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LGBT Previews December 2015

Caitlin Kiernan’s Dancy Flammarion returns in a new Alabaster series from Dark Horse in Decemeber. The feature image above for this month’s list is a cropped version of artist Greg Ruth’s cover art for issue #2. Flammarion is a character that Kiernan created for her second novel, Threshold, and in short stories that were collected in a book titled Alabaster. Dancy is a young woman who takes meandering back roads in search of monsters and may be guided by a seraph. As a monster slayer, she may remind you of Buffy and trust me, she’s very different! I fell in love with Dancy several years ago when Kiernan brought the character to comics in the first Dark Horse mini.

Mike Marts’ fledgling imprint Aftershock appears on the list with a book I think have LGBT interest. Plus, more Harley, Dick, BKV’s Private Eye comes to print, Moomin, Love & Rockets, Oscar Wilde adaptations, and thanks to Mike McDermott the Marvel section is more comprehensive. Oh, and Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat!

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People’s names listed in bold are either LGBT+ or supportive. Props to Andy Mangels because this was his idea.


Terry Moore
Julie is in the wrong place at the wrong time when an explosion in the sky rains liquid metal that sticks to her and becomes a symbiotic armor. When Julie discovers the metal is a prototype nuclear weapon, she runs rather than give it back to the army, and the chase is on! Winner of the Harvey Award for “Best New Series,” Terry Moore’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series is available in one complete volume!


insexts1INSEXTS #1 $3.99 Page 247
Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
What is the best answer? The Victorian Age was a time of: A. Purity B. Chastity C. Magic D. Lust E. Self-Discovery F. Murder G. Forbidden Love H. Monsters I. Sex The correct answer is all of the above! From the minds of Marguerite Bennett and artist Ariela Kristantina comes a Victorian Age tale of love, lust, and magic — the like of which you’ve never seen before! [Forbidden love in the Victorian Age? Sounds like homosexuality to me, and Bennett writes DC Comics Bombshells with Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer in a relationship.]


ARCHIE #5 $3.99 Page 256
Mark Waid and Veronica Fish
Betty and Jughead have declared war on Veronica over the heart and soul of Archie Andrews! Who should you be rooting for? You might just be surprised by the answer! Rising star comics artist Veronica Fish joins the legendary Mark Waid on creative duties for this brand new issue! [The best place to find Kevin Keller is here or in Jughead.]

JUGHEAD #3 $3.99 Page 266
Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson
Zdarsky and Henderson are back with another out-of-this-world issue of the all-new Jughead! Drones? Explosives? A firing range? Science class under the new regime of Principal Stanger has taken a turn for the dangerous. And who do you call when danger is about? I guess, uh, 9-1-1? But if they can’t help? You call Jones. Jughead Jones.

THE SHIELD #4 $3.99 Page 256
Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, and Rachel Deering
“Daughter of the Revolution,” Part 4. She has served her country well, fighting for US interests the world over. But when the Shield’s next mission ends in tragedy on American soil — a tragedy televised live to every home in the country — the true nature of Black Seven is revealed as the superhero the world has been waiting generations for becomes Public Enemy Number 1!


PROVIDENCE #6 $4.99 Page 265
Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
Fans and critics alike are hailing Alan Moore’s Providence as the horror event of the year! Mild mannered newsman Robert Black is uncovering a mysterious undercurrent of fear as the pieces of the Lovecraftian puzzle slowly begin to make a coherent picture. The dramatic tension is building with each incredible ad-free 40 page issue and this issue begins the big unveils. The work has been researched and developed by Moore and Burrows over the course of several years. And the end result is an amazing tome of Lovecraftian-influenced nightmares where Moore has written every cover, every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date. Fans of Moore’s immersive style and meticulous grasp of storytelling will be thrilled to add this essential piece of comics history to their collections! Available with Regular, Pantheon, Portrait, Dreamscape Wraparound, Women of HPL, and a special Ancient Tome Incentive cover, all by collaborator Jacen Burrows. [The central character is gay.]


nightbreedvol2CLIVE BARKER’S NIGHTBREED Vol 2 TP $14,99 Page 284
Marc Andreyko, Piotr Kowalski and Emmanuel Xerx Javier
In the catacombs beneath an abandoned cemetery lies the city of Midian. A home to all that have none, this sanctuary from the cruelty of man has been sought by monsters throughout time. Explore both the past and present of this clandestine tribe, unleashing new secrets and horrors as these creatures fight to coexist with mankind. From master storyteller Clive Barker, writer Marc Andreyko (Batwoman) and artists Piotr Kowalski (Dark Tower: The Drawing of Three) and Emmanuel Xerx Javier (Raven Nevermore) comes the story behind Midian’s most famous monsters and the one who is destined to save them all! Collects issues #5-8.
Clive Barker’s Nightbreed Vol. 2

COGNETIC #3 $4.99 Page 288
James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan
Final issue! Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

LUMBERJANES #21 $3.99 Page 290
Shannon Waters, Kat Leyh, and Carolyn Nowak
The Lumberjanes are startled to learn that they’ve already met their first werewolf!

POWER UP #6 $3.99 Page 290
Kate Leth and Matt Cummings
Final issue! Amie, Silas, Sandy, and Kevin face a foe determined to kill them and harness their abilities for evil.

