Mataguey. Uh-oh, DeShawn and Tiffani…

PAPER GIRLS #5 $2.99 Page 205
Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang
The first arc of the smash-hit ongoing series concludes with major revelations and another game-changing cliffhanger. Major plot point: Lots of answers to our major mysteries in this issue, as well as a final page that will completely transform the book’s status quo before our series’s first regularly planned hiatus.[Given how often Vaughn works an LGBT character into his stories it seems like a sure bet that he’ll do the same here sooner or later.]

Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson
The creators of the award-winning the Wicked + the Divine return to their founding critical smash-hit, Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl. In a world where music is magic, phonomancer Emily Aster sold half her personality for power. Now, after a decade of brittle perfection, the deal starts to go bad as the girl behind the screen comes looking for revenge. You’ll never look at the “Take On Me” video the same ever again. Includes copious “making of” material. Collects Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1-6
Phonogram Volume 3: The Immaterial Girl

ringside4RINGSIDE #4 $3.99 Page 208
Joe Keatinge, Nick Barer, and Simon Gough
The stage has been set. All players are ready. Not all will survive when the curtain draws. [The rookie character is gay and is in a relationship.]

SAGA #34 $2.99 Page 209
Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples
New friends are silver. [Nominated for a GLAAD award.]

THE TITHE: ISLAMAPHOBIA TP Vol 2 $14.99 Page 223
Matt Hawkins, Rahsa Ekedal, and Phillip Sevy
Supposed Islamic terrorists bomb three major churches in the United States. Dwayne, Jimmy, and Samantha uncover a far more nefarious plot and are forced to carry out the ultimate heist in Washington DC. Hypocrisy and prejudice reach an all-new level in the US government’s hallowed halls. Collects issues #5-8. [Ekedal is an LGBT ally.] The Tithe Volume 2: Islamaphobia

walkingdead151WALKING DEAD #151 $2.99 Page 190
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
Call to arms. [One of the men who was half of a gay couple was spoilers! Also, two other gay people in the cast.]

THE WALKING DEAD TP Vol 25 $14.99 Page 223
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
After a devastating act of war by the Whisperers, Rick must chart a path for his community. But when his leadership is questioned, how will he respond? Collects WALKING DEAD #145-150.
The Walking Dead Volume 25: No Turning Back


Thanks to Mike McDermott for his advice with post Secret War Marvel books, including paraphrased info included here! Greg Pak has a history of LGBT inclusiveness so his Totally Awesome Hulk may be a book to watch. Could readers see Wiccan guest star in Scarlet Witch? And with other heroes rotating in to A-Force will any be LGBT? Will the new Hercules series acknowledge the incorrigible demi-god’s bisexuality?

AGENTS OF SHIELD #2 $3.99 Page 57
Marc Guggenheim and German Peralta
The good news for Phil Coulson is that he’s been reunited with his former love, Lola — who, it turns out, is not a flying car. The bad news is that she turned his mind into a weapon that could destroy the Marvel Universe.

allnewinhumans4ALL NEW INHUMANS #4 $3.99 Page 40
Charles Soule, James Asmus, and Stefano Caselli
Crystal and her team’s diplomatic mission into Sin-Cong goes dramatically un-diplomatic. [Asmus has also revealed that one of the new Inhuman characters will be gay.]

ALL NEW X-MEN #4 & 5 $3.99 Page 62
Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley
Reunited at last, the All-New X-Men hit the road on a mission to write their own futures and be the heroes they believe mutantkind needs most. But for one X-Man, being a hero means perpetually leaping into harm’s way, even when it means suffering grievous injury. When the unstoppable All-New Wolverine runs up against the immovable Blob, will her self-destructive instincts get the better of her? Which is more stubborn: A teenage X-Man or a homicidal villain whose power is literally to render
himself immovable? Find out here, when the All New X-Men take on The Blob!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 & 8 $3.99 Page 42
Dan Slott and Matteo Buffagni
Cloak and Dagger are serving Mister Negative in his war on Spider-Man! But how?! Things get even worse as Mister Negative inverts Peter Parker himself! [Gay cast member Max Modell from pre Secret Wars appears again and became married to Hector Baez in #1.]

ANGELA QUEEN OF HEL #5 $3.99 Page 60
Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto, and Stephanie Hans
The ferocious finale of the conquest of Hel as Angela and Sera clash at last with the tyrannical Queen Hela in all her glory! Holy crow, are we glad comics don’t have special effects budgets. (Marguerite owes Kim, Stephanie and Israel so many drinks.) And the splash page you’ve all been waiting for! [Angela and Sera were confirmed as lovers in #2.]

ASTONISHING ANT-MAN #5 $3.99 Page 22
Nick Spencer and Annapaola Martello
Cassie Lang used to be cool. She used to be a super hero! But nowadays, she’s de-powered, her friends are on the other side of the country and she sucks at basketball. It’s the worst. But Cassie is about to find out what being a hero really means. It isn’t about changing size, it’s about what’s in your heart.[Gay Machinesmith has carried over from the previous series. We’ll have to wait and see if the same holds true of the gay Indian-American man who inherited Giant Man’s suit.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 $3.99 Page 20
Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters, and Kris Anka
Between hosting a contingent of alien ambassadors, passive aggressive power struggles with her Flight Commander, Abigail Brand, and an insatiable itch to be on the front lines, Carol Danvers A.K.A. Captain Marvel struggles to find her footing on the new Alpha Flight Space Station. To top it off a mysterious ghost ship has entered protected Earth space…And it’s bearing the Star of Hala. Talk about a rough first week on the job…

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #7 $3.99 Page 67
Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos
As one team of X-Men stages a daring rescue mission in Weirdworld, another team stages one in the psyche of their teammate! Something happened to Nightcrawler that left his mind in turmoil. Determined to bring their friend back to sanity, Storm and Jean Grey enter his mind…but are they prepared for what awaits them there? Meanwhile, Old Man Logan, Colossus, Iceman and Magik discover just who it is they’re on a mission to rescue in the wilds of Weirdworld…and the truth might tear the team apart!

newavengers6NEW AVENGERS #6 & 7 $3.99 Page 17
Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval
The Cross-Time Team-Up races to its conclusion – guest-starring the Avengers of 20XX! Moridun, star-sorcerer from before time began, makes his move — and for one Avenger, it could be the last! It’s up to Wiccan to save the world – but will he lose his soul in the process?

