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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Kologoth is an alien being born on the planet Dartayus in the Negative Zone. He was born with a reptilian appearance, including green scaly skin, horns, spikes, a prehensile tail and pupil-less red eyes. His race’s natural appearance is blue skinned with either red or white hair, so his parents were horrified by their baby’s mutant appearance. He was rejected by his parents and left to die in the outskirts of the city by his father, who was unable to bring himself to kill the baby directly.

Kologoth survived against the odds, and grew stronger as he hunted and killed animals in the wild. When he was older he learned his language and society while stalking a group of dissidents who were on walkabout from the city. After he learned all he could from watching and listening to them he struck and slaughtered the group, except for one man. He sensed something different about the one named Augor, and could not kill him. He and Augor grew to become lovers, and Augor was the one who named him Kologoth.

Augor was a radical and considered a criminal, and he taught Kologoth of that aspect of their society. After hunting down and killing his own parents Kologoth set out to become a political power on Dartayus. He began to preach about the deity Scythian as a way of drawing more followers to his cause. He also studied ancient texts and learned of Scythian’s entombment and plotted to eventually free him as a tool of his vengeance against the world that had made him an outcast.

Kologoth led his army, the Dartayus Union, in an attempt to overthrow their world’s Parliament but he was overpowered, captured and sentenced to exile–on Earth. He was found by anti-mutant bigot Lydia Nance who was employing the mutant Mesmero to lead a new version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in a series of staged attacks to help promote her agenda of mutants as a dangerous threat that needed to be eliminated. Mistaking Kologoth for a mutant rather than an alien, Mesmero used his mind control powers to recruit Kologoth into his Brotherhood.

Kologoth was captured by the X-Men but later escaped their custody and managed to send a message to Augor who lead a rescue mission to Earth and recovered him. Two of the X-Men accidentally got taken away on the ship when it returned to the Negative Zone, so the other X-Men pursued Kologoth and his crew to Dartayus to rescue them. Kologoth succeeded in freeing Scythian from his tomb and send him to rampage through Dartayus. The X-Men intervened, and Kologoth was seemingly killed in battle with Old Man Logan.

Kologoth first appeared in X-Men Gold #1 by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf.

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