THE SPIRE #5 $3.99 Page 288
Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely
Nonhuman prejudice reaches an all-time high, and Sha looks into the Spire’s past. [Coming to this series late after discovering a police detective in the cast is lesbian.]

stevenuniversetoocoolschoolSTEVEN UNIVERSE: TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL OGN $14.99 Page 281
Ian Jones-Quartey, Jeremy Sorese, and Coleman Engle
Cartoon Network’s hit series Steven Universe has given us a serious case of the feels over and over again. Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle have done a fantastic job with the ongoing series, and now they’re teaming up with supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey to tackle the first-ever Steven Universe original graphic novel that reads like an extended episode! Schoolboy Steven, activate! Steven finds himself enrolled in Connie’s school after a show-and-tell lesson goes awry…and things just get crazier from there! Steven is having a hard time fitting in with normal school and Connie just wants to graduate with good grades and a clean record, but when gem and homework collide, who knows what will happen. This is a lesson you don’t want to miss!

THE WOODS #18 $3.99 Page 288
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
Calder can’t shake his addictions, but he’s not the only one with a dangerous problem.

THE WOODS Vol 3 TP $14.99 Page 284
James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
On October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace, finding themselves countless light years away in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. One year later, the Bay Point students all reunite in New London and gain some semblance of normalcy, but there are new threats to overcome and emotional hurdles to deal with. Created and written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Michael Dialynas, “New London” collects the critically acclaimed third arc (issues #9-12) of the best-selling series.
The Woods Vol. 3


alabaster1ALABASTER: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE BIRD #1 $3.99 Page 54
Caitlin R Kiernan and Daniel Warren
A new evil haunts the sun-scorched back roads and ghost towns of the American South–murderous twins who command a legion of ghouls. Once again, Dancy Flammarion must face down demons: both those who walk the world unchallenged and those in her own shattered mind.

BUFFY SEASON 10 #22 $3.99 Page 56
Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs
Willow’s loyalties to Buffy are questioned when she makes a decision behind the Slayer’s back . . . Are the besties growing apart? Also unknown to Buffy, Spike has a conversation with an old friend that leads him to question the patterns of his relationship with Buffy.

BTVS SEASON 10: OLD DEMONS Vol 4 TP $18.99 Page 56
Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs
Buffy needs serious backup. With an ultimate Big Bad, Archaeus, connected to so many from the Slayer’s past, she’s calling in reinforcements–and saying to hell with the awkward consequences. As the gang get closer to Archaeus, the extent of his plans and their connection to the new rules of magic are revealed. Collects Buffy Season 10 #16-#20.
Buffy: Season Ten Volume 4: Old Demons (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

COLDER: TOSS THE BONES #4 $3.99 Page 55
Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra
Declan and Nimble Jack square off in the final battle for Declan’s sanity! Now, as he engages in a desperate gambit to outwit Jack, Declan may have to sacrifice his life if he doesn’t want to lose his mind!

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #17 $4.99 Page 44
Carla Speed McNeil, Alex de Campi, Brendan McCarthy, Shawn Aldridge, Dennis Calero, David Chelsea, Jerry Ordway, Julius Gopez, Brendan McCarthy, Paul Levitz, and Tim Hamilton
Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton premiere Brooklyn Blood! In a precinct not known for murder, a killer is on the loose. If Detective Billy O’Connor’s PTSD doesn’t get in the way, he may be able to help his partner Nadira Hasan solve this eerie case. This issue also features new chapters of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder, Shawn Aldridge and Julius Gopez’s Last Act, Dennis Calero’s The Suit, and David Chelsea’s Sandy and Mandy. Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway’s Semiautomagic and Brendan McCarthy’s Dream Gang conclude!

mysterygirl1MYSTERY GIRL #1 $3.99 Page 40
Paul Tobin and Alberto Alburquerque
Trine Hampstead knows everything. Ask her a question like “Where are my keys?” or “Is he cheating on me?” or “How are there perfectly preserved mammoths in recent ice?” and she just knows. She’s the Mystery Girl. The only thing Trine doesn’t know is how she knows–or anything else from the last ten years of her life.

THE TOMORROWS #6 $3.99 Page 42
Curt Pires and Andrew MacLean
An ocean in between the waves. A threat from another reality. The death of everything. Only the Tomorrows can save us. The finale to volume 1 of the hottest comic in the multiverse is here! [Pires wrote the May Day mini that featured a transgender character, published by Black Mask.]


ACTION #47 $23.99 Page 95
Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder
The ebony powers of the woman known as Wrath are unleashed on Superman. Will the Man of Steel fall to the dark side? [Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder[[Greg Pak is added to the list after I noticed he became a backer of Geeks Out’s Flame Con Kickstarter.]

batgirl47BATGIRL #47 $2.99 Page 103
Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and Babs Tarr
Batgirl’s about to lose the greatest weapon in her arsenal…her mind is failing her! Is her ragtag group of allies enough to pick up the slack?

