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Last Bite

Lavrenti Laurent, also known as Last Bite, is a vampire who was a successful international model before being recruited into a secret society of elite assassins called the Atelier. Last Bite has the ability to become a swarm of bats–and can exist partly in both forms at once, with their upper body in humanoid form and their lower half being bats. They also possess hypnotic powers.

Laurent claims to be an ageless vampire that has been around for centuries, but some suspect they were actually turned in the mid-1980s and just constructed this persona due to an obsession with “Interview With The Vampire”.

Last Bite is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Last Bite first appeared in Deadpool vol.9 #1 by Alyssa Wong and Martin Coccolo. Art by Coccolo.

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June 2, 2024
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