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Lake Stevens

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Lake Stevens is an agent of the Department Of Defense who is affiliated with the Unified Supernatural Combat Command, in charge of co-ordinating the U.S. government and military’s resources for dealing with supernatural threats. Lake worked very closely with Willow Rosenberg when Willow agreed to work with their department and provide her mystical expertise as well as her extensive computer skills. As the two worked together, Lake and Willow grew closer and the professional relationship developed into a romance.

Things soured between them once the military terminated Willow’s association with them due to conflicts over how Willow, Buffy and their friends were handling certain demon situations. Willow tried to convince Lake to support her, but Lake argued that ‘orders are orders’ and she had no choice, leading Willow to break off their relationship.

Lake did reach out to Willow again, after the U.S. government began a census of supernatural beings in the wake of a supernatural disaster in San Francisco. Lake and the Secretary of the Supernatural attempted to recruit Willow as an advisor, but she turned them down. Several weeks later Lake assisted Willow in getting some innocent wiccans out of the supernatural internment camps since they only practiced the religion but did not possess any magical power.

Lake first appeared in Buffy Season 10 #22 (2015) by Christos Gage and Rebekah Issacs. Art by Isaacs and Dan Jackson.

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