BATMAN ’66 #30 $3.99 Page 112
Jeff Parker, Jonathan Case, and Dean Haspiel
The series comes to a close as we unleash cover artist Michael Allred on the entire issue! Mobs of villains arrive in Gotham City for what appears to be a full-blown Criminal Convention. But one bad guy is not happy with how he’s being treated, and decides to tip off Batman and Robin. Will even this valuable bit of information be enough to help the Dynamic Duo overcome the overwhelming odds? [Okay, I’m including this title for the sheer camp factor of the TV series and how much it has meant to gay guys over the years even though probably won’t be any overtly LGBT characters or themes.]

Like Batman ’66? You may want to check out Batman ’66 Meets The Man From UNCLE 6 part mini starting this month. It’s on page 71.

BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #9 – 13 $2.99 Page 105
James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Ed Brisson, Roge Antonio, Fernando Blanco, and Fernando Pasarin
Red Robin and Red Hood have followed a trail of technology to the island nation of Santa Prisca and the mysterious monastery built on the site of what was once the worst prison in the world…but that prison was once the kingdom of Bane, and he wants his kingdom back! Meanwhile, Dick Grayson and Harper Row meet the mysterious Sculptor, a woman who reshapes minds! And with every clue they assemble, a terrible picture of Bruce Wayne’s darkest hour is emerging…

BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #27 $2.99 Page 96
Greg Pak and Ardian Syaf
To defeat Vandal Savage and his barbarian hordes, Superman must become more and more brutal. And when he reaches the point of no return, it may be up to Red Hood to take him down. Plus, Gordon makes a shocking discovery about Savage’s ultimate plan!

James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams
DC Comics and IDW team up for the crossover you never saw coming as two of the greatest entertainment icons meet for the first time! In Gotham City, a series of deadly raids leads Batman to believe he’s up against a group of highly trained ninjas known as the Foot Clan! Somehow, they’ve crossed over to another dimension and are determined to take advantage of the situation while looking to get back home. But they haven’t come alone: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are hot on their trail. Get ready for excitement as heroes and villains from both worlds clash and team up in an epic battle that threatens the very fabric of reality!

CATWOMAN #47 $2.99 Page 109
Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda
Catwoman is back in action! Leaving the mob behind, Selina is on the prowl again. When she gets wind of what might be the biggest score of her life, she’ll need to remind everyone just who is the greatest thief around.

Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV, and Riley Rossmo
The team-up you demanded–and Constantine dreads! The increasingly deadly magical weirdness of New York City continues! Central Park has come to life–and it’s killing New Yorkers! Sounds like a job for Swamp Thing, but unfortunately for the plant elemental, he’ll need to enlist the help of the person he hates more than anyone else: John Constantine!

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #6 & & $3.99 Page 111
Marguerite Bennett, Bilquis Evely, Mirko Andolfo, and Laura Braga
Having defected from Russia, Supergirl and Stargirl arrive on the Western front. In Berlin, Batwoman has to learn that she can’t fight every battle, while Zatanna consults her favorite rabbit, the former John Constantine. Meanwhile, Harley and Ivy race across France, taking on every Nazi they encounter.

Presenting the Batgirls! While Batwoman is away in Europe, a group of young women decide to pick up her mantle and protect the streets of Gotham City themselves! New allies are recruited throughout the city as the girls uncover an orphanage that’s imprisoning children and using them to help build deadly weapons to aid the Nazis. Do these raw recruits have what it takes–or are they out of their league?

DETECTIVE #47 $2.99 Page 73
Peter Tomasi and Marcio Takara
In Robin War” part 3, the GCPD cracks down on the Robins, Batman must choose sides–and the mysterious Court of Owls stands behind it all pulling the strings! [Renee Montoya is back!]

earth2society7EARTH TWO: SOCIETY #7 $2.99 Page 82
Daniel S Wilson and Jorge Jimenez
As the fledgling society of new Earth threatens to disintegrate into chaos, can the raw power of the Green Lantern overcome the godlike abilities of Doctor Impossible? Or is Alan Scott just a man, after all?

FLASH #47 $2.99 Page 83
Robert Vendetti, Van Jenson, and Brett Booth
Professor Zoom’s endgame goes into effect as we learn the dark truth behind Nora Allen’s murder! This issue features open-to-order variant covers by Terry Dodson that will be shipped in opaque polybags. [Captain Singh and Hartley Rathaway are a couple. Barry Allen and Rathaway are now roommates!]

GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #12 $2.99 Page 106
Ray Fawkes and Juan Ferrerya
The final battle for the soul of Gotham City begins, and The Spectre might be facing more than just the ancient spirit called Ikkondrid. What will Corrigan and the Midnight Shift do if they discover that The Spectre is on the wrong side of this fight after all? [You heard about that scene in the annual with the Gentleman Ghost confronting Corrigan over possible sexual interest in him?]

GRAYSON #15 $3.99 Page 73
Tom King, Tim Seeley, and Mikel Janin
It’s Grayson vs the Court of Owls in “Robin War” part 2! As the Robins run wild in the streets of Gotham City, Grayson battles the Court of Owls! With chaos everywhere, the police are paralyzed–and even an Agent of Spyral has his limits!

