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LGBT Previews December 2016 Part 1

Welcome to the latest edition of LGBT Previews in which we attempt to list as many comics, trades, and graphic novels either by LGBTQ+ creators or featuring LGBTQ+ characters or relevant themes. The Wonder Woman ’77 and Bionic Woman crossover from DC and IDW starts in December so you can pre-order it now! A new collection of Wuvable Oaf from Ed Luce and Fantagraphics is out in December too! Magdalene Visaggio’s Kim & Kim is collected in case you missed out or decided to wait! Plus more goodies!

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People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Thanks where thanks is due – Andy Mangels because this was his idea and to Mike McDermott and Steven Leitman for their suggestions and input about several series that have been added to the list!


MOTOR GIRL #2 $3.99 Page 252
Terry Moore
Running a junkyard in Blink, Nevada wasn’t Samantha Mooney’s first choice in life; it wasn’t even in the Top 500. But when the owner was abducted by a UFO, Sam was left to run the yard. Now investigator Dan Manders is de-termined to prove the junkyard is a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity. But proof is hard to come by when you’re trying to catch the masters of hide-and-seek… and when ET is protected by a 500 pound gorilla! [Given that Moore’s series include some LGBT characters it seems likely this one will too.] AFTERSHOCK

ALTERS #3 $3.99 Page 261
Paul Jenkins, Leila Leiz, Tamra Bonvillain
Chapter 3: Hello, Goodbye–Reeling from the tragedy surrounding her first interaction as an Alter, Chalice must reconcile her public persona and her civilian identity. Her transformations are now set in motion, and she struggles to deal with both. Yet in the midst of this turmoil, new Alters are revealed…including one undergoing alteration very close to home. Continue the journey with Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Jenkins and incredible artists Leila Leiz and Tamra Bonvillain!

ANIMOSITY #5 $3.99 Page 260
Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latore
A safe haven looms on the horizon, but the walled city will not take all of Jesse and Sandor’s companions. Who will live, and who will die to save the pack? Another action-packed issue!


afterlifearchie12AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #12 $3.99 Page 274
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla
“Betty: RIP,” part 7. All good things come to an end… and sometimes, good people come to a grisly end. Instead of a honeymoon, Archie’s organizing a burial. Several burials, in fact. And before that, he must make two of the most difficult decisions he’s ever made. Nothing-and we mean nothing-will be the same after this spine-tingling, jaw-dropping final chapter of our second arc!

ARCHIE #14 $3.99 Page 274
Mark Waid and Joe Eisma
For a while after Veronica’s departure, no woman was around who could wreck the Jughead/Archie bromance. We all knew that couldn’t last forever, right? Meanwhile, the Veronica vs. Cheryl Blossom feud reaches its peak! [Kevin Keller is in the cast.]

JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS #3 $3.99 Page 276
Marguerite Bennett and Cameron Deordio
he next installment’s got it all! Alexandra is back to wreak havoc on the Pussycats’ beach party as Josie’s romance with Alan M heats up! We’ve got lions, tigers, and jet skis (oh my!) as the Pussycats fight for the right to party!


kimkimvol1KIM AND KIM TP Vol 1 $9.99* Page 292
Magdalene Visaggio and Eva Cabrera
Kim & Kim are 20-something besties making a name for themselves in the wild world of inter-dimensional cowboy law enforcement. A day-glo action adventure that’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Kim & Kim puts queer women and trans women front and center in an adventure that’s bright, happy, punk rock, sci fi & queer as all get-out!  * There’s a discrepancy in cover price between Previews ($9.99) and my comic shop order form ($12.99) which also uses Previews.


BACKSTAGERS #4 $3.99 Page 304
James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh
The Backstagers meet their lady counterparts from the All-Girls school, and it turns out that they have way more in common than they’d think. Working together to put on the best show this town’s ever seen should be as simple as pie, right?

lumberjanes33LUMBERJANES #33 $3.99 Page 306
Shannon Waters, Kat Leyh, and Caroline Nowak
Barney is officially a Lumberjane and it has come time for him to say goodbye to his friends at the Scouting Lads…but will a simple day ever stay simple in these woods?

Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya
Special standalone issue featuring guest artist Jon Lam! As someone who tends to shy away from conflict and confrontation, Billy feels like the least likely candidate to protect Earth. When he first receives his Power Coin, he’s constantly afraid of not being prepared, and it’ll take a carefully strategized battle and the support of his friends to feel like a true member of the team.

MEGA PRINCESS #2 $3.99 Page 306
Kelly Thompson and Brianne Drouhard
Max and her, ahem, trusted steed, Justine, utilize some mega princess powers and deductive reasoning on a mission to find the prince, but Max’s overconfidence may get them into trouble when they find themselves at the mercy of the Tiny Kingdom!

namesake2NAMESAKE #2 $3.99 Page 302
Steve Orlando and Jakub Rebelka
Jordan has finally crossed into Ektae, where he is immediately arrested and forced to lie his way out of one bad situation and into another.

