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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Laslo is a rich young man who lives on Miami’s south beach. A young woman named Mariel Ortiz accused him of stealing her phone with compromising pictures on it. She hired Ant-Man Security Solutions to steal the phone back for her. Ant-Man and his team infiltrated a party being thrown at Laslo’s family’s mansion so Ant-Man could sneak in and get the phone from the safe.

However, when Laslo revealed that the party was to announce his engagement to a muscular man named Andrew, Ant-Man’s colleague Grizzly realized that Mariel’s story was a lie. It turns out she is actually the jewel thief El Cazador, and tricked Ant-Man in order to gain access to Laslo’s jewels and then lock him in the safe. Grizzly and Machinesmith alert Laslo and the authorities, and capture Mariel when she tries to escape with the jewels.

Machinesmith and Grizzly covered for the mistake, claiming that it was all part of an elaborate plan to flush out the jewel thief. Laslo believed the story, and hugs Ant-Man in gratitude.

It is hinted that Laslo’s family might have some criminal connections of their own, as Laslo mentions “the Gambinos and the Bloods” as friends of the family who came out for his party.

Laslo appeared in A Year of Marvels: The Amazing #1 by Amy Chu and Ryan Browne.

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July 19, 2021
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