GRAYSON: AGENTS OF SPRYAL Vol 1 TP $14.99 Page 122
Tim Seeley, Tm King, Mikel Janin, and Stephen Mooney
As Dick Grayson digs into SPYRAL and learns about his new partner, Helena Bertinelli, how can he keep track of all the lies? Plus: Dick Grayson goes toe-to-toe with the Midnighter! Collects issues #1-4, a story from Secret Origins #7 and Grayson: Futures End #1
Grayson Vol. 1: Agents of Spyral (The New 52)

GRAYSON: WE ALL DIE AT DAWN Vol 2 TP $14.99 Page 122
Tim Seeley, Tm King, Mikel Janin, and Stephen Mooney
In these tales from issues #5-8 and annual #1, Grayson must stop Paragon from using the body parts of a dead villain to create something far more sinister. Then, Dick goes toe-to-toe with Midnighter, and he and Helena Bertinelli battle foes from their past: the Fist of Cain!
Grayson Vol. 2 (The New 52)

Paul Dini, Ronnie Del Carmen Ty Templeton Bruce Timm, Shane Glines Rick Burchett, Dan DeCarlo, and Stephane Roux
From Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, comes this early adventure of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, packed with hilarious hijinx and tons of action! Harley and Ivy want to take down the Batman once and for all, but first, Harley’s got to prove that she has what it takes to make it as a bona fide villain in Gotham City. This new hardcover also includes tales from Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, Batman: Gotham Knight #14, Batman & Robin Adventures #8, Batman Adventures annual #1, Batman Adventures #1 and Batman Black & White #3, all featuring Harley Quinn!

Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, and a bunch of people who owe Amanda a favor
It’s the sensational debut of a bimonthly, overstuffed, oversized team-up series in which Harley meets (and almost certainly annoys) the greatest heroes and villains of the DC Universe! First up? The incredible Wonder Woman! There’s a plot to assassinate Wondy, and Harley is convinced that only she could possibly stop it! (Hey, you want to tell her about all the other options? We tried.) This issue features open-to-order variant covers by J. Scott Campbell that will be shipped in opaque polybags.

HARLEY QUINN #23 $3.99 Page 108
Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin
It’s all-out action on two fronts as the Gang of Harleys must split up to tackle two missions at the same time! Zena Bendemova’s vendetta against Harley has to be stopped before innocents are caught in the crossfire…and they have to bust Mason Macabre out of prison before he gets killed! There’s no way Harley will be ready for this shocking twist ending, though… This issue features open-to-order variant covers by Bruce Timm that will be shipped in opaque polybags. [According to an interview at The Mary Sue, Harley and Ivy are girlfriends “without the jealousy of monotony” ]

MIDNIGHTER #7 $2.99 Page 87
Steve Orlando and ACO
The mastermind behind the theft of the God Garden’s technology is finally unveiled…and Midnighter never could have guessed the ultimate goal of the heist!

secretsix9SECRET SIX #9 $2.99 Page 89
Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham
The team’s attempt to defend the Earth from invasion by the Elder Gods takes them to a creepy New England town, inhabited by one very nasty creature. And just when they need Black Alice’s abilities the most, a shocking turn of events puts her down for the count. Guest starring Swamp Thing!

Trina Robbins and Chris Gugliotti
Diana’s compassion is tested when Dr. Barbara Minerva appears, begging for assistance as she seeks out the last remaining source of urzkatarga, the plant that supplies the serum that transforms her into the Cheetah. And if she can’t use it to replenish her supply, she’ll die. But when the Amazon princess/super-hero and the scientist/super-villain make their way to the “Island of Lost Souls,” they find more is at stake than expected!

SINESTRO #18 $2.99 Page 110
Cullen Bunnn, Brad Walker, and Andrew Hennessy
The Pale Bishop has awakened on Earth…and he might be more than the combined might of Sinestro and Black Adam can handle! As the influence of the Paling sweeps across the planet, the Sinestro Corps welcomes two unexpected (and powerful) visitors: Superman and Wonder Woman! [Cullen Bunn wrote Dez Trevius’ back story in Sinestro annual #2 to show he’d been romantically involved with another man from his home world.]

TEEN TITANS #15 $2.99 Page 75
Will Pfeiffer and Ethan Van Sciver
A Robin War tie in. With Tim Drake missing, the Teen Titans track him back to Gotham City, where the Robin War rages — but Professor Pyg stands between the tam and their leader.


ASTRO CITY #30 $3.99 Page 131
Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson
“The Menace from Earth” part 2. Trapped behind enemy lines on an alien planet, young Karl Furst has only one chance–an alien child who has been raised all his life to hate the First Family and anyone connected with them. Plus: All-out battle against the Unisaur, Zirros’s mightiest weapon [A trans character was featured in #16 and a gay couple shown in #13.]

CLEAN ROOM #3 $3.99 Page 131
Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt
Self-help guru Astrid Mueller faces some unexpected personal consequences in her latest trip into the Clean Room, where dirty secrets and demons come to life. Meanwhile, intrepid journalist Chloe encounters an unexpected, otherworldly visitor, and assassin Killian gets a good rubdown in “Good Things and Celebrity Deaths.”

fableswolf12FABLES: THE WOLF AMONG US #12 $3.99 Page 133
Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus, Stephen Sadowski, Shawn McManus, and Travis Moore
Beaten, broken and left for dead, Bigby’s more determined than ever to track down the mastermind behind the murders. The clues lead him to a little mermaid with a big problem, a beauty with some beastly shopping habits and a pawn shop run by the Devil himself! Plus, a new back-up tale begins here, showing the Crooked Man’s rise to power!