STEVEN UNIVERSE 2016 Special #1 $7.99 Page 298
Ayme Sotuyo, T. Zysk, Queenie Chan, Sara Talmadge, and Katie Jones
This is it! The Big Donut Special! This special one-shot focuses on Lars, Sadie, the citizens of Beach City, and the Crystal Gems as they hang out at their favorite donut place. Featuring off-model stories and alternative portrayals of Steven and the entire gang. 40 pages of story and art! 48 pages.

THE WOODS #28 $3.99 Page 302
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
Isaac continues to string the group along on his mission to return everyone to Earth, but Karen is convinced he’s hiding something and is determined to uncover it.


DIE, KITTY! DIE! #3 $3.99 Page 315
Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent
With her publishers out to get her and the possibility of a reboot looming over her head, what will comic book star and real life witch, Kitty Ravencraft, do? Find out in the third chapter of the hit series!


RED SONJA #0 $0.25 Page 325
Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez
redsonjavol4-0Special introductory price! The barbarian She-Devil with a Sword faces a whole different world and challenges in this new adventure written by Amy Chu and drawn by Carlos Gomez. Somewhere deep underground, strange and powerful demons clad in metal armor attack and roust Red Sonja from a deep magical sleep. Confused and weaponless, she must find a way to defeat these mysterious creatures, escape from her solitary prison, and make her way to the surface to discover where she is, and why she was put there.

Andy Mangels and Judit Tondora
Party like it’s 1977 in this cross-over event fans have wanted for decades — but never thought possible! Now, Diana Prince meets Jaime Sommers… or should we say, Wonder Woman meets The Bionic Woman? In this action-packed mini-series, the two television titans team up to fight a rogue cabal bent on wreaking havoc and stealing deadly weapons. Can CASTRA be stopped before their real targets are revealed and lives are lost? With super powers, bionic enhancements, surprise villains, and an invisible plane, just about anything is possible!


BORDER Vol 4 $12.99 Page 344
Kazuma Kodaka
Yamato and Sogo have an extra-special bond that’s stood the test of time! But how did their remarkable friendship get off the ground? What was high school like for two gorgeous guys when they were merely boys? Border blends playful feelings and passionate temptation in a tug-of-war between beautiful men! Can history help explain a tangled web of relationships…or will revisiting the past only stir up long-forgotten trouble?


moomindesertislandMOOMIN DESERT ISLAND GN $9.95 Page 347
Tove Jansson
After a disastrous helicopter ride through a thunderstorm, the entire Moomin family is stranded on a desert island, the very island their ancestors came from! They make the best of it, hunting for their supper, exploring mysterious tunnels, and salvaging items from a wrecked pirate ship (including the Mymble!), but their ancestors don’t let them live in peace and quiet for too long. Soon the whole island will have to deal with the explosive consequences of their ancestors’ misbehavior.

Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories made her one of the most beloved Scandinavian authors of the 20th-century. Jansson’s whimsical tales of Moominvalley resonate with children for their light-hearted spirit, and with adults for their incisive commentary on the banality of everyday life. Drawn & Quarterly celebrates the centenary of Jansson’s birth with Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, a slipcased, hardcover collection of the complete Tove Jansson-penned Moomin comic strip, replete with all of her most popular storylines and original pencil sketches.

Tove Jansson
Another classic Moomin story reworked in full color, with a kid-proof but kid-friendly size, price, and format. Moominvalley is flooded, so Snorkmaiden and Moomin head out to rescue anyone stranded in the deluge. They bring home Miss La Goona, the leading lady of the visiting circus, who turns out to be quite a demanding houseguest. Nonetheless, Moomin, having read a few too many romantic novels, falls head over heels in love with her, and chaos ensues.


wuvableoafbloodmetalWUVABLE OAF: BLOOD & METAL $19.99 Page 352
Ed Luce
Following the wildly popular Wuvable Oaf debut comes this full-color sequel! Blood and Metal collects a number of Oaf short stories celebrating Ed Luce’s love of all things wrestling/metal/queercore to create an immersive environment recalling Scott Pilgrim, Love and Rockets, and Archie. Also featuring tales of Oaf’s formative childhood years, and much more.


ART OF ARCHER HC $29.99 Page 469
Neal Holman
The Art of Archer is a comprehensive look behind the scenes of the award-winning animated series. Commentary from the crew will walk fans all the way from squiggles to the gorgeous final picture, detailing not only their process but their history as well. Exclusive interviews with the Emmy-nominated cast offer insights to their beloved characters and a glimpse of their favorite moments. Storyboards, costume designs, reference photographs, immaculate background paintings and more, this is Archer as you have never seen it. Featuring 240 pages of concept art, exclusive interviews, script excerpts, and the never-before-released original pitch for the series, this amazing collection offers an utterly unique view of the Archer creative process.

Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell
P. Craig Russell Eisner Winner for Best Publication for Teens/Tweens! When Coraline steps through a door in her family’s new house, she finds another house, strangely similar to her own, only better. But there’s another mother there and another father, and they want her to stay and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go! This beloved tale becomes a visual feast as artist P. Craig Russell brings Neil Gaiman’s enchanting children’s book to new life.

NEIL GAIMAN’S GRAVEYARD BOOK GN Volumes 1 & 2 $9.99 each SC $19.99 each HC
Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, and various
P. Craig Russell Nobody Owens, known as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn’t live in a graveyard, being raised by ghosts, with a guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor the dead. Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Medal-winning The Graveyard Book reaches new heights in this glorious adaptation by P. Craig Russell. Each chapter is illustrated by a different luminary from the comic book world, including Kevin Nowlan, P. Craig Russell, Tony Harris, Scott Hampton, Galen Showman, Jill Thompson, and Stephen B. Scott, to create an imaginatively diverse and yet cohesive interpretation of Neil Gaiman’s luminous novel.


Sophie Campbell
Moody teenager Scout Montana is an aspiring vigilante, but her first attempt ends with her knocked unconscious. When she awakens, she discovers that she’s able to transform into a superhuman creature, and she becomes the superhero Shadoweyes. However, Scout soon finds she’s unable to return to her human form. Scout’s new life is just getting started, and it won’t be easy!

THE SLEEP OF REASON GN $30.00 Page 367
Blue C Delliquanti, Ainsley Seago, and various
The Sleep of Reason is a 360-page black-and-white anthology of horror comics for mature readers. Inspired by likes of Taboo, Uzumaki, and Black Hole, this collection is devoid of the familiar by design. There are no garden-variety monsters in The Sleep of Reason; no well-worn terrors from film and television. This is an anthology of comics that strive to inspire unparalleled dread.


TALES OF OSCAR WILDE COMPLETE SET Volumes 1 – 5 $39.99 Page 380
P Craig Russell
A complete collection of the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed adaptations of Oscar Wilde’s works, this specially priced set brings each story to life with brilliant illustrations by a master of comic art. Each of the paperback volumes of Wilde’s compelling tales are assembled here with close to 200 pages of exquisite comics, including such classics as “The Selfish Giant” who won’t let the children play in his garden until the dire consequences make him see the light, “The Devoted Friend” on what constitutes real friendship, “The Nightingale and the Rose” a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist, “The Birthday of the Infanta” where a hideous dwarf discovers that his good humor and tricks may not be the reason he receives such attention, and “The Happy Prince” where a once spoiled young prince finds what it means to make sacrifices.


Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau
Princess Misty of Beldora longs for a more exciting life, but gets more than she bargained for when she is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire. He intends to marry her and conquer Beldora, leading the land into ruin and chaos. Together with the long-suffering citizens of Grimoire and a certain bumbling prince, Misty must fight to protect her kingdom and free both realms from Badlug’s tyrannical rule. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress; she’ll discover just what it takes to be the hero of the story. Catch up on the series that Paste magazine called “one of 2016’s most buzzworthy books” with this collection, featuring a cover gallery, bonus content, and commentary by the creators.

Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan
Every week Erika Moen draws a cornucopia (pornucopia?) of fun, naughty pairings for the critically-acclaimed sex education comic Oh Joy Sex Toy. Now YOU can join in the sexy fun by adding your own color choices in Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book! Over 80 pages of NSFW illustrations, featuring a wide variety of sexy humans, awaits you! Whether you want to color for relaxation, saucy enjoyment, or to make a unique work of art for a special someone, this book is sure to please.


Yonezou Nekota
Polite and proper college student Akira Takanashi has a secret. Back in high school, he fell deeply in love with his teacher but was spurned. Now, whenever the pain of his heartbreak gets to be too much, he finds comfort in the arms of med student and notorious playboy Shimagawa–very adult comfort. Shimagawa would gladly go out with him, but Akira’s past heartbreak means he insists on keeping things strictly physical–that is, until his obsessed younger brother Jutta arrives to disrupt this comfortable routine!

LOVE STAGE GN Vol 6 $12.99 Page 401
Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou
Izumi has been trying his hardest to get Ryoma to shake his amnesia and remember him. Thanks to an accident during filming, the two are forced to take shelter in an abandoned logging hut. Alone and sharing body heat just to stay warm, could this be the miracle Izumi has been waiting for?


Steven Moffat and Jay
A brand-new adaptation of the Award-winning hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman! Perfect for Manga and Comics fans alike! The entire mini-series — collected for the first time!

TORCHWOOD #2 #1 $3.99 Page 412
John Barrowman, Carol Barrowman, Antonio Fuso, and Pasquale Qualano
Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and the rest of the crew of the Ice Maiden investigate a case the likes of which even they haven’t seen before! Does the ship’s unconventional crew have what it takes?

October 22, 2016
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