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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Kyle was the boyfriend of Raz Maholtra before Raz was given the costume and powers of Giant-Man. When Raz lost his tech support job with Techbuster (after his client turned out to be a super-villain), Kyle was supportive and assured him he would find something. Neither of them expected that Raz’s new job would turn out to be becoming the new Giant-Man!

Unfortunately Raz’s new life drove a wedge into their relationship, with Raz away for months at a time. After finding out from the news that Raz was off in outer space with the Ultimates, Kyle decided to dump Raz and move on. He met a new man who is “a poet but looks like a lumberjack” and moved to Portland with him, and sent all of Raz’s belongings to his parents. Kyle informed Raz of all of this over the telephone after Raz finally returned from space.

Kyle first appeared in Ant-Man Annual #1 (2015) by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas.

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June 7, 2019
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