DOES THE FLOWER BLOSSOM Vol 2 $13.95 Page 320
Shoko Hidaka
When Sakurai’s small world is taken over by a strange and otherworldly young painter, he can’t tell if the fascination is mutual. Will a man with a battered heart welcome a mysterious new friend with open arms? Doe the Flower Blossom? mixes curious attraction and feisty friendship to create a picture-perfect tale! Can two men with wildy different histories put their pasts aside and grow in the light of new love?
Does The Flower Blossom? Volume 2 (Yaoi Manga)


It’s Moomin time again! Swedish cartoonist/ storyteller Tove Jansson led a life as a closeted lesbian while creating some of Sweden’s most beloved pop culture characters.

Tove Jansson
The treasured children’s classic, lovingly back in print! In this excellent companion to D+Q’s hugely successful Moomin series, Tove Jansson presents a delightful book for all ages in a very intricate and elaborately designed book, complete with Moomin die-cuts on every page. This books is a “lost classic” from the 1950s and has been unavailable in North America for over half a century.
The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My

Tove Jansson
A classic Moomin story reworked in full color, with a kid-proof but kid-friendly size, price, and format. It’s getting hotter and hotter in Moominvalley, and all the creatures have taken note of the troubling weather. After a mysterious cloud appears in the sky one day, an exodus begins. The Hattifatteners, the Nibling, Mrs. Fillyjonk (and all her children), and even Mymble pack up to leave the valley. When they realize the mysterious cloud is a comet headed straight for Moominhouse, Moomin, Little My, and Snorkmaiden decide to depart their home too. Between a tidal wave and a comet-struck Moomin, the end does seem nigh, but the day may yet be saved!
Moomin and the Comet

Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories made her one of the most beloved Scandinavian authors of the 20th-century. Jansson’s whimsical tales of Moominvalley resonate with children for their light-hearted spirit, and with adults for their incisive commentary on the banality of everyday life. Drawn & Quarterly celebrates the centenary of Jansson’s birth with Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, a slipcased, hardcover collection of the complete Tove Jansson-penned Moomin comic strip, replete with all of her most popular storylines and original pencil sketches.
Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition

moominjungleMOOMIN VALLEY TURNS JUNGLE TP $9.95 Page 326
Tove Jansson
Moomin Valley Turns Jungle is the second companion volume in D+Q’s new Moomin full color paperback series. A crate filled with tropical seeds washes ashore, and when Moominmamma plants the seeds, a lush rainforest erupts in Moominvalley. When Stinky liberates some exotic animals from the zoo, chaos ensues, and the Moomins are forced to prove once and for all whether or not they’re related to hippopotamuses.
Moominvalley Turns Jungle

Tove Jansson
Moomin wakes up one morning to find the pond frozen over, and rather than hibernate, the family decides to brave the winter weather. At first, their wintry adventure seems to be going swimmingly, until Mr. Brisk of the Great Outdoors Club takes over and forces everyone to embrace the winter sports, whether they want to or not.
Moomin’s Winter Follies

Tove Jansson
A housekeeping and mother-craft expert named Mrs. Fillyjonk moves in next door to the Moomins. Seeing the state of the Moomin house, she takes action, shaming them into hiring a maid. When Misabel the maid arrives, it’s immediately clear she needs a little cheering up, and since Mrs. Fillyjonk has mysteriously disappeared, the Moomins set about teaching her how to enjoy life. Life lessons and poignant reminders of the importance of simple pleasures abound in this classic tale from Tove Jansson.
Moomin’s Winter Follies

Tove Jansson
This is the timeless, magical tale of the wistful wallflower, Toffle, who is too shy to speak to anyone and too fearful of the world he is watching from afar. Lonely and sad, Toffle runs away from home and watches the magical cast of Moominvalley celebrate and enjoy life. This is the glorious reprinting of the classic children’s book, complete with a loving translation by acclaimed British poet, Sophie Hannah.
Who Will Comfort Toffle?: A Tale of Moomin Valley


loverocketsnew8LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #8 $14.99 Page 332
Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
Jaime takes us to the punk reunion that Maggie & Hopey were road tripping to in the last issue where lots of old friends and enemies make appearances. Meanwhile, Gilbert serves up the second and concluding part of “The Magic Voyage of Aladdin,” which establishes the rivalry of its two stars, Fritz and Mila. Who’s Mila, you ask? You’ll have to read Love and Rockets: New Stories #8!
Love And Rockets: New Stories No. 8 (Love and Rockets)

The Hernandez Brothers
The 30th Anniversary issue! Gilbert brings his current character “Killer” into the Palomar milieu in a much anticipated homecoming; Jaime delves deeper into the sordid world surrounding Vivian “the Frogmouth.”
Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 5 (Vol. 5) (Love and Rockets) [Paperback] [2012] (Author) Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

The Hernandez Brothers
Gilbert’s new star Killer begins to delve into her family’s twisted history in Palomar and beyond; Jaime’s Tonta tries to figure out why her new swim coach knows her, while something sinister brews behind the scenes…
Love And Rockets: New Stories No. 6 (Vol. 6) (Love and Rockets)

The Hernandez Brothers
In this seminal graphic novel series’ latest installment, Maggie and Hopey finally go on a road trip, and there’s more B movie fun with Fritz and Killer.
Love And Rockets: New Stories No. 7 (Vol. 7) (Love and Rockets)

MARIA M HC VOL 2 $22.99 Page 333
Gilbert Hernandez
In the concluding half of this brutal crime-noir graphic novel series from Love & Rockets cocreator Gilbert Henrandez, dark secrets force Maria M. to leave her drug-kingpin husband and return to her old life as a stripper and her eventual discovery sparks a gangland bloodbath. In a metatwist, Maria M. the graphic novel is also the B-grade biopic of the mother of Hernandez’s most beloved character, Luba!
Maria M. Book 2 (Vol. 2) (Love and Rockets)

MARIA M HC VOL 1 $22.99 Page 333
Gilbert Hernandez
A woman comes to the U.S. from Latin America to escape a shady past, only to fall into a new shady life of danger, corruption and sex. The B-movie version of Poison River with Maria’s own daughter Fritz in the title role
Maria M.: Book One (Vol. 1) (Love and Rockets)


THE EIGHTH SEAL #1 $3.99 Page 171
James Tynion IV and Jeremy Rockk
One woman’s visceral nightmares bleed into reality as she struggles to live in the political spotlight. Is she losing her mind, or do these visions hold some darker truth?

JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #10 3.99 Page 149
Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell
Rio Pachec – Boy reporter! Go behind the scenes and see the Holograms and the Misfists from a whole new perspective… that of music columnist Rio Pacheco! What mysteries will he uncover? What truths will he reveal? Or will it mostly just be Pizzazz flipping tables and Roxy crying over ruined bagels?

jemholidayspecialJEM & THE HOLOGRAMS HOLIDAY SPECIAL $3.99 Page 149
Kelly Thompson and Amy Mebberson
Secret Santas! When Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits draw each other in their shared record label’s gift exchange, heads will roll… or is the holiday spirit getting to even the bitterest of enemies?

ORPHAN BLACK: HELSINKI #2 $3.99 Page 156
Graeme Manson, John Fawcett, Heli Kennedy & Denton J. Tipton, and Alan Quah
Spoken in hushed tones, the word means almost certain death for the clones of Project Leda. Learn the dark secrets of this codename in this special event miniseries by co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson.

Mariko Tamaki and Irene Koh
Casey and April take a road trip to the southwest to dig up more clues about the mysterious Pantheon that has seemingly been pulling the strings on the Turtles’ lives from the beginning. They will find even deeper mystery, unexpected danger, and start a new chapter in their relationship.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey & April


Image has returned to providing solicitation copy for select comics only.

IMAGE FIRSTS $1.00 Pages 214 & 215
Reprints of a number of first issues of different titles from various creators. Twenty two books include Bitch Planet, ODY-C, Phonogram, Rat Queens, and Wicked & Divine.

JUPITER’S CIRCLE #2 Vol 2 $3.50 Page 191
Mark Millar and Wilfredo Torres
Disillusioned Skyfox tunes out with the Beat Generation, while his former teammates struggle to face social unrest. One of the heroes is a gay man.

MONSTRESS #2 $4.99 Page 191
Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
Liu of course wrote Northstar and Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men and something from the 3 paged sneak peek in Previews tells me she may include LGBT characters or themes in this series.

nomercy5NO MERCY #5 $3.99 Page 193
Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil
Gina finds her spirit animal. The new arc of Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil’s acclaimed teen survival series begins here!

ODY-C #10 $3.99 Page 205
Matt Fraction an Christian Ward
A gender bent retelling of the Oddessy.

PAPER GIRLS #3 $2.99 Page 192
Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang
Given how often Vaughn works an LGBT character into his stories it seems like a sure bet that he’ll do the same here sooner or later.

Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson
Brian K Vaughn and Marcos Martin
The Eisner award winning Best Digital Comic is finally available in print! Because retailers, readers, and Robert Kirkman demanded it, the online sensation from’s Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin is finally coming to print with this gorgeous deluxe hardcover edition, presented in the story’s original widescreen format! Years after the digital cloud “bursts” and exposes all of our worst secrets, The Private Eye is set in an inevitable future where everyone has a secret identity. Following an unlicensed P.I. who is thrust into the most important case of his life, this sci-fi mystery explores the nature of privacy with frightening prescience. Collects THE PRIVATE EYE #1-10
Private Eye Deluxe Edition

SAGA #32 $2.99 Page 208
Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples
Nominated for a GLAAD award.

WALKING DEAD #149 $2.99 Page 200
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn
One of the men who was half of a gay couple was spoilers! Also, two other gay people in the cast.

WICKED & DIVINE #17 $3.50 Page 206
Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Brandon Graham and Matt Wilson
There’s queer content.


Thanks to Mike McDermott for his advice with post Secret War Marvel books, including paraphrased info included here! Greg Pak has a history of LGBT inclusiveness so his Totally Awesome Hulk may be a book to watch. Could readers see Wiccan guest star in Scarlet Witch? And with other heroes rotating in to A-Force will any be LGBT? Will the new Hercules series acknowledge the incorrigible and rascally demi-god’s bisexuality?

ALL NEW INHUMANS #1 & 2 $3.99 Page 12
Charles Soule, James Asmus, and Stefano Caselli
As the Terrigen Clouds move around the world they leave in their wake the wrecked lives of the Inhumanized. Crystal and her team are tasked to help as many of these NuHumans as possible, but it’s not going to be easy. Not only are views of these new super-powered people varied (from fear to anger to amazement) but even those who get the powers aren’t always glad to get them. Add to that the nineteen mysterious Skyspears that recently crashed into the Earth, and the Inhuman world just got a lot more complicated. [Asmus has also revealed that one of the new Inhuman characters will be gay.]

allnewxmen3ALL NEW X-MEN #3 $3.99 Page 30
Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley
Terrible acts committed by mutant revolutionary Cyclops have placed mutantkind in extinction’s crosshairs…and no one is left to suffer the consequences more than his time-displaced counterpart–teen-aged Scott Summers. As Storm and her team whisk Earth’s remaining mutants away to safe haven, the original X-Men do just the opposite: emboldened by super heroic ideals, the All New X-Men set out on the road to save their world and write their own futures. But can youthful optimism reverse the damage Cyclops has done?

ALL NEW X-MEN: THE UTOPIANS Vol 7 $19.99 Page 109
Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Del Mundo, Andrea Sorrentino, and Mahmud Asrar
The time-tossed members of the All-New X-Men are more than teammates, more than best friends…they have become a close-knit family. But the mysterious Black Vortex may sunder their family ties permanently! As the young mutants venture back into space to deal with a galaxy in chaos, they must decipher the Vortex’s secrets — and fast, because the villainous Mister Knife has kidnapped some of their team! Beast and Kitty travel to Spartax to study the Vortex Book, as Storm formulates a plan to break into Mister Knife’s fortress. But will the Vortex’s cosmic power transform the young mutants into something unrecognizable? Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Utopians hold a secret that will change the future of mutantkind…but who are the Utopians? The All-New X-Men may regret finding out! Collecting issues (2012) #37-41. [Iceman came out as gay in #40.] All-New X-Men Vol. 7: The Utopians

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 & 5 $3.99 Page 45
Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli
Not only has Spider-Man gone global – so have his enemies! Someone in Africa is masquerading as a member of the Goblin family! Where there’s goblins, there’s Spidey, and it’s up to everyone’s favorite wall-crawler to get to the bottom of what’s going on! [Gay cast member Max Modell from pre Secret Wars appears again and became married to Hector Baez in #1.]

ANGELA QUEEN OF HEL #3 $3.99 Page 72
Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto, and Stephanie Hans
o the soundtrack of a totally sick Nordic death metal solo, Angela and Sera embark on the conquest to crown Angela Queen of the Dead…and encounter some who they have sent to the afterlife themselves! Friends and foes return from the abyss as Angela and Sera raise a rebellion among the dead of the Ten Realms. You’re the Mockingjay, Angela!! [Angela and her friend Sera may be confirmed as lovers. This has been implied/suspected for a while, but not officially confirmed before.]

Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas
Because you demanded it: Scott Lang, the Astonishing Ant-Man, teams up with Sam Wilson, Captain America! Just like you saw in the movie! Except in the movie, they actually got in a fight. And in the movie, Sam was still Falcon, not Captain America. But… close enough, right?!! Please buy our book, movie-watcher people! The return of The Slug! Er, he wasn’t in the movie either. Dang it [The previous series, also written by Spencer, included the gay Machinesmith and introduced a gay man likely to become the new Giant Man. Cue the jokes! This is the post Secret Wars version and we’re guessing the same characters show up at some point.]

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 & 5 $3.99 Page 31
Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos
The clock is winding down for mutantkind and one of the X-Men’s oldest foes has come to speed up the process: Mister Sinister has returned! And he’s bringing the X-Men face-to-face with their greatest fear… As the first chapter of Extraordinary X-Men races to its exciting conclusion, one thing’s for sure for this team of all-new, all-different X-Men: Not everyone will emerge unscathed. [Hey! More Iceman! Is he gay?]

NEW AVENGERS #4 $3.99 Page 52
Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval
Out beyond the nether dark lurks… Moridun, Master Magus of the Fifth Cosmos! He’s not just an evil wizard – he’s an evil Space Wizard! But when the space dust settles, who will be… the King of Space? Seriously, everything’s cooler in space. How cool will the New Avengers be in space? They will be pretty cool!

patsywalker1PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT #1 $3.99 Page 26
Kate Leth and Brittney Campbell
Patsy Walker has managed to escape her past, her enemies and Hell itself (literally), but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City! Between trying to make rent and dodging (literal) bullets, Patsy barely has time to deal with her mother’s exploitative romance comics about her childhood resurfacing, much less how they start to interfere with her work and dating life. As she goes from living a double life to a triple, what the Hell is Patsy Walker supposed to do? Raise your (literal) claws for Patcy Walker, AKA Hellcat!

