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Lemonade Summer Features Kid Friendly LGBTQ Stories


Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez is an all-ages graphic novel about queer children, adolescents, teens and young adults coming of age in positive environments and finding supportive communities. The book is 136 pages with full color covers and chapter covers. Each story is a monochromatic color scheme mirroring the sun from noon to dusk, reflecting the characters’ growth in the book. The stories feature young, queer characters who grapple with the conflicts of their own worlds.

For us, this Kickstarter is more than just a book. It represents our belief that comics have the ability to encourage and uplift, to give voice to those who have never heard their voices or seen their faces in popular media, to make a difference in society one reader at a time.

Cowhouse Press’  Sheika Lugtu says a goal of the crowdfunder is to provide copies of the book to school libraries in low-income areas, youth spaces, LGBTQ centers and similar organizations.


Strays is about a plucky band of pirates entangled in royal affairs when a runaway royalty joins their crew. Unfortunately, not everyone takes a liking to their new member. This story is a kid-friendly introduction to non-binary gender expression and inclusivity.

Ro & Ella is about a new girl in town struggling to make new friends. Having faced difficulties in the past, she meets someone that shows her the value of real friendship. This story includes transgender characters, trans solidarity, and girl power!

Sk8er Grrl is a lesbian shoujo-inspired romance that takes place on the tumultuous skating rink of love. Blink and you might miss the derby girls stealing your heart!

Witching Hour is about a chance encounter between two lost-in-the-world people: one a former bully, the other a witch trying to catch a shooting star. Together, they confront their flaws, and grab the impossible. This story includes themes of bullying, forgiveness, friendship, and self-acceptance.

Treasure Hunting is about two best friends who go on an impromptu trip to the beach to search for rumored treasure. While change can be scary, true friends withstand great distance and time and will always be there for each other. This story features a non-binary character and themes of insecurity, friendship, and fear of change.

Aventurera is about two former childhood friends, now teens, who take a road trip together. When it feels like nobody’s listening, loneliness creeps in. But believing in yourself even when you feel like you’re not worth it can change everything for the better. This story includes bisexual and lesbian relationships, familial love, and self-actualization.

Dawning is about the siblings from “Treasure Hunting” and “Aventurera” contemplating the future. As the younger sibling Max is about to head off to college, their older sister Chole is there to reassure them. This story includes non-binary characters, sibling love, and the fear of self-expression.

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