The Maker is back! But what does the strange head of W.H.I.S.P.E.R. want with the White Tiger? And while we’re at it – which White Tiger? Angela Del Toro is back in the suit! But is she friend or foe? And what does this mean for Ava Ayala?

Kate Leth and Brittney Campbell
Hellcat and her pals deal with the true scourge of New York City: bedbugs. Plus, Patsy gets another job and tries online dating. Which of these horrors is worst?! Find out in the most third issue so far of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!

SILK #4 & 5 $3.99 Page 48
Robie Thompson and Veronica Fish
The mysterious Espectro enters Cindy’s life for the second time. Who is he? Does he know where her family is? What is his connection to Silk’s? [Will the lesbian couple in the previous volume’s support cast return?]

SQUADRON SUPREME #4 $3.99 Page 19
James Robinson and Leonard Kirk
The Squadron descends into the newest, weirdest corner of the Marvel U! But how many of them will make it out? Plus: A beloved Marvel character returns amid much pomp and fanfare! [In terms of LGBT content, Thundra is shown on the cover to issue #1, and she was outed as bisexual in Peter David’s SHE-HULK series a few years ago. There has also been a lot of fan speculation about this version of Hyperion from Hickman’s Avengers run.]

ultimates4STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK #3 $3.99 Page 58
Greg Weisman and Domo Stanton
The possessed Nitro, Graviton and Blizzard are free again and more powerful than ever. As Starbrand tries to stop them from an unthinkable goal, Nightmask must discover who is pulling their cosmic strings! Plus: Kevin, Adam and Imani go shopping and get lunch.
(Apologies are due if you picked up this comic because it was included in this list. Our gaydar is being tuned up.)

THE ULTIMATES #4 $3.99 Page 23
Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort
The Ultimates are headed to the very edge of everything that is – and beyond! Destination: Outside! But on the way, they’re going to have to deal with pan-dimensional parasites, rogue realities, universal systems…and an enemy from Blue Marvel’s past. [Ms America may have a girlfriend as part of the supporting cast, based on the short-story in the Avengers #0 one-shot.]


meangirlsclubMEAN GIRLS CLUB $5.95 Page 358
Ryan Heshka
Introducing: Pinky, Sweets, Blackie, McQualude, Wendy, and Wanda. Together they form the Mean Girl Girls Club, a menacing powerhouse of ruthless rebels. Like a cruel pink and black plague, these subversive sirens seek out the innocent and the weak, feeding on pure fear. Intoxication… vice… adrenaline… Witness a meeting of the Mean Girls Club, but don’t make any plans afterward. You won’t be alive to tell about it! [Comes off as an homage to campy “bad girl” movies.] See some art here!


STRINGERS Vol 1 $19.99 Page 360
Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood
Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Paul and Nick find themselves on the run. From Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) and Justin Greenwood (Stumptown, The Fuse) comes an action-packed new miniseries about crime, corruption, and the perfect shot.

Sophie Campbell
An all-new edition of the first book in Sophie Campbell’s critically acclaimed original graphic novel series, Wet Moon! With brand new covers designed by cartoonist Annie Mok (Screen Tests) and special extras in the back, this edition is perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike!
Wet Moon Book 1: Feeble Wanderings (New Edition)


AWKWARD SILENCE GN Vol 5 $12.99 Page 373
Hinako Takanaga
Keigo surprises Satoru with a three-day trip to Karuizawa, but when the couple returns home, Satoru’s mother sees them kissing goodbye. Now that his parents know about their relationship, what will happen to Keigo and Satoru’s romance?
Awkward Silence, Vol. 5


Mark Landry and Richard Pace
With Hurricane Rose in full swing and New Orleans’ poor and needy in the firing line, it’s going to take more than one man’s effort to save this sinking city. But will community spirit be enough to prevail? [Landy confirms a cop character is gay. Hat tip to Steven Leitman! One more issue in this mini. Look for it to be collected.]


tigerbunnybeginningTIGER & BUNNY BEGINNING GN VOL 1 SIDE A $12.99 Page 412
Sunrise and Masafumi Nishida
In the city of Stern Bild, superpowered heroes known as NEXT fi ght crime while promoting their corporate sponsors for the hit show Hero TV. Veteran hero Wild Tiger has years of experience fi ghting crime, but when his ratings slip he’s forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a rookie hero with an attitude. Part 1 of this two-volume manga adaptation of the Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning animated film introduces you to the exciting world and characters of Tiger & Bunny!
Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning Side A, Vol. 1

TIGER & BUNNY Vol 1 $12.99 Page 412
Sunrise and Masafumi Nishida
Superpowered humans known as Next appeared in the world 45 years ago. Some of them fi ght crime in the city of Stern Bild while promoting their corporate sponsors on the hit show HERO TV. The people love their superheroes, even if they don’t completely understand them, and not all of the Next use their powers for good.
Tiger & Bunny, Vol. 1

December 21, 2015
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