SILK #2 $3.99 Page 47
Robie Thompson and Stacey Lee
Silk! Black Cat! In cahoots! But not everyone in Cat’s criminal crew are happy about it! Neither is everyone in Cindy’s life, including a certain CEO of Parker Industries [Will the lesbian couple in the previous volume’s support cast return?]

SQUADRON SUPREME #1 & 2 $3.99 Page 20
James Robinson and Leonard Kirk
They’re each the sole survivor of a lost Earth and they’ll do anything to protect this one, whether you like it or not. The Squadron Supreme — comprising Hyperion (Avengers), Nighthawk (Supreme Power), Dr. Spectrum (the Great Society), Blur (DP7) and Power Princess — are a team that doesn’t ask permission or what the rules are. To them all that matters is the safety of Earth and if you stand in the way…that’s your problem! Tell that to the Squadron’s first target — Namor, destroyer of Dr. Spectrum’s homeworld, who will have to pay for his crimes…but at what cost to the people of Atlantis. [In terms of LGBT content, the warrior-woman Thundra is shown on the cover to issue #1, and she was outed as bisexual in Peter David’s She-Hulk series a few years ago. There has also been a lot of fan speculation about this version of Hyperion from Hickman’s Avengers run.]

STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK #1 $3.99 Page 22
Greg Weisman and Domo Stanton
Two former Avengers with tremendous power – and almost zero life experience – are on their own, trying to find their place as heroes, cosmic entities and…college students? What meal plan will cover a cosmic metabolism? Can two all-powerful entities share a dorm room the size of roach motel? Can you safely teleport to Mars after partying all night long at your first kegger? Find out in Starbrand & Nightmask!
(Apologies are due if you picked up this book because it was included in this list. Our gaydar is being tuned up.)

THE ULTIMATES #2 $3.99 Page 55
Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort
Galactus is beyond good and evil. Galactus is a necessary part of the universe. When Galactus hungers — living worlds must die. The Ultimates have heard it all before, and respectfully… they don’t agree. But can even the ultimate superteam end the threat of the devourer of worlds for good? And if they do — WHAT will take his place? [Ms America may have a girlfriend as part of the supporting cast, based on the short-story in the AVENGERS #0 one-shot.]


fairytalesvol5FAIRY TALES OF OSCAR WILDE SC Vol 5 HAPPY PRINCE $8.99 Page 359
P. Craig Russell
Now in paperback! The Happy Prince is arguably the most famous and well loved of Oscar Wilde’s nine fairy tales. The Happy Prince has died young and his soul inhabits a beautiful ruby encrusted statue covered all over in gold leaf. From his perch high above the city he is witness to all the poverty, misery, and hopelessness in which his people have been living. When a small barn swallow in flight to the warm south ahead of the approaching winter stops to rest upon the statue the Happy Prince prevails upon him to delay his travels in order to remove his gold leaf a piece at a time and shower it upon the poor citizens. As the days pass the Prince’s beauty is stripped away and as winter sets in the bird’s fate is sealed. In the spring the townspeople finding only a dull statue with a broken lead heart and a dead bird consign the worthless objects to the ash heap. Only an emissary of God recognizes them as the most valuable treasures of the city and brings them to the gardens of heaven.

Volumes 1 & 2 in SC for $9.99 each and volumes 3 & 4 for $8.99 each.

FAIRY TALES OF OSCAR WILDE HC Vol 1 New printing $17.99 Page 360
P. Craig Russell
One of comic art’s most respected and pioneering artists, well known for his opera adaptations and beautiful fantasy work, P. Craig Russell is in the process of adapting Oscar Wilde’s famous fairy tales in a series of landmark volumes. Volume 1 includes The Selfish Giant and The Star Child. Volume 2 features The Young King and The Remarkable Rocket. Volume 3 features The Birthday of the Infanta. Volume 4 features The Devoted Friend and The Nightingale and the Rose.

Volumes 1 & 2 in HC for $17.99 each and volumes 3 & 4 for $16.99 each.


STRINGERS #5 $3.99 Page 364
Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood
Nick rolls in guns (very literally) blazing to bust Broyles and McCann and rescue his friends. With the unlikely aid of the MS-13, will they gain the upper hand and break the biggest news story of their careers? And will Nick finally get a date with Michelle? Don’t miss the action-packed conclusion of this year’s most explosive miniseries! [Guggenheim is an ally.]


PUNCH UP! Vol 1 $12.99 Page 375
Shiuko Kano
There is a little something for every boys’ love fan in Shiuko Kano’s sexy four volume series!


buffyslayercollectionvl2BUFFY SLAYER COLLECTION – FEAR ITSELF/ MONSTERS & VILLAINS Vol 2 (of 4) SC $19.99 Page 390
Titan Studios
In this second special collection celebrating TV phenomenon Buffy the Vampire Slayer, revisit some of Buffy’s most terrifying and memorable adversaries — from the ancient Master to the smooth-talking Mayor Wilkins — and get up-close-and-personal with the monster makers themselves. Featuring cast interviews, behind-the-scenes secrets from the writers, plus a host of enthralling features, this is an essential read for Buffy fans old and new. Features content previously published in the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine.

December 21